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Pinball in movies or TV shows? Name a game you have seen in the background?

By Jackontherocks

9 years ago

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#843 4 years ago

French movie 'Le Marginal' with Jean-Paul Belmondo from 1983.
One scene in an Arcade and a second one in a Disco, where Belmondo himself plays a Black Knight.

b (resized).jpg

a (resized).jpg

a.-- (resized).jpg

a.- (resized).jpg

a. (resized).jpg

a.--. (resized).jpg

.b (resized).jpg

.b. (resized).jpg

#844 4 years ago

French Movie 'L'Aine des Ferchaux' from 1962.
Jean-Paul Belmondo with a Woodrail.
Below see Charles Vanel with the same machine.

L'Aine des Ferchaux (resized).jpgDSCI0302 (resized).JPG

Plus 2 other scenes in Paris - LIBERTY BELLE in a Bistro / OKLAHOMA and a Woodrail-Multiplayer.
DSCI0277 (resized).JPGDSCI0278 (resized).JPGDSCI0280 (resized).JPG

DSCI0284 (resized).JPGDSCI0295 (resized).JPG
#845 4 years ago

French Movie 'L'Animal' from 1977 - Belmondo playing Gottlieb's HOT SHOT disturbing other People.

a.--. (resized).jpg

#846 4 years ago

French Movie 'Flic ou Voyou' from 1978 with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Venantino Venantini.
Gottlieb's FAR OUT in a Bar.

a.--. (resized).jpg

#847 4 years ago

French Movie 'Sois Belle et tais-toi' from 1957-58 with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon.

beldel (resized).jpg

#848 4 years ago

French Movie 'L'Alpagueur' from 1975.
Nice Scene from an Arcade in Paris.
2 x Fast Draw, 2 x Quick Draw, 2 x Super Soccer, Spin-Out, Little Chief, Pat Hand, Star Pool.

fdr.... (resized).jpg

fdr... (resized).jpg

fdr.. (resized).jpg

fdr. (resized).jpg

fdr (resized).jpg

#849 4 years ago

French Movie 'Le Clan des Siciliens' from 1969 with Alain Delon, Lino Ventura and Jean Gabin as a Pinball-Distributor.
Lots of Machines, like GAUCHO, OKLAHOMA, PREVIEW, MAD WORLD and more.

clan... (resized).jpg

clan.. (resized).jpg

clan (resized).jpg

clan. (resized).jpg

#855 4 years ago

A german Documentary called MACHT FLIPPERN FREI from 1973.
Lots of machines can be seen.
Both Operators and Players are getting bashed in a bad way. The worst point of this Film is the narrating voice, an awful cynical woman which sounds like a female Prison-Director.
German Operators stood up against this and it became a big Issue.

Anyway, enjoy the nice Pictures.
If the Link doesn't work search for MACHT FLIPPERN FREI DOKUMENTATION 1973 and you will find it immediately.

Here you can see 2 Screenshots

agg. (resized).jpg

agg (resized).jpg

#859 4 years ago

German Movie 'Aufforderung zum Tanz' from 1976.

In an Arcade -

In a Bar .

Tanz-4 (resized).jpg

Tanz-3 (resized).jpg

Tanz-2 (resized).jpg

Tanz-1 (resized).jpg

#860 4 years ago

German Movie 'Der Arzt von St-Pauli' from 1968.
2 short Scenes from an Arcade in Hamburg.
and some more

Pauli-4 (resized).jpg

Pauli-3 (resized).jpg

Pauli-2 (resized).jpg

Pauli-1 (resized).jpg

#865 4 years ago

French Movie 'Adieu l'Ami' from 1968 with Charles Bronson and Alain Delon.
Williams MERRY WIDOW in a french Bistro

williams merry widow. (resized).jpg

williams merry widow (resized).jpg

#866 4 years ago

German Movie 'Nordsee ist Mordsee' from 1976
Williams JUBILEE in a german Snack-Bar.

williams jubilee (resized).jpg

#867 4 years ago

German Movie 'Die Vorstadtkrokodile' from 1977.
with Gottlieb's BIG INDIAN.

Gottlieb Big Indian (resized).jpg

#869 4 years ago

That's a BLACK KNIGHT 2000

#872 4 years ago

German Movie 'Die Sache is gelaufen' from 1985.
Gottlieb's Haunted House at 'Fuxbau' in Hofheim-Taunus with american Actor/Singer Peter Lampert-Lancaster

Hofheim Fuxbau (resized).jpg

#873 4 years ago

French Movie 'les 400 Coups' from 1959
A Woodrail in a french Bistro

400 (resized).jpg

#874 4 years ago

French Movie 'Coup de Tete' from 1978.

Gottlieb's Vulcan - Royal Flush - Sinbad (SS)
in a french Bistro.

Freidel-2 (resized).jpg
Freidel-1 (resized).jpg

#875 4 years ago

German TV-Series "PS Feuerreiter" from 1978
Gottlieb's BRONCO and SURF CHAMP at a youth-club in Darmstadt

Feuerreiter Kowalj Hamlet. (resized).jpg

Feuerreiter Kowalj Hamlet (resized).jpg

1 week later
#895 3 years ago

A Music-Clip from 1993 featuring Zaccaria-Single-Player Ten Stars and a very nice dutch Girl

2 unlimited - No Limits

Anita Doth Pinball (resized).jpg

1 week later
#898 3 years ago

Here's an interesting music-clip from Austria, many well-known austrian Pinheads can be seen with a lot of Machines of course.

Watch it in youtube - ROBB GOLDMIND

Goldmind. (resized).jpg

Goldmind (resized).jpg

#900 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

A lot of good machines at that...who doesn't want a row with Gorgar, Xenon and BH in there? Awesome.

Oh yes, the austrian scene is astonishing and there is a big sense of 'cohesion' in a sharp contrast to Germany where Pinheads like to bash each other.

1 week later
#917 3 years ago

French movie LES GRANDES GUEULES from 1965.
Actor MICHEL CONSTANTIN spots and plays WIN-A-CARD, a french conversion-kit based on Gottlieb-Woodrail-Two-Players.

LGG. (resized).jpg

LGG (resized).jpg

#918 3 years ago

French movie LA SOUPE AUX CHOUX from 1981.
STRIKES AND SPARES in the corner at the right.

Louis de Funes (resized).jpg

#919 3 years ago

French movie LE ROI DES CONS from 1981.
Actor Francis Perrin with CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

CA (resized).jpg

#920 3 years ago

French movie LE PROFESSIONEL with JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO from 1981.
Gottlieb's SOLAR RIDE in a french bistro.

Belmondo Solar Ride (resized).jpg

#924 3 years ago

Italian ADRIANO CELENTANO movie ASSO from 1981.
The game on the left looks like an EM Gottlieb at the first sight but I would say it's one of these obscure italian licensed versions.

Adriano Celentano Pinball (resized).jpg

1 month later
#949 3 years ago

1991 Movie FREEJACK with Mick Jagger, Emilio Estevez and Rene Russo.
2 scenes with LOST WORLD and PARAGON in a shabby bar, set in the by then futuristic year 2009. LOST WORLD is turned on and PARAGON is turned off. Funny aspect that in the first scene Lost World stands at the left and in the second scene vice-versa.

Mick Jagger Freejack Lost World Paragon (resized).jpg
Mick Jagger Freejack Paragon (resized).jpg
Mick Jagger Freejack Lost World (resized).jpg

#955 3 years ago

Gottlieb's 1965 PARADISE in the 2010 Rolling Stones Documentary 'Stones in Exile' shot 1971 in France.

Paradise Stones in Exile (resized).JPG

#958 3 years ago

Williams STARDUST in german TV-Show 'Musikladen' aired in January 1979.

sd. (resized).jpg

sd (resized).jpg

#959 3 years ago

Gottlieb's "300" in german movie TREFFER from 1983 with Guido Gagliardi and Dietmar Bär.

treffer (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#983 3 years ago

French movie 'La Chasse a l' Homme' from 1964
Williams Dallas Woodrail in a french Bistro.

JR Ewing (resized).jpg

1 week later
#987 3 years ago

French movie 'Baisers voles' from 1968
with WILLIAMS 1966 A-GO-GO in Paris.

williams a-go-go france.jpg

#988 3 years ago

French-Canadian movie 'L'Homme en Colere' from 1978 with Lino Ventura
Bally Air Aces
Bally Hokus Pokus
Gottlieb Far Out
Bally Hi Deal
Williams Toledo
Bally Night Rider
Williams Space Odyssey
Gottlieb Spirit of 76 and/or Pioneer
Bally Eight Ball
Gottlieb Close Encounters
Wiilams Grand Prix
Gottlieb Jungle Queen
Bally Lost World

Lino Ventura Flipper....jpg

Lino Ventura Flipper..jpg

Lino Ventura Flipper.jpg

Lino Ventura Flipper...jpg

2 months later
#1054 3 years ago

French-german movie RIVIERA-STORY from 1961.
Gottlieb's Woodrail 'SHINDIG'

DSCI6291 (resized).JPG

#1060 3 years ago

French movie PAR UN BEAU MATIN D'ETE from 1964
Gottlieb's 1962 TROPIC ISLE
with Actors Sophie Daumier and Claude Cerval

Belmondo-Par un beau matin d'ete-Flipper Tropic Isle (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1074 3 years ago

French movie PEAU DE BANANE from 1963
with Gottlieb's 1961 'ALOHA'

Belmondo Peau de Banane Pinball (resized).jpg

#1080 3 years ago

French movie LE CERVEAU from 1968 with Andre Bourvil and Jean-Paul Belmondo
Chicago Coin's 1968 STAGE COACH in a french bistro

Belmondo Bourvil LE CERVEAU CDI Stage Coach (resized).jpg

2 months later
#1158 3 years ago

EIGHT BALL DELUXE in the 1984 german movie "Dieter Hallervorden und die Rache der Enterbten"
NIP-IT in the 1983 german movie "Dieter Hallervorden der Doppelgänger"

EBD (resized).jpgEBD. (resized).jpgPimp-It (resized).jpgPimp-It. (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#1194 3 years ago

German movie RICHY GUITAR from 1984
CENTAUR II in Berlin.

C-II Richy Guitar (resized).jpg
#1196 3 years ago

French movie "JACQUES TATI - TRAFIC" filmed in 1969

DSCI1048 (resized).jpgDSCI1050 (resized).jpg
#1197 3 years ago

Here are a few pics from 6 different movies -

German movie "69 Liebesspiele" from 1967
with Williams Soccer "Kick-Off" and a nice Jukebox

German movie "Verschwende Deine Jugend" from 2003 and set in 1981

German movie "Bang-Boom-Bang" from 1998
with an illuminated HULK-Top and a 'customized' System-11-machine
Actor Ralf Richter

German movie "Die Spider Murphy Gang" from 1983
Actress Ilse Page

German movie "Das Leben ist eine Baustelle" from 1996
with TAXI
Actor Richy Müller

French movie "Student Services" from 2009/2010
Actress Deborah Francois

DSCI2675 (resized).jpgDSCI2676 (resized).jpgDSCI2679 (resized).jpgDSCI2681 (resized).jpgDSCI2693 (resized).jpgDSCI2700 (resized).jpgDSCI2701 (resized).jpgDSCI2702 (resized).jpgDSCI2730 (resized).jpgDSCI2744 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1198 3 years ago

French-german movie 'NEGRESCO' from 1967.
3 scenes with Pinball-Machines.

The first scene is a goofy one - in total you see a then brand-new Gottlieb's HI-SCORE in the back of a photo-studio but in the close-ups of the playfield it 'changes' to the Masquerade which can be seen afterwards.

2nd scene shows Gottlieb's 2-Player SEA-SHORE played by a nice girl in a french bistro.

-and the third scene then shows the complete GOTTLIEB's MASQUERADE whose playfield was already shown in the first scene.

DSCI6432 (resized).JPGDSCI6439 (resized).JPGDSCI6443 (resized).JPGDSCI6445 (resized).JPGDSCI6453 (resized).JPGDSCI6455 (resized).JPGDSCI6458 (resized).JPGDSCI6459 (resized).JPGDSCI6461 (resized).JPGDSCI6466 (resized).JPGDSCI6470 (resized).JPG
#1206 3 years ago

French Alain Delon -movie 'LE SAMOURAI' from 1967
with Bally Capersville.
The machine on the left is most likely a Williams Eager Beaver (Lowcharger-cabinet with old-style Flipper-Buttons and no artwork beneath Buttons and Siderail)

DSCI0147 (resized).jpgDSCI0154 (resized).jpg
#1220 3 years ago

French Belmondo-movie 'PIERROT LE FOU' from 1965
Gottlieb's 1965 SKY-LINE and Bally 1964 MAD WORLD in a Bowling-Center in South-France.

Anna Karina Flipper Pierrot Le Fou (resized).jpgBelmondo Flipper Pierrot Le Fou (resized).jpg
#1221 3 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Any Idea what the Gottlieb in the foreground is?

It's not a Gottlieb, just have a closer look then you'll agree. It's the mentioned Williams Lowcharger-Style Machine. I'm quite sure it's an Eager Beaver because there is no visible artwork beneath the siderail and it has the old-style Flipper-Buttons.

8 months later
#1482 2 years ago

Italian ADRIANO CELENTANO movie 'Una Tipo Strano' from 1963 with 2 Woodrails in an italian bar.

Plus one more Picture from his 1981 movie ASSO with an italian (more or less licensed) version of Gottlieb's SURE SHOT in his home.

Celentano Pinball (resized).jpgCelentano Pinball. (resized).jpgCelentano Pinball.. (resized).jpgCelentano Pinball... (resized).jpgCelentano Pinball.... (resized).jpg
#1483 2 years ago

French ALAIN DELON movie " 3 Hommes a abattre" from 1980

2 scenes with Pinball-Machines -
Lost World (far left) and Mata Hari in a french cafe
Strikes and Spares and Playboy in a bistro.

alain delon flipper (resized).jpgalain delon flipper. (resized).jpg
#1485 2 years ago

Another Alain Delon movie, ARMAGUEDON from 1976.
Gottlieb's BIG INDIAN in a french bar.
It's also pictured on the dvd-cover with actor Michel Duchaussoy.

Alain Delon Armaguedon (resized).jpgAlain Delon Armaguedon. (resized).jpgAlain Delon Armaguedon.. (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#1520 2 years ago

French Belmondo-movie "LE SOLITAIRE" from 1986

Gottlieb's JACKS TO OPEN in Paris

Belmondo Flipper 1986 (resized).jpg
#1524 2 years ago

Post 1523 - A Stern GALAXY with some kinda customized Backglass. Cabinet-Artwork seems to be the same but with different colours.

Here are some pictures from the french movie LES TRICHEURS from 1958.
Some Woodrails in a Cafe in Paris.

Unbenannt (resized).jpgUnbenannt. (resized).jpgUnbenannt.. (resized).jpgUnbenannt... (resized).jpgUnbenannt.... (resized).jpgUnbenannt..... (resized).jpg
#1525 2 years ago

French-Canadian Belmondo-movie HOLD-UP from 1985.
Jean-Paul Belmondo driving through Montreal alongside an arcade.
BALLY SPACE INVADERS (3rd from right) and STAR TREK (right) can be clearly identified.

Unbenannt....... (resized).jpgUnbenannt........ (resized).jpg
#1533 2 years ago

German movie "PANISCHE ZEITEN" from 1979 with Udo Lindenberg, the most famous and infamous german rockstar, as producer, director, writer and in the leading role at the same time.
Bally EIGHT BALL and Gottlieb's JUNGLE QUEEN in an arcade in Hamburg - St-Pauli (Reeperbahn)
Note that the artwork on the window is the same as the cabinet-artwork from EIGHT BALL.

Lindenberg (resized).jpg
1 week later