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#37 10 months ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

So when will you all get your standard edition Alien? I heard delivered in January, is that true?

I think January deliveries in the US for the first pre-order batch is a pipe dream. I've waited years for this and can easily wait some more.

2 weeks later
#172 9 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

"A picture from the factory hall BuT Hamburg."

Hands down the best playfield in the biz. My F14 PF he made was like glass with stock clear, no pooling, no craters.

2 weeks later
#241 9 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Looking at this picture never gets old.

Speaking of which, what is everyone's take on the metal ramps with a mirror finish? On the left ramp you can see the ceiling clear as a day. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but isn't there a reason why metal ramps are not chromed in general?

4 months later
#948 5 months ago

So, there's an owners thread. Welcome to me I guess. Paid in full, shipping June 8th.

2 weeks later
#1077 4 months ago

Getting my arcade ready for the beast to arrive. I can't find the width of the backbox in any of the docs. Are we talking WPC era width, Stern or something else? From the pictures I've seen it looks like a WPC widebody-width cab with a Stern-sized backbox.

#1084 4 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Grabbed my tape measure and checked

Thank you, sir!

#1090 4 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Update: Cointaker now has the Voodoo widebody glass available on their site, $269+$25 Shipping. Go grab a sheet for your new Alien

Most kind, sir! Order placed.

1 week later
#1168 4 months ago

CT is not responding and I wonder if anyone knows if they, for a fact, have games sitting on the floor without pallets for the folks who paid in full in May?

#1171 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I was there yesterday. Can confirm they were quite a few sitting there ready to go.

Thanks for letting me know.

#1259 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I was there yesterday. Can confirm they were quite a few sitting there ready to go.

CT got back to me today. My game was not on the floor (#32). Now, where is that next container?

#1380 3 months ago

Who's the hero that will compile a shopping cart from pinballife with everything we need to replace these subpar components they've put in this machine? It looks like the flipper bushing is screwed to the PF, what were they thinking there anyway?

#1384 3 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

It's not, it's going into the flipper base plate like normal, but the base plate is flush cut around the shape of the bushing

Thanks for clarifying!

#1411 3 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Any news on the second shipment arriving to the US yet?

From CT after I discovered my game was not in the first container (I'm #32): "…yours is coming very soon."

I interpret that as Christmas given we were promised games in February.

#1413 3 months ago
Quoted from cleland:

I gotta make room too

I have that sorted already. This is the upgrade plan:

- Stern Trek Premium => PB Alien
- SWEP1 => Mando LE

I have two holes in one of my rows at the moment.

Edit: My Voodoo Glass for Alien arrived today for me to look at.

#1438 3 months ago

Is anyone's game working 100% OOB?

#1469 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

if you're not ready to tweak and fix minor issues then I guess owning a pinball machine at home isn't for you.

I'm not afraid of the issues, they will be resolved one way or another. I'm contemplating streaming the unboxing and setup. Not very exciting if it's a 300 lbs. doorstop.

Quoted from delt31:

See my impressions below.

Thanks for posting this.

#1555 3 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

We don’t have any experience with such material

First modder who can replace these cheap trash looking ball guides with real ball guides gets all my money. They look terrible.

2 weeks later
#1666 3 months ago

Any updates on the second container US bound or is this the wrong thread?

2 weeks later
#1791 82 days ago

I just got my shipping notification from CT, no tracking number, but I'm assuming the second container is being distributed?

#1802 82 days ago
Quoted from dri:

I just got my shipping notification from CT, no tracking number, but I'm assuming the second container is being distributed?

Update. I got a FedEx notification. It will be here on Monday!

#1804 82 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Do you know if that was one of the ones sitting at CT waiting for a pallet or a new shipment? No idea how many games were shipped on the first round, but it wasn't the whole set. (Because I should have been on it). Yet to hear anything but paid back in May.

I'm in the same boat (no pun intended) as you. I paid in May and expected the game to ship. After a few weeks I contacted CoinTaker and eventually got a oneliner answer that my game was "coming very soon". I had since given up and did not expect anything until September, which was my initial estimate anyway after they revealed the game and took pre-orders.

#1808 81 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Shots are so tight on that game that I could never nail the orbits or ramps anywhere near consistently.

I can't hit a single thing on that game. Take us back to the '90s width of the shots.

1 week later
#1858 73 days ago

Arrived safe and sound all the way from Milano!

Drop shipped from LV-426

I'm unboxing this live on Twitch this Saturday (https://twitch.tv/dri374). I haven't kept tabs on this thread for a while as I completely zoned out after I understood my game got wedged out from the first shipment. Are there code updates or other things that needs to get done out-of-the-box? I don't expect the game to work at all to be honest. Anyhow, tune in if you want to share your know-how. I did get the green WH2O targets from Pinball Life, but that's about it.

Be afraid.

#1861 73 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

An $8000,00 pinball machine? Seriously?

Let's just say I have the bar set low. I expect PB to fix any potential issues down the road but it feels like I bought a NIB project machine if you get what I mean.

Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I hope this info helps.

Thanks for summarizing. This is helpful. The metric tool requirement sure is annoying. I have quite the toolbox from my motocross racing days so it shouldn't be a problem.

#1893 70 days ago

Unboxed my game yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised how well everything panned out. I'd like to share my first impressions. I have played a few games on the OG Alien and I played ONE game on a PB Alien that just had been unboxed (that obviously needed to be setup correctly).

- Overall game build, cab, PF and wiring is totally next gen. Rock solid!
- The metal frame under the PF should be standard on any game shipping 2021.
- It shoots and feels like a '90s Bally/WMS widebody (some shots are better than others)
- The GAME IS LOUD and does a really good job being crisp and high volume.
- While it's hard to beat the OG Alien display, this display is crisp, large and great viewing angle.
- The game is rad and fun all at the same time! (I guess everyone knew that already)
- It's hard to figure out where all the shots are (WTF is a vent? I learned eventually...) and all the the little quirks that make you progress certain modes and multiballs but this is what pinball is all about.
- Great kinetic satisfaction on many of the main shots. Ramps and airlock in particular, all "backhandable" too!
- Modes and multiballs are very varied, selecting which mode stack you want to start on (which movie essentially) is a nice touch.
- The game held up pretty decent for the unboxing stream, which I didn't expect.
- No issues with the standups at all.

- The game was very dusty and covered with styrofoam particles.
- Three thumb screws were rattling in the bottom of the cabinet. No idea where they're supposed to go.
- A pinball machine with metric and torx. Really?
- The plastic channel the glass feed into was not aligned and needs help pushing down, really annoyoing.
- The whole thing with the latches needing to be in the right position when lowering the PF also, annoying.
- As so many others, my flippers did stick a little bit, but I just think the gap is too tight (literally no gap).
- The TILT mech is a bit of a laugh and why isn't positioned where 99.9% of other games?
- There's no kill switch for the high voltage, I find that weird.
- No flipper staging, this is extremely lame, but I knew this going in since Heighway was the same.
- I had no mylar on the PF where the ball drop on the inlane returns. It got cratered in a handful of games. I cut a 1" x 2" strip for protection.
- The drop down targets seems mushi, no kinetic satisfaction at all, my 'A' was sticking.
- The post under the upper right flipper had the "Jurassic Park" syndrome. I tightened it and put some loctite on it, we'll see.
- The mystery (mu/th/ur?) scoop feed is a joke as many points out, I'll work on that.
- The Xenomorph did not grab a single ball. A bit dissapointing since it's the only toy on the game.
- Trough and hypersleep (optos?) seem to be a bit dodgy detecting balls sometimes, a nudge and some flips usually fixes it.
- Mid-game I heard a screw drop into the cab, I have no idea where from yet, but maybe go over every head here is a good idea?
- RGB lights are great but I think some of the light shows are overdoing it a little bit. Especially on inserts that have colored art on them, it just looks terrible.
- The ball feed and gate on the right inlane (the Indy style) has multiple problems. At high velocity, the ball can sneak out ABOVE the wire gate. The feed sometimes isn't clean and causes drain without ball save. The post that other feeds like these has to allow players to skillfully nudge the ball back into play on outlane drain is too thin and does not interact with the ball at all.

Anyhow, those are more Cons than Pros, don't get me wrong, I love the game and it exceeded my expectations. The unboxing stream is available as a VOD for 60 days on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1118316239 I did cut out one 100M game and 85M game that I put on YouTube (what is a good score anyway?)

Cleared factory Grand Champion:

Unfair ball 3 drain (spoiler: the wire gate...):

Now, I need to clean up my arcade, thanks for reading and watching!

#1899 69 days ago
Quoted from RussG:

dri did you communicate these issues with PB or open any tickets?

No, but I'm about to. I'll point them to the post.

Quoted from dri:

- The mystery (mu/th/ur?) scoop feed is a joke as many points out, I'll work on that.

I jerked around with this today. Too many issues. The coil is just too strong, I compare and come from how DW ejects the balls from the mini-PF, just a tiny nudge, that's all that is needed. I also learned that a clean eject should feed to the left inlane. With that said, I used a 1" blue bumper pad (Bally/WMS #23-6629) that I cut off a 45 degree wedge and stuck on the metal rail on the right side:

PXL_20210816_035359763 (resized).jpg

This is not pretty, the shot is a little bit hard to make but it works (it feeds clean 1 out of 3 times just about):

I think the correct course of action would be to move the right metal ball guide.

Quoted from dri:

- The drop down targets seems mushi, no kinetic satisfaction at all, my 'A' was sticking.

The springs are way too weak, I haven't start cutting yet but this is 100% the issue.

Quoted from dri:

- Three thumb screws were rattling in the bottom of the cabinet. No idea where they're supposed to go.

These are the thumb screws for the coin mechs that someone on the stream actually pointed out. I also love the ugly hack they had to do to be able to close the damn coid door, jeez.

Quoted from dri:

- Mid-game I heard a screw drop into the cab, I have no idea where from yet, but maybe go over every head here is a good idea?

This is a 1/4" Torx screw. I couldn't find a home underneath, I'm pretty certain it's from the top PF somewhere and fell through.

Quoted from dri:

- No issues with the standups at all.

LIES! I have one standup sticking.

And, last, but not least, check your balls(!). I had a 1/4" half-moon, sharp as a barnacle, on one of the balls. I randomly got this ball out as I was fixing the left scoop. I now imagine seeing random scratches on the PF just about everywhere.

PXL_20210816_041925889-02 (resized).jpeg

#1913 68 days ago

More work done today. The drop target bank is really a piece of work, the coil barely has any plunger to grab. I flipped the "fork" upside down to give it more play and that gave me the room to add more tension to the springs. Performs much better now.

The Mother shot was giving me a lot of grief and rubber pad was a good measuring stick. I did tighten up right metal all guide for a tad bit snugger fit:

PXL_20210817_023420496-fixed (resized).jpg

However, did that help? No. Why? This:

So, now what? I don't have any weaker coils to replace and test with. I simply took a spare barrel compression spring (Bally/WMS part number 10-149) that I cut to my liking until I got the results I wanted:

Feeds nice and easy, no rocket launch up in my precious ramp!

The standup switches are a barrel of laughs, the person who designed those switches have never owned or operated a pinball machine. Not even an L-bracket. All my targets are bent backwards like a 80's game that has been on route for all it's life.

I'm out of ideas for the wire gate, I guess you just have to let the ball drain sometimes?

#1915 68 days ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Can you please explain what you did with the MUTHUR kick out in more detail.

I got one of these (it's the spring that usually sits on a shooter rod, Bally/WMS part number 10-149):
s-l400 (resized).jpg

Then I replaced that with the current spring on the kick-out plunger. It needs to be cut about 3/4 turn on both ends and then cut some more to make it perform to your liking. I cut about another 3/4 turns from it.

Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

My drop targets have been pretty solid so far

Mine didn't reset properly on my first game even, the 'A' didn't drop fully etc if it ever successfully reset. I did a few tweaks here and there and it resets and drops OK now,

#1974 67 days ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

I really like the GI RGB colored plastic pieces

I'm on the complete opposite side of the fence here. I think they look terrible. My gut wrenched when I saw them the first time. I've come to peace with the situation, but no thanks.

#1981 66 days ago

Ok, got another sesh on the game today. Froze twice, once when the ball was in the back scoop, did not initiate ball search, tilt didn't register. Second time the trough didn't eject my ambush multiballs and when I drained, that was it.

I increased the magnet strength on the Xeno and I sort of got the ball stuck there twice, once clean and once it kind of just bounced back there. This is a timing (game does not register fast enough) and magnet juice issue me thinks.

I also had to do some proper bending and re-align one of the spinners that clearly had a manufacturing defect. The other is perfect.
right_spinner (resized).jpg

Beat my GC with 1 million more.

#1990 66 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Have they said anything about adding additional assets? I hadn't heard that.

A bird told me that there *might* be additional content added when the run is finished. Take that information with a grain of salt in true pinside fashion.

#1992 66 days ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

Its so easy done.

It's all copyrighted material and a new agreement has to be in place between PB and Paramount(?) to use additional assets. Current clips are great, animations are stellar. I'd love some more call outs and audio assets for sure.

#2006 65 days ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Since we are discussing flaky switches - I’m curious if any other owners are experiencing the same issue with the right revive lane that I am. If you are, please report it to Cato.

Yes, exactly the same issue on mine, on the millimeter. Thanks for posting, I told Cato about it. Does your right inlane only register on a perfect roll as well? Hold the ball against the slingshot rubber and see if it registers.

#2019 63 days ago

More work, more play! Plenty of updates! I got access to a 2.2B release with increased coil power ranges. It allowed -50% to +50%. It dials back the trough and mission scoop to acceptable power. The mother scoop I'm not bothered by anymore because my fix with a stronger spring works perfectly. While dialing the trough I noticed the shooter lane plunger being inconsistent, it turned out the L bracket fixating the plunger had come lose. No lock washers or loctite will do that to you. Glancing over the rest of the PF I noticed that lock washers are not used anywhere, so count on things rattling lose eventually. Don't get frisky and try tighten those torx screws to tight, I've already twisted a head off...

The big update is that I went full bore on my drop target bank. Let's spoil you with some pictures:
apc (resized).jpg

So, this is what I've done:
- Fork is upside down to stock and slight bent upwards for perfect height and grab.
- Longer screws were required to allow a perfect rest and give more grab for the plunger.
- More spring tension won't make the targets mushi and get stuck halfway down which could happen stock.
- A longer coil sleeve to allow perfect square alignment when in resting position.
- Spring added to not allow the fork to get jammed.
- Grease added in the metal-to-metal surfaces (there's a lot of friction involved here).
- Coil set to 50% stronger.

This is the kinetic satisfaction I was looking for:

I did a quick stream with 2.2B on Friday. I beat my GC and it now sits at 127M! (I don't play with EBs). After this game I read up on what the last few weapons do in more detail, lol.

I also got another code drop from PB, 2.2C. This is supposedly going to help with the Xeno standup-to-magnet timings on Ambush. I'll go live later today at https://twitch.tv/dri374 for anyone interested in watching. If there's anything noteworthy to share I'll post it here.

In other news, my Mando LE is collecting dust...

#2025 62 days ago

Damn it I've been on this game ALL day! Obsessed!

Anyhow, I'm happy to report that the 2.2C code update is a DRAMATIC improvement for the Xeno magnet grab. This is the list of "highlights" from today's stream (NOT comprehensive). Many of the failed captures were early in the stream which makes me think that flipper fatigue plays a big role in this.

- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=00h22m05s
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=00h29m35s (failed, wonky shot)
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=00h41m50s (failed, too far off center)
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=00h48m44s
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=00h58m35s
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=01h08m35s
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=01h17m35s
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=01h35m35s (?, some other bug that left PF magnet on?)
- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126517479?t=01h43m35s

Not far off from being perfect!

No rest for the wicked, I had two more annoyances I dealt with after today's stream and I will play test this more thoroughly tomorrow unless work gets the better of me. The first piece is the up posts in the orbits (I found this issue during the unboxing stream, but haven't dealt with it until now). The posts protrude about 1mm above the PF and that upsets the ball enough to cause undesired dribbles and trajectories, this is what it looks like with the PF pulled out and I just roll a ball in the back:

Thankfully, these mechs are easy to adjust but the lock nut is simply too tall. Luckily I had a bunch of M threaded nuts that was about a millimeter shorter and the ball rolls pretty undisturbed over the up post (some minor bending involved...). I did some play testing and my left orbit shots now feed much cleaner to the pops where I usually had a lot of false positives and the ball just fed to the back scoop because it hit the center protruded up post.

Next I've been dealing with a very inconsistent eject from the back/mission scoop. Sometimes it feeds perfect to the left flipper, sometimes it hits (and triggers) the left sling and sometimes it just hits the lower left sling post and completely upsets the drop catch which quite a few times have resulted in a flip straight out the right outlane. So, when the ball is in the mission scoop and you nudge the game you can clearly see that the ball is "rolling around" and balancing on something in there, which is ludicrous. I took the plunger out and there is this little niblet on the tip that the ball balances on and causes the inconsistent ball eject. Challenging, sure, it's pinball, but it's such crucial shot and I rather have ball rest in the round hole to have a somewhat consistent experience. It's hard to see but here is the top of the plunger:

mission-plunger (resized).jpg

It's also quite evident that my particular plunger is assembled a bit dodgy making it about 1mm higher. I sanded it down and did some bending of the L bracket, the ball now rests entirely on metal. I'll hopefully get another session on it tomorrow to see if this fixes the issue entirely.

Last but not least, another GC clocked 144M! Funny enough I played "just one more" when I shut down the stream and put up 168M while I was adjusting the upper flipper strength. Stacking multi-balls on this game is as fun as pinball ever gets!

Any word on when LV is being announced?!

#2046 61 days ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

I have noticed the xeno grab is better

It only failed to grab the ball once today during the stream and that was just because the ball was way too far off center.

#2211 55 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I am the only who has constant issues with the APC stopping to register?

The connector on the PF PCB is really flaky. I noticed that on mine too. I re-seated it a couple of times, works now (the "C" wasn't registering).

I had a bunch of weird problems yesterday.
- Start button, left flipper button and coindoor buttons stopped working. A power cycle cleared it.
- The tongue of the Xeno didn't extend fully and was stuttering severely, another power cycle and on my second Ambush on my last game it seemed just fine.

I'm also having sticky flipper issues *very* intermittently (like once or twice in a 1-2 hour session), I tried to gap the flippers but to no avail. Is stronger springs a better solution? This only happens after an hour or so of constant play, so it might be a related to heat since there's no hold winding on the coils. Sanding the bushings is the only solution?

#2215 55 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Had to go to work before starting it up. Only issue so far was bent t molding from head being down tight on rails. It is on both sides.

I have this on mine as well, not as severe as yours and only noticable on the left side.

#2225 55 days ago
Quoted from dyopp21:

From what I've seen of this thread I'm thinking in reality Q1 2022

Take PB/CoinTaker's estimate and make your own "best case" scenario. Now, double that, and you have a realistic date. That's what I did and pinned down that my game was going to be here in September. It arrived three weeks early, to my surprise and I was not dissappointed.

Oh, my order was in on day 1 re-launch day with CT, #34 (or #32, can't remember) in line.

#2323 50 days ago

I got a surprise drop from PB today: 2.2E. Cato didn't say what they fixed and asked me to figure it out.

Anyhow, if you want to try spot the fix, I'll be streaming the game with the new code within the next hour or so.

- https://twitch.tv/dri374

#2341 49 days ago
Quoted from Batedogg:

I play in the dark, and I'd like to maybe add a touch of light to the playfield without ruining the atmosphere.

I do not enjoy playing this game in the dark at all. Most inserts are flashing annoyingly bright and fast which makes the PF incredibly hard to see. I don't know if you can adjust the pulse and brightness of the inserts to get a more smooth dark experience. I only stream this game at the moment, with the overhead lights it looks and feels great IMHO. My comparison is Stranger Things where I have inserts dialed down as low as I can and it gives you a much better moody game in the dark and UV effect gives you true dialed to 11 effect (no pun intended).

#2397 47 days ago
Quoted from Optimiser:

Are we paying all this money to be their field testers? Why the fk should we have to act as their quality contol? Not good enough PB!

I walked into this with eyes wide open. I bought and paid in full for a NIB project. I can't say I'm struggling with my decision.

#2400 47 days ago
Quoted from s000m:

Has anyone ever changed the flipper buttons out? Mine feel wobbly and loose compared to my Stern/Data East Pins.

Mine were a bit whiny caused by the friction, a dab of novus 1 and they're now smooth and responsive. I agree they're a bit flimsy but I prefer that over the Stern ones that gets stuck for the smallest speck of dust.

#2444 46 days ago
Quoted from AD72:

Ok back to troubleshooting. Has anyone else seen the ball get stuck in the Drop Ship ball guide. Also I had a screw come off.

Funny enough I got this exact stucky yesterday, but on the other side of the scoop. It wasn't jammed though, feather light nudge shook it loose. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1142338850?t=00h19m50s

Quoted from AD72:

Also I had a screw come off.

Be prepared to find screws over time in this game. I've yet seen a single lock washer on the machine screws. Lock nuts, sure, in some places, but not lock washers (all mechs that hold a coil as an example).

#2465 45 days ago

DHL notification in Italian received! Bravissimo!

#2506 44 days ago
Quoted from AD72:

What was the sticky flipper fix again? Left flipper is sticking.

Sadly, this is not a comprehensive fix. I think we need a tad bit more spring tension as well.

#2509 44 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

Just follow HurryUpPinball's video and it should totally solve your problem.

Yep, followed this, bushings are like baby bums now but I still get very intermittent stickys. Given you're supposed to have a blade switch to help with the return of the plunger, I'm not too surprised. I might just get blade switches.

2 weeks later
#2965 30 days ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Also, I noticed the hypersleep pod has a real sculpt vs flat plastic.

It's all poor 3D renderings. It's just a concept of what the final product should look like.

#2971 30 days ago

My only question as a SV owner is when we can expect shakers to be available for our games.

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