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7 months ago

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#1 7 months ago

Will all the love swirling around for titles that you can't stand to piss on, post in here the games you hate and why.

I will get us started with Jurassic Park. What a piece of absolute crap. Toy dinosaur eats a pinball. May be cool enough to entertain kids but I'm an adult pinball player. That's not all... The sounds in the game are so atrocious. Skill shot is bad, smart missile tries to make bad players feel better. Data East at it's worst. Ok, now I feel a little better.

Xenon. Wow, the artwork is good but that's where the good shit ends on this title.

Stern Harley Davidson. Nothing good about this machine. Nothing.

Bally Lost World. Not-good-at-all.

What other games am I missing?

#3 7 months ago

LOL, ok-ok-ok but stay on topic. Just like in "clubs" no rebuttals in here, only hate allowed.

#6 7 months ago

WCS - Well, pinball lovers and sports don't seem to mesh together that well. Maybe that's it.

I thought of another bad one... SWE1. Damn is it not good.

#12 7 months ago

Yeah, those games that are set up to never be beaten are only popular with some people. I really don’t believe those two titles could stand on their own if they did not have that ultimate quest feel. I thought TSPP was definitely repetitious but that’s not the only reason I let it go after 5 years. Doesn’t matter how you slice it, for me TSPP hurry ups are way to prevelant and overshadow the truly great things in that game.

#14 7 months ago

I agree with a few things there. Randomness is generally not well received by most competitive players. If there was a way to start a specific mode on purpose in Maiden, I think that would make it a better game overall.

#16 7 months ago

Sttng does have a lot going on. Ops hated it back in the day and ops hate it now. I see them on location once in a while but you really need to treat that game with bulletproofing in mind, if you decide to route it OR own it. If you expect that going in and don’t mind working on games yourself, it probably won’t bother you as much.

#17 7 months ago

What about South Park? I always thought that game was designed bad on purpose.

#52 7 months ago

I have always thought that Fish Tales was terrible. And I enjoy fishing and pinball! Maybe it’s the annoying topper and lightning flipper combination.

Also have to mention America’s Most Haunted. What the hell were they thinking with that game?

#70 7 months ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

I'm gonna take some flack for this but The Addams Family. I don't like the rules or the geometry of the game. The mechs are cool but that's about where I get off the hype train. Another two games that look nice but are absolute dogs are Dr. Dude and Party Zone. I choose to walk right by whenever I see either of them.

No flack here! Only haters are welcome. Party Zone is bad and it was the only title that when I sold it, it seemed like I was actually hassling people to buy it.

#72 7 months ago
Quoted from MJR8peanut:

x-men. houdini. mr who. burn em

Yeah! Down with mr who. Firewood I say!

#73 7 months ago
Quoted from MJR8peanut:

on iron maiden the mode is the same at the start of the game but you can change it if you hit the left spinner

You can "change it" but you certainly can't "choose it". You have to settle for what the spinner lands on.

#109 7 months ago

Airborne? That game is always destroyed when I see one. Still seems like that game can’t end soon enough, even with the already short ball times. Total firewood!

#190 7 months ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

Gilligan's island sucks, and any game the premier badge on it.

Here-here! This man speaks the truth about GI. I have found at least a couple pins from each era that I find fun, even premier stuff but I could see where people hate specifics about them.

#210 7 months ago
Quoted from Indypin:

It wasn't the idea of the remakes that came out that hurt and depreciated my pin(s) like MM, AFM and MB. It's the idea that some snob had to make a smart ass comment about it was funny that I "blew" that kind of money on the pin and know it's worth nothing since the release of the originals. Heck, hang around the stock market exchange and make fun of the people who lost their investment and retirements on the market.
I still have my originals and I love them just as much as I would if they were remakes. I still think the remakes hurt the collectors market. That being said, I hate when people say "I buy the pins to enjoy them, not as an investment". I do too and when I normally sell a pin I usually take a loss, but to say to yourself that you're not happy for at least breaking even or making a profit on selling a pin doesn't put a warm glow in your heart, then you're just lying.
In closing, I hate selling pins. My pet peeve is when I sell a pin to a buddy because they said they love it and needed to have it, then it ends up they sold it the next week because they probably knew the price I gave them was so cheap they know they could make a profit selling it to someone else.
Oh, I still LOVE my Alien pin. If I was interested in it just an as investment, then I would have sold it by now. Having way too much fun with it and I don't see myself selling it. Flame suit on!

The retaliation that you are preparing for is not likely to happen in this thread.

Remakes are just that, remakes. They are distinct and different from the original machines. In some ways, they are targeting the new buyer/new operator and not so much the old timer pinball collector. I realize there are those that think the "improvements" add to the game and some of those buyers certainly could be "collectors".

If you sell a pin to buddy for a buddy price, that's your choice. If you sell a pin to a buddy for a non buddy price, that's your choice as well.

1 week later
#239 6 months ago

Woh, wait a sec. "Dr. Skins" is that really a thing? How did I miss that? That's actually so ridiculous it's funny.

#248 6 months ago

A good friend recently reminded me of the horribly designed Junkyard pinball machine. Absolute crap. I just want to pee all over every single one that I see.

2 weeks later
#272 6 months ago

I hate 3K Fastbreaks and 3K RBIONs for opposing reasons.

2 months later
#282 3 months ago

May be a bit early but I'm fairly certain that I hate MunSterns Pro. It's complete garbage.

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