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Pinball Magazine No. 4 is here! + feedback

By unigroove

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Pinball Magazine is now taking ads for Pinball Magazine No. 4. If you're offering a pinball related products, service, show, location of something else and didn't get an email notifiation from us about advertising in issue 4, you may not be on my list or the email bounced. Please send me a private message so I can direct you to the details on Early Bird rates and such.



#2 4 years ago

Here's a tip for those interested in advertising, but not capable of making a proper advertisement: On it should be real easy to find someone who can make you an ad for just $5. Look in the Advertising or Graphics & Design section.

#3 4 years ago

Update: back cover and inside covers are all spoken for

1 week later
#4 4 years ago

reminder bump Early bird ad rates for Pinball Magazine No. 4 expire August 21st.

2 weeks later
#5 4 years ago

Just as a quick reminder: early bird ad rates for Pinball Magazine No. 4 expire today.

1 week later
#6 4 years ago

As I listed some of the articles that will be in Pinball Magazine in Pinball Magazine's monthly newsletter, I figured I would list them here as well:

- A cover story about the career of pinball designer Mark Ritchie (Taxi, Fish Tales, Indiana Jones and more)
- Interview with Barry Driessen and Jaap Nauta of Dutch Pinball about the making of The Big Lebowski.
- Interview with Jean-Paul de Win, who is Jersey Jack Pinball’s LCD animator, but also involved in the artwork and animations of The Big Lebowski, as well as the art direction of Silver Castle’s Timeshock and several other projects that all will be discussed.
- An interview with Jay Stafford, the man behind the Internet Pinball Database.
- Showtime: Interview with the organizing team of Texas Pinball Festival
- Interview with Jeff Frick about restoring and displaying pre-war games
- Interview with the Vetcor Committee of the Dallas Makerspace, where restoring pinball machines is spreading like a virus

More articles are still in the works. Pinball Magazine No. 4 should be available at Pinball Expo 2016 and available in the Pinball Magazine webshop the third week of October.

4 weeks later
#8 4 years ago

As announced in the Pinball Magazine September 2016 recap newsletter earlier today:

While there will be promotional brochures for Pinball Magazine No. 4, the magazine itself will not be available in printed form at the event. Due to all the recent developments and expected reveals at Expo I decided to go to print right after Expo in order to be able to include the latest news in the magazine. The alternative would have been having printed magazines at the show and have the news section be outdated right away. By going to print after Expo the magazine didn’t have to be rushed, which improved he quality of the layout a lot.

I will be at Expo, carrying a printed preview of issue 4 during Pinball Expo, so those who would like to see what the magazine will look like are welcome to take a look. Here’s what you can expect in Pinball Magazine No. 4:

Huge in-depth, career covering cover story on Mark Ritchie
+ lots of others talking about working with Mark Ritchie
17-page article on the making of Dutch Pinball’s The Big Lebowski
15-page interview with LCD artist Jean-Paul de Win
12-page article on Texas Pinball Festival
12-page interview with Jay Stafford on the Internet Pinball Database
4-page interview with Jeff Frick on collecting prewar games
7-page article on Dallas Makerspace’ VECTOR Comittee
6-page article on Lone Star Pinball Museum
8-page interview with Binge Trigger artist Lippy
6-page article on Pinball Universe (Germany)
and more . . . (over 180 pages in total)

Pinball Magazine No. 4 will be available early November 2016 in the Pinball Magazine webshop.

1 month later
#9 4 years ago

Soft launch: Pinball Magazine No. 4 can now be ordered from the Pinball Magazine webshop. Package deals with other products will follow in about 2 weeks. As mentioned in a different post below: as a temporary solution for not having package deals available that include PM04, when ordering combinations of magazine/book products the difference will be refunded once the package deals are added to the webshop.
PM04 cover final (resized).jpg
Pinball Magazine No. 4 contents:

- 200+ glossy full color pages (it’s more like a book...)

- Special: pinball designer Mark Ritchie discusses his entire career at Williams Pinball, Capcom and beyond, in a 100+ page article including game designs such as Thunderball, Firepower II, Sorcerer, Big Guns, Taxi, Fish Tales, Indiana Jones, Kingpin and more. Contribution by others about Mark Ritchie include Eugene Jarvis, George Petro, Steve Ritchie, Chris Granner and others, all revealing great insights in working with Mark Ritchie.

- Dutch Pinball owners Barry Driessen and Jaap Nauta discuss the making of The Big Lebowski in a 17-page interview.

- Pinball animation artist Jean-Paul de Win discusses his work for Jersey Jack Pinball (The Hobbit, Dialed In!), Dutch Pinball (The Big Lebowski), Silver Castle Pinball (Timeshock) and more.

- Showtime: Ed vanderVeen discusses the very successful Texas Pinball Festival.

- Dan Ferguson discusses the Lone Star Pinball Museum in Hockley, Texas.

- Jeff Frick discusses collecting prewar pinball machines.

- A triple interview on Dallas makerspace's VECTOR Committee where some great pinball restorations take place.

- Essential Website: the Internet Pinball Database, interview with manager Jay Stafford

- Store: Pinball Universe's new approach to bringing pinball to the people

- Artist Lippy discusses the first issue of Binge Trigger

- and much more

With the page-count being similar to Pinball magazine No. 3, issue 4 is priced at the same price as issue 3: 17,50 euro + shipping costs.

For more (ordering) info please visit

Please note that the magazine is currently being printed and the first orders will be mailed out once the magazine is in stock, which should be the last week of November 2016.

#10 4 years ago

Completely forgot to do the contest for guessing the total amount of pages

#13 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Shipping is a real drag--anyway to get that cost down?

It's a heavy magazine. Shipping is the same as with issue 3 as the weight is the same. I'm afraid shipping will even go up in January as the postal company's new rates will then apply. To answer you question: the best way to get the shipping costs down is to order multiple copies, like with several people in your pinball league, and have them shipped to one address.

#22 4 years ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

Hopefully the Pinball #4 and the Pinball Book combo will be up soon, save on that shipping!

As a temporary solution you can order the book and PM04, or any other package deal or combination, and once I calculated the actual package deals including PM04 I will refund the difference. Did that previously with overpaid postal costs, so that's an easy fix for now.

#25 4 years ago

Thinking of maybe adding a little something special for those who order(ed) early. Just not sure about what that would tie in nicely with the content of the upcoming issue, but i'll come up with something...

#29 4 years ago

A few people experienced a problem in the webshop where the Add to cart button doesn't seem to work. This can be solved by changing the currency from Euro to Dollar and back, or try again with a new browser window.

#34 4 years ago
Quoted from Backyardace:

Any chance of offering a digital version of the magazine?

I have to look into that. Or publishing some articles digitally. Suggestions for platforms are welcome.

#35 4 years ago

In order to show my appreciation to the early supporters who already ordered a copy of Pinball Magazine No. 4, and those who are about to, I thought of something extra to include when shipping the magazine.

Since the cover story in Pinball Magazine No. 4 is about Mark Ritchie's career in pinball, I asked Argentinean photographer Santiago Ciuffo (known for his coffee table photo book PINBALL, also available in the Pinball Magazine webshop) to take some photos of Mark Ritchie games.

From those we selected 5 that will be printed as a limited set of postcards and included for free with the orders that already came in and new orders as well while supplies last.

So if you haven't ordered your copy of Pinball Magazine No. 4, don't wait too long as you may miss out on this limited set of cards.

Also, since I forgot to do the "guess the number of pages contest", here's a new contest to win a free copy of PM04 (or your money refunded if you already ordered):
The set of postcards is based on 5 different games designed by Mark Ritchie. The question to answer is: which five games?

The rules:
1 entry per person,
reply in this topic,
list only 5 games,
you're allowed to modify your answer based on hints and new info,
the contest ends once the magazines + postcards have been shipped.

5 winners will be picked from those who get all 5 games correct. Good luck!

#37 4 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

I asked via your web contact form a few days ago but haven't got a response.
How much is the shipping for ten copies to USA Texas 78641? I'm trying to do a group buy for our league.

Didn't see that, sending an email is more effecitive I'll be happy to get a quote for you next week. Can you send me an email so I can reply to you directly? editor@ ....

#42 4 years ago

Just to clarify: the postcards are not mentioned in the webshop and don't need to be added to your order. They will be added while supplies last.


#44 4 years ago

Here's a hint, based on some of the answers above: Riverboat Gambler is not a Mark Ritchie design. Mark sang on that game, but he was not involved in the design of the playfield. As such the game does not count as a Mark Ritchie design and is not part of the postcard set.

I added to the rules that entries are allowed to be changed based on new hints and info.

#50 4 years ago

More hints will follow this week. In the mean time keep those entries coming in.

#52 4 years ago

Here's one of the photos that Santiago Ciuffo took of Mark Ritchie's game designs. As mentioned above a set of 5 postcards will come free of charge with the orders of those who order early. The contest is also still running . . .

Indiana Jones (Photo by Santiago Ciuffo 2016) (resized).jpg

#53 4 years ago

Just got confirmation that the printed magazines are printed and will be delivered to my office by the end of this week Plan is to package all incoming orders during the weekend ans ship the first batch of orders next Monday.

#56 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

are you using sturdier cardboard boxes to ship orders with multiple copies so that magazines arrive unscathed? I would hate to receive mine with destroyed spines

Hi JM,
Since PM03 Ive been using improved cardboard packaging. In addition each magazine is also packed in a bubbly envelop inside the cardboard packaging. As far as I understood that improved the condition of the product when arrived a lot. See the feedback on PM03 on the Pinball Magazine website as well.

#57 4 years ago

Pinball Magazine No. 4 is here! 244 pages of in-depth pinball articles! First batch of orders will ship right after the weekend, including the limited edition set of free postcards. For all (ordering) info visit: Pinball

Pinball Magazine No. 4 is here (resized).jpg

#58 4 years ago

As I just sent out a newsletter with an image of the postcard set I'm closing the competition as it would be too easy to enter now. The games featured on the postcards are Taxi, Diner, Sorcerer, Police Force and Big Guns.

Mark Ritchie postcard set (photos taken by Santiago Ciuffo at Museum of Pinball, Banning California) (resized).jpg

#60 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I think that most that anyone got correct was 3 (at least that's what I can see from this thread

That's what I noted as well.

#61 3 years ago

Been busy packing magazine orders all day First few copies have been shipped to several Dutch parties like Dutch Pinball, Jean-Paul de Win and Pinside HQ. The big main first batch will ship early next week.

#62 3 years ago

Pinball animation artist Jean-Paul de Win (WoZ, Hobbit, TBL and more) was the first to receive a copy of Pinball Magazine No. 4. JP posted a short video of his article on his Facebookpage:

Also an important note: due to popular demand the Limited Edition set of Mark Ritchie postcards that comes free with every order of Pinball Magazine No. 4 will only be included on orders that come in prior to Monday November 28 2016. So only the very first batch will have these postcards included. You can still be in it, but after that the postcards are no longer available.

#63 3 years ago

So there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that packaging all orders of Pinball Magazine No. 4 is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, meaning an extra day of packing orders. The good news is that this allows those who didn't order yet still can make it into the first batch and receive the limited edition set of free postcards that will only be included in the first batch that ships

On the pic below the hardly exciting view of the first boxes with orders waiting for pickup. IN the mean time the number of boxes has grown to 20 and we're still not done.

PM04 batch1 in progress (resized).jpg

#65 3 years ago

First batch is almost ready to go and will be picked up tomorrow For those who missed this topic completely: I may be able to squeeze in a few more packages, so order now and you may still be in the first batch!

#66 3 years ago

First batch of orders just shipped out. Happy to see it's the biggest batch I ve ever shipped Thanks for the confidence in the product

#67 3 years ago

First ordes have arrived in Germany and Netherlands First feedback is also in: "the new pinball magazin arrived today - i was really looking forward to it and its a great magazine :-) the weekend entertainment is safe ;-) thank you very much for doing this. you can see that youre in it with your heart." - Jan (Germany)

If enough orders come in to justify another shipment I will ship out such a batch this week. The magazine may still arrive prior to Christmas.

#68 3 years ago

Just finished refunding the overpaid postal costs to those who ordered a Pinball Magazine No. 4 and one or more other magazine/book related products that shipped in the first batch. Will keep doing this for future batches until a new shipping module is implemented on the website that should make it easier for me to add products and package deals.

#69 3 years ago

Some of the feedback that came in so far:

“If this issue is anything like it's predecessor's, it's a must have for any enthusiast! So far the other issues have been far better than any softcover book... they're huge like a full color catalog AND chocked FULL of information and photos which have far outweighed the advertising!!!” – Twin Cities Pinball Enthusiasts

“Ordered! Thanks again for an excellent mag ” – Tony C.

“If you've ever enjoyed Fish Tales, Diner, Indiana Jones, Taxi, Big Guns, Police Force, Kingpin or all of Mark Ritchie (pinball designer)'s pins then PinballMagazine ISSUE 4 is a lock! Just look away when the exchange rate on the Euro pops up & hit 'CONFIRM ORDER'!” - Rod

“Received the magazine this afternoon, including the set of postcards. Quickly leafed through: I will enjoy reading this a lot!” – Jeroen

“Very good first impression of Pinball Magazine No. 4. Like it more than issue 3, which I was also very impressed with.” - Richard

#73 3 years ago
Quoted from ChoppaCade:

Just received my copy along with episode 1, thank Jonathan for the great packaging, items all arrived in mint condition. Looking forward to reading these over the next few days/weeks

Thanks for the feedback

The second batch of orders of Pinball Magazine No. 4 (and other orders) will ship Friday December 9th, 2016. Orders coming in prior to midnight December 8th will still ship in this batch. There's a few sets of postcards left, so I will include a set while supplies last. First come, first serve.

#74 3 years ago

More feedback:
"It's great!" - Mark Ritchie

"Bonjour Jonathan, I received your magazine yesterday. I spent at least 15 minutes just to browse it, looking at the titles and pictures.
it's just AWESOME and the postcards are a nice add-on, especially during this upcoming Xmas period. Hence the reason why I did not ask if you were doing fine, because I had no doubt about it " - Pascal Janin, FLIPPP

"When I heard the drop of the package being delivered I figured it would be something special. Outstanding job on both the magazine and the packaging." - Gary

"Thank you for a great pinball magazine/book. Well worth the wait. Thank you so much." - Andy

"I just received Pinball Magazine No. 4, thank you very much! Thanks for putting so much energy and dedication into Pinball Magazine which is always a pleasure to read." - Kaspar

"Just got the copy in todays post. Well, I'm very impressed such a lovely publication and so nicely packaged - you should be very pleased of your work. i might have to purchase the previous editions now!" - Bob,

#75 3 years ago

Tomorrow's batch of orders is ready to ship. I'm leaving 1 box open for additional orders that may come in later today.

#76 3 years ago

The second batch just shipped out

PM04 batch2 (resized).jpg

#79 3 years ago

So the second batch shipped out earlier today, but if orders keep coming in at the current pace I may ship another batch after the weekend

#80 3 years ago

A small batch of orders is likely to ship the coming week. Not sure whether they will arrive in time for Christmas, but at least you'll still be enjoying the 2016 postal rates. Trust me that many won't like the 2017 postal rates that were offered to me earlier this week by Deutsche Post. Still trying to negotiate a better postal rate, but currently USA orders are likely to see a postal cost increase of about $2 per magazine as of January 1st 2017 . . .

#81 3 years ago

Pinball Magazine will ship another (small) batch of orders tomorrow. Orders that come in up to midnight (Central Pacific Time) are likely to ship in this batch.

#82 3 years ago

The smaller 3rd batch just shipped All new incoming orders will ship in Batch 4. As I'm facing increased postal rates in 2017 (about $2 up for a single magazine), this 4th batch will still ship in 2016. So here's you're chance to still order at the 2016 postal rates:

#85 3 years ago

I got confirmation that packages came in in Australia yesterday. USA orders should be delivered any day now. I guess December is a busy month for the postal services. Let me know when your order arrives.

#87 3 years ago
Quoted from kevmad:

BTW, is the Python issue going to come out soon? I am really looking forward to buying that one.

Python is currently scheduled to be issue 6. What I'm working on to be issue 5 (if it doesn't end up in a different form) is focusing on Wayne Neyens, the oldest still living pinball designer with 180 games on his resume. I figured that issue should be out while Wayne is still amongst us.

#91 3 years ago

First copies have surfaced in USA
Some feedback that just came in:

"@PinballMagazine Your magazine is a work of art married to a plethora of useful and interesting information- great job! #TakingItHomeToRead" - Jack Guarnieri (JJP)

"The magazine came in today's mail Jonathan... looks great and can't wait to read all about Taro! Thanks for being a force for good in pinball. Hope to see you in Texas sir! Take some time off over the holidays and play some pinball." - Charlie Emery (Spooky Pinball)

"my magazine arrived in perfect condition." - Marc

"Pinball Magazine No. 4 is here! Thanks and congratuuulationssssssss for this wonderful "Book" nr. 4! BIG ))) Highest Quality I love it!" - Guenter (Pindigi)

"Just got the magazine. Interview and pics are great! Thanks Jonathan..." - Nicolas

Charlie Martin with Pinball Magazine No. 4 (resized).jpg

#98 3 years ago

If it seems a bit quiet on Pinside, that's probably because many are enjoying reading Pinball Magazine No. 4 As is has 244 pages, this may take a while

#100 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Got mine a couple days ago, Jonathon. All I can say is, HOLY SHIT!!!!
I don't know why you don't put a hard cover on it and call it a book. Seriously.

Thanks Bryan The answer to your question is very simple: Adding a hardcover will cost more, so make the magazine more expensive, and it will also be heavier, which results in higher postal costs. When I did Santiago Ciuffo's PINBALL book it became clear that the more expensive the publication, the less copies will be sold. Maybe it would make more sense to produce special hardcovers where the magazine can be placed in and make these available for those interested.

#107 3 years ago

Thanks for all the kind feedback

#108 3 years ago

As a heads up: Pinball Magazine is planning to ship one more batch in 2016 (with the current postal rates). After that the new (higher) postal rates will be applied. So get your order in and save a few bucks (yes, the increase is that ridiculously high). www/

#111 3 years ago

I'm beginning to think the packaging is too good as most feedback is about that instead of the content of the magazine

#113 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Your magazine is like Playboy. Nobody actually reads the thing. It's all about the pictures....pure pinball porn.

I published a photobook for that. The articles are supposed to be read

#114 3 years ago

More feedback:
"I received my copy of issue #4 yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a wonderful and high-quality publication. I’ve enjoyed playing all of Mark Ritchie’s games and have an Indiana Jones as one of the foundations of my one collection, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that Mr. Ritchie had to say. The article about The Big Lebowski is also a very nice touch – I’m glad this game is finally shipping and the story behind it is a fascinating read. As always, I enjoy the magazine and look forward to your future publications!

You asked for a review of the shipping, so as requested I will say that the packaging was excellent for the trip to Raleigh, NC. The outside showed a few minor artifacts of being processed through the postal system, but the magazine was completely protected and in mint condition when I opened the package. I would not suggest any changes. I believe the inner bag and bubble wrap are highly protective while the external cardboard provides a nice stiff and slick surface for machine handling.

Best wishes during the holiday season.


#118 3 years ago

Apparently the postal companies are very busy this time of year. Even European deliveries have been delayed. There's not much I can do at the moment, but hope the orders shipped in the first batch will arrive this week. Fingers crossed

Pinball Life is now also offering Pinball Magazine No. 4:

#121 3 years ago
Quoted from wyopin:

I just got my copy, and what a treat it is! Great articles and great pictures! The quality of the magazine is top notch. Loved the interviews, especially the ones walking through the process that Dutch Pinball went through for TBL. Unfortunately, it's a fast read...can't wait for #5!! Keep up the great on!

244 pages is a fast read?

Issue 5 will take a while, but there is something in the works, stay tuned...

#125 3 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Anybody else not receive their magazine from the first batch? Ordered on Nov 25....

Yes, plenty. The first batch shipped out November 29th to Frankfurt and from there Deutsche Post picked up the global distribution. I already called them earlier this week to ask why there appear to be delays. Aside from "December is the busiest month for the post" and "some cargo planes carrying post for North America were held up due to bad whether" I got nothing. The good news: just got a few emails from people who's order just came in So fingers crossed more deliveries will be made today.

#128 3 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Thank you J. I guess as long as many people haven't received, can rule out my post office for now, losing or misplacing it.

I'm expecting all orders to arrive eventually, but some probably not before Christmas... It's definitely not a local delay. Even in Europe some first batch orders have yet to be delivered...

#130 3 years ago

I'll make a separate topic for this, but for those who are still waiting for their order to come in, and those who didn't order yet, or already got it: hope you'll enjoy Pinball Magazine's Christmas special for 2016. It includes:
- Preview of Pinball Magazine No. 4
- Interview with George Gomez (pinball designer and Stern's VP of game design) on Batman, Spiderman, pricing, ghosting and more
- Custom cover by Christopher Franchi, the same artist that did most of the art for Batman 66
- Pinball Magazine's Pinball Flyer Archive 2016

The best part: this is another downloadable publication (22Mb) and it's completely FREE. You don't even need to leave your email behind.

Merry Christmas!

Pinball Magazine George Gomez interview (Christmas 2016 special) cover (resized).png

#133 3 years ago

Maybe I should start a club here, or two. One for those who haven't received their order yet and one for those who have. Once you received it you join the second club, but you can't go back

#135 3 years ago

Glad to hear some orders still came in today

#137 3 years ago

Just a few more hours to order Pinball Magazine No. 4 (and other issues) at the 2016 postal rates. Postal rates are going up drastically January 1st, so order prior to midnight of December 27th to ship the 28th and save a few bucks:

#139 3 years ago

Just got confirmation that some orders from the first batch were (finally delivered), so for those still waiting for theirs to arrive: any day now

#155 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Happy New Year, Jon...thanks for everything you do for the hobby, and it was so great to meet you in Texas this year and have my wife act like a jackass while she tried to relieve you of all your prizes.

Thanks The quiz at TPF was fun. Hoping to be at TPF again in 2017. With a new quiz, but in an improved setting

#161 3 years ago

Anybody who ordered prior to November 29 is in the first batch that shipped out. When I announced the magazine it had just been sent to the printer. Once the magazines were delivered the first batch shipped out a few days after that. Aside for sundays I received notifications every other day last week of people who were still waiting for their order to arrive that it finally came in. I hope (and expect) the remaining copies will be delivered this week

#168 3 years ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

Ok, I have a good feeling that today is the day mine will show up! Yes sir, feeling it today! *fingers crossed*

I'll cross mine too

#175 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Hard to believe the postal clowns could figure out a way to ruin something that was packed to withstand their clumsiness.

Already looking into this...

#183 3 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Well I have to assume at this point if I was in the first batch and haven't received it by now, its not coming.

I was feeling the same way and then just got confirmation an order from the first batch showed up. So there's still hope I'll be contacting you later this week.

#189 3 years ago

Just got confirmation of 2 November placed orders arriving today, which I'm happy about but I can't get my head around why it is taking so long...

#190 3 years ago
Quoted from unigroove:

Just got confirmation of two November placed orders arriving today, which I'm happy about but I can't get my head around why it is taking so long...

#193 3 years ago

Actually quite a few deliveries from the first batch today Patience does pay off

There is some news to report as well: The Pinball Magazine webshop has been updated with the current postal rates. I also got an offer from the postal company for Track and Trace shipping, which turns oput to be more expensive when ordering single issues, but cheaper when the weight gets closer to 10 lbs. I'm considering to add this as an option for certain territories, so customers can choose during checkout which shipping method they prefer.

As a heads up: I will be shipping a new batch of orders Monday January 23rd. Any orders that come in prior to that will ship in that batch.

#195 3 years ago

For those who have been waiting to order until a package deal became available that includes issue 4: I've implemented a new weightbased postal module in the Pinball magazine webshop. Package deals are currently not listed as such. Instead, when ordering either multiple copies of the same magazine, or copies of various issues, the module automatically calculates the applicable postal rate, including the discount. So you still save on shipping when ordering multiple products, but it's not being shouted from the rooftops

#197 3 years ago
Quoted from moto_cat:

Excellent content Jonathan. I was wondering how a soft cover magazine/book would look after traveling all the way from Europe to California but Issue #4 arrived in perfect condition on Friday. Bring on the Python issue..

Glad it arrived in perfect condition, especially after taking way too long to arrive. Python is likely to become issue 6...

#200 3 years ago

More orders from the first batch keep arriving
Got the following feedback today, which I thought is worth sharing:
"An absolutely fantastic article on Mark Richie, sir. The entire magazine is great, but the Richie article is just spot on. Thanks again for your exceptional work." - Brian

New batch of orders will ship early next week. For all (ordering) info please visit

#203 3 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Unbelievably.... mine arrived today (Jan 20). Definitely thought it was a goner. Jonathan was making plans to send another. So happy that Jonathan did not have to spend even more added expenses. And btw, arrived in excellent condition. This magazine must have a story to be told.

Glad it finally arrived. More orders from the first batch did earlier today and even today
As a reminder: Pinball Magazine will be shipping a new batch of orders early next week, so order now on

#206 3 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I'm just seeing this thread. I got my issue 2-3 weeks ago and I love it. I really like the interview with Mark Richie and the various people in Mark's life. Excellent work. Seeing that I have a TBL on order I was very interested in the Dutch interview as well and gained a lot of insight on the entire development process of the game. I have every issue so far of the Pinball Magazine and they really are first class in every way. Very well done Jonathon.

Thank you, much appreciated

#208 3 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Got mine today! must have been sitting somewhere for a month or whatever. Package didn't look beat up or anything. Mark Ritchie is my favorite designer, can't wait to dig in!

Orders from batch 1 are still coming in Meanwhile I'm still preparing to send out a new batch early this week, which should arrive a lot quicker If you'd like your copy of Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3, 4 and/or Santiago Ciuffo's Pinball book to be in there, order today!

#209 3 years ago

Great feedback on Pinball Magazine No. 4 keeps coming in I'll be shipping out a new batch tomorrow and there is still room for a few extra orders... The magazine can also be ordered though my shop here on Pinside.

#210 3 years ago

The january batch just shipped out. Next batch of orders will ship in February.

1 week later
#215 3 years ago

Here's two reasons to check out Spooky Pinball's February 2017 podacst:
1. Bug wrote and sang a song about Pinball Magazine No. 4
2. You can win a free copy of the magazine, too!
Check it out on
The song starts at 42:10.

#218 3 years ago

dtown kevmad : Thanks for the compliments. Glad to read your magazines finally arived.
The Python issue is currently scheduled after the next regular issue, which is focussing on the oldest still living pinball designer around. Python is already dead, so he will have to wait as I rather have this other issue out while this designer is still amongst us.

3 weeks later
#223 3 years ago

From the Pinball Magazine Newsletter that went out March 3rd:
Speaking of the Texas Pinball Festival: interviews with the organizers of the show and of the History of Pinball booth from the show, are featured in Pinball Magazine No. 4, which is still available in the Pinball Magazine webshop. Unlike previous years Pinball Magazine isn’t planning to be present with a booth of its own, but copies of Pinball Magazine No. 1, (the sold out) No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book will all be available at the stand of Pinball Classics / Rob Anthony. For those attending the show that haven’t ordered a copy of (the sold out) issue 2 or issue 4, make sure to get them at the show and have them signed by Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres (both featured in issue 2) or Mark Ritchie ( featured in issue 4). Note that the available copies of issue 2 are limited to only four or five and are sold on a first come first serve basis.

If you can’t make it to the Texas Pinball Festival you can still order Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3 and 4, as well as Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book, in the Pinball Magazine webshop. I’ll be shipping out a new batch of orders on Tuesday next week, so if you’re missing any of these make sure to order them now! All orders coming in up to Monday will still ship out Tuesday.

#225 3 years ago
Quoted from tacshose:

Great news! Will order asap! Have you thought of a digital version, a real digital version? Check out my SaaS solution at

I looked at it and it's on my list of things to look further into.

#226 3 years ago

quick reminder: Pinball magazine will ship a new batch of orders this Tuesday. If you don't have any of the Pinball Magazines you're definitely missing out. Each issue has a huge in-depth cover story on a specific designer or topic (issue 1: Roger Sharpe, issue 3: KISS pinballs + Bally's heyday + Kevin O'Connor + Jim Patla, issue 4: Mark Ritchie). So here's your chance to order these fantastic magazines:

#228 3 years ago

Still a few more hours to place your order and ship almost immediately (if received by 9AM CEST):

#230 3 years ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I'll be placing an order to get issues 3-4. I have 1-2 but they are misplaced due to my moves and those three pesky brain surgeries.
I am also hanging tight for a vendor at banning to have them IF I get to go.
But this magazine is great, I'll be getting the other 2 and owning them all.
Bravo on a great pinball mag! Must read all the way.

I'll be in Banning myself and plan to ship about 20 copies of issue 4. If you can make it, find me

3 weeks later
#232 3 years ago

I'm planning to ship a new batch of orders next week. As apparently still a lot of people are unfamiliar with the quality publication Pinball Magazine is, why not get acquainted now and order one or more issues. You won't regret it.

#233 3 years ago

Jeef Teolis of Pinball profile was kind enough to interview me about Pinball Magazine You can listen to the interview here:

1 week later
#234 3 years ago

Pinball Magazine will be shipping another batch of orders of Pinball Magazine No. 1, No. 3, No. 4, Santiago Ciuffo's PINBALL book and pinball posters this Tuesday. Any orders coming in prior to Monday afternoon will ship in this batch. So place your order now:

PM04-cover-small3 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#235 3 years ago

Shipping another batch of orders early this week. I can still include orders that come in Monday May 1st.

2 months later
#236 3 years ago

Pinball Magazine will be shipping a new batch of orders early next week, so plenty of time to get your order in:
Available are:
Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3 and 4
Santiago Ciuffo's beautiful coffee table photo book
Various posters by Santiago Ciuffo

#238 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Waiting on numero cinco...

I'm working on Pinball Magazine No. 5 actually. I hope to go to print in September.

The earl;ier bannounced shipment of this week will ship out tomorrow and I can still add orders to this shipment. Those who hurry can still be in it

6 months later
#239 2 years ago

Pinball Magazine will be shipping a new batch of orders within a few hours, but if you hurry your order may still be in that batch:

Available are:
Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3 and 4
Santiago Ciuffo's beautiful coffee table photo book
Various posters by Santiago Ciuffo, as well as three new posters with prototype artwork by Kevin O'Connor

2 months later
#240 2 years ago


Pinball Magazine will be shipping a new batch of orders within a few hours, but if you hurry your order may still be in that batch:

Available are:
Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3 and 4
Santiago Ciuffo's beautiful coffee table photo book
Various posters by Santiago Ciuffo, as well as three new posters with prototype artwork by Kevin O'Connor

#242 2 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

Any updates on issue #5? Wayne's not getting any younger. Just kidding. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Sure Dennis,
Right now I'm going over the last 33 pages (in a 14 point font) of miscelanious segments from my interviews with Wayne to see where they best fit in the cover story. After that I'm running the entire cover story in segments through a special program to detect typos and check on comma placings and such. Once that is done, hopefully this weekend, then I can finally start doing the layout of the the magazine. I'll probably have to send advertisers a reminder to send in their ad artwork as well, but that's where I'm currently at. I'd love to see things go faster, but life keeps interfereing However, at the current pace the magazine should be out in time for Wayne's 100th birthday. (Hopefully a month or 2 earlier even)

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