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10 months ago

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#4 10 months ago

I have so much alien stuff from over the years, I have lots of things I could make a topper out of so I have some ideas, but honestly, I think it should be a moving alien head or queen head moving back and forth and opening mouth, with flashers on it, and smoke along with the beacons (which I hope are still available).

#5 10 months ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

When was the LV supposed to become available for deposits?

They didn't say, only that they think LE's will be in 6 months or so depending on how fast production goes.

#8 10 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Yeah Pinball Brothers are getting us confused they call it the LV (Limited Version) but we all know it as LE (Limited Edition) It is strange how they call the Standard SE (Standard Edition) and then change for the LE sorry I mean LV
Anyway who wants to see a poll, what ideas you got?

The whole LV thing is...a play on the theme. LV as in LV-246.

#33 10 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Make 2 or 3.....I will help and be your first buyer. We can get some switches, servos , leds are the easy part.

I was just stating what I thought would be a cool topper. I am not sure I have anything or the skills to make something like that.

If I make my own, it will most likely be stationary and maybe some flashers integrated with the lights.

Who knows though, when I get digging into it, maybe I can come up with something, or at least a prototype someone else could build.

#53 10 months ago

There is the possibility they never get to the LV's....hate to be that guy.....but let's face it....it is definitely a possibility.

#59 10 months ago

I don't like the green at all...doesn't fit the color scheme, too emerald. The blue does, but I still prefer straight up black.

#61 10 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Green all the way.....black is so boring.

If you're going to go green, you gotta go lime green or whatever the color is. I think the original LE's had this color. Granted, I'm not a big fan of powdercoating to begin with, but I do not think the normal metal looks good with this. Thus, black.

41ltBoq45nL._AC_ (resized).jpg

#63 10 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

How much $ are you guys putting down for deposits? Several pinball start ups have burned people on pre-order deposits over the last several years. SkitB, Heighway, DP, Jpop. Crowdfunding a new pinball company has been proven bad business. Best to wait until they are literally boxed and ready to ship. Proceed with caution.

In US, Cointaker is only distro. They are reputable. Deposit is $1000+ ~400 shipping. It is refundable. Overall, very little risk here. It's not being crowdfunded or money to PB prior to shipment.

#69 10 months ago

Since I just found out it doesn't have it....this game needs flashers!!!

#75 10 months ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

They've had years to plan this all out and finally get their ducks in a row before starting the teasers and and announcing the standard edition. But yeah anything could happen.
The LV's guarantee 500 more units sold which brings in the extra LV dollars on top of the standard unit price. What reasons would a company have to forfeit that? It would have to be something majorly awry for them to not capture such big sales dollars. I'm pretty sure if they aren't making those LV's down the road then they aren't making Standards then either. That would be heartbreaking!
I recently corresponded with Pinball Brothers about some LV ideas and they assured me they've already thought of most of them because they've been thinking about the LV for 2 years now.
They did say they considered capping the LV run at 426 but they believe it's just not enough games for the demand they're seeing. So probably "at least not more than" 500 like they mentioned in the podcast.

Yeah, I was just saying it could all fall apart before they get to them. Hard to tell at this point, but hopefully it all works out!!

#82 10 months ago

Honestly, not sure why they even need one. If all goes well and they are solid, the pricepoint and game are a set up for a smash success. I think the people waiting for them to be built (kinda like R&M) is going to be painful. If a container is shipped only to find out they all have major issues, that's going to be a problem. I am skeptically optimistic at this point. The refundable deposit is definitely a plus.

#90 10 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The SE seems like a ton of game for $7,800. Do we know if any physical gameplay features will only be on the LE or are both models the same in that regard?

They said gameplay will not change on LV.

#93 10 months ago

Hard to vote on an LV when it isn't known what it includes - especially since gameplay isn't changing. It's not any different than old JJP model really. If it is all cosmetic, it will depend on the person. Unless there is something mindblowingly awesome on it that I can't get on an SE (which they already said much of it you will be able to buy for SE), I don't see the need for most people to want an LV....but again, it's all guessing for now.

I am just hyped I may finally get my hands on one. It really is my top dream theme. It doesn't hurt that it is a decent pin as well.

#98 10 months ago
Quoted from RTS:

I completely disagree about it being too emerald.
The green is much darker. The pic is under direct sunlight making it look brighter than it is. It's really a black/green color. Look at the bottom of the apron that's not under light, it's practically black. Totally matches the green from the alien picture you posted above. I have this green metallic flake on my Shadow and it looks great.
The original LE green was a much brighter green that matches cartoon aliens. I think it's the same green as the AFMLE. Too bright for Alien but okay for the goofy AFM aliens. I always thought the original green looked ugly.

I agree with it not looking good. It's TOO much. To each their own though. Black for me if I do anything. Although some aged Nostromo goodness might be cool too.

#105 10 months ago

Maybe it will have Alien 3 and Resurrection mode. Sans Sigourney. LOL. kidding.

#112 10 months ago
Quoted from Cloud9:

Wife & I BOTH loved the Heighway's original one after first playing it at 2016 Expo and regretted not buying every since. So we gave Melissa our deposit an hour after the podcast aired. I'm also a big fan of powder coat and plan on doing something like this one that (depending on viewing angle) can be lime green or yellow (just like the colors in the egg logo).
[quoted image]

I like the idea of that 'pearlized' lime/yellow. It is more of what I had in mind, but wasn't sure what it was called.

#114 10 months ago

I would say it is early proto but pretty much how it is going to look. I do think the turret gun stuff should be like the 3 rows lights below it...dark rather than bright white, but I'll take what i can get.

#125 10 months ago

Yea this machine of any machine isn't one to chrome out.

#133 10 months ago

Soo....wtf? Does that mean it will be black on LV? Kind of an ambiguous statement. Honestly, makes zero sense unless they plan on selling 'alternate' trim to make money.

#142 9 months ago

Mine will be around this

1226201913a (resized).jpg
#144 9 months ago

So the the modders out there? Has anyone made egg pincups? Seems like a gimme.

egg (resized).JPG
#152 9 months ago

They are in the 'oh shit ppl ordered it, now we have to produce something' phase.

#166 9 months ago

How big is that?

#174 9 months ago
Quoted from facelift:

First one is best. Aliens was like some nerdy 15 year old wrote the script. Nobody talks like those army guys. The dialogue was so over the top and stupid. That stupid army woman running around with the biggest gun or was it a flamethrower, can't remember, was ridiculous too.

Um...I disagree. Have you ever been in the military, especially back then? It was tame compared to what really gets said. Also, those guns were on supports - you know..future stuff.

That being said, I love both movies. I pretty much can't watch one without watching the other.

#180 9 months ago

I actually like them all in their own way. I tend to like Resurrection more than 3. They are all so drastically different from each other that they are almost each in their own genre. It isn't a common thing among sequels.

Alien: Horror
Aliens: Action
Alien 3: Drama
Alien 4: Comedy Actually, I'm not sure how to classify this one, but it definitely has a completely different feel than the others.

#184 9 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Hope his fits the new ones coming and I am in.

There are no more.

#185 9 months ago

Hmm...what you think? Overkill maybe?

amazon.com link »

#187 9 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

How would you mod all that?? looks cool.

I'm going to try to work on a strobe mod. After seeing MK6PIN's it's a crime this game doesn't come with them. That link was more of a joke but in reality that would be pretty plug and play. All the strobes hook to the base system, and you just trigger it via power. However I think it would need it's own power supply, and a way to trigger when you want it on in the game. Also, this could be way too bright.

So in reality, I'm looking at low watt 1watt 5v strobes, but I'm not really clear on how bright is bright and how much wattage affects it. Without knowing enough about the new game, but assuming many things will be similar the question becomes how can you get the desired effect without taxing the system (as with all mods). Of course, integration also becomes a problem which we won't know until they are released.

I'm sure someone here with more electrical knowledge will have better ideas.

I actually wish they'd just add them to them at a cost.

#199 9 months ago

LOL. It's Haggis all over again

1 week later
#229 9 months ago

Not nervous, just anxious.

#234 9 months ago

If it helps, I didn't vote, as I'm sure many people didn't.

#255 9 months ago

A real Xenomorph. PB's other company is genetic research.

#272 9 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

It's a new machine, different aspects to it, new manufacturer, new company behind it...you make it sound like it's the EXACT same machine from the same company. I don't get why so many people try to make excuses for these companies. It's NOT NORMAL for a company to ask you to pay $10,000 for a machine that they don't even show you publicly. Not normal, folks. If you're cool with it, good for you, but I ain't.

I would imagine when they start shipping we'll see video. Much of the confusion is that the interview led some to believe that games had already been built and shipped back in December. Once they get production ramped up they are going to want more orders, and I think a bunch of people are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how this goes.

I have no problem waiting for them to get the kinks worked out.

#278 9 months ago

I guarantee you he wasn't talking about 'this' machine.

#289 8 months ago

I've been holding off until we know it is actually coming. I already have too much Alien stuff and had stopped buying years ago.

There's too many unknowns and too many ideas, I will be waiting until I have one in hand before buying too much for toppers/etc.

#296 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Show us your goodies?? if you want to reduce some of it I could be a buyer...

Eh, most of my stuff is boxed away. I don't think I have anything outstanding like I've seen posted around. Most of my stuff is smaller. I have a bunch of NECO and Paladin busts over the years, but I went through them and none of them really work for this I think.

#300 8 months ago

It is awesome, but unless you have really tall ceilings it's taking up pinball room!!

#315 8 months ago

She sure looks purty. In small doses.

#316 8 months ago

Went through a few things I have. I think I will probably go with the queen or the smaller warrior. The big hive one is too tall and narrow.
0129212004a (resized).jpg0129212010b (resized).jpg0129212017 (resized).jpg

0129212021 (resized).jpg

#319 8 months ago

Scratch everything I said. I just came up with an awesome topper idea. Now....to make it reality.

#320 8 months ago

I still..have no idea what they are showing us...

#324 8 months ago
Quoted from wdennie:

you would loss that bet, it definentely was
pb bro,s alien game

He saw an actual video of THIS game, that no one else has seen? Another 'hehe I know something you don't know'? Unless you have proof of said video, which you didn't provide, there is no reason to believe this.

#334 8 months ago


#336 8 months ago
Quoted from LordHumungus:

No sir, I have the best topper for this u could possibly ever have. No topper at all.

Not even a lifesize facehugger jumping toward you from the backbox?

#349 8 months ago

Yeah those minis are so cool. I had to really convince myself not to buy any. lol.

#354 8 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

What would you all guess for the turnaround time between when we pay Cointaker in full and take delivery on games from this first batch( I'm 7)? I heard Lebowski listers have waited 2-4 months after paying but I think thats due to years of bottlenecking on that list. Let me know what you guys think. Thx

I was joking in the other thread, but realistically, it seems like they won't be asking for the rest of the money until they are at the distro, so turnaround should be quick -- WHEN -- they actually get shoreside. The question really is how long it is going to take them to get built and shipped overseas.

#360 8 months ago

Yeah, likewise with me, just got R&M in so having a blast with that while I finish the house remodel and figure out where the Alien is going. My wife wants me to take one room and make it space themed and put Alien, Time Machine, R&M, and Space Station in it. With galaxy lights etc. Not sure yet as I'd rather just have them all lined up together in one room - but it's cool she's on board, AND at the same time asking why I haven't bought a MMr yet. lol.

#363 8 months ago

Yeah they have them on ebay. IIRC though they are really small. I might be wrong.

#366 8 months ago

So did the drop ship fall in the ocean? Are they feeding Melissa lies? I mean...wtf? This is the kind of BS I can't stand from companies. Beginning to sound more like another company who didn't learn their lesson and bit off more than they can chew. I mean, I'm all for taking your time, but quit saying things on timelines if you don't intend to keep them and don't give updates when it is way passed them.

#370 8 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

I ordered a fridge in October for my new place w/ a 2 week window for delivery. Latest estimate from GE was "maybe sometime in April". Luckily my garage works OK for now since it's pretty dang cold here.
GE is a HUGE company and that was the best they could tell me. Imagine being a couple dudes from Sweden LOL.
Supply and delivery chains are beyond hosed right now and there's nothing that can really be done about it unfortunately.

I get what you are saying, but they didn't tell you 'hey we shipped a couple 2 weeks ago' and then a month goes by and nothing.

#379 8 months ago

Well it is something I guess. Odd that they did a bunch of fast cuts, rather than just showing the game going. We are well beyond the 'teaser' phase...

#381 8 months ago

Looks like they chromed everything out? Scoop, etc. And is it just a trick of the camera, or does the back box screen seem bigger than the proto pics?

#419 8 months ago

If you have a pre-order in, then you have the right to say what you want in this thread. Good or bad. PB isn't doing themselves any favors by releasing teasers here and there 3 months after the fact.

If they are making the game better, I'm all for them taking their time. The complaints come from their statements in the podcast where they made it sound like everything was pretty much ready then. Now....most of us realized that probably wasn't the case and my pessimism saves me all the time in these regards. I'm a patient person, but I do not like being lied to. I'd rather you tell me the 'bad' news, than continue to put false promises out --- or in this case radio silence. I find it very strange that they keep putting out teasers for what was supposedly a finished product 2 months ago and has been for sale as long. The people who don't understand why people want to see a video..I don't even know what to say to you. It isn't so we can see the gameplay. It's so we can see there is even a product at all.

The only reason I'm even remotely positive about this at this time is because we shouldn't lose money if it falls though. I like what they've shown so far, but what they've shown is practically nothing in the grand scheme of things. If they'd said in December, or even January that they were not as far along as they thought, and it was going to be a few more months, then I would be less negative. That's not what is happening. They keep putting out teasers trying to...promote hype? I'm not even sure what their goal is at this point. I guess maybe they don't have a marketing/PR person.

#425 8 months ago

I will say I feel sorry for CT lol. All the people calling them constantly for no real reason. Even if CT gets those 2....we still don't know when/if they'll stay around long enough to get the orders completed. It's all a guessing game at this point.

#443 8 months ago

Always funny to see peoples amazingly adult contributions to a thread consisting of whining about people whining and telling others how childish they are and that they aren't going to read the thread anymore until it's more positive *footstomp* That's some amazingly adult content. It's in nearly every thread. I think the ONLY thread that doesn't have negativity is the Game Room thread.

2 weeks later
#469 7 months ago

I'd prefer Galaxy Quest over AvP but I don't see it happening. Alan Rickman callouts would have been hilarious.

#481 7 months ago

How about wait until the game is actually shipping before jumping to conclusions. NOthing has been stated regarding any support for the old machine or not.

#483 7 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Why do people pull crap out of thin air? Don't talk about what you don't know.[quoted image]

Tell the guy throwing a tantrum about it not happening.

#489 7 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Whats up people. Just heard the first batch of Machines just arrived in Pennsylvania. I am in for an LV. I wonder how much longer we have to wait for those.

Where did you hear this?

#493 7 months ago

faaaake news.

#498 7 months ago

How are WE supposed to answer your question. We don't even know when SE's will be shipped. YOU supposedly know more than any of us do...smh... however why would there be any in Pen if Cointaker is the only US company doing distro and they haven't got them? Unless you actually know something, this is more speculative crap. In this case I'd even say hard to really go by what CT says either, as they've been wrong..multiple times apparently. You know..the 4 other times they were supposed to get the games.

ask PB. They are the only ones who know.

#501 7 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Critical reading is important. I never said I know more than any of you. Next...

You can be dismissive if you want, but it doesn't change anything I stated. But in the end it doesn't matter, they'll get here when they get here.

#503 7 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:YOU supposedly know more than any of us do

Quoted from tk375:

Critical reading is important. I never said I know more than any of you. Next...

Yes, indeed critical reading is important. I never said you said you do. I wasn't the one that came in here with claims that no one else was aware of. Are we done yet?

#506 7 months ago

It's all good, we all just want our damn Alien!

1 week later
#530 7 months ago

Well the first batch was 35. There was no number set on the 2nd batch.

I have a feeling the whole 'batch' thing has went out the window though.

1 week later
#542 6 months ago

Awakening is supposedly happening, but I really really do not expect much from it.

I am more interested in the TV show they are pitching. The format allows them to subvert ratings expectations and have more room to breathe for a storyline. It would be very interesting if it was the pitched Alien 5 more or less with a return of Ripley, but I highly doubt that either.

3 weeks later
#558 6 months ago

I've offically up moving my peg from cautiously optimistic to cautiously excited!

#561 6 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

thanks to Manny65 for posting this reply to the issues that RETROCENGO had with his Alien
"PB posted a reply on RETROCENGO Youtube clip "We think that the bass cable and the right loudspeaker cable might be switched. The sound should be pretty good - especially with the fat bass speaker you have in the cabinet’s bottom And as an advanced tip: remove the backglass and find the bass boost knob below the screen, left of the speaker cables..."
David Thiel also commented "I finally watched the entire video. couple things.... looking at the cabinet speaker, that is a good looking driver and should be able to deliver good bass. Having talked with the Pinball Brothers I know that they have a commitment to audio so this is a big surprise. I suspect that it is an assembly problem with switched wires.... Hopefully soon , I will be able to hear a PB Alien in the Northwest so I can evaluate it. The PB audio system was designed to kick ass better than the original. If it is not, there is a problem."
Hopefully a simple fix and can't wait to check out one in person"
Guys let's keep this thread going as we've all been patient waiting for games and now that they're shipping our patience is paying off. No need to jump ship and start a whole "New" thread, just so the same things can be said again.

You're like 2 days late on that info. I think most of us in the other thread already knew this.

To be fair, I prefer more activity in the other thread at least until more people actually HAVE the game in hand so that as many people as possible will know whats going on so they may purchase one. So much grey information, even his video, which he has yet to update(?) regarding the sound that will turn people off more than they already were.

#570 5 months ago

So wait, they want you to pay BEFORE it sinks in the middle of the Atlantic?

I wonder how many they are sending? I have not heard anything yet.

#597 5 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

a new in box stern is $8000 Canadian dollars. The standard edition Alien will be just over $10000 Canadian dollars.. damn, that's a big jump in price. definitely waiting to see a few hundred shipped but it's going to be a tough decision if they succeed getting these out! Theme alone I would want Alien before any recent stern! $2000 could put a nice deposit down on another pin tho! (or a topper )

I do not think you can compare a Stern Pro to SV Alien. There is a TON more in the Alien. I look at quality over quantity at these prices. It doesn't hurt that this is also my dream theme. Granted, different likes for different tykes. I told myself no more NiB games...and yet I've bought 2 in the last year sigh... I really do think LV price will increase at announcement because of all the changes in the world since the initial reveal. I am happy PB did not raise the SV price point. If they manage to knock this out, huge kudos.

I am really hoping Spooky's next pin is not Evil Dead. That is about the only theme I think I could not say no to right now.

#602 5 months ago

If that's what is currently on the line one of those is mine!

#624 5 months ago

Can't you just mylar over those spots? Cliffy's seem a bit extreme for magnets.

#642 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Looks like the first shipment of 4 units finally arrived at Cointaker and are being trucked onwards. I just got a shipment email. It is finally happening!

Awesome. Hope everyone is ready to post unpacking / gameplay videos!

#647 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Guys - from my experience, these are the beacons that work perfect. They did on the OG and apparently were the stock used by HW pinball (although I can’t say for certain). What I can say for certain is that they worked on OG and hopefully they do here too
4 Colors Rotating Beacon Warning Light Lamp Spiral ABS 10W 12VDC-220VAC
ebay.com link: itm
Great to hear about the 4 arriving. Look forward to hearing and seeing more.

12V? We don't really know what voltage we are going to need for this since we don't know what we'll be connecting to is the issue I see.

#652 5 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

On the original ALIEN the Beacon power was reduced to ~7 Volt PWM-current.
That was decided to reduce the noise from gear driven version.
In the meantime belt driven versions were available but I never got a pair... but I got new beacons with a screw cap I use now.
This version is much better for maintenance and it use 12 Volt LED with less power consumption.
Order this version: ebay.com link: itm

FYI for those of us in the states:

Does not ship to United States

#665 5 months ago

Yes, it was posted 2 pages back. All the info is there.

#675 5 months ago

That jaw design still looks poor. Almost think rather than a switch it should use a hook and latch/loop with a switch placed completely behind/off the alien head. I won't know for sure until I see one in person though.

#679 5 months ago

Why is it still in the box? Come on slowpoke!

#705 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Here are some comments on my Day 1 w/ Alien SV.

Interesting about the display. I had thought it looked bigger than Stern or R&M as well. Nice to hear it is a good quality.

#729 5 months ago

If it isn't 426, they failed.

#757 5 months ago

Wait...they used micro switches on the targets?? That just sounds like a bad idea...but..I suppose since they are 'behind' and never directly hit maybe it is fine? does anyone else do that?

#773 5 months ago


0510211112a~2 (resized).jpg
#776 5 months ago

I can't say I've ever had to replace any micro switches on any of my old machines, ever, aside from one that was completely missing on a Xenon. These were routed games as well.

The only game to really even give me issues with the switches is R&M.

*knocks on wood*

So who knows...but I will say that Xeno switch needs addressed ( which it sounds like they are working on?).

#806 5 months ago

I realize I'm no pinball engineer, and there's lots of parts to a machine, but wouldn't one assume that they would have tested the game enough to see things like what is mentioned here? I realize maybe not 100% of the code, but switches at the very least.

#843 5 months ago

It would actually be nice to know where we are in line so I could plan. I was in the first list, but I've yet to hear a thing. Pretty sure 'that' much of the last half of that list got pushed back in favor of other people.

I'm not in any hurry, but I'd like to know if I should expect it in the next month or so, or not until dead of winter/next year.

#856 5 months ago

So no one ever attempted to fix this with a bigger magnet or anything on the OG?

#858 5 months ago

Curious, can the brand/type of ball make a difference too? I know there's a fine line between ones that are magnetic and too magnetic, but would stronger magnetic balls help?

#863 5 months ago

Well hopefully they get it figured out. Seems like yet another thing that you would have thought was already re-engineered on this release.

#871 5 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Received a tracking document from Melissa at CT. Looks like the container is suppose to arrive in the NYC port on June 7th. Hell yeah!

Are they shipping them straight from there or going to CT first?

#877 5 months ago

Wonder how many games they shipped. It wasn't the whole first quarter batch.

#881 5 months ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Do we know how many people fell into each batch?

The number on CT was 35 for the first batch. I was 34 and have not been contacted yet.

#889 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I have a guess on a feature that will NOT be in the LV: A playfield screen. If you think they'd go to the trouble of redesigning the playfield and light boards to simplify manufacturing, and then go and make two different versions? I don't see that happening. The Super Awesome podcast reveal from last December should have convinced everybody of this, but there are still doubters.

Well there's still people who think RAZA is going to ship...so..I guess people need dreams.

#894 5 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

What a mess that has been...almost 2 years ago I saw it and played it in Houston...
I dont need a PF screen. I can think of 5-6 other items to justify the 2k more..
This was a dream pin for many and that came true...LOL.
Hoping my other dream pin comes true-----The one who guesses it right get's a steak dinner at TPF.. Let's roll.

If it's not Evil Dead I have to write you out of the will.

#923 5 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Thank youRed Devils. Makes it more fun waiting on the boat. I don't understand why Mellisa can't tell at least tell us when the container is supposed to be delivered. Very disappointed in Cointaker so far.

She can't tell you because everything is backed up. Ain't no one can tell you that but the cap'n.

#924 5 months ago

Dug out my key chain...

0524212101 (resized).jpg
#927 5 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Red Devil found out the delivery date, why can't she?

Every date she's given has been missed. I wouldn't give you a date either. FFS.

#935 4 months ago

So, I just got my invoice - shipping June 8th. There's only 1 more that was supposed to be on the first shipment. I'm a bit confused by this...

#940 4 months ago

The first boat hasn't left yet. My guess is since it is behind, maybe they are loading up more than anticipated.

#950 4 months ago

Looks exactly the same to me...I doubt they've had enough time to make any actual changes....if they are even going to. They most likely just sent you a replacement for now.

#952 4 months ago

Those microswitches are awful...bad bad design choice. At least they are replaceable (solder in/out).

#956 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Or just positioned badly. We shall see.

I mean those are very subject to smashing. Are these the same ones they used on the OG? How have they held up? I use these all the time for things, and they wear out quite a bit. I can't imagine they hold up to the sharp hits of a pinball even though it isn't direct.

#979 4 months ago

Curious have they released any software updates? And if so, were they at all compatible with the OG's?

#1009 4 months ago

I was surprised to read that container ships generally take 1 week to cross. I always thought it was much longer than that.

#1023 4 months ago

So stronk even Alien jaw cannot dimple!

#1049 4 months ago

I'm curious about how many of these new ones have sold so far and how many are just waiting for LV info. Hoping they sell the crap out of these.

#1058 4 months ago
Quoted from BlackFlag:Hi,
Just a quick post for the definitive Targets Fix.
Here's my PB ALIEN converted with White Water Targets
3 Green + 2 Orange Targets
5 connectors JST PH2 (to keep original cables unmodified)
And ... voilà [quoted image][quoted image]

Is that engineer model the one from Wish?

#1062 4 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Have you ever bought a brand new pinball machine before? There is ALWAYS something to fix on a brand new game from any manufacturer. If you're expecting everything to be absolutely perfect on your brand new game, owning a pinball machine is probably not for you.

To his point though, this one kind of does have a lot to prove...and we already know there are some questionable design choices that probably should have been changed from the OG. Much of the reason I avoided buying an OG.

What I think does need to be called out is that what Blackflag is talking about isn't a necessary change, it is something that he is experimenting with to make the targets more stable. At the end of the day, I question how reliable these target switches are going to be as well. I can definitely see how some of these things might put people off if they don't want to mess with it.

#1071 4 months ago


so, where did the number 22 come from? Are we positive 22 are on this ship? Are we positive there's a 2nd ship slated to leave soon and how many games are on it?

#1107 4 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

New shots. Factory support. Cabinet that lines up better with my other games. Physical ball lock. I wont miss the screen much because I'm dont really keep track of ammo and weapons(I just flail around and try to complete modes) and I prefer to watch the awesome cut scenes on the large back box monitor. That large monitor on the back box(which was an option, it came standard with no monitor at all) is one of the most striking features of the original. I'm most concerned about not liking the smaller back box monitor on the remake. I'm withholding my final decision on which to sell until I get a chance to check out my remake.
I appreciate the curiosity. Let me know if you want to drive out and see it in person. I can help you load it up

I feel like the back box monitor would be one of the easiest things to modify - except that not many people make square displays these days. I bought a 28" inch one back in 2012 for a virtual pin, but resolution on that is only 1080p and obviously not new fangled display tech. So on that note, not sure. I wonder who JJP sources for their giant displays.

#1110 4 months ago

I mean...I have so many different vendors from different times, that is normal.

HH and Xenon specifically do not match anything else. Always have to put HH on an end.

#1116 4 months ago

Haha, I still have the pallet from my R&M if I need to send it to them to ship mine!

#1132 4 months ago

So you're saying we could really use deeproot's new pinball shipping technology to get these out!

#1138 4 months ago

Just thought about that...my first import.

#1151 4 months ago

More concerned about the blowing fuses. Any idea what is causing them and if it is something that can actually be 'fixed'?

#1161 4 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I was thinking it may be related to time but it happened during a short game off stream, both times during Ambush MB. Nothing too crazy though and not frequent. I will let PB know.

I may be wrong, but isn't there a point in Ambush MB that the flippers cut out on purpose?

#1164 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Not sure of PB version, but flippers stay engaged throughout entire Ambush mode in Heighway machine....

Okay must just be the lights go out.

#1181 4 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

This is starting to look like a sh** show. Can’t imagine these games not tested before hand. Glad I waited on grabbing what I am sure will eventually be a great pin

so far, doesn't seem any worse than practically every other pin launch the last 3-4 years. The + is that these guys are still working out the kinks.

#1184 4 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Love ur passion but come on man.

Oh don't think I'm blind. I'm certainly not an apologist. I'm not afraid to bitch about what is wrong. I have concerns about certain design decisions, but so far, nothing that scares me out of it. Seems more stable than OG at this point. I have an R&M which is probably the most I've ever had to work on a game to get it up to speed. That being said, there's plenty of bitch threads about most of the makers, aside from probably CGC (which by the way, my game from them is still rock solid, never had to do anything to it).

#1191 4 months ago

We have any news on the 2nd shipment? Did it leave yet?

#1201 4 months ago

Is that a solid block of wood in the backbox supporting the speakers/monitor??

#1204 4 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Looks like several layers of MDF. Doubles as a mount for display and speakers. That would add some weight though. Cool!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, that adds some weight. Stable I'm sure, but you'd think there was lighter material that could be used.

#1214 4 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

MDF is the best material for speaker boxes, my assumption is that's why they chose that material and from what I understand it sounds great ...
Hopefully I will know soon, still waiting for tracking info ....

OHHHh, very good point, I hadn't considered that...wonder if that means they are hollow areas behind the speakers then to increase bass response. At first it looked like it went completely around the back, but I see there is a gap behind the display.

#1251 3 months ago

question: anyone know if replacement parts are being stocked locally? Just curious what opening tickets for hardware turnaround is?

#1273 3 months ago

you bastards with your TWO aliens...

#1293 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Well they aren't magnetized I just tested them with a paper clip and they're the exact same diameter. So I'm at a loss I don't have a scale to weigh them, maybe European balls are heavier than US balls
delt31 These are opposite the ones that came with the game are shiny and the others are dull.

Does the game have normal trough switches or are they magnetic?

Also curious for OG ppl what balls they replace with eventually? R&M is my only game with a magnet and I know there were certain balls you could use, and certain ones you couldn't.

#1299 3 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Got mine set up yesterday. Arrived with no issues from shipping.
After opening it I found that the legs were just sorta lying on top of the front of the cabinet in the box, not secured to anything, which doesn't seem like a good idea. The legs were individually wrapped, but after taking them out of the wrap, they all had major gashes in them. They don't even seem to have a finish or anything either, just raw metal. Probably the worst looking legs I've ever seen on a pinball machine.
Rest of the game looked good, got it set up.
There's no holes for head bolts of any type, just a WPC style latch on the back, which is concerning.
Left speaker makes a buzzing sound at certain frequencies, other two speakers sound great.
The back box lock location is really ugly, not sure why they couldn't just put it on top like a normal machine. Translite doesn't have lift trim, and is really hard to get out.
Lockdown bar uses clasps like Sterns, which is nice, however these aren't designed well. They hit the playfield support rests when the playfield is down, so you can't easily lock the lockdown bar down without forcibly bending them past and lifting the playfield up slightly. The lockdown bar also doesn't actually seem to hold the playfield down (sort of its main job!). Instead, there's two little thumb screws to anchor the playfield into the cabinet. Seems fine to keep those out besides when moving the game, but I'm sure I'll forget them or lose them at some point.
The flipper cap switches were really sensitive at first. I looked at them and found that the blade wasn't touching the tensioner, just floating there. Once I adjusted it to have some pressure they worked good. But they're not dual stacked! No way to stage the upper flippers, which is a major downer. My Alice Cooper was the same way. I don't understand how manufacturers think this is acceptable.
Tilt bob had fallen off during shipment and was rolling around the back of the cab. It's not a standard tilt bob. It's only about half the diameter, and is threaded so you adjust the height by spinning the whole bob. No set screw or anything that I could find so I'm sure it'll vibrate back off again. Why did they reinvent the tilt bob??
On first boot, the main screen went black once it got to attract mode. Rebooting fixed the issue. Seems to happen maybe 1/5 times I turn the game on. Other than that, I was able to start and play a game fine.
Also, on every boot, the xeno does a calibration test, but the tongue goes super slow, while making a loud grinding sound. Seems to work fine in game though, not sure what the issue is.
My left spinner got stuck the first time I hit it. Turns out it was misadjusted from the factory, microswitch needed to be tilted down more as the leaf was hitting it and preventing the spinner from making a full rotation. Not hard to fix, except: all the screws are gd torx bits! Not only that, they're not magnetic! I don't even know how you manage to find non-magnetic screws.... What should have been a 10 second job instead involved multiple rounds of dropping screws into the machine, fishing them back out again, etc.
While playing I noticed that the flippers were occasionally sticking. After investigating, I found that the flipper cranks were installed too low on the flipper bat shafts, so they were dragging slightly on the coil sleeves when the playfield was down. I needed to move them all up a bit to fix it. However, now the cranks are almost dragging on the bushings instead. There's just a hair's width clearance where it still works. I assume some tolerances are off on their flipper mechs, since they decided to for some reason manually redesign the williams flipper mechs rather than just use regular ones. Stupid.
I also found out that pop bumpers have the same problem as the cab switches with the tensioners. I adjusted the switch so the lower blade presses against the spoon, and then pushed the upper blade down close to it with the tensioner, and now the pops have much better action.
Left eject hole is super messy. The ball goes all over the place once it's kicked out. Someone posted a fix in a thread earlier, will have to track it down. Again, the mech is not well designed. Not sure why they couldn't just use a standard eject mechanism.
After that, was able to get some games in fine. Playfield looks amazing, although it's already showing a few dimples. No pooling or planking like my sterns have had. Standup switches have all been working ok so far, although I wish I could up the sensitivity of the one at the back of the lane going into the pops, since that's such a hard shot to hit to begin with. Wish there was a one way gate there or something so balls couldn't miss the target and go into the pops when you make the shot. I may try to mod one in, or replace that standup with a normal once since it's not lit.
Flippers feel a bit weak, even at max strength. Seems to be a common issue with smaller manufacturers besides Stern/CCG.
I also found that the trough eject coil was coming loose. One of the two screws was missing completely, and the other was loose+stripped. They seem to also be metric. I'll have to stock up on metric screws next time I'm at the hardware store.
Ran into a few software issues. One time I got a tilt warning right as I activated the revive in the outlane, and then the game seemed to get confused, and didn't give me my ball back or end the ball. A few other times the revive didn't give me my ball back and the ball just ended. Occasionally it launches a second ball after I plunge, but I can just drain it and the game continues on okay. No issues with the game crashing or anything though like other people have reported, so those seem like simple issues that can be fixed in software.
My one big concern so far: one time, I drained my ball, and the ball didn't end. I checked the trough, but all the balls were in their proper positions, and the status leds showed that the optos were all working properly. I went into switch test, and pretty much all the switches on the lower half of my playfield had stopped working. Tried wiggling cables on the boards under the playfield, etc, but nothing helped, so I was forced to reboot it. Hopefully this is just a bug in the firmware or something and not a sign of more connector issues down the road.

Of all the reports, this is the first one that has me going...we just got our asses kicked..in a bad way. Lots to digest here.

#1310 3 months ago

new pinball prices:


#1346 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Another thing I am experiencing is that my Xeno magnet has not caught the ball once at the start of ambush so it can eat the ball. I think they positioned the magnet too far away from the targets. Any suggestions there. Really takes away from that huge feature if it’s not gonna work reliably or even at all.

did you test this with the glass off?

#1352 3 months ago

It's a little late in the pinball game to demand perfection at this point. People have been giving companies too much leeway in terms of quality for the price for too long. This game is actually cheap comparatively considering what you get. This is where I am torn.

I am not really clear on what issues 'we' can fix versus code, versus what is still poor design and probably will never get fixed.

For example - the xeno jaw grind...is that normal? Is it still a bad design that is going to work a few months until it just stops working?
Why is the magnet there still an issue? Surely they already knew both of these were issues on the OG so why are they STILL a problem?

As for the switches - I don't see that getting fixed any time soon if at all which means owners are going to still need to 'rebuild' these better at some point. If it was it would have gotten fixed on the first shipment?? Or at the very least some announcement that they would be changing them. Instead...still the same design that doesn't work any better.

I am not concerned about the solder issues - these things are being shipped from overseas - some games can't even make it down the block before losing a connection.

Small things like the speakers being reversed is not concerning, but it does point to there are no checks on games prior to shipping. This may be a learning curve thing (we saw it with Spooky) where better QA is needed off the line, but having worked in factories doing final tests, it is bothersome that this seems to be a recurring theme in pinball manufacturing which should just be a given. Make sure the thing works before boxing it up. You don't need to ram a ball around in it, but at least finger the switches, and check general functionality. You are only making 5-20 of these a day....

sorry for the wall of text

#1355 3 months ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

For the price these games should be perfect, but this is pinball. You could get a nib full featured game for ~3800 or so when I started, now it’s closer to 8k
Half the fun for me is tinkering so my tolerance for imperfection is high, but even if others don’t like fixing my guess is he also has high tolerance… especially since the game is incredible.

the better the game, the higher the tolerance I've found. I even said this about R&M. If the game hadn't been so damn good, I would have sold it long ago since it needed so much work out of the box. It is still annoying considering the cost of these damn things. Fortunately, *knocks on wood* I've been pretty fortunate so far.

Also, keep in mind, not all games come off the line the same(although they should). What we mostly see here are a few pinside addicts, and those with issues. Many who aren't on pinside, or aren't having issues, we never hear from.

I am not even sure how many are actually delivered at this point.

#1368 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

In case anyone is having issues with sticky flippers on their game, I made a tutorial showing how I fixed this issue. I checked the bushing / flipper bat gap, the coil sleeves, and coil alignment prior to doing this. I hope this helps anyone having this issue.

Thanks for this.

#1375 3 months ago

Is replacing the targets a fix..or just a bandaid? Seems that if htey are replacing them with the same exact parts, it's not going to work for long..if at all.

N/M: didn't realize the post was FROM PB Bros when I posted. Good news.

#1379 3 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Yeah I feel the same way. Don’t they check switches and coils in test mode and see how it actually plays? There should be a checklist of tests before it’s boxed up.

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but as I posted above, that apparently isn't a thing in pinball land...if it is, all these companies are extremely bad at it. They aren't pushing out 1000's a day, there's really no reason to not do a functional test on every single game off the line. No need to go through all the wiring, just have a check list of things to check - does it come on, switches, coils, speakers, display to name a few. If any of that stuff isn't working, it isn't ready to box.

#1383 3 months ago

Doesn't matter what game thread it is, there's always that ONE guy...

#1388 3 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

That link to the target issue is a little difficult to understand.
Are they saying that the fix they instituted is just temporary? There’s a total redesign on the way?

That's what I got from it, a v3...

#1397 3 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

FedEx my favorite shipper …. Not! Machine was supposed to be delivered today, it was 2 hours away in upstate NewYork , now it’s in friggin Arkansas [quoted image]

Give it a break man! It just wanted to see the world before it got trapped in your basement!

#1404 3 months ago

Wonder how much it costs to ship these things overseas...I assume they get some sort of bulk cost, but it's gotta be over 500 each doesn't it?

Good to hear about the update. Keep them coming.

#1422 3 months ago
Quoted from drypaint:

Updated the code last night. Played one game and it worked fine. After the game ended it stuck in attract mode. No switch's worked. Could not press start, coin mechs stopped working, service buttons stopped working. I power cycled the game and got the I/O board not found error. Continued to get the error for the next couple hours of trying to start the game until I gave up. At this point it won't boot and is therefore unplayable.
Hard to say if it is related to the update or not. Earlier in the day we were fairly busy and it was getting a lot of play. We would have to shut it off and reboot several times. Each time it took more tries to get past the "I/O not found" screen.
For those that do not have theirs yet: If this screen comes up, it will continue to boot the game and sometimes looks like everything is fine. But no buttons or switches work. Its just locked up. Other times you will have either no screen, or no insert lamps, or neither. The PB website says its a known issue to be resolved in the next update. We are to power cycle the game to resolve the issue until then.
I was assuming this new update would resolve it, but it definitely didn't. Still waiting to hear back from PB.

So, you have no recovery from this? That's a hell of a 'code issue' if so.

#1427 3 months ago
Quoted from drypaint:

Just waiting to find out. But I can't say its a code update issue. Its possible it could be a coincidence. I was just reporting here to let others know and to see if anyone else had the issue, resolution, etc.


#1431 3 months ago

Did they ever get pallets? Doesn't matter when the games get here if they aren't going to ship them out. lol.

#1439 3 months ago
Quoted from dri:

Is anyone's game working 100% OOB?

Someone in the other thread claims theirs is working fine...but I don't know if they had any issues at all or if they have an OG...

#1462 3 months ago

I got these cool little things to see if i could find somewhere on the game to put them but they are glass...

0701211443 (resized).jpg

#1478 3 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I was going to cancel my deposit for the LV and roll it into GODZILLA , but after seeing what you have posed I am staying onboard in the first round when they get made/shipped.
Sad I gotta let 2 babies go.....

LOL...I was actually in the middle of debating typing this. I'm the opposite. The more this goes on, and the more I look at other threads, I am thinking about cancelling.

I realized I would not accept this from ANY other industry. NONE. As hobbyists, we've basically put ourselves in this mindset that 'we' are lucky they are being made, when it really should be the other way around. 'They' should feel lucky we want to buy them. But in talking in another thread regarding opinions, I realized, I wouldn't put up with this in any other hobby. They would fix or replace or refund said item quickly. I realize we can say 'niche' but since it is niche it should be QUALITY out the door if they want to sell them.

That is not what we are getting from these companies. They've got us wrapped around their fingers and they know it, so they don't have to put quality out the door. It's pretty infuriating to be honest. They don't have to respond, they don't have to update code if they choose not to, they sure as hell don't have to offer any kind of refunds or discounts. They can completely ignore the issue and nothing happens. The 'it's pinball' so expect has morphed from used games with things that need fixed/tweaked to full on, don't expect a working game out of the box. That is completely crazy.

but at the same time...I am a pinball addict...so....who knows. I know companies like Spooky are listening, and it sounds like PB are as well, but when they can't get them out fast enough, where is the incentive to really improve?

Just had to get that off my chest.

#1571 3 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Anybody receiving updates on getting their machines? Any new delivers? Seems like a quiet thread for such a cool machine.

Still not a lot of them in hands yet.

#1573 3 months ago

Do we even know if shipment 1 were all shipped from Cointaker yet?

#1583 3 months ago

I just want to know who 'we' is...

#1615 3 months ago

Lots of people saying it is grinding....that is very concerning (at least not having seen it). Grinding usually indicates things not fitting together properly. Does it need lube? Is it metal on metal or plastic on plastic? etc. Or..is the noise everyone is talking about the motor noise?

#1620 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

It's not as loud in test mode after the update.
Is there a way to strengthen the magnet under the xeno? I don't get many grabs at mb start unless it's an indirect shot. My OKT next to it looks like it has the same size magnet on the playfield and those will stop a bullet in its tracks.

Would have thought some engineer out there would have figured this out by now. Is it a voltage issue or not enough winding? Just not big enough in general?

#1644 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

From my earlier post regarding the "issues" I was having with the game.
1: I received the new Version 2 of the "skinny" targets from pinball Brothers and I still went ahead and sanded the edge as shown in the earlier post. (see pic) because they still appeared that they could get suck closed with a hard enough shot. I installed them and they've been working without any problems now.
2: I also received the coin box, which was missing in the game in another package from Cato.
3: I got a new Alien Playfield Board 6 to fix the issue with the right ramp opto not working and I'm happy to report that replacing the board fixed that issue.
So as of right now my game is playing without any issues whatsoever. i had no doubt that Pinball Brothers would make everything ok, Cato in support has been nothing short of incredible. The last thing that is on Cato's radar is to tweak the software so that the Xeno catching the ball is more consistent. Adding foam behind the targets didn't help me much as I'm convinced it's a timing issue in the software. I'm confident that they will get this done.
This game is so addicting and immersive and I'm loving it!
Red Devils out...
[quoted image]

How many switches are we talking about?

#1650 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

So after reading through the "original" Alien thread while waiting for this one. I really liked the motion tracker mod. So I got in touch with the guy who made them originally and asked if he would be willing to revise the mod to work on the PB Alien, he said he would. So I'm happy to show you the fruits of his labor, here's a couple of pics of the motion tracker mod installed on my PB Alien. It's fantastic as anybody who has it installed on their original will tell you. If you are interested in getting one for your machine contact Vimtoman via PM for pricing and availability. He's a great guy to work with!
Sorry for the crappy pics they really don't do it justice.[quoted image][quoted image]


#1654 3 months ago


#1675 3 months ago

Word was there were shipping container shortages. Problem is, that doesn't really tell us if the next set of games are already boxed up (which they probably have been) and/or sitting on a container (which is also possible).

For the next 20 or so games, I would not expect them to have any of the new switches / etc. If they aren't already boxed, then it's going to be at least a 4 week wait anyway.

For all we know..they could be on the water....

#1679 3 months ago

You aren't going to lose your $1000. And I get the impression CT has more to do than bug PB every day. When we do get info from them, it seems to be wrong half the time. I'm in no rush (I mean..I am, but I can wait). I would prefer if the next shipment was still on the line waiting for the fixes, but I really don't think that is the case. I think they are sitting on the docks waiting to ship. (and btw, I've already fully paid for mine, thinking they may have jumped a bit too soon on those collections).

#1704 89 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

How about starting with tried and true orbit posts and standup targets that don’t fail in the 100s of games they’ve been used in before now? Keep the simple stuff simple.

Is it 'simple' or 'cheaper'. I would guess cheaper.

#1709 89 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

The color changing standups seem to be working fine actually. It's just the skinny ones that are getting stuck. They have lights in them too but none of them are wired up. Only the square standups have active lighting. Which is weird since there are connectors on the playfield boards for the skinny standup's Leds too. Just no wiring to connect the two. Not sure why they left them out...

Might be something we can wire up? Or...it's plans for LV for 'more leds'.

1 week later
#1778 80 days ago

Were there unused assets? I highly doubt anything new can be added...

#1785 80 days ago

So the big question then is..should we contact and order the new switches before we get them?

#1792 79 days ago

I haven't heard anything yet. Will keep an eye out.

#1803 79 days ago

Do you know if that was one of the ones sitting at CT waiting for a pallet or a new shipment? No idea how many games were shipped on the first round, but it wasn't the whole set. (Because I should have been on it). Yet to hear anything but paid back in May.

#1819 77 days ago

Anyone know who designed and coded this game?

#1832 75 days ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

congrats! .. were you "2nd batch " .. i am no. 44 PIF and have heard nothing

I'm first batch (34 I believe) and haven't heard anything.

#1851 72 days ago

Everyone so excited to hear about LV, when the first shipment hasn't even been delivered yet. LOL. I think everyone is going to be waiting longer than they think.

#1853 72 days ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Just checked. I paid in full 5/25 because shipping was imminent and have heard nothing since.

I am thinking the 2 that shipped recently may have just been 'waiting on pallets'. I think the ship is still on the water.

#1904 66 days ago

Are these proximity sensors basically MRs that don't show through the pf?

#1948 65 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Yes, our point above.
MRS are operated by magnets, not a steel ball such as a Proximity Sensor or Hall Effect sensor.

I mentioned that because that is what the switches being sold to replace regular switches from Sonic are called. I don't know enough about the technicals of them other than they are triggered by the balls getting near them. It's why I asked, to clarify what type of trigger set them off, also because it might be something that he can speak to.

EDIT: N/M I hadn't read all the way through, looks like it has been covered.