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    #134 4 years ago
    Quoted from Jared:

    The executive producer and person who edited this show is watching this thread like a hawk. I just got a text from him, heh.

    The feedback is actually really valuable. Up to this point, only a handful of people had seen it. Now, all at once we are getting hundreds of comments across facebook and forums... its awesome to read all the different interpretations.

    The original intention was for none of you to know about this show until the day you say a "Coming Soon" commercial on Discovery Channel and realized what was going on... but that didnt work out. lol.

    Still, the project still has legs, according to the man in Hollywood.

    I'm feeling better about keeping the sizzle reel that was made for the competitive pinball reality show private . . . we don't need two sizzle reels ruining pinball

    #341 4 years ago

    I can't say much about the productions that we're currently involved with (although I did ask if we could post the sizzle reel - waiting to hear back). Just to give an idea of what kind of direction one of the productions went with the "competition reality" concept, here are some of the proposed challenges:

    - Players racing up a fake rock climbing wall and as they rappel down, pinball machines are set in certain places as they make their trip down. They have to rack up a certain score on each machine to keep moving back down the wall. First back down to the bottom wins.

    - Teams are set up in Dunk the Dummy tanks, while a representative for each team is pulled to play a Comet pinball machine. Every time a player hits the Dunk the Dummy target, one of the opposing team members is dunked into their tank. The player that can dunk all the members of the other team the fastest wins a reward for that team.

    These were only 2 episode concepts . . . there's 8 more that get far more 'interesting/entertaining/amazing/awful/weird' (that adjective probably depends on your view of how entertaining reality tv is or isn't).

    I'm sure the value of Comet's everywhere would go wayyyyyy up after the airing of the Dunk the Dummy episode

    I did pitch an episode where they put 10 Fire! machines in a row inside a building. A player has to get to multiball to finish the challenge. Of course they light the building on fire before they say GO! Anyone that doesn't make it out alive is eliminated.

    #431 4 years ago

    I did hear back from the production company we're still working with. Interesting to hear their comments on the sizzle reel while trying to pitch their own 'competing' sizzle reel. Here were some of their comments:

    - concept was weak (with respect to that style of show being produced and shopped around for every niche thing under the sun)
    - characters were strong
    - looked like some serious money was invested into producing this

    It did reconfirm the belief from the production company that we're working with that there is a niche for pinball on TV . . . somehow, some way. We're definitely going a different route with our sizzle (pinball is a SPORT angle highlighting major players in a docu-series style), but anything that can actually make it to market would be a huge step in increasing the awareness of pinball to the masses.

    Maybe once we reach DOA status with our project I can share the sizzle reel. I did pull it off the private youtube link and download it just so I had it forever

    #435 4 years ago
    Quoted from Razorbak86:

    Jared, don't take what Josh said TOO literally. I think he meant, "anything [good] that can actually make it to market would be a huge step in increasing the [positive] awareness of pinball to the masses."

    Lol . . . I've had this conversation with production companies and enthusiasts many times.

    Here's my stance . . .

    At this point in where the world is with people having any idea that pinball exists, I've far more forgiving into what I'm willing to personally believe in as being 'good for pinball'.

    I've moved forward with treatments for shows that I thought were incredibly stupid, because of what that viewership could possibly mean for pinball awareness (See the episode treatments I posted earlier - while the playing Fire! in a building set on fire was obviously a joke, the Dunk the Dummy challenge episode was not). I would love for the World Series of Pinball to be on TV, and if it means that we first have to get through any kind of crap that the world would take for pinball to be something on the minds of the general public, that's a step I'm personally willing to take. I can't wait to be picky with the shows that the IFPA is willing to partner up with, but that time to be picky isn't yet.

    I would much rather start a conversation about pinball with someone who saw a show and couldn't believe how stupid it was, and then fill them in on the 'real' pinball world . . . compared to the blank stares I get from my wife's relatives when we talk pinball. Half of them think I'm talking about ping pong, and the other half thought they stopped making pins in the early 80's when video games hit.

    A perfect example is Game of Arms. I have no idea if that's what the real professional arm wrestling circuit is all about or not, but it at least makes me aware that professional arm wrestling is "a thing". If I want to know more about real professional arm wrestling the internet is a great place to go learn more about it.

    If someone watches American Pinball Pickers Storage Wars, and they are intrigued enough about pinball as "a thing", that could lead them into potentially searching the internet about pinball. That search leads people to learning that new companies still exist making games today (hello Stern, JJP, Heighway, etc). That search leads people to see that there's actually a world ranking of competitive pinball players out there. That search leads people to see that there are apps where people can play these actually tables (hello Pinball Arcade). That's all available on like page 1 of a google search for "pinball".

    Anyone that is willing to take a reality show as the end all/be all of what "a thing" is all about isn't someone I would be worried about anyway. These shows when done right (or wrong) are a gateway into people being interested in learning more about "the thing".

    Just my $.02 . . . YMMV

    #436 4 years ago
    Quoted from Razorbak86:

    - Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia

    That name does more to promote pinball today then I think the old Mayor ever thought it would. The idea of pinball being illegal is laughable by nearly everyone today that even knows what it is. It's because of how outrageous it is that you keep seeing the same story told over and over.

    Because of him, the story of pinball being made illegal leads to stories about my dad helping to legalize it, and that leads to stories about where pinball is at today.

    Most recently this was told through the Travel Channel show Mysteries at the Museum:


    Actually there's the full version here:

    (start at 18 minutes it goes for just over 6 minutes)

    Mysteries at the Museum averages between 300,000 - 400,000 viewers a week. If anyone within those viewers was led to google search pinball afterwards to learn more about it . . . that's a win for pinball.

    No offense to the production company that did this, but this was just AWFUL AWFUL stuff. The story of my dad wasn't right at all, and they didn't bother to even interview him about it. We did get a chuckle after seeing the actor they picked to play 'young Roger'.

    So . . . hooray for Fiorello La Guardia?

    1 year later
    #577 2 years ago
    Quoted from ifpapinball:

    Maybe once we reach DOA status with our project I can share the sizzle reel. I did pull it off the private youtube link and download it just so I had it forever

    Confirmed DOA status today, so I finally got permission to post our sizzle reel.

    The IFPA was working with IMG Productions in the second half of 2014 on this. This was filmed at Pinball Expo 2014.

    Apologies for the language

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