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FS: Pinball covers in different sizes, colors. Dust, sun and water resistant!

By Angyalpor

7 years ago

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    #101 7 years ago

    Happy New Year to all PinSiders!

    Good news, pinballs are not illegal, bad news, post for the covers rise up 19$from 18$... :S

    But, the price stays at 55$!

    1 week later
    #102 7 years ago


    So, the holiday is over, we start to shipping the first ones for this year!


    #103 7 years ago

    And the golden ones...


    #105 7 years ago

    Monday morning I will send them.

    #106 7 years ago

    In the morning I will send these olive-metallic ones.


    #107 7 years ago

    Hm, what about this?


    #108 7 years ago

    The Attack from Mars cover with embroidery is on the way now...


    #109 7 years ago

    Can you do a cover for a Fishtales with the topper? If so I'll take one. Thanks.

    #110 7 years ago


    Sure, we made a Fishtales size before.
    Toppers like Fishtales and Whitewater are easy, we make a higher backbox cover, then it protect the backbox and the topper too.
    The price is the same, we're not complicate it.

    #111 7 years ago

    Here are some pics of my covers. If you're thinking about purchasing a few I highly recommend them.

    IMG_4203.JPG IMG_4202.JPG

    #112 7 years ago

    A few more pics to show off the quality.

    IMG_4198.JPG IMG_4199.jpg

    #113 7 years ago

    great looking covers!!!

    #114 7 years ago

    Thank you very much for the photos!

    I hope, you like the quality, and they will protect your pinballs for long-long time.

    #115 7 years ago

    I love these things, they look fantastic, are made extremely well. Fit awesome, go on and off easy and quick. Very happy with them!

    Thanks to you and your mother!


    #116 7 years ago

    Thank you about the good words, and the photos!

    #117 7 years ago


    AFM is popular...
    Here are the pack, what will be sent in the morning!

    #118 7 years ago

    What about coverage for the head?

    #119 7 years ago
    Quoted from starbase:

    What about coverage for the head?

    If you go to page 2 of the thread, there is a picture of the head cover too.

    #120 6 years ago

    Thank you.

    And yes, You can find pictures from the full covers in this thread...

    #121 6 years ago

    What is the inside of the cover like, the part that actually touches the game. Is it soft, felt, what...

    #122 6 years ago

    It's soft and silky, actually silk, impregnated with a water-proof material...

    #123 6 years ago

    Another question: I need them to be UV sun resistant from fading with sunlight. Are these covers UV resistant?

    #124 6 years ago

    The material is completely water resistant, so it should be... Like the wind jacket, and inside silky, with a small rubber-like impregnation. I also make the first one because of the fading.
    If I put it in the front of a brutal 50W halogen spot lamp, I can easily see into it, blocks the light. If directly see into the lamp, it's brutal.

    #125 6 years ago

    THANK YOU!!! My cover rocks! It fits perfectly! I will absolutely be back as my collection grows

    #126 6 years ago

    Thanks for the good words.

    I hope, it will protect you pin for a long-long time!

    #127 6 years ago

    I ordered a cover for my Monopoly from Andras. Great communication the whole way while it was being made. Got it in a timely fashion, even though sent from Europe. Fit perfectly in every way, works great. I am very happy with it and would have no hesitation ordering again if/when I want one. Thanks again Andras, great job! Maybe one of these days I'll stop being lazy and post a picture of it.

    Joe (joemagiera at ameritech dot net)

    #128 6 years ago

    Thank you!

    #129 6 years ago

    Where have you guys been installing the embroidered logo on the head or lower cover, how about some actual pics of some installed.

    #130 6 years ago


    We put the logos into the front side of the cabinet part. Opposite corner of the plunger. I search a photo for you...

    #131 6 years ago

    What about games with a topper? TAF for example.

    #132 6 years ago

    Those covers are higher, and follow the toppers shape...
    We already made a few, soon there will be pictures from that type, too!

    #133 6 years ago

    Here is a picture from the embroidery. Not the best one, and not in an AFM. afm_cabinet.jpg

    #134 6 years ago

    Angy can you make a slip on the head section for topper to slip through?

    #135 6 years ago

    Me personally, I would want the logo, front and center of the head cover. Can you do that instead?

    #136 6 years ago


    You mean, need a slice on the top for the topper?
    If yes, depends on the topper type. We can make a strengthened hole on the top for it, if it's thick and vulnerable, like the custom toppers. Means, originals, like Fish Tales are too big, almost like the top of the backbox. For that type, easier to make a taller backbox part, following the shape of it, and cover the whole thing.

    #137 6 years ago

    No, I am asking can you put the logo embroidery in the center of the head cover instead of the lower cabinet cover like in the picture.

    #138 6 years ago
    Quoted from PinPlayer2:

    No, I am asking can you put the logo embroidery in the center of the head cover instead of the lower cabinet cover like in the picture.

    Sure, we can put it, where you like.
    The centre of the backbox is also possible, as you like!

    The previous answer goes to Starbase.

    #139 6 years ago

    Guess, these embroideries are fits for what machine...

    In different color, of course, these are just plans...

    Tron_1.jpg Tron_2.jpg

    #140 6 years ago

    No ideas?

    #141 6 years ago

    A few new embroideries...

    CactusCanyon.jpg Monster.jpg

    #142 6 years ago

    My AFM cover is absolutely wonderful, super quality, great look and it will protect my pin in stlye for many years. I will order more covers as I renovate more games in my collection. Thanks a bunch Andras!

    #143 6 years ago

    Is Scared Stiff on the embrodiery list?

    #144 6 years ago

    Some feedback on your Tron logos, they are nice and I like the first one much better but they need to be in blue. May want to look for some other images to use.

    #145 6 years ago
    Quoted from starbase:

    Some feedback on your Tron logos, they are nice and I like the first one much better but they need to be in blue. May want to look for some other images to use.

    Sure they will be neon blue, and neon yellow, as I wrote it...
    Just, the pictures, what I can made with the program, can handle standard colors... Within days I will post the photo of the final version of them.

    #146 6 years ago

    My mother ordered me two covers for my b-day... Looking forward to getting my games protected from the dust and kids. My 2 year old thinks the cabinets make good racetracks for his toy cars.

    #148 6 years ago
    Quoted from Angyalpor:

    totally dust, sun, and water proof

    Waterproof is a big claim. Makes me think it's waterproof to 10m...like a wristwatch. "Water resistant material" might be more in line. Nice covers though. Good luck!

    #149 6 years ago

    Hm, you're right, thanks! .

    The important, if a beer fall the pinball, then it's protected...

    #150 6 years ago

    So, "waterproof to 10 beers" is a better slogan for these, then?

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