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#579 84 days ago

Party on dude!

Just picked this up yesterday. Second pin to go with the Lethal Weapon 3. PZ is one of about 5 or 6 I'm looking to get, all ones I played as a teenager. Getaway, Funhouse, Diner, Highspeed and Rollergames will be mine someday!!

I would very much be interested in buying a complete set of new plastic ramps if they are remade (saw the posts earlier in this thread about that... awesome!)

Also attaching a couple pics of the flipper coils underneath. My right flipper is weak. Feels like it's only flipping with the hold power and not the full power. Maybe the dual winding isn't working or getting engaged? I am not convinced the wiring is correct though as it is different than the left side and my left flipper is fine.

That capacitor there that's hanging (which I now realize is supposed to be zip tied to the little bracket) has for some reason gotten red wire extensions and was murretted together instead of being soldered. I don't think the extensions themselves are a problem, but if you look at the outer tab on the coil, it has too many wires terminated on it. Like the one red capacitor wire goes to that tab and yet it does not do this same thing on the left side. That capacitor terminates only right to the EOS switch tabs.

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!!!

IMG_2265 (resized).JPGIMG_2266 (resized).JPGIMG_2267 (resized).JPGIMG_2268 (resized).JPGIMG_2269 (resized).JPG
#581 84 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Nice looking game but the flippers need cleaned up a bit. Looks to me that you need some new caps, eos switches and likely sleeves. Here are some photos I swiped from the web that should help you out.

Thanks a lot for those pics. Super helpful.

I did correct the wiring on the right side last night and it didn't make a difference.

Next up I'll take the coil out and inspect/replace the sleeve, plus look over anything else that might be damaged or loose while it's apart. A friend suggested checking for continuity on the HV lugs (checking Ohms for resistance) to see if the 50V winding is shot.

Worst case scenario I replace the coils. I was planning on doing a flipper rebuild kit and will likely put a parts order in after the weekend (as the parts list will likely get a little longer as I poke around further!!).

#583 83 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

It is pretty obvious the prior owner didn't know what they were doing by the quality of the repair job. My guess is a bad EOS switch (might just be a contact issue) and / or a cap. Do a Ohm compare between the "good" coil and "questionable" one. Coils are tough which means it is probably fine. Just take the assembly apart and check things over. It should be fairly simple.

Well, giddyup! Got the flipper coil assembly apart and cleaned a pile of filth off the plunger. Put a new sleeve in and tried it out. Big Bang! Man, fun fun game when it’s all working as it should.

Thanks for the help!

9F680EFF-0F8B-4D03-97BA-E25D0B31A3C4 (resized).jpegEE772597-7307-4844-9070-1D17112F9B45 (resized).jpeg
#585 83 days ago

Can someone tell me what this opening is used for at the rear of the playfield? My cover is intact, but only has a screw on the left side (I grabbed this photo of someone else's PZ because it was clearer, with less stuff in the way). I tried peeking behind it and I'm not convinced there is a receptacle of some kind to attach a screw on the right side. Or maybe it's just not aligned to let you put one in. I don't think it's at risk of falling out, just more curious as to why it is there?

Opening in rear of PF (resized).JPG
#588 83 days ago
Quoted from crujones4life:

Mine only has screw on left side as well. Not sure what's behind it.

It seems common. I have seen a few pics online with only that left side having a screw. I think the right side was meant to have a screw, but that hole in the plastic doesn't line-up with the spot behind it that the screw would need to insert into. That's my theory anyway.

And I think you're right about accessing the mechanism behind it for service.

1 week later
#597 73 days ago
Quoted from Budwin:

Had that happen too, just the extra switch attached to the right flipper had a bad connection.

That's a good thing to know.

^^^^^ ...and Andrew! Holy crap! Nice score!!! I wouldn't want that one getting reset either.

2 weeks later
#609 57 days ago

A couple questions for the Party Zone crowd:

- the red GI string that lights up for the Big Bang... how many bulbs are on that string and what type are they? Would they originally have come with those little rubber bulb covers? And do we just get them in red as LED's now?

- my machine is missing the little plastic sign for the Cosmic Cottage. I don't have the little metal bracket either. The plastic piece comes in the full plastics kit (currently unavailable at the places I know to check) and the individual piece I did find here at Ministry of Pinball (also out of stock). Anyone have the plastic piece for sale or know where I can get one? I also can't find the little metal bracket on the parts pages. Anyone know of a suitable replacement?

The shopout image I attached shows it clearly because the Cosmic Cottage has been removed. I think it is supposed to mount behind the Cosmic Cottage though and not in front of it?


The game plays very well overall. Really happy with it. My modest little collection numbers three now. Took 30 years to get the first... 3 more months to get the 2nd... and about a week and a half to get the 3rd! Gotta hold-off on getting anymore until at least the New Year, lol.


44 (resized).jpgimage-16 (resized).jpgIMG_2609 (resized).JPG
#614 57 days ago

Beauty photo man. That’s perfect. Thanks.

3 weeks later
#619 34 days ago

Went through the last little nook and cranny on my PZ replacing light bulbs. Went with the same consistent style for each (frosted dome). The red GI feature looks incredible on this game. Love the lighting and how colourful it all is.

I noticed something underneath the Captain B. Zarr plastic that I wanted to ask about though. The two "request time" targets that are on either side of the DJ eject hole, it looks like those plastic targets will come back far enough to just come into contact with the rubber ring that is along the side of the Captain. And I saw that these rubber rings have slight cut marks in them. Enough so that it will eventually go right through and sever the rubber ring.

Is there a fix for this? Is it just a matter of putting a little extra thickness of padding in behind the plastic target cover and on top of the leaf switch end, so that it can't push back far enough to reach the rubber ring? I don't think it happens all the time, but probably does when you hit those targets hard. Anyone playing the game regularly I assume doesn't aim for that target directly a whole lot, as the ball caroms off at crazy angles. New players on my machine don't know that though and that whole Captain area sure does take a beating.

#621 33 days ago
Quoted from lrosent345:

Party Zone ramps are up on the website, starship-fantasy.com. You may order them now but nothing will ship till Monday. When we release new ramps we normally get slammed and it may take us a day or 2 to ship all of them. No hurry. I made 150 sets.

How much would shipping to Canada be for the left and right ramps? Postal code N1E 7L5.

2 weeks later
#628 17 days ago

Does anyone know the seller? I asked how much shipping would be to Canada and never got a reply.

#633 14 days ago
Quoted from lrosent345:

Mad Dog Coin OP, someone has posted their experience with installing the new PZ ramps in the group, New ramps from
Starship Fantasy.

Is there a link to this? I'd like to read those reviews as well.

1 week later
#635 23 hours ago

I was wondering if anyone has a good technique for getting access to the components behind the back of the playfield that they could share? I would like to replace the sleeve in the coil for the ramp return upkicker and I'm not sure how to get at it. Pics or a video would be great if they're out there.

#638 4 hours ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Gaining access is fairly easy once you know the trick. Most are afraid to do it.
Step 1) Remove the balls and get a block of wood or dense foam (6” x 6” or something close to that)
Step 2) Lift the playfield to about the position where you would use the playfield prop stick. While in the air look underneath the playfield at the pivot pins. You will notice there is a slot in the pivot pin bracket that allows for the playfield to be removed or inserted into the cabinet. Grab the playfield on both sides and lift it off the pivot pins. It is about a 45 degree angle. Lift it a couple inches up and then pull it a couple inches forward towards the coin door. Don’t go crazy here, just move it a couple inches. Lower the back of the playfield on the playfield pins (beyond the playfield brackets). There is about 8” of playfield behind the playfield brackets that will still support the playfield nicely. If you pull the playfield forward beyond that it will drop into the cabinet.
Step 3) Now that you have bypassed the bracket, lower the playfield down and insert the block of wood between the bottom of the playfield and top of the front of the cabinet. Make sure you chose a space that doesn’t damage any of the mechanisms. You will now have a nice exposed view of the rear of the playfield.
Step 4) Make your repairs and reverse the process.

Awesome! Thanks. I will give this a try. Should I be doing this with a helper though? I'm on my own for the time being with the covid lockdown here right now.

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