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#146 11 months ago
Quoted from joetechbob:

Screen in pf would be something that would make me consider the LV. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'll care that much about the additional bells and whistles, especially if I can separately purchase/backfill the ones I really want.

I totally agree... there are certain bells and whistles I want... but I'd rather get the SE and just pay for and add the ones I want. So far, the only thing I really want beyond the SE is the beacons.

#153 11 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

They are in the 'oh shit ppl ordered it, now we have to produce something' phase.

They're probably taking a much-needed holiday break.

1 week later
#191 10 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

Great idea, as when beacon is activated, strobes go on. Hook up behind and under machine. Between strobes and yellow beacons, would be a wow moment.

I was thinking white strobes should go off while the Alien is eating the ball... That would be cool....

Also, I think the yellow beacons are the ultimate topper for Alien Pinball, but I guess I'd have to see what alternatives someone comes up with.

1 week later
#224 10 months ago
Quoted from legendpin:

I badly need a great looking working Alien but I waited 4y I can wait more... If possible not more than 2m
Super great to see buthamburg! PF looks really super! Are these PFs 1st or 2nd batch?

Same here. I've been reminding my wife that I'm going to need $10,000 at some point for the past 4 years. I don't think she thought the time would ever come, but it has. I'm really excited. I hope it all works out!

#243 10 months ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

2. wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease.
"the company was anxious to avoid any trouble"

As an Alien Pinball customer, I am definitely interested in avoiding trouble.

#263 10 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

Wait doesn’t this contradict what they said... they said they built / shipped games already some shipped via air & now posted “we have a problem, need to work it out before we ship games” ?!

They never said that... someone posted in here that they heard from someone else that they said that. Wow... I've never seen so many impatient people.... You'd think Millennials had ordered this game.

#267 10 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

You have the following games likely on the horizon to compete with Pinball Brothers Alien remake, I'd just like to know even if they won't release it until October what's included in the Alien LV.
JJP Toy Story
Stern Godzilla ?
Stern / Kapow Back To The Future ?
Stern JAWS ?
Spooky / Ben Heck / CGC new title / Evil Dead ?
American Pinball next title ?
Deep Root Goonies ?
CGC next remake Cactus Canyon ?
CGC new game ?

Pinball Brothers have a pretty big advantage... they can take as long as they want because who cares about any of those themes? Alien is really all that matters!

1 week later
#322 10 months ago
Quoted from LordHumungus:

No sir, I have the best topper for this u could possibly ever have. No topper at all.

The only topper that I've liked so far are the beacons. I will definitely be getting those as an add-on for my SE when available.

1 week later
#367 9 months ago

Guys.... don

Quoted from Zablon:

So did the drop ship fall in the ocean? Are they feeding Melissa lies? I mean...wtf? This is the kind of BS I can't stand from companies. Beginning to sound more like another company who didn't learn their lesson and bit off more than they can chew. I mean, I'm all for taking your time, but quit saying things on timelines if you don't intend to keep them and don't give updates when it is way passed them.

Communication could certainly be improved. I don't think anyone cares how long it takes as long as they know what is going on. CoinTaker could at least tell us, "Ship hit iceberg. All machines lost at sea." Or something like that.

#395 9 months ago
Quoted from Naf:

Quoted from megaladon:
If you look at the backglass it looks like the white inserts do change color there was a moment where they’re all green..

Dang, I didn't notice that before. That is gonna look awesome!!!

2 months later
#607 7 months ago

A friend of mine told me that there was some feeling of guilt after paying

Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I just ordered a couple of beacons on AliExpress that look similar to the OG ones but only cost $50 a pair. Hopefully by the time they arrive we'll figure out how to get them working.

Please share which ones you bought. I definitely want to get working beacons on mine.... once I get the game, it will be a pretty high priority!

#609 7 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

No guarantee that they will work or if the SE will even support beacons. Or the LV for that matter. It is a gamble but not a very expensive one.

I think there is a pretty good chance those will work. 12-24V seems like a safe bet to me. There is a Backbox Extension Out connector. If that thing puts out 12V-24V and turns on at the appropriate time that the beacons should show, we'll be good.

pb (resized).png

#635 7 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

I’m paid in full. Hopefully the container ships this week. Hopefully by the end of May I’ll be flipping a new Alien!!

pasted_image (resized).png

#637 7 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

And your point is? I actually paid more than that but your too ignorant to write anything worth while.

Uh.... that wasn't supposed to be an insult. I have a golden ticket also.

#676 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Great video however that Xeno is still not working 100%. The first test it ate the ball as expected but the jaw should close, not remain open. The second time (at the end of the video) it ate the ball correctly (open for tongue, jaw closes after it eats it).
I must say it’s a little disappointing that this mech is not 100% out of the box considering it always had issues in the OG however from what I understand, yours was a very early/proto maybe and the ones coming out work well? Interested to hear how other owners experience it.
pballjunkie - let us know how yours reacts. Does the jaw close after it eats it. Looks odd with the mouth just stuck open during MB.
PF looks so smooth / like glass! I did see some odd dimpling by the xeno magnet, although might have been the glare. Appreciate the content.

In the comments on the YouTube video, he says that PB are aware of and actively working on a software fix for the jaw not closing issue.

#766 6 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

OG Alien owner tries to discredit PB version - shock/horror.
Dont be so dramatic. Let's see how the switches hold up and how their technical support respond.

I've always found microswitches to be rock solid and reliable while leaf-switches... not so much. With leaf switches I've had many cases I've had to bend them into place and adjust them... So I'm not sure why people are badmouthing microswitches here. In 25 years, I've never seen a microswitch failure except one case where a defective microswitch was delivered to me new. Not seeing the problem here. Maybe someone can explain?

1 week later
#884 6 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

There was an initial shipment of like 6 games that have already been delivered. I think the second shipment is what a tracking number just got provided for? (to only one person?) Are you saying that this current shipment is 22?

I got my shipment confirmation.... Sounds like the boat is leaving on the 25th and arriving on June 7th.

One super happy nerd right here!

1 week later
#971 6 months ago

Finally, this tug boat is on its way to Italy. Should be there on the 30th. Maybe by mid-June it will be in the US.

pasted_image (resized).png

#993 6 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

A little amazed that someone would take the tracking information I posted here and then take it and post it in the other thread smh

Uh... i got it from the shipping info that was sent to me... not your post. Second of all, I didn't realize there was some rule about which thread to post to.... not sure what difference it makes. I'm reading both threads.

#994 6 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

So this shipment might actually be arriving in the NYC port by June 6th as described in the shipping confirmation. Sure hope so.

I'm not sure .... it seems this ship was supposed to arrive in Italy on the 26th, so I'm thinking it is going to be at least 4 days late. It will be interesting to see what the ETA is once this ship leaves. Hopefully it doesn't have to stop in Spain first.

#1005 6 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I need my daily fix, has the ship left Spain. We need a current pic. haha

The good news is it has supposedly picked up our games in Italy and is inching closer and closer to us. The bad news is it still has to stop in Spain.

pasted_image (resized).png

#1027 5 months ago

pasted_image (resized).png

Woohoo! Next port, New York on June 10th!

#1060 5 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

So you're already having to fix parts in a brand new game? I guess I'll continue to wait on feedback to make sure the quality is good on this one before purchasing.

Have you ever bought a brand new pinball machine before? There is ALWAYS something to fix on a brand new game from any manufacturer. If you're expecting everything to be absolutely perfect on your brand new game, owning a pinball machine is probably not for you.

#1068 5 months ago

Now we're talking!!!

Sounds like the port is backed up until June 12th so another day delay.... I can wait!

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#1119 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

I just got the scheduling email from FedEx and have it scheduled for Monday the 21st in the morning. Could have had it for Friday but I won't be around. That's ok though will give me time over the weekend to get the game room ready for the delivery. So excited woohoo!!!!!

Mine is scheduled for delivery here in California on Monday also! Woohoo!

#1148 5 months ago

I passed my Alien yesterday driving from Utah to California. It will be delivered tomorrow!!!

pasted_image (resized).png

#1170 5 months ago

Ohhh yesssss

#1206 5 months ago

I had some issues with ball launching and trough eject. I found my leveling was off. Adjusted to 6.5 degrees and things seem to be working perfectly now. Proper leveling is critical with this game. I have had a few weird issues that I highly suspect are software bugs, so I am looking forward to a software update fixing them. I'm super impressed with this game though... it is beautiful and super fun to play!

#1207 5 months ago

I also replaced the puny bulb that was in the Launch Ball button with a nice bright 2-LED bulb. Wayyy better!

Question: Can someone tell me where the key for the backbox is? I have the keys for the coin door, but I see no keys for the backbox. Did they forget to include?

#1212 5 months ago
Quoted from Chopper36:

Check the coindoor mine were hanging there.

Thank you! Yes, I found the keys in the coin door. They were a bit camouflaged to my eyes for some reason.

#1219 5 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I gotta say, I’m starting to consider pulling my deposit. We’ve only seen a small handful of these games land, and it looks like there’s a lot of issues to iron out.
It should be made for a long time to come, plenty of time to pick one up down the road. Tough choice, but might be the right one

Then pull it. No one is stopping you.

I'm pretty darn happy with mine!

#1247 5 months ago

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue... At first I thought it was a software issue, but tonight I did some debugging and the problem is that the ball lock is sticking and not going up when a ball is in it. Without a ball, it works fine.

Has anyone else seen this issue? The hard part of fixing this is I don't know for sure how it is supposed to be. I have the playfield adjusted to 6.5 degrees, but the tilt detector seems to be hanging off-center.... so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong with the leveling or if leveling could even cause such an issue.

Any suggestions appreciated.

#1250 5 months ago
Quoted from BlackFlag:

I had some issue with the opts of the Hypersleep chamber on mine.
Optos for ball#1 were not perfectly aligned furthermore a small uncut wire of plastic was laying in front of the right opto that may cause false detection.
I also slightly redrilled holes (left and right) used for the opts beam, cut the hair-thin plastic wire inside the plastic opto support.

I tested the Optos and they seem to be working fine... BALL 1-3 all register just fine. I now have a ticket open with PB.... Looks like they're responding fast... I didn't really know how to submit a support ticket, but now I have an account to do that. I'll let you know what happens with this in case someone else has the same issue.

#1256 5 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Looks to me like the mech is dragging on the vertical post on the left that it slides up and down on - when it works or you were raising it by hand the screeching sound is the metal on metal as the airlock drags on the post. And as you say with the weight of the ball it's twisting the mech and I believe it's actually snags on the post that is stopping it from moving.
It'd be interesting to see how much play there is on someone else's airlock mech and also whether they get as much screeching sound when the mech opens & closes (the screeching is a result of the drag/friction on the post)[quoted image]

Yes.... the hard part of fixing this is no frame of reference for how it is supposed to be.

The good news is my first experience with Pinball Brothers tech support is super positive. They're offering to do a Skype call and seem totally comitted to fixing the problem. Will keep you posted.

#1269 5 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Yes.... the hard part of fixing this is no frame of reference for how it is supposed to be.
The good news is my first experience with Pinball Brothers tech support is super positive. They're offering to do a Skype call and seem totally comitted to fixing the problem. Will keep you posted.

I removed the hypersleep lock and put it back in and it seems to be working now. But it seems the real problem is that I have a defective BALL LOCK 1 opto. All the other optos are working fine, but I disassembled the optos to ensure that it wasn't an alignment issue and no matter what, they won't register. PB is sending me replacement optos.

#1296 5 months ago
Quoted from BlackFlag:

Did you check this grey plastic opto support ?
As said earlier i had a hair-thin uncut plastic wire across the optos beam hole.
Your issue reminds me mine, and we found out that if you move the ball in the really center of the front edge of the chamber (V shaped spot) then the opts was detecting the ball by generally when playing the ball used to lay on the left instead of being perfectly centered.

Cato (he is a super cool and nice guy) told me about the possibility of the optos not lining up and even the possibility of needing to make the opto holes in the ball lock mechanism 1 mm bigger. But that's not the issue in my case... I disassembled the optos down to the bare PCBs and pointed them at each other and get nothing. So PB sent me replacement opto PCBs. They shipped today and should be here on June 30th, which is awesome! I thought it would take a couple weeks. For now, I stuck a paper towel up in the ball lock ramp to prevent the ball from going in there and the game is STILL fun as hell to play!

#1306 5 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I have several of those same issues. Sounds scary but most of my issues are very minor.

Yes... I am aware of some of those issues, but they are minor. There is a huge software update coming soon... I do know that. I'm not concerned about the one issue I have with the opto.... My friend who has purchased multiple JJ machines says he had to lift the playfield over a hundred times before it is stable.... so I think for a first-run machine, we are looking pretty damn good!

#1309 5 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

I'm still waiting for Cointaker to find a pallet for me.

Wish I could somehow give my pallet back to them. I just put it up on Craigslist.

#1325 5 months ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

I get this is a new venture for Pinball Brothers, but man, every single person that has opened up there game and played it has had a plethora of issues. Some being a real pain to fix or tweak. I have one on order and I am really having second thoughts. People can come at me for these comments but I really am concerned. It’s a lot of money to have multiple issues opening it up. Some people can’t even start a game. This is a tough start to this new adventure if you ask me.

If you bought this expecting a perfectly working game, that's just not how it works for these pinball machines. I would never recommend that anyone purchase a pinball machine who isn't willing and capable of resolving issues... yes, even when it is brand new. Ask the experts and they'll tell you that there *will* be some problems to resolve. I was not surprised in the slightest that I had a few issues to resolve on this NIB game.

#1339 5 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

If your ownership history is correct, this is your first NIB buy. While what you are parroting is technically true, you’ve gotta understand that there’s credence to what more experienced collectors are feeling. Yes, NIB box games can require some tweaking... and sometimes they can require a major fix. But the ratio of games that are good to go and games that need a minor tweak (adjusting the leaf switch gaps) versus needing major repairs necessitating new parts is usually tilted in favor of games that are generally good to go.
You’re seeing quite a few folks perfectly capable of rolling up their sleeves and fixing issues express concern because of type of varied and fairly significant issues being reported on a very small sample size of games. That’s all. No one here expects perfection out of the box, but given the history of Heighway and Alien, not to mention PB’s role in that fiasco, and the fact that a manufacturer that’s never built a pinball machine is pushing this latest version out the door, there’s definitely cause for buyers in line to reassess their decision to buy.
And if you’ve ever bought a game NIB that limped along for months as a troubled machine, you know it can quickly go from “eh, it’s really no problem” to a constant annoyance.
I can’t speak for others, but I’ve been intently watching the roll out of this second batch of games, looking for indicators that the factory manufacturing this machine made positive adjustments after the first machines were received and played by customers.
This is cool game, no doubt. But it’s also a game born from an older design that had significant issues. PB appears to be operating fairly reactive customer service, but we have no real knowledge of how it will operate if the business grows, nor do we really know how healthy they are as a business. And, of course, there’s always a concern of parts.
Given the circumstances, I think it’s totally legit for any buyer with money down (me included) to (a) want a game but also (b) watch this situation and carefully analyze what’s happening.
Yeah, the simple response is “well don’t buy it then.” And while that might be the wisest move (I, for one, am glad glad that Cointaker is offering a 100% deposit refund... frankly, that’s the ONLY reason I put money down without having seen a single game shipped), I think we all know that it’s not quite that simple.

Just like I don't have any experience with NIB games in general (except for friends who have purchased NIB games), the people who are raising all these red flags and complaining do not seem to have personal experience with PB's handling of the situation. I am extremely impressed with the build quality of the game and I expect a few issues. So far, I have encountered far less issues than I thought I would... so I'm pretty happy... that's all I'm saying. i think a lot of people are raising red flags in here extremely prematurely and unustified. For a first run of a game, I am extremely impressed. When I talked to PB, they are extremely interested in any issues people have so they can fix them for future runs.... so as far as I'm concerned, it is all good news.

#1340 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

From my experience thus far, that’s what I’m seeing. Solder, tweaks that I need to do (alien gear) etc. I rather not but also not surprised. Comparatively speaking, happy with this purchase as you said - game has been brought back from the dead with a company who still picks up the phone and a fantastic price point (assuming you weren’t an OG owner expecting to only hold onto it as an investment). I expect drama / catastrophe pumping from those that don’t actually own it but what’s new. I’m excited to hear more impressions from owners of the PB version. I should be posting mine later.

Thank you for bringing up this point too. When I talked to PB's, I expressed my appreciation to them for all their hard work to bring this game back from the dead. More people should be grateful rather than complaining and negative.

#1341 5 months ago

One more comment I want to make about my Alien machine.... When I found I had to disassemble the lock mechanism, I got a bit nervous just because I was unfamiliar with it. Well, I found it to be extremely easy and straightforward, so I am also impressed with the maintainability of the game. It seems most parts can be swapped fairly easily.

#1343 5 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

My switch problem came back again and was hoping someone else here had the same problem. It’s hard to trace exactly which connector/s it is because there are so many from board to board. I want to know exactly which connectors are causing this if anybody knows.

Someone earlier said they had a bad RJ45 cable. Those are pretty easy to swap out just as a test.

#1345 5 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Another thing I am experiencing is that my Xeno magnet has not caught the ball once at the start of ambush so it can eat the ball. I think they positioned the magnet too far away from the targets. Any suggestions there. Really takes away from that huge feature if it’s not gonna work reliably or even at all.

Isn't it part of the challenge to hit the ball in a way that the magnet catches it? Did the OG eat the ball every single time? On mine, it eats the ball about 50% of the time. One time, the magnet didn't catch it because the ball was just moving too fast and I flipped the ball up just in the nick of time and the Xeno ate it.... so awesome! I love Ambush mode!

That being said, there is an option in the menu to increase the center magnet strength by 25%.... I haven't tried that yet, but maybe increasing that would increase the Xeno-eating percentage?

#1401 5 months ago

I just installed the 2.2 update this morning and I notice some pretty big improvements.

Most obvious is that the weak ball launch and ball eject issues seem to be resolved.

Also, I'm not sure yet, but I got Ambush twice and the Alien ate my ball both times. I think there were improvements there for sure. Also, when powering on, the Alien tongue moves faster now so it isn't so loud as before. Previously, I noticed that when the Alien tongue moved during the game, it was fast... just when turning the game on it was slow and loud!

Anyhow, after my experience with this machine so far, I can honestly say it is by far my favorite pinball machine of all time. I do still have a few issues to work out, but despite that, it is soooooooo awesome! I would go as far as to say that I like it better than Funhouse... that is a pretty profound statement considering how much I love Funhouse.


#1428 5 months ago
Quoted from drypaint:

Just waiting to find out. But I can't say its a code update issue. Its possible it could be a coincidence. I was just reporting here to let others know and to see if anyone else had the issue, resolution, etc.

Yeah, I haven't seen anything like that with my code update. It was super easy and fast to update and just seemed to make everything better. I should get my replacement BALL 1 LOCK opto today and I still need to sand a couple of my flippers as described in the previous video. Then I should be fully functional.

#1455 5 months ago

Here's an issue I reported that I think others are having. In rare occasions, the ball jumps up and gets stuck on top of this flipper. PB says they have seen this issue and will come up with a fix for it. If the ball gets stuck on top of this flipper, no nudging is going to release it.

IMG_20210628_092803147 (resized).jpg

#1457 5 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

The way it latches. It feels like any solid lock down bar. Minor issue IMO.

I agree. But I admit, the Williams lock down bar is the best design ever!

#1483 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Wow! I'm not sure if creating a separate ticket for each issue is the way to do it. I created my one initial ticket and then piggy backed on that same ticket for all the other things I experienced (sticky targets, opto issue, etc) Cato has been fantastic in answering each and every time. But I think you are right he does need help, but where else can you get support from one of the actual programmers of the game, who's trying his best to write code and fix issues put out service bulletins and answer help tickets! It does appear that my Opto issue may in fact be a board problem after further investigation with Cato, I unplugged both connectors for the opto on board 6 and the green LED stays on, Cato said that isn't supposed to happen. he is testing/programming a new board on Monday and will ship it out to me. I mean the customer support from Pinball Brothers is excellent, sure we have to deal with the time difference and we want them to respond within minutes, but that's just human nature. I for one couldn't be happier with the level of support and if you're on the fence about ordering one of these machines, don't be. By the time yours is shipped I'm positive all these minor issues will have been addressed and you will be playing one of the best machines for theme integration and just sheer fun you can get. In the crazy current climate of pinball pricing this machine is the deal of the year for what you get for your money.

I received my replacement Opto PCBs and they did not fix the problem with BALL LOCK 1 Opto (Elevator 1 Opto 57). So it looks like my problem is also with that PCB (Alien Playfield Board 8). I pulled the board out and tested the components, comparing them with the other working opto ports and everything tested good. I even traced that opto out to the serial chip and power and continuity seems good. In my case though, the green LED never comes on. If I plug the same opto PCBs into another opto port (like Opto 58), they work fine. So Cato said he was going to send me a replacement board too. Sounds like that board has had trouble in the past, which is why they did some redesign on it.

The thing that is really cool about all this is how easy it is to troubleshoot this stuff. The frustrating thing is that I lack experience in dealing with tiny surface mounted components, so I highly doubt I could fix the problem myself.

#1485 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

It appears that it's Alien Playfield Board 6 on mine, funnily enough that is the same board that I had the initial issue with the bad CAT-5e cable, coincidence?
Who knows, but with the help of Cato in support I'm confident we both will be shooting Aliens without any more issues soon enough He did want me to test the opto boards themselves by plugging it in to Playfield Board 8 #68 but I'm unsure of how to tell if it registers since it is in a different spot so how do I do an edge test?
I'm sure I read earlier in this thread that someone else is having issues with Playfield Board 6 but I think his is a lot worse, by saying the whole right side of his playfield switches aren't registering, with mine it's just the right ramp doesn't register, which does make it impossible to finish any of the modes
Pinball Brothers have already shipped out my skinny target replacements and the new opto boards, they just moved quicker than Cato would have liked because now he's sure that it's the board that has the issue and not the opto boards. But he said he will ship me a new Playfield Board 6 and a coinbox next week. the support from Pinball Brothers is exceptional!

You can just look at that green LED under the playfield where the opto plugs in. Just plug in the pair of opto connectors to a different opto and pass your hand in front of the opto and see if the green light goes off when your hand breaks the line of sight. You can do the switch test too, but easier just to look at the LED to tell.

#1490 5 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

It appears that it's Alien Playfield Board 6 on mine, funnily enough that is the same board that I had the initial issue with the bad CAT-5e cable, coincidence?
Who knows, but with the help of Cato in support I'm confident we both will be shooting Aliens without any more issues soon enough He did want me to test the opto boards themselves by plugging it in to Playfield Board 8 #68 but I'm unsure of how to tell if it registers since it is in a different spot so how do I do an edge test?
I'm sure I read earlier in this thread that someone else is having issues with Playfield Board 6 but I think his is a lot worse, by saying the whole right side of his playfield switches aren't registering, with mine it's just the right ramp doesn't register, which does make it impossible to finish any of the modes
Pinball Brothers have already shipped out my skinny target replacements and the new opto boards, they just moved quicker than Cato would have liked because now he's sure that it's the board that has the issue and not the opto boards. But he said he will ship me a new Playfield Board 6 and a coinbox next week. the support from Pinball Brothers is exceptional!

I just double-checked my board 6 and it seems fine. Ramp Opto is working perfectly as far as I can tell. Only issue I have with the whole game is Opto on board 8.

#1497 4 months ago

I highly recommend this super easy enhancement to your Alien. Get rid of that wimpy orange bulb from the LAUNCH BALL button and put in a nice, bright, 2-LED bulb. SOOO much better! It's the little things.


#1499 4 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Go to www.superskillshot.com and check his Alien shooter rods and buttons.

Wow! That looks pretty cool! I conveniently forgot to tell my wife that $7,777 was only the beginning. hahaha

#1504 4 months ago
Quoted from cleanandlevel:

here are pics and a link to the start and launch buttons
[quoted image][quoted image]

PinballBrothers should just make a deal with this guy to produce these for the LV. Amazing!!!

#1531 4 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

Yeah me too Dang Europeans and their metric lol. I must admit I haven't experienced that issue with the eject hitting the plastic Is 25% the lowest it will go? I found this post from earlier regarding the power of the eject issue it may help you out..
I'm not having a lot of luck with the Xeno grabbing the ball for ambush. I have updated the code to 2.2 and I've watched your videos and it doesn't seem to matter if it's left or right flipper. I can maybe get it 1 of 3 times I have increased the magnet strength to 20% higher and then on the next one it grabbed it woohoo! but the next 2 times it didn't "sigh" this game is incredibly addicting though, it is the whole package and it really draws you in. I'm absolutely loving it even with some of the niggly problems we are having to do.
Keep those videos coming brother you're a great asset to the community, I actually asked to have the flipper fix video to be marked as the first key post here in the club.

I haven't seen the issue with the left hole eject either. It always seems to eject smoothly and straight down for me. Perhaps you could reference our machines to help you to figure out what is going on with yours? I could take some pics if it would help.

#1565 4 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

Absolutely love it, EHOH has been my favourite in my collection for over a year but this is definitely giving it a run. So many shots, all four flippers have several possible shots each, game play is super smooth, ramps are super smooth, upper left ramp and loop are very rewarding shots. Ambush multiball can be so intense it gives me goose bumps when it really gets going, and stacked with sentry guns is wow. Modes are hard enough to complete , I’ve only completed a few so far. The rules are pretty complex especially when you throw in weapons use. The sound and theme integration is easily the best of any game I’ve played (but I’m not a music / band pinball fan). I have a real hard time walking away from it , can play it for hours.

Very well said. I will second everything above. My favorite pinball machine of all time used to be Williams Funhouse. It is now easily Pinball Brothers Alien.

#1574 4 months ago

I have some good news to report on my Alien Opto 1 problem. Cato suggested that I reflow solder on the power and opto connector, which I was sure was not going to fix the problem since I had already tested all the components and compared continuity between the other optos. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I reflowed those connectors this morning and it appears to have totally fixed the problem. I still need to put everything back together and test actual gameplay, but I think it is looking good since I now see the LED under the playfield and it responds to the Opto sensors. While I was putting things back together, I dropped a nut into the playfield like a total jackass and now I can't find it anywhere. So need to either find the nut or buy a new nut now. Other than my own idiotic move, things are looking up!

#1585 4 months ago

Starting to feel like I already have an LV. Beacons are next on my list!

VID-20210710-064704760 (3).gif

#1587 4 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

Starting to feel like I already have an LV. Beacons are next on my list!
[quoted image]

FYI, I just noticed that the start game button is getting warm. Tested the voltage and it is 12V. The bulb that comes in the Alien button is 5V. Oops! Well, I'll order some 12V bulbs... just thought I'd mention it so others can avoid that mistake.

#1600 4 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Let Bill know about the voltage!

I will. I confirmed that both the START GAME and LAUNCH BALL LEDs are 12V... so I will be ordering new green 12V LEDs for both.

#1604 4 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Vendor should add these bulbs so we don't make mistake or others don't see this thread who buy them.

Another difference is the connectors on the switches are too big and the connector won't fit. I just swapped the original switches into the new buttons and they fit and work just fine. The LED connectors fit perfectly.

I sent Bill an Email about both of these issues.

#1611 4 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

I will. I confirmed that both the START GAME and LAUNCH BALL LEDs are 12V... so I will be ordering new green 12V LEDs for both.

Bill responded and said he would send out 12V LED bulbs. To resolve the switch problem, I think his best bet is to not include the switch at all and just have people use the original switch that comes with the game.

#1617 4 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

It moves smoothly by hand. I think it's just something with the way they're driving the motor. Esp since a code update was able to improve it somewhat.

I think the speed is the difference. With the old code, it would extend the tongue very slowly when you first powered on the machine, which made a particularly loud sound. But with the new firmware, the tongue extends just as fast when you first power on, which sounds much better.

#1639 4 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

I just installed the Start and Launch buttons from Bill at Super Skill Shot Shooters. As always his products are beautifully made. I had to wait for the 12v bulbs to come in from Comet before installing as brado426 noted earlier in the thread As he also stated the "lugs" for the spade connectors are smaller on the Pinball Brothers version and I just took my Dremel to shave them down a little. I did send a picture to Bill and let him know for future orders. please forgive my video, I thought by changing to "landscape" it would be better but oh well
[quoted image]

Hmm... I bought 12V comet bulbs also, but the ones I got wouldn't fit in the START button. They do fit in the BALL LAUNCH button. The circumference of the circular part of the bulb is too big to fit in all the way so it won't snap into place. These are the bulbs I got:

pasted_image (resized).png

Bill said he would send me different bulbs that do fit.

#1641 4 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

So you only have to shave the lugs with a dremel tool and buy and install the proper 12v bulbs so you don't heat up and destroy the front of the cabinet and possibly the light board to use this mod? And you applaud that!

I don't think you get it. The buttons were originally made for the Heighway Robbery Alien. We knew that already. We are helping Bill modify his product to work with the Pinball Brothers Alien, which he is extremely responsive and receptive to.

By the way... there is no need to shave off any lugs. Just use the switches that came with the PB Alien. I recommended to Bill that he not include switches at all to avoid confusion.

#1660 4 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

I PM'd him. Here's his response...
Hi, I'm trying to source a large batch of displays but there's a shortage and a long lead time for them.
So I will place you on the list and be in contact later .
It will, I'm afraid, be a while.
Cost would roughly be £150 UK GBP delivered.

Sounds like I need to get on that guy's list.

#1668 4 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Yesterday my package with a bunch of replacement playfield boards, v2 standups, new legs, etc shipped.
...today one of the up-posts for diverting balls to the pops snapped off. Great timing
It looks like the whole post is made of plastic, not metal with a rubber sleeve like other games, so I expect both of these to break off sometime soon. The whole area up there is awfully designed. I even when my posts were intact I kept having fast balls blow past the post before it could raise, or balls bouncing off the post and coming all the way back down the orbit. They should have just used controllable one way gates like on every Ritchie game.

Can you take a pic of the part you're talking about that snapped off? I'm not finding any plastic posts on mine.

#1686 4 months ago

Well well well.... I got my package from PB today with a replacement Alien Board 8. It totally fixed my opto problems. I still have no idea what was wrong with the old board... after reflowing the opto connector, the old board did start working for a couple hours, but then went out again and I was never able to revive it after that. Well, this new board seems to have solved all my problems. I just played a few games and all seems great! I also got the Gen. 2 targets!!

Here's my solution for now on the ball getting stuck on top of the flipper. This transparent drawer stopper from Home Depot prevents the ball from rolling down and getting wedged in there. It isn't noticeable when playing either... so not a bad solution. Haven't heard of any official solution to that problem yet.

pasted_image (resized).png

#1710 4 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I'm very happy to hear that the Pinball Brothers are rocking it when it comes to customer service. This great game deserves it, especially after all it's been through.

They certainly are!

Quoted from zacaj:

The color changing standups seem to be working fine actually. It's just the skinny ones that are getting stuck. They have lights in them too but none of them are wired up. Only the square standups have active lighting. Which is weird since there are connectors on the playfield boards for the skinny standup's Leds too. Just no wiring to connect the two. Not sure why they left them out...

All my standup targets have been working fine except for the two by the right ramp. I just replaced those with Gen. 2 targets and they are working fine now also.

#1717 4 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Out of interest, is PB getting you guys with failed PCBs to send any of them back for analysis?

Yes... Cato told me he will want them back at some point. They will have DHL pick them up. He said to just hang onto them for now.

1 week later
#1761 4 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Most of them are things I pointed out to those two, but a few they misunderstood or got wrong, definitely made it sound a bit worse than I think it is. I've tried to document everything I've noticed in my posts on this thread for others to reference against so I don't think anything they said should be new, unless I forgot something here. I am a bit let down by the general quality and design. I expected better from a company, especially one that's already had a previous go at it to reference, and some of the stuff is just plain tacky, even if it was on a Stern pro or something. I like the game though, and wouldn't dissuade someone else from buying one if they like it too but "it's an alien" is about all you're getting for your money, everything else is cheap and/or rushed to the extreme. The lack of even an led strip behind the backglass in the giant empty head is probably what peeves me off most though. Super visible. Stuff like internal construction only I'll ever have to deal with while others can play my game and enjoy it

There's an LED strip all the way around the screen in the backglass. It looks cool! Not sure what you mean by no LED strip.

The biggest problem I had was with playfield PCB 8 opto was bad. I did hear some other people had bad optos on PCBs, but not PCB 8. Once I got the PCB 8 replacement, things worked great! Here's the list of issues I've dealt with so far:

1. Ball getting stuck in right ramp - Easily fixed by slightly bending the rail
2. Sticky flippers - Fixed by sanding down the plastic flipper grommets. They were rough from manufacturing. Hopefully PB has fixed this issue on yours already.
3. Stand-up targets not registering - This is a well known issue that PB is working on. They sent me redesigned targets, but my understanding is a new version of the targets is in production that they will be sending out. The good news is they are super easy to replace.
4. Ball Lock Mech not working at all. This was because of PCB 8 that I mentioned above. After replacing this PCB, I have had no problems with the Ball Lock mech. This was by far my biggest problem with the game.
5. Alien not grabbing the ball all the time. I believe this is because the ball has a tendency to hop over the magnet. I believe they are addressing this in the replacement drop targets
6. Mother scoop not ejecting ball consistently. Every once in awhile, I do notice that the ball gets launched in an obscure direction. There are some instructions on PB's support site of how to address this, but I haven't tried to fix it yet as it hasn't been much of a problem.
7. Some white LEDs in screen unit not illuminating. These are the LEDs around the screen/cpu unit that light up the backbox. PB sent me replacement LED modules... I found that two were bad.
8. Game locks up occasionally after losing ball and only solution is to reset. I recently sent a couple logs to PB that were extremely revealing of where the problem is. They are currently working on a software fix for this. I'm pretty confident they'll be able to fix it based on my logs.

Sounds like a lot of issues, but it is actually a lot less issues than I thought there would be. The real good news is that most of this stuff is really easy to fix. The game is so modular and clean that replacing a part is pretty darn simple. There are some issues others have reported that I did not experience and some thing I experienced that no one else did (like the backbox LEDs).

So far, I'm super impressed considering this is the first run of this game.

#1780 3 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

There are already a ton of quotes from both movies in these games.

I haven't tried it yet, but if you want different quotes, my understanding is you can just update the OGG files. Maybe add Ripley calling MUTHR a bitch??

#1797 3 months ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

it's either on a boat or they received it .. although i guess its possible to start processing shipping info before they actually have the game.
i am anxiously awaiting my notice .. bought 2 machines yesterday to make up for it .. lol

After I got the tracking info with the ship name, it took another week for the ship to make it to Italy to pick up my game. Get ready for days of watching a slow ship stop at port after port... further delaying the delivery of your beautiful machine!

#1829 3 months ago

Congratulations to all new Alien owners!

Just an FYI.... I've been working with Cato on a few 2.2 software issues that only seem to manifest intermittently. I think we are making EXCELLENT progress. I think the next software update will be huge and great. So I just want to mention that.... don't get frustrated if you encounter any of these issues I think they will be fixed soon!


#1840 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Speaking of toppers, anyone hear about how to hook up the beacons as the software has their functionality built in. Its over my head on how to even do it on the new version

I would like to know this too. If someone has already done this, please do share. I was hoping someone other than myself could probe all the pins on the backbox connector, but I'll do it if I have to.

Quoted from Cloud9:

I got my Alien last Thursday and didn’t get to set it up until late that night (so didn’t get to mess with it much right away). But Friday & Saturday I fixed the couple issues it had: 1. Right speaker & sub leads were crossed and needed to be switched out (Easy-Peazy). 2. Solenoid that loads ball into trough was firing so hard that ball would ricochet off side and into PF Outlane and drain. I tried several rounds of reduced coil power and it’s much better at the maximum weaker setting (25% weaker). I wish I could try 30-35% weaker but those are not options. 3. Upper right flipper was sticking - needed to loosen the grip of the assembly on the flipper shaft and push the flipper further down so there was less “play” and re-tighten. The only other problem that persists (but is rare) is an occasional need to restart machine when it suddenly will become unresponsive. It’s never happened during ball in play, but in attract mode or between balls you’ll suddenly have no response from a couple buttons (like launch button and one flipper function) and need to do a restart. This happened maybe 3 times over Friday night and all day Saturday. I want to add that we had a party Saturday night which had it being played pretty much non-stop for about 7 hours. I consider that pretty heavy use and a very thorough “burn-in cycle”. I conclude this machine to be 100% functional and 99% reliable. After all the problems so many of us have reported, I’m very, very, relieved and thankful for my overall experience this far. The gameplay and fun factor has exceeded my expectations and my pin-buddies all concur. I was (however) surprised that when I contacted PB about where to mount the shaker motor and where to find the connector for it they said they don’t support a shaker yet but would later this year (that’s funny as shaker motor settings ARE ALREADY in adjustments menu). They added that they’d like to use me as a test subject. So at least shaker support is coming soon.

I know about the "unresponsive between balls" issue you're talking about. I've been working with PB on it and testing some beta versions I can tell you that I have high confidence that it will be fixed in the next software update. For the ball eject too hard issue, I don't think it is a problem with the power, but an adjustment you need to make with the mech:

(super simple fix there)

#1863 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

An $8000,00 pinball machine? Seriously?

Well, call me a sick puppy, but I wanted to be one of the first to own this so I would have the opportunity to help resolve some of the issues on it. Quite frankly, I'm just grateful that PB is pursuing this machine at all... otherwise, no Alien pinball for me! Honestly, I am surprised by how few issues there were to resolve. The really nice thing about this machine is how modular it is and easy to replace parts.

#1869 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

djsoup TinyBlackDog I am so sorry that you guys are having major issues. My game is playing at as near 100% as it can. I feel very lucky compared to you guys. I am running the V2.2A beta version of the software like I think brado426 is and I'm really happy to report that it has fixed the attract mode non responsive issues I had. If the machine was in attract mode for a long period of time it would essentially lock up and not allow you to start a game. but with this beta version Cato seems to have solved that problem. I'm just waiting on the Gen 3 skinny targets to be finished and I need to try and add a thicker piece of foam for the MUTHER scoop as mine will not feed to the flipper consistently. I did have time over the weekend to change the rubbers on the machine and went with the translucent green for all the posts and flippers and clear for the rings. I think it turned out really well
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Yes, I am running 2.2A also and it fixed my main issues. I have identified a few more, but they are not issues that would render a game unplayable. In fact, I can't recall any lockups or anything preventing the completion of a game in over a week now. The only big remaining issue is those stand-up targets, which we know Gen. 3 are coming. I absolutely love the game... there's no getting tired of this machine any time soon.

#1872 3 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Are there issues with the drop targets as well? Or were you referring to the standup targets

Sorry, I mis-spoke... nothing wrong with my APC drop targets... I was talking about the stand-up targets that everyone else has been talking about.

#1889 3 months ago
Quoted from drypaint:

I have been having issues with the game malfunctioning and locking up when I hit the scoop, MU/TH/UR eject hole or hyper sleep lock during game play. It happens quite often. Usually cant get more than a few games in before it happens. For any of you that are experiencing this issue, I am beta testing a new firmware update today that is supposed to help with this (already on 2.2A). I have described the situations to PB and they were able to duplicate the errors on their end, promting this firmware update. Lets hope this gets us all closer to the goal. I know it has been said a million times but these guys are responsive and are working it (seems like 24/7).
FWIW... Mine is on location and gets a lot of play that varies from the home the environment and is powered on 6 days a week for 8-10 hours/day.

I've found that 2.2A does fix all major lockups that we were seeing before. I do still experience a problem where the ball is not detected when entering the AIR LOCK SCOOP, the left hole (MUTHER), or even the outhole trough. When this happens, if I press either flipper button, the game resumes just fine. This sounds like a software bug to me. It happens very rarely... I mean VERY rarely... maybe once or twice a day. I have reported it to PB and I believe they have reproduced it on their end. Fortunately, that is not a bug that prevents a game from completing.

#1922 3 months ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

I did when I first got the machine. Couldn't get the opto to register no matter how I moved the receivers. Cato sent me replacement opto but that didn't fix it. The problem ended up being the board. Cato sent me a new board and all has been great since.

Same here... except I had a problem with the BALL 1 LOCK opto. After replacing that board 8, everything has been perfect.

I do not have the flying projectile balls from the MUTHUR left outhole. I do see it ejecting too far to the right occasionally.

I have had zero issues with the drop targets... they have been rock solid since the beginning.

#1954 3 months ago
Quoted from Mageek:

Wait … What …. I just finished altering a Heighway Cliffy to fit …. Mine didn't have anything and was getting banged up , anyone else not get them?

Mine doesn't have one either. Sounds like I should request one.

#1983 3 months ago
Quoted from dri:

Ok, got another sesh on the game today. Froze twice, once when the ball was in the back scoop, did not initiate ball search, tilt didn't register. Second time the trough didn't eject my ambush multiballs and when I drained, that was it.
I increased the magnet strength on the Xeno and I sort of got the ball stuck there twice, once clean and once it kind of just bounced back there. This is a timing (game does not register fast enough) and magnet juice issue me thinks.
I also had to do some proper bending and re-align one of the spinners that clearly had a manufacturing defect. The other is perfect.
[quoted image]
Beat my GC with 1 million more.

That sounds like issues that firmware 2.2A fixes. I haven't had a hard lockup since installing 2.2A. I have noticed a few weird things, which I have reported, but no lockups anymore, which is really nice!

#1999 3 months ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Cheap animated clips... HUH? The clips are fantastic, I also love the great sound bites from the movie.
I heard from Cato that the Xeno will have more animation than what we have now but it's low on the priority list. All he does now is scream during the game, but when you go into test mode you can test breathe, scream and tease.

Hey, that's cool! I never did the Xeno test and I just tried those modes. That will be cool if they integrate those into the game!!

#2003 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Not to rain on the parade, but I'd hope they get that damn magnet working as intended before that. But that too.

I believe the "damn manget" issue is not a problem with the Xeno or magnet, but an issue with the Xeno stand-up target. I believe it is being redesigned so that it doesn't cause the ball to bounce over the magnet. That is why the magnet doesn't grab the ball sometimes.

#2012 3 months ago
Quoted from djsoup:

For anyone interested in an update. I got both the new controller and ITX installed and my game is now 100% working!!! Played a handful of games already and there are some weird software bugs but the game plays great, I dont really need to make any adjustments which is awesome. My favorite mission is the tunnel mission on Alien the breathing sounds is intense. I love this game!
I also did a ball check after seeing DRI's post and one of my balls had some rust on it - Ive never seen that before.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That is awesome! Glad to hear it!

I think the theme I've been seeing here is that while there may be problems at first, these problems are usually very easily fixable. And once the issues are worked out, the game becomes very stable. I haven't had a single incident that caused a game to not complete in 2 weeks since I installed firmware 2.2A. Great news all around. I think once the MUTHUR outhole issue (likely a software update will fix it) and the stand-up target Rev. 3 are released, everything will be perfect.

#2015 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Where can you download 2.2a? I only see 2.2 on the help page

2.2A has been provided to a few people who have specific issues. If you open a ticket about any lockup issues you are having, Cato will probably send it to you for testing.

#2016 3 months ago
Quoted from brado426:

2.2A has been provided to a few people who have specific issues. If you open a ticket about any lockup issues you are having, Cato will probably send it to you for testing.

#2020 3 months ago
Quoted from dri:

More work, more play! Plenty of updates! I got access to a 2.2B release with increased coil power ranges. It allowed -50% to +50%. It dials back the trough and mission scoop to acceptable power. The mother scoop I'm not bothered by anymore because my fix with a stronger spring works perfectly. While dialing the trough I noticed the shooter lane plunger being inconsistent, it turned out the L bracket fixating the plunger had come lose. No lock washers or loctite will do that to you. Glancing over the rest of the PF I noticed that lock washers are not used anywhere, so count on things rattling lose eventually. Don't get frisky and try tighten those torx screws to tight, I've already twisted a head off...
The big update is that I went full bore on my drop target bank. Let's spoil you with some pictures:
[quoted image]
So, this is what I've done:
- Fork is upside down to stock and slight bent upwards for perfect height and grab.
- Longer screws were required to allow a perfect rest and give more grab for the plunger.
- More spring tension won't make the targets mushi and get stuck halfway down which could happen stock.
- A longer coil sleeve to allow perfect square alignment when in resting position.
- Spring added to not allow the fork to get jammed.
- Grease added in the metal-to-metal surfaces (there's a lot of friction involved here).
- Coil set to 50% stronger.
This is the kinetic satisfaction I was looking for:
I did a quick stream with 2.2B on Friday. I beat my GC and it now sits at 127M! (I don't play with EBs). After this game I read up on what the last few weapons do in more detail, lol.

I also got another code drop from PB, 2.2C. This is supposedly going to help with the Xeno standup-to-magnet timings on Ambush. I'll go live later today at https://twitch.tv/dri374 for anyone interested in watching. If there's anything noteworthy to share I'll post it here.
In other news, my Mando LE is collecting dust...

I've been testing with 2.2C and I can back up your experience with the left MUTHUR kicker... I set it to -50% (which I thought might be overdoing it), but now it seems flawless every time... no more wild balls coming out of that kicker.

#2059 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I have owned my Alien for close to two months and while I really enjoy the game, there are a bunch of games on the horizon so after spending some time with Alien, I have decided to list it for sale. I got mine in June and it plays 100%. I added wide body voodoo glass, Titans, swapped out the gen 2 skinny stand ups for Williams 3d targets, and completed many of the fixes outlined in this thread. It currently has 126 plays. Current code is 2.2. I am looking for a cash only / local deal. I am not looking to ship the pin at this time. If anyone is interested, let me know.
Pinside Ad: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/119691
Here is a link to my most recent stream of Alien:
[quoted image][quoted image]

If there's some better game on the horizon than this, I'm sure not seeing it.

#2072 3 months ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I frequently move games in and out for streaming and my wife and I had a chance to play several new machines at SFGE. Alien is a great game and I have enjoyed my time with it, just looking to free up funds for a game in the future. My wife is obsessed with GnR after playing it at SFGE and I really enjoyed it too so that one is possibly in our future. With rumors floating about Godzilla, BTTF, etc, I just want to be ready. I have beaten the Alien wizard mode, played and almost beat the wizard mode for Aliens, and was 1 super jackpot shot away from All out War multiball mode. Again, Alien is a great game and selling it will give someone else the chance to enjoy it as well.

Damn... your problem is you're just too damn good!! I have 22 games and I suck at all of them. This keeps them fresh and always fun to play. hahahahaha

#2075 3 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

That is more than before, right? I may be out. Disappointing.

I think I paid $500 for shipping. This price increase was inevitable and expected. I was wondering how they were keeping it at $7777 for so long with the global increase of materials and shipping costs. Needless to say, I'm glad I jumped in early despite the issues I had to work through. Like I said before, working through the issues were part of the fun.

#2089 3 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

It will be amazing for the 3k more.....lighted side cabinets with storage for beer, 6 subwoofers, larger screen, signed plaque from SW worth 2k , smoke machine and a dripping goo side mod that spits it at you during game play......LOL

Based on that, I think I just found a leaked photo of the LV:

pasted_image (resized).png

#2168 3 months ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Playing great so far .. needed to adjust egg bumpers , flipper sticky and updating code to see if it improves ball grabbing and mutha kickout (a little wonky!
long live Alien!!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

When you get the code updated, set the MUTHUR kicker strength to -45% or -50%. That will make it perfect.

Quoted from drypaint:

There is a first for everything... I've never seen a flipper bat just shatter apart on a new game so bad. Had to remove the assembly under the playfield to swap in a new flipper. It was that or remove the ramp. The assembly was quicker.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Same thing just happened to me yesterday!!!! Exact same flipper too! Bought some new pinball flippers from Pinball Life. Coincidence? Is it possible the new firmware caused it? I wasn't going to bother reporting this to PB, but now I'm thinking I better.

pasted_image (resized).png

#2181 3 months ago
Quoted from Baggerman:

Can you post the part number you ordered from P-Life please? Thank you.

I ordered these. My understanding is that they are a standard part. I guess I'll find out once they arrive. Never had to replace a flipper bat before.


#2203 3 months ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

I was sent a new set of 4 flipper bats in my most recent care package. I thought it was a mistake, as I'd never had an issue with my flippers, so I asked Cato. He said that some of the earlier run flipper bats had a manufacturing defect that could cause them to snap as several of you have observed. The newer flipper bats have a PB logo on them - the earlier ones nave no logo. I went ahead and replaced all mine just to be sure.

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know about that. I apparently had some of those early run flipper bats. I'll be sure to request some official ones from PB.

#2236 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Just be careful as pinstadiums in alien absolutely kill the atmosphere. I have them in many of my games but they don’t belong in alien

I agree with this... I think the lighting is perfect as is. Any additional light and it would ruin the atmosphere. Additional light is really not necessary. The only missing lighting is the coin door lights during FREEPLAY mode and occasional light from beacons on the top of the game!

#2246 3 months ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Turned it on this morning. It booted up fine but left his tongue sitting out. Restared machine and it pulled it back in but hesitated a second halfway up when going back in. And playing blind. No screen.
Rebooted 3rd time and seems fine now.
[quoted image]

I've seen that happen before on rare occasions. Took logs and have an open ticket with PB on it.

#2248 3 months ago

I get mine on Thursday so I'm not going to make any promises yet. That's what I ordered though. My understanding is that the replacements from Pinball Brothers have a PB logo on them... so I think I'd rather have those anyway.

#2271 88 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Mine have been very minor adjustments. Only pending minor issue I have is sometimes one of the stand up targets sticks a little. They are changing those to a ne gen 2 switch. Don't be scared. Very solid game play.

Not only is it solid, but any problem I have encountered so far has been a super easy fix. The thing is designed in a way that replacing parts is super easy. I'm used to working on older pinball machines and the design makes it a joy to work on.

#2281 88 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Zeno ate it.. (I'd go crazy looking for that scew until it was found!)

I dropped a screw today when I was replacing my broken flipper bat and couldn't find it for an hour. I lowered, raised, and shook the playfield, moved wires, and swore. I finally gave up and got another equivalent screw in the garage as much as I didn't want to power on the game without finding where that screw had landed. Lowered the playfield for the final time to turn on the game and the friggin' screw fell out from somewhere. WTH???? I still have no idea where it was.... stuck under the playfield somewhere!!!

#2288 87 days ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

Havent gotten as much time on my game as I would like but I am enjoying it so far. Flipper buttons are definitely sensitive and I'll have to look into that, as well as the mother kick out consistency, and sometimes the trough takes a couple tries to kick out a ball.
Biggest issue I'm having at the moment is the game freezing up during a game, flippers continue to work but no points or other functions. Have not opened a service ticket yet going to update to 2.2D code and see if it fixes it

If you're on 2.2, I'm pretty sure 2.2D will solve your lockup issues. I haven't seen a lockup since installing 2.2B. The only thing I've seen recently resembling a lockup is the ball occasionally goes into the MUTHUR, AIRLOCK SCOOP, or TROUGH and then nothing happens until you hit a flipper button. Then the ball releases. I'm testing a possible fix for this right now, so hopefully that issue will be resolved soon as well.

#2306 86 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So it was super easy to fix the loud grinding noise that the alien tongue makes? I know someone posted about that, but wasn’t sure how well the fix worked, or how easy it was.

I've never had to touch my Alien Xenomorph. As I recall, it was particularly loud when you first powered in on in an earlier software version, but a software update changed the speed of the Xenomorph tongue on power-on, which resolved that.

#2328 86 days ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

My bet is on the coin door lights are now on in "Free Play" I've asked him for that before and he said in a later release To me it looks like he's fixed pretty much everything else that we early adopters have been asking for. I can't test it because my armor is still out being powder coated and he told me last week he's got COVID-19 so it's delayed until he feels better.
I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not playing

Coin door lights in FreePlay is not one of the fixes in 2.2E... I know because I asked for it too and have been looking on every release.

Today I fixed a long-standing problem with my drop-targets that I thought I should share with all of you. The problem was that intermittently, the drop targets would not reset. They appeared to try to reset, but the coil seemed to fire way too weak to push the targets up all the way. Really hard to troubleshoot because it was extremely intermittent. I could also replicate this behavior in test mode sometimes, but then it would suddenly start working fine again at full coil strength as it should be. I did check the mechanism with the power off and nothing seemed jammed or stuck.

So immediately after the problem happened, I pulled the playfield up and touched the drop target frame while the power was on to see if it was a mechanical issue that only occurred when the playfield was down. I could feel electricity flowing through my arm to ground. I got my voltmeter out and measured the drop-target frame to ground... 48 VOLTS DC!!! I found that twisting the coil to the right or left would cause the short.

So I pulled the drop-target chassis out and could instantly see the problem:

IMG_20210904_133443152 (resized).jpg

There is supposed to be a peg on the coil that prevents it from twisting. Every time it twisted, it would short 48V to the frame. So you can see in the picture how I temporarily fixed it.... just put a zip-tie around the base of them coil to keep it from twisting.

Now my drop-targets reset 100% with no problems!

Just thought I'd share this because it took me awhile to isolate it. These coils can NOT twist or it will cause problems.... so might be a good idea to look for any missing pegs on any of your coils.

#2332 86 days ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Wow is the coil lug really that close to the bracket or is that an optical illusion?

It's pretty close, but as long as the coil is straight and doesn't twist, it is fine.

#2337 85 days ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Think PB needs to be told about some of these mechanical issues (if someone hasn't already let them know) as they should look to address them:
- HurryUpPinball found the upper flipper post is not long enough to be properly held by the T-Nut and causing PF damage
- brado426 found his APC coil shorting due to the coil lacking the lug to stop it twisting
And well done guys on troubleshooting and finding the root cause on these respective issues!

All my issues get reported to PB... I provided PB with all the details I posted here tonight.

The remaining issue I have is with the MUTHUR, AIRLOCK, and TROUGH. In rare cases, when a ball goes into any of these three targets, the ball just sits there until A) I press a flipper button or B) about 15 seconds have gone by and a ball-search is triggered. This issue does not prevent a game from finishing, but I'd like to get it solved. Discussing with Cato, it sounds like he is unable to reproduce it on his end. I see it happen at least once or twice in 10 games. Has anyone else seen this problem, so I can tell Cato whether or not it is just me? That would really help.

#2340 85 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I've only had this issue on the airlock. I figured a switch was slightly off but it hasn't happened often enough to look into yet

In my case, I'm pretty sure it is not a swift. Wiggling or bumping the machine does nothing. Hitting a flipper always releases the ball when it happens. So weird.... sounds like it is just me.

#2349 85 days ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

This definitely happens on my machine as well, but is quite rare. I reported it to Cato months ago and he is aware that newer software updates have not fixed the issue.
Even with the latest software update I’m having very poor Xeno magnet grabs - less than 10% I’d say. It also seems like 2.2c (and d) have reintroduced a problem I had early on where one of the flippers will randomly lose power and drop while raised - often resulting in a drain. Cato recommended that I go back to 2.2 but I’ve not done that yet. Is anybody else experiencing this? If anybody watched the IE Pinball Alien stream that Karl Deangelo did from Ayce Gogi it happened quite a few times during the stream.

Do you know that you have the Gen. 2 Xeno targets and not Gen. 1? I have Gen. 1 and Cato is sending me Gen. 2 targets. I highly suspect my Xeno grab problems is because every time the ball hits the Xeno targets, it hops right over the magnet. Curious if the same thing is happening to you. I'm on 2.2E and IF the ball doesn't hop over the magnet, it looks to me like it would be pretty reliable.

#2350 85 days ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Running the 2.2D and have the same issue in Airlock and MUTHA .. haven't let it get to a ball search , but yes the ball sits unnoticed (by the switch?) unless a flipper is hit .
I will report today along with constant sticky flipper on my right lower.

Your sticky flipper issue is easily solved by following these instructions:

I had stickiness on 3 of my flippers and all 3 are perfect now.

Thanks, guys, for the info about the "flipper to release ball" issue... Sounds like it isn't just me.

#2361 84 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Fixed my ball bouncing back into the trough occasionally issue. And put the ball in the trough super quiet now. I guess that metal protection on the rail makes the ball shoot back into trough and lots of noise from it.
Loads like silk now. [quoted image][quoted image]

Hmmm... could it be that simple? I'll try something like that and see if it helps.

Untitled (resized).png

#2363 84 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Fixed my ball bouncing back into the trough occasionally issue. And put the ball in the trough super quiet now. I guess that metal protection on the rail makes the ball shoot back into trough and lots of noise from it.
Loads like silk now. [quoted image][quoted image]

Well, Well, Well.....

I added this adhesive piece of auto detailing trim and not only does it look like it was meant to be there, but my ball ejects have been flawless for 5 or 6 games tonight. I'm cautiously optimistic, because I've thought this was fixed before and then the intermittent behavior started again. Thank you... this may be the ticket!

IMG_20210905_202300510 (resized).jpg

#2388 83 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

First machine from a new manufacturer. There are going to be growing pains and so far it seems they've done a good job with support and are working through the problems. I wish I had one to help with the testing

I agree with this.

Quoted from Optimiser:

In my honest opinion for a machine that costs this much I think these short comings with the build quality are inexcusable! Do they do any tesitng at all or really care at all
I think it's utter BS that so many new owners have forked out all this money and had these issues! Broken flippers (WTF), broken plastic parts, having to re do weak playfield parts, code issues, drop down target failures, shooting lane issues (where you have to put in a bit of soft plastic yourself), xenomorph tongue ball pickup issues, having to sand down flipper parts to get flippers to return properly, wires getting shorted on solenoids because they move around, etc, etc.
Are we paying all this money to be their field testers? Why the fk should we have to act as their quality contol? Not good enough PB!
You may argue "oh it's a new machine" and "bugs need to be sorted". Well fine, give us a discount for the lack of inhouse testing. It's not right for the end paying user to cop this lack of build/test quality. If you let the manufacturer(s) get away with this they will walk all over you.
Sometimes I think you guys are so keen for these machines that you allow the manufacturer to get away with it. Not good practice.
If you let manufactures of anything get away with this then we all pay more and get less. It's on the manufacturer to sort these things out before their product goes to market. Not us the customer!
Not happy!

We knew there would be problems and I, for one, am happy to help PB work through these issues. They are obviously committed to helping resolve whatever comes up. It is not a matter of "letting the manufacturer" get away with anything... it is a matter of early adopters helping the manufacturer... and by the way, us early adopters did get a discount. As far as I'm concerned, $7777 was a reasonable discount. Like I've said before, replacing these parts is super easy and many of these issues (like broken flippers) were really beyond PB control. They need to work with their parts supplier just like anyone would to get the issue resolved at their expense. So I think the best thing to do is to be a bit grateful and realize that the alternative is no Alien pinball ever. I'm a pretty darn happy customer.

#2390 83 days ago
Quoted from Optimiser:

Absolutely not the point. That's no excuse for poor bulid quality on release.

If it wasn't the point, you shouldn't have brought the price up as a point.

#2394 83 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

There's a difference between bugs in the code, issues with custom mechs, etc and stuff like the generic flipper bats, defective standups, etc they cheaped out on instead of buying proven ones from an experienced supplier. Even the board issues, as much as I give a new manufacturer some leeway on, could have been avoided if they just used an existing boardset. There isn't a shortage of existing board systems out there to choose from.

PB is at the mercy of other manufacturers for some of these issues. The pinball bat issue, for example.... I just bought replacement bats from Pinball Life and received the EXACT SAME product from the same manufacturer that PB used. Do these bats have the same issue? I guess I'll find out... but PB is sending me replacements bats that are actually different. So I really have no concerns about broken bats.

My recommendation to anyone who is considering buying a pinball machine is don't buy one unless you can work on the machine yourself. I think people with the sour attitudes are people who aren't willing or capable of fixing problems themselves. If you're one of these people, stay out of pinball. Any friend of mine who ever bought a new pinball machine dealt with far worse issues than I've dealt with on this Alien before, so I think the sooner people just accept that it is the nature of "the beast", the happier they will be.

#2396 83 days ago
Quoted from s000m:

Hi All,
Not sure if this has already been asked or addressed.
Has anyone ever changed the flipper buttons out? Mine feel wobbly and loose compared to my Stern/Data East Pins.

At first I didn't like the sensitive buttons.... but now I'm used to them. Now my Williams buttons feel too stiff. There must be a happy medium somewhere.

#2399 83 days ago
Quoted from dri:

I walked into this with eyes wide open. I bought and paid in full for a NIB project. I can't say I'm struggling with my decision.

Same here... I think the only people disappointed are those who were expecting the unreasonable.

#2402 83 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Just wait until the people who bought this game without researching it get their games.

Well, those people won't have the first 20 games ever produced, now will they?

#2412 83 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Ur right its unreasonable at that price to expect a fully working machine.
Can u honestly say that so far its been reasonable?
Don't get me wrong I want one and I appreciate u guys taking the hits but be serious.

Maybe the worse advice ever but it certainly applies to this particular pin.

I already said so far it has been reasonable... and the support great. Do you think I'm going to answer different if you ask again?

Dude... You are offering bad advice to people if you're telling them to buy a pinball machine that they aren't willing to work on themselves. If I had to hire someone to come out and fix any of my pinball machines, I would get rid of all of them. You can't even find someone to come out and repair and even if you do, they would not be trustworthy or competent. You are setting people up for some serious disappointment and failure if you are offering that advice. And your comment about this only applying to this pinball machine is totally false. You're talking like someone who has never owned a new machine before. Anyhow, I get it... trollers are going to troll.

#2419 83 days ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Great to hear! With all of the help from the initial owners so far I'll be set when mine arrives. I humbly thank you good sirs!

I will be happy to help anyone who runs into any issues.

I really don't understand people who moan and whine about stuff not working rather than being happy and excited that they actually have an Alien machine. Show a little gratitude. The support for this game is great... PB has been bending over backwards to help people through the issues. I feel pretty fortunate that I don't have to work with any of these whiners at my job every day.

#2429 82 days ago
Quoted from pinballjj:


I will be snarky and say forking over 7.7K$ is not enough gratitude?

I understand that way of thinking. But I add up the cost of producing this thing in my mind and feel like I got a bargain. R&D, Parts, Manufacturing, Freight, Support.... I'm impressed they were able to pull it off for that price. We all knew there would be price increase considering the current trend of skyrocketing electronics prices. I feel a sense of gratitude because I understand the difficulty of pulling this off.

#2438 82 days ago
Quoted from AD72:

Ok back to troubleshooting. Has anyone else seen the ball get stuck in the Drop Ship ball guide. Also I had a screw come off.
[quoted image]

Yes.... that was the first problem I had and fixed. Just bend the rail down slightly and it will permanently fix that issue. Haven't seen that issue since.

#2439 82 days ago

Here's my COIL settings for 2.2E system update. I've found these settings to provide a pretty stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

TROUGH RELEASE - 50% WEAKER (this seems to be 99% reliable now. In rare cases, I see it kick out with too much force. PB is aware of this.)
RIGHT SLING - 35% WEAKER (may be too weak.... considering increasing)
DROP RESET - NORMAL (applied a little grease to the metal bracket and it seems to be resetting fine.. still monitoring though)
LEFT AND RIGHT JETS - NORMAL (is decreasing this value a good idea?)
LEFT SLING - 35% WEAKER (may be too weak.... considering increasing)

I'd love to hear if anyone disagrees with any of these settings.

#2442 82 days ago
Quoted from AD72:

brado426 thanks! Any ideas where the screw is from?

It may be to nothing. I found an uncrimped RJ45 jack in mine. I guess at least this isn't surgery.

#2447 82 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

I can confirm that I experienced the bug where the ball doesn’t release from the scoop unless you press the flipper buttons…..

I have reported this to PB and they are working on it. You will find that the same behavior occurs for the TROUGH, MUTHUR, and BALL LOCK. It is extremely rare to see this. Maybe once in 10 games... though sometimes I've seen it happen a couple times in a game.

#2449 81 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Once in 10 games is not rare.
Thats every 20 mins on location.
This is alarming to say the least.
What im alluding to, is that this game is nowhere fit for location play yet.

I think you missed something.... This is not a game-stopping bug. The game still operates fine when it occurs. It is not alarming at all for on-location play.

#2454 81 days ago
Quoted from Optimiser:

Why, to pay PB to be their testers? Would you do that with a car, TV, PC, etc? I don't think so, so why should a pinball machine be any different from any other (expensive) consumer item. If it was a car in the USA you could claim the "lemon law".

I can see you're going to be one of those customers that no one wants as a customer. If I were PB, I would cancel your order and tell you to go buy a car, TV or PC instead.

#2455 81 days ago
Quoted from brado426:

I can see you're going to be one of those customers that no one wants as a customer. If I were PB, I'd cancel your order right now and tell you to buy a TV or PC instead.

#2459 81 days ago
Quoted from Mageek:

Correct this is a public forum so go open a thread to “warn others” and call it WTF you like instead of providing useless drivel in the owners thread

I think the new thread should be called "Afraid/unwilling to work on pinball machines?"

The negativity is absolutely useless and non-constructive drivel. I've worked with whiners and moaners at past jobs and they are really miserable to deal with. Don't be one of those people. Be the "can-do.... we can do it" type of person.

#2483 80 days ago
Quoted from Optimiser:

You're hilarious and not PB.
I knew I'd win the arguement with you, your response proves it. Just admit that your happy to pay money to be a product tester, simple as that.

You won the argument... great... whatever.... anything to make you go away. Pinball is not for you.

#2485 80 days ago
Quoted from Optimiser:

Thank you for finally stating the fact about this pinball product quality thing. "I don't like it either, but it is the reality of the hobby sadly". If only brado426 could to.

Oh reallyyyyy!

When did I deny that there were problems? Like many others here have said, we expected problems and are happy to help PB work through them. My only gripe is with people who are whining and complaining in here without offering anything constructive.

#2486 80 days ago

So I've played my Alien all day today without any problems. 2.2F System Update is looking great!

Here's my latest settings and notes:

TROUGH RELEASE - 50% WEAKER (PB gave me a test version 2.2F and now my trough release seems to be 100%... no problems all day. Nice!)
LEFT & RIGHT SLING - NORMAL (way better at NORMAL than -35%... I'd say decreasing the power here was a mistake)
DROP RESET - NORMAL (still no problems here since applying a little grease. No other modifications needed for my drop targets... all is good!)
LEFT AND RIGHT JETS - NORMAL (is decreasing this value a good idea?)
LEFT FLIPPER - NORMAL (replaced broken flipper with Pinball Life flipper... seems to be exactly the same, but works fine so far. PB is sending me replacement flippers with PB logo)
LEFT EJECT - 50% WEAKER (this has been perfect since I decreased the power... no wild balls at all)

I'm currently looking forward to getting a Gen. 2 Xeno target that is on its way to me right now. My understanding is it makes it far less likely to make the ball hop over the magnet. Should be real nice!

As a side-note, coin lights now work in FREEPLAY mode.... woohoo! It's the little things in life.

#2491 80 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Cuz that's how software works just in case they change something that bricks the CPU or causes other worse issues.

He's right ... I have had test versions where things have become worse, so they want to test it with a limited audience before potentially affecting a larger audience of people. This trough eject issue is a big improvement in my opinion. I haven't heard too many other people talk about it, but that fix appears to have been the root cause of at least a couple other issues I had seen. I'd say this game is just as reliable as my Funhouse now... and I thought that was pretty darn reliable.

#2494 80 days ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

What changed in this test version then since the last one? I have 2.2C and lowering the power to the trough and the muthur kick out worked for me.

Lowering the power of the trough worked for me too, but in rare cases, it would suddenly kick out too hard. I haven't seen this happen in 2.2F yet... but as with any intermittent issue, how long do you need to test to confirm the issue is resolved?

#2496 80 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Has anyone had trouble qualifying the mission on the right Yutani inlane at times?
I sometimes have to hit the right drop ramp several times before the right Yutani lights up to Qualify mission. The left side works fine all the time.

Go into the test menu and check that opto switch and see if it is behaving strangely without the game running. It should be ACTIVE when there is no ball running through the ramp and INACTIVE when a ball is blocking the opto switch.

#2502 80 days ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

I've had it grab the ball and set up for a lock shot but I've also had it throw the ball back at the flippers

Depends on how pissed the Alien is.

#2507 80 days ago
Quoted from dri:

Sadly, this is not a comprehensive fix. I think we need a tad bit more spring tension as well.

I didn't have to do anything with spring tension. I just had to sand down the rough surface of the plastic grommet. I just used a piece of sandpaper and did it by hand.... it hardly required any sanding at all... just enough to make it smooth. Then put it back together and it was perfect. Actually all 3 of my flippers needed the sanding except for the bottom LEFT flipper.

Just follow HurryUpPinball's video and it should totally solve your problem:

#2510 80 days ago
Quoted from dri:

Yep, followed this, bushings are like baby bums now but I still get very intermittent stickys. Given you're supposed to have a blade switch to help with the return of the plunger, I'm not too surprised. I might just get blade switches.

I did still have problems with one of mine after putting them back together, but it was because I didn't have the flipper shaft pushed into the mechanism far enough. You might want to try experimenting with that. You can tell if it is going to stick or not by pressing down slightly on the flipper and moving it back and forth. This is kind of necessary when you have the playfield upright because gravity isn't pulling down on the flipper that way and it is hard to tell if you've solved the problem or not.

Also, you have probably already done it, but make sure you both sides of that plastic grommet are smooth.... as I recall, on one of mine, the other side was rough and caused some sticking issues.

#2524 80 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

officially on the 24th I believe.

All I need for my SV is the Beacons.... One way or another, I will add them on!

#2555 77 days ago

I just got my Gen. 2 Xeno targets. Let me just say that it totally fixed my problem with the ball hopping over the magnet. Not too shabby!!!

#2558 76 days ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Can you take a pic of the new targets please. Don’t know if I have gen 1 or gen 2 targets. Thanks.

You can easily tell by looking at them. For the Gen 2 targets, the metal bracket extends well above the back of the target. The Gen. 1 targets were not visible.

IMG_20210913_200836859 (resized).jpg

#2570 76 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So...found 3 screws in the cabinet. I searched everywhere and dont see where they came from. Checked all connectors, bolts, screws, etc. Only thing i found was a bolt missing on a ramp wire..but the screw is there. A worrysome thing is that so many screws seem to barely connect with the lockouts under the pf.
I checked all the targets and the ones that stuck i adjusted a bit until they didmt stick..not sure what version they are..but so far they are working as expected..assuming until the fixed ones are out fiddling with these will be an occasional annoyance.
Mine came with 2.2 on it (no idea if it shows C,D etc). Xeno is working, mother kickout working great, right flipper staging magnet works great, xeno magnet works but yes ball flew so fast it magnet didnt grab it. Hypersleep lock is working.
Lock bar latching system....idiot engineering on that one.
Otherwise , no issues so far. *crosses fingers* shoots great, i dont understand how the weapons work...but its fun.
Mine came with price cards and a ton of key fob. And some various parts that i dont know what they are for...assuming spares.
One question..where do you put the stick for code updates?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

it will say 2.2D or 2.2E. You definitely want to update as soon as possible or you will eventually get frustrating lockups with 2.2. You need to take off the backglass and use one of the two USB ports at the top of the screen. I've been PM'd about some difficulty/misunderstanding about how to remove the backglass, so here is a little video to show how it works. The key is hanging in the coin door.

#2580 75 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I updated with a USB inside lower cabinet. You don't have to take off the back glass.
That back glass is a pain in the ass and am not going to take it off much..lol

Ah.... I never saw those ports before. I'll use those from now on. Nice find!

IMG_20210914_205057299 (resized).jpg

#2596 75 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

That was a nice thing to find out right before I went to update. Much more convenient. Don't have to remove the bg, or the glass. I'm on 2.2D now. Honestly 2.2 hadn't given me any issues after 3 or so hours of play. I had 1 stuck ball behind the right ramp so far. On 2.2D code, the Xeno magnet performs MUCH better. Only missed once out of 6 or so times.
I do think the BG needs some extra light. I didn't look to deep but the egg glow just isn't that bright out of the box.
For those on the fence, this is probably the most recent built machine (that's been delivered so far) and build wise it seems pretty solid. I did a bit of research, and it came with v2 targets. I will be honest...I'm not really clear why these were 'cleared' to be used. That being said, as I mentioned above, before I ever turned the game on I fiddled with them and got them to click as best as they would, and so far no issues, shots seem to be registering fine. I am sure over time they will need re-adjusted. I noticed on the PB forums that v3 are on hold
So far, I'm happy. Nothing majorly annoying preventing play in the first 6 hours or so. One thing I wonder is why the callouts/sounds for slings and APC hits isn't a bit more dramatic. They are barely audible and lackluster. Seems like whatever sound is being given to them needs changed.

Since I got the V2 targets and adjusted them (I think this included sanding down one of the PCBs), I haven't had any problems either.

A repeating bug I've noticed is in very very rare cases, the ball will get stuck on the upper right flipper magnet and sit there for 20 seconds until the ball search is activated. I only see it happen about once a week. I've provided logs to Cato for that one. The other issue you'll still fine is that in rare cases the ball gets stuck in the OUTHOLE, MUTHUR, or AIRLOCK until you hit a flipper button. I think a lot of people don't notice this because they are constantly hitting flipper buttons. Well, this issue is always being worked on.

#2598 75 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I had this happen one time on 2.2 code. It released when I hit the flipper. I thought it was part of the game, however it has never happened again. Also, I'm not really sure what triggers that magnet. Almost seems random.
Same with xeno magnet. Sometimes it seems the magnet comes on and throws the ball around - often times up into that left orbit and into the back entry to the airlock.

The Xeno magnet should throw the ball around... that is normal. That's the Alien attacking you.

#2660 73 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So tonight was the night the gremlins came out. 4 different lock ups/issues within 10 minutes after an hour of play.
1. putting in initials, suddenly it just 'finished' the initials on its own, then switched to the volume screen and went to 0. While I could leave the screen, the volume would not change from zero until a reboot.
2. ball bounced back into trough and the ball search never tried to push another ball out. I tilted the machine while trying to get it to move one way or the other and after the tilt animation, the game just locked up (screen included) and would do nothing until a reboot.
3a) during ambush multiball the right flippers stopped working and the xeno mouth stayed open.
3b) On reboot x 4 the xeno would not work. Then, toggling in and out of the service menu, it started working again and the flippers started working again
This is on 2.2D
As for the xeno, I didn't have any issues after this, but I wonder if after so many games that badly implemented switch starts to get bent and deformed. I haven't opened up the game to see yet.
Also, the dimples...they are a comin.

1. I haven't seen that particular issue, but I have seen controls stop working after being left on for an extended period of time once. I reported this.

2. This one was causing me a lot of grief. Setting power to -50% plus 2.2F seems to have fixed it. There was some issue that caused the power of the trough eject to fluctuate. 2.2F seems to have made it stable.

3a. I think this is related to #1... I did have the flippers stop responding once in the past 4 months. I believe it was after I left the game on for 8 hours or more.

3b. I know there is a timing issue on power-on that can cause some weird issues. One thing I've seen is that the screen would be blank on power-on in certain cases. Not sure if this is fixed in 2.2F, but I do know I haven't seen it recently.

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Quoted from Zablon:

In this case it wasn't in the trough, it had hit the other side and bounced back in and got stuck on the lip, thus why i was shaking the machine. It should have seen a ball missing, but he's right, it would have tried to eject 2 balls I think. The lockup was really more of the concern. I was aware of the ball ejecting hard, and have the power turned down by 15% and for the most part that has been fine.
A few things I've noticed though (and R&M has this same issue) is the variance in the shooter lane power. Most times it works just fine, and other times it doesn't. I will give it some credit though, when I was setting it up i ended up with 2 balls in the shooter lane. It kept increasing the power until both balls were launched.

Yes, I used to have that issue with the ball bouncing off the side and then falling back in... even if I decreased power to -50%, it still did that occasionally.) With 2.2F, it never does that... so I *think* that is going to be fixed soon.

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Any alien owners working on or have solved the beacon topper mod yet? Since the game is in the wild now i figured someone was tackling this issue?

The firmware for the beacon topper is not complete yet. A future firmware version will enable this capability.

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How is the reflection on the glass during gameplay? Would we need PDI or HD glass?

I have no desire to upgrade the original glass in my Alien. Reflection is a non-issue for me... looks great!!

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Quoted from RussG:

I already picked up an aftermarket beacon for my game when it eventually arrives. It is 12V.
If the current game doesn't have an input for this now or for future connectivity does anyone have suggestions on how to power it?
Thanks so much.

Wait for the beacon firmware to be ready.

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I popped some pinstadiums on yesterday, but it was hard as hell to figure out how to link it to the GI. I ended up linking it to the back box led strip I had put on earlier, which works, but it is always on. I've got it dim and blue to keep it spacey and creepy.
[quoted image]

Is there a good reason to use LED strips for additional illumination in the backbox? If I add illumination, I was thinking about just putting in an LED kitchen light (the kind that looks like a florescent, but is LED). Wouldn't that be cleaner? Maybe you guys are using LED strips because you can get the 12V needed for them easier than the 120V needed for for the kitchen light?

pasted_image (resized).png

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Quoted from Faust:

My first impressions after setting up:
-Shiny ramps
-nice trim finish
-extra magnet!
-clean under the playfield with the boards
-arrived in one piece
sort of bad:
-At first boot immediately got error 'cabinet IO not found'... reboot and it worked. So it's not reliable, same as heighway (probably inherent to the operating system)
-the sound of the jaw servo is absolutely horrible. it makes an awful grinding loud sound, I thought something was broken but it works.
Is there a fix for this?
-Checked everything, found that the popbumpers were wired incorrectly (activating the left, fires the right). Not good, but will fix
-I have immediately 'sticky targets' and 1 target is not working (weapon target). PB is shipping this out knowing these microswithces don't work!!!!
I'll request the care package and look in the forum for the best fix
-Decals on the front not profesionally cut at the bottom side of the cabinet, they stick out a bit and are not cut straight (will post pic)
Minor issue, will not fix
-No manual or anything
then in my opinion a big flaw:
-As also with the Heighway pinball, the inner loop inductive switch does not detect the ball in 1/3 shots. I totally do not understand why they left it that way, it was one of the problematic things that could not be fixed by design on the original
In general:
-Setting this one next to a Heighway makes it look like it's more empty due to the missing screen, the thinner wire ramps and some plastics less.
-The game is much darker than the Heighway due to the missing art blades, and they removed the leds under the slings which have only post lights now
So yeah, indeed it is not like a Stern that unboxes and plays, but I wasn't expecting that either.
I've taken the apron out and started working on fitting my apron on the new model. updates in the apron thread.

You didn't say anything about updating the software. The first thing you should do is update the software to at least 2.2D. Most of the issues you are mentioning are because of not updating the software. The Cabinet I/O issue for sure is resolved. I had that too, but haven't seen it since updating 3 months ago.

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I don't think they mentioned any time frame, I think they will just update their site / social media and pinside / this thread you will know... although it seems like the waits is 39 light years away from Earth....
The Limited Versions It's 500 from what I read but should be 426... for you know LV-426 would make the most sense.

I've been told by a reliable source that it is "almost" sold out.

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Can't really be sold out when it isn't even for sale and they didn't say how many they were making. The interest #'s don't actually represent who will buy..especially since yes, most likely the price increase will happen to everyone who had $1 in.
Also, if everyone who has an SV suddenly tries to dump them because they have an LV coming, prices will plummet, so unloading them might cost you more than just staying with it. (just a guess, who knows)
Part of me hopes it's awesome, and part of me hopes it's just the usual expectations of 'stuff' and I won't feel the need to get it. Since you could say 'we got a discount', that jump to LV is quite steep.
*I will assume the price increases are not due to shipping and that shipping will also go up from what it was before since everything is higher now so that's even more added expense.

Ok... sold-out was a poorly-chosen phrase. Reserved-out.... whatever.

I'm keeping my SV and adding just the mods that I want to it.

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Quoted from Utesichiban:

Question for current Alien SE owners. The gitches needing to be worked out aside, are you satisfied with the overall build quality (materials, components, etc) of the game? How would you compare it to other manufacturers like Stern etc?
I am planning on the LV but any insight those already familiar with or that own the game is very appreciated.

These comments from others are great so far. I think they are honest and fair. I've definitely had my share problems with my Alien SV... but I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. PB do seem committed to fixing my issues... in many cases, PB has sent me parts, even if we weren't completely sure if it was the fix... this sped up the the process. Since I had one of the first 20 units, I did expect some problems.... but I have had no problem that a part replacement or slight adjustment couldn't fix so far. The game is super fun with excellent replay value and I have no plans on ever selling it. To me, it is the best pinball machine ever made.