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Pinball Browser for Stern SAM games: POTC sound project

By tbanthony

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Ok, so I'm pretty intrigued with the whole idea of the pinball Browser which provides the possibility of replacing music, speech, and graphics on Stern SAM games. So what has anyone done with it that isn't already in this thread?:


I'm interested in adding some of the movie theme music to my POTC. I just need to finish figuring out how to get Pinball Browser up and running on my Mac first.

#2 5 years ago

Use Crossover on your Mac. Works perfectly with Pinball Browser, other than the LED mode when viewing the dots is slow. Use Raw instead.

2 months later
#3 5 years ago

Ok, I have successfully updated some of the sound snippets in POTC. I am working my way slowly through this game. This is a game that begs to have the music replaced. First of the all, the main theme the stock pin uses just does not remind me of the movie at all. Secondly, POTC had a very memorable movie score. I'll attempt to shoot some sound/video this weekend to share. It's still very much a work in progress.

Don't ask me to share the "Macro" as it will be useless. All of the work involved is in manipulating the sound files before importing them into Pinball Browser. The Pinball Browser portion is easy. Getting the size and timing of the sound snippets correct is slow work on POTC. As an example, the Request #33 sound snippet which is 39.149s automatically populates Request #34 using the same sound snippet but not the same length. #34 is 31.315 seconds. As it happens, #34 starts 7.843s into #33. So, at 7.843s, you don't want to be in awkward spot in the music or when request #34 plays, it will sound stupid.

Also, I found that the Stern sound system just can't handle certain parts of the original soundtrack very well. It just comes out sounding muddled. The Stern sound system is not designed well for a big booming orchestra type of sound. The back box speakers, in particular, sound lousy. Perhaps there are still some tricks I need to learn to make it sound good. However, I did have great success with one of the soundtrack songs and I also had great success with He's a Pirate (from the movie) by David Garrett. He does a rendition with his violin. The violin sound actually fits the game better as the rest of the music/sounds in the game were supposedly done with vintage instruments or sounds as I recall, so the classic sound of the violin playing He's a Pirate fits better in with the rest of the game sounds rather than trying to attempt a big booming full orchestra sound with the pin.

#4 5 years ago

So, besides sharing a bit, I'm also curious what others are doing with Pinball Browser... Obviously, I have an interest in POTC, so jump in if you have any questions or have done anything with your POTC. My next interest is ST, but I may wait until after the next code release as I'm guessing that one will be close to final.

#5 5 years ago

Ok, here is a link to a YouTube video to give you some idea... I just published it as low res since sound was the thing of interest.

You can't hear the first song I inserted very well because it is a little lower in volume during part of it and has a lot of bass. In person, it sounds great and I haven't even hooked up a PSW10 subwoofer yet. It already makes the glass rattle without a sub. It gives it a cool ambience following the eerie Yo Ho.... that occurs when you start up.

The other tune I inserted (as noted in my post above) was a violin version of He's a Pirate which I was really happy with how it turned out.

I plan to keep working with it. I had replaced the end credits song, but used a soundtrack song. As I noted before, a full orchestra soundtrack doesn't seem to sound very good... I think due to the limitation of the backbox speakers. I didn't include that one in the video.

If the violin music sounds a bit strong/loud, I did have the music level volume setting cranked up a bit from working on it and figured that was probably good for the video as well. You can always play around with your sound file in Audacity to help increase/decrease it relative to the other sounds and music that occur in the game.


#6 5 years ago

Anyone else have video of what they have done with Pinball Browser? I'd love to see.

#7 5 years ago

I like what your doing. POTC is a nice game, on my wishlist. Keep updating as this can be leveraged toward other Sterns. For now I'll settle for poor man's POTC,,, Hook.

1 week later
#8 5 years ago

I love what you've done, the video (audio) really does give a good idea of what it's like.

I'd like to play around with some of the animation myself, there are lots of fun ones that they include which didn't make it in to the game. Like all of the developers faces, I would like to put my kids in as some of the pirates as well. I've replaced the Stern animation with my last name and made a fun animation for when it comes up.

I think it's a good idea to find a common theme when replacing the music tracks in Pirates because they switch often and don't play through to the end everytime. So having lots of unique sounding music tracks makes it too obvious when the music changes. Having a violin or drum or something in everyone at least gives it some links.

I have a modified version in my Pirates right now. It was done by a friend who I won't name so that he doesn't get inundated with requests to pass it around (I'm bound by his NDA to not pass it so sorry in advance to anyone about to click the PM button lol). He used the music from the soundtracks as well and it sounds incredible, the hardest part and what takes creativity is picking out the right parts of the music tracks to play, making it sound seamless so you enjoy it without noticing it. That's tricky, he nailed it.

Have you done more work on yours lately or are you still happy with it over time. I think Pirates is amazing with the new sounds!

1 year later
#9 4 years ago

Any Update here ??

4 weeks later
#10 4 years ago

I always wanted to have some video modes in the game, but would love to see some call outs sound bytes from the movies.

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