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Phantom of the Opera Club - Owners and fans welcome!

By SilverUnicorn

2 years ago

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#37 2 years ago

Yay we have a club now! Lord knows I need parts. Who has a new old stock small subway magic mirror ramp? I’m rebuilding a phantom entirely out of new and nos parts so I’ll have an entire machines worth of spare (but probably not in great shape) parts.

CF97AFE8-FA6B-4282-B1FE-B53E29C928BE (resized).jpeg

#38 2 years ago

I’m currently 6k$ and 2 years into this phantom (and climbing). Waiting for the nos playfield to come back from drilling and clear. Only keeping the brackets and wire harness, everything else will be nos. Only missing the small ramp and some nos or new concentric red pop bumper caps. I keep ordering them, and they keep coming in NOT the red thin cocentrics but the taller ones or smooth ones or diamond ones.


E4941211-78AF-4BF1-BB74-EF26457A611B (resized).jpeg

#40 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

My wife found someone that had a decal set. We purchased it and found a couple of decals missing. We are having duplicate decals made. What decals do you need?

I've purchased 4 different "Sets" to make one complete set. Ive got $400 just into buying decals at this point. Stupid organ ramp was the hardest to find and most expensive.

1 week later
#43 2 years ago
Quoted from MrsHardy:

Finally got mine ! I love this pin ! It resides in a very dramatic spot in my theatre

Wow that cabinet looks great! Almost no wear that I can see other than the typical flipper button area

#44 2 years ago

Pretty happy with the retrorefurb decals. They show fingerprints like nobody’s business though

14AFB7BC-781B-4AE1-BD22-2F77AC5609DD (resized).jpeg

#46 2 years ago
Quoted from MrsHardy:

I got super lucky ! Couldn't believe it when this one popped up locally from a warehouse lot.

How’s the bottom of the playfield near the drain lanes and the phantom face?

1 week later
#48 2 years ago

Does anyone else’s phantom have a ton of black foam rubber insulation on damn near every part and plastic or is it just mine? Regardless I’m not putting it on the nos parts and playfield so hopefully the machine won’t rattle apart when i put it all back together.

#50 2 years ago

Cool. I’m trying to think what the benefit of it is in some of the oddball places. Noise maybe? Like on the vuks so it doesn’t clang as loud (I kind of like that sound) Back of the cab glass channel so the glass doesn’t vibrate? Under some of the plastics are odd places

4 weeks later
#52 2 years ago

So I’ve bought 4 decal “sets” over the past 2 years, and would you believe not a single pop bumper decal in the bunch. Even though I know one had pictures of them in the auction, I just never opened the packages until now. What sucks is over the years I’ve seen a ton of them pop up. I’ve got tons of all the other decals though enough to practically do 3 machines :/ anyone wanna trade? I need 4 and I’m trying to get this thing done without waiting another year for them to pop up

2 months later
#62 2 years ago

They share a very short subway so adjust or replace your switch under the magic mirror since the first switch isn’t registering and is only hitting the second switch

#64 2 years ago

Oh I have a feeling it’s gonna end up just a display piece. I am terrified of every single part of that game coming into contact with the ball. I’m sure once Kruzman is done with the playfield I’m gonna have to white glove assemble the whole thing

1 week later
#67 2 years ago

hmmmm. Maybe if you could get a small 3D printed stage with curtains as the bezel For the screen. (Starts looking into a 3D printer)

#70 2 years ago

DONT DO IT!!!! unless you want to add 3 years of work and $2500 in new playfield to your phantom.

#79 2 years ago

Are you using silicone or just plain rubber? Silicone is less stretchy and has a tighter fit. Maybe that will work

2 weeks later
#86 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

I agree the rubbers are too thick.
Does anyone know if there is a reproduction playfield going to be offered. I'm in need of one.

Possibly some day.

#87 2 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Hi guys I just scored a ramp and I'm super happy about the deal. Diablo is the pinsider I got it from and he threw in a few other items I don't need. He was awesome to deal with so I'm just going to move the extra items. Two sets of modesty decals, I actually already had a set. These are weird and I would never actually put them on the pin but they are kinda cool to just have if your Phantom fan. If anyone wants a set a couple bucks to cover the postage and I'll mail you one. I also got a set of pop bumper caps the stickers are slightly lifted on two, if you need them again cover the shipping and I'll send them. The last item is the top of the organ, I didn't notice before but mine was missing two sockets on the bottom. I swapped it out so the one I'm moving is missing them. Same as the other items if you need it you can have it for the cost to ship it to you.

Added 170 days ago: The modesty decals are gone.

How much for your pop caps?

#91 2 years ago

I’ve been looking for that subways for three years. It’s nowhere

#92 2 years ago

Mine isn’t burnt just not NOS for my restoration and has a small crack

#96 2 years ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

BTW your game is looking awesome. The one I picked up was in really good shape. Everything but the playfield. However, it came with a NOS pf that I put in. NOW the game is cherry, but not perfect like yours. I read through your restoration thread. It was a huge help in swapping the PF.

Thanks man. If I ever find a nos subway ramp you can just have my old one. It’s not bad and in pretty good shape considering, but I’m going for the whole NOS deal. Still can’t find nos pop caps so now I’m just gonna have to track down as many used caps as I can and pick the best 3. I’ve got several that look close or were the recommended replacement but not the exact.

#97 2 years ago

And that’s awesome it came with a nos playfield. I know of 2 others out there. My nos had a couple of scratches in the clear and loose inserts that had to get repaired by Kruzman.

#101 2 years ago

I was just hoping some would remake that subway. I asked, no chance. My playfield was scanned by cpr early last year before I sent it to Kruzman so it’s possible sometime in the future

#107 2 years ago

I asked him about the mirror subway back in September and he said no. Maybe if enough of us need one he will do a run. Plenty of the organ subways around it seems

#109 2 years ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

I found that comet bulbs has these Flame bulbs. So I ordered some and put them under the play field. Right in the middle where the candles are. Its really is cool how they flicker.
Here is the link if anyone is interested.

I was looking at them. I might just have to pick them up.

Ron Kruzman is the man. Check out his work on my NOS playfield that just came back. I wish my phone camera could pick up how deep and clear this came out.

FEB4288D-2F20-4CF3-B411-2954B9D7793D (resized).jpeg

4 weeks later
#113 2 years ago

I can only assume this metal bar doesn’t belong here right?

430C6DBF-AA92-41CD-90F2-1886E5B03445 (resized).jpeg

#114 2 years ago

Has anyone ever used a red xpin display in their phantom? I’m currently torn between red and amber/orange for display replacement

#116 2 years ago

Yeah I’m sold on the red. Chiz what bulbs are you using in your pop bumpers?

#117 2 years ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Its hard to really get a feel for the red display from the pictures. But I like it a lot better.

What brand is that? Is that the X-Pin white with red film or the straight red LED X-Pin?

#119 2 years ago

Do your slingshot switches have capacitors on them? Mine has the resistor but looks like caps were cut off and I’m not sure how to re-install them on my new switches (which poles and direction and values)

#120 2 years ago

I will never complain about how much work mine needed ever again after watching this

#122 2 years ago

Has anyone found a better solution for the playfield prop rod? I took mine out because it’s probably gonna damage the playfield and doesn’t actually hold it up enough to do any real work

#124 2 years ago

Does anyone else have an issue where the last digit on the top and bottom of the display all the way to the right blink or flash every couple of seconds? I’ve changed our displays, all my connectors and cables, and reheated the mpu and reseated chips and it’s still giving me a headache. I’ve tried to record it but I can’t capture it on my phone because it’s like trying to record an old television and all you see is strobing

#125 2 years ago

Having a hell of a time with the organ rebuild. Does the organ motor spin clockwise or counter clockwise? The new motor I got doesn’t have any wire markings on it so I can’t tell how it hooks up. When it hits the limit switches does it reverse direction or continue to spin when the organ gets the signal to open or close?

#126 2 years ago

Could you guys send me pictures of this area of the game? My old playfield was so jacked up with crazy holes drilled and posts added that I have no clue how to assemble this area and what I’m missing

F7AA9FF3-B80D-4EB5-BCD5-45A505CD9F9D (resized).jpeg

#128 2 years ago

Does anyone else get massive air balls from the organ target? Got mine about 98% together and played without the glass and about had a heart attack when the first ball up the organ shot about a foot in the air and back onto my new playfield

#131 2 years ago

Does anyone else get a loud pop when they power down? Im getting the red flasher tower on the left of the playfield making a popping sound when I power off the machine. wonder if i have a short somewhere.

#133 2 years ago

I did a little detective work and there is voltage discharging to all the coils and flashers when I power off. The “pop” was the sound of the laser kick hitting the apron that was slightly missaligned.

1 week later
#134 2 years ago

Either outright purchase or looking to trade mine plus cash for a scratch and damage free apron for phantom of the opera. Mine has vendor sticker damage with the ink lifted in a rectangle on the right. If you’ve got a beater phantom with an excellent apron I’ll send you mine plus cash for it.

D3CF9CFC-089E-42F0-A1D6-17AC4BEDBD0F (resized).jpeg

79D8B209-4F53-4BEF-9ACD-862DCDDEF884 (resized).jpeg

A53889B7-0AE2-4C45-B8B0-BBE6D9BA3271 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#135 2 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

Anyone figure out a way to dampen that back plate of the open organ lid so that balls don't bounce back off of it. More than half my shots hit that back metal piece and bounce right back on the PF instead of falling in the organ hole. i put a piece of thin foam back there and it didn't help at all. Everything else I've tried just looks ugly or impedes the movement of the organ door.

Did you ever find a solution? I've got the same problem. I'm gonna try some sticky backed felt but im not sure it will help

1 month later
#138 1 year ago

Check the hinge and bushings that the organ is attached to

#140 1 year ago

Yeah they all had 3/8 inch tall spacers between the top

1 month later
#154 1 year ago

You’ve got missing diodes on switches and some other wiring issues

#155 1 year ago

Start by checking your tilt bob

#158 1 year ago

Check and make sure the slam tilt switch on the coin door is set properly

#162 1 year ago

That’s actually the white memory protect switch that’s connected to the door causing the issue. When the door is open the memory protect line to the battery gets bypassed so you can enter settings. So when the door is open it’s not looking for battery anymore and can boot up

1 week later
#171 1 year ago

It doesn’t work with data east rev2 games. They keep saying for years they are gonna update it, but nope

3 weeks later
#184 1 year ago

I made decals for pretty much the whole playfield but hand painted the bottom. And then I found the nos playfield and didn’t use any of them

2 weeks later
#187 1 year ago

Weird. Only the pop bumpers add to the jackpot, and they aren’t adding?

#191 1 year ago

Check and make sure you didn’t have a wire come off from one of the switches in the matrix. I had my whole bottom half of scoring switches stop working when the right outlane had a wire come off

#193 1 year ago
Quoted from PhantomO:

Thanks. I looked the matrix over that has the top.lane switches, which I assume activate jackpot build. They all look ok. Dont see any other obvious switch issues, and they all test well.

Check these switches (center column) the top lanes aren’t in the pop bumpers matrix (which add to the jackpot) check all your center stand up targets

#194 1 year ago
672E5EC6-6EBB-437E-B2B8-44ACE92E13F4 (resized).png
2 weeks later
#197 1 year ago
Quoted from RudeDogg1:

Abit if a weird one I’ve just finished a overhaul of a POTO I have on loan. The organ flashers has their wires cut off and black lamp holders removed. I reinstated them. But I’ve now discovered why I think they were removed. The targets hit the black lamp holders. Am I missing something?

You need to add 1/4 inch tall spacers under the two screws on the organ top.

4 months later
#224 1 year ago

Mine bounces off all the time but mine plays so fast with the clearcoat I had to put weaker flipper coils in it

5 months later
#272 9 months ago

It takes a lot to kill that transformer. Good luck hopefully it just looks bad and isn’t dead dead, I’ve seen them secondary market for like $200-250

2 weeks later
#284 9 months ago

This resets the scores. Factory reset just loads factory gameplay defaults

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