Creative Acrylic Lord of the Rings Topper for sale

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By pinheadpuckguy

4 years ago


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#1 4 years ago

Ok I am posting it seperate until Robin tells me otherwise. Here's my Lord of the Rings Topper. I sent this image to Matt M. to make one for me but never heard back (busy man). I saw someone had posted this image awhile ago too for a topper idea. Mine is back lit and recessed lit. It is hand painted and airbrushed so no two will be alike. The "hill" or "mountain" is a seperate acrylic piece and gives depth. Price is $149. I will be shipping these next week with a small run first. Sorry for all the posts. I am just trying to get my Pin Biz up and running.


#2 4 years ago

Looks nice. I don't think anyone will mind these posts.

EDIT: Woohoo 10,000 Karma with this post

#3 4 years ago

Thank you. I wanted to make something cool for my LOTR.

#4 4 years ago

Looks cool hope someone posts a picture of it lit up.

#5 4 years ago

I am waiting on my lighting is taking forever.

#6 4 years ago

Thats a really cool design phpg. Have you considering boxing it and making it into a lit sign? It would look good hanging on the wall.

#7 4 years ago

I'm digging the Gollum keychain.

#8 4 years ago

Are you using a vinyl plotter or hand-cutting the stencils out of paper with an exacto blade?

#9 4 years ago

Very nice

#10 4 years ago

I have a Ioline plotter (a cool $8k toy) I use for cutting out vinyl and various fabrics for my other biz. It comes in handy for stencils for toppers too.

#11 4 years ago

Gettin' "props" from all of my MN homies.

#12 4 years ago

Very nice topper, Gollum key chain is kinda of creepy, cool, but creepy.

#13 4 years ago

Good stuff

#14 4 years ago

get me my lotr machine and I'll buy one

3 months
#15 4 years ago

Here is the pic of LOTR Lord of the Rings Pinball Topper all lit up. $149 plus shipping.

DSC06046.JPG DSC06047.JPG

#16 4 years ago

Topper looks good ,nice work

2 weeks
#17 4 years ago

1 LOTR Topper in stock.

#18 4 years ago

Very Nice

#19 4 years ago

If you have one in stock does that mean you shipped out my replacement topper already?

If not when is the eta?

#20 4 years ago

It is shipping today or tomorrow. I had enough material for two so I made an extra.

3 weeks
#22 4 years ago

Just finished installing my LOTR Pinheadpuckguy topper. Looks great. I did a little work to the back to keep the white light down and decrease the glare on the playfield. Its no more noticeable then the Translight now. Best looking game I have now for sure. Thank Pinhead for such a great product.

#23 4 years ago

Thanks. LOTR is such a awesome game. I have no desire to sell. The best game that utilizes music and DMD IMO.

3 weeks
2 years
#25 2 years ago

I would like to buy this topper for my lotr pinball

#26 2 years ago
Quoted from spiterman66:

I would like to buy this topper for my lotr pinball

Im sure he has some left in stock...the thread is only two years old!


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