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Pinball Hall of Fame is running out of money

By timarnold

9 months ago

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    #241 9 months ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    Not sure why people keep thinking Tim needs suggestions on how to run the most profitable arcade in the world.
    The current cash flow issue is due to that pesky global pandemic. He doesn’t need armchair quarterbacks who have never run anything telling him what to do.
    I do wish he’d spend some of those massive profits on paying techs to keep the games up, but no one can deny his formula works. It does. So save your ideas and instead, drop a few coins in the donation box.

    Scolds people for suggesting changes on how he should run his business.

    Gives suggestions on how to run his business lol.

    #243 9 months ago
    Quoted from too-many-pins:

    Again - put yourself into Tim's shoes. He wakes up everyday and works all day for free typically giving close to (or over) a half a million dollars a year to charity. He is always behind - has a ton of machines to fix and all other aspects of a business to run. He really doesn't have time to sit around hearing (or reading) about how he should change things and why.
    When any of us get to the point we are doing as much for charity as he is I am sure he would gladly sit down and hear ideas but for now he just needs a little help getting the final money it is going to take to get the new place open.

    So a guy who has already done more than anyone else in the hobby to help both the hobby & charity should donate more of his personal stuff to PHOF. It isn't enough that the majority of the machines in PHOF were already donated by him and that he also works every day for free - you think he should be doing more instead of asking a few other people to step up and give a little?

    I was simply replying to the person I quoted, as it seemed hypocritical. I have no desire to run something like this. I do have some ideas like others, but even ideas from a consumer dont seem to go over well.

    Been to PHOF a few times, will be back and will donate.

    #262 8 months ago
    Quoted from Pinbub:

    If you've never been in the same room with Tim you wouldn't understand. I first heard him speak about the PHOF at California Extreme when the first building was just a dream. I'll be donating for sure. I haven't been to the PHOF but will get there someday as my folks spend 5 months out of the year there. I was last in Vegas in 1974. I was 5 years old.
    I agree one guy can't service 700 pins alone but Tim has his business model and helpers. It's kind of like Jay Leno single handedly taking care of his car collection.
    Tim, keep the faith, ignore the haters and keep doing what you do. It will all come together. You've given so much back, you'll be ok. I hope you reach the goal more sooner than later so you might sleep better at night. You've got a big move ahead of you!

    Its nothing like Jay Leno and his car collection. Not a knock, I doubt Tim has Jays money, but Jay pays mechanics top $$$ to keep his collection up and running."Pays".

    #266 8 months ago
    Quoted from too-many-pins:

    I don't mind seeing the "suggestions" or seeing the complaining because every post here bumps this post and the more people who see it the more people who will likely donate. One thing I do hate to see is when people start attacking Tim personally. Each person has their own "style" & personality and Tim can surely be abrasive at times but that should be expected of anyone dealing with the general public long hours everyday.
    Just think about it from this perspective for a minute: You are busy trying to get a machine fixed and that machine is fighting you, a half hour earlier someone told you the men's room was a mess and is out of paper towels, your help didn't show up today and you have been on your feet for the past 6 hours without a break and all of a sudden someone walks over and says "I lost a quarter in the ------- ---------- machine" and "someone spilled some popcorn you should clean up ASAP". Are you always going to have a smile on your face?
    Tim always make it very clear what his two goals are: First off he wants to have an arcade open to the public where people can enjoy some of his collection and second he wants to keep overhead as low as possible and donate ALL excess funds to charity. Pretty simple formula that has served him well for years. There are not many working class people in this world who could be building a $10 million dollar building in Vegas and are able to do that after giving the profits from your business away for the past 10+ years. He must be doing something right!
    ONE THIRD OF THE WAY TO $200,000 KEEP IT GOING! Help Tim keep things on track if you have a little cash you can share!

    Not a hater, but the answer to the problem of being "crass or pissed off at simple requests" that a business must manage, is in your post.

    If you dont want to hire some minimum wage peeps to clean the bathroom and give someone a quarter back, then dont be pissed at the customer for wanting a clean, working environment. I dont own a people facing business. Tim does and with that, comes expectations of service. Dont blame the consumer and cant wait to be a consumer again.

    #291 8 months ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    I’d like more working machines personally but in no way am I going to tell Tim how to run his business because it is clearly successful.
    There’s a difference.

    The problem is, the current location has to be found by pinheads, so we can generally accept service issues, cause we love the place. A new shiny building on the strip with the same "old way worked at the old location" mindset is going to be very bad for business IMO. Lots of nonpinheads walking by, might go check it out and leave dissapointed. They tell friend's. Point being, lots more eyeballs on the PHOF, which could be good or bad.

    Cant wait to check out new building!

    #292 8 months ago
    Quoted from Pinbub:

    Yes,that was my point.If Jay was doing it alone there might be some "weak flippers" here and there if you catch my drift.

    He isnt offering his cars to drive for a fee as far as I know. PHOF doesnt have to do it alone, it just chooses too. If he were to hire a few people, yes that might make a difference in the short term donations to charity, but long term, business would (hopefully) increase, and with it more donation money. Dunno? Seems like biz 101.

    #293 8 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    I wouldn't worry aboot downvotes. Whoever gives you any supposedly disagrees with you. They really mean little to nothing. As for the website description of the place, Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Or in magazines.

    Agreed, upvotes/downvotes who cares.

    Disagree, if the website itself describes it as such, as a mission statement if you will. You expect to visit the self proclaimed Pinball Hall Of Fame, with high expectations. Agreed?

    1 week later
    #485 8 months ago
    Quoted from too-many-pins:

    Sadly donations are slowing way down (under $1000 a day the last three days * if you don't include one or two big donations). At this rate things are not looking good. It really makes me sad to think that the tens of thousands of people in this hobby can't find it in their heart to support the biggest & best arcade on the planet. Every few dollars helps but there are just not enough people stepping up?
    I realize times are tough for some people but 1/3 of the people in this country are doing as well (or better) than ever. I fully understand people who are having a tough go of things not stepping up but there should be plenty of people with some extra money for enough donations to come in to keep PHOF from closing. Close isn't going to cut it if I am understand things correctly. Tim didn't ask for twice as much as he needs - he asked for about 1/2 of what the shortfall is.
    Please help if you can!

    Lots of Rich as hell on here could write the check now. I sent my meager amount. If i had a couple mill in the bank, this thread would be closed.

    #486 8 months ago
    Quoted from PismoArcade:

    To me, Tim's a rock star.
    I approached him to ask where to buy T-shirts even though I knew where they were. Just wanted to say "Hi" but wanted a reason to bug him.
    Now I can't get the image of him with his headlight out of my mind.

    Soo, hes busy and you felt the need to bug him? How about we leave him alone to build this, unless you wish to greet him, with a $100 in your hand. Damn, I'm no where near as important, but if you come to my cube with some stupid shit, you wont come back again.

    Let him work. I dont feel like he wants to be a celebrity, he wont make you one by meeting him.

    This is not directed at any one person, but your post is not the first one, so figured I'd address...

    I could be wrong and Tim might welcome interruptions every 3 minutes. I doubt I am.

    #497 8 months ago
    Quoted from PismoArcade:

    Damn....Who pissed in your Cheerios?
    My "stupid shit" went as follows.
    I see Tim standing around not doing anything at the time.
    Me: "Hey Tim...congratulations on the new building! Can't wait to see it"
    Tim: (gracious as always) "Thanks... It's coming along pretty good!"
    Me: "You still have T-shirts?"
    Tim: "Yeah...behind the counter."
    Me: Thanks...Have a good day!
    Tim: "You too!"
    It's not like I was the guy that drones on about a pin that I played when I was 12 but can't remember the name of it.
    ...and for what it's worth, in addition to spending $40 that day at PHOF, I also contributed to his GoFundMe and have been a supporter since '06. Throughout the years, I've contributed way more than the $100 you suggested that I hand him.
    You sound like a blast to work with. I'm sure no one dare approach you in your "cube".

    Thats not how your post went. It was something like "Tim was working, I already knew where the merch was, but figured I'd bug him anyway". Love your revision!

    Here ya go. "I approached him to ask where to buy T-shirts even though I knew where they were. Just wanted to say "Hi" but wanted a reason to bug him"

    Mission accomplished! And yes, I do not suffer fools or stupidity lightly. I got shit to do, not point you in the direction of something, when you already know the answer. What a tool lol

    #498 8 months ago
    Quoted from PismoArcade:

    No...He sells them only at PHOF at this time.

    Is it clearly marked, or do we need to find Tim to ask him?

    #499 8 months ago
    Quoted from Roostking:

    Is it clearly marked, or do we need to find Tim to ask him?

    So downvote cause its not clearly marked, or downvote for suggesting we bug Tim to find out. Or downvote cause you dont like I suggest we bug Tim, even if we know the answer to the question. Cause thats fun too!? Ugh. Much confuse.

    Glad you went and donated!

    #503 8 months ago
    Quoted from no-extra-balls:

    How about downvote for acting like an ass?

    So, I'm the ass for pointing out the wasting of time of someone who needs all the time they need. Get bent lol.

    #505 8 months ago
    Quoted from PismoArcade:

    Yeah...I know.
    Well, since you seemed to be so obsessed on such a minor thing...
    Downvoted for hijacking a positive thread with so much anger. The weird thing is, you're one of the Pinsiders that have been here for years who I've enjoyed and have upvoted your posts. Not sure why my innocuous post set you off and at this point I no longer care.
    Back to important stuff....
    Almost at 100k....Lets keep this thread near the top. https://www.gofundme.com/f/new-museum-building-on-las-vegas-strip?utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&utm_medium=sms&utm_source=customer-andr

    You have good taste! Downvote,upvote who cares. I guess I dont appreciate people admitting to wasting peoples time. You and many others do. Cool.

    #506 8 months ago
    Quoted from Roostking:

    So, I'm the ass for pointing out the wasting of time of someone who needs all the time they need. Get bent lol.

    Whats that make you? A buttplug? Get bent and realize your time is NOT more valuable than others.

    Anyway Tim, sorry we have people bitching about broken pins, yet some revel in the fact they waste your time, and many approve.

    Back on topic. Let Tim focus on building this thing, and also a sign that points to merch!! Win win!! Ill pay for the sign, just for those with too much time on their hands!

    #507 8 months ago

    Truth hurts, suck it up buttercup.

    Back on topic. Hopefully Tim has all the time he needs to fix any broken pins, which could drive more visitors. Ill buy the sign that directs people to the merch, you know, so he isn't needlessly bugged!!

    #518 8 months ago

    Why, exactly.

    Quoted from NightOwl:

    Having a tough day? A shot (or two) of bourbon and some pinball always takes the edge off for me.

    Not really, I just dont understand the need to waste someones time and put them out, if they already know the answer.

    Clearly, I was wrong, my apologies to all involved.

    1 week later
    #647 8 months ago

    Can i get those 8 minutes back?

    1 week later
    #688 7 months ago

    Great news, cant wait to visit the new arcade!!

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