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Pinball Expo 2018 Reboot (Wheeling, IL)

By RobCraig

2 years ago

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    • Shorten the event, make it super cheap or free, and have no meal at all. 19 votes
    • I don't care about the banquet. 177 votes

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    #24 2 years ago

    Make the vendor hall bigger, I never understood why the banquest room is bigger than the freeplay hall, needs to be opposite

    Pricing for vendors. I understand you have to charge, and i have no problem with that. But if you get one booth, you get two passes, but if you pay double for two spaces, you only get three passes, why? It makes no sense

    Vendor hours suck, but if you want to sell, you need time, yes it gets long, but we just had friends watch our booth while we walked around, so that should be on the vendors and not an issue with the show organizers

    Incentives on games, Look at MGC with the show bucks, that would be a good model to follow. There is no incentive for people to bring multiple games

    Reward the vendors: There is no way to make everyone happy, so dont try. But maybe when you do the banquet, order a ton of pizzas and drop one off at every vendor booth

    Keep the non pinball gameroom vendors in a separate area, The person selling ink pins had a prime spot compared to other pin related vendors. Maybe have them in rooms down the hall by Rob Anthonys room.

    4 months later
    #192 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    I opted out from attending this year merely due to the kack of communication and uncertainty of it all. Ill sit out a year and let them figure things out.

    poor choice. Support is needed to sustain and grow. Plus, Its things like this that is complete opposite of what you normally say. You are close enough to go and add to the freeplay hall. So if you skip a show in your backyard, you have to stay out of all the other conversations on pinside about it taking locals to
    make a show good, lol

    Just really sucks when you hear people that are close to a show not get involved. Im a lot farther away and trying to see what all I can dig up to put in the show. Im even considering bringing a machine that would be stupid for me to let people beat on, but fuck it, A show cant be good if people whine and done participate

    #221 1 year ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    expo brawl was never over before lunch. Never! I've waited long into the afternoon in years past. some years well past 3p.m. basically where I said screw it, I'm going to pinball life instead. horrible.
    all the while expo brawl is playing on the games YOU brought for free play hall. so it's closed off to the public even for the people that brought the games for expo. NOT the brawl. then you have to pay to play the brawl? PASS. I will wait til it's over and play all games and not be charged.
    The vendor hall is closed til 6 on friday. with no vendor hall open and no free play hall open because it's closed for expo brawl. where are the people who came in from out-of-town supose to do? sight see? pay more money to be in another tournament? my opinion is horrible format. do it at 1a.m. when know body cares. 1a.m. is good brawling time anyway. lol

    Fully agree, hate in years past that I set up half a dozen machines for people to enjoy, just for them to be told they can't play them because the brawl is going on. If Expo wants to run a $40 per team tourney, then bring your own machines to play it own

    #254 1 year ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    If a show was just about the attendees, every show would be identical because I see all the same people at every show.
    A show is good if the people running it are good and set it up to be good, and treat people good. Can't say the same for Expo and this "soft reboot" is questionable at best. I might come just for the PBL party and maybe stick my head in at Expo but I don't feel overly compelled to attend.

    Very true, however,

    There are many people in this thread that have complained about how Mike treated/talked to attendees and volunteers. Yet now that Mike is removed from the equation, they are still saying there is issues like organizers and the unknown factor of how it will be. You got what you asked for, and still not happy. No one knows how the show is going to be, its run differently this year just like many begged for (removal of Mike) Give it a chance and support it. If it sucks, dont come back next year, but dont bitch about the change and not give it a chance

    #262 1 year ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    I looked at that quickly and saw AFTOR ! My mind playing tricks on me again....

    When I first saw the name a month or so ago, I thought the same thing. Especially since I sold Rob my Aftor pin a few months ago

    #278 1 year ago

    I would like to add something since apparently my comments got people on the wagon of bitching at whysnow. Hilton and I are friends, and whether he goes to the show or not is not going to change that. However, just because im friends, doesn't mean that im not going to give him a hard time about not supporting it. Plus Hilton is one of the few that will take the criticism and move on with no hard feelings and can deal with it. There are many other people even closer to the show, as within 30-45 minutes that are still complaining even though their COUP of removing Mike was successful and still saying they are not going to attend or bring machines.

    Hilton does do good things, His mad rollin donates a good amount of money to charity. I disagree on it being the largest (I think pinball life donations to JDRF probably generates more) it is still a great accomplishment that many donate to. Not many put in the hard work for it to go to charity instead of their pocket. He also volunteers a ton at MGC, and we actually get on to each other about what each of us are bringing, to step up our game of nice machines, whether its something very rare, or a restoration. I think I actually made him mad with me winning a restoration category, and he knocked it out of the park with his fireball that he brought this past show.

    Regardless though, I think that any fan of pinball, Hilton or others, should want to see this show succeed, and to do that, it will take all of us to support (admission fees) and/or bringing games. Nothing against all the other great shows like TPF or Replay, but a great show close to home is always better. This is the show that started it all, and I want nothing more than it to continue. Recently the suggestions have been heard so its not as stagnant as it was for many years

    #308 1 year ago

    i really dont get the whiny ass bitchin about the "penalty" For years, everyone has bitched that sunday sucked because everyone pulled their games early and left. So now there is a "penalty" if you do that, and guess what, people are still bitchin.

    Now lets put this into reality, which I think some will have a hard time comprehending.

    It technically is not a penalty, If you bring a game, for the duration of the show, you get specific compensation for it, which includes at the least, a days admission for each day that you have the machine on the floor. You are getting that admission paid in advance, as you will be able to walk around and enjoy the show all day as long as your game is in their. If you "CHOOSE" to remove the game early, its not like you can give back the day of walking around and seeing seminars, vendor hall, and freeplay hall. So at that time, you need to pay the show the cost of a day admission, something that you already used. Why people are complaining is beyond me, except for this current world that we live in that everyone believes they are owed and entitled something

    #312 1 year ago
    Quoted from cfh:

    Simply put, you can't control what people do with *their* games. If they want to pull them early, for whatever reason, you must allow them to do it.
    The way we handle it at the VFW Ann Arbor show is simple... we have a separate area for games that come in. You can pull right up to it, so moving a game is all of about 10 to 20 feet (and we have pin carts available too.) You bring a game, you get total access for the ENTIRE event. If you game leaves early, frankly, we don't care. So what? we don't take away your arm band(s)!
    Shows that try and implement this silly policy just get in trouble. Monitoring and policing the whole affair becomes a nightmare. And it's bad publicity. And it's just bad mojo. I mean crap happens. People sell their game or have a baby sitter fail and need to go home. Don't make their experience worse because you want to take away from it. That's just plain stupid.
    Now will some people try and gain the system? Sure it happens. SO WHAT? Get used to it. Pinball people are cheap and weird (like i needed to tell anyone here that!) If it happens, it happens. Worrying about it and policing around it is just dumb. And besides most shows *need* games. If only for a day, it's still *one more game* for people to play.
    As for the "working" aspect of a brought game... Ok that IS important. But instead of scolding them and punishing them, help them fix the damn thing! i mean crap happens, not every game that comes in can be 100% (for a variety of reasons). if the game can't be repaired in a short period of time, OK fine, then the promoter has a point, it's probably not a "good" game for the show. Frankly though, since they went through the effort to bring it, i can't see not giving them free access. But that can be made on a case-by-case basis (as to whether it was dumb luck or someone trying to gain the system.)

    Expo had a on-site repair person last year, that they promoted. Which was you, however, your door to the room was rarely open, and if I remember right, a couple days wasn't even open a minute. If a person has a problem with the machine, they should be able to get it figured out, or someone that can. I have brought machines each year, and not always has it went smoothly, so I have had to do a repair on site. Ive ran to Rob's room and bought flipper rebuilds to fix flipper issues, or I have searched out Gavin and worked on a game. If you have a problem, help can be found. Just dont expect it to be free, which many do .

    #319 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    I just ask that the room is open to take games out early on Sunday. I don't want to wait around too long to get on the road....

    the room is usually empty by 10am from the past years.

    Also, just so others that like to complain can compare, Midwest Gaming Classic has an even larger "penalty" for early removal. And there are other shows that flat out wont let you take games until a specific time on Sunday.

    Hell, there was a huge fiasco at MGC last year on the show games, that if you removed your game prior to 5PM on Sunday, you forfeited the $500 discount that you received for buying a show game. So now they have had to change the way show games were handled, since everyone was not told of this penalty when they paid in full for the games weeks earlier.

    You will never please everyone, so lets just leave it at that

    #333 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    I think the model "you stay as long as your games stay" is probably good, as long as the game is there in good faith to be working and you are trying to keep it working as long as it stays.

    the buyer is not the one that would have the "penalty" so if you buy a game and rush it out the door, your not penalized, but the right thing to do would be to leave it

    #340 1 year ago

    When you are talking about money, there is no doubt Expo is after the money. I honestly dont mind the cost to get into any of the pinball shows, spending 100-150 on a show is nothing compared to what we spend on these games, or add-ons. I use to go to the bars a lot, and spending that in a weekend was easy.

    Here is a difference though. Other shows that charge the same do bring their private collection and do not rely completely upon the patrons to make the show. If Rob Berk wants to charge the same amount, he should bring trucks of his own machines. Between that and others bringing games, it could have loads more. Rob often brings machines, but many are broken. THe deal he has made with the repair room is that they have to fix his machines, so he brings his broken stuff to keep them going. When I made a comment about last years repair room not ever being really open to the public, that was true, regardless of what MrBally says, but they did repair things, just that it was mostly Rob Berks games.

    #360 1 year ago

    Clay and mrBally, you can say all you want, but like Hilton says, your doors were closed all the time, so no one other than Berk really know what you did, here is a reminder from last years post

    Quoted from cfh:

    I will be taking over Rob Anthony's repair room this year at the expo. But I only be there Thursday and Friday. On the other hand if you want to bring a game in to get fixed, you can certainly do that. If you're bringing in an EM please let me know so I can make sure I have schematics with me. The best way to get a hold of me is just text me or email me. cfh@provide.net

    right there shows that it was closed two of the four days, and Saturday is the busiest, plus after games run all night Friday, Saturday is the most crucial time for on site repairs for games that go down at the show, Thursday is the weakest day for repairs since there isn't much of anything there, except once again, Rob Berks games. Then lets talk Friday, Clay was away half of it by going to PBL and aliens stuff

    Grudge, wow, sure was a jab at Rob Anthony there. And if it were not for the "sales items" that rob brings, many games would die, Its not like there is anywhere else you can go to purchase any repair parts at expo, unles you have an LED bulb go out since LED's is about the only kind of vendor at expo, unless you count the chocolate covered bacon guy

    #380 1 year ago
    Quoted from cfh:

    I have heard that Phoebe is coming now. Apparently minds have been changed

    I heard that she and Larry will be there, dont know if they will support with the usual awesome games they bring, but glad to hear they will be there. I heard that last night from a friend of theirs that is coming with them

    #409 1 year ago
    Quoted from Trekie:

    Didn’t Mike charge a fee for selling a game at Expo?

    not that I know of but he did yell at volunteers for not taking wristbands back when someone sold a game and removed it

    #450 1 year ago
    Quoted from Phat_Jay:

    If a lot of machines and vendors leave sat night......, now I’m contemplating not staying over sat night. Two rooms for a night where there is slim Pickens and still a lot of people equals no fun. I may be better off driving back whenever on sat.
    We were staying fri/sat nights. Beginning to sound like sat night is not worth it now.

    well I know that my friends and I are going to have about 10 games there, several classic bally SS machine (possibly ones like frontier, Star Gazer, Skateball) and several other games, not sure which, but maybe southpark, rocky and Bullwinkle, F14 , eight ball, Indiana Jones and a couple more. Plus my ACNC will be unboxed and set up in Rob Anthonys repair room. We will be breaking them down sunday morning, NOT Saturday afternoon. So come enjoy our games Saturday night!!

    #455 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    Lookin forward to hangin with ya again Todd!

    Well shit, I just told people that I was brining a bunch of stuff, now that your going for sure, I want to back out

    #458 1 year ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    I might jump into that sausage fest

    I think that if anyone will be in lingerie, that id place bets on it being you

    see you guys soon

    1 week later
    #597 1 year ago
    Quoted from egyptrus:

    If you have a confirmation number for your original reservation couldn't you call to find out who canceled it or why it was canceled?

    thats what I thought to, and how did you check your reservation. Ive stayed at hundreds of hotels, and once I have had my confirmation, I never double checked if my room was still available, thats what my confirmation is for

    #601 1 year ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    I just looked mine up. Still there....
    [quoted image]

    so how did you check?

    1 week later
    #685 1 year ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    If you volunteer to staff a ride, we could probably hook you up
    I think you might get money too?

    bangerjay what staff member do we get to ride!!

    #727 1 year ago

    IT would be nice if robcraig could post a little more. Not sure what the number of pinsiders it is that attend expo. But his measly 10 post out of over 700 is not a good presence here. Personally, im disappointed in the lack of info from them and im a supporter of the show and my friend and I are bringing at least 10 pins.

    They are also supposedly doing something with some video games there, but I have not been able to find any information about it, or id bring a half dozen or so vids to. .

    Even the facebook post are skimpy, c'mon Rob, step up some post. You got vendors paying money to be there and you are not promoting it well at all. Im not against the change for expo this year, but at least Mike had the MGC crew involved when he was going to do it without Berk. And MGC is already promoting for a show thats still 7 months away.

    #729 1 year ago
    Quoted from ViolinSteve:

    Newsflash, Mr. HulkSmash Gryszzz: ViolentSteve will make an appearance on Saturday at Expo. Might even trash... uh, I mean crash in your room Saturday night. I'll be driving from Ohio Saturday morning and leaving to go back Sunday morning. Gonna be nice to see all you good people once again (and Gryszzz, too). Cheers, my friends!

    Great news, cant wait to see you Violent. Hope all is well at home with Kelly,

    #833 1 year ago


    If I bring 7 pins, and sell 1 or 2, is there a penalty? Since benefits stop after 4 machines. Need to know, because that might mean I have to maybe leave the extras on the trailer. But I assume you would want to have all the games you can get

    #852 1 year ago
    Quoted from Marvin:

    The ghost is bringing arcade games to make the room full. It's a great arcade, just not good on pins.

    Thats soon to change, Doc has been getting several pins from me lately to do something special with pins

    #862 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    Since I have to rent a trailer, I'm debating bringin Breakshot too. It plays great, just no sound. I'd be bringin it to get it fixed, not setting it up on floor like some jagweeds that bring broken shit for a free pass. Think I will. Set it up in room till we fix her.

    Hey asshole, you might want to check on a few things though, I dont think that there is anyone there that can fix Capcom boards on site. I do know that Rob was talking to me about bringing up his breakshot, as he was going to part it out to make a Capcom test fixture

    see you next week buddy

    #874 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballwizard878:

    That should act as a great incentive for people to bring games. Bring in your collection and pick up some cash. It could be very profitable for those of you with large collections.

    Rob said $$$, but $10 a game is not much of an incentive, besides the work to break down a machine, take it to a show, set it up, and more than likely break it down again, The work alone isn't worth $10. Not factor in that your game will be on for 72 hours straight, with 10 games, something is bound to go wrong and cost more than what you made on all the games to repair

    9cc5bc8542d0a92f54070d8fe5ee9f5401fa84b2 (resized).jpg
    #880 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    Troy is that really a graph up there?

    its on the expo site somewhere

    #882 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    All will be well in a week.

    You are completely wrong, exactly a week from now, we will be far from well. Im just hoping we can still stand brother

    #900 1 year ago

    I think they I'm ready, loaded up today, so unless something drastic, here is what's loaded up and ready

    Jack bot
    Eight ball

    Loaded for new owners, don't know if they are putting in the show
    Batman dark knight
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Time warp
    3 video games

    Being brought to me and will be in the show
    Alice Cooper nightmare castle
    Strange Science

    F8DB7DE6-7E8B-4FD9-B138-20051F39E870 (resized).jpeg

    #915 1 year ago
    Quoted from KingBW:

    Lets see ... JJP has a 1.5 hour block of time before you, you're censoring your mug tease ... could there be a JJP reveal right before your shindig? I hope so.

    hope not, they need to get pirates out in mass production before starting another reveal

    #924 1 year ago
    Quoted from nwpinball:

    This attitude is so negative. I bring 8-12 games to our local show every year. We all work on our games, fix them up so they look and play well, and get excited to share our games with each other and the general public. What's the reason you participate in a show? Just pay money and show up? I liked to be involved. For me it's to share my games, be involved in community, help put together a giant fun arcade with fellow collectors and to see the smiles of kids and adults and they play our games. Is it a lot of work? Hell yeah! I help set up and break down the Northwest Show, my girlfriend and I as a team probably break down and wrap 50 pins after the show closed on Sunday night. This last one I was unloading my games at 2am when they finally arrived home. But it's totally worth it for what we create one weekend every year. The incentives aren't financial at all for me, it's about community, the hobby, and the joy of sharing.

    Ive actually talked with Rob Craig, Ive known him for many years. As my post came across a way that it wasn't intended. Im gonna support the show regardless, but there is a lot that needs clarity if that is how they are gonna run it. There are not a ton of people that will bring tons of games. My buddy and I will have around 10 games between the two of us. sadly, thats a lot for this show (I take over 20 each year to Midwest gaming classic) but if you are going to try to give insentives to people, the 10 really isn't much. My main question was, I get 4 armbands, im only one person, so I dont need the extras, but do I have to pay a penalty if 1 of the 3 I will have for sale is purchased, Rob and I talked and thats handled. I do think that there may be one other person that will bring more games since the cincinatti crew are not coming, but he is a vendor and will have them behind tables and you cant play them unless your buying it

    #1016 1 year ago
    Quoted from Langless28:

    Are coolers and beers welcome in the event? Or do we have to buy them from places provided?


    Be very quiet

    #1154 1 year ago
    Quoted from vbittnv:

    Was just there this morning.... not sure if I really agree. Lots of EM, lots off , and a bunch not working. Perhaps Im spoiled in chicago with all of the great barcades, but paying $30 for today so far was 100% not worth it for me.
    Games I came to play
    Godzilla. Off
    Dark knight off
    Totan: one ball missing error
    And twd premium.. not there but was pictured yesterday.
    does anyone know if they moved the walking dead premium that was in the free room yesterday? Was it sold and removed?
    Hope the main room is better tonight.

    I brought Godzilla, and the totan, actually that whole row of games. I walk by them all the time to make sure they stay running. Having a ball get stuck in some unusual places, but if someone text me, I go straight to it to get it back up. I didn't take all the time to drive four hours and set up a dozen machines to have them turned off. Totan gave me a coil issue last night, and to save time and with it being dark in the room, I ran it over to rob and had it back up in about twenty minutes.

    My phone number is on each of my games, so if they are off. Call me, I'll get it back up

    #1222 1 year ago
    Quoted from Phat_Jay:

    I think the totan with color dmd and mirror blades was our favorite. Wish more people were brushed up on ettiquette, we waited for several games and those on them just started new games. So few high demand machines, just a ughhh moment for sure.

    Glad you enjoyed totan, I've have had a bunch of people come up to me to thank me for bringing it. It's the comments like that which keep me bringing games to shows. The people that bitch on here is what keeps some from doing it.

    Tired of people complaining about some of the games that go down. Yes there are some poor quality games. But seems many forget that the games are going to be on for over 70 hours straight. I bet most of those that bitch have never had a game on that long, things happen, pinballs break.

    Lastly, I truly appreciate those that call to say an issue about a game. Between the twelve games I've got here, I've had around a dozen or so balls trapped, when I get a call, I'm usually there within minutes. But I only have had about six calls to tell me. If you have something happen while playing one of my games, I do appreciate you shutting it off, but please go one step further and call or text, this way I can take care of it.

    #1368 1 year ago
    Quoted from Wmsfan:

    It was for sure. Did business there with Mrs L. Incredibly nice and helpful. Then waved and said Hi when I walked by their table the next day- Like I was a valued customer and not just $$$$
    On that note- I did business with Great American Pinball again, and I have to say that Mike and Jason are always really nice and nice talking with. And the guys from PinGraffix were really great too. That's not to say none of the vendors weren't good- everyone was- just a few really stood out to *me*.
    Seminars were kind of weak this year for sure.
    Vendor rooms should have been connected: Main Vendor hall next to what was the 24 hour room, there was a partition between them that moved. And the 24 hour room should have been where secondary vendor room was. Nothing wrong with the vendor room hours- they spent a lot of time bringing product, setting up, and then having to take it all down well after most attendees left. They should have some time off.
    Video games- as others stated, probably half were never on, so why bring them? While I supposed rare titles are nice for some, it would have been nice to see more popular titles. I mean they are popular for a reason right?
    24 hour room- It is hard for everyone to be everywhere at the same time. Berk's games seemed to be down often. I turned off and texted Troy about an issue with his Pinball Magic, and he was on it pretty quickly. He did a nice job with keeping his games up if they went down. Others did to, I just happen to know who Troy is. Some games were down for what seemed like most of Th-Sat, and I think it was more than just three..
    Overall- Good Time. Was it an improvement? Hard to say, some things seemed better, some seemed worse. Looks it worked out better for the vendors. I agree with why someone called it a vendor show.

    Thanks, I tried to keep them going all the time, Pinball Magic had a rubber break, and of course, in one of the worst places, and if I didn't replace it, the machine would be down for the count. So I had to take a few layers off right in the room, but had it up as quick as I can

    Overall, the games held up pretty good. Had a few calls/texts saying they shut off a game, so id go and get it going as quick as I could, but a few times I couldn't duplicate the problem. I had one person text me that the displays were out on F14, and that they shut the machine off, I went down, turned it on, and couldn't find anything wrong.

    #1372 1 year ago

    If you think that Rob Craig was a great asset to the show, please be sure to make it be known. From what I understand, Rob was brought in on this show to make things happen with all the drama that occurred. But I believe it was a one and done thing. I really hope not. If Rob is in the same role next year, He just needs to call and ill make sure to bring a trailer full up again. I will support him as much as I can

    For the comments about the room that Galloping Ghost had the games. Ive read several comments about half or more of the games being off. Just to clarify, There was an issue with that room, Whoever was responsible, did not get the electrical set up in that room AT ALL so they had to run a few extension cords from the wall outlets. Breakers kept tripping, so they were told to keep most the games off

    As for non working games, something does need to be done about that. There were several games that literally were not turned on at all. For Example, Whodunnit and SWE1. They were brought in as projects, and sold that way. If a game is brought in knowingly not working, it shouldn't be in the freeplay hall.

    #1439 1 year ago
    Quoted from CraigC:

    They are mostly Clay's games. You guys aren't starting with an unpopulated room and having to Unload and helpset up 300 pins. I'm not trying to short your efforts, but it's a different dynamic.


    Craig, dont fall for it, If you say anything about Clay, Bally will get on you. Most of us understand. When you have a bunch of machines come from collectors, players, enthusiast, etc all come in one day, set up and be played for days straight, things happen. And there is no comparison to one persons collection that is set up permanently, with a group of friends that maintain them often. And when you have someone like Clay and his knowledge, thats an added bonus, because many of the people that brought games to expo do not have his knowledge. Just imagine if one person was removed from the ann arbor "show" it would be dead, no clay, no machines, no head tech

    Remove clay from expo, ok, well, its still expo.

    Do I think that clay could enhance expo, sure thing, I even heard him chatter before the show offereing to help Rob Anthony and all, and got tons of thumbs up from commenting it. But I never saw him working on games, so I dont know what happened to that

    #1443 1 year ago
    Quoted from CraigC:

    I have no idea how you guys move vids all of the time, they are crazy heavy. I agree on putting in the time to make things solid and not just just hoping for the best. The stuff doc brought was rare and cool to see while it worked, with the power issues in that room it was probably good that not everything was running

    Vids are actually much easier, believe me. I move them more than most. They basically weight the exact same, but you dont have to put legs on, I can unload a trailer full of vids in about 1/4 the time of a trailer full of pins and set them up. Not trying to steal any glory from Seawolf, he is a good friend of mine. But just being honest, I would rather take vids to a show than pins when it comes to the labor involved

    #1479 1 year ago
    Quoted from gweempose:

    The one thing that I really missed this year was the Expo Brawl tournament. Expo just didn't feel the same without it, and I hope they bring it back next year. I know one of the main complaints in the past was that the tournament monopolizes the free play hall on Friday, but with so many pins in the overflow room, it would have been easy to run the tournament in that room without disrupting anything else.

    Im actually opposite of this. If they have expobrawl next year, I wont bring as much if its run the same way as in the past. I have never liked a tournament being played on games that I brought, and the public who I brought the games for cant get to them to play. If they want to rent my games for a tournament, go right ahead. Otherwise, whoever runs the tournament can find a way to get the machines they want themselves and have them in a specific area so that the public can enjoy the ones brought for the freeplay hall

    #1576 1 year ago
    Quoted from vanilla:

    Well, I missed Pacak (and his little dog, too!) and the usual gang of wristband checkers, several of whom I knew for years and many were in the hobby. You could sit with them at the door and talk old times in the wee hours, maybe take over checking wristbands while they went to the can. Good times. The impersonal guards used this year, well, made it a bit strange.
    Butterfly Girl had to move her pins repeatedly, why did she get jerked around like that. In one instance, someone wanted Stern to have the game space she was already assigned.
    The seminars were not as exciting this year. Deeproot had several people on stage but had nothing to offer except how great their first/next unnamed game will be. I remember thinking that the timing of this expo may have caught them at the wrong time in their development cycle so maybe that’s why they had nothing to say or show. The leader was close-lipped even when questioned.
    I'm used to seminars starting with someone introducing themselves, saying what they do, and then getting into it. That didn't happen a few times. One fellow who would not give his correct name when asked (preferred some hip alias) and who never said what he did was clearly very intelligent but his quick mind kept making him interrupt himself to start a new sentence then would interrupt that sentence to start a new one, etc. etc. After 20 min of listening I still didn't know what the eff he did for the hobby. There was a small coterie of folks in the audience who laughed too eagerly at every other thing he half-said so you realize there is a clique or cult or insider thing going on. His brain was going everywhere like Robin Williams on stage in his early days. Finally someone took the mike and told us how much he raised for charity. I'm sure he is a swell fellow but it was very frustrating to sit through it. I've seen this before when people get too chummy they forget not everyone in the audience is an insider. We are losing our communication skills on stage.
    Steve Ritchie tried to do something different by having a comedy act. That’s why he is a great designer, because he dares to step out of the expected. It appears it did nothing for the newbies, though.
    Bowling machines were a first at this show. Looked like you had to buy a twenty dollar ticket to play them, in a contest to win one of those huge bowlers that won't fit in your house. No incentive for me, sorry.
    Video games were new for the show and saw folks playing them. Good for them. The Northwest show has been doing both pins and vids for years. It works.
    For some reason this year there were more people walking around reeking of alcohol than previous years. You can move away from them when in the game hall but when a guy reeking of wine sits down right next to me in the seminar holding a huge wide-mouth glass of wine, his stale bouquet filling the air, why should I have to go find a new seat. More stinky people this year than before.
    And then, strangely, there was cigarette smoke *inside* the hotel in front of the registration desk and elsewhere. Not just one day either. Other people noticed. That stuff gets to me and went straight to my throat and by Saturday night my throat hurt so bad I was raspy. By Monday night it turned into a cough and runny/stuffy nose and I am still blowing my nose on this Thursday night. Wherever that came from, I'm not wanting go put myself through it next year. There was free beer Saturday 8pm, so maybe that created an attitude of who cares about the rules. Get 'em drunk and turn 'em loose in the hotel. Can't say.
    The expo website evolved over several months and sometimes info on one page would not perfectly agree with info on another page. Ok, mistakes happen, but eventually we wondered if, without a banquet, would the game hall be open all night Saturday into Sunday morning like previous years, in spite of how the website might be worded. We don't know where the mistakes are. We asked Berk months ago about Saturday night specifically and he said yes, game room open all night, vendor room closes at midnight. Four of us come from different cities and meet to share a room. So, we made our flights accordingly and booked a room for Sunday checkout. We were very surprised and disappointed when everybody got kicked out at midnight and they closed the entire hall. Two of us had slept during the day so we could stay up all night. Next year, the four of us decided we will checkout and leave Saturday afternoon. No reason to hang around into the night when many games were disappearing by then anyway. Plus, maybe I can avoid the cigarette fog to any extent.
    The snack shop ran out of grab-n-go and snacks on Saturday afternoon. Bare shelves. Never saw that happen before at this expo. People would come in, stare at what's left, walk out. The help were completely uninterested or powerless to bring in more product to make money from these customers. I know because I asked.
    The hotel front desk personnel and manager were surprisingly uninformed about their own Green Option program for housekeeping services. It took us three days and talking to five different employees to teach them their own rules so they could do right by us.

    it sounds like someone was looking for things to bitch about.

    I didn't notice many of the things you did,
    people reeking of alcohol,
    cigarette smoke inside the hotel,
    impersonal security (that I talked to many times and were actually very cool, just doing their job)
    And for the games being broke down, your mistaken there again to, this was the first time that I can remember (ive been going almost 20 years) that the hall wasn't empty sunday morning. I was very impressed with how many were still there at midnight Saturday when I left the hall, there was more than 90% still set up

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