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Pinball Expo 2018 Reboot (Wheeling, IL)

By RobCraig

1 year ago

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    “For those that have attended the Expo Banquet before, what would you change?”

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    #30 1 year ago

    To be clear the contract at the Westin was NOT a contractual obligation of Berk. In fact all along he wanted nothing to do with the Westin and I was given the right to do my own show and did not cash his check for the first of there payments until after he announced his new location and dates.. I was going to have show at WESTIN per the contract which had my name on it and pinball expo BUT he Stated to me in writing quotes you can do a show at the westin but I am not BUT then he informed Westin after I cashed check that he was claiming the contract.. he was not stuck with it at all period and I would not have agreed to buyout without me having THE Westin period....His lawyer also in writing stated that BERK had no intention of doing a show at WESTIN lots of curve balls here .. more to come

    1 week later
    #34 1 year ago

    I have text from ROB quotes YOU can do a show at the westin your self I am not.....

    3 months later
    #229 1 year ago

    I hope to see my friends of 33 years at Expo this year. The purchase of the PINBALL EXPO name was somewhat a hostile takeover I was given the right to do a show AND The contract at the Westin Mr Berk announced several times he was doing a show somewhere else and a . month earlier After I cashed his first payment then he told Westin it was his. I tried several times to talk to him but he refuses.He has stated on several occasions that I was free to do a show at the Westin but he was not.. Legal papers have been filed He also stated previously that I was not permitted to set up at the show. I have asked several times with no answer more to come soon Hope to see my friends of 33 years soon. I is like a family reunion to me.

    #264 1 year ago

    Well Rob and I had been friends like 35 years and did the show like 33.years. I asked for years to meet monthly to talk about expo. he never made time .Yes expo became kinda stale. I pretty much ran the whole show except seminars and banquet. Its upsetting to me that BERK now has shown great interest after doing nearly nothing for many years. We could have worked together and made expo greater again. He refused to talk about it period.. Rather chose to put me out although I was to have my own show at the westin with the advertised dates .I was to partner with the guys from MGC. Again after I cashed BERKS first payment he went to WESTIN and said contract which was in my name and I negotiated for many years was his. He advertised everywhere his new show in Schumburg everywhere . SO although this has taken forever there is legal action pend ing.. I hope to be back doing a a show next year at the westin...We will see soon.. I will miss everyone buy this was not my doing at all and ROB refuses to talk about it so had no choice but to pursue other actions

    #266 1 year ago

    He has not said anything BECAUSE hes the one that did wrong by me period and he knows it. I was much more the face of expo and we had very little comunication because he chose that not me. WE together could have made expo greater I deserved that after putting my heart into that show for 33 years

    #390 1 year ago

    For the record I never believed in a penalty for removing a game . If a game is sold it now belongs to new owner period to do what he wants, I mike pacak never ever stopped anyone from taking a game ever. Also YES berk does have over a hundred games set up at working. Last year \i talked him to bringing 32 of which 16 of them sat not working for over 2 days because HE didnt have anyone address them. I have fixed his games for years at expo.. Yes I pissed off a FEW but overall was very pro expo ... Agin more to come soon...

    #392 1 year ago

    Right or wrong I pretty much ran the whole operation of expo for many many years Berk really only delt with seminars and Banquet. In negotiations for a peaceful take over Berk had demanded that I not set up or be there for two years.. The take over was not a peaceful take over but included a few things. I wasa given right to do a show and berk said to me and everyone he was doing a show somewhare else. SO at this point I have asked many times am I permitted to set up and attend.. HE WILL NOT ANSWER. therefor there will be a court hearing soon to determine a lot of things.

    1 week later
    #584 1 year ago

    Say what you want good or bad BERK really did nothing much to promote show for years.. I asked for years to meet about it. \he was always tooooo busy if we together after doing show for 33 years and friends for like 35 had tried to make changes and promote it could have been great.. He just decided to buy me out but clearly gave me the right to do a show AND stated everywhere and to me that he was not doing westin and I could so thats the legal issue here unfortunatly between lawyers and his stall tactics no hearing yet was filed way back in june originally so plain and simple westin contract was MINE and he took it period...

    1 week later
    #687 1 year ago

    I had almost daily conversations with Westin in the weeks before always. I negotiated every Westin contract in fact Berks name was not even on it but he had copies once again in our separation agreement I was given the Westin contract and the right to do the show.There have been 4 different court dates now of which he postponed all of them .. The idea was to have some solid agreement before the show... We all know he announced his show somewhere else and in sept. I dont know if i am permitted at show because early on he insisted a few vendors insisted I was not. all bullshit.. I havemany many friends there for 33 years and I believe many more than him as I was more the face of expo.. still hoping for court hearing soon which he does not want at all... I will be back for sure..

    #688 1 year ago

    also i always had free internet in guest rooms and halls and always was able to get rooms straightened out

    #689 1 year ago

    Also for record I was always able to fix room issues with anyone AND get rooms for people up until lasy minute I was hands on every day with them .. come on guys chime in here for all those i helped....

    #777 1 year ago

    I was alway all over this forum and answered every question quickly I officially am banned from the show per a letter from berks lawyer and if I attend I will be charged with trespassing this is complete bullshit as i did nothing wrong.. was supposed to have court hearings before show but he has postponed and stalled them all...

    #830 1 year ago

    Way to much confusion to bring a game . i NEVER believed in stopping anyone or penalizing seller for selling a game and more people is not necessarily good... longer lines I really believe we had a pretty close knit croud from all over that word at expo that made us different from many shows.. I really wish BERK had put 10 per cent of the effort in last 30 years that he is this year...will be interesting to see the results overall.. The banquet made us different and was BERKS thing forever cant believe its gone as well as the make a wish auction The main speakers at the banquet over the years were historical and epic...

    #832 1 year ago

    well there are many other very confusing things that I am not going to get into one being it was advertised to be an auction where is it.. and the FREE DINNER weds is another mystery.. whos invited?

    #842 1 year ago

    I have tried to work things out BERK has refused to talk ever since last november when he decided he wanted me out NEVER would talk we talked once after he got lawyer involved YES I was to have show with mgp guys BUT after I cashed a check from BERK after he SAID many times and posted everywhere he was not having a show at westin he took the westin contract.. I would have never sold out without that contract whic he point blank told everyone and me in texts I could do my oun show at westin we have been supposed to go to court for moths but he postpones it every time we ill get there someday and i believe i will be back at westin next year ...and even worce he has banned me from my friends of 33 years alll bullshit

    1 week later
    #1227 12 months ago

    Lets see I get blamed for expo being down last few years.. Berk for years brought hardly any games yet I brought many many rare games to include Big BANG Bar and King Pin when I owned them. This year Berk brings like 60 pins from his basement and moved in another 40 or so from others.. And hauled the vids from Galloping ghost .. Last year he brought 32 games and 16 were down for 3 days.. He put very little effort into expo for years and years.. I put my heart and sole into expo for 33 years yet I am banned from coming.. And yes I am pissed not seeing my pinball family of 33 years.. No reason at all..Yes he owns pinball expo name.. BUT in the agreement I had the right to do a show and he told me in writing and in person I could do a show at westin yet he took contract after he aqquired expo name.. ALL misleading. A court case is pending and I wanted to be heard before this years show however he has managed to stall every hearing since july... we will see hope to have show there next year with the MGC guys which was the pan for this year until taken away..As well my hercules came to show for years..gee no hercules .Bottom line if he had made any input or effort in past years as this together we could have made it greater.. not fair to me at all.. I greatly miss all my friends from expo MIKE PACAK

    #1258 12 months ago

    This incident with the groupon would have never happened with me involved and should not have happened .. first off yes my people sold armbands all night. secondly if there were ever any problem any time my people called me even at 3 am if needed.. Someone i guess never told door people to do this.. sad WOw that police had to get involved in this..

    #1491 11 months ago

    By moving the entrance for vendor hall there was not s much traffic down that hall where the game hall was.. not sure why they did that... also i believe the traffic flow was better coming in side door but thats just me... I wonder if rob anthony traffic was down as well .. also the hercules and flintstones was a draw in that hall way.. we will see what happens in court. may be back next year

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