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#1 8 days ago

This is one of about 20+ machines I rescued from the landfill some time ago. It had been sitting 40 years. Fully restored and ready for folks to enjoy it at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown next month.

20170514_165624 (resized).jpg

20170514_165807 (resized).jpg

20170514_165651 (resized).jpg

#2 8 days ago

Nice job!

#3 8 days ago

Parade, Show Time, Carnival Queen...the fourth one is stumping me. Cypress Gardens maybe?

#4 8 days ago

*********** Very Nice ************

#5 8 days ago

Stunning! So happy you're sharing this with the bingo playing public next month. Great job!

#6 8 days ago

Thanks. Dennis, that's a Touchdown at the end of the line. Also, there's a Bounty head sitting in the middle of them. I think the Carnival Queen will be next in the work queue. The Show Time will also be coming to the show.

#7 6 days ago

way nice Phil.

#8 6 days ago

Great Job !!!! Look amazing what others do you have

#9 5 days ago

In addition to the five games in the shop, there's three downstairs (Bikini, Gay Time and Sea Island) and about 15 more in storage waiting to be assessed for restoration or parts. Most of those are magic squares - Key West, more Show Times, Beach Time, a couple of Miss Am 57's, Sun Valley. Most of these have rough cabs and glasses so any decision to bring back to life will be a labor of love.

#10 4 days ago

Your Parade looks great. Do you have any "before" pictures? I've never seen a game come out of a landfill before. How did you learn of the landfill games you rescued? Sounds like a great story to be told!

#11 4 days ago

Hey @BlackCatBone - I interviewed Phil about the pickup on the show!

It is indeed a cool story!

#12 4 days ago

Nick, thanks for posting this link. This was quite a find. I still have all the games. Carnival Queen will be next for my restoration process and I just started on it today. Still looking for games around here despite my backlog.

#13 4 days ago

Thanks for posting the link.

#14 4 days ago

Unstoppable @okorange! I love Carnival Queen. Ah, you know me, I love 'em all.

I may want to get a good backglass photo from you if your glass is in really good shape.

#15 4 days ago

Nick, the glass is good, but I have an even better one sitting inside in the stack, so that's what will go in once the game is done. I'll get you the photo, probably this weekend. There's a few interesting things about this game. For one, it has the original legs. CQ was (to my knowledge, anyway) the only bingo released with white or cream colored legs. You can see this in the flyer. Also, it has a sticker on the front put there by New Orleans Novelty Company. Looking around my files, but I think this firm was involved in a legal situation along with Ray Maloney in Louisiana regarding the bingos. If I find this citation, I'll post it.

fly-carnival_queen-1 (resized).jpg

#16 4 days ago

That might be the New Orleans case that was mentioned in my interview with Wayne Neyens. Would be very interested to see that info.

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