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Pinball Expo 2018 Reboot (Wheeling, IL)

By RobCraig

1 year ago

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    “For those that have attended the Expo Banquet before, what would you change?”

    • Nothing 15 votes
    • Skip the fancy food, make it Burgers and Fries at a cheaper cost. 46 votes
    • Shorten the event, make it super cheap or free, and have no meal at all. 19 votes
    • I don't care about the banquet. 176 votes

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    #23 1 year ago

    Cut down on the vendor hours and/or close the vendor area for a dinner period each day so they can also have a little fun. All work and no play ....

    Expo-Brawl is a fun event, hope it continues.

    Get with local restaurants to set up an expo attendee card or discounts.

    If holding seminars have someone at the door checking for paid attendees.

    1 month later
    #63 1 year ago

    Also be nice to have an Expo map of what areas of the hotel are being used and for what.

    2 weeks later
    #75 1 year ago

    Moving along fast i see.

    1 week later
    #83 12 months ago
    Quoted from KingBW:

    But vendor hall doesn't open until 6pm on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully they have some interesting seminars during the day.

    Shortening of Vendor hours has been needed. Besides no one is really there Thursday or Friday Afternoon for the vendors to sell to.

    1 week later
    #89 11 months ago

    I'm still on the fence to visit or not. Will see once details of show are completely known.

    3 weeks later
    #102 11 months ago

    Which will update first? The website or the face book group. Heck add in this thread for all that matters.

    3 weeks later
    #139 10 months ago
    Quoted from PinBackpacker:

    Is it just me or does the hype quotient seem a bit low around Expo this year? We're two months out and not much forum action.

    Way to many unknowns for this year to be hyped. No idea who will actually show up vendor wise, freeplay area due to planning looks to be in one room the first night - then everything has to be moved for the shows duration, is the final verdict in on who actually owns the name Pinball Expo and how that will effect who shows up. Plus a few others.

    #146 10 months ago
    Quoted from chad:

    Moving games after one day, that is a first. !!! Hoping that is not true....

    Same here, hope that is worked out.

    2 weeks later
    #160 9 months ago
    Quoted from Eric_S:

    Seems like details are few, especially with all the show leadership changes and the fact that it is less than 2 months away.

    This pinside thread has more info on Expo then the Facebook page.

    #161 9 months ago
    Quoted from Marvin:

    Where do you see anything about the rooms changing?
    bumper blast has always been in a different room than the gameroom. Thats the food for the game bringers.

    pasted_image (resized).png
    #216 9 months ago
    Quoted from ZEN:

    Huh? Disagree. Expo Brawl has been awesome, perfect format for those that dont want to wait in line for a tournament for three days.. over before lunch, cost 40 a team. I look forward to it. I suggest you guys do this at expo again this year. Those that want to walk around and ask randoms to play can do that all night long..

    Have to agree Expo-Brawl is the best tourney at Expo bar none. Get to meet and play with many different players of all abilities, very structured format, minimal cost, and DONUTS!! Best part is the staff knows how to run the event very well.

    How would it go this year if ran by someone else, who knows.

    #297 9 months ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    For some reason, I'm thinking of going this year.

    Bring / buy plenty of alcohol if go.

    #299 9 months ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    Popcorn. Might need a lot of popcorn.........

    Might be the only reason I end up going is for the popcorn eating. Otherwise a solid no for me so far.

    #386 9 months ago

    Just looked over the information for the Expo Main Tourney. Have to say I'm very surprised to see that Tourney Entry fee includes 3Day Exhibit Hall admission for $125. Expo Admission itself is $90 (In Advance) or $95 (At the door), so that leaves $30-35 for the Main Tourney fee.

    Screenshot from Expo website attached. (9/13 10am)

    pasted_image (resized).png
    1 week later
    #517 9 months ago
    Quoted from Lermods:

    Plenty of parking last year, it's a big complex.

    Parking during the morning and afternoon is pretty good. Once evening starts you will find a spot if lucky. All depends on how many activities the hotel has going on.

    #559 9 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    Let BERK know his marketing department is lacking the social media twist.

    Exhibit A:

    pasted_image (resized).png
    1 week later
    #709 8 months ago

    Mike's a great vendor, and brings many rare items and games to Expo seen nowhere else but at his shows. Hope he is allowed to vend at the very least. Be a shame if totally shut out from Expo.

    #732 8 months ago
    Quoted from KingBW:

    FYI … Cointaker will not be there even though they are listed on the website vendor page.

    But the Expo website is up to date. Can't be so? LOL>

    #779 8 months ago
    Quoted from mikepin:

    I was alway all over this forum and answered every question quickly I officially am banned from the show per a letter from berks lawyer and if I attend I will be charged with trespassing this is complete bullshit as i did nothing wrong.. was supposed to have court hearings before show but he has postponed and stalled them all...

    Going to be a poor expo without ya Mike. Hope to see you at PinCinnati(sp)

    P.S. If I didnt have stuff to deliver to show I'd cancel reservations. Just sad.

    #894 8 months ago
    Quoted from RobCraig:

    We can't make this happen at the Westin. I pitched the idea, we talked to hotel staff, and they said no.

    No room in the parking lot at all for such a swap meet. Let alone the staff highly dislikes transfering games on the carpet which makes for a fun time in the galley halls.

    #965 8 months ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    Getting real now. Vendor map is up - http://pinballexpo.com/forms/ExpoFloorLayoutA.pdf

    LTG : )

    Looking at that map means Freeplay games in with the vendor area. Should make for an interesting Freeplay room 24hour open schedule.

    #1009 8 months ago

    Tourney (stern-a-ment) area has a couple games ready to go also. Good mix of pros and prems. More games coming. Nothing in classics area yet.

    022ba03aaca6628842d609d7862d4d53.0 (resized).jpeg
    #1011 8 months ago

    Free play room in regular area for today. If those games move to vendor hall later tonight or Thursday no idea. Parts of the vendor space are being used by other events right now that end today. No idea why free play markings are in vendor spaces unless a game move is happening.

    As for the entrance no clue as the expo staff isn't present at this time.

    #1018 8 months ago
    Quoted from LesManley:

    Classics: Argosy, Star Trek, Stingray, Warlok, TBD #5
    Flip Out: AC/DC, Aerosmith, B66, DP, GotG, IMaid, KISS, Met, SW

    So glad I'm not playing this year. Thanks for line ups.

    #1020 8 months ago

    Load in commencing. Wish could set up a camera to time lapse it as i have a rooms eye view.
    1017181546 (resized).jpg

    #1022 8 months ago

    Expo registration tables on left. Expo entrance just to the right. Tourney area far right.

    1017181649a (resized).jpg
    #1024 8 months ago

    In most rooms yes. Cant speak for all rooms as you had to ask for one prior years.

    #1039 8 months ago

    I believe most of those are berks games. Could be wrong but many were labeled expo while wrapped up.

    #1062 8 months ago

    North parking lot at Expo 9am. The semi truck is blocked in pretty much by pinball trailers now.

    1018180849 (resized).jpg

    #1082 8 months ago

    Updated north parking lot picture. 2pm ish.

    b36221b426956298d218116f9526c394.0 (resized).jpeg
    #1084 8 months ago

    Pic of north expo lot 2pm-ish.

    1539885217204732499866 (resized).jpg
    #1090 8 months ago

    North lot at 445pm. Getting fuller slowly.

    1018181638 (resized).jpg
    #1100 8 months ago

    Im on the 11th floor. Good view.

    #1156 8 months ago

    North side lot pic 1130-35.

    1019181135 (resized).jpg
    #1189 8 months ago

    Parking update 345.

    1019181539 (resized).jpg
    #1198 8 months ago

    Parking is filling up in anticipation for the pinside meet n greet at Twinpeaks. 530pm pic. Vehicles are circling the lot.

    1019181723a (resized).jpg
    #1216 8 months ago

    Pic from the best part of expo. The meet n greet GEX puts on at Twinpeaks. Great time socializing with pinheads and enjoying some food and drink while playing some pinball. Many thanks to GEX for having the event. Oh ya. Putting the gc score on deadpool was fun also. Also Gary showed up and stated Deadpool is his favorite game.

    1019181839 (resized).jpg

    #1268 8 months ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    He says this about whatever the current game is these days. He also said he can sell a box of lights.

    Fully known, just inserted it for comic relief.

    #1269 8 months ago

    Oh yes, now for everyone's favorite pic series. North lot picture 10am. My theory on the lot being empty is fact expo booked all the event rooms at the hotel. So no weddings, Scrabble, or mahjongg tournies taking place to jam the lots. Heck, my hotel stay has been great with no one occupying the rooms near me for entire stay.

    1540043687383-574799569 (resized).jpg
    #1298 8 months ago

    145pm. South lot full as expected due to high winds. North side still barren. Semi really stuck now.

    1020181340 (resized).jpg
    #1331 8 months ago

    Departing pic of the north parking and load in-out area. 835am.

    1021180834 (resized).jpg
    #1350 8 months ago
    Quoted from frolic:

    how was overall attendance compared to last year?

    Attendance way down I'd say. Parking lot never full until 6pm and after. Took no pics due to darkness. Plenty of room to wonder around in Freeplay rooms and Vendor hall. Seminar room was never fully seated. Tourney area never hard to walk through.

    I'd venture a guess most people didn't even know about the second freeplay area with the videogames in it. Rooms by me on the 11th floor were never occupied. Very easy to get in an elevator to yourself.

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