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Pinball Brothers & Heighway Alien Apron & Backbox Mod!!!!!!!

By Red_Devils

2 years ago

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#526 2 years ago

Paid in full for the full package.

#535 2 years ago
Quoted from brado426:

A couple more details on power for this apron. The easiest and most seamless solution is to use power from the left +12V playfield rail. Our biggest concern was the possibility of blowing a fuse. The Alien Annunciator board with beacons uses about 1200 mA maximum. Without beacons, we are looking at around 600 mA. We have been testing using this method for the past week and witnessed absolutely no problems.
That being said, we have been keeping the possibility of an external power supply open as an option all along (just in case.) If desired, the option exists to purchase a 12V DC switching power supply, solder a 2 pin KK connector to the Alien Annunciator PCB, and connect 12V and GND to that. Additionally, to do this, you would want to remove the 2-amp fuse in AUX board 8. The 12V DC switching power supply can pretty easily be connected to the AC power being fed into the main 48V switching power supply in the machine. (I'm actually planning on using that AC power later to install more lighting in my back-box.) This way, switching power on or off would affect both switching power supplies. If there is an interest in doing this, we can provide a write-up that explains it in more detail, but just know that the option is there.
That being said, based on our testing so far, we do not believe an external power supply is necessary.
12V power input on Alien Annunciator PCB
[quoted image]
If using external power supply, this 2-amp fuse should be removed.
[quoted image]
We are spending a great deal of time making installation of this apron as seamless and easy as possible. We are also building a "Beacon AUX Board" to assist with connection of the beacons to the Alien Annunciator PCB.
[quoted image]

So quick question on this, I realize you can't support PB and other people's mods. But I am also doing the translite mod which will require an LED strip, taking more power. That being said, do you recommend going external power? I don't mind adding it as I will just hook it up to my smart outlet to turn on with the machine. But I am more concerned about power and overheating as one of the previous posts mentioned.

1 week later
#561 2 years ago

Awesome work guys, love the attract mode. It's just enough that it isn't a distraction or annoyance. Brilliant!

#566 2 years ago

Question on the apron lighting, will it be on consistently during play? I find the PF is pretty dark, curious if this will help if it's lit all the time?

#569 2 years ago
Quoted from brado426:

Yes... the blade LEDs light during gameplay. Even better, you have full control over the color and intensity of the blades during gameplay and attract mode.

Damn this is going to be the best mod ever. Awesome!

7 months later
#1216 1 year ago
Quoted from brado426:

When the JAW triggers, alien logo goes to fire mode, both blades strobe, and beacons flash simultaneously. It gives a pretty cool effect. You can see it happen in the first few seconds of this video I posted earlier. You can also see it happen just as my son triggers Ambush mode. I was wondering if someone would pick up on that.

Okay, you have me....if you guys are offering another board to control a set of strip for the translite/backglass, I am all in. That just brings it all to a new level.

1 month later
#1331 1 year ago

Hey everyone, my buddy just got his SV and he is looking to buy a spot for the loaded apron/beacon mod. Anyone selling their spot still? Send me a DM if you are. Thanks!

#1333 1 year ago

Any idea where this tab goes? Looks out of place.

F07F7121-EFA5-40B2-973E-D29160382DE4 (resized).jpegF07F7121-EFA5-40B2-973E-D29160382DE4 (resized).jpeg
#1338 1 year ago

Can someone share a pic or two of the through area? I can’t get that side to sit flush. I watched the movie several times. And it looks like the cut is a little different around the trough area. There doesn’t se to be enough clearance by the post right by the ball eject. The movie shows the new sheet metal covering the entire area. Mine doesn’t line up that way.

11B3AFA4-194E-4355-86D9-54F18A4F2AE5 (resized).jpeg11B3AFA4-194E-4355-86D9-54F18A4F2AE5 (resized).jpeg7E6A6318-3DDA-4CDB-9895-F051627E6202 (resized).jpeg7E6A6318-3DDA-4CDB-9895-F051627E6202 (resized).jpeg
#1345 1 year ago

Okay I’m feeling stupid at this point. I can’t get the metal to sit flush. There is no space between the trough hood and the bottom of the post. Any tips here would be great. I did loosen the shooter coil assembly. That isn’t the issue.

5C8E10CA-ECF7-47E2-8A8F-84007FD621F3 (resized).jpeg5C8E10CA-ECF7-47E2-8A8F-84007FD621F3 (resized).jpegA4728CAE-A60E-45EC-930E-E16972C7CF96 (resized).jpegA4728CAE-A60E-45EC-930E-E16972C7CF96 (resized).jpeg
#1347 1 year ago
Quoted from monkfe:

It does seem to sit off the playfield a bit...not really a well designed fit I'd say...here is a other shot
[quoted image]

That pic helps greatly. Thank you. Did you use a file or a deemed wheel to cut the plate?

#1352 1 year ago
Quoted from brado426:

Like I said earlier, loosen your shooter coil bracket. When I was unable to get my apron to sit flush, it was because the shooter coil bracket was too tight and the apron metal piece couldn't slip into it.

I did that right away. The issue I had was all around the ball exit and the post next to it. So I cut the opening a bit wider. Sits perfect now.

1 week later
#1390 1 year ago

Curious for the group with beacons, did you wire all three wires to the beacon controller board? The video said just red & black but I'm not getting anything, so curious if I need to wire the yellow as well?

#1395 1 year ago
Quoted from Ceemunkey:

So... ive managed to get the old apron off but my god it wasn't easy. There weren't any other screws but it was wedged very tight between the playfield and the tabs keeping it in place. I had to lterally bend/pry it off. I also had to Dremel off the metal on the new apron as it wouldn't fit over the shooter lane(as someone else here also had to do).
So now I have 2 issues - one is same as above in that the opto cables that plug into board 8 are not as they appear in the instructions. My opto 2 upper cable has the missing connection on the left, not in the middle. So my question is - do we plug in as normal or do we absolutely have to ensure that the cable at the top of aux board 8 have the missing connectors in the middle?
Second issue is the software - I have installed .net core 3.1 but the Annunciator sofware still won't install and says the .net core is required...?

On the software side (assuming you are running Windows) you need the desktop agent of 3.1, make sure you're installing the correct x64 or x86 version for your computer. I did the first link the first time and it's not correct. Read the page. As for the second question, I will defer to the guys who made the board for support, reach out to them on their site or they will reply to you here. They have been fantastic supporting this mod.

2 weeks later
#1441 1 year ago
Quoted from paulbaptiste:

How are people securing the new beacons?

I did velcro, easy to remove if I ever need to.

#1442 1 year ago
Quoted from Red_Devils:

We have shipped all the aprons that had put down a deposit. We have 10 left over and i have notified the first 15 people who were on the interested list, this is a first come first served list. If you received a PM from me and are interested in getting one let me know ASAP. The list can be found on our website at the bottom of the page on the second tab here... https://www.evolutionmodsllc.com/order-status
thanks for everything guys and don't forget to vote for us in the Twipys!

Sincere congrats to the team that made this happen. It's an awesome mod. Appreciate all the effort and communication you guys did on this.

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