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Pinball Expo 2018 Reboot (Wheeling, IL)

By RobCraig

1 year ago

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    #100 1 year ago

    website needs to get updated quicker, still no seminars posted. However, he is very clear about a free pass for EVERY game you bring. Also sounds like every person that brings a game gets a raffle ticket to win a pinball machine.

    pasted_image (resized).png
    1 week later
    #125 1 year ago
    Quoted from dmarston:

    He also stated a general policy that they don't want to announce-the-announcement

    it's a good policy to have, especially if there are no leaks driving them to make an announcement. Let all the competition assume you're bringing nothing, then show it.

    2 weeks later
    #151 1 year ago
    Quoted from KingBW:

    I see that the Pinball Life open house is now advertised on the schedule for Thursday 10:30AM-4:30PM and Friday Noon-6PM. It's interesting that Expo has that information on their schedule

    Quite interesting.. Pacek hasn't gotten along with Terry since before I got in this hobby in 2011 (in fact I think I remember him bawking about the "ambulance" transport picking people up from Expo to bring them to pinball life). This seems like the beginning of a positive change.

    2 weeks later
    #173 1 year ago
    Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

    Do you have a current vendor list?

    expo vendors 2018 (resized).png
    #268 1 year ago
    Quoted from mikepin:

    We could have worked together and made expo greater again

    Quoted from mikepin:

    WE together could have made expo greater

    broken-record (resized).jpg
    You had many years to make it better. The show, the website, the appreciation to those that bring games. 30th anniversary was great, then it continued to decline. You had pen vendors to fill empty space last year, nuff said. I noticed Rob Anthony is back this year, wonder why.
    I hope this year is the beginning of better things to come.

    #373 1 year ago
    Quoted from cfh:

    Rob bailed on the show. I don’t see how that could be possibly seen as a positive

    Nobody said it was.. and I wouldn't say he bailed, he didn't want to deal with Mike from what I've read in old posts (shouting to him on the phone as he's driving home Sunday night), would you want to come back?

    I have a lot of respect of your knowledge and what you've done for the hobby as far as repair guides (things that predate my hobby by probably decades), but respect what others are doing for the hobby too.

    #439 1 year ago
    Quoted from Langless28:

    Other than the expo and hotel stuff, any cool things to do nearby with short uber trip or walking?

    K-1 electric go-karts are 2 miles west

    There's a nice botanic garden 7 miles east if the wife is looking for a break from the show

    #463 1 year ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    No RRRRandyyyy this year?

    Not unless they parole for pinball shows

    #530 1 year ago

    I understand clay's perspective, but you just cant exlude people. im friends with someone that runs an arcade. he is constantly having to tell both adults and kids not to chimp flip, not leave games running with balls (if you change your mind, reset the game). even with arcade games he has to tell people not to credit up because itll kick it out of attract mode and cause screen burn-in. he has rules posted everywhere but people dont read or dont care. if he made it an exclusive "club" theres no way he'd stay in business.

    #581 1 year ago

    dirtbag66 it's really such a shame you're so quick to judge others here. Pinball is such a small niche hobby and you're quickly isolating yourself from it. Jay has a heart of gold in person, but if you want to judge him based on his odd sense of humor on a forum then you're missing out.

    3 weeks later
    #1103 12 months ago

    holy crap a rat race?! I can't wait to check that out

    #1177 11 months ago
    Quoted from TheKorn:

    The professional goon squad from WGN hit expo yesterday morning. It's interesting. https://www.facebook.com/vgiovannone/videos/10156803655040984/?l=1683806264299303153

    "Pinball export... expo"
    Also why did she say it was 24 hours? That implies it's only here for a day.

    Thanks for posting that.

    #1304 11 months ago

    Vibe is good this year. Without Pacak's flintstones and hercules pins in the hall, and the same 20 unsold translites on the wall as you walk in the vendor room it felt fresh (and Rob Berk bringing in games from his collection helped). Beyond the freeplay room (yes there were a few games down), there was an overflow of pins in the arcade room (and not just homebrew), including a gorgeous skateball. I'd like to thank galloping ghost for bringing some odd titles like crazy climber 2, and Mikie (I remember playing this game at my 7-11 as a teen).

    Archer did play differently than iron maiden, the shooter lane seemed to run right into the small flipper (I think the game was out of level to the left). Definitely needed some polish.

    Oktoberfest playfed phenomonal
    Mafia played decent, good sound. Going to be a hard sell at $7500 in this market
    Monster Bash (even the CE version) looked and played great

    I'd like to thank whoever made it possible to play these games for the first time:
    Kingpin (Circus maximus)
    Spinal Tap (retheme of flash gordon)
    Gottlieb Spirit (berk?)
    Williams Defender Pinball
    Rat Race

    #1314 11 months ago
    Quoted from Phat_Jay:

    I thought the video game room was a nice add-on. For the reason that it brings more families. Maybe dad loves pins but the kids like retro arcades. This way the whole family attends and that’s a win in my book. Maybe those kids look over and see a pin in there and give it a try and get hooked. And that’s how we continue as a hobby. There were some real dandies in there though, turkey shoot by Williams for example.

    The arcade room also pulls people from the other areas and keeps them less crowded (same way MGC does). I think it worked out really well.

    #1379 11 months ago
    Quoted from Zavadoza:

    Oktoberfest and monster bash remake had longer lines all weekend, which surprised me because Pirates is a great game

    While there are many attendees from out of town, there are also a ton of locals. We are unfortunately spoiled by having the original test game (with the 3 rings and opening chest) at Level 257. They had decent lines at MGC this previous spring, but when the new hotness is out you have to optimize your time.

    #1407 11 months ago
    Quoted from RobCraig:

    I never committed to helping more than the 2018 show as an organizer. It is incredibly taxing on my career, hobbies, and family life to be swept away with all the weekly work for 6 months, week of vacation from work, expenses, 6 hour drive, etc. I wanted to help make Expo "great again" and I did what I could. There are other ideas of resurrecting the old Supershow in Southern Illinois that I would like to try. That suits me better to be honest. Expo will always be a special place, a show to attend and catch up with old pinball friends over a 4 player death match on Night Rider (I lost that one!) or share a meal with - see the new cool games and gadgets,etc.

    Thanks for your hard work this year Rob C. I hope Berk is looking for your replacement now so someone can start planning for next year.

    #1459 11 months ago
    Quoted from PINTEC:

    Suggest no Video games at Pinball Expo seems like this was a last ditch effort to fill a hole after purchasing ALL the space at the hotel so to block Mike to not to try "have his show" in any form.

    Disagree.. as I've said before, the arcade games deter the crowds (kids and adults) leaving shorter lines at the pins in every room while still collecting the same amount of money. If you look at most show (MGC, Banning arcade show, replay FX, southern fried gameroom) they all have a smattering of arcade games. I don't think it's a last ditch effort to fill space at all, I don't remember that room being used in years past. Also if that's the case, should those pong games and chexx hockey games in the vendor hall be considered "fill"? How about all the virtual pinball, I mean it's not real pinball right?

    I grew up mostly on video games, rarely played pinball until about 1988. I love reliving past games I haven't played in a while, and seeing some stuff I missed. The only thing that was a shame was not having circuits prepped to handle the load of having them all on at the same time. I really hope galloping ghost returns next year with some other stuff. I know I can visit there anytime, but it's tough to make it out there from the burbs.

    #1502 11 months ago
    Quoted from rosh:

    Missed a few I would have liked to have seen, since so easy to lose track of time.


    #1616 11 months ago

    Gosh I miss george Carlin, what a viewpoint he had "I swam in RAW sewage, ya know.. to cool off"

    I read a lot of news, and they keep talking about how penicillin (the wonder drug from the 30's) is starting to be less effective against the most basic viruses.

    7 months later
    #1656 4 months ago
    Quoted from robotron911:

    I don't know who the other guy is but he's not exactly the epitome of youth or fitness

    that's mike wolfe's brother.. Mike is pretty strong for his age, his brother is not.

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