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Post #1360 Video of one solution to sticky flippers. Posted by HurryUpPinball (2 years ago)

Post #3169 Minimizing electrical interference issues Posted by brado426 (2 years ago)

Post #5287 Some spare parts Posted by Baggerman (2 years ago)

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#5357 2 years ago

question for any SV owners, is there a headphone jack on the machine? I play with headphones alot and would love to hear all the sounds and music on this one.

#5414 2 years ago

Does anyone know if the SV ships with HD Glass or Std Glass?

1 week later
#5528 2 years ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Received my alternate 3D translite today!! Going to be a bit of work to get it installed so it will probably be a few weeks before I get time.

I ordered mine as well, guessing I will see it before I see my machine at this point. Please share what materials you end up using.

#5537 2 years ago

I agree with you @fattdirk. Just a little open communication goes a LONG way for this community. I have mods from all over the world coming for this damn machine and no idea if it will ever arrive.

#5636 2 years ago

Looking forward to hearing from those who are getting their pins. Please share any updates on the QC and gameplay. Be great to hear current feedback vs all of us complaining about the wait.

#5746 2 years ago

I am still waiting, but thrilled to see those who are getting their machines. Thank you for posting QC and feedback. Many have mentioned the dark GI, anyone have thoughts on adding mirror blades to help? I think Pinstadiums would be overkill and want to keep the dark theme going.

#5794 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I got tracking! Tuesday 8-10AM delivery!

Did you reserve SV or LV? Congrats!

#5828 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

picking one up this weekend. curious how heavy Alien is? Same as a stern or more like TZ

Unboxed it's right at 255lbs per their site. About the same as a Stern.

#5905 2 years ago

Well I just got a call from FedEx Freight, machine arrives tomorrow. Been a long wait, but I think it's gonna be worth it.

#5920 2 years ago

Just took delivery this AM and started going thru everything before playing. Underside looked tight, so I cleaned a few things up and started a test game. Couple questions, I am on v2.4 which setting is for the air lock scoop, it’s insanely fast and goes STDM. Also noticed the left flipper sometimes hangs when I catch a ball or double tap it. Will the Stern switches (arriving tomorrow) help with this? Xeno mag has grabbed 3/3 so far so that is a great sign as well. Looking forward to a weekend of modding and tweaking to make this beast my own.

#5934 2 years ago

Anyone else having their main display go out during attract mode and not come back? I have the same when I boot the game as well, always have to boot it twice.

#5996 2 years ago

My small display doesn’t seem to be getting power. I followed the wire to the back box and re-seated and no go. Also noticed by trough coil has a hard time ejecting a ball to start the game, particularly when the machine has been played for awhile . Anyone else seeing this?

#6014 2 years ago

Just another shout out to Cato and PB support model. Fast response and they are sending a new node board (#10), cable and display for my air lock display not working. It would take months for me to get a reply from someone stateside down the street from me in Chicago area. What a difference.

#6032 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Can anyone post or message me safe or easy way to get 12v. Addding the translite and then lit flipper buttons. Thx

I just did both of these using an external 12v power supply. I also plan to provide power to the Apron/Beacon mod with this power supply. It's 12v and 10amp so it has plenty to push all of my mods without pulling from the machine's power.

#6047 2 years ago
Quoted from Zablon:

what are you using to trigger it to power up?

The power supply is inside the cabinet mounted with some double sided tape and I mounted a small surge strip under my cab. Both plugs (main power and the secondary) are plugged into it, then to a smart outlet. Clean and simple setup.

2 weeks later
#6347 2 years ago

Anyone still selling the airlock mod and the hypersleep mod? Would love to add some details to this beast.

#6355 2 years ago
Quoted from Mageek:

I am, Airlock $65 shipped , Hypersleep Chamber $125 shipped, $170 for both, PM me if interested.
Please note that I cannot provide lighting due to the complexity of making it plug and play.
[quoted image]

PM sent, thank you!

#6382 2 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

Sounds like a tuning issue, has anybody asked PB support?
The button feel, can the switches just be replaced for a William equivalent?

Just a PSA, you have to replace them with the current Stern switches if you want them to have more resistance at feel. They do indeed feel very light, but you can space them a bit if they are too sensitive or replace the switches with the Stern switches if you want more the touch to be more familiar.

1 week later
#6742 2 years ago

For those on the fence or have questions on support etc. I had one major issue with my Alien after the first week (had it since early March). The airlock monitor wasn't working, after trying the cable on my laptop and reseating cables I took a few pics opened a ticket and Cato got back to me very quickly. He sent a new monitor, board and cables just in case. After taking everything apart it appears the power wire to the monitor didn't provide enough slack causing the connector to slightly separate from the board. 20 minute board replacement and I was back in business, haven't had a single real issue since. Not trying to whine here, but to compare that to my GnR (many mutual folks here have both machines) it took six months to get the machine running smooth and get any support. So I would say PB are doing a great job and I look forward to seeing what else the future holds from them. No pinball machine company is perfect, but the fact they are working hard to support their product is a great sign in my eyes.

1 week later
#6961 2 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

How are the flippers? Snappy or more hollow feeling like a JJP or Spooky?</blockquo

brado426 - thanks for tip - where can I confirm the playfield revision info? It's #28 and have a manufacture date of 1/22
Also - I just noticed two of the eggs aren't registering hits from the ball..I couldn't locate the eggs in the test menu - but I did notice the eggs that don't react to balls, did react to the ball search.
Lastly - could anyone confirm the difficulty of the 'air lock'? It is always going 'SDTM' - it's a bit too much, hah

Hop onto PBs site for info on the scoop, they recommend you bend it. Common issue. I had the same problem on my SV, just wrap the scoop with a rag and bend it with some pliers. Hits to the left flipper everytime now. I did it while in test mode and kept putting balls in the scoop until it was bent enough.
Pitch recommended at 6.5, I am 6.7ish and plays great for me. On your jets/pops (the eggs) check the spoons underneath the PF to make sure the gap is consistent for the switch to engage the coil.

#6969 2 years ago
Quoted from brandonx76:

Thanks for info JDub03 !! - I'm having trouble locating details on PB site regarding the scoop adjustment. Can you point me to it?


#7107 2 years ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Silly question, but that silly question sparked a silly question. Who's working on a queen head mod?

I have already spent SO much on mods for this beast....but that seems to make sense for the next mod.

#7114 2 years ago
Quoted from Wheelzzz:

You just need the ball to get a little spin on it. I would go under the scoop and put a washer on the left side, hence pulling the left side down. And forcing it left. I wouldn't be going crazy with pliers trying to get that hood bent like that, although it may work. Full disclosure, I never read the PB instructions.

As seen here this scoop isn't like Stern or JJP (GnR). It's a larger housing with a subway system attached to it. So bending it is the most efficient way. You can't just put a washer in one of the holes under the PF. There isn't a washer. Some have used a small piece of foam. It is not an easy thing to adjust, but it will bend. I used short nose pliers on mine with a rag on them.


#7139 2 years ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

I’m having flipper issues that I’ve heard mentioned before, where they rapid fire on a button press, or sometimes are 1-2 seconds delayed on a button press, and occasionally get stuck up. Of course, the leaf switches are super weak and flimsy, too.
Wondering if I might resolve these issues with replacing the leaf switches to stronger ones, like Stern (or hell, even JJP/WMS at this point)? I know I have some switches from some older era games, 80s-90s at least, but will have to check to see if I have any used by modern Stern or JJP (I think I have some EOS switches from JJP…could those be repurposed as cabinet button switches if that’s all I have on hand?? I guess they may not have the physical resistance that a proper cabinet switch would have, though, still potentially leaving the button presses feeling flimsy)…the game is absolutely unplayable with this flipper behavior!

You can replace them with Stern switches.

#7146 2 years ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

If all I have are older Bally/Williams switches (SW-10A-48), would those work?

They will work short term but will cause problems in the long run. There is an older thread on this. Order the Stern switches and you will be set.

2 weeks later
#7421 2 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Wanted to get some feedback from anyone who owns both an Aliien and GnR.
How do they compare in respect to gameplay.
I find my GnR a bit empty feeling to shoot, and I find the code monotonous.
Curious to hear from others.

I do own both, in my small collection GnR (LE) gets played the least. It's a hit for someone coming over for the first time but the shots on the game a difficult for many and they say it's a beautiful game but feel very clunky at best. Alien (SV) seems to have better flow but most newbies also say, they love the theme but it's a difficult game to play with the outlanes. Overall two very different games though. I find Alien to be more linear in the code, while GnR is risk vs reward.

#7422 2 years ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Correct the coin door lights are definitely 12V, so don't go replacing the incandescent globes in the door with 6.3V LEDs

I installed 12v LEDs in the coin button lights as I didn't like them using incandescent (Comet offers them). For the buttons and backglass along with the soon to be apron mod, I mounted a dedicated power supply. It was very easy and for this game is the safest way to mod this machine.

2 weeks later
#7826 2 years ago
Quoted from anathematize:

I think the diverter post might be wonky on ours. I cannot recall it ever behaving that way. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a ball diverted into the pops with that post.
That might explain a ton of the difficulty I've run into. Some of those modes where you need to get the ball into the pops/eggs just feel impossible. A diverter post up there makes a ton of sense now.

I don't think it's wonky, I think the optic/sensor aren't registering the ball going thru the orbits properly. My machine rarely kicks the posts up to fall in the pops. In fact, I don't think I have finished Queens Nest for example of this behaviour.

3 weeks later
#8050 1 year ago

**2.7 SV update** Hey everyone just updated to 2.7 on my SV last night. Wanted to share my experience. I was on 2.4 and set everything back to factory default, rebooted and here is the rest.
The machine never asked me to update as it did in previous updates. It rebooted and then showed 2.7. I rebooted a couple times to make sure it was still showing 2.7. I went into the menu to make a few adjustments (ball save, free play etc...). Upon starting a game, everything worked fine for the initial game. I played Alien story line and just did a quick test game. After sitting in attract mode, it appeared the machine locked up. So I rebooted again, this time the main display showed the boot sequence and the PB logo but then went black and didn't come back on. The second monitor worked fine, started a game and it also played fine without the main screen. So I checked connections, everything looked fine. Rebooted again...same thing. PB logo, boot sequence and then black screen. Did it a third time and voila everything seems to be okay now. I had similar experience when I first got the machine so I wasn't too worried. I will do a longer play and burn in time tonight hoping it is okay moving forward. Now gameplay changes...
The posts for the eggs work MUCH better! The sensor actually triggers faster and lighting the LV and getting the ball into the pops works as it should. Making the modes much more fun to play. Also, while I never had major issues with the Xeno grab, it didn't miss at all in the four games I played. Stock flipper settings seem to be good on 2.7 and I can catch the ball with no flipper hang now. Overall I think this code rev is much better allowing for a better gameplay experience. I will post another update if the monitor continues, just thought it would be good to share our experiences with the code updates as we go.

1 month later
#9173 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

I am starting to get cold feet again on this one, the original 2 month wait is turning into 5-6 months and now I do not know anymore... and I am now unsure if I even want anymore.
I also see people praising the game here, unboxing it and the next day -literally- I see the same person posting a for sale ad on the Facebook for sale group...
Love it love it love, best game ever the wife loves it.. BOOM, for sale AD the next day? what the heck... lol
The last few post of PF issues were a bit disheartening. As much as I have fun fixing pins I am not into doing a PF swap on a brand new game.
I was super excited to get this game 4 months ago, now I am 'whatever let's just get the next Stern'...
so what is it guys? why are some of you dropping this one like a hot potato and others loving it?
Not reliable enough? Not feeling PB is going to stick around?

I have had my machine since early March (SV). Overall minus having to reboot every now and then, the machine has been pretty stable and incredibly fun to play. I have had nine machines in my house over the last few years and while nothing is bolted to the floor, I am in no hurry to let Alien go. Take your time setting up, if you do power mods, use an external power source and play the heck out of it. It took me over six months to get my GnR setup and playing correctly, Deadpool needed washers under the ramp to protect the PF etc....the list goes on for every mfr. Hoping you get a solid running game and enjoy it.

2 weeks later
#9657 1 year ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

My game was shipped with 2.7 and am waiting for the apron mod to arrive and clear a day for those and some mod installs .That being said ,I do randomly get black screen after start up .The p/f goes thru it’s thing ,and sometimes has sound and I just shut it off for a few minutes then all is ok .I did notice last night it happened while my kid was hitting start before it got to attract mode .Is this something that was fixed with 2.8 ? Just asking before I put a ticket in .

It has not been fixed in 2.8. I have the same issue. Have to reboot once or twice and it seems to correct on its own though.

#9660 1 year ago
Quoted from OutpostKodelia:

No, it also happens if you do not press any buttons. Saw it on both 2.6 and 2.7. Staying away from 2.8 for now. Since you see the low res Linux boot up, then it goes black when it switches to the high res UI, if this were my PC, I'd be looking at the graphics driver.

Outpost is correct. I boot my games and walk away for a bit, so nobody is touching them as they boot. I agree that it is likely a graphics driver conflict of some sort. I also get the linux boot at bios start up. Hopefully it will be resolved in a future patch. Game has progressed nicely so far.

#9666 1 year ago

I didn't have the issue on 2.4 when I first got the machine, so I think it's still a software bug.

1 month later
#10625 1 year ago
Quoted from DropGems:

Anyone have the weight on this pin? Is it a beast or no? I’m picking one up next week on a 300lb rated dolly. Thx!

Lightest pin I have moved to my basement in years. Wasn't bad at all. I think the 250 is shipping weight vs actual.

1 week later
#10738 1 year ago
Quoted from brado426:

It currently requires a custom circuit board. We could build these and sell some kits, but I'm not clear what the interest level of this is yet.

Very interested in this add on to your already awesome mod!

#10811 1 year ago

Anyone know who is making the green plastic protectors for the SV? I have seen pics but can't seem to find a store selling them.

1 month later
#11469 1 year ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

My Alien mouth magent has some serious pitting after a few games. I think this is normal for this type of magnet but will putting some mylar over the magnet help with this? Or will it only interfere with the magent grab?

I put mylar on the playfield around the magnet day one. the tounge itself seems to be good on mine after 9 months of playing it.

1 week later
#11635 1 year ago

curious on update order, do you usually do firmware then software, or the other way around for PB machines?

#11786 1 year ago

I updated the firmware on my SV to .71, it's wonderful having the quiet xeno. But now my machine won't take the 3.0 to 3.1 software upgrade. Also had the tongue just staying out after Ambush on a game. Going to play a few more then try to reinstall 3.1 after reboots. Love the game, but would like to see some consistency on the code updates.

#11787 1 year ago

Also a note for SV owners, I just got confirmation from PB Support. The light up stand up targets are still "not supported on the SV" so PB will not be sending a connector for the 5th LED to light up, and per support connecting the JST connectors to the standups can "void warranty" as they were never supported in the SV. Just sharing what was sent to me this AM.

#11825 1 year ago
Quoted from henning:

Sorry, and absolutely no offense, but I call this BS. Many SVs got shipped with the target lights connected and there is absolutely no way they can refuse any warranty for these machines. Furthermore in the E.U. they can't even refuse to take care of machines with the jumper cable connected as long as the problem is not directly related to that cabling.

No offense taken here. I was shocked to get that reply from PB support. They also won't sell or ship me the connector cable to enable the 5th standup target. It's truly a head scratcher. Their support has been pretty solid for me since day one (early SV here) so to get that response from them was a little surprising. They do sell the connector cable on their parts site, but it isn't in stock currently, which I also found odd based on the email from support saying they don't offer the connector cable.

#11829 1 year ago
Quoted from Baggerman:

Conflicting stories from PB Support.... I have one from them that states LV owners get the cable free of charge. SV owners need to buy -8 bucks, no biggie. With a note to the US support team to let me know when in stock. No mention of void warranty, but then again my SV is a year old at this point and out of warranty so there is that of course.

Here is the cable I was looking at. Baggerman, you seeing the same? I also put a note in for one. I get the human error part, it happens in any business. Just surprised at the lack of support for something that is there and built in the machine.

#11833 1 year ago
Quoted from henning:

That's not the one we need for this. What we need is a 5-to-4 pin interconnection cable as they used on the old generation 2 targets. (See https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pinball-brothers-alien-remake-owners-club/page/211#post-7182665 for reference)

Good catch, thank you for that. So I guess it comes down to where can we get the cable?

#11838 1 year ago
Quoted from Mageek:

I totally understand where they are coming from. I have an early game with mostly rev B boards and no connections for the lights. If they were to provide full support for SV target lights they would have to replace the involved boards. I was told long ago the lights aren’t supported on the SV. There’s already lights in the playfield , good enough for me.

Very good point Mageek. I thought my SV was early but apparently I lucked out having the connections there.

1 week later
#12068 1 year ago

For those who haven't seen the apron mod, I just finished the install today on my SV. It's awesome

#12071 1 year ago
Quoted from KING-HENRY:

Awesomeness. Did that come with the beacons you have on there as well? And assuming it was like $750 for both?

Beacons were included with the Apron mod (they are also programable). It looks fantastic in person and they aren't over the top, a great feature/immersion vs distraction.

1 week later
#12445 1 year ago
Quoted from Derekk:

I have the LV, so I purchased the apron kit with expansion kit no beacons.

Not looking to knock the LV but I’ll say this, the apron mod with beacons uses the beacons a lot more than the stock LV. I have the SV with beacons and my buddy has the LV I was surprised at how little the beacons are used in the LV code. I personally enjoy the Apron beacon effect.

2 weeks later
#12734 1 year ago
Quoted from JustAnotherYoyo:

After another 3+ hours of tech support with Pinball Brothers (Shawn) and a couple more hours of fixing stuff (as per Shawn's instructions), I am happy (and relieved) to have played my FIRST fully working game of Alien about 5 minutes ago.
I feel like an absolute, complete idiot as 2 of the problems were not Pinball Brothers fault at all. It seems 2 Mezel Mods that I had bought and installed were interfering with the game mechanics.
Mezel Mods: ALIEN PINBALL HYPER SLEEP CHAMBER- I very carefully installed this, however it seemed that a TINY piece of overhang from the front piece was catching on the top of the rear (larger) piece of the mod, thereby not allowing the lift to fully lower (like a 1-2mm difference) and was screwing up the opto's in regards to the lock being up or down. The front piece can not be mounted straight as per Mezel's instructions. 100% "my" fault.
Mezel Mods: ALIEN PINBALL APC TARGET ILLUMINATION- I had installed this mod without a second thought (as I have installed illuminated clear drop targets on a few other (Stern/ Spooky) machines with no problems). Guess what. Absolutely incompatible with the optos on the Alien machine. The optos simply cannot sense the clear drop targets at all. Once I switched them back to stock, they worked first time. They also work with the Illumination aspect still operating. Again, 100% "my" fault.
We even got the Alien head 90+% working, in that the jaw is properly opening and closing and the magnetic rod is now expanding and retracting to grab the ball, however, it did have difficulty releasing it. But it eventually did and I could continue playing and finishing a game.
Considering I publicly criticized Pinball Brothers on this thread yesterday, I feel morally obligated, to publicly admit my fault in this and publicly apologize to them. Shawn's patience in helping me was amazing and once we realized that it was a mod, he didn't even get angry or express anything but understanding. To say that I was embarrassed (and angry at myself) would be an understatement.
I also want to thank the members here who help out and am REALLY looking forward to finally getting to play this game properly.
I will also be notifying Mezel Mods regarding the incompatibility with the mods, so hopefully nobody else has to experience these issues.

Awesome job taking the high road and sharing your experience. For the drops, the newer version are painted so the optos will see the drops. I used black nail polish on my tabs so the optos would see the targets come down. Hope you get the full experience of what this game can be. It's a blast to play.

8 months later
#15194 7 months ago

I think PB is doing the right thing here. Lowering their price to be in line with OG SV pricing. Yes it’s limited, but new code for all and this allows them to move their focus to their next title without screwing existing buyers. The current market will make it tough for some of the big guys to churn games at 10-15k per pop every year. I also like that they are taking care of their existing customers to buy mods for our existing games if we want.

2 weeks later
#15918 6 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

So here's a weird one: my left wireform to the right turnaround ramp is longer than the right one...and my ball keeps getting hung up on that left wire and can't be shaken loose. Is everyone's wire forms of unequal length there, or did I just hit the lottery?[quoted image]

I have the same issue and when I went to correct it, the solder spot on the wireform broke. So I ordered a replacement wireform.

#15926 6 months ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Primarily it's just a rambling thought.
But I guess the point is I want one. I put a deposit down for one. I would be upset if I couldn't get one. Seems like there is no limit on how many you can buy right now.
If they over sell and get say 500 deposits, what happens to the other 200 that don't get one? I don't want to be in the latter group.
I don't care what they cost. But I do have an appreciation for what went into them now.
And I don't care at all what the "value" is. I don't sell stuff (just cars when I move on).
I'm a selfish bastard that way.

Just my two cents, I ordered thru a trusted distributor. He requested I pay in full vs deposit. I am guessing the deposits will be filled and they go from there. Lior doesn't make have the scale to make 1000's of these so I wouldn't be surprised if the 300 is accurate.

#15927 6 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Did the replacement work better? Curious if I should just spend the $49 bucks on a new one if it solves the issue..

Yes it did, the left end was a tad longer and that same side is where the weld/solder broke. I plan to file it down so they are even and then I have a spare wireform.

3 weeks later
#16402 6 months ago

as long as I hear "get away from her you bitch" it will be a good add on

#16414 6 months ago

anyone order from the pbusa site for parts? I have been waiting for a ramp for almost six weeks. My right ramp weld broke again (likely due to the wires being uneven at the turn). I have it wired down but would like to get the part so I can replace it.

#16499 5 months ago

Looks like some great add ons to the code. Polish and some new features with mystery and seeing Ripley just brings it all together. Now if I can just play better!

#16563 5 months ago
Quoted from BlueRiverLore:

Installed and ran some tests on 4.0 and everything looks good so far. Do you think the update includes the 'Art of Pinball' topper update or will that be 4.1?

It does but will require the .72 firmware update that hasn't been published yet. It's in the notes for 4.0.

#16593 5 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

What does the update for the topper do? haven't heard of this so far. Thought the beacon behavior was already set.

Boards need to be updated to support the light show according to the notes. The topper is supported in code, but firmware sending data to the bus for lights is probably what will need an update. Two different things, like Stern with code and Node board updates. PB just does them separately. Or at least have in the past.

#16644 5 months ago
Quoted from KING-HENRY:

oh, for all of us non-updaters (lol) we need to have game version 3.2 before we do the update..I assume 3.2 updates the firmware at the same time? anyways I'm glad I saw that on pb site..needs to be in BOLD to avoid confusion for others (and less headaches for PB techs).

Firmware and code update are two separate processes. In 3.0 or 3.2 directions it will guide you thru the order. You should be on firmware .71 for the 4.0 code install.

#16677 5 months ago
Quoted from Kabball:

Curiosity question.
How many units of each type did PB build and sell. Well if we assume all types have or will sell out.
There was 1000 LV's I know but what about the SV's? and RV's?

The SV didn't have a limit, but it is being discontinued. The LV (per PB) is close to selling out. The RV is essentially replacing the SV moving forward.

3 weeks later
#17093 4 months ago

Question for those that got the shaker kit. The original controller box on the SV has a USB cable plugged in the rear side next to the ethernet. The new controller box doesn't have said USB port for that cable. Where did you plug the cable? My buddy's SV is in limbo because of this. Thank you!

#17129 4 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Curious, has anyone paid the full amount for a topper yet or been asked to? I paid the deposit right away, but haven't heard anything since.

I paid in full with a distributor, but they told me to expect the topper in Feb. Lior has been behind for awhile with the conflict going on, it's understandable there will be delays.

1 week later
#17234 4 months ago
Quoted from John_C:

While I am awaiting shipment of an Alien-RV, I'm trying to learn all I can about it before it arrives. I've spent considerable time on the Pinball Brothers website looking at the technical documentation there.
I am considering the purchase of the Beacons kit, Shaker, and the Mini Beacons and Flasher kit. Before I do, though, I'd like to review the technical documentation / instructions for these kits.
Does anyone know if the instructions for these kits are available on-line for download?

The shaker kit is on their site, as they ship the other products late this month/early Feb they should post the instructions.

2 weeks later
#17425 4 months ago
Quoted from G35R6:

Hey. Brought home LV #232 last weekend. First NIB. It popped up two miles from me and I had to jump on it fast, so fast that it's still sitting here awaiting a set of nylon leg washers. So, I started reading through this owners thread of 17000+ posts and, well, I'm still making my way through it.
Washers should be here tomorrow and I should be ready to fire it up this weekend.
My question. Can someone give me a quick list of items that I should do/check BEFORE I ever flip the power switch?
I've also never owned a game that gets updated automatically. So, I'm a little intimidated by that as well.
Thanks in advance for your responses.
Can't wait to start playing this one.
[quoted image]

A few things to check before booting up the game. Before putting balls in, lift the playfied to its upright position. It's different on these games compared to others, get used to that. Check all the standup targets from under the playfield and make sure they are screwed very tight. Most people's standup targets had to be tightened at least once in the earlier releases. Do a quick check to make sure all the cables in the controller box are in (box in the cabinet) and make sure the coil stops are nice and tight on all four flippers. Add a mylar circle around the Xeno magnet on the playfield. Last but not least, update the code right away, you will be glad you did! The game a amazing, welcome to the club and enjoy it!

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#17613 3 months ago
Quoted from cookpins:

Anyone add BriteButtons to theres? Can I jump off the coindoor lights for 12VDC?

The coin door lights are 12v so in theory yes. I ended up putting a separate power supply for mods in my Alien SV. Button lights, apron mod loaded along with a few other things for the back box. I doubt adding a tiny bit of draw on the 12v coin bulbs will do much. I actually put in green led bulbs in the coin door as well. Hence why I figured out they are 12v.

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#17791 3 months ago
Quoted from KING-HENRY:

anybody able to get ahold of PBUSA? I left 2 emails (one yesterday, one today) about the topper invoice..and no reply. It's a question concerning my order..

I have had a few issues with PB USA replying to emails. There is an error on my topper order, along with me having to hound them for replacement parts I ordered with no confirmation for weeks. Hoping they get things straightened out.

1 week later
#17918 88 days ago

Curious question for the group. I ordered a shaker/board kit in January. I have yet to get an eta or shipping details. This is the second time I have had to reach out to PBUSA for a part order and status. Have you all seen the same? I am patient, and don't mind waiting but I feel as though I have to remind them I have an order to be filled yet again.

#17926 87 days ago
Quoted from ASAC_Schrader:

What playfield pitch are people setting these to?

My SV is at 7 and it plays wonderful.

#17966 85 days ago

Updated to 4.11 and now the ball won't come out of the trough. I go into coil test mode and it shoots the balls out just fine. Anyone else have this issue?

#17968 85 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

Did you also do the firmware update after?

Yes both are up to date.

#17970 85 days ago

Software then firmware

#18055 80 days ago

Check your shakers. The wires were rubbing up against the shaker arm. I bent it down but still don’t feel confident it will be safe. The metal arms on the shaker will go thru that quick. Don’t wanna someone frying their game.

IMG_4097 (resized).jpegIMG_4097 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#18765 38 days ago

Full paid in Oct as well. They will get here, just unfortunate delays. Prefer not hearing two weeks for the last six plus, that's probably the most frustrating part of it.

1 week later
#18954 24 days ago

This rumor is unfortunate. Hopefully they can get it figured out. I paid in full via my distributor in Oct. I know that's not the norm but I was fine with it. I also know they will do right be me if needed. That topper really brought the room together man....

2 weeks later
#19417 5 days ago

Anyone have the topper yet with the apron/beacon mod from Evolution Mods? Curious if the bigger beacons will fit in the topper mount holes?

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