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PinballSTAR's AMH Charity RAFFLE now open !

By PinballSTAR

7 years ago

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#53 7 years ago

Saturday AM last day of York BUMP ! We do need some help to push this to the finish line.. We are at about 60... IF we make 100 by late afternoon, we will draw today at whatever number we end up with. If not we will just continue the raffle into next week with the goal still remaining at 125. I will do this as I really do prefer to draw the winner live at the show... SO... you might have a much better chance now if we can give it one final push today !
Thanks for all your support and kind words. I know the community gets a lot of these raffles and they are ALL for great causes run by great people and supported by great people - we all appreciate what you guys do to support all of our efforts !

#54 7 years ago

Joe. VPcabs will donate free crate & freight anywhere in the U.S. if the winner is not local to take it with them. We love what you are doing here!!

#55 7 years ago

In for 1... hope it goes to a good home!

#56 7 years ago

Off to the show. Hope these sell out today.

#57 7 years ago
Quoted from shakenbake:

Joe. VPcabs will donate free crate & freight anywhere in the U.S. if the winner is not local to take it with them. We love what you are doing here!!

Brad, THANK YOU. So great to see people in the hobby step up and support each other... Very cool gesture.

#58 7 years ago

In for 1 more.

#59 7 years ago

Kentucky moonshine bump!



#60 7 years ago

We are now at 70... 30 to go to draw today...

Let's add more incentive... In addition to free shipping from VP Cabs, PinballSTAR will offer the following :

Anyone buying 3 entries or more gets a $500 discount certificate off a Hobbit or WOZ. Must be redeemed by 10/31/15. Non transferable. New purchases only.

So if you intend on buying a WOZ or Hobbit spend $ 300 on raffle get a great shot at winning an AMH, then get your $ 300 back PLUS an extra $ 200 towards game purchase ! WIN / WIN !

Let's go Pinside ! I want to give this AMH away today ! : )

#63 7 years ago

Just bought a 2nd ticket. We can get there today!

#64 7 years ago

Bump from the show.

#65 7 years ago

Bought some more tickets! Great cause.

#66 7 years ago

In for 2 want to see this get drawn today

#67 7 years ago

Sad to hear that the folks at the show didn't do better for you. It is kind of funny because I moved to York area about 20 years ago and one of the first things one of my neighbors told me is people in York area are "cheap". And I noticed over the years that I had lived in that area he was right. Everyone was nice but if you wanted to get a dollar out of someones pocket you better be willing to work for it.

I think the difference with Allentown is it is closer to Phila & New York so people come into the Allentown area and everything seems cheaper to them then what the are use to further east. York on the other hand gets more of the rural Central PA crowd and they are a little more conservative with their cash.

Just my observations being from NJ originally and being a "transplant" to Central PA about 25 years ago.

#68 7 years ago

Hey bad news, we didn't hit our goal yet, but good news is York did pick up and we are close to 100 so we are going to let it go at whatever we sell up until 5:00... I really like doing the drawing live and in front of people so...DRAWING TODAY AT 5 !!! Stay tuned.

We are STILL selling tickets via PayPal $100 to [email protected].

FYI, there is a nick on head cabinet from transport and small wear spot on PF that must have a little imperfection in the wood that the ball exposed. The good news is Charlie is sending a new PF to the winner. If winner is close to him he will even do the swap out. The game otherwise is brand new and has played GREAT at the show.

Heartfelt TY to all who supported, bought tickets, and have thumbs up and kind words.


#69 7 years ago

Just purchased a ticket for a Great cause !
Let's put this over the top Pinsiders !

#70 7 years ago


So Glad to hear things picked up at York for you. I love both shows and hated the idea of Allentown beating York out but knowing that area I wasn't surprised local sales were a little slow.


#71 7 years ago

Awesome hope i win i want one soooo bad

#72 7 years ago

Last 20 minutes to go bump.bth_Bump.gif

#73 7 years ago

And the winner is :


Its fitting as winners at Allentown and Replay were purchased at the show and this time Pinside gets a winner !!!

Thanks to all !!!





#74 7 years ago

I need Charles Roundy to call me 570-357-0042... Anyone know him ?

#75 7 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

I need Charles Roundy to call me 570-357-0042... Anyone know him ?

I'll take his spot...no problem

#76 7 years ago

Congrats to the winner and Thank you Joe for organizing this.

#77 7 years ago

And special thanks to Brad at VP Cabs for paying for the shipping to our winner to help with interest when we were trying to reach our goal. People who step up with asking them to always get a gold star in my book.

#78 7 years ago

Great job to both your & Brad. You for taking the time and energy to do this several times and Brad for offering the service that more than likely helped you sell more chances so drawing could happen at York.

Personally I love seeing this kind of stuff happen and hope you will consider doing it again in the Spring at Allentown. It is always nice to do something for sick kids.

We experienced first hand how much the little things make a HUGE difference when our youngest son was hospitalized for 3 weeks and in a Rehab Hospital for over 3 months when he was 7 years old. Just something simple like a visit from someone unexpected or a TV with cheap game system hooked to it really made a huge difference in the outlook of some of these extremely ill kids. So something like an arcade machine - or even better WOZ pinball machine is HUGE.

Thanks again for doing this!

#79 7 years ago

Alright folks. We are packed up and on the road!! I have the machine with me and will ship it to the winner. Still haven't heard from Charles Roundy, but after a little Facebook stalking I sent him a message. If anyone here knows him please have him contact us at 844-487-2227. Thanks!!!

#80 7 years ago

Brad -
I did find his email - Paypal on phone didn't show but today at home on computer I found it and I'm reaching out to him... We'll get you two all hooked up and get him his NEW $ 100 AMH ! : )

1 week later
#81 7 years ago

Joe /Brad

I just got done moving so I have been a bit out of pocket. I will call in the morning to arrange details of shipping.

I will email photo's when it arrives!!! WOOHOO



#82 7 years ago

Just got off the phone with Joe! I am totally excited about winning, and helping an important cause!!

Thank you Joe for your diligence in hunting me down. Brad - What can I say but THANK YOU for covering the shipping cost!!

I am so excited, and can't wait to share the photos with everyone!!!!


#83 7 years ago

Congrats! Which game did ya pick?

#84 7 years ago

YzFguy there was not options given, so I'm not 100% sure but no matter to me!

#85 7 years ago

No option - it was an AMH auction only... This was the PinballSTAR AMH raffle, not Project Pinball where you select a game.

I do also want to say thanks to Charlie at Spooky who picked the game up at Expo to take it back and fix a cosmetic issue that came up at the show. I got the game to Brad from VP Cabs at York, Brad got it to Charlie at Expo and we will ship from Spooky. Great effort by all these folks to make this happen perfectly for our winner, Chuck.

Too funny it took us a week to hunt him down and tell him he won a $ 6,000 game ! He was moving this week and that explains it, but now you owe us some awesome pictures when you get this baby !

Thanks to all who supported the effort.


2 months later
#86 7 years ago

Hello everyone!! Today I took delivery of my AMH!! It arrived a few hours ago on the dock. I can not express how happy and excited I am to get it home and unpacked.

A great big Thank you to PinballStar, for pulling out my name, Spooky for going WAY above and beyond in refurbishing the game back to 100%, and VP cabs for hooking me up by covering the shipping costs!!!

Here are a few pictures for now, more to come during setup!!



#87 7 years ago

Awesome man! Congrats!

#88 7 years ago

Chuck - Thanks so much for participating and supporting our efforts. We will be doing another NIB WOZ donation very soon (I can't spill the beans where just yet until things are finalized) and we do those because of the support you guys give.

And I will concur with my thanks to Charlie at Spooky for taking the game back to the shop after the York show to fix something that wasn't perfect and making it perfect for our winner. You wouldn't expect anything less from Spooky would you ?

And I do want to put a special thank you out to Brad at VP Cabs for donating the shipping cost. NOT only did Brad donate the cost to ship from Spooky to Chuck, but he also took the game from the York Show and delivered to Charlie at Expo the following week so he could take it back to the shop. Brad donated the shipping as we were shy of our goal and he thought if he did that it would generate more interest since there was zero cost to get the game delivered to the winner... Again, another SUPERB person in our hobby. And to boot he's got a kick ass beard as well, like a garden gnome ! : )

We will continue to do these raffles as they are very well received and lead to WOZ games being donated to children's hospitals. WIN WIN WIN...

Thanks all, Merry Christmas - great timing on this update from Chuck Roundy - AMH Raffle #3 winner !

Joe Newhart
PinballSTAR Amusements
[email protected]

#89 7 years ago

Congrats Chuck!! Enjoy your game.

Thanks Joe for showing respect to the beard

#90 7 years ago

Congrats Chuck and thanks for the follow up post. It is interesting to see things turn out. I played your AMH at the show and really had a blast. Game play is unique and feels solid. Bought 2 raffle tickets and was sure I'd win because things were really clicking. Enjoy your pin.

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