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PAGG 2015 - pins for sale/trade?

By pinballholder

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

It's that time of year...let's start planning for May! Make sure you state if you are looking to sell or trade. I will attempt to keep this top post up to date with summary. Please note that the information may be accidentally altered when I copy it from the original post and reformat it for this post. Always check with original poster for confirmation. The expectation is these pins will be for sale at Pin-a-Go-Go and will be available for play all weekend: http://pinagogo.org/bring-games/

For Sale
- Genie (iwantansi)
- Firepower (Spybryon)
   * With or without CPR playfield and plastics
- Comet and Hyperball (BlobfishXL)
- No Fear $3500 (pin-pimp)
- Car Hop (Pinthetic)
- SP and STTNG (aingide)
- Early production 94' Corvette inc. internal amp w/ upgraded speakers (Kerry_Richard)
- 89' BK2K (Kerry_Richard)
- 90' Pool Sharks or maybe 88' Taxi (Kerry_Richard)
- CC, TOM, WH20, and HUO NGG (Gorf)
- Rollergames (Ronnie1114)
- Sample Rollergames w/DP $1500 (pinballholder)
- Centaur (rolandthoms)
- Space Shuttle (Pinthetic)
- Demo Man and POTC (molspin)
- TZ (zucot)
- MET LE (Sparky)
- TSPP - $4200 (fattrain)
- R&B - $2500 (fattrain)
- Bally Lost World (Brich)
- Playmatic Fandango $750 (izzy)

- Williams Indiana Jones (AlwaysRockin777, anubis2night)
- HUO Wizard of Oz LE (AliciaC)
- HUO Cirqus Voltaire (AliciaC)
- Flash Gordon (HoakyPoaky)
- TX-Sector (mrgone)
- Centaur (Pdxmonkey)
- Skateball (mof)
- Vector or Skateball (Pinballrus)
- Frontier (genex)
- Indy 500 (BlobfishXL)
- Radical!, Whirlwind, Congo, CFTBL, BK2K, TFTC, BBH (aingide)
- Earthshaker, Bad Cats, Mousin' Around!, Black Knight 2000, BSD (Kerry_Richard)
- Diner, Swords of Fury, or STTNG (donjagra)
- Genesis or other System 80b titles (Ronnie1114)
- WH2O or a LOTR (twista22)
- Bally Spectrum, working or not (rcarlson)
- Swords of Fury, around $1400 (roachmcgurk)
- Gorgar in good shape (jfesler)
- Dr. Who, Johnny Mnemonic, Swords of Fury, Champion Pub, Flintstones (Jean-Luc-Picard)
- Centaur, Centaur II, DE Jurassic Park, DE Star Wars, Super Mario Bros (Jean-Luc-Picard)
- Goldeneye 007, Bally Star Trek, Elvira Party Monsters, Banzai Run, F-14 (Jean-Luc-Picard)
- The Shadow, TSPP, Elvira an the Party Monsters, Hi Deal EM (frogman70)
- Early 80's SS Stern/Bally games (pinballholder)
- Swords of Fury, around $1400 (johnnyutah)
- Space Station, High Speed or F14 (jdzwir123 )
- Maverick (Delta9)
- Meteor (pinballholder)
- El Dorado or a Hit the Deck (bicyclenut)
- Stern cosmic princess (dcerny)
- Gtb ready aim fire (dcerny)
- Gtb majorettes (dcerny)
- Bally star jet (dcerny)
- 50's Bally circus (dcerny)

Parts Wanted
- 1977 Williams Big Deal playfield only (Tribonian)
- Cyclone cabinet or compatible System 11 cab (MrArt2u)

Trade Opportunities
- Dr Dude (Ronnie1114)
   * Looking for trades for other System 11 titles
- Rollergames (pinballholder)
   * Looking for early SS Stern/Bally (Barracuda, Nine Ball, Emryon, etc)
- Radical and Pharoah (Pdxmonkey)
- WPT (PismoArcade )
   * Monopoly
- Bally Lost World (Brich)

Projects For Sale
- Williams Scorpion $300 (pin-pimp)
   * decent cab and PF only no head
- Paragon x2 both for $600 (pin-pimp)
- Williams Top Hand $200 (pin-pimp)
   * PF, ok head, no glass, nice PF
- Williams World Cup $150 (pin-pimp)
   * System 3 solid state PF ok no back glass or boards
- Gottlieb Cleopatra $250 (pin-pimp)
   * No PF glass decent
- Gottlieb Cleopatra $100 (pin-pimp)
   * A parts machine
- Stern Dracula $250 (pin-pimp)
   * No lock bar decent
- Bally 8 Ball $250 (pin-pimp)
   * Little PF wear no back glass
- Bally Strikes and Spares x3 $400 each (pin-pimp)
   * Little wear, glass ok
- Bally Knock Out $200 (pin-pimp)
   * Populated PF ok, head ok, bad cab will need a donor cab
- Bally Power Play x2 $400 for both (pin-pimp)
   * PF wear, 1 missing glass, both lock bars gone, no glass
- Gottlieb Aquarius PF $300 (pin-pimp)
   * Good, has has some flake
- Williams Stellar War $350 (pin-pimp)
   * Wear, head and glass ok. Cab and art good. Extra populated PF
   * Missing lower interconnect board, displays are there
- Game plan Bullseye 301 populated PF and sound board $300 (pin-pimp)
- Bally Delta Queen head and glass $100 (pin-pimp)
   * Tiny flake
- Meteor head $100 (pin-pimp)
- Stern disco $200 (pin-pimp)
   * good PF and glass
- Freedom EM head and nice glass $100 (pin-pimp)
- Twister (Pinthetic)
   * It's a little rough and I have lot of extra stuff for it from a couple of part outs years back. It may       need a magnet board, don't remember. It could clean up pretty good

Parts For Sale
- Gladiators and Mousin' Around translites (Pinballrus)

#20 4 years ago

Oh man Dan, didn't know you were thinking about parting with NGG already. May have to have a conversation about it

#22 4 years ago

I also would be looking to trade for a WCS94.

#29 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Is anybody driving here from the mid west?

I would also post in the PAGG 2015 thread as well as I think that one gets more eyes on it then this one

#34 4 years ago
Quoted from Jabbles180:

Maybe ill just come to the show with an open mind haha.

Tell ya what I am willing to do, straight trade of my SoF and ES for your beater ST and LotR. HAHAHAHA. Man I love your pins, went straight home after playing them and told Linda all about them.

1 week later
#52 4 years ago

Ok, updated top post with latest info. Please let me know if I missed something or need to clarify...

#62 4 years ago

Ok, updated top level post. Had to do some formatting to give everything a uniform look. Please verify that I didn't inadvertently change the details.


#64 4 years ago
Quoted from boogies:

I'm gonna add my RFM to possible trades.

Anything in particular you are looking for or wide open?

#69 4 years ago
Quoted from boogies:

Kinda interested in the Radical and the Swords of Fury

May have to talk when I get my SoF back from having the cabinet touched up. RFM is my son's fav pin...

#72 4 years ago

HAHAHA, good one Steve. No this thread is all about buying and selling at PAGG. Can be anything as far as I am concerned.

#77 4 years ago

Just updated my list a little. Basically I will have a Swords of Fury and an Earthshaker and am looking to use one or both of them to get something different:
- Congo
- Diner
- Fish Tales
- Johnny Mnemonic
- Ripley's Believe It or Not!
- The Shadow
- The Simpsons Pinball Party
- White Water
- World Cup Soccer '94

#78 4 years ago

Ohh, forgot to add Stargate to my list of pins I am looking to trade for.

#81 4 years ago

Hey its all about making sure I have my list clearly defined. Lots of good pins out there LOL. You 10+ machine collectors don't remember what it's like when you only have 3-4 pins and every pin has to count.

#97 4 years ago

Yeah, those are silly prices given that they are routed and still in use at their location.

#115 4 years ago

Ok, top is up to date. Make sure you check it in case your have potential buyers or sellers already lined up. Also make sure it's still up to date (haven't bought or sold that pin already).

#122 4 years ago

Nice Steve! Glad you found one, and a great deal too!

#127 4 years ago
Quoted from Spybryon:

I am selling my Firepower for $700

Will you be able to bring it to Pin-a-go-go if its still for sale by then?

2 weeks later
#143 4 years ago

Ok, was away for a bit but back now and list is up to date!

#146 4 years ago
Quoted from roachmcgurk:

Im looking to buy a Swords of Fury. Willing to pay around $1400.

Added ya to the list, but keep in mind this list is for pins that will be avail to play and buy at the Pin-a-Go-Go in Northern California (Dixon, CA). I saw yer post earlier today and see you were looking in Michigan area.

#152 4 years ago

Ok, list updated. So how many machines are you buying this week Jabbles? And do you need a heated storage facility, lol, cuz I know of one...

#163 4 years ago
Quoted from micro:

You can cross the Sing Along off the list!

emguy's Sing Along?

#171 4 years ago
Quoted from V8haha:

i have a breakshot I'm going to bring sale/trade and also possibly a nice Congo that i would be willing to trade if i get a good deal.

This is what I have you down for so far (in the For Sale section):
- No Fear, Getaway: HS2, Waterworld, Hurricane, Nascar HUO (V8haha)

Are you adding to this list or replacing?

#175 4 years ago

Hey Gang,

Just went thru the 2015 Pin-A-Go-Go list of signed up games and then went thru the list on this thread. A vast majority of the games committed to here have not been signed up on Pin-A-Go-Go's website yet. If you have signed up yet, please do so!

I will be reaching out to you individually to see if there is anything I can do to help.



#177 4 years ago

Are you signed up for anything to bring, even if its not for sale, just to share?

#179 4 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

At the moment no. I don't have a truck, and pins don't fit in a Mustang

If I got a Sacramento truck going and picked up machines, would you be able to have some ready to be picked up? I am already bringing 4 or 5 of my own, so don't mind getting bigger truck.

#182 4 years ago

From my small amount of experience, most of the deals are done on Friday or before the show. But you never know...

#184 4 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

The kid has taken ALL my downtime!

HA, yeah I am really thankful I came into this hobby after my kids hit their teens. Small children should be and are time consuming. Let me know if ya need any help with your pins though, even if its just to come over and help you move a pin across the house, be glad to assist.

#194 4 years ago

Just a friendly reminder that if you are planning to sell games at Pin-a-Go-Go, we would love for you to sign them up for at http://pinagogo.org/bring-games/ and give a chance for everyone to try them out. It's great exposure for your game and a solid way to support this amazing show!

1 week later
#200 4 years ago

Sweet, selling my Rollergames as well lol. I have the bug for early solid states and as much as I am loving Rollergames, I need some money so I can go grab a Meteor or Nine Ball, etc etc. Would prefer trade +/- cash if anyone wants to upgrade their early 80's SS to a System 11.

#205 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

Did all of these come with Diamondplate or only some of them?

johnwartjr posted a few years back "I've been told 200 Whirlwinds and 100 Rollergames had Diamondplate. As many of each as I've seen, I'd suggest the figure was more like 1000 Rollergames and maybe 500 Whirlwinds."

So best case, about 20% had DP.

#208 4 years ago

Yeah, too many system 11 games, I need some classics now. Even Haley is on board for some classics.

#219 4 years ago
Quoted from mikeincali:

Selling a Bone Busters. Could bring it with me if the price is right.

We need more machines, why don't ya bring it Mike, it would be awesome to play!

#224 4 years ago
Quoted from VacFink:

I thought I would share my own WTB here, hoping someone might have a few parts I need for my project.

You able to join us on Saturday at the flea market and swap meet?

#226 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

you want to list a Black Hole for sale for me?


#227 4 years ago

Added Meteor to the want list, need me some early SS love!

#229 4 years ago
Quoted from Sborel:

DP Rollergames are sample games. I think they should have kept the chrome wireforms and urethane topcoat for all 5000 pins.

Ah ha! I was wondering if mine was a sample because it had all the flashers in the head and it had the chrome wireforms. Glad to get confirmation.

#251 4 years ago

Ok, think I have updated the list and its current as far as I know.

#254 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinthetic:

You forgot to add the Space Shuttle to the for sale list.

Oops, added now, thanks!

Quoted from molspin:

I'll have to buy you a beer if I see you at the show.

Not into beer, but never turn down a root beer

#265 4 years ago
Quoted from jdzwir123:

I've never been there before but are there a lot more machines for sale then what gets posted on the post?

Yes, not everyone in the community is active on Pinside, and not everyone is active on this thread. Some people are not sure what pins they plan to bring until the last minute. And at the end of the day, just about every pin has a price, just may be more then we are willing to pay

#267 4 years ago

For sure, I know there is a beautiful sample Rollergames coming with your name on it, lol.

#300 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

Loaded more than 30 pins and Prob more than that in heads. Trailer is packed to the gills
Everything must go!

Can't wait to see it all!

1 month later
#403 4 years ago

The Pin-a-Go-Go merchandise is usually just available at the show. I am guessing they will have 2015 posters avail at next year's show (granted that a long wait).

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