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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Im not sure if we have one, and i'm so jealous of all the machines that seem to be moving in the Wisconsin/Minnesota thread and since the show is approaching fast thought best to start our own now!

#3 5 years ago

I drink your wine! This qualifies!

#5 5 years ago

Ummm Concrete We are in the Pacific Northwest as well! I go and come across border all the time it is very easy to get used pinball machines across at little cost. I do have a CQ ( and yes a real collector quality) MB But I wont be selling this one anytime soon! I would trade for CQ CCC plus or minus $ if anyone out there.

#13 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

WC... If I buy a pin in Canada can I just drive up and pick it up? Is there special paperwork that needs filled out ect to bring it back to the US?

Heres the deal.... we have free trade on any product manufactured in Canada and the US. If you are picking up and taking it across yourself there is nothing you have to do but produce the sales slip for the machine and pay your state tax which is 0 if you are from Oregon. For me when I buy a machine from the US i just have it shipped close to the bored go down put in back of truck, produce the bill and pay the provincial sales tax and thats it. Very easy

#14 5 years ago
Quoted from Slugmeister:

Anyone local thinking of selling a nice Godzilla?

Actually tried this pin at Pinball museum in Seattle it was a lot of fun but not sure about longevity.

#20 5 years ago

Dont see them around too often thats for sure. I spent a bit of time on it as well. If your wife likes it all the more reason to add to collection!

#22 5 years ago

if you owned a TZ for 20 years is Addams worth picking up? I know they are different but just seems not enough for me thoughts?

#23 5 years ago

anyone have a really nice Totan they may want to sell ?

1 week later
#26 5 years ago

your not trading that awesome TOTAN I hope ! That is pinball porn at its finest!

#29 5 years ago
Quoted from zippydapinhead:

Thanks wcbrandes for the Pac NW club!
We needed this.

not a problem i figure its the best way to do trades purchases and sales without incurring all those shipping cost as well as getting to actually see the machines and play before you pay. Im up one nice machine because of it cant wait to go pick up! Enjoy! Also looking for a real nice WW!

#31 5 years ago

totally agree ! They love to look at the machines I bring across and since no duties its just now the 5% sales tax and voila! Thus this PNW group!

#39 5 years ago

yup first weekend in june I believe

#42 5 years ago

should we organize a little meet and greet for pinsiders say sat? Anyone been before and know where when etc would be best if interested?

#47 5 years ago

you can play it all you want when you visit Vancouver!

#49 5 years ago

where and when? I am down in Seattle tomorrow through wed

#65 5 years ago

looking for a good to great Congo. Dont know why just like the theme. Any comments on game play would be appreciated as well as going prices. getting pics from one HUO but in east 2500

#66 5 years ago

El Gauchos in Seattle has great atmosphere but cant comment on the steak there.

#68 5 years ago

waiting for pics and asking is 2500. said in games room since 1997 but think its a 95 pin? im guessing 2 years in the field home use since will report back after pics. At this price may be worth to ship to washington

#71 5 years ago

im mode based as well as per collection. This has none? It does appear to have some great shots. Heading back to pinball museum in Seattle tomorrow but never have seen this there. Anyone know where one is close to Seattle?

#72 5 years ago

never eat at the keg if in Vancouver its a McDonalds of steaks. There are two I would try if you visit #1 is Gothams and #2 Black and Blue. Theres also Hye's always classic but first two are higher end than Ruth Chris

#75 5 years ago

of to Charlies and the pinball museum! Mondays fundays there no one in sight! Will tell him he needs a Congo Pdx....right after me!

#82 5 years ago
Quoted from TheGag:

I am glad this thread has been started. It seems like a lot of us are looking to buy the same titles!

I just missed a great Congo for 2500, but out east. There are a ton of tittles im looking to trade or buy. Pdx is a good man to deal with and keeps his machines like me pristine! (notice no minty out west )

#84 5 years ago

selling? price?

#89 5 years ago

sweet nice work pin pimp!

#108 5 years ago

That is nice pin pimp have one very similar but carries a race car so dont have the wood blocks on the sides to prop up the machines. besides rarely carry more than three anyway.

#109 5 years ago

charlie is looking for a space shuttle at Seattle pinball museum if its not sold!

#115 5 years ago

anyone have a congo in good shape they want to part with?

1 week later
#161 5 years ago

love TOM thats a good one for anyone out there. Wasnt ever my first pick when started out but have to say much better or deeper than I thought it was gonna be. Solid machine

#163 5 years ago

lol sorry cant help but chuckle here no disrespect. How do you put up an offer till you know if its collectors or routed junk? Need pics please

#165 5 years ago

its ok I tried to do a deal on his WW but to no avail! dinking around. lol

1 week later
#224 5 years ago

time to register for the NW Pinball show. looking forward to my first. Hope to see lots of you there!

2 weeks later
#243 5 years ago

who picked up the Flinstones? Charlie?

#253 5 years ago

im looking for a Bonzai Run if anyone is interested in selling pm me

1 week later
#278 5 years ago

buy with confidence if you dont know Pdx.

#282 5 years ago

is this the same machine as 3900 one on your site Jonathan? dont see one at 4200

2 weeks later
#307 5 years ago

sent email already im blocks away Pdx I would say real on Mercer Island keeping fingers crossed Good game? havent played

#309 5 years ago

whats the difference besides coin door? don't route mine

#310 5 years ago

no worries well covered in Pinball news. I wouldnt get it if the light version!

1 month later
#359 5 years ago

god your games are always in such nice condition Pdx..... your Totan is still going strong and still looks beautiful

3 months later
#594 4 years ago

There was a wipeout for sale in relatively good shape at the PNW meeting last spring someone local, and I dont think it sold there so the owner may chime in.

1 month later
#714 4 years ago

Merry Christmas to all my fellow pinheads and especially to those in the great Pacific Northwest! All in all this is a great bunch of people and may santa be good to each and every one of you!

2 weeks later
#761 4 years ago

pdx going to cali or dixon anytime soon? whens their pinball conference there do you know?

#764 4 years ago

we need to go PDX, Fattrain your buddy will be there as well I'm guessing? one of the cars will make it at that time of the year! lol

1 week later
#777 4 years ago

pdx really? Another I wanted to try when i came down!

3 weeks later
#848 4 years ago

You should say Hi to sweetcheeks she is in Seattle and i know she just sold a totan

#873 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Zucot you must have not got the message. Idaho, Oregon and Washington have a ban in place on the export of Congo's to any other states. Enforced strictly by the PNW gaming commission.

Not to mention British Columbia!

3 weeks later
#985 4 years ago

Johnny boy where the heck were you? Are you cruising back roads again for barn finds!

2 months later
#1209 4 years ago

Who got the junk yard? was too slow fun game congrats on sale

#1214 4 years ago
Quoted from Dawson:

Back on... I've had my fun
portland.craigslist.org link

Wait he's selling because he has no home and no where to put it yet he wants to trade for another machine

1 month later
#1368 4 years ago

great friggin game just so fun to play

1 month later
#1431 4 years ago

oh no it's awful trying to get a pin across the border don't do it!

1 week later
#1453 4 years ago

Have to say played these and not only is Markmon a stellar host and guy, his games are top notch! I really want the bop but just ordered the kit!

1 month later
#1543 4 years ago

Damn I want this! Whats the price ttown? Only problem is have a 2.0 on order. Anyone want a kit? Take spot? Monkey man I have so many machines and no room! lol Thanks for storing all my over flow bud!

#1556 4 years ago

All I can say is...Sadsack...I would hate to be you!

#1562 4 years ago

"I'm a pacific northwest buyer. I don't sell on pinside because pinsiders don't make good customers as far as my experience goes."

To me Sadsack this kinda states the obvious. Pretty much everyone here has great experiences with fellow pinsiders except you? Translation to above statement . They know too much about pinball so tougher to rip them off. At least that is how it comes off to me. You ever hear the statement "we reap what we sow" You should take heed. Do not bring your misguided opinions to a thread that has nothing to do with buying and selling in the PNW

#1580 4 years ago

I'm still laughing that my hotel is now a brothel! How does this guy get to exist on pinside at all.

#1594 4 years ago

Uh, you just said CL and here are the same (except for here bad seller/buyer outed) so why wouldn't you list here for free as well? If we are all a bunch of pimps and aholes why are you guys even here

5 months later
#1972 3 years ago

I think can just general advertise a pin for sale on pinside. This thread, and many other territorial threads, are created to specifically cut down on shipping or to eliminate all together. Please leave this thread for all those that live in the Pacific northwest or very close too. Cheers

3 months later
#2295 3 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Northern Cali while technically not part of the PNW, i feel it's close enough. if you want to get crazy this thread was started by a Canadain!!!! Doesn't that disqualify PNW???

Does anyone go to school anymore? If Vancouver isn't in the pacific Northwest I suppose Seattle is not either? Either that or the world ends at the US/Canada border

#2297 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Does anyone go to school anymore? If Vancouver isn't in the pacific Northwest I suppose Seattle is not either? Either that or the world ends at the US/Canada border

Also please spell Canadian properly we have been your neighbors for at least your life time

#2311 3 years ago

I thought the rant was pretty funny as long was meant in jest. Markmon you know I disappear into the abyss when I cross that imaginary line.

#2319 3 years ago

Ok now that we have had our fun figuring out just what is the "Pacific Northwest" and Establishing no Canadians can actually be living in it as well as figuring out just where that imaginary line is drawn in "Northern Cali" I think it's time to get back to who's got what for sale and lets hope it really isn't that big a deal for the odd scraggler slipping in where it could be one big road trip. Damn, PDX and myself made it to Sacramento in way less than a day (damn fine Pin a gogo this year too!) and I live in Vancouver!

#2321 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

Sure. Now drive another two hours south, pick up a pin, then turn around and drive back on the same day. From San Jose, you could drive to LA and back almost twice in the time it'd take you to get back to Vancouver. Does that still feel like you've been driving around in the Pacific Northwest?
I've said my piece, and other people agree with me. That's all I can really ask for. Anyone who disagrees is either a traveler on the astral plane, unbound by time and space, or is just being contrary because someone had the nerve to confidently express a strongly-held opinion. Since this is Pinside, I know the latter can't possibly be true.
In any case, I won't bring it up again.

Actually we picked up two pins both for others in the Pacific Northwest and it was in or close to San Fran. Monkey did this while I was waiting for him to go with! I get your point, however I do not think this is gonna cause a landslide of southern cali's wanting to list in this thread so chose to move on, that's all. PS that monkey is a road warrior!

2 months later
#2534 3 years ago

Whos coming up for the Flip Out in Vancouver BC ? Let me know will host one of the nights and open the house up

6 months later
#2750 2 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

my rob zombie number 225 is new in box, can bring to the show in june, has all upgrades, $7500
its here at my place near boise idaho right now

Bring it set it up and lets play the crap out of it!

3 months later
#2829 2 years ago

does anyone know a Brian Lusk? looking to buy a machine from him in Seattle, wouldn't mind some intel

#2831 2 years ago

Thanks Abe he said less than 10 min fron Chucks place Seattle pinball museum. Will see if charlie has time to go by just dont want to pay and leave machines there without someone vouching or maybe charlie can take them in

1 year later
#3269 10 months ago

Anyone know a nice car storage secured unit south of the border I know not pinball but any help would be appreciated. Long term secure and a bit of power to trickle charge cheers

1 week later
#3274 9 months ago

Looking for a very good example of Mousin around, if anyone wants to thin the herd and make some room? cheers

4 months later
#3401 4 months ago

looking for a cq, or near anyway, BSD. Anyone interested in making room for new pins this is one I would like to add to the collection. pm me, Cheers

1 month later
#3443 3 months ago

What you looking for trade ? Inquiry minds would like to know

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