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"Morning MU/TH/UR" Pinball Brothers Alien Remake Owners Club

By Red_Devils

10 months ago

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#11 10 months ago

I was told I have the 7 spot... I will keep you posted

#15 10 months ago

Nice. I hope you enjoy yours. I picked up an original over the summer and it is a delightful game. If the brothers can pull this off it's going to be a game changer for the hobby.

#16 10 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

Nice. I hope you enjoy yours. I picked up an original over the summer and it is a delightful game. If the brothers can pull this off it's going to be a game changer for the hobby.

You should start a preorder watch thread and I will join you

#20 10 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Good evening. Owner clubs require a game to have shipped. We hope to see one of these shipping soon, at which time an owners club may be formed.
This is a hype thread, since it is created prior to shipping the first game. Thanks.

Thanks Tiger! My Dad was a web footed coon ass from New Iberia so I have lots of love for you folks south of the I-10. Geaux Tigers and I hope Santa puts some lagniappe on your stocking.

#41 10 months ago

I got my deposit in within 5 minutes of Cointaker going live. Melissa told me I was #7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for January but I can wait....

Screenshot_20201220-134307_Messages (resized).jpg
#44 10 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

llabnip1972 are you not on the LE/LV train, or are you staying with the standard version?

I'm going with the bird in hand. SE

#46 10 months ago

My plan is to park the remake right next my original. Once I'm sure that I'm satisfied with the remake I will probably move the original out. My experience playing the original has me stoked for the new shot features in the remake. The magnet to feed the upper right flipper is going to be a game changer. I'm also glad for the physical ball lock on the hyper sleep ramp. That ramp feels so awesome to hit that to have it just dribble through is a little lame. I'm just a sucker for physical locks. It's one of the reasons I got rid of my standard Wonka. They also added the back entrance to the airlock scoop(mode hole). They mentioned that the scoop could yell which entrance was used so I assume it will be coded at some point to a new rule. I know it will suck to lose the pf screen but I would trade that for the new shot features anyday. I'm not completely sure if or how much my original is going to drip in the market but who cares. I'm here to play with the best toys , not make money

#106 10 months ago

I'm guessing it's going to be $2200 for one last chance to buy an Alien, $900 in over the counter mods and a plaque.

#107 10 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

I'm guessing it's going to be $2200 for one last chance to buy an Alien, $900 in over the counter mods and a plaque.

I'm oot

1 week later
#157 9 months ago

Aliens is best, but the original is dope as well

1 week later
#195 9 months ago

Sounds like things are coming together nicely in Italy. If anyone is interested in my original Alien SE by heighway let me know as I will be looking to move it out once my remake arrives. I would prefer trades but sale is a possibility also. Absolutely no shipping of any kind, but I can travel between Portland and LA. If you want to see the machine you can view the archived ad here on pinside from when I purchased it in September of last year.

#202 9 months ago
Quoted from TomDK:

You should first test the Remake !
There are several nice things missing, maybe you sell the Original and figure out that the remake is not as good as you thought.
I will also have a look on the new one but not sell my original before ! That for sure.
The nice thing is the price on the remake. Under 8K EURO is really good for a pin this days ! Specially whilst JJP and STERN are out in Europe due the funny taxes.

Totally agreed sir! I'm not moving the original out until I have my remake in hand and I've had time to play it. I just want to get started at putting together a trade. I like to move slow when it comes to trading and buying pins. It prolongs the fun.

1 week later
#246 9 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Have just confirmed that Pinball Brothers are supposed to be making an announcement tomorrow and they do have some machines ready to go on the boat and they are air freighting a couple to Cointaker, so hopefully there will be news tomorrow


20210117_100841 (resized).jpg
#280 8 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

It seems the "other" thread has turned in to a bitch fest of how this will never be made and how can people trust this company after the last fiasco. I'm so glad this thread is staying on track and giving positive vibes Thanks guys and keep it up!

Absolutely!! I am so positively vibing on this new toy. Thanks for helping to keep it classy chappie

#301 8 months ago
Quoted from Engel67:

[quoted image]

Holy shit! That thing is going to make some divorce attorney a lot of money

#338 8 months ago

I'm getting excited also!

#341 8 months ago

We're gonna need a bigger boat

16121389651231216988844863766641 (resized).jpg16121390680369144007065192619002 (resized).jpg
#342 8 months ago
16121392600047782374076881846281 (resized).jpg16121392905643145869449118202895 (resized).jpg
#343 8 months ago
1612139400650608701361091488774 (resized).jpg
#347 8 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Love the mins with the mini alien. Great imagination. You win the grand prize.

Dude fucking A! Lots of nice stuff on here. We are some very fortunate people. Toys keep you young

#348 8 months ago

Chap seems to like Centipede. Go figure

#350 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Yeah those minis are so cool. I had to really convince myself not to buy any. lol.

I fought the urge myself but then I saw some in person at the California Extreme a couple years back and then it was game over , man. What I'm really Jonesing for is a Satans Hollow machine of any shape or size.

#351 8 months ago

The build quality is outstanding on both brands, the smaller ones by Replicade and the larger Numbskull models. I got a Dig Dug arriving soon by numbskull. I will need to get the "big chap" from walmart to scale correctly with the numbskull machines, they come in a little under 20"

#352 8 months ago

My loving and infinitely patient wife says I should get a dollhouse

#353 8 months ago

What would you all guess for the turnaround time between when we pay Cointaker in full and take delivery on games from this first batch( I'm 7)? I heard Lebowski listers have waited 2-4 months after paying but I think thats due to years of bottlenecking on that list. Let me know what you guys think. Thx

#355 8 months ago

Exactly what I was thinking...great minds

#356 8 months ago

That other thread blows

#357 8 months ago

Chappie's thread is dope!

#362 8 months ago
Quoted from Chopper36:

Found this on the Bradford Exchange could be possible topper
[quoted image]


3 weeks later
#454 7 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

just read in the "other" thread that a pinsider reports that Melissa from CT should be getting 5 games next week by air and will be streaming video of it. I sure hope this is true it would definitely bring some sunshine to this guy

Yes Chappie. She responded to my email with the same information on Monday. I've got a good feeling. I'm a very lucky guy and unless my streak is over we will all be enjoying our games someday very soon. This is going to be an epic two year period for my collection. Started 2020 off with a sweet TZ right before the lockdown. Then during lockdown I picked up a GB, DP, MBr and an Alien by Heighway. This year I got my flash gordon back from a damn near hep quality restoration ( all thanks to pinsider 2fun). On top of waiting for alien remake I also get to pick up a Lebowski next weekend. Very lucky indeed!

#460 7 months ago

What is the purpose of the 5 games being sent to cointaker? Are they for the first five customers? Demo games for some reason, despite there being no shows and the game is sold
I assumed they would keep one for their showroom and as reference for tech support. The rest would go out.

#461 7 months ago

I assumed they would keep one for their showroom and as reference for tech support. If I remember correctly Melissa told me all games go to
Cointaker and then they ship out to the customer. Same with tbl

#462 7 months ago

DHL if I'm remembering right.

#463 7 months ago

Here you go Tex. I appreciate the positive feedback!

16148824310886165772508819485629 (resized).jpg16148825024053771639594330900946 (resized).jpg16148825239211459679307598423579 (resized).jpg16148825428191526135165987060218 (resized).jpg16148826095907215461912498145898 (resized).jpg16148826619474011248498898433690 (resized).jpg
#464 7 months ago

Mbrle got sacrificed for the impending tbl

1 week later
#491 7 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Whats up people. Just heard the first batch of Machines just arrived in Pennsylvania. I am in for an LV. I wonder how much longer we have to wait for those.

Where you hear those things?

#511 7 months ago
Quoted from ElCid95:

I can't wait to hear about the game since I have a standard on order in the first batch!!!


#512 7 months ago

There is talk on the other thread of sending some east coaster to storm the cointaker building on some kind of half baked first amendment audit. I'm exaggerating but not by much

#513 7 months ago

Chappie will have none of that!

2 weeks later
#535 6 months ago


Quoted from pbwizard14:

I made this today.
[quoted image]

#537 6 months ago

I just read this and it's not too shabby

16172303269284787754397565973357 (resized).jpg
#539 6 months ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Is this a new series?

Yes. I'm only one issue in. It's really not bad

#540 6 months ago

Should be interesting to see what Disney does with the next flick.

#541 6 months ago

I was playing my original just now and was able to get to the Save Newt multiball. I've only got it a handful of times and it's pretty sweet. To everyone waiting for a chance to own a remake, I say hang in there because this game is stacked!!! I like to play it at dusk with just a little bit of daylight filtering into the room past the blackout tinted windows.

2 weeks later
#547 6 months ago

Video clip on pinball brothers facebook just popped up an hour ago. It shows machines ready to be boxed up. 6 of them. I would share it but I refuse to have a Facebook account on principle and they wont let me share content without logging in. Great looking machines!

1 week later
#573 5 months ago

Crickets out here for me......

#574 5 months ago

Oh well

#575 5 months ago

Good thing I already have one

#579 5 months ago

According to Melissa I am #7

#581 5 months ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

Did you get invoiced?

Nothing and my phone calls are going straight to voicemail.....

#584 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

? I got my invoice this week and paid in full.

Nice. I got moved to the pay no mind list

#586 5 months ago

Invoice recieved

#588 5 months ago

Now I really need to start getting serious about selling my OG

#591 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Why not keep both like RETROCENGO

Maybe so....

#595 5 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

or at least keep it until they reveal the premium version.. damn, that's a good problem to have man!

yasss! btw.. why would you want the new one over the OG? curious about your reasoning!

New shots are my motivation

1 week later
#690 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I woke up this morning to a partially flooded basement (we have had crazy amounts of rain this week) and took the day off work to deal with that. Having a boxed Alien sitting there made the cleanup work take forever. I finally took a break early this afternoon and got Alien setup.
I’ll post more later but the short version is that despite the flooded basement, and needing to be introduced to PB Support already to deal with some problems, I’m currently grinning from ear to ear. I’ve never played Alien before but completing Loader Battle was one of those “special” pinball moments. Lots more to come, but for now I’m back to vacuuming up water…

If you liked loader battle you are going to love self destruct. I find myself playing the Alien modes more than Aliens nowadays. I'm so glad you are having fun. I hope the weather improves and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your set up experience.

1 week later
#825 5 months ago

It's been three weeks since the invoices went out. Anyone hear anything about the shipment?

#846 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

From my experience with the original Aliens I think wanting the Xeno to grab Every time is more then a wish. At best mine

Haha, Flo MB

Kiss my grits Mel!

#847 5 months ago

At this point I only need to know one thing...where they are

#907 5 months ago

I'm going to have both machines side by side here on the central California coast. You are all welcome to stop by and play them both. One of them will be for sale. I'm still not sure which one.

#909 5 months ago
Quoted from thechakapakuni:

I’d be curious to hear what your thoughts are on the small differences (if any) since you’ll have them together. Send photos

You got it

#914 5 months ago
Quoted from tk375:

Where are you located?

La Selva beach, south Santa Cruz county

1 week later
#1022 4 months ago
Quoted from Buthamburg:

We are manufacturing the Playfields, Buthamburg

Word has it that those playfields are so solid that they will be all that's salvageable once Avarell has cried havoc...

#1048 4 months ago

Anyone hear anything about our machines? I was just on the og heighway thread and was excited to see that efoil side blades are soon to be available for the OG model from Ministry of Pinball in Holland. It would be awesome if we could make these work for out new models as well. We would need the plastics of course and they would need to fit the new cab. I'm going to order some for my OG so I can check them against my remake as well for fit and connections. We would still need the plastics because if memory serves the standard remake is just black wood on the sides without the art plastics of the original.

16230942208693364149936965674559 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1094 4 months ago

Me also ,Chap!

#1096 4 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

Awesome , so they’re already at cointaker? Did you guys get an ETA?

It only says item shipped. No tracking or ETA, but it shouldn't be long now

#1099 4 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Mine was delivered within a couple of days of shipping from Cointaker. As I recall I got a text from FedEx Freight that had a link to schedule delivery. Shipped on a Monday and was delivered on Wednesday.

Thx TBD. I just got a call back from Cointaker telling me that these would be picked up by fed ex throughout the week. They are being picked up by fed ex piecemeal because the boxes arrived from europe without pallets and they are having to custom build the pallets. Sounds like the first batch should all move out this week. She told me that we would be contacted by fed ex to schedule delivery once they were picked up. I for one could not be happier with the level of service and responsiveness I received from Cointaker.

#1100 4 months ago

Its worth mentioning one more time that my OG Alien by Heighway will soon be officially up for sale once I receive and am satisfied with my remake. Not willing to ship but message me and I will make it worth the drive. C'mon, I drove 12 hours to pick up my Lebowski!

#1106 4 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Interesting, I'm curious about your thoughts on losing the playfield monitor and why you are "downgrading" to the Standard?

New shots. Factory support. Cabinet that lines up better with my other games. Physical ball lock. I wont miss the screen much because I'm dont really keep track of ammo and weapons(I just flail around and try to complete modes) and I prefer to watch the awesome cut scenes on the large back box monitor. That large monitor on the back box(which was an option, it came standard with no monitor at all) is one of the most striking features of the original. I'm most concerned about not liking the smaller back box monitor on the remake. I'm withholding my final decision on which to sell until I get a chance to check out my remake.

I appreciate the curiosity. Let me know if you want to drive out and see it in person. I can help you load it up

#1108 4 months ago

Tell me this wouldn't drive you nuts....

16238782161774265579868559217586 (resized).jpg
#1109 4 months ago

Heighway cab sticks out like a sore thumb

#1111 4 months ago

Sooner or later someone will swap a heighway alien into a William's cab and install the extra magnet and physical ball lock. Then that someone can have their cake and eat it off the playfield screen.

#1117 4 months ago

I'm totally fine waiting........but I could make two dozen pallets in three hours including the trip to home depot with a skill saw and a hammer. One hour with a gun. Maybe we should put Newt in charge?

#1189 4 months ago

My sympathies to Red_devils. What a huge bummer that you get a bricked machine. I'm watching this with much interest. Time for the Hermanos to step up

#1229 4 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Any word from Cointaker about the pallets? Anything about the last 16 games?

I got my tracking info today

#1233 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Welcome to come try mine out.

What's with all the deadheads in Maryland? Is that a thing?

#1234 4 months ago

Google says you two are 70 miles apart, kismet

#1236 4 months ago

Which one of you is this? I googled "are there a lot of deadheads in Maryland" and this popped up

Screenshot_20210622-202247_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1268 3 months ago

Here we go....

16245665503817155855934019990353 (resized).jpg
#1272 3 months ago

They're inside the perimeter...

20210624_140305 (resized).jpg20210624_140326 (resized).jpg
#1285 3 months ago

In hypersleep until unboxing tomorrow evening

16245901035523867499289818863113 (resized).jpg
#1286 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I had the same issue with my first OG alien and the trough and it was due to be changing the balls out for shiny ones. Once I put the original balls back in, no trough issues. I never tried to figure out why….. but not surprised to hear it’s happening with PB version

I'm not going to touch my balls tomorrow

#1289 3 months ago

I'm waiting til my buddy comes over so we can film it

#1290 3 months ago

Avarell might be able to weigh in on this one. Are European balls heavier than American balls?

2 weeks later
#1606 3 months ago

Bon Voyage or How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

16260274345745109616117195927788 (resized).jpg
#1613 3 months ago

The xeno jaw grabbing the ball is an awesome moment for sure but it adds nothing to gameplay. I turned the thing off on my original and my remake as well and I sleep much better not worrying about the damn thing. Added benefit is that the jaw doesn't extend during a missed magnet grab which can be damaging if you hit the jaw with a live ball. Just go into settings and disable xenomorph and try it out.

1 week later
#1712 89 days ago

I recieved my care package from the Brothers so tomorrow I'm going to swap out board #6 "donut board". Anyone have any experience with that one? Any tips? Thx fellas

#1714 89 days ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

I just swapped that one out, easy peesy. Took about 15 minutes total. Just take pics of the connections, pull connectors and remove the 6mm screws, Install board, re-connect and have fun. Now my right ramp opto is working flawlessly it's nice to be able to finally get the double scoring

Sweet. Thx

#1721 88 days ago

Board 6 "Donut" is in and now she is firing on all cylinders. Big props to my Scandinavian brother from another MU/TH/UR Cato for helping me out of the woods!

#1734 83 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I've designed some custom apron cards for Alien in green/green, blue/blue, and blue/green, and wanted to make them available to Alien owners. You can see the Alien cards (and some of the others I offer) in more detail here: http://aproncards.com/index.php/nggallery/pinball-apron-cards/alien
Price is $10 for a pair (includes US postage, $12 for outside US), and you can order by PM'ing me for payment info.[quoted image]

Beautiful. PM sent

1 week later
#1877 70 days ago

Did you guys recieve your Vintoman aprons for fit testing yet?

#1928 65 days ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Same here on the MUTHER kickout, no flying balls but don't get a nice feed to the flipper. I have reported it to Cato also and he says they are working on a fix for it.
My drop targets have been perfect since I unboxed the game. I know that HurryUpPinball had an issue with them on one of his streams but he said he fixed them also.
On a higher note, my machine is sitting on a cart right now. I have just sent all the armor out for powder coating and when I get it back I'll post the pics of the color I went with, it's going to look great!
[quoted image]

Do you have any plans for the metallic t-molding around the backbox?

1 week later
#2189 53 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I am the only who has constant issues with the APC stopping to register?

I had issue with apc drop targets not registering. Cato sent me a board 6 replacement and it's been fine since.

2 weeks later
#2620 35 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

For anyone sitting on the sidelines..
I received my game yesterday.. I believe I am around #34. Aside from a missing nut on a ramp, and needing to tweak the v2 targets to not stick, so far everything is working great. Xeno is working as expected, and catching the ball at least 95% of the time under the latest code. I've only had the glass off once to grab a stuck ball behind a ramp. No<blockquotet to shit on anyone else, but by comparison I had the glass off my R&M more times than I can remember in the first 24 hours and beyond.
Point being anyone concerned about build quality, it looks like they are quickly adjusting and improving. I don't have any complaints as of yet.

Hope I'm not breaking any rules by referring to Zablons post from the dead thread here, but I think it is very important for everyone to read it. My experience was similar in that my game was fine with the exception of a single bad board which Cato diagnosed and shipped in less than 48 hours. Also in agreement and not looking to shit but my nib ricknmorty was a nightmare by comparison. I feel at liberty to say that because spooky is awesome and I will buy every game they make no matter if I have to reassemble it piece by piece upon unboxing. Sorry, I have limited time here and I love to ball so I'm getting my skin in the game while I still have my reflexes. Im not going to hang on the sidelines voting with my dollar and hating on everything. My point is only that no one should sleep on Alien because they heard from haters who will never even own anything but stern that it's problematic. We all know what scarey Terry would say to that.

#2679 34 days ago

I just put my $1 down with Cointaker. I was told that the list is long but they have confirmed numbers from PB and there's definitely still some available. Stop your grinning and grab you linens boys!

#2680 34 days ago

I'm behind on my updates. I'm on C I think. Can I jump straight to F or whatevers newest now? I do I go back and do D,E and then F? Thx

1 week later
#2894 27 days ago

Perfect. What I read was that the translite is limited but it's sounds like the armor and side blades could be available for the se. We will see...

#2898 27 days ago

Will the lit blades fit the SE? If so then it appears that SE buyers should not need to upgrade to an LV.....I don't need to but I'm going to

#2901 27 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Is it just the translite art that is different? Same PF I'm guessing?

It appears to be the same playfield as expected

#2922 27 days ago
Quoted from Chopper36:

Looks nice but I will stick with my SV, I already powder coated it and bought voodoo glass but would love to see those blades if they throw a little bit more light on the game.

If they are the same as the heighway lit blades then that would be sick. Those were the best looking thing I had ever seen on a pin. Just beautiful. I had a heighway standard without them and it was heartbreaking the first time I saw them in a LE up in Bend OR

#2926 27 days ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

If you play in the dark (like I do), it's really hard to tell the difference between non reflective glass and plain glass. It's not a big selling point for me.

Is it just me or do others notice that anti reflective glass starts to look bad after awhile. Maybe it's just improper cleaning. I've never owned any myself...slippery slope. Plus I play in the dark(all innuendo intended)

#3105 25 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

If u dont love fat mike.. we cant be friends

An old Mohawked punk in a mini skirt and garters....what's not to love. God damn I love California!

#3106 25 days ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

An old Mohawked punk in a mini skirt and garters....what's not to love. God damn I love California!

Also loved my Heighway OG but my PB model was too sweet. Out with the old and in with the new. I'm surprised he isn't advocating for wood rails and no flippers

#3107 25 days ago

You can't stop progress

#3185 23 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

$8,195 is what I paid total delivered to Texas.

Same here

#3186 23 days ago

Can anyone sum up today's events for me. Has Pinball Bros Queen been leaked or not?

#3249 21 days ago

Invoiced Monday, received today. Beautiful work Dpeck. You rock!

16330353279826289887431152495623 (resized).jpg
#3250 21 days ago
16330367398248532675311407109712 (resized).jpg
#3265 21 days ago

Motion tracker installed. So awesome

16330600613102200976048644086300 (resized).jpg
#3324 15 days ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Sure. I haven't installed it yet cause it will take a bit of disassembly.

Not sure - but I'd reach out to Cato just in case. As for mylar, I've not bothered. My Xeno magnet rarely grabs the ball anyway so there is not much to protect
[quoted image][quoted image]

Are you on 2.2D? Updated last week finally and now xeno grabs are up to 90%

#3363 13 days ago

I finally installed my v2 targets after updating to 2.2d. I never had sticking with the original targets but one was often coming loose and pivoting to one side or other. Seems like a better design not having the metal below the plastic. Woke up this morning to shipping confirmation for my v3 targets lol. Thanks Cato! I have been putting lots of games on lately since code update and my xeno is grabbing nearly every time. I know it's hard for some to believe, maybe I'm just lucky, wouldn't be the first time! I will put some video up on YouTube. This game was crazy fun when I had the original and now it's on a whole other level. The magnet, the lock, the rear entrance to the mode hole. It's all pure ecstasy. Game of the year as far as I'm concerned. Thank you Cato and all who have worked on the original and the remake.

1 week later
#3420 6 days ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

With limited room and happy with what I have I will not be getting an Alien (
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"1f228762b0e2c66ce2354d6c39d7d025be9e6237-1634319648-1800"};

) however have been following this thread and just wanted to say to the owners what a great job of getting the bugs out of the game and great support from The Pinball Bros

#3421 6 days ago

I heard the border is open now so you are welcome to stop by and play mine whenever you are in the neighborhood

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