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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#1592 4 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

I'm a pacific northwest buyer. I don't sell on pinside because pinsiders don't make good customers as far as my experience goes.

If you are upfront about the conditions of machines, and fair with asking prices based on conditions of machines generally you never have problems. Anticipate FULL technical inspections and questions. Anybody posting machines on Pinside should have an expectation that the buyer "Will know what he is doing" because you are catering too a different crowd. If not post on Craigslist. We are better customers than most, because we buy fast and bring CASH. Your assessment is inaccurate.

#1595 4 years ago
Quoted from GGG:

I have to agree with SadSacks assesment of working with "Pinsiders" on selling games.
I reached out to buy the BOP 2.0 from a couple of days ago, wanted to Inspect on Saturday, but that didn't work for the seller due to a kids soccer tourney, so HE suggested that I come by Monday during the day to inspect & buy. We agree on the price, I say I have the cash no problem, I have played the game before at the PNW show so all I need to do is play a game or two and inspect that it is still intact.
So, I wake up this AM to a text from last night "BOP 2.0 is sold"...WTF? No call, text or heads up that He has another buyer or the even the opportunity to up the ante.
Please explain to me how CL is any different than this? Well, I guess the only thing different is thie sellers style is outed for the "Pinsider" community fwiw. I have sold many games over the past 25 years in the hobby and will continue to not post them here.

I guess I will never understand why a person would not want to advertise in as many outlets as possible (Pinside, Craigslist, etc).
There is an old pinball saying, "To the first person goes the pinball spoils", which I realize in this case was not what happened, but how is ANOTHER SELLER being flippant determining what you sell in a forum?
It has happened to all of us, some SEVERAL times.
You make your OWN decisions, he does not make them for you.
Are you bitter because you did not make a sale, and then you do not want to sell games on Pinside?
That does not make a lot of sense, even IF the game was listed on Pinside.

There will always be another machine around the corner, anyway, always have been.
In MY 25 years of collecting, I have had many more good stories than bad, and quite a few friends.
I have lived all over the world too.

#1597 4 years ago
Quoted from redundor:

Hopefully this will get people back on track. Looking to trade my JD for something different, +- cash depending on condition and game. The game is a early/pre production with the sniper plastic and a few other minor differences. Cabinet seems to be in good shape, has a topper (not shiny), and LED's The playfield is on OK condition with no wear but some planking in areas. Also has the deadworld mod with L-1 rom non-ghosting rom, and I can through in the L-7 rom as well (even thought that one isn't the non-ghosting variety).

Looks nice, hope it goes to a good home.
Sale might be easier though.

#1608 4 years ago

Harsh crowd the last couple of days. Reminds me of some "RPG wars" (light humor) over 15 years ago. No harm, no foul folks. I look forward to helping new and old collectors again, preferably for the rest of my life here, i waited over a decade to get back to the PNW. I certainly will not have a problem posting machines for sale on PinSide as would rather have a machine go to a collector than a first time buyer for some very obvious reasons and the more people you know, the better experience you will have, everybody needs some help sometimes.

1 month later
#1654 3 years ago

Question for all, who was selling the Getaway in Olympia, WA recently? Price was not too bad if it was in good shape.

#1663 3 years ago

Yes, it was Welby.
I inspected it, very good shape, exceptional playfield, non-faded cabinet.
One Molex GI was starting to burn, no pin damage *yet*.
Coin door direct switches cable was overstressed, and contacts need cleaned.
Potential "double fire" solenoid problem on the PDB which will need to be tested on the TIPs.
Solid game otherwise.

Plan to pick up this week.
This will be my 3rd HSII.

#1675 3 years ago

Just a heads up for collectors in the PNW region.
I had an opportunity to play Welby's NBA Fastbreak when I picked up his HSII - Getaway.
Nice machine overall, ramps looked good, motor section good, and played well.
Maybe 8.5-9 out of 10.
Cabinet was exceptional overall, but did not include the factory option rare topper and had marr holes from its installation and light scratches.
Not really my preference, as I do not have many machines left on my "hit list" from years of collecting.

Welby states it was a prototype, but I did not inspect the boards or underside or installed speakers, so I cannot vouch for these areas.
It was signed by George Gomez, and was at the PNW pinball show in Tacoma.

EDIT: He is selling the topper separately on Ebay after he removed it from his OWN machine. I have an EXTREME DISSATISFACTION AND ANGER for these type of practices as the topper SHOULD be included with the sale of the machine based on the cost requested overall. Its not some type of "extra", especially when the holes have already marred the cabinet. The game is not new from the factory here, so we should not going back in some "time warp". Personal recommendation REMOVED.

seattle.craigslist.org link

#1677 3 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

3300 is pretty high for a NBA FB
Prototype or not IMO

Not if he had included the backbox topper.
He did not and decided to be unscrupulous and sell it separately.
A HUGE collector faux pas.

#1682 3 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

Looks to be 2800 now. Welby has been one of the most helpful and friendliest people I met in this hobby. Definitely not some scammer or shady dude. Who cares how he sells his stuff?
When you have a topper and nbafb feel free to sell together.

I have a right to my opinion.
To me this is like selling an F-14 Tomcat without the beacons, assemblies, and triac driver board, and then putting it on Ebay as an "extra feature".
It is not.

Who said Welby was a scammer or dishonest anyway?
$3300 for a prototype NBA WITH TOPPER is a fair price in its overall current condition.
I DID NOT STATE HE WAS A SCAMMER, I picked up his Getaway for a fair price, and one of the better ones I have owned.
I live up to my promises ALWAYS.
He did not try to "sell me the beacon separately", and preferred the local cash and carry sale.
What I said was principles of the NBA Fastbreak sale which is unscrupulous in PRACTICES, not the individual.
He was supportive, and I know I have done business with him in the past, just like Larry Dvorak, Mike Pacak, John Robertson, and many others in the region.
They have stuck around longer than most, which is commendable.

Once again, Pinside "rules the day" out of absolute misunderstanding and complete ignorance.
You jump all over other collectors with some type of insight you may not have.
Is this because I am not some type of new late model Stern fanboy or returned to the region to whom you do not know?
I guess I am not part of the "club" yet?

You do not know me, but choose to judge me all the same.

Its like a bunch of you Pinside jackholes want to pick a fight with people for the drama or try to hijack this forum, which is EXACTLY why Welby DOES NOT POST!
This is also EXACTLY why most of the original fathers of pinball that assisted on RGP and the last 30+ years, left.
Some went back to RGP, many stopped helping all together.
I can give dozens of names, but there is no point, as they are not going to come back.

1 week later
#1698 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Some of the best pinheads in the world live right here in the pacific NWest.

Yes, they do.
Several hundred to be exact, many from different generations and decades of collecting the hidden gems of pinball history.

1 week later
#1705 3 years ago
Quoted from ellray:

It has soldered connections in place of the GI connector on the driver board as I've been told is common on Williams games from this era.

Slightly dangerous for the PDB, but fixable unless the wires are soldered directed to the traces versus the pins, and they have burned though completely, then new traces have to be formed. As stated fixable, not a deal breaker for most. I guess it was somewhat common about 15 years ago, mostly from lazy operators that never inspected their technicians work, but that does not make it right.

I would recommend you get one of us to fix it for you with new Molex pins and housing connector before the sale.
It will keep any questions from arising.
You do not want to lose a sale when someone inspects the backbox.

#1708 3 years ago
Quoted from ellray:

Someone inspecting the backbox is hardly a concern with the soldered connections being clearly pictured in one of my photos. I appreciate the advice, but I have no desire to take up re-pinning (or even pinning) at this point, even though I understand from your comments that it must bring the value of the machine down. My strategy is more "if it ain't broke...", since it's been playing fine since I bought it. My price is anything but set in stone, so therers always room for someone who wants to take the initiative to bring the pin up to code.

No harm, no foul.
Just did not want you to lose a sale to someone who may not understand it is less critical manner.
When I buy machines and I see hacks, the price goes down by $100s. Time for repairs is valuable. Especially when the average cost is $40/hour and boards are $300+ a pop.

#1714 3 years ago
Quoted from Droptargets:

Yea maybe a little far. Are they still sold new?

They were, but I have not checked in several years. Time to browse the internet, might get lucky with an overstock.

2 weeks later
#1737 3 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

CV posted in market place and forum with pictures.
Will be posting EBD and XMLE after the holidays.

I will immediately purchase your EBD and conduct "cash and carry", dependent on condition, price, and if it is NOT a LE.

EDIT: Whoops spoke to soon, its a LE, damn...

1 week later
#1751 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

I've got a TAF (not the one that I am currently troubleshooting).
Really excellent original playfield. No mansion wear, no magnet burn. Plays excellent, lots of new parts, flipper rebuild, LEDs, new MPU and power supply boards, Pinball Pro subwoofer, Fester mod, Cloud Topper LED mod, magnet fuses, full Cliffys, new rubber all around, cabinet is original and nice with some wear. PM if you are interested. Cheers! and Happy New Year.

Request by PM location of additional photos for evaluation, after initial contact.
"Cash and Carry", if this is what I am looking for in my third TAF.
I need to know if this machine is worth my time and travel doing a technical inspection on overall.

1 week later
#1787 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Doesn't seem to be too many posts about Oregon (portland/vancouver WA to be exact), but figured this is a good thread to post in.

The young pinhead crowd (<30) is very large.
Influx of "migrating" people continues to rise all throughout the region.

The larger collectors are generally private for a number a different reasons.

Vast difference in real estate costs dependent on what side of the Columbia you reside.

People build homes with finished basements on HIGH ground to keep out the water and moisture if they collect significant number of machines. Older homes with basements do not mix with pinball, unless you want them to rot.

Otherwise, collectors keep them in a separate facility or sealed weather garage with good drainage.

Expect to experience a different "culture" here with plenty of chronic heads.

#1789 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Interesting.. in the midwest we get some pretty good downpours, so nearly every home (at least in the burbs) has a sub-pump that drains to lower ground. Seems like for the most part that area is more of a constant drizzle in the winter?
» YouTube video

Dependent on winter and spring temperatures it can be constant rain in the wet season. It rained nearly everyday here constantly (much more than a drizzle) for 10 weeks straight to give an indication.

It is more than Portlandia with culture.
Expect to see Captain Jack Sparrow (with tricorn hat) at the bustop smoking his doobie and the "nightcrawlers" coming out at midnight.
Some people like it, some people tolerate, and some people do not.

#1805 3 years ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Some interest in TAF & WCS but wanted to share photos if anyone else is interested --
Few of TAF: http://dropcanvas.com/owzmj
Full set of WCS: http://dropcanvas.com/zn0i3

You are not listing prices for anything.
That is equally helpful, or is this some type of "make an offer"?

1 week later
#1824 3 years ago

WICO pinball dolly - Seattle (Used)
seattle.craigslist.org link

Get it, if you need one.
I do not know the condition of cylinder or frame, but the price is a *little* high.
Should be in the $150-200 range, not $300.
I bet you could negotiate on the price.

#1826 3 years ago

If anybody needs a set of packing materials to ship or store a machine (foam, cardboard, leg boxes, hardware) locally here, feel free to contact me for pickup.

Unfortunately, I just cut down the full Stern box before the afterthought.

The entirety goes for trash pickup on Wednesday.

1 week later
#1848 3 years ago
Quoted from AbacusMan:

I think Mike has one. You should trade, or something.

He is not selling.
It is still NIB to be "brought out at the right time".
Right Mike?

#1857 3 years ago


FREE USED Early Bally electromechanical pinball machine playfield tempered glass for metal frame glass holder.
Tempered glass is 21 x 41-1/2 x 3/16 inches thick.
Playfield glass is completely useable, not chipped, but has light scratches, predominately at one end.
Needs a wipe down from the old rubber seals.

Local pickup if needed.

I will keep in my garage for a couple of weeks.
If there are no takers, I will hammer and recycle.

1 week later
#1870 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

Any interest in a HUO Tron? I bought it new. Includes shaker, Comet 2 smd LEDs, the mini arcade mod, and pinbits ramp illumination mod. Cliffys installed from day one. Third run with both translights. Perfect. No trades at this time. $6000. In Eugene, Or.

You never provided full photos of the last two games you were "selling". Just the intial photos. That was six weeks ago. Something to consider. Serious collectors do not waste other people's time.

#1872 3 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Not sure if this is the case here in this specific instance but often times I won't provide my full cache of photos until I have a serious inquiry from a buyer.
Not trying to pick a fight or anything. Just saying there could be other thoughts processes at work here.
Any ways, GLWTS on Tron. I'd love to own one someday.

I am going to provide clarity to any future sellers/collectors/owners of the entire region. This is not a "fight" statement

I have owned over 600+ machines (including NIB, prototype, low production, etc), low ball NO ONE based on condition you get the proper value or asking price, still average between 20-30 machines at any given time in my home, many WPC machines have been with me for over 20 years, collected for over 26 years, teched over 20 years, operated for over 10 years, owned two other TAF, most senior collectors know who I am in the region, and have the physical cash in hand with no need for trades.

I am not "new" at the process of sales.

You will most likely see me at the shows this year based on my schedule.

If you have the machine I want, you get the full cash in hand, and I bring the necessary tools and keep to break it down and haul it away. I only require a hand written receipt sold "as is" with signatures. For high and machines a witness of sale is required.

I would say I am a serious buyer.
I don't "!/$@ around".
Strike when the iron is hot or move on.

This was called "seller flaking" and "sales phishing" the pinball world.

I really don't like people wasting others time, and I do not do it either. I don't drive 200+ miles without full evaluation photos. This is 2016, not 1986. It is easy and not difficult.

The only thing else I can think of is that something is wrong with the machines that the seller knows I will find it during the technical inspection. I dont whine about little issues if the cosmetics are superb, and the mechanical parts are unbroken. If I can replace something cheaply, I will do it myself, I have skills and tools to do the work.

If Brian wants to retort fine, but I was respectful and patient and then saw this BS posting above.

Don't post of you do not want to sell.
The above posting was "sales phishing" AGAIN.

#1875 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

Well, I guess I am not a "serious collector". Actually, I am just a nice, honest person who is a long time pinball enthusiast. I am also a working professional with a family who enjoys meeting other enthusiasts and often ends up trading, buying and selling games with the friends I encounter.
I am sorry if demands within my personal life have negatively impacted anyone here, and I am sorry if I wasted anyone's time by not replying to inquiries in a timely fashion. I've just been very busy with ordinary life...work, kids, school.....like many other folks, and I wish all the best to everyone.
As a side note, my inquiry was really aimed at local folks who might be interested, which I figured was ok.
So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

I am not trying to offend you.
I never said you were not a serious collector.
What I said is I am a serious buyer.
6+ weeks is an awfully long time to wait for photos of one machine.
If you could not send them, just say that and be done with it.
There really is no such thing as "pinball local" in the PNW.
You have to drive to get anywhere.

#1877 3 years ago
Quoted from 85Txaggie:

Your a knight, who made you king?
Sorry, but your post is a little over the top.

I don't want to go through this in the future.
At least from this forum.
I dont repeat mistakes from the past.
I do not waste another person's time.
24 hour turnaround on sale decisions based on photos, unless there is something seriously wrong with electronics during technical inspection.
I had to do a "pass" with collector quality SC in December because the price was just a bit high for the quality, even as nice as it was overall.
I was CLEAR to the owner to whom I knew.
The is direct and honest based on my background.

#1887 3 years ago

FREE USED "Early Bally" side rails.

51.4" long Bally stainless steel side rail set used on many games from 1974 to 1981.
Each of these side rails has a total of 9 nail holes (8 on the side and one on the top at the back), and 2 square carriage bolt holes (1 at the front and 1 at the back).

Bally reference numbers P-931-76, P-921-77.
Midway reference numbers 036-00178-0100 & 036-00178-0200.

Completely usable for a project, but have dents and scratches.
Curved lips are in good shape, and correctly fit.
The scratches will buff out, the dents will not.
You might be able to put rails on a hydraulic press and save yourself $80.

FREE for local pickup.
Cardboard tube included.
I will keep them in the garage for a few weeks to see if somebody can use them, otherwise they get recycled.

#1890 3 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Hmmm, I'd need to see pictures first.

Send a PM of you need them.
I will upload photos as requested.
This way anybody can view them if needed.
This is the 21st century internet.
Otherwise, as stated, the stainless steel will be recycled.
Free parts are free parts.

1 week later
#1918 3 years ago

Cleaning out some of my old parts that have no use.
I am not taking additional parts requests at this time.

All parts are FREE, but I have no interest in shipping.
Local pickup ONLY if located in the Vancouver, WA (greater Portland, OR region).

One(1) SET, USED UNDAMAGED Stern Late Model Hinges (Left and Right)
Stern part #535-7999-00 and #535-7999-01
Superb replacements if yours have problems or you want to repaint them.

Three(3), USED 21X43X3/16" standard pinball glasses - REMOVED, NLA, given away to new owners

One(1), USED 21X41.5X3/16" Bally EM pinball playfield glass (metal frame style)
Scratches on one end, no chips, needs cleaning on edges where the rubber seals were attached, usable for a replacement

One(1) SET, USED Early Bally side rails
51.4" long Bally stainless steel side rail set used on many games from 1974 to 1981. Each of these side rails has a total of 9 nail holes (8 on the side and one on the top at the back), and 2 square carriage bolt holes (1 at the front and 1 at the back).
Bally reference numbers P-931-76, P-921-77.
Midway reference numbers 036-00178-0100 & 036-00178-0200
Scratches and dents, no issues with curled lips, could be used for project.
Sitting in the heavy cardboard tube.

If no interest in the next couple of weeks, most of the parts will be recycled.
See you around the tech forums.

#1933 3 years ago

USED, FULLY FUNCTIONAL original Early Bally/Stern Display SET (non-LED).
4X 7-digit Displays + 1X 6-Digit Display.

This is a combination of Stern and Bally Boards from both manufacturers.
No burn in, no flickering, no outgassing, no lost segments, and no voltage issues.
Still very bright.
They were pulled from a working game, when I performed system upgrades.
Originally, I did work on and convert some of these 7-digit Stern displays to work with Bally (I believe 1-2 are Stern, I don't remember off hand).
I know in the case of several displays, I replaced the tubes.

I have not conducted any current market pricing, so just provide a fair offer for the complete set.
I have an appropriate idea what the set is worth, but I am not trying to "Ebay price gouge".
I am not selling them individually, and will stay as a set.

Cash and carry, as I want any buyer to be completely satisfied, and I will gladly conduct a technical inspection test any or all displays for functionality for the buyer.
Shipping older displays even when well protected, electrostatic bagged, and padded sometimes has issues with USPS, Fedex, or UPS.

#1942 3 years ago

FREE for local pickup:

1) Early Bally center speaker - not blown out, cracking, dry rotted, cone torn, or has terminal damage. This speaker was insulated crimped when used. Good for rebuild or replacement.

2) Late model modern Stern speaker set (complete) - unused, tested then removed from game. No wire cuts, all MOLEX connectors intact. Good for rebuild or replacement.

I will list more, as I have time.

2 weeks later
#1959 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

TSPP, a well-cared for and maintained game. Functions perfect, has the latest game ROMS.
Cliffy protectors installed on the Itchy and Scratchy hole and the launch area. Ramps are solid. Clean and ready for your collection.
Nice playfield and plastics. LEDS, backglass has a new LED bulb. $4000. I would prefer not to ship.

Great condition and quality title game.
Clear, solid, and detailed photos.
Would not mind owning another.
Tempted to drop you the cash.

#1973 3 years ago


Complete, original USED EBD plastic set.
(Screened plastics only)

Top right plastic chipped in lower corner mounting point, but not noticeable with mounting screw and proper small washer.
The remaining plastics, unbroken, and non-yellowed.
Again, only screened plastics, no clear.
No metal standoffs included, as they were reused.

$65 takes entire set.
Good for a restoration project.
Photos provided as necessary, as they currently are in a plastic bag on my parts shelf.
Pickup or shipping, buyer choice.

1 week later
#1994 3 years ago
Quoted from Staythirsty:

Planning on keeping the Addams, sold a different pin.
Williams Slugfest for sale- $1150
Plays great. Needs a new pitching button and the sound is a little tinny and quiet. Nice cab, solid dmd.

Somebody should jump on this one.

Cabinet/button panel is definately solid (might want to show a left side cabinet photo), just missing factory topper. I cannot see the bleacher plastic or targets well. The boards and electronics are worth the price.

It is not a high maintenance game either, and good party fun. Goes well with Hot Shots, which is much more uncommon.

Too many of these were parted out for no good reason.

#1997 3 years ago

Available for FREE.

Late model Stern black powder coated rails and backbox hinges.
Used, but undamaged after game was removed NIB.
Useful for custom work or replacement if yours are damaged.
Pulled as they were upgraded.

Remaining previous listed parts were picked up with the exception of the complete fully working Early Bally display set (4X 7-digit + 1X 6-digit) with no outgassing.
No price listed, just make a fair offer.

#1998 3 years ago

Does any know whom is selling the F-14 Tomcat in Puyallup, WA?

Several people approached me regarding technical evaluations, but there is no response from the owner of the ad, and price just dropped today, so clearly there is monitoring.

Many of the surrounding collectors are unsure who the owner is as well.

I am trying to help potential buyers.

portland.craigslist.org link

#2027 3 years ago
Quoted from Scotch-Rocks:

Just want to start with something fairly reliable so I can ease in to the maintenance.

Early SS, late 70s and low 80s.

Easy to work on, non complex assemblies, boards have been redesigned if you are not familiar with how to rebuild old ones.

Replace all connectors first, if boards are in good repair, it solves myriads of problems. It will start teaching tool skills as well.

#2045 3 years ago
Quoted from Crater:

I sent him an email a couple weeks ago with what he thought to be an insulting offer. He really thinks that there is no better example of the game than the one he has. He seems really really defensive, and if I were to guess, I think that a lot of people have been telling him his price is too high. He has reposted that ad in both the Portland and Seattle craigslist probably 5 times. He just recently dropped the price from $2500 to $2250.

I found out the owner and contact information from several close collectors, thank you everyone.

Yes, he has received many very fair and acceptable offers, and refuses, so the machine may squat, at least until goes under $2k. I spooked him with the technical request evaluation as I own a prototype sample from the factory and can review game condition, particularly inserts and boards. I know particular title very well, including early production.

"Mods such as mirror blades and LEDs due not make games worth a$$ more", sorry.

I wish the seller the best.

#2052 3 years ago

I have roughly 85% underside parts and assemblies from a Genie (Gottlieb, 1979) playfield which was stripped down for restoration, touch up, and clear coat.

Topside was already bare except star posts, metal return lanes, wire guides, and mounting brackets. No plastics, and no apron.

If you need something, just make a small donation, an you can have whatever you need. All parts are already boxed, bagged, and separated by category.

Modern Stern armor, rails, and backbox hinges listed previously will be thrown in my car for PAGG, somebody has to need them. I dont like to throw things away of use and condition.

#2063 3 years ago

Pinball Dolly, WICO style, $50
Get while its hot, probably someone here.
portland.craigslist.org link

#2073 3 years ago

I see Dirk has finally dropped the price of his F-14 Tomcat to $2k with the mods on Portland CL.

Who is going to take the machine now?
Eventually he is bound to get someone to bite.
Unfortunate on the first few rounds.

BTW, who the $#@! is flooding Portland CL with boat and ATV ads? (repeatedly)
Something does not look right.

#2079 3 years ago

I tagged all 40? of the CL ads or more.
Hopefully, this dies down to a low roar quickly.
Almost made me want to completely delete my account.

#2085 3 years ago

Any takers on this one in Eugene?

Gottlieb "Drop-A-Card" Pinball - $2495
Wedgehead backglass looks like a Rob Webb reproduction.
P.S.--->Score reel needs rebuilt...

#2102 3 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Any local interest in TAF or TS?
TAF is a very nice example full LED no wear or burn etc... 7000
TS is also but does have a few cabinet scratches and sanctum decal 3600

TAF perhaps, still looking for my third one.

2 weeks later
#2132 3 years ago

There are plenty of people that could help transport the machine, if you are still stuck in a rut, if things fall apart

#2134 3 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

I'm gonna get John's pin and it will be picked up with mine for the show, so we are set. Thanks everyone! The game count is finally nearing 300, we need a lot more games, but we are getting closer. If any local collectors still haven't volunteered games, we need you! This year's show is going to be fantastic, but we need your help to get the floor filled with games!

If someone wants to transport the machine, I have my EBD Classic, that could be brought to the show, after I finish clear coating the cabinet. I just finished the full color repaint. I have decided after the restoration is finished, I am going to fold it up, and put it back in storage in the long term.

#2136 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Are you going to the show?

Yes, I am making provisions to be there very early Thursday to setup and get the show games installed after the floor layout is in place.
I was asked by a board member at PAGG, if I would be available with tools.
However, I do not know if I will be able to be there more than one additional day beyond setup.
I no longer have my "pin hauler" to transport games.

#2157 3 years ago

Considering the number of machines my friend in Spokane is selling (and a few others), it is a little scary.
He has a very nice "herd" of machines, many of which are going up at the same time to feed his other hobby.
I know who bought his BBB locally, which was thankful that it "stayed in the family" and did not end up in Australia.
I hope my spider senses that are tingling are wrong.

I will probably purchase his DH to keep it safe.

#2159 3 years ago

Digging through more parts, I do not need.

Theatre of Magic NOS ramp set (2 ramps)
- Both clear plastic ramps, switch assemblies, complete spring steel, riveting, and decals
- Williams Factory sealed in plastic and cardboard packaging from 1995
- Not a reproduction

$350+shipping costs
Local pickup available.

1 week later
#2170 3 years ago

You would increase the viability of an immediate sale if the game was shopped, especially downtown metro.
This game is not a maintenance "nightmare", and could be completed in roughly 10-15 hours properly, or a little more around 20 hours dependent on how much time you wish to expend with some Novus 2 and waxing.

#2174 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

It's at my workplace, so taking the playfield apart to get into every nook and cranny probably isn't going to happen. What other work would I be doing to it that would take 10 to 20 hours?

Nobody mentioned having to take this to the extreme.
I provide the basic cleaning tips in this case, because you are selling the game "quickly".
If you do not want to do a full process "shop out" which would take more time (50-60 hours for this title based on the level of cleaning and rebuild required as I rebuild all assemblies and get out the power drill for polishing):

1) Take the wireforms off, and the major ramp assemblies via molex connectors for switches.
2) Clean the game (ramps and playfield) with Novus, install new rubber ring kit, wax the playfield, reinstall.
3) Rebuild the flippers with new coil sleeves, check the coil stops for peening and replace if necessary, and scrub the cranks, pawls, and plungers of carbon.
4) Check the flipper bushings for cracking.
5) The central USS Vengeance shot path is accessible without removal of any assembly parts including the ship.
Knock the drop target down, and use a rag and Novus 2, all that dirt will come right off.

The entire basis of the playfield is a big open space.
Once you get a few of the parts off, the game cleaning is realistic.
It would be difficult to get all areas of the back orbit, but rollovers are manageable once the beta quadrant ramp comes off.
This is a 15-20 hour process, and the results will be very good.
Take photos if you are concerned about reassembly order.
This is not STTNG, which is a MUCH MORE complex machine.

This is not a collector showpiece game or "full restoration method", but a clean game attracts buyers.
It will also help improve skills of basic maintenance.

#2190 3 years ago

Look at things in context, not absolutes.

That game needed Novus 2.
He wanted to clean it quickly, sell it quickly, and it was routed machine, not a collector's dream machine.
You get faster results with Novus 2 over Simple Green.
It is not going to destroy playfields overnight.
Novus is not "Goof Off" on playfields.
(BTW, if you want to see what it does to plastics, take a junk one, and test it. Watch the plastic melt, ink bleed, and feel the heat on the acrylic.)

Most high end restoration cleaners are a combination of Novus and several other solvent products together.
They only need to use it once with a power drill to get proper results.

I don't think I have used Novus 3 in a long time, except maybe on a D1M playfield that was filthy, but it has uses even on metal parts.
Using Novus 3 on D1M gives a great base cleaning, before smoothing it down and polishing.
Novus 3 on plastics can be pretty harsh on old games, if scrubbed, and is not recommended.
Novus 1 is perfectly fine and non abrasive on machines for any purpose, all the time.

You just need to know what conditions to use different cleaners, just like different waxes on different types of playfield coatings.
People used to "Johnson's Floor Wax" on Tuffcoat pinball playfields for years during the age of shuffle bowlers before the age of clear coats and worked fine as well.
There was no such thing as the current additive car carnauba waxes during that period, and pure hard wax was a nightmare to remove and highly resistive to buffing causing potential paint removal, and can yellow over time if not used properly.
Most of the waxes back then were wood furniture polishes, if you did not know what to look for in terms of composition.
I don't recommend that on modern games.

"Happiness is a clean pinball machine."
Clean machine = more money and faster sale (related to the NW Buyer-Seller thread)
This is basic sales theory, which is part of this thread, to help buyers AND sellers.

#2191 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

I probably was. Or not. I'm not sure.
» YouTube video
At any rate, I gave it a good scrub down with some Novus 2 and a microfiber cloth. I'd previously been unconvinced of its cleaning power, but after putting some real finger-work in, I think the results are pretty nice. I'll see if I can slot another chunk of time to come in on the weekend, put on some Gordon Lightfoot, and get to all those hard-to-reach places.

Looking good, I am sure it will sell quickly.
If you have time, a new rubber ring kit will boost its sales potential as well, in terms of personal time expended.

#2204 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

CGE's out of stock until August. Bleh. I'll try Tilt in addition to the places other people recommended.

Yes, please do contact Trent at Tilt! Amusements.
He may have the machine in stock, but also should be able to offer a competitive price with FREE shipping.
Generally, he averages around $100-200 less than some of the other larger distributors (even including the free lift gate drop shipping option which many also offer), and is not as well known in the general internet circles, which is an advantage to pinball enthusiasts and operators that do know him. Those that use him regularly, can get additional discounts.
Keep in mind, he does not install things like shaker motors.
However, sometimes the offset does not make a huge difference when the are specials at other dealers.
It depends on timing and title.

#2208 3 years ago
Quoted from Spider-Dan:

For my first one I'm trying to stay under $800 if possible, I know that's low. There is an electromechanical in Twin Falls that I may drive up to see, I can't remember the name of it off hand but I think they seller only wanted $500 for it. I've been kicking myself over missing out on a Gottlieb Buccaneer that the seller on craigslist only wanted $350 for, thanks!

There still are a number of EMs in Yakima between the $350-1000 available from a local collector I used know.
Several are very good titles.
All are functional, but I can no longer evaluate quality of the machines specifically, because I rarely travel to Central Washington these days.

#2212 3 years ago

The problem with ordering from Nitro is you are going to pay an $150 US export fee unless you pick up in person. That is despite the game already being made in the US.
If you do call Nitro, ask for Don or Tom.

#2215 3 years ago
Quoted from FlipperFreak:

This is incorrect. If the gamer is made in the US....and returning to the US...there is no export fee.

I stand corrected.
Unfortunately, the US Customs are not so smart.
You are referring to brand new games that clearly have for example Stern boxes that are easily identifiable and the fact the proper documentation was on hand with clarity. Older games sometimes have issues, and diligence is required, that you so completely aware.
A dealer has to be "on their game".

I had a hard time justifying this to customs recently for a game that was not NIB, but was produced in Chicago, not Italy for example.
They would NOT let it through, even though, I have dealt with the system many times.
There was no way, I could properly show them without completely unwrapping the damn game.
I know the drill here.
I argued for two days with senior manager and various agents that did not know their own rules.
I ended up saying "$#@! it" and paid the $150, instead of it sitting at a loading dock, locked down.
I initiated a complaint with US Customs to have my money returned after providing photos of the manufacturing identification.
I also initiated a complaint to fire the morons that did not understand the regulations.
I actually have fought this battle before....and won, at least twice.
This is something buyers/owners should know as a collector when reimporting ANY GAMES.
I am not aware of any changes in US policy in this area either.

Back back on subject...

Good to hear that customers are not being borked for brand new games back through the PNW.
Maybe you can beat a price then for a NIB game I am considering, and if it is in stock.
Professional email sent via sales website, I have a feeling I am speaking to Tom.

2 weeks later
#2248 3 years ago
Quoted from Awalls:

Anyone have any interest in trading for a TSPP? It's a HUO that I pick up from Dustin a while back. I'm only interested in DMD pins at the moment. No real need to get rid of it but just wanted to see what's out there.

I would conduct consideration of purchase, but I don't do trades much anymore.
I would need to see the "Itchy and Scratchy" hole closely, as this gives me the assessment of the number of plays on the game, along with the playfield surface.
The basic photo shown with the glass is difficult to evaluate.

#2257 3 years ago

Just for interjection, since we are on the subject of IJ: TBA

The "BLY/WMS clear coat of PFs was too thin argument from the 1990s" IJ: TBA comparison shots.
Nope, operators just did not clean their games.
For the most part the "SP DP" PFs have held up very well.

The second shot is the game I purchased in 1998.
"Choose wisely."
Playfield replacements are absolutely ridiculous right now for this title.


#2260 3 years ago
Quoted from oropuro:

Container buy! Need to find a home for at least 5 more games,
I am looking for a few people to team up with to buy a container of pinball machines. The machines can be shipped to Seattle area for pickup unless someone else has a place better suited. Are you looking for some games to restore and add to your collection? Frustrated with the lack of games available in the Pacific NW? Are you comfortable working on games that are in rough condition? Leave a reply on the thread or send me a PM. I have a current list of games available that I can send to anyone in the northwest who are interested.
I am looking to add a handful of games to my collection so I need to find a few others who are looking to do the same so we can fill up at least a 20' container to maximize the number of games to cost of shipping ratio. I would like to finalize the purchase by around mid-July
***** These games are typically in pretty rough condition and will need a lot of work. Please do not respond if you are looking for games that are ready to play*****

As I stated on PM, for the general PNW group.

Confirmation of purchase added, Paragon to purchase spreadsheet.
The old adage is "show me the money" here, and I need the redirected photo directory when added based on the ID number for review.
I have conducted container purchases and mediations in the past from 2000-2005 while in Europe, but am no longer have interest to take the lead anymore, and I don't make regular trips to the port of Seattle.
I would like to see the escrow planning, as that is how mass purchases are normally conducted overseas for container machines, not just a "wad of cash" when when talking in the potential 40+K Euros.
I don't mind helping with experience, however, but I have not purchased from this broker directly.
Redirect for updates as necessary, or I can contact Dan if that is preferred.
When I "pull the trigger", I buy, no flakiness on my behalf.

If the requested game is where it should be cosmetically based on description, I don't care if it works.
Most likely the reason in this case, why it IS in good shape.
This machine sounded like another board failure, and boxed up or just collecting dust in a warehouse.

#2305 3 years ago
Quoted from Fishbeadtwo:

Holy shit guys, border,schmorder. Who cares where the line of demarcation for the PNW area really is? All that counts in my book is that games are available and if a guy wants to drive 14 hours one way for a game, thats ok by me. We all do what it takes to get what we want/need.

I thought Seattle continues to believe it is its own country in Washington State?
However, the rest of the state seems to have different opinions including Olympia.
(drum roll)

#2329 3 years ago

"If you offer it, collectors will drive, no matter the distance."
Longest drive was 2500 miles, but I don't do that anymore.

#2332 3 years ago
Quoted from Awalls:

Here's a close up of the itchy and scratchy hole.

Extremely useful photo, thank you for your efforts and time.
There is a lot of things can be evaluated for baseline, just by that one photo regarding this title.
You never mentioned a price, just trade.

#2338 3 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Pub 340, is great place and awesome for pinball. Unfortunately it can have a rough crowd lingering around that scares people off.

Sounds like Ground Kontrol in Portland. Mostly club scene downtown lingers at times. One of the reasons, I started buying machines. Steak looks good there, I will go for the food on my next trip.

#2341 3 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Wooo... woo... calling the pinball rescue squad. Who can save this pin???

What happens at midnight?

#2354 3 years ago

A $3600 (mis)routed BzR is a definitely more than a "wee" bit high for this System 11.
Especially since replacement game specific parts of this title are a real $#@!$, for those that have ever had to the opportunity to restore one. A lot of work to bring one back, if required. Cabinet backboxes have a tendency to be bashed on this title, since they are top heavy and double up the playfield action.
Broker is "testing a dime" on this offering of title, based on collectibility.
Any potential buyers should scrutinize carefully.
Very carefully.

#2368 3 years ago

"Bullet hole" pinball decal mods, there is an idea.
Ready to sell on Ebay!

#2373 3 years ago

There was a Riverboat Gambler that popped on CL in Olympia for $700 tonight. I have no idea of the condition.
Somebody might want it.

1 week later
#2401 3 years ago

Who here remembers this photo?
No hints, except relevancy to postings.


1 week later
#2441 3 years ago
Quoted from pb456:

PNW also includes Alaska I would think - right?

Yes, if a person wants to take an ocean ferry from Bellingham, WA to Haines, AK to pick up a machine.
Boat ride is 3 days, driving is still longer just to get to Fairbanks.
I do not think there is an "arctic circle" buyers/sellers PinSide thread either for AK or Canada.
This is as close as it comes, and plenty of others from the region now post here.

#2445 3 years ago

I actually bought my TZ from Mountain Coin in 1994 (now defunct and bought out). It was shipped to Fairbanks, AK through the primary local operator. It did take around 3 weeks via ferry freight shipment, which is not bad. The slowdown was always at the port of call because it went to Anchorage first, and redirected by delivery truck, which was then picked up at the operator warehouse.

It was February in the middle of winter.
Ah, the challenge of the times, but things are basically the same.

#2454 3 years ago
Quoted from KHL:

Howdy, I am looking to trade a really nice Bally Embryon for a similar condition Flash Gordon, might also consider taking a nice BSD and kicking in 1K on my end. My Pinside ad is here https://pinside.com/pinball/market/ad/37546

Looks like the one, I sold to James Edes 14 years ago.

#2457 3 years ago
Quoted from KHL:

I don't believe this is the same machine, this one was HUO single owner since 1992

The one I sold came out of a factory box, that was "infant mortality"due to MPU board failure. Roughly same timeframe of original acquistion from warehouse. Probably have SN somewhere.

1 week later
#2465 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

Looking to trade my.....
New in box Ghostbusters LE or
New in box Wizard of Oz LE
I'm looking to trade for a Williams Indiana Jones plus some cash. Any game considered but the playfield must be in very nice to excellent condition. Depending on what you have into your IJ, this is a great opportunity to pick up a nib game at a good price! I'm just north of Spokane. Let me know what you have.


I think it may end up being the other way around very soon, for several reasons.

The way things are going for GB LE a person is going to give the GB + good cash to get a really nice IJ:TBA, but nobody will want to bite.

#2467 3 years ago
Quoted from pdxpinball:

I've got a Gottlieb Sure Shot and a Bally Monte Carlo for sale.Both play and are unshopped,The Sure Shot has a nice play field and backless and an average cabinet.The monte carlo has a nice backless and cabinet,but does have pf wear.Sure Shot is $750,Monte Carlo is $350,or I'll sell the pair for $900 cash and carry.

What ever happened with the Eight Ball?
Did the owner pick up?

#2478 3 years ago

Who are the assclowns again who constantly crossfire VW bus/lier ads on Portland CL clogging it up like a public toilet? I remember the war but not the individuals. Both need to get beat with a baseball bat, hung upside down by their ankles until they pass out, and beat again.

Looks like I need to redo another search, as this is getting extreme.

#2490 3 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Alright, if this is real, someone should recognize this collection... anyone? My guess is fake... come on, who would restore a South Park?!
portland.craigslist.org link

I did not know there were many others that had a Fireball (if it is the EM version) in Clark County, let alone the handful that are in the PNW. Most are north or south.

Let me check my records.

I can say one thing, they will most likely not sell as a "set" unless they go to a dealer. EXTREMELY wishful thinking.

#2498 3 years ago
Quoted from 85Txaggie:

Funny, sure looks like a Paragon in the Z file right below the Space Invaders and just above the Time Machine. Maybe instead of getting cranked up, you should try again.

Reviewing photos.
The Paragon was not in the directory in June 2016, they were added.
Will provide confirmation today.

#2507 3 years ago
Quoted from sparkycommander:

Hi all - a little off topic, but does anyone do jukebox repair on location? I'm in inner S.E. Portland. I have a Rockola Fireball (floor model, not wall) that is having trouble with its horizontal motor causing the CD's to get stuck. I can take it in to Specialty Coin but I'd much rather have someone come to me if possible. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated!

You need to specify model number based on year.
There are modern equivalent versions, and the original EMs like the 1952 series.
The technicians who work on the EMs is dwindling.

1 week later
#2529 3 years ago
Quoted from erichill:

Does anyone have a decent source for playfield glass in the Portland area? My main source closed up shop and I've found standard glass shops to be hit or miss in terms of price and quality.

Vancouver "One Day Glass" - $40 for standard tempered size, one day pickup, online ordering.

#2536 3 years ago
Quoted from Humph:

How about a source for PDI glass that's reasonable?

Recently there were backlogs on availability, which I have not checked to see if there have been changes.

Another factor is that the only way to get good reductions in price through suppliers is bulk shipments, to reduce shipping costs, instead of individual sheets.

This is speciality playfield glass.
No glass producer has the propriety rights to create it. This is not window polarized glass. It may be possible to recreate the anti glare properties, but I have never asked.

Most importantly, this glass is PRODUCED in Germany, not the USA.

This is important to understand.

There are no "local" suppliers here only what is imported, unless Pinball Decals, Inc has outsourced to other providers now to increase production for sales.

#2538 3 years ago

I plan to be going "choo choo" by Amtrak to be a part of the festivities in Vancouver, BC.
Not sure if I will be playing in the tournament, I prefer to be laid back now.
This goes for travel as well.

#2546 3 years ago
Quoted from sparkycommander:

Anyone out there have any experience with pinball distributors in Portland? I own a bar in town & am thinking of putting a couple games in my place...

Considering there is only one US distributor now between Oregon to Alaska, yes.
Specialty Coin and I prefer to do business elsewhere.
I liked Mountain Coin up in Seattle, when they still existed.

However, if you are looking to save some money I would shop around and "test fire" Nitro regarding prices.
You can get free shipping to your door (US distribution point versus Cineplex Starburst) and their prices can even beat many of the largest or well known reputable distributors such as GRG, GEC, or Tilt.

#2550 3 years ago
Quoted from sparkycommander:

OK I did a poor job of describing what I mean. I don't need a distributor to buy games, but one to lease from. One of those "split the quarters" deals. I just don't want to get stuck with a operator who doesn't take care of their machines! Thanks

If you want to lease games you have a couple of options, although there are no local "dealers" in Portland. Some pinball dealers allow lease of machines for profits. Your next option is Specialty Coin as they did lease machines, but I am not privy to their full spectrum of maintenance capabilities as I passed on a tech job. Your final option is to contact one of the three primary operators in Portland for leasing. Quality of maintenance is variable. I can point you in the right direction, or develop your own planning.

#2556 3 years ago

Amazing how many Hobbits and WoZ (Standard, LE, SE) are up for sale these days just after a few months being shipped.

Especially considering the number of machines that have never been taken out of their boxes.

Reminds me of the Sega and Stern HD days.

JJP is going to need to pull a rabbit out of their hat again.

1 week later
#2580 3 years ago

I am offering my Eight Ball Deluxe "Classic" #527 that I built from spare parts and other machines in 2004 for TRADE, if anyone is interested locally in the quad state (WA, OR, ID, CA) or BC region.

It has been sitting storage since I finished the redone restoration with full color clearcoat repaint on the cabinet.

Games that I have interest in reacquiring are listed on my wishlist.
I really don't have any other games I am interested in obtaining at this point.
Offset cost in either direction is more than acceptable.

Full stock of extra parts such as drop target sets are included, including original PCBs in full working order if a person wants them.

Additional photos beyond the 5X ad photos listed can be provided, if required.
Local delivery is possible, at no cost.

See attached ad for more details.

Archived after 5 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Trade
Fully restored (full original status) “I am offering my Eight Ball Deluxe "Classic" pinball machine (Bally Midway, 1984) brass plaque #527 that I built from spare parts and five EBD "Classic" machines in 2004 for TRADE ...”
Vancouver, WA

1 week later
#2593 3 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Tron Pro 3D $5700 (routed with some mods)
WMS IJ $6500 ( Very nice example with light cabinet fade) Beautiful PF example.
Amazing SM $1800 (ground fixes with new boards, and back glass PF touchups but very nice condition)
Pro Striker Bowler $700 (couple lines out in DMD, playable as is)
Shinobi $200 (monitor burn works 100%)
Ultimate Arcade 2 $800 (100 games, trackball rebuilt, 2 player 6 button controls)
Spike shaker new $80

Moving on to other hobbies?

#2596 3 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Chris I am thinning heard to a couple and making room for a car that is finishing restore.

Any restoration is an good restoration.
Best of fortune.

2 weeks later
#2608 2 years ago
Quoted from hisokajp:

Creature From The Black Lagoon, Bally DMD
Nice creature from the black lagoon machine.

If I did not already own one, I would buy another.
Still one of my favorites.
Hell, I would buy a second one just for the the memory!

4 weeks later
#2643 2 years ago
Quoted from PDX_Pinball:

I was going to buy a new game, but then I found a 2ft stuffed giraffe in the pinball section in Portland CL. Lucky for me he was willing to trade the giraffe for a pinball machine.

I thought the hot tub trade offer was a better deal.

#2649 2 years ago

As I enjoy my Thanksgiving, anyone know who snagged the Nip-It on CL? Game looked highly restorable with work. It was gone in less than 8 hours.

1 month later
#2692 2 years ago

The running Steiff giraffe pinball joke continues.
At this point, it is pretty much a staple of Portland.

I do want to offer the guy who keeps putting up that sailboat pinball cabinet side art $25, so the ad can be permanently removed.
That has been running for over year continuously.

#2698 2 years ago
Quoted from Ed209:

Is there a story behind the Steiff giraffe or is it just a random gag?

Random gag generated out of disdain to an individual flipper's shenanigans of the past, but also related to market in general.
It just caught on, repeated by others using same photos, and now is has become a running joke.

The sailboat cabinet "side art" is not a joke, but the price at least dropped.
I still might buy it, so I can set on fire with gasoline.

5 months later
#2814 2 years ago
Quoted from Brijam:

Does anyone in the Portland area have a machine post with a wood screw they're willing to sell me?

You can have one for free, you just need to pick it up.
I don't need anything in return, just do that favor for someone down the road.

4 weeks later
#2851 2 years ago
Quoted from eb94114:

Can anyone recommend a shipper, other than NAVL, in the Pacific Northwest who might be willing to transport arcade games from Astoria to San Francisco? Thanks for your time.

Something that was not specified is if the game(s) is/are already prepared for shipment, including broken down, palletized, shrink wrapped, and boxed/crated, NIB box, or not at all. Also, it was not mentioned the access location including stairs, second floors, basements, etc. I personally do not recommend ever shipping games with the legs on, but that is my experience and recommendation.
I am going to make an assumption this game is coming out of a summer home on the coast.

All this makes a difference not only on recommending various shippers, but the cost, regardless of transport distance.

1 month later
#2874 2 years ago
Quoted from woz:

I'll be selling two games this weekend at the Vancouver FlipOut 2017 http://www.VancouverFlipOut.com
Q*Bert's Quest
Mars God of War
Both games will be on free-play all weekend so plenty of time to test them

Your Q*Bert's Quest needs to go to the *right* home. Hopefully, it stays local.

9 months later
#3141 1 year ago

If anyone is an AGC collector, eventually I will be putting up my AGBGoaWT sale for $4000.
Downsizing my collection, after I dig it out from storage and unwrap it.
Tough game to find in collector condition.
I would rather the game go to a person that will take care of it, not a first time owner.

Purchased new and has around 1000 plays.

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$ 199.00
Gameroom - Decorations
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