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Persistence Finally Pays Off

By Mtpacifico

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

I have been looking for a TMNT pinball for just under a year now. Back in early June one popped up on eBay for $799 starting bid. The auction had a phone # listed in the description so I contacted the seller. After talking he informed me that the display worked intermittently but everything else was good. He agreed to sell it outright for $1300. Woo hoo! This was on a Thursday so I told him I would call on Friday to confirm and be up Saturday to pay and pickup. I tell the kids (who are huge turtle fans) and they get super-stoked. I call Friday and he tells me that his friend picked up the display board to repair it and when he gets it back he is just going to put it on eBay and see how much he can get there. Disappointed I tell him to check the sold listings to see what the past ones actually sold for and that we can both make out if I pay cash (no eBay or PP fees for him and I can save a few bucks). He said he would think about it. I was pissed to say the least. I thought $1300 was a fair price. Grrrr!

A couple of weeks go by and I text him to see if he is interested in selling it again as I will be in the area for vacation and would like to make a deal. He says he just got the board back and he would give me a call in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes comes and goes; no call. He texts the next day and I reach out a few hours later (I was driving). He tells me that he wants more than $1300 and asks for another offer. Really wanting it but also not wanting to get bent over a barrel I offer a more than fair amount of $1500. He then informs me that the person that fixed the board for him offered $1900. I let him know that we are worlds away on price and I can only do $1500. After talking a little more he tells me that the "friend" who repaired it was Todd from TNT and he would call him and have him buy it. We end the call and I think to my self that he probably asked TNT what they sell for and they told him $1900, not factoring in that TNT goes thru the game and probably offers a warranty on the game.

Still wanting to make a deal while I was in the area I text him the following day to see if he ever got a hold of the person at TNT that he said wanted to buy it. He tells me that the person isn't calling him back (big surprise) and he listed it on eBay. I check eBay and he listed with a starting bid of $1500. I'm a little ticked now after dealing with what I feel like was an unreasonable seller.

I continue to watch the auction and there is only one bid for $1500 (not me) for just about the entire auction. I figure what the hell and decide to snipe it. Auction ends and I end up with the game for $1524. I immediately pay and message the seller that I will pick it up the following day if he is available. He replies and we agree on a time.

I head up north of Philly the next morning thinking and hoping along the way that the drive is not for nothing. I get to the seller's house and he greets me at the door. He asks where I am coming from, I say VA, he asks if I'm the guy he was talking to the past several weeks. I tell him yes and that he is a very difficult man to make a deal with. He's seems like a nice enough guy and tells me that he wanted to keep the deal on "paper for tax purposes". Whatever... We talk for a little bit while I am preparing the game for transport and I head out from my trek back to VA.

In the end he ends up with a little more than my original offer after fees and I still get the game and all of the head/heart ache that went along with the whole transaction.

I finally had time to set it up and let the kids play some games. It's a hit and so is Dad!!!

The display goes out so it looks like there are more problems than what TNT fixed on it. So I guess I will be looking into the DMD this weekend.



#2 4 years ago

He actually lost money by not accepting your offer of $1500 cash. If you paid through PayPal, he lost even more. I typically factor in 9-12% in fees when I sell items through eBay.

Congrats on the TMNT!

#3 4 years ago

Great read and congrats! I remember selling all the TNMT action figures by toybiz when they first came out in a KB Toys store. Insanity! Have fun!~SpOoKy

#4 4 years ago

Grats, and yes the seller actually got less money by ebaying it, same thing happened with an Apollo 13 locally... I offered $2300 and he decided to ebay it where it sold for $2300. So he lost money vs. my offer, some people are not the brightest.

#5 4 years ago

Grats! I've been keeping a passive eye out for this title. I'll make room...I swear!

#6 4 years ago

Congrats! Haven't played that game for a long time; you raised my curiosity...

#7 4 years ago

Congrats! Over all I would say you did very well, especially for your kids where price doesn't become a factor when it comes to their happiness and excitement, it's priceless. I do have to say, those games are normally trashed, yours I would say is great condition minus the display but that's an easy fix! Enjoy it!

#8 4 years ago

seems like a high price for TMNT but the condition looks good. Your display issues are probably the Display roms. try reseating them, and get rid of the Z plug. I bet your problems go away.

#9 4 years ago

I actually saw that game on eBay as well. Congrats!!!!

#10 4 years ago

Also forgot to mention that the board repair cost him $175. So eBay final value + Paypal + board repair cost = well less than my original offer of $1300 cash.

A shame too cause I bet the guy could have really used the money.

- Mike

#11 4 years ago

On the score display board, test resistor R95 (33k @ half watt). That's a frequent failure part that can cause the display issue you are having.

Other things to check are a blown 8 amp slo-blo fuse for the switched illumination. This is that big filter capacitor mounted in the backbox. This circuit creates the +12 volts for the score display besides just powering the switched illumination.

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