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Pinball Themes You Are Amazed Don't Exist

By TigerSaw

8 years ago

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    #201 7 years ago


    #202 7 years ago

    Land Shark. "CandyGram!"


    #203 7 years ago
    Quoted from pmWolf:

    NO!! You have to follow the rules!!!
    Okay...just kidding. Wish away, folks. =)
    Honestly...I didn't mean to make it sound like I was upset with the turn the thread took. I was just reading it and thinking: "They can't truly be SHOCKED by the lack of some of these themes, can they?"

    You're right, but you know if you get a bunch of pinheads started on themes, invariably we are gonna geek out.

    #204 7 years ago
    Quoted from BloodyCactus:

    I'm building a homebrew pin of this theme its my fav movie too! I'll post one day when I get some whitewood action going. It wont be a retheme but a whole new pin.

    That sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing it.

    #205 7 years ago

    Toy story

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    #208 7 years ago

    Army of Darkness (Evil dead series)
    Harry Potter (agree depth would be crazy)
    Pink Floyd
    Led Zepplin
    Monty Python (yes please)

    I would be all over any of the above titles should they come to frutation.

    As for the thread list.

    predator (SkitB)
    ghost busters (flash gordon redone)
    X-men coming soon speculative (Stern)

    #209 7 years ago

    +1 for:

    Evil Dead
    Pink Floyd

    Those themes were just begging to be translated into a pin! And, not that I'm surprised nobody made it, but Phantasm would be an obviously great theme. Killer shiny metal balls? BOOOOOYYY!

    #210 7 years ago
    Quoted from Drano:

    GTtilter13 said:Zombie pin would be sweet.
    Ben Hecks Zombie Adventureland. It's already here... Or at least it will be???
    It's coming late 2013 as far as we know.

    Wow i didn't know sounds like an awesome game.


    #211 7 years ago

    Top Gear
    Power Rangers (original)

    #212 7 years ago
    Quoted from BloodyCactus:

    Honch said:Big trouble in Little China ( my all time favorite action adventure movie and phenomenal theme)
    I'm building a homebrew pin of this theme its my fav movie too! I'll post one day when I get some whitewood action going. It wont be a retheme but a whole new pin.

    I love that movie and also think it would make a great theme for a pin!

    #213 7 years ago

    Wayne's World
    This Is Spinal Tap
    Superman Anthology
    The Goonies
    Princess Bride

    #214 7 years ago

    ...and the kids love this one... Spaceballs the Pinball Machine. Moichendising!

    #215 7 years ago


    Toy Story - so many great opportunities or playfield toys. Slinky dog plunger. Potato head - hit targets to knock off pieces. Etch-a-sketch - video mode. Fast-draw with Woody. Get Buzz to fly.

    Aphex Twin Pin! - Listen to Drukqs - awesome sfx potential.

    7 months later
    #216 6 years ago

    What would you think about a "Sherlock Holmes" Theme?

    #217 6 years ago

    Sherlock Holmes based on the new movies would be cool actually.

    #218 6 years ago

    The Beatles. If they could get a video game, then why not pinball?

    #219 6 years ago

    Three Stooges, if somebody else mentioned it, I second it. This theme is the no brainer (or numbskuller) The sounds would pull in just about anybody.

    Rat Fink, the hot rodders out there would all want one with their car collection. The possibilities for art work would be tremendous.

    #220 6 years ago
    Quoted from Metalpin:

    Jaws is one of my favorite movies, and I've always wanted a Jaws pin. A lot could be done with sharks, and it's still very relevant with Shark Week continuing every year.

    +1. If not Jaws, than a shark themed pin would be great!

    Road Runner/ Wile E. Coyote would get my vote too! BBBB is a fun game.

    #221 6 years ago

    Any James Bond movie, good NFL football one with John Madden and Howard Cosell voices. I have also thought Harry Potter and "war" or military theme would go a long way.

    #222 6 years ago

    Post edited by GoChiefs70 : computer malfunction

    #223 6 years ago

    sorry, web malfunction, posted 3 times

    2 weeks later
    #224 6 years ago

    What about a Rube Goldberg themed pin? Seems most themes come from movies, cartoons, TV, bands. With the sophistication and technology that is available, I could imagine the possibilities.

    Another pinsider suggested in another thread "Hot Wheels" with the orange tracks as ramps. I am surprised there are not any classic toy themed pins (DMD and later - Monopoly excluded). It would be fun to play a pin that had bits of Mouse Trap, Operation, Smash Up Derby, etc.. all mixed in.

    Here is the Hot Wheels post: http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/a-cool-theme-for-a-pin-would-be-hot-wheels

    #225 6 years ago

    Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters. I would pay massive $ for either... JJP design though.

    #226 6 years ago

    Debbie does Dallas

    and Behind the green door...

    2 classics we all remember

    #227 6 years ago

    One theme that I am not shocked that it was never made, but would still be interesting to me would be MacGYVER. Anything could be used and incorporated into the game. Any location in the world would fit the theme. You could hit certain shots and collect different items to complete modes. There could be timed modes to escape a sinking boat, car being crushed in a junkyard, a locked walk in cooler, etc. There could be a magna save that looked like a roll of duct tape. I don't know how a swiss army knife could be included, but even if it was on a lever switch to launch the ball it would be kind of cool.

    #228 6 years ago

    bevis and butthead.

    Just think of the jokes

    Extra ball Heh heh heh you said ball.

    #229 6 years ago


    The main PF toy could be a paperclip...

    that would fit into Sterns new BOM's budget.. LOL

    Shit, it would be a 10k pin on pre order...

    And i bet the toy wouldn't screw up either..pretty low maintanence item there...

    Maybe we are on to something here...

    #230 6 years ago

    Monty python and the holy grale.

    #231 6 years ago

    American Graffiti

    #232 6 years ago

    Friday the 13th. Though I think, perhaps, its time has passed...

    #233 6 years ago
    Quoted from canea:

    Friday the 13th. Though I think, perhaps, its time has passed...

    What about "Horror Movie Pinball"? Set it similar to Monster Bash. You take Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and whatever horror characters there are, and pit the player against them. The object is to stay alive by keeping the ball alive and making shots. You drain and your character dies a ridiculously gruesome death on the DMD/LCD. Wizard Mode is assembling a team of people to fight back or something.

    I'm sure the license fees would a pleasure to deal with.

    #234 6 years ago

    I was thinking the other day that Nightmare before Christmas would have been an interesting theme.

    #235 6 years ago

    Just order a plain "white" wrapper pin from Stern, then you can just make whatever macine you want with some stickers and decals, glue some action figures and toys from wally world here and there and you have your themed pin.

    #236 6 years ago

    Zombies - Just can't believe no one has gone after this theme yet. Huge following.

    Beers - Kind of surprised no one has either teamed up with a company or just come out with one based around beer, brewers, whatever.

    Football/NFL - I know there was a real weak attempt at re-theming a machine for football, but I always thought a modern NFL game would do well.

    #237 6 years ago

    UFC (I'd like to design it)
    Anime theme

    #238 6 years ago
    Quoted from sturner:

    Zombies - Just can't believe no one has gone after this theme yet. Huge following.

    Ben Heck's Zombieland Adventure

    #239 6 years ago

    The Wolfman. The Benicio Del Toro movie. Or a serious Universal Monsters game in black and White. The movie Sucker Punch.

    #240 6 years ago

    They should make a Here Comes Honey Boo Boo machine, that way there would be at least one game that I would not want to own seeing as how I want all the others.

    #241 6 years ago

    I forgot about masters of the universe until I saw this post. I got this warm fuzzy remembering Heman "by the power of gray skull" so cool! I would buy that........my kids would be like, he-who? gray-what?

    I find the words such as dub, tape, and film also throw my kids off too

    1 year later
    #242 5 years ago
    Quoted from HighProtein:

    More band themes...
    Depeche Mode
    Megadeth (Metallica would be more likely to have been made)
    Nine Inch Nails
    Alice In Chains

    Well you soothsayer; someone was paying attention to your Metallica and AC/DC prediction. You were close with Iron Maiden, but we ended up with Iron Man. Let's see who else has sight.

    #243 5 years ago
    Quoted from jay:

    Army of Darkness
    Repo Man (Harry Dean Stanton would be a worthy exception to my NO CELEBS ON THE TRANSLITE rule)
    Zombie anything
    Monty Python
    The Big Lebowski

    You got Big Lebowski.

    I was going to start this thread, but a search found it for me. I was thinking maybe a future pin would be Lego based because that brand has really made a huge comeback. However, looking back another Pinsider also predicted Lego, well before the movie came out.

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