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Pinball Expo 2015 recommendations for change

By mikepin

4 years ago

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    #18 4 years ago

    I posted idea in the other threads. Please read them there. Summary:

    Vendor hours need to be changed. Locking down the vendor hall during prime time is probably the reason that that stuff got stolen. There was more valuable stuff there besides a translite and lamp shade, so probably just a normal person pissed they couldn't get in after paying.

    Promotion is obviously bad and not capitalizing on the popularity of barcades.

    Incentives for people to bring more games.


    #19 4 years ago
    Quoted from Jetzxi:

    Change the Banquet to a brunch on Thursday, make sure you bring Rob Anthony back next year. Try to take a couple deep breathes and calm yourself before barking at people. Work on getting more games to the free play hall.... maybe change your policy of if you are bringing a game for free play but have it listed for sale that you don't get a free entry pass for each day it's there. What if the machine doesn't sell? That person still brought it to expo but didn't get in for free? Or if that really isn't policy then update your website.

    Maybe don't give out wrist bands for games. Give out 1 day vouchers. Each day the games need to be registered and cards collected once the game leaves? The bad side of this is that it's another reason for people to not bring games.

    All games are really for sale for the right price posted or not.

    #31 4 years ago
    Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

    Not true!! I have had offers on several of my games, but they are not for sale...

    There's a number where you would sell it. It may not be a reasonable number, I've turned down some crazy cash for restored games, but there's always a magic number where I would have said yes.

    #91 4 years ago

    Does the free play room need to be open all night? Maybe I'm old but after 2am I'm done.

    I'm not opposed to combining the free play and vendor spaces like other shows but shutting down halls based on when those vendors and game bringers want to run to.


    #98 4 years ago
    Quoted from toyotaboy:

    Not going to happen. Why would Terry want to lug all his parts over to expo when everyone is willing to come to his warehouse? Even when he goes to MGC he usually only brings parts that people ordered (maybe a few extras).

    Have a courier make a few parts runs during the event or the show? Maybe just bring one of every part on a board and say, I can bring x amount of these over on the next run.

    From expos past one of the issues was that Terry was cheaper than all other vendors which caused some grumbling. There weren't that many vendors there selling new parts besides the guy who usually vends with Mayfair. Of course buying new parts is not as cool as kicking around odd junk which every show needs more of. Nothing beats the Ramada show where Kirk weaver had rows and rows of projects and junk to sift through.

    #99 4 years ago
    Quoted from psd4me:

    The last two years I was up till 6:00 am and 5:00 am respectively sat morn so I wouldn't like to see the hall close early. What would be gained by closing the free play hall? I realize I'm one of only a few up playing that late (early). Mike

    Maybe someone would bring more games if they wouldn't be on for over 48 hours straight? Newer games it's not that much of an issue, but older games with flakey glasses... Again, not stopping me as I brought all I could logistically bring without renting a truck and I didn't bring games that were that rare.

    #101 4 years ago
    Quoted from Fortytwo:

    I have only been to two expos. 2009 and this year. I am not an entire weekend goer I'm the lets hit expo one Thursday and Terry's party's then head home. I did take off all day Thursday. When I went back in 2009 I didn't know any other pin people, and was relatively new to the hobby.
    I was disappointed by the lack of used parts venders. I don't know if vender space was too costly or what but I was hoping to dig through parts and find that gem I needed. I too was disappointed by the free play room. Also not many project pins for sale.
    Just a suggestion but how about an affordable pre show swap meet? Thursday from 1:00 to 6:00 or 8:00. Section off a spot of the parking lot some people can bring what they have and open the trunks etc. charge a nominal fee for sellers ($10) to cover security costs. Free for buyers. Almost everyone will be paid expo goers anyways.
    Just my two cents. I'm on the fence if I will take the extra day off next year.

    I believe that Mike has tried this with the hotel and they didn't want any part of the outside flea market.

    #103 4 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    last years overflow room would be great for non-working projects and parts. (assuming the regualar free play room could get to full capacity again.)

    i agree with this. I also am fine with games where the owners know where a game might have an issue and need to be worked on being placed in that room. If i didn't get more burn in time with Meteor at Terry's party to know my repairs (and Korn's testing of the Driver) was solid then that would have been a good place for it.


    #108 4 years ago
    Quoted from schudel5:

    I think a good idea was mentioned earlier regarding Expo-bucks. Yeah your game gets you into the show for free, but apply Expo-bucks for each day your game is operational and on free play. These bucks can be used in the vendor hall for parts or whatever is for sale in there.

    This helps encourage more games as well as gets that money in the hands of vendors. The only loser here is MikeP who would have to cough up money to make this happen. This would have to be offset by other incentives to get more people in the door to make up for this short fall, or a rise in costs somewhere else.

    I think advertisements at local barcades (posters, beer coasters etc) will help bring more people in the door and people at expo would be able to buy these items if the art is done well enough. look at the art for PATZ by sexy elephant or whatever that guy's name is....awesome stuff. shirts sold out, posters sold out, someone i know bought the art at auction....twice. MGC also has the swag going on, shirts, pins, posters, all done well and there for you to buy with cool hip relevant art. I know expo had hoodies for sale for 35 bucks but IMHO 10 buck Tshirts that cost 5 bucks to make will double your money faster.


    #110 4 years ago

    It would be cool for all of us to team up too on ideas. i.e. can we bring every classic stern game? every sega? every GTB system 1? and line them all up end to end in cronological order? set things up in more of a museum fashion where it would be a sight to behold.


    #113 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

    SFGE had some groupings that were like this. There was an entire 80's arcade room this year that had great music playing, and a bunch of arcades and pins from the 80s. Was a really cool concept and I hope they do it again this year! It was like going back in time.
    They also had all of the Star Trek pins ever made lined up in a row in the free play area, so you could chronologically play them. Was very cool.

    It would be cool to have every steve ritchie game or lawlor, or steve kirk. For designs that didn't make it into production perhaps we could have a framed picture of the whitewood or cad drawing.

    We should also promote whomever is getting into the pinball hall of fame. We should have done this this year with every game Lyman was credited on. I'm sure it would have been a great photo op for him to take a picture in front of.

    This is all just stupid shit that pulls shows together, helps us all team up on dumb projects and work towards accomplishing silly goals. I'm in

    It takes communication. and we're historically shitty at that.


    #116 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

    Another thing SFGE did was have a party atmosphere in the main Free Play room at night. They had a live band one night, and it just made it a ton of fun. I didn't want that to end

    I'm kinda eh on the band thing. i feel that volume is hard to control and you want to be able to talk smack with whomever you're playing against . The one year at the ramada, or was it the radison? they had a band and everyone scattered. this was tried later at a following show with a DJ with the same results.


    #121 4 years ago
    Quoted from cody_chunn:

    Agree. Bands/DeeJays are always too loud and completely ruin the pinball sounds and any conversation attempted.
    Another "no" vote here. Just background music is all that's needed, IMO. I like a party atmosphere, but not ear-splitting loud.

    I think if there was a room with all 60s, 70s or 80s pins and have the music from that era played it would be pretty cool if at a reasonable volume. I went to Emporium saturday and instantly felt too old, didn't play one game and just spent 30 minutes trying to hear what the people i was with were saying.

    Oh yah and the DJ couldn't beat match for shit and did weird things like go from NIN to Toto. terrible. cut A-Ha 'take on me' off at the best part (before the dude gets out of the comic).


    #130 4 years ago
    Quoted from vid1900:

    Every post, sometimes more than once.

    Maybe we need a check box to click that we acknowledge that the VFW hall is the best show for games before anyone can submit a post? /s.


    #132 4 years ago
    Quoted from rosh:

    While I agree that Clay has made his point about VFW (although I need to take a closer look at that show), Ann Arbor is not rural Michigan. It is about 45 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport (and is just over a 4 hour drive from Chicago, at least at the speed I drive). It has more culture, restaurant diversity and commerce than most of the top 100 cities in this country, and has some of the best medical care on the planet. When you look at the Ann Arbor metro area, it is a population of close to 350,000.

    so if i get injured at the best pinball show in the US i can new get the best medical care on the planet and then recover with the best most diverse restraunt food? whoa doggie!


    #136 4 years ago
    Quoted from toyotaboy:

    Clay's Ann Arbor show (not to plug it anymore than Clay has already)

    So we're calling being senselessly bludgeoned plugging now?

    I'm still waiting for the Dominos world pinball EM championship.


    #153 4 years ago
    Quoted from rosh:

    now that everyone has had there chance to comment, how about we drop all talk of the Ann Arbor show from this thread and let's get back to telling mike how to improve expo, which most of us agree is a unique show with its own objectives and challenges.
    Cfh, maybe start a new thread about Ann Arbor for questions now being raised

    Dude, you brought it up again . Now you have to sacrifice children to the vfw Boag volcano.


    #155 4 years ago
    Quoted from cfh:

    Kids are welcome, but it's a well-known fact that I'm not a big fan of kids, or black squirrels.
    8 miles = 8 minutes, it's all highway.
    My suggestion for expo is that pacak ignore the banquet. That is leave the expo hall open during the banquet and just pretend like it doesn't even exist (berk can deal with it). People can decide what to do for themselves, banquet or expo hall. Either that or move the banquet to Wednesday night when Pacak normally does the pre-expo dinner party.

    We have a black squirrel in our area (only one I won't shoot). None of the other squirrels want anything to do with him .

    FYI I don't shoot children even though they aren't the future of pinball and like to chimp flip.


    #158 4 years ago
    Quoted from APB_Enterprises:

    Hey, chimp flipping has kept me in the mid 20's in CPM for 3 years straight!

    There's a reason we aren't in the "other" league

    #180 4 years ago

    The pinball Olympics stuff is no joke. There's no way the hotel would take out a set of doors and take that stuff through on a fork lift.

    #182 4 years ago

    The vortex 1.0 was a champ. You did that in what, 2 weeks? Insane.

    #213 4 years ago

    The Pinball Olympics is amazing. You think shopping a game is hard? Jay welds superstructures together that spin, turn and dangle on top of having a great collection. I don't want it to get deservedly hyped and crowded though, so maybe your hand will hurt too bad from all of the high fives. or perhaps you may have a seisure or something.


    #221 4 years ago
    Quoted from rosh:

    Yeah, not nearly has good as we make it sound. very crowded, a bunch of jerks show up, especially those guys from outside Illinois, games break down, people bring crappy food, not enough people yelling LIONMAN! Heck, one year he made us jog on a treadmill, while playing LOTR, seriously, LOTR, the machine with longest game times known to pinball, the man is a sadist.

    anyone have a link to the Doug/Jay treadmill chalenge?


    #230 4 years ago

    Does that make sense without moving the banquet? Seems you would be hurting both to satisfy a complaint.

    #233 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

    Having never been to Expo, I'm curious what the banquet is all about. What goes on during it?

    After Pat's "Pinball is dead and you're all going to die" speech and Boag (famed expired Kordek Flexi-snack consumer) no longer going to expo the banquet could no longer be that awesome ever again. It should have ended there with that as the curtain call.

    All of the events of the banquet make sense and could be fun in a less formal, more A.D.D. supporting format. The current format takes forever, takes itself too seriously and really is not all that fun. The idea of the banquet is a good one, it just needs more of a reason to go.


    #236 4 years ago
    Quoted from stooped:

    One of the great things about staying in the Westin is hitting the vendor room after midnight to play the hot prototype games that have a long line during the day. I hope some of these games could be moved to the still open freeplay area if the vendors are staying until Sunday.

    what about swapping the 2 rooms and put all parts vendors in the small room that may have stuff that could get stolen as it's easier to lock down. The larger room would contain all games for sale, free play, velvet roped, etc. The only thing that sucks is that the Larger room would be farther from the loading dock catacombs. The other downside is that some game retailers have parts for sale that would need to get packed up at night.


    #238 4 years ago
    Quoted from schudel5:

    Holy crap! Boag and his Flexi-snack! That was Expo 2004 and my last banquet. Wasn't there a song or video someone put together about that? Funny stuff.

    Yes don't watch it, i am a terrible actor /facepalm. I think it's in the BBB TGOM episode.

    That banquet was magical for us but everyone else thought we were hooligans that should probably be thrown out.

    Forksucker to the rescue! <shines cake shaped bat signal into the sky>. Seriously if i could groundhog day that expo i would, it was just awesome all around.


    #241 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    I am RSVP'ing for the banquet next year and going to NUTPUNCH everyone that makes eye contact with me. Enjoy!!!

    Johnny Cage style?

    #242 4 years ago
    Quoted from pinballlife:

    I was at that banquet, but didn't really know the *table* yet. I didn't think you were hooligans, I thought you were the only table that was going to survive the *pinball apocalypse* that Pat told us was sure to come.

    It was pretty funny listening to that speech and realising that he wasn't talking to me in any way.

    #244 4 years ago
    Quoted from pinballlife:

    I felt exactly the same way. No wonder we soon became friends!

    LION..el Richie! Should sing us a song about how awesome our friendship is.


    #249 4 years ago
    Quoted from Underspin:

    We got in late Friday and wanted to get a few games in. The admission was $25 even though it was 10pm at night. I asked if the armband lasted 24 hours and was told it did not. We would be required to pay another $25 in the morning. We didn't see the value in paying a full day's rate for 2 hours of play and decided not to go.

    Wasn't the hall open all night Friday? you could have stayed up all night .

    I'm the old guy saying that i would be fine if they shut the whole thing down at 2am, i know there is demand for all night play but by that point i can't put 2 shots together to save my life and i start losing Washingtons at an alarming rate. well until VEGAS! .


    #270 4 years ago
    Quoted from inhomearcades:

    It's hard to care about offering suggestions when I have seen si many people take the time to give their thoughts so far and there has been little to no response from mike. Mike we are willing to give suggestions and thoughts, please follow up with your thoughts or ideas. You have an invaluable resource from your exact target market, don't waste it.

    I think Andrew is handling the suggestions and pitching then to Mike. This might be the best for it to come from one person instead of reading through all these pages.

    #289 4 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    just keep doing what you are doing! I had a blast!
    It will work its way out all on its own. If people did not enjoy themselves then F them and they can not come next year! Free event with lots of great times to be had. Some people just like to complain.
    I am very thankful for the explosion and it was the most fun I had at expo (yet again). Thanks PBLife!

    Maybe permanently ban everyone who did not have fun? Take a snapshot and tape it to the wall.

    To move that amount of fun to Expo would be silly.


    #290 4 years ago

    I had no problems working on my games but this year we had everything spaced out a little more. I'm not sure the solution to fixing games in a crowded game hall is to put games on a penguin cart and roll them around. Games are going to croak for various reasons and there is no avoiding this, that dead game can be a table for a while.

    Having a penguin cart available would be very useful. If i can get my game out of the row safely when it is quiet and have time to repair it properly that would be good. Having repair cards for games would be helpful saying what is wrong and why a game is off would be cool. I had to run back to my house for a GTB EOS and a coil and i could have written it on the game. Maybe someone would see what an issue is, see the write up, and remember what vendor had XYZ part and save the game owner the trip.

    I might be able to bring parts from home if i see what is needed on a game.


    #368 4 years ago

    Security is already kinda whatever, now we need folks to super check everyone to make sure everyone is in the right place and has the right credentials to get in whatever room? eek.

    The banquet auction goes to make-a-wish.

    I would want my money going to a charity that doesn't spend 90% of it in "overhead". If i know this is a case and whatever i do will be wisely used, then i have no problem donating whatever incentive i get for bringing multiple games to this.


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