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Pinball in movies or TV shows? Name a game you have seen in the background?

By Jackontherocks

11 years ago

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#51 11 years ago

one of my favorite christmas movies, love actually has a corvette machine in the milwaukee bar scene

#52 11 years ago

Space Station in the background of "Big Daddy" in Sunny's apartment ....

I was randomly flipping channels just now, and low and behold I stumbled upon this very scene. Here's a capture of the screen. It came out kind of crappy, but you can kind of make out the Space Station in the background. I've always thought Joey Lauren Adams was so cute ...


#53 11 years ago

Forgot about the Mr. Belvidere episode, uecker gets obsessed with a fireball.

#54 11 years ago

There is a black hole in the cafeteria of the elsinore brewery in strange brew

3 weeks later
#55 11 years ago

Since it's almost Halloween I came across a Stephen Kings movie called Graveyard Shift on AMC during horror week. Just about 10 to 15 mins into the movie when the main character walks into the bar three guys are hugged around a pinball machine. Can't make out exactly what the game is but movie came out in 1990.

#56 11 years ago

In Goodfellas there is a Capt. Fantastic, Nitro Groundshaker and an Astro

#57 11 years ago

Recently rewatched Quantum Leap on DVD and saw 3 instances of pinball machines.

"Animal Frat" - Delta Queen
"Memphis Melody" and "Mirror Image" - Baseball

For those of you who don't know, QL was a time traveling drama series from the early 90's, and all 3 of those instances the pinball machines would not be in that respective time period.

#58 11 years ago

In Goodfellas there is a Capt. Fantastic, Nitro Groundshaker and an Astro


#59 11 years ago

Three Stooges short from 1946 "Three Little Pirates." Larry 'Tilts' a 1940 Keeney "Red Hot."

#60 11 years ago

Omar Little's boyfriend Barndon is playing a Whirlwind (complete with EM sounds foley'd in in post-production) before he gets killed on the first season of The Wire.


#61 11 years ago

A 'Spirit of 76' seen quite a bit in one of my favorite movies...'Carwash'.

#62 11 years ago

Police Academy - just as the riot is starting, a pin rolls out and gets destroyed on the street. Could've knocked me over when I recognized it as a Triple Strike - my first pin.

#63 11 years ago

There's an early 70s biker movie,Angels from Hell I think its called,
and one of the gang is obsessively
playing a Doodlebug and they show many closeups as he's playing.
Theres another 70s trucking/CB movie I cant remember the name, but
it stars Marjo Gortner and theres a scene where he's playing a Duotron for
money and hustles the guy by concealing a magnet in his hand and casually
running his hand over the glass- pretty silly.
There are so many pins in 70s movies I could name, but these are two where
the machines get a lot of attention on screen.BTW, I saw these movies
recently on THIS TV, which shows a lot of B and drive in type movies.

#65 11 years ago

Miami Vice, S01E04 "Cool Runnin'"
Devil's Dare in reggae bar.


#66 11 years ago

Boy Meets World always had a Black Knight 2000 in the burger place they hung out at. Then a Funhouse was at a college dorm Cory went to visit a girl at.

Saved By The Bell had one in the Max for a few eps, but was taken out for a more quiet game to be in just the background action.

#67 11 years ago

Just saw one in the background of the old classic comedy movie "The Great Outdoors" when he is in the pool hall but could not make out the machine.

#68 11 years ago

The Walking Dead had 2 in the Research lab one being a WPT couldnt make out the other.

#69 11 years ago

firepower in episode of star trek voyager future's end

#70 11 years ago

I was watching The Crow last night and the first place the criminals set on fire is an arcade and they show some quick shots of them breaking things. They smash up several pinball machines around the 20 second mark of this clip:

When it happened, I jokingly yelled, "Noooooooooooooo!"

#71 11 years ago

EATPM is in the roller rink scene from the movie Van Wilder, for a split second. I literally just seen this the other day while channel surfing.

#72 11 years ago

Not a Pinball, but has anyone noticed the pinball hardware on the current Tardis console on Dr. Who?
Most obvious part is the shooter rod. Also spotted some bumper bodies (minus caps). There also are sounds of a Bally SS pin chimes.

#73 11 years ago

Watched "Whats eating Gilbert Grape" the other day. They are in a diner at one point that has a "FIRE" in the background. Ill save you two hours of your life. Don't watch it.

#74 11 years ago

Buckaroo in Superman 2

harlem globe trotters,three men and a baby

pinbot,tom hanks Big

several machines in,The Accused with Jodie Foster,was Sterns Cheetah one of them??

#75 11 years ago

Stuck overseas at the mercy of one english movie channel and just watched The Abyss.....sure enough, there's a pinball machine at the bottom of the ocean. I couldn't make out what it was though. Also funny how I never noticed pins in movies before I became a ragging pinball addict.

#76 11 years ago

there's a bunch in the arcade scene from the replacment killers

there's a scene where the 2 bounty hunters show up and trash the joint, and at one point danny trejo jumps down onto 2 machines, shattering their playfield glass (but somehow not causing the playfields to move or get damaged at all

#77 11 years ago

All I watch is MeTv which only shows old programs. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see some pins in the background. I always yell to my wife which ones they are and she just looks at me like I'm crazy She's not impressed with my ability to identify Em pins by the side-art.

#78 11 years ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Another one recently is the commercial for Pizza Hut talking about a man cave where there are two games in the distance background.

I had recorded a show with the pizza hut commercial. The two pins appear to be a Joker Poker and Black Knight 2000

#79 11 years ago

On the show Raising Hope there is a Firepower and a Pinbot in the grocery store.

#80 11 years ago

Not a real pinball, but:
In an episode of the Simpsons, Marge is having a discussion with Apu, and Homer breaks in with "Marge if I may, Play Devils Advocate?", and then the scene cuts away to Homer playing a Pinball called "Devils Advocate"

#81 11 years ago

also he plays lockness monster in the ep where he and burns go looking for it in Scotland.

#82 11 years ago

There's a Black Rose in the opening scenes of Stephen King's The Stand. You can see it in a cafeteria as the camera pans over some of the first folks who bought the farm from the escaped super virus.

Also, there's one in the movie Sky High. I couldn't make out what title, but it's in the Trophy Room of the superhero, Commander.

#83 11 years ago

Watched Nightmare on elm street 3 the other night and seen an eight ball deluxe.

#84 11 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

can't id both of these. one on the right is bk??
» YouTube video

Looks like the one on the left is a Gottlieb, from the decal on the Coin Door.

#85 11 years ago
Quoted from the_pin_family:

Ill save you two hours of your life. Don't watch it.

Thanks for the Tip

#86 11 years ago
Quoted from poopdotcom:

I was watching The Crow last night

And you could of been playing Pinball!

#87 11 years ago

Name this one.


#88 11 years ago
Quoted from jahbarron:

Omar Little's boyfriend Barndon is playing a Whirlwind (complete with EM sounds foley'd in in post-production) before he gets killed on the first season of The Wire.

Thanks for the spoiler ...

#89 11 years ago

From the movie Dying young (Julia Roberts in the background). Eight Ball deluxe, Space Invaders, Wizard & let's see who can come up with the 4th machines title, I do know it. Dying_young_pic.PNGDying_young_pic.PNG

#90 11 years ago

It is amazing that almost all of these movies we can hardly see the games or camera angle never really goes directly across the machine. I know the movie is not about the game but must have been a licensing thing. Same is done with beer bottles and alcoholic bottles as the front label is turned around in movies or TV shows unless they have the rights to show it. A shame really and wish it was not this way. I always like figuring out the beer in movies as well since I collect different kinds of beer labels. Maybe I should start a separate form of name that beer in the movie.

#92 11 years ago

Saw a pin on an ep of tour of duty. Sorry no screen shot.

#93 11 years ago

I saw Firestarter II the other night. The "enhanced" kids had a Riverboat Gambler pin in their hangout area. It got a lot of camera time, especially the scene where the kid that could absorb fire and lifeforce energy wanted to play it and had to exert his will over the older kid that could control people with his thoughts.

1 month later
#94 11 years ago

Lat night, I was watching a T & A flick from 1979 called "Van Nuys Blvd." I remember originally seeing this film at the drive in.

Lots of scenes in an arcade with many pins.

...The theme song is great.... "Gonna getcha on the boulevard.... VAN NUYS!.... (repeat 200 times)

#95 11 years ago

THE Toy - Richard Pryor This had a Gottlieb Haunted House and a Mars God of War.

Tales from the Crypt - Bordella of Blood - Gottlieb Time line and an older machine. Can't remember.

#96 11 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Thanks for the spoiler ...

lol, it's been like 10 years since season one. If you still haven't watched The Wire, you kind of deserved it!

#97 11 years ago
Quoted from KYpinhead:

From the movie Dying young (Julia Roberts in the background). Eight Ball deluxe, Space Invaders, Wizard & let's see who can come up with the 4th machines title, I do know it.

Fourth machine is Captain Fantastic. You can see the pinball machines cabinet in the back-glass near the bottom left corner.