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Pinball Expo 2018 Reboot (Wheeling, IL)

By RobCraig

1 year ago

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    #107 11 months ago

    I'll be bringing Breakshot. Hope to see some long time attendees that I missed last year pdxmonkey and burningman lookin at you.

    #110 11 months ago

    I'm guessing JJP isn't gonna do a reveal at Expo this year. But I have been wrong, twice, in my whole life.

    1 month later
    #219 9 months ago

    I'm gettin excited.

    #226 9 months ago

    Fly Eagles fly!
    Well I was gonna bring Breakshot but still haven't sorted out the sound issue. My alt was I500 but it needs boardwork now too. Hopefully get one of em goin to bring. I'm thinkin Indy 500.

    #227 9 months ago

    For my room. Not free play.

    #228 9 months ago

    Also....need roommate this year since Violent Steve can't make it. Anybody like an over-abundance of weed, beer, and really loud death metal at all hours? Step on up.

    #267 9 months ago
    Quoted from ZEN:

    Working on it..
    [quoted image]

    DUDE. I CANNOT WAIT to see you ***moderated***. You guys are the best part of Expo for me.
    Seeing summer dwindle away is sad, but then I remember that means Expo is right around the corner. Cheers ***moderated***!

    #285 9 months ago

    Jesus Rob that pup is gonna get so loved/slobbered on by Sun mornin he's gonna look at ya and say "dammit, human,...can we just go home now?"

    #323 9 months ago

    I'm not takin my Breakshot out till Tuesday.
    Hush hush.

    #362 9 months ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    DUDE. I CANNOT WAIT to see you ***moderated***. You guys are the best part of Expo for me.
    Seeing summer dwindle away is sad, but then I remember that means Expo is right around the corner. Cheers ***moderated***!

    Zen, I cannot wait to see you moderated.
    Also, let's have a toast. But in moderation.

    #453 9 months ago

    Sorry ladies...my roommate search has ended. I will still answer all of the pms in order though,...all zero of them.
    Room reserved,...so lock up yer daughters, lock up yer wives, lock up yer back door and run for yer lives.

    #454 9 months ago

    Lookin forward to hangin with ya again Todd!

    #456 9 months ago
    Quoted from vidgameseller:

    Well shit, I just told people that I was brining a bunch of stuff, now that your going for sure, I want to back out

    Back that azz on up Buttercup. But please wear the sexy satin nightie when you do.

    #459 9 months ago

    Now it's a party.
    Atleast I don't have to ask you to wear somethin sexy J, you sexy beast you.

    #462 9 months ago

    Don't harsh my mellow dude.
    Concrete high heels fit him perfectly for Lake Michigan. Hope he's already wearin them.

    #466 9 months ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    I might jump into that sausage fest


    #468 9 months ago

    20180414_002736 (resized).jpg

    1 week later
    #621 8 months ago

    Well thanks Fat Jay for that minor panic. Like everyone else, I called the Westin this morning to verify. Yep. All good. But I specifically requested two doubles, and they had me down for one king.
    Bring that satin nightie I get chafed easily babe.

    #624 8 months ago

    Oh shit I just haphazardly gave away the JACK TWIPPY
    "Roomie of the Year 2018" winner.
    My favorite Indy pin tech and best guy ever to boot SuperMoot!

    #625 8 months ago


    #632 8 months ago

    d3f934a0c41b0d4aa6cddf6875dcf1de (resized).jpg

    #652 8 months ago

    Randy gave me a lift back to the hotel after the PL party last year. Not sure if I'm really thankful for that.
    I missed all the fun but yes, thanks for the ride Randy and Fattrain!

    #653 8 months ago
    Quoted from PaulCoff:

    Is gryszzz still looking for a roommate? Please let Jared in.

    Jared would stumble outta my room eyes so bloodshot/mind so blown he'd think he was the Atari pinball social media director and end up next to the Hercules all night like a wal-mart greeter.

    #654 8 months ago

    But yeah...we got room. Always got room for that Texas TRILL.

    #657 8 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    The Pinball is a CUEBALL!

    I hope there's a Cueball Wizard in free play. Been wantin some more time on that one.

    #658 8 months ago

    I500 is out because optos unobtanium. Sorry fellas. You'll have to stop by the house. Breakshot sound still wonky, workin on it. So I was thinkin maybe ACDC or MET.

    AANND just got an email from Randy.
    ACDC it is.

    #660 8 months ago

    The 4 square targets. I bought new ones a few years back, and haven't seen any since.

    #665 8 months ago

    Aww...thanks B. But I'm not havin any problems with them now. Just not gonna chance it. Those stand ups optos are nil.
    If ya got some lay in around I will absolutely take them.

    #666 8 months ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    If the game is broken, you’re saying we can stop by the house and play it broken?


    #668 8 months ago

    You got it bub. But mine has a special playlist, so it will have to be louder.

    #671 8 months ago

    I am man boobs in adult mode everyday.
    RZ rules though! I'll be playin it non-stop!

    #672 8 months ago

    If yer plannin on escaltin this into a sub war just lettin ya know I got a 300 watt Orb that I will NOT be bringin.

    #673 8 months ago


    #674 8 months ago

    Bingo guys---I'm jokin.
    Already got 5 pm's.

    #676 8 months ago

    Yes I'll.buy it.
    $100 million dollars.

    Seriously though yeah buddy! I will take it!

    #724 8 months ago

    Oh Mrs. Berk...
    carl-spackler-caddyshack-washing-balls (resized).jpg
    JUST A JOKE GUYS...she is beautiful but she's also a Mrs. and you don't mess with a man's
    1) dog
    2) truck
    3) wife
    In that order.

    #748 8 months ago

    Guys quick question: 100 watts or 500 watts?
    Both? Agreed.

    #749 8 months ago

    Cleveland never forgets.

    #790 8 months ago

    Started the shop out on ACDC today. And by that I mean I turned it on and played 5 games.
    Me and Angus will be there! Just gotta find somebody to switch these tired ass songs out.

    #791 8 months ago

    Think I'm gonna bring some cologne and just spray fuckers as necessary.
    Or, in the case of el BRUT, just toss some on em.

    #793 8 months ago

    Hey backpacker....come down outta the clouds off that mountain. That website hasn't been updated in a decade! Fuggetaboutit!
    Sure it would be nice, but so would some 21 yr old pussy. Ain't happenin!

    #796 8 months ago

    Now with "a pause".
    Jeff bring Le Truck and don't fuck around seriously bring it.

    #821 8 months ago

    King, remind me to tell ya the tale o Cleveland some time.
    If you see this situation please correct it accordingly....according to whether dude wants to be an ass or not. 8 times outta 10 it's yes. Wannabe alpha fuckwads do shit like this cause they think no one will call them out. Some of us will. Do your part.

    #825 8 months ago

    When I said "you" in that post, I wasn't speaking to you personally bub, I'm sure you knew that. I meant US.
    All of us.
    Don't put up with shit.
    But that's a funny story K ha. I like you!

    #859 8 months ago

    Since I have to rent a trailer, I'm debating bringin Breakshot too. It plays great, just no sound. I'd be bringin it to get it fixed, not setting it up on floor like some jagweeds that bring broken shit for a free pass. Think I will. Set it up in room till we fix her.

    #863 8 months ago

    Well let's get with Rob and get my Breakshot goin then buddy. What's he want for that?

    #876 8 months ago
    Quoted from SuperDaveOsbourn:

    There has to be some point where un-exercised 'Expo-Cash' can be redeemed for in-house happy endings, being we have TA coming in for a show and smell on how to have success on 10 million dime (bags) of LV energy. Small time players can bring in a few games, and wish their friends like redemption tickets good luck on the toy to be pulled down on the skeeball wall, but they collectively choose the massage the one guy gets. BTW, on the 'matrix' of happy endings rewards cash, 16 to 20+ should just read 16+... seriously 16 to 20+ ?!?

    Might be the greatest Pinside post ever.

    #878 8 months ago

    Troy is that really a graph up there?

    #879 8 months ago

    Lemmy put my good eye on it.
    ed2e92165e3c59dbc3784c0e3d9014bd--harlem-nights-humor-cristiano (resized).jpg
    Looks like a graph.

    #881 8 months ago

    All will be well in a week.

    #902 8 months ago

    HUGE THANK YOU to Pinsider MadPole for not only makin my dream playlist for ACDC, but also doing it in ONE DAY!!!! He is refusing payment, but I'll fix that next time I'm in Louisville. What a GREAT GUY!!!
    You'll know my machine by all the Bon Scott loaded in there. Really excited to finally get a colordmd for Angus.
    Only a few days away peoples WOO!

    #903 8 months ago

    So last year at the Westin eh?
    If you want blood, you got it.

    #904 8 months ago

    Also big THANK YOU to jm and DaveH who also pm'd to help. Thanks guys. I'm gonna buy y'all all the free Stern party beer you can drink.
    Back to Bon.

    #905 8 months ago

    I would also like to thank God, the Academy, mom and dad, the neighbor 5 doors down but not the other ones, Phyllis Diller, my cat Tux, LTG, everyone from Nebraska and Jimmy that bags my groceries.
    53e5339a9b1e228549e7ac31_history-of-red-carpet-ss04 (resized).jpg

    #927 8 months ago

    tenor (1).gif

    #928 8 months ago

    I cannot wait to see that black and white TZ. What a work of art!
    Pretty stoked to see my old buddy JAMASTER10. You always make a good time a GREAT time my dude! See ya in the smokers lounge Jesse.

    #934 8 months ago
    Quoted from BillySastard:

    So kids no longer get in for free? Years past Expo was free for kids up to like age 11 or 12.

    Kids 10 and under should be $100 to get in.
    GTF away from my machine junior.

    #975 8 months ago

    HAVE A DRINK ON ME! Actually yes, I got a beer for ya.

    #976 8 months ago

    Bought 72 beers today. That's not enough.

    1 week later
    #1511 8 months ago

    I'm still up. Thanks Expo.

    #1534 8 months ago

    I've never had a "bad" Expo, but this was one of THE best. Security was a little too enthusiastic, but they're just doing their jobs.
    I really missed seeing the door guy that's been at every Expo prior. I always looked forward to catching up with him.
    This year's highlight: Presley Franchi.
    IMG_99131 (resized).jpg
    IMG_99161_01 (resized).jpg
    IMG_99171 (resized).jpg
    IMG_45681 (resized).jpg
    20181019_212009 (resized).jpg
    20181019_174730(1) (resized).jpg
    20181019_232213 (resized).jpg
    20181020_015350(1) (resized).jpg
    20181020_015358 (resized).jpg
    20181019_143815 (resized).jpg
    20181021_125040 (resized).jpg
    20181019_151202 (resized).jpg

    #1536 8 months ago

    Lermods and wife are GREAT peoples. They were always smiling!

    #1540 8 months ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Hahaha. Love how all of Gryszzz’s photos are blurry.

    Wtf you talkin bout Willis?
    Like they were taken with my pupils and no camera was even involved.

    #1544 8 months ago

    Haha thanks mar dudes! You know I love you all!
    I think the REAL highlight of Expo this year was getting Target Alpha home and set-up and everything is working. Honestly think I played more games on it than any other new pin I've bought. Last night I played till 4 am. Been up till 4 every night this week THANKS EXPO.

    #1548 8 months ago

    Some fuckin pussies on floor four just sayin.

    #1549 8 months ago

    It's cool. I pissed all over yer door handles anyway.

    #1552 8 months ago


    #1553 8 months ago

    Short cop was extree cool.

    #1577 8 months ago
    Quoted from Jamaster10:

    The Thursday night shoes. Did anybody see Gryszzz fancy shoes he had on LOL

    I've had those Doc's for almost 20 years Jesse. Looks like I'll be buyin a new pair after I lose the left one in yer prostrate at PinCincinnati. LOL.

    #1583 8 months ago
    Quoted from SuperDaveOsbourn:

    Few missed MP, that is a fact.
    Door nazi's were doing their job, and did it pretty well for the most part. Some better than others.
    Cigs and smoke, next time simply call 911 and report a fire, that shit will come to a stop immediately.
    Enviro concerns, largest fresh body of water in the WORLD is the great lakes, right next door.
    Nature of Expo must change, and videos are going to be part of it. Great to morph, it might as well be called Chicago Morphball Expo.
    Scatter brained guy is Tim Arnold, Pinball Hall of Flames. Good guy generally, hates the public (his clients), begging for money to make his next phase of the dream come true. Yep, he's hit and miss with public talks, some great, others not so great. This one, not so great with DeMar hitting it square on the head... 'why more when you have it now almost done'?
    Online PDF was pretty much square on nuts for stuff from what I saw, so download it and use it next year.
    Saturday sadly has become Sunday, so it too will suffer the same fate, but maybe more will come Friday as a result.
    Door guys, dime a dozen volunteers in past abused or neglected, flunkies for MP. Today, not a problem any more really.
    A different approach to bitching about something, is to offer a viable well thought out solution to the problem you perceive. GLWTS


    #1599 8 months ago

    Well the smokers lounge is right next to the front door, so every time the doors opened the smoke funneled in. Also, it was 104 mph winds on Sat. Most people aren't hangin out at the registration desk all night though. I'm out there A LOT so sorry if it bothered ya.
    I missed the old door guys too. They were a highlight for me.

    #1600 8 months ago

    Also worth a HUGE mention: this was the 1st year in 5 years I saw absolutely zero assholishness with game etiquette. Not sayin it didn't happen, and I admittedly don't play as much as most of you (too busy blowin smoke indoors) but I was AMAZED at the courtesy this year. Not one 4 player game, no rehitting start, no insults, frankly, it was astonishing. And I'm a little disgusted.

    #1601 8 months ago

    If you heard this at 2 am, hope ya raised yer glass. We did.

    #1604 8 months ago

    On the way up I meant to hit Black Sabbath but accidentally hit this then we all remembered what a masterpiece this album is and listened to it twice. Was kinda the weekend soundtrack.
    F you fourth floor.
    *not you Todd*
    **unless it was you**

    #1605 8 months ago


    #1607 8 months ago


    #1611 8 months ago

    I saw the 13 ball multiball. Overrated, but fun to watch.

    #1623 7 months ago

    My favorite Expo souvenir EVER. Hung out at his booth so much like the little "Hey Spike, right Spike?" dog that he gave me this. He laughed and said "Check out the signature!" I fell on the floor laughin.
    I'm gonna be the best son-in-law ever.
    20181028_143202 (resized).jpg

    #1624 7 months ago

    If yer brave enough to get past that gruff exterior, Franchi is really an awesome, awesome guy. Bought the $60 movie poster and he threw the little one in. The Robin print he gave to me later.
    20181028_144801 (resized).jpg
    20181028_150630 (resized).jpg

    #1625 7 months ago
    Quoted from chad:

    There were a few times that ranked heavily of smoke. Yeah that wind was a bit drastic at time

    As far as smokers go, I'm ranked NUMBER ONE. Take that Levi.

    1 week later
    #1630 7 months ago

    Wow. Awesome of you to chime in Bill. This is my 5th year and i don't plan on missing any anytime soon.

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