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10 months ago

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#36 10 months ago
Quoted from cleanandlevel:

I'm in on the standard, if it turns out alright I'll move it and then get the LE. good luck to all of us, will be quite the ride.

I'm doing the same haha

3 months later
#546 6 months ago

Finally - a video that actually shows the alien eat the ball. Never gets old for me.

Those ramps are the nicest I’ve seen on a new machine ever.

1 week later
#605 6 months ago

***joining in the other club thread to this. Website rules will be updated to reflect what just happened, which makes sense to me.***

So I received an update from Pinball Brothers regarding my question around hooking up the beacons. For those new, the OG LE came with them and other SE owners installed them as the code during certain modes will turn them on and they look great.

Rather disappointing but they said they haven't tested or discussed the beacons for the remake so they have no instructions. Personally, I'm not sure why that's the case and probably shows how short term these plans have been (focusing on getting standards first) but I still bought a pair on ebay assuming we'll have someone smarter than me figure out how to plug them into the remake as the code already has it built in.....

On a side note, I'm impressed that documentation has already been created for this game about how things hook up, hardware etc. Already a step ahead of the OG release. And those shiny ramps? Damn they have to be the nicest ramps I've ever seen in a pinball game.


#645 5 months ago

Guys - from my experience, these are the beacons that work perfect. They did on the OG and apparently were the stock used by HW pinball (although I can’t say for certain). What I can say for certain is that they worked on OG and hopefully they do here too

4 Colors Rotating Beacon Warning Light Lamp Spiral ABS 10W 12VDC-220VAC

ebay.com link: itm

Great to hear about the 4 arriving. Look forward to hearing and seeing more.

#649 5 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

12V? We don't really know what voltage we are going to need for this since we don't know what we'll be connecting to is the issue I see.

Yeah I was only going off of OG. That was 12. Hoping it’s the same.

#673 5 months ago
Quoted from pballjunkie:

Yes it plays rather fast. It feels faster and has more flow than heighway version which sounds odd I know. But i cant help but think that the monitor in playfield slows down the ball, Ive played both now and I definitely like the pinball brothers version better. I have got the ball stuck twice due to air balls under the right ramp and above right upper flipper. There is a small curve in the plastic right before the right upper flipper assembly and a ball cradles perfectly there. The 2nd spot is just to the right of the upper right flipper under the wireform between it and the plastic piece below it. That happened during multiball and ricocheted off flipper and bounced and lodged right under wireform. It might just be a level adjustment front to back. Other than that its been preforming quite nicely. I had it set on family mode which seems to leave out the rescue newt and bleeps out any language. Still tinkering around with settings to see what else is cut in family mode. Speakers were connected correctly and sound good, ive found a nice setting at 12 for our store that engages you and sets the mood for the game in modes like find jonsey which is a cool mode. I adjusted the trough strength down a bit as that ball flys out into the lane and sometimes bounced back in trough. (Most manufacturers have them standardly set high and it seems on some machines like sterns to wear out the shooter lane faster with higher power settings)I had to adjust the flipper button switches as they were way to close together and we very touchy at first but now are spot on. The ball launch is much smoother than heighway version too The physical ball lock is cool too and doesnt slow down game play. The magnet above the right upper flipper is great addition and be ready for it to accelerate your ball back down on either magnet (other one in front of xenomorph)during gameplay which can catch you off guard but is definitely a welcome distraction. I will keep playing and let u all know what else i find as more average customers will be playing it tomorrow and you never know how they are going to play the game especially if this is their 1st time trying it out.

Appreciate the feedback - keep it coming! So glad to see these games coming in. Mine can’t be far away. You know for sure I will be posting impressions especially how the new one compares to old. It will be fair no doubt from me! That’s an interesting point though on the lack of PF screen resulting in faster gameplay. I would believe it. There def was friction caused by the PF. Not saying I rather not have it but good observation.

#674 5 months ago
Quoted from RETROCENGO:

Hi guys how are you all doing? I updated the Xenomorph a bit and filmed the results.
Im sorry im not that much in this great forum, i see now, i have a bunch of mails unanswered, my bad sorry! im on youtube, and easy to get in contact with there, if you want me to film something specific or a question about the Alien, will help all i can
Pinball Brothers Alien Pinball Xenomorph adjustment update, video nr 3

Great video however that Xeno is still not working 100%. The first test it ate the ball as expected but the jaw should close, not remain open. The second time (at the end of the video) it ate the ball correctly (open for tongue, jaw closes after it eats it).

I must say it’s a little disappointing that this mech is not 100% out of the box considering it always had issues in the OG however from what I understand, yours was a very early/proto maybe and the ones coming out work well? Interested to hear how other owners experience it.

pballjunkie - let us know how yours reacts. Does the jaw close after it eats it. Looks odd with the mouth just stuck open during MB.

PF looks so smooth / like glass! I did see some odd dimpling by the xeno magnet, although might have been the glare. Appreciate the content.

#682 5 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

The eagle has landed! Shout out to the awesome delivery driver from FedEx Freight that brought it all the way around my house to my lower basement door. I usually have to fight with drivers to bring it to my garage (I have a kind of steep driveway).
Unboxing and setup later this afternoon.
[quoted image]

Hell yes!

#701 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Played his for 2 hours yesterday. Played ambush 4 times and it ate the ball twice. I believe it closed the mouth at least once. I didn’t know it was supposed to do that so I want to say the first time it didn’t close. The other two times, the magnet didn’t grab the ball, so the xeno ate nothing.

Very interesting. Thanks for the update. I wonder if it’s software or hardware related. To me it sounds like hardware.

TinyBlackDog - thanks for sharing! Hopefully your flood is taken care of. That’s no fun.

Any feedback on your xeno? Is it working well?

Congrats to PB and also Cointaker for delivering on this....again. Excited to see more.

I was thinking would mirror side blades work well on this game. It would pick up all of the lights and make it a little brighter too although I’m just not sure it fits aesthetically.

#710 5 months ago

the chrome is starting to grow on me although I'm still prob powdering it. For the guys with their games - are those just general bally williams

#715 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s not chrome. It’s rough brushed metal. Like exactly how it came from the manufacturer that cut them. Haha

yeah you're right. Damn. Yeah it will likely be powdered. I'm assuming it's standard bally williams parts on there (lockdown bar, side armor, etc)

#717 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Read my mind. Already been searching for lollypop rails to swap those to (for me) correct black powder coat on arrival. That was the Only stand out must fix I seen when the game was introduced. Getting the strobes you suggested and hope to see my game soon.

Did you find ones that will work? I want to order as well. Thanks!

#720 5 months ago
Quoted from cleland:

Remember the lockdown bar has latches and not the standard W/B sliding lock mech. So, you would have to get a new wide body receiver then.


That's a good point.

Also I would like more art too and trade with no lollis.

#734 5 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

When is the container full of games suppose to ship? Sure hope they address some of these issues before sending more.

Last I heard from Melissa, she was confirming with them the latest on where things were. Not the best answer but it feels like the next two weeks or so. We’ll see.

Nicest ramps I’ve seen on pinball - they should all look like that

2 weeks later
#915 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

So thanks to yuriijos I got the shipping document, the name of the ship is NAVIOS INDIGO and I found where you can track this online, at the moment the ship is heading to Aliaga Turkey with a dock date of 0500 UTC so it's obvious it's not going to make it to Italy by the same day which is what is on the shipping document. As I've never tracked a ship before I was unaware that the ports shown are where it's been and not where it's going lol. You don't see the next port of call until the ship is underway. According to the shipping document the container is a 20ft one. It will dock in New York around the 6th of June with delivery to Cointaker on June 10th. Anyone on the first shipment interested in tracking the ship can find the details here...
Happy Tracking

deja vu from my OG delivery! Love tracking boats. Thanks OP.

#973 5 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Finally, this tug boat is on its way to Italy. Should be there on the 30th. Maybe by mid-June it will be in the US.
[quoted image]

little do they know that lunatic pinball collectors are tracking their boat every step of the way! Love it.

1 week later
#1045 4 months ago

Well officially have my spot free’d up now for alien to arrive. Perfect timing. I believe this is the week it’s expected to dock right?

Edit - June 11th it looks like


1 week later
#1080 4 months ago

Any update/thoughts from owners about installing the Beacons?

#1126 4 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Yup looks that way https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-09/the-forgotten-shipping-pallet-is-staging-a-pandemic-era-rally
I was aware of world wide shortages of construction timber but it looks like timber for pallets is also impacted. It must have made loading the container with pinball machines (minus a pallet) damn hard

I can confirm as well. Mine hasn’t been shipped bc of this either. I am local though so it’s really on me as I could drive and grab it. About 4 hrs away but work is just too busy right now. Hoping it still gets shipped on Friday or Monday.

As for the OG alien cabinet, I never thought it looked bad. The head is definitely weird but overall, it looks fine and the lit up side art on the outside is a nice touch.

#1172 4 months ago

random but does the game come with apron cards or no?

#1195 4 months ago

Never gets old to look at that. Amazing.

#1198 4 months ago

Without the original side art cutouts, we no longer need to worry about retrofitting art blades and EL wire in the new version. I’m expecting the side blade companies to offer those lit up side blades they have for other games in here for alien. Would be a match made in heaven. I’ve already emailed them as well. For now, I might put mirrors in it to see how that looks. The reflection might show off the light effects well. Then I can just remove them and put in cool side art when they become available.

#1283 4 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue... At first I thought it was a software issue, but tonight I did some debugging and the problem is that the ball lock is sticking and not going up when a ball is in it. Without a ball, it works fine.

Has anyone else seen this issue? The hard part of fixing this is I don't know for sure how it is supposed to be. I have the playfield adjusted to 6.5 degrees, but the tilt detector seems to be hanging off-center.... so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong with the leveling or if leveling could even cause such an issue.
Any suggestions appreciated.

I have no idea as I haven’t received mine yet but those are the nicest ramps I’ve ever seen in a pinball game. Damn they are sexy

As for the lock, keep us posted as I’m sure others might have a similar issue

#1284 4 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Just wanted to update the room with the response I received from Pinball Brothers support, even though it took 24 hours to finally get a response I was able to do a Skype call with Cato, what a super nice friendly guy. We went through the issues on my game and found it was because of a bad Cat-5e cable, luckily I had a spare cable at home and I replaced it and boom, all the lights were now functioning, along with the trough not detecting balls and the targets not registering. I'm putting a picture in this post circling the cable that was causing all those issues for anyone else that may experience this problem.
So another note, every new game I get the first thing I do is replace the stock balls with Ball Baron carbon balls and this was no exception, but this was a strange thing, after I got off the call with PB, I played a game and I noticed that the balls were not seating correctly in the trough, this caused a lot of problems with balls not being fed for multiball, to balls not being detected drained and a never ending Sentry Guns mode. I took the Ball Baron balls out and replaced them with the stock ones and the game played normally, balls dropping in the trough as they should. I'm really scratching my head on this one. I checked the diameter of the stock compared to Ball Baron and they are identical. Unless the stock balls are somewhat heavier I'm completely lost as to why the others wouldn't work. I have asked PB if there is a difference in their balls as this could cause some headaches down the line when it's time to change the balls.
So now the game is working great and it's totally addicting, so happy I jumped on this. PB said they are still working on the software update and it's coming soon. There is a lot they are doing for the update, including updating the operating system that is under the game system, if I said that right lol, along with many bug fixes and enhancements. If this is the way the support is in the future and you have qualms about the game I would say definitely go for it! It's just too good to miss out on. The build quality of the game is fantastic, the playfield is like a sheet of glass and it sounds fantastic. Word of warning though once I turned it on the audio was set to the highest level and man was it loud the dogs ran out of the game room
One question for other owners, did anyone get a coin box? I thought it strange there wasn't one.
Thanks for reading the book lol.
Red_Devils Out...
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I had the same issue with my first OG alien and the trough and it was due to be changing the balls out for shiny ones. Once I put the original balls back in, no trough issues. I never tried to figure out why….. but not surprised to hear it’s happening with PB version

#1295 4 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Well they aren't magnetized I just tested them with a paper clip and they're the exact same diameter. So I'm at a loss I don't have a scale to weigh them, maybe European balls are heavier than US balls
delt31 These are opposite the ones that came with the game are shiny and the others are dull.

Yeah mine must have been magnetized. Solution is not to change the balls it comes with

#1313 4 months ago

Mine was delivered today. As a former OG owner, I can already see a number of differences besides what is obvious.

Here’s the problem though - my Alien head says switch error and gets stuck trying to get the ball. Won’t even work right in first boot. Any owner experience this yet before I reach out to PB? I’ve tried calibrating like OG but no luck

Edit- seems like someone else experienced this as well

Edit 2 - it now comes out and goes in with no error but man the gears grind, mostly in test. Is that normal for pb? Update - seems like it is but you can adjust strength by turning the screw per Averell

Edit 3 works. Under tests run calibrate and then it fixed the error

#1315 4 months ago
Quoted from cleanandlevel:

fuse replaced, back up and running but now I'm getting a Stuck SW Error Message...
seems like the tongue is stuck, any idea how to get it back on track?
[quoted image]

Edit resolved

#1329 4 months ago

I’ll add another PB whoopsie on mine. My left flipper didn’t work! Looked under the hood and the wire was broken off. Maybe it happened during travel - who knows but I soldered it back on

For those skeptical, I can understand. We all went into this eyes open and expected some immediate challenges up front. Too tired to summarize but there are a number of nice additions I’m already appreciating - and that doesn’t include those shiny ramps! I’m sure there will be a few more gremlins and no doubt it’s frustrating opening a 8k game and your left flipper doesn’t work but this is also a crazy hobby.

Btw the open pop bumper egg that was sold separately by Matt at back alley creations for OG fits this one perfectly. Nice to have one of the eggs diff than the other two.

On a complete side note, go Canadians as those damn lightning beat the islanders tonight. No one cares about Tampa. Would have been one hell of a Stanley cup if it were NY vs Canadians

#1338 4 months ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

The game is very good, theme integration is amazing like hobbit and unlike hobbit the layout is also awesome. The big collectors i know can fix or have someone that can fix issues.. if all i have to do is solder a thing or two and maybe finangle with a mech, I’m not deterred. If it’s like the jjp led issue and it’s never ending electronics failures then we’ve got problems.

From my experience thus far, that’s what I’m seeing. Solder, tweaks that I need to do (alien gear) etc. I rather not but also not surprised. Comparatively speaking, happy with this purchase as you said - game has been brought back from the dead with a company who still picks up the phone and a fantastic price point (assuming you weren’t an OG owner expecting to only hold onto it as an investment). I expect drama / catastrophe pumping from those that don’t actually own it but what’s new. I’m excited to hear more impressions from owners of the PB version. I should be posting mine later.

#1441 3 months ago

well - I've been playing this game for about a week (dedicated) and I can confidently say that Pinball Brothers did it. We have a new more refined alien pinball machine for a fantastic price. For those that don't like to tinker at all with your machines however, be prepared to be frustrated upon unboxing. From my experience, I had multiple "issues" when I unboxed which I was able to resolve myself but I must state that they were there, and many others have experienced them too (NIB owners). Good news is that thus far, it was an initial group of challenges that were minor, no doubt and I have been playing trouble free since then.

See my impressions below. I've owned 3 OG aliens before and played this game a ton so I know what to expect. This game is still my absolute favorite and PB's updates makes it even better.

-Love that new backbox. Great art and the lighting is very nice. High quality for sure. Chrome trim is also very nice. Still not a huge fan of the silver around the cab itself but that's what powder is for. Art on the cab is nice too - not low quality at all.
- The game is def brighter. everywhere. Insert lights, by the flippers, Much brighter than OG however it's still dark and keeps that great vibe.
- Playfield quality is very nice. OG had a great PF too and it was nice to see this one come high quality too.
- The sound on OG was incredible and I'm happy to report it's equally represented here as well however you NEED an external sub. Big time diff when I added that.
- Flipper strength is good, however my OG felt stronger (even too strong). Not sure the flipper strength adjustments work well though on the current code. They should look into that
- Pop bumpers are much more effective than my OGs. They pop like old school williams. Huge upgrade from my experience. Also the open egg pop bumper works on this version
- LOVE the new magnet on the top right along with the additional scoop entrance (which leads to additional strategy when shooting) and the hard lock. These are all great additions.
- Playfield speed/feel is very good. OG was very good as well - feels just like it.
- Beacons (or lack there of) is a bummer. Very cool on OG and really needs to be figured out on how to hook up. Mine are ready! Also no side art is a bummer too but I'm sure those will be coming (and lit as well).
- Stand up targets feel great and appear to be more durable than OG.
- The screen on the head is very nice. Bigger than stern but not as big as JJP. Any smaller, it would have been bad but the current size is fine. The lack of PF screen was actually better than I thought too. It made me look at the main screen since it was no longer a redundant screen (ala OG). During alien mb it actually made me feel much more pressured b/c I had to occasionally look up to see the screen vs always having that in front of me. This led to having the feeling where in the movie they had to look at the actual bugs on the radar screen and then shoot just like I'm now doing in the pinball game (looking at the screen on the head unit and then back down to make my shots). Very cool.
- Absolutely hate the lockdown bar this game has. Prob the worse one I've ever used.
- I believe there is some new game over music too. Music on this pin in general is some of the best, if not the best in pinball.
- Underneath the playfield is absolutely stunning and streamlined. Great job PB.
- I've said this many times before, but nicest ramps in pinball ever. Gorgeous in person.
- Mylar your scoop and shooter asap!
- Apron is better than before - just needs something on the left side. I'm thinking a sticker or something along those lines.
- Material used on the sling shot bugs is stronger and more durable. I could tell by touching them. OG they would break apart. Nice to see that update made here.
- Xeno tongue works well however upon startup, the tongue comes out much slower and grinds. Doesn't happen during normal play though. OG it would boot up and act the same (as in normal gameplay).

Some fixes I applied to mine:

1) Both scoop and saucer needed to be adjusted. I ended up using some velcro tape and added it to both. The left saucer now kicks out very smooth to top left flipper where before it was a mess - didnt line up at all. The scoop was shooting too far to the left but the velcro trick helped resolve that as well. I just applied a piece underneath the scoop on the left side and its better. For the saucer I applied it against the left rail. See pics below. You can't see either from the players perspective.
2) Xeno had an error when I initially started up. I ended up resolving by going into the test menu and running calibration
3) Left flipper wire broke off - didn't work. Had to solder that back.
4) Ball trough - mine would get jammed (coil release would stick up) restricting the next ball from being released. I greased it a little and no more issues.
5) Turn around ramp - I had to bend mine down a little otherwise I was getting a ball stuck in there.

For this price in this insane market, this game is a steal. Will I sell mine for the collectors when that is released - hell yes. But that's b/c this game is my fav and I now know PB is not joking around. Happy to have alien back and happy to see many others will be able to enjoy this unbelievable game. Whether it's the OG (which is a great experience as well) or PBs, this game need to be experienced by the community. It's one of the best.
6AE6E896-FA9C-4EBC-B060-8BA532C8794C (resized).jpegE5851EE3-3412-42A4-BC71-C0EAB3F317AC (resized).jpeg

#1524 3 months ago

Quick update is I downloaded and installed the new fw and the alien tongue during boot up is now normal (ala OG) - not slow and grinding like before. Nice!

Haven't had a chance to look at new posts on here but plan to catch-up tomorrow. It's 4th of july party time and about to enjoy some drinks. Alien tomorrow. Cheers.

#1539 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

Thanks for the feedback. I’m just trying to document issues I come across and make videos if I need to do the repairs. Figure it will help some others out. I’ve seen several different torx sizes for different mechs. I ended up buying a set of metric nut drivers but luckily had a bit set that included lots of torx bits. I have been messing with the left scoop kick out but don’t have a great solution yet. The ball actually hits the bottom of the plastic ramp when it gets ejected. Thought about trying to 3d print something to tame the kickout but no luck yet. I adjusted the coil strength to 25% weaker but it is still a bit too strong. [quoted image]

Check my earlier pic. Not ideal (although you can’t see it) but Velcro sticky right on that left side plastic did exactly what you’re suggesting and the ball now rolls down to the left flipper. GL and great tutorial video btw!

1 month later
#1834 80 days ago

Speaking of toppers, anyone hear about how to hook up the beacons as the software has their functionality built in. Its over my head on how to even do it on the new version

#1843 78 days ago

anyone resolve the random alien tongue issue where it doesn't fully extend during boot up (resulting in a stuck switch error)? I am able to resolve it after a test calibration or two but I didn't know if there was a silver bullet. Funny is that this happened on the OG too so maybe it's just the mech.

#1892 72 days ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

I have also had to adjust the xenomorph switch because it kept getting a stuck switch error.

What exactly did you adjust? Anyone experience this and what did you adjust on the switch?


#1934 70 days ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Same here on the MUTHER kickout, no flying balls but don't get a nice feed to the flipper. I have reported it to Cato also and he says they are working on a fix for it.
My drop targets have been perfect since I unboxed the game. I know that HurryUpPinball had an issue with them on one of his streams but he said he fixed them also.
On a higher note, my machine is sitting on a cart right now. I have just sent all the armor out for powder coating and when I get it back I'll post the pics of the color I went with, it's going to look great!
[quoted image]

Interested as well. I was thinking of doing the same including t mold replacement but I’m also planning on selling my standard once LE is announced so I might hold off for now….. although who knows when that is really going to happen.

#1970 69 days ago

Mine didn't come with a cliffy either. I put mylar on it for now as I don't like how they look. If it begins to get beat up, I'll cliffy it to cover.

#2013 65 days ago

So I figured out the switch issue on my Xeno which caused the stuck error. Switch needed to be bent down more. Now it works great - see pics for what my updated switch looks like in the event others are having the same issue. Shout out to PappyBoyington for the help.

Also Ridley figure added too. Hallmark ftw

00D0654F-D4E8-48CC-BA23-A38913542764 (resized).jpeg45F4FA5E-3EEC-49C9-8F56-95349811FE26 (resized).jpeg827A1D84-F692-4A7A-BD65-B3E5DFCA5C53 (resized).jpegBE86FD75-FC8C-4565-8133-8FCB524E7479 (resized).jpegFAB419D2-D63B-42F3-89E8-0AC58F2B5459 (resized).jpeg
#2014 65 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

That is awesome! Glad to hear it!
I think the theme I've been seeing here is that while there may be problems at first, these problems are usually very easily fixable. And once the issues are worked out, the game becomes very stable. I haven't had a single incident that caused a game to not complete in 2 weeks since I installed firmware 2.2A. Great news all around. I think once the MUTHUR outhole issue (likely a software update will fix it) and the stand-up target Rev. 3 are released, everything will be perfect.

Where can you download 2.2a? I only see 2.2 on the help page

#2116 61 days ago

Considering stern will try and get 10k+ for their LEs (which is an absolute joke), I'm fine with this price. I always thought the 7777 for SV was the steal/buy of the year and happy with mine but it will be on the market as soon as I get the LV. For me, LV has to have the interior lit blades. Comparing the OG to PB, the new one hands down beats the old with all of it's additions EXCEPT the missing interior lit blades. Those need to happen. Screen I can live with or without which is prob the biggest surprise since owning the new PB version is how much I don't miss it. Beacons need to happen too although they will work with the SV (PB confirmed to me yesterday) and assume same with LV so no worries there.

Bring on the LV. New code btw, really fixes the magnet grab by xeno. OG had the same issue as well but this new FW grabs it better than I've seen on either version. No issues to report and I'm loving it. Alien pinball continues to be my fav pinball game out there.

On a side note, don't sleep on Dialed In. Game is legit.

#2229 56 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Finally got to play my first 2 games. Works 100 percent. Even the zenomorph caught my ball on the Multiball Ambush mode. Only had to adjust tilt Bob so far.
Game is super dark. I will be getting pinstadiums for sure.
[quoted image]

Just be careful as pinstadiums in alien absolutely kill the atmosphere. I have them in many of my games but they don’t belong in alien

#2278 54 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

Not only is it solid, but any problem I have encountered so far has been a super easy fix. The thing is designed in a way that replacing parts is super easy. I'm used to working on older pinball machines and the design makes it a joy to work on.

On FW D - no issues here either. The 7777 was a thank you to the early supporters (although I'll likely be selling this and getting the LE).

I did need to adjust the xeno tongue (perfect since) and add some more padding to the scoop and mother kick out along with resoldering the left flipper.

#2308 52 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

I've never had to touch my Alien Xenomorph. As I recall, it was particularly loud when you first powered in on in an earlier software version, but a software update changed the speed of the Xenomorph tongue on power-on, which resolved that.

This - fixed in software as I experienced this too.

#2331 51 days ago
Quoted from Batedogg:

Hello! Very stoked to have the chance to join this crew thanks to HurryUpPinball trading me for his excellent example of the machine. I love this game! I had a quick question. I play in the dark, and I'd like to maybe add a touch of light to the playfield without ruining the atmosphere. I really think a trough light might do the trick. Has anyone put a trough light in, and if so, do they have recommendations as to color? This machine is so different compared to what I'm used to I'm curious if anyone has some recommendations. Thanks!

So I tried this with my previous OG Alien and it was just too bright. I ended up removing it.

Alien is one of those games you think you need more light but when you add it, you're like something doesn't feel right anymore!

#2353 51 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

Do you know that you have the Gen. 2 Xeno targets and not Gen. 1? I have Gen. 1 and Cato is sending me Gen. 2 targets. I highly suspect my Xeno grab problems is because every time the ball hits the Xeno targets, it hops right over the magnet. Curious if the same thing is happening to you. I'm on 2.2E and IF the ball doesn't hop over the magnet, it looks to me like it would be pretty reliable.

Edit I figured it out

#2445 47 days ago

I can confirm that I experienced the bug where the ball doesn’t release from the scoop unless you press the flipper buttons…..

1 week later
#2628 39 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So...there is no shaker in this correct? You wouldn't know it....

I added one to my OG and felt it literally once or twice. The old code didn’t incorporate it well. Not sure if the new code has any more use of it but I would def not buy it for my new one if that didn’t change.

1 week later
#2850 32 days ago

I’m pumped to see the LV!

Didn’t realize that powder came from PB. Talk about a sweet surprise.

For me I hope they have the lit side blades and beacons working. That would be great. Larger back box sure or pf screen but both would be fine without. Of course I’m on the LV list and high up at that. Can’t wait to see the new features

#2955 32 days ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

They did say those items can be added to the SV.
Beacons, Side blades , backbox art and side rails if I was a SE owner.

Where do they say this? Just reading about the LV now….. didn’t see this formally announced

You can add the back box art too? Where is the backbox lcd in the LV released photo? How do they not release a video of this thing?

EDIT - cointaker confirmed this is true. Interesting. Going to read up more on this

#3014 31 days ago

I’ve always appreciated PB bringing this game back but that was just a terrible reveal. Period

The LV was an instant buy for me but considering the major things can be added to the SE and I bought it at 7777, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Beacons are terrible looking but good news, we can add the OG version Once we see how the new beacons were added.

The art IMO is better than standard but not sure that’s worth it alone.

On the positive side, they brought the two items I wanted the most (beacons and side art lit)…. But PB, what a blown opp. 1k is too many for a boutique manufacturer’s LE.

#3057 30 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

I have an early machine here right now and it took 6 month to resurrect it.
Yes, a long time and much effort to get the parts and we made it to reproduce a lot of missing spare.
It was a whole bunch of work but the entire community had a benefit of it.
I share all information and I'm not interessted in profit or anyting else.
In my opinion the HW-ALIEN is the better choice if you have.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

No one cares. We get it - you’re jealous. That’s fine but keep it to the OG thread.

Seriously it’s embarrassing how some just can’t let it go. There are more aliens available period which is a good thing.

If you’re not an owner or have interest in this game or something helpful to say don’t post. Pretty simple.

Added 30 days ago:

EDIT - jealous that the value will go down. Good point fellas.

#3120 29 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

you should go start another thread if you can't handle some adult conversations. Nobody is jealous and you probably have many bigger things to be embarrassed about. Seriously, you add nothing.

Noticed there were a ton of posts on this thread….checked in and it’s just Dee-Bow getting downvoted, proving he continues to be a joke. The definition of embarrassing.

Keep on acting like a fool dee-bow. We’ll just continue laughing at you chump.

#3276 24 days ago

So my deposit for lv is in. They added what I wanted which was beacons and inner side art lit. The IV art is awesome and with the already enhanced gameplay (magnet, ball lock etc), I'm pumped for it.

My sv will be posted once its ready to be shipped.

2 weeks later
#3536 5 days ago
Quoted from brandonx76:

Anyone have any ETA communicated for Alien LV deliveries from Cointaker? I was provided a number in the 30's. Just trying to ball park it and don't want to bother Melissa and Cointaker unnecessarily. Thanks

I'm hearing some will be available before Christmas. I was inquiring b/c I plan on selling my Alien standard to get the LV but don't want to be left high and dry if they get delayed so I'll prob just hold onto mine until I know the LE is on the boat and coming to the US. My standard continues to play perfectly fine.

#3577 4 days ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

delt31 when you figure it out, please post a how to on connecting them.

I wish I had better news but my help/guidance was back for the OG alien. I’m not aware of how to connect on the new standards unfortunately. I did end up buying and painting them anyway just to place on top of my machine until a viable solution/ if ever is found

#3688 1 hour ago
Quoted from brado426:

I'm not the moderator, but I don't like it when people post off topic bullshit. If the moderator wants to take action on it, they can, but I'm expressing my opinion here that off-topic bullshit is not appreciated by me. Negative useless bullshit with no effort to be helpful to anyone in any way is also not appreciated by me.

apessino is good people - brado426 I get your point and we all appreciate the help but chill a little.

back to the ballgame.....I would love to see some LV action. Inner side blades, beacons, etc.

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