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10 months ago

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#39 10 months ago

If they ship the first week of January it’s possible they arrive in the US mid to late in the month. Still possible for end of month delivery.

#50 10 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

My plan is to park the remake right next my original. Once I'm sure that I'm satisfied with the remake I will probably move the original out. My experience playing the original has me stoked for the new shot features in the remake. The magnet to feed the upper right flipper is going to be a game changer. I'm also glad for the physical ball lock on the hyper sleep ramp. That ramp feels so awesome to hit that to have it just dribble through is a little lame. I'm just a sucker for physical locks. It's one of the reasons I got rid of my standard Wonka. They also added the back entrance to the airlock scoop(mode hole). They mentioned that the scoop could yell which entrance was used so I assume it will be coded at some point to a new rule. I know it will suck to lose the pf screen but I would trade that for the new shot features anyday. I'm not completely sure if or how much my original is going to drip in the market but who cares. I'm here to play with the best toys , not make money

Well said! Pinball is supposed to be fun!

#126 10 months ago

Just go all black and call it good.

2 weeks later
#209 9 months ago

When are some games going to be built?

#219 9 months ago

You would think PB has a few of these play fields in their possession already.

#226 9 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

<quote>Don't know if I can wait that long </quote>
I’m also baffled as to why if they claimed SE games would ship in January why they don’t have at least a teaser video short clip of the game play.

I hear ya. They still have a couple more weeks to support their claim tho.

#245 9 months ago

How long does it take these things to go through customs if air freighted? Same time frame for boat shipments? Just curious.

#268 9 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

You have the following games likely on the horizon to compete with Pinball Brothers Alien remake, I'd just like to know even if they won't release it until October what's included in the Alien LV.
JJP Toy Story
Stern Godzilla ?
Stern / Kapow Back To The Future ?
Stern JAWS ?
Spooky / Ben Heck / CGC new title / Evil Dead ?
American Pinball next title ?
Deep Root Goonies ?
CGC next remake Cactus Canyon ?
CGC new game ?

Can you people knock it off with whats on the LV model. They have already said they will not release the details till later in the year. If you can’t wait, get the SV or move on to another game.

1 week later
#326 8 months ago

There is no new video of this game on YouTube bro.

#328 8 months ago

Give us a link please. The one you are watching is probably the older one made by Heighway.

2 weeks later
#440 8 months ago

Look man, I just need to know one thing, where they are!

2 weeks later
#468 7 months ago

Predator would be better. Then they could do Alien vs. Predator after that.

1 month later
#550 6 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

Interesting feature is the jingle sound while the machine is stand by.

It sounds like Aliens in attract mode. Kick ass!

1 week later
#589 6 months ago

No invoice yet, I guess I’m not on the current shipment...
EDIT-suppose to be getting an invoice today. Woo hoo!

#627 5 months ago

All the pictures and videos show the apron having no cards. Who's gonna design some? Need some cool art, maybe 1 card art for each movie with instructions on one and credits on another? Maybe a cool Weyland Yutani one? Hoping someone makes some.

#632 5 months ago

I’m paid in full. Hopefully the container ships this week. Hopefully by the end of May I’ll be flipping a new Alien!!

#636 5 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

[quoted image]

And your point is? I actually paid more than that but your too ignorant to write anything worth while.

#638 5 months ago

Pardon me. Didn’t understand. My humor sucks lol.

#668 5 months ago
Quoted from pballjunkie:

We are a local comic shop in Florence,KY just south of Cincinnati called Comics2games. It was just shipped FedEx from PA this week. I hoping after work to try it out and test hiw it is different from the original version. We love it so far.

How’s it playing? Everything working ok?

#688 5 months ago

Total bummer on the water damage. Figures, the day you want to be free to play that shit happens. Hope you get it taken care of. Tell us what you had to contact PB for and what tweaks you had to do so far.

#695 5 months ago

Hell yeah! I’m drooling like an Alien over here! Can’t wait to get mine. Looks soooo fun.

#730 5 months ago

When is the container full of games suppose to ship? Sure hope they address some of these issues before sending more.

#755 5 months ago

This is obviously going to be an issue. Stand up targets take a beating and with this many present, I could see it being a huge PITA. Is PB aware of this and hopefully doing something about it?

#786 5 months ago

I hope they are making these changes to the new games being built before sending the container full. There has been no communication on the shipment so if they are changing things up I have no problem waiting.

#826 5 months ago
Quoted from Llabnip1972:

It's been three weeks since the invoices went out. Anyone hear anything about the shipment?

Wondering the same thing. I don’t think Cointaker should have taken balances until the games were actually shipping. Now we’re stuck waiting. There are a lot of bugs that need to be addressed and hopefully they are fixing these issues before sending the games out. I hope I don’t get buyers remorse because this is the most I have ever spent on a pinball machine. I don’t mind fixing or dialing things in but hope it impresses me and plays right.

#862 5 months ago

It’s a huge issue. Main toy that interacts with ball is not gonna work probably half the time. What’s the point then?

#869 5 months ago

Received a tracking document from Melissa at CT. Looks like the container is suppose to arrive in the NYC port on June 7th. Hell yeah!

#872 5 months ago

Not sure. I’ll ask.

#876 5 months ago

Once container arrives in NYC, they will truck the whole container to CT and then ship via Fed Ex to us.

#887 5 months ago

It was meant to be shared so if you paid in full for a game already I would be happy to email it to you. It’s actually more of a shipping confirmation and not sure how to actually track it. It’s not suppose to depart until this coming Tuesday the 25th.

#931 5 months ago

Shit, if this is the case there is no way this ship is picking up this container in Italy for days maybe even weeks. Don’t know how fast this can change but just looking at the distance it has to go and THEN to the USA, we will be waiting for a while.

#967 5 months ago

The first boat hasn’t even arrived in Italy and at this point the June 8th shipment could leave the same time as the first container. Lol. Waiting sucks.

#982 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Not yet. I’ve been told I might get some beta code next weekend. I’d love to see some of these annoying bugs squashed.

Did you find out if the switches you received were actually the newer ones? I thought you mentioned that they were the same. Have you replaced them and do they work any better?

#986 4 months ago

So this shipment might actually be arriving in the NYC port by June 6th as described in the shipping confirmation. Sure hope so.

#999 4 months ago

Any updates from the ones who got machines already? Playing better? Replacement switches doing the job? Having some anxiety from people posting the game still has issues. I hope these get fixed.

1 week later
#1070 4 months ago

Our ship has arrived!! Won’t be long now. So what, another week to get to Cointaker and then maybe another week to us?

#1082 4 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I’m still waiting for the beacons I ordered from AliExpress to arrive, so I haven’t tried anything yet.

How has your game been playing? What issues are you or have you been dealing with? Is PB supporting these issues?

#1091 4 months ago

When are we gonna see more mods for this game?

#1120 4 months ago

No notice of shipping on mine. Who said they were short on pallets? Is this really an issue?

#1185 4 months ago

Any news today of getting some pallets?

#1228 4 months ago

Mine is scheduled for delivery this Friday. Hell yeah! I’m kinda worried about issues people are having but hopefully PB will make things right. It’s gonna take some time so I’m gonna ride the train out and see what happens.

#1245 4 months ago

How much does this game weigh? Lighter than the older B/W wide bodies?

#1282 4 months ago

Suppose to get my game delivered tomorrow!! Hell yeah!! Can’t wait.

#1311 4 months ago

Just delivered!! What a start to a hopefully great weekend!! Got it downstairs and time to set it up. This game is actually pretty light for being a wide body.

B233DEFA-E244-4D6A-8447-B0C0E7D7EE40 (resized).jpeg
#1318 4 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

Curious if the legs were banging around in the top like some others have said?

The legs in mine were properly wrapped and tucked safely inside the top of the box. Packaging was quite good. I’m having a lot of switches not working, like 10 or 12. 1 coil not working. Left and right speaker sounds are reversed. Tried to play several games but with many of the switches not working, you can’t really progress. Trying to diagnose as I type this. Oh the pleasures of tweaking NIB games. Lol.

#1319 4 months ago

What is the best way to contact PB to open a service ticket? How do I initiate communication with Cato? Thanks.

#1321 4 months ago

I had the same feeling but decided to roll the dice. It definitely is frustrating but part of the fun is getting the game dialed in. Hopefully it’s just a bad connection/s somewhere. I’m sure PB will take care of it.

#1322 4 months ago

Still can’t find the back box key. Not on the coin door like it should be.

Edit: you have to look closely but they are in the side of the coin mech. Duh.

#1327 4 months ago

I think I’m back in business. I just pushed every connector I saw on the under the playfield boards and one or more must have been loose or something cause all my switches are now working. The coil for my bottom pop egg bumper had a bad connection. I was able to pull the pins out of the connector and just insert them directly into the other end and it works. Temporary fix until I get a better connector.
Trying to switch the left and right speakers but I can’t get the back box cover off. How do you remove this plastic translite?

#1342 4 months ago

My switch problem came back again and was hoping someone else here had the same problem. It’s hard to trace exactly which connector/s it is because there are so many from board to board. I want to know exactly which connectors are causing this if anybody knows.

#1344 4 months ago

Another thing I am experiencing is that my Xeno magnet has not caught the ball once at the start of ambush so it can eat the ball. I think they positioned the magnet too far away from the targets. Any suggestions there. Really takes away from that huge feature if it’s not gonna work reliably or even at all.

#1357 4 months ago

This game has all sorts of issues. Again, the whole right side of the playfield starting at weapon target 3, switches are not registering. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Really weird. Ball plunger can’t even push balls out into play when in ambush MB. I alighted the plunger dead center on the ball and the power seems fine at first but then gets so weak that it can’t push a ball up the ramp in multi ball. Left flipper drops when holding the button for ball hold sometimes. Left upper flipper sticks a little. Man, way more issues then I expected. This thing is literally UN-PLAYABLE. No contact from PB at this point. Sent emails, tried to sign up for the customer support ticket but need password to login. I’m patient, it’s ok, but really disappointing that the game is really unstable, both mechanically and software issues at this point.

#1359 4 months ago

Don’t have any of those accounts.

#1362 4 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

In case anyone is having issues with sticky flippers on their game, I made a tutorial showing how I fixed this issue. I checked the bushing / flipper bat gap, the coil sleeves, and coil alignment prior to doing this. I hope this helps anyone having this issue.

Great video, how did you align your flippers? Parallel or flat with the lane guides I suppose but just making sure. No alignment holes in this game.

#1365 4 months ago

How is hyper sleep multiple suppose to play out? Once you load the second ball it’s starts. Are the balls suppose to unload from the hyper lock at that time? How many balls is it suppose to play? Mine is not unloading the balls and it goes on forever with scream again continually flashing. Something doesn’t seem right.

#1378 4 months ago
Quoted from gprotein:

Where is the quality control on these machines? Weren’t they test played a few games each first before boxing up?

Yeah I feel the same way. Don’t they check switches and coils in test mode and see how it actually plays? There should be a checklist of tests before it’s boxed up.

#1398 3 months ago

So my switch problem still remains. After speaking with Cato we tried to replace a cat-5e cable on playfield board #6 similar to the person who was having LED problems but no workie. He is going to send a new board and I guess will see what happens. Now I have to wait until parts come. What a bummer. Can’t even play a game as half the playfield switches on the right side do not register. Besides the switch problem seems like the game has a lot of software issues as well. What a mess

#1405 3 months ago

Where do you download the file, it’s not on the PB website?

#1409 3 months ago
Quoted from Lamoraldus:

That one doesn’t work? (Haven’t tried myself).
[quoted image]

Yep I guess that's it. It's only 387 KB?

#1434 3 months ago

Update on my game. After speaking with Cato, he thinks I have a bad I/O board #6 underneath the playfield near the APC targets. We tried replacing the cat-5e cable going from that board to the playfield controller and still doesn’t work right. Sad thing about this BS is that there are no boards available until next week. So hopefully they send one out next week but probably several weeks before I see anything. Pretty disappointed in a $8K purchase.

#1436 3 months ago

Occasionally my game has problems booting up too. When it does boot up correctly I can play a game but can’t really advance any of the modes as the switches are not registering on basically the whole right side of the playfield.

#1437 3 months ago

Cato said I could try and re flow the solder on that connector on board #6 so I’ll try and mess around with it tonight.

#1453 3 months ago

Has anybody noticed that the playfield hold down screws interfere with the lock down bar at all?

#1489 3 months ago

What’s up with these node boards? I’m having a replacement board #6 sent to me, someone else is having issues with the same board, another one with problems on board #8. WTF? Don’t they test these things before installing them in the game?

#1532 3 months ago

Here’s a new one. My left post broke. Balls were getting hung up on the loops. Come to find out the post broke. I guess I got the lemon.

B47A4461-3CCF-46F7-9783-0DDFA557E8AA (resized).jpeg
#1533 3 months ago

Deal with it tomorrow as it’s beer 30 or 4:20 somewhere.

#1536 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Whoa! Sorry about that, the only issue I've had with a post is the one below the upper right flipper, it came loose a couple of times so I put a bit of blue Loctite on it then tightened it and it's stayed put ever since. I guess it's because I suck at hitting the right orbit and keep hitting the post I know play better lol

Mine did that too. I just tightened it with a 10 mm wrench but locktite is a great idea. I’ll have to do that. Eliminate one thing at a time and eventually it’ll play right and I can enjoy the game.

#1552 3 months ago

Received my replacement board #6 today, super fast shipping, and game is playing pretty good now. All switches are working, yay!!! Need to replace the broken left post, Cato was going to send me another one. I’m finding that when I lock the second ball into the hyper sleep chamber and start hyper sleep multi ball the balls in the lock do not get ejected. Anyone have this problem? One question about Ambush. As the multi ball starts and the motion tracker shows the aliens proximity the shots are red on the left side but the center scoop, right ramp, and right orbit are different colors. Like one was green and the right orbit was yellow. Is this normal? What aren’t they red? Trying to get an understanding of how each mode and multi ball are suppose to work. Support from Cato has been top notch.

#1554 3 months ago

Great thanks, that makes sense. I fixed my hypersleep locks. Locks 2 and 3 were reversed so after I changed the wiring to correspond to the right switch it works!! Cato is sending the whole left post mechanism and then I should be 100%. It’s great to play a fully functioning (well almost) game. It really does kick ass!!

#1575 3 months ago
Quoted from Cigaretteman:

I put one of those gray foam pads(used behind standup targets) on the metal bracket. That gives me a perfect eject every time.

I saw the picture but it was hard to see where the pad was actually stuck to. Can you please take a better picture? Thanks!

#1584 3 months ago

I replaced the version 1 weapon switches with the version 2 switches today and after a couple of games I noticed the same issue. Some of them still get stuck. I don’t think they are really any better of a design. I noticed that if you bend the target down more instead of straight it clears the micro switch more and makes better contact. If they stand straight up and take big hits, which they will, it tends to engage the micro switches and thus getting no register because the switch is already stuck in. I hope version 3 is better. Otherwise the game is playing pretty good. The shots are awesome and theme integration is off the charts amazing.

#1634 3 months ago

Version 2 switches are not much better. They get stuck just as easy. Hopefully version 3 will be better.

#1647 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

From my earlier post regarding the "issues" I was having with the game.
1: I received the new Version 2 of the "skinny" targets from pinball Brothers and I still went ahead and sanded the edge as shown in the earlier post. (see pic) because they still appeared that they could get suck closed with a hard enough shot. I installed them and they've been working without any problems now.
2: I also received the coin box, which was missing in the game in another package from Cato.
3: I got a new Alien Playfield Board 6 to fix the issue with the right ramp opto not working and I'm happy to report that replacing the board fixed that issue.
So as of right now my game is playing without any issues whatsoever. i had no doubt that Pinball Brothers would make everything ok, Cato in support has been nothing short of incredible. The last thing that is on Cato's radar is to tweak the software so that the Xeno catching the ball is more consistent. Adding foam behind the targets didn't help me much as I'm convinced it's a timing issue in the software. I'm confident that they will get this done.
This game is so addicting and immersive and I'm loving it!
Red Devils out...
[quoted image]

I replaced my targets with the version 2 ones as well and after one solid hit the target, board, and metal plate behind it went all crooked and jammed up. I guess I’ll try filing down the PCB board down and see if that helps. I had the screws that holds everything together tight too and they still went crooked after a direct hit. I’m not convinced they had the right idea here. Why don’t they just make the metal plate behind everything a lot wider and the actual target wider so there is no way the board can interfere or get jammed up? I’m hoping version 3 will be better.

Cato also sent me a replacement left post assembly and an extra post to fix my broken one. I have been out of town working so I have not had a chance to swap that out yet. Once I do, I’ll actually have a whole replacement assembly for the left post. I completely agree that Cato had been great with offering support and sending out parts.

#1649 3 months ago

Come to think of it, once I get home I’m gonna take the targets apart, file the edges of the PCB board down as red devils did and then use some blue locktite to tighten the parts down and maybe that will stop them from shifting after getting hit with the ball. Definitely worth a try.

#1651 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

So after reading through the "original" Alien thread while waiting for this one. I really liked the motion tracker mod. So I got in touch with the guy who made them originally and asked if he would be willing to revise the mod to work on the PB Alien, he said he would. So I'm happy to show you the fruits of his labor, here's a couple of pics of the motion tracker mod installed on my PB Alien. It's fantastic as anybody who has it installed on their original will tell you. If you are interested in getting one for your machine contact Vimtoman via PM for pricing and availability. He's a great guy to work with!
Sorry for the crappy pics they really don't do it justice.[quoted image][quoted image]

Does this mod only work during Ambush mode then and correspond with the tracker on the screen?

#1687 3 months ago

Here’s what I did to my version 2 weapon targets. I relocated the rubber pad to the back of the metal plate instead of on the PCB board where it really wasn’t absorbing any of the ball impact. Here, it stops the target from going to far in to the board and getting jammed or even hitting the micro switch too hard. So far it’s doing great.

53D8B1FB-F1B7-4017-B751-B5083D4D9B4B (resized).jpeg
#1718 3 months ago

Oops, I already tossed mine in the trash.

1 week later
#1750 87 days ago

Has anybody noticed that a fast shot from the upper right flipper to vent 3 doesn’t register?

#1752 86 days ago

Yes I have version 2.2 installed.

#1776 85 days ago
Quoted from RussG:

They need to put as many of the great sayings in this game with subsequent updates!

Very much agreed. This game need more quotes and sounds from both movies.

Has anybody else had issues with a lot of the end of ball quotes getting muted. I thought this was fixed in the latest software but mine still does it quite a bit.

1 week later
#1878 74 days ago

Is there a difference in software between 2.2 and 2.2A?

#1890 74 days ago

My game has been playing pretty solid ever since the code update and me modding the gen 2 weapon targets, but man, this game is hard. The left out lane kick my ass regularly. Getting shots from the right upper flipper do not come too often because I can’t shoot the chest burster shot from the left upper flipper due to shitty kick outs from the muthur kick out. Saw several pics or people saying they put some foam in the kick out. Tried that, tried the screw adjustments on the coil bracket and playfield but still can’t get a nice smooth kick out to the left upper flipper. My only gripe right now is that muthur kick out.

#1903 71 days ago

The proximity sensor on the vent 3 shot gives me issues. A slow shot from the upper right flipper registers ok but a fast shot does not. Irritating because it’s not an easy shot and it makes the tunnel hunt mode really hard to complete.

#1914 70 days ago

Can you please explain what you did with the MUTHUR kick out in more detail. Although mine did not kick out that drastically, it does have too much power and does not kick out smoothly like your end result. My drop targets have been pretty solid so far, I’m sure you and Cato will figure it out.

#2009 67 days ago

I think it’s a combination of problems to why the Alien magnet does not catch the ball consistently. The Xeno targets don’t have much cushion and they are too far away from the magnet. I also agree that the timing activating the magnet after hitting the targets needs to be much faster as well.

#2021 64 days ago

I put in the 2.2C software and it didn’t help with the Alien holding and grabbing the ball. Only soft shots to the targets make it work right, otherwise the ball has too much speed and bypasses the magnet. I will have to try lowering the muthur kick out and see if it helps me.

2 weeks later
#2377 49 days ago

I always thought that the recharge target lights up the left out lane savers? If not, how do you light those?

#2472 46 days ago

Part of what makes Alien/s so good is the music and sound fx. I hope they incorporate more sounds from the movies because the game needs it. What they have in there is good but it needs to be Epic.

#2482 46 days ago

You bought one as well so doesn’t that make you a product tester too? I don’t understand your rationing.

#2487 46 days ago

What’s up with all these test versions? Now there is a 2.2F? Why don’t they just put the updates on the website and let everybody test them. Looks like I need to reach out to Cato and get me some of those Xeno targets as my magnet does not grab the ball probably 50% of the time.

#2493 46 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

He's right ... I have had test versions where things have become worse, so they want to test it with a limited audience before potentially affecting a larger audience of people. This trough eject issue is a big improvement in my opinion. I haven't heard too many other people talk about it, but that fix appears to have been the root cause of at least a couple other issues I had seen. I'd say this game is just as reliable as my Funhouse now... and I thought that was pretty darn reliable.

What changed in this test version then since the last one? I have 2.2C and lowering the power to the trough and the muthur kick out worked for me.

#2548 43 days ago

Can this be done on the PB version?

#2556 42 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

I just got my Gen. 2 Xeno targets. Let me just say that it totally fixed my problem with the ball hopping over the magnet. Not too shabby!!!

Can you take a pic of the new targets please. Don’t know if I have gen 1 or gen 2 targets. Thanks.

#2600 40 days ago

BG definitely needs a LED light strip. Anyone have any ideas on where to connect it or maybe one with a USB to just plug into the ports right there in the back box?

#2608 40 days ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Try a USB LED strip
[quoted image]

Where did you get this?

#2716 37 days ago

Mine has dimpled quite a bit too. I don’t stress about it though as these games should be played and not protected for some other person down the road.

#2762 34 days ago

Predator would be the ultimate follow up to Alien. Do it PB!!!

#2880 32 days ago
Quoted from brandonx76:

Hey all - I just talked with Melissa at CT regarding Alien LV - she indicated everyone that's paid the $1 waiting list, is allocated an LV from Cointaker. They are waiting (along with us) for the official drop from Pinball Brothers on additional details on the pin. (anytime now?)
Melissa said she'll be working this weekend to process invoices for all the $1 reserves they have and they should have invoices for actual deposit (assume $1,000) coming out Monday/early next week. Just wanted to share and hopefully alleviate any unnecessary worries etc. Exciting times...

Are they honoring the old prices or the new prices?

#2933 32 days ago

Glad I went with the SV. The inner lit art blades and the beacon topper would be sweet to have but everything else is just meh and not worth the price increase IMO.

#2963 32 days ago

I think the LV looks awesome, hope they really put it together and support it like they did the SV. Cato mentioned to me just today that they will continue working on Alien for a long time, a lot more is planed for the LE and some new features for the SV as well. That’s all he could say at this time. Take that for what’s it’s worth.

1 week later
#3283 23 days ago

All you SV owners should rate this game so we can get it on the top 100. I don’t care much for rankings but still good to see it in there somewhere.

#3318 20 days ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

V3 standup targets arrived today. Two main changes that I've noticed:
1) The PCB is much narrower towards the top - even narrower than the metal backing plate. This should completely eliminate the target getting stuck on the PCB.
2) The two connectors on the bottom (switch and LED) have been replaced with a single connector, and the V3 switches come with a new breakout cable. The previous connectors were quite flimsy - I had a couple that broke off. Hopefully this eliminates that issue.
I'll be installing them later this evening.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

So you got new weapons targets X 5 and 2 alien targets? Has the switch been improved at all? Let us know how they work, so I can contact Cato and ask for the new version as well.

#3321 20 days ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

In my opinion - no. It feels really good now but I question the longevity of it. It does have an RGB LED which is a plus vs. a leaf switch, but the LED for the smaller target switches is not active in Alien. Maybe something they’ll enable just for the LV?

5 x weapon and 3 x xeno/chest burster. They didn’t include a 4th large target for the “recharge” target - probably because it doesn’t get direct hits from the lower flippers.
In my opinion the new switches feel really good and I think they will hold up better over time than the v2 ones. I still think a leaf switch makes more sense if you don’t want to light them. I’m happy though and no longer view the switches as a negative.
The switches still seem to rotate slightly when hit on the edge - this happens especially to the two by the airlock scoop. I think I’ll apply a drop of loctite to the assembly screws and tighten them down harder.
This shipment included a few extra things that had been missing/changed since my very early run machine was shipped, like a coin box, airlock scoop protector, and all new wiring harnesses. It was actually really interesting swapping out the wiring harnesses (there are 4 - left/right versions for both power and signal). They are really well made and cleaned up the underside of my machine greatly with lots less unused connectors dangling around. It also gave me an appreciation for how simple these machine are to assemble. I’ve pretty much replaced every single component on my machine now and it should be “equivalent” to the ones shipping today.
I obviously wish all this was done before I bought mine - but it shows the commitment that PB has to making this machine better. I am actually reconsidering my decision to skip the LV and might pick one up anyway.
Oh, and Cato rules. By far the best pinball support tech from any company I’ve dealt with in the past 20+ years of pinball ownership.

Can you please take a pic of your airlock scoop protector please. Don’t think I got one of those with mine. Just added some Mylar there for now.

#3353 18 days ago

Talked with Cato and he is sending me a package with the the new v3 targets and a scoop protector.

#3357 18 days ago
Quoted from Baggerman:

anyone with a 3d printer want ot make these for me for a fee?

I’d be interested in some as well.

1 week later
#3430 9 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

I need to tell you about a dumb mistake I made in case someone else is doing the same thing.
I watched HurryUpPinball's video on fixing trough issues. I used to have the problem where the ball eject from the trough was variable... .sometimes too hard, so I knew I had trough problems then.... and I lowered the trough bracket just like HurryUpPinball's video said and got it into my head that this was the correct setting for all machines.
Well, a few system software updates later and the "ball eject too hard" issue is fixed in the latest software (I'm on 2.2G). Yet my trough ejects were soft about 5% of the time and the ball would fall back into the trough.
The problem ended up being that on my machine, the trough bracket does need to be as far UP as it can go. As long as the ball doesn't come in contact with the kicker, it is fine to have the bracket pushed up. The coil should sit flush against the coil stopper bracket.
So I misinterpreted what was said in that video... ONLY adjust the trough bracket IF you have a problem where the ball won't roll into position for ejecting. Ever since I pushed my bracket back up to the top, my trough ejects have been 100% flawless.

I’m on 2.2G software and was having issues with the ball ejecting too hard where it would hit the side rail and then back into the trough. I lowered my coil setting to 30% weaker and it has been pretty solid. Just enough power to get it into the shooter lane without hitting the side rail. Only issue my game has right now is the vent 3 shot. Slow shots register but a clean fast shot does not. Kinda sucks cause that’s the ambush jackpot shot and it’s hard to collect it.

#3512 6 days ago

My game is playing really well right now and I haven’t even installed the v3 targets. I made a simple change to my v2 targets and they are holding up quite well. Ever since I adjusted my trough release power to 30% weaker I have not had any issues with that either. Hard game tho, you definitely have to learn your shots and the left out lane can kick your ass. For the money your getting a premium game and IMO it’s the best choice out there besides maybe a premium Godzilla or Spooky HWN/UM.

#3634 2 days ago

An external sub is the way to go IMO. The stock system, like Spooky’s, sounds awesome but too much bass makes the glass rattle and I don’t like it. I can crank the external sub, get great bass, and not deal with glass rattle.

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