Pinbot Topper Group buy - UPDATE - HERE IT IS!

By charliex

4 years ago


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#151 49 days ago
Quoted from Mneubey:

Please add me to the list as well.

dothedoo, Slim64, Frogman, Mneubey

got you on the list will have some mold updates tomorrow.


#152 46 days ago

I need one as well. Have stacks of money ready to send!

#153 45 days ago
Quoted from dgoett:

I need one as well. Have stacks of money ready to send!

got you on the list. I will have an update on tuesday. looks like the mold will be mostly finished. Will get a pic or two uploaded.

#154 44 days ago

I received an update today and a picture! Looks like the mold is ready, just a little work left on coating it. I will also have cost this week along with timelines on product.


IMG_20170903_2340055_resize (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#156 30 days ago

awesome, looking good

#157 29 days ago

Ok I now have updates. The mold is being "baked" and will be ready this week. Pricing based on the number of people interested (low) it will work out to 170 shipped to lower 48. Currently there is about 16 including myself committed. Minimum was 21. so there will be a couple of extras. I have been told two to three weeks for final product, trimmed, painted and with silver mylar exactly like the original. Ill need to find a proper size box and packaging and then get them packed. That time is included in the time frame. Price is without the screw holes, but that should not be too hard for people to do. If the concensus is everyone wants holes let me know and Ill get a price.


#158 29 days ago

Awesome! Looking forward to getting one

#160 26 days ago

wonder if there would be a way to spam peoples inbox if they had a pinbot in there collection.
Sure it wouldn't be hard to sell off the rest, lots of crappy pinbot toppers out there.

2 weeks later
#161 12 days ago

Ok so the mold is at the plastics manufacturer! Whoo Hoo! There were a few change based on their feedback and here we are a week + more later. They indicated they will be starting the work early newxt week. So hopefully I will have them in my hands late next week. I have a few days to change my order quantity. So if anyone is in our out from the original requests please let me know.

The manufacturer told me today they were using .080" PETG which is thicker than the stock 1/16" (.062") material. This is good. They will also be ready to install with mounting holes and properly trimmed including the backbox key relief.

Here are some pictures;

This is the template for the mounting holes and will become the base for the mold.

IMG_20171003_2340033_resize (resized).jpg

Here is a picture of the pcompleted mold including the trim template

IMG_20171004_1622503_resize (resized).jpg

IMG_20171004_1734343_resize (resized).jpg

#162 12 days ago

Count me in please, just grabbed a Pinbot today!

#163 12 days ago

I'm still in.

#164 11 days ago

still in too

#165 11 days ago

Thanks for keeping the updates coming!

#166 11 days ago

Still in as well.

#167 11 days ago

Thanks ! I cant wait for the final result myself so I can empathize with you! I have a machine been missing a topper for over a year! As soon as I get them from the manufacturer i'll update you with pics!

#168 10 days ago

Still in as well

#169 10 days ago

Add me to the list as well

#170 10 days ago

Me too

#171 8 days ago

I’m still in

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