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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#37 5 years ago

I am bringing a big trailer load of pins to the show, some are pre sold and not listed here, here is my list and we will be adding to it as we get closer,
Bally escape from lost world, some leds good looking playing pin $1400
Attack from mars, leds, little wear on kick out hole, nice cab.
Medieval madness- all shopped, new plastics, new ramps, great looking pf, leds, good art and cab
Flash- very nice machine LEDs flips rebuilt SOLD
Black knight- new sound board PF wear, plays fine. SOLD
Funhouse Will be small project missing rudy head and sound board PF is original decent
Joust cocktail arcade SOLD
Real nice fire! very clean pin, factory mylar bell topper.

Just added, selling a friend. CPR fire power playfield SOLD BK and black knight plastics set $1000

#40 5 years ago

first weekend in june, tacoma

#74 5 years ago

A few for sale, can bring to seattle
Escape from lost world $1400 some LEDs pretty nice machine. Pending
Fire! $1500 pretty nice one, factory Mylar pf AVAILABLE
Flash $900 all new flipper kits installed, LEDs nice cab, good pf SOLD
Black knight. All working, some pf wear $900. SOLD
More pics and details to anyone interested. Located in south west Idaho

others in back ground not for sale.


#83 5 years ago

This MM is coming over to the seattle show with me, just did top PF teardown for a good deep cleaning. New plastics set, new ramps, new moat, plastic protectors installed, cointaker LEDs super kit. Guy i got it from said he bought it in 1997 and was only on a location for a few months before he had it. Very clean nice original mm for sure anyway.
Very nice PF that shows no wear,
would part trade for safecracker, medusa, space station, taxi, fathom, swords of fury, bad cats, rollergames


#85 5 years ago

Here is the attack that's coming with,

image-702.jpg image.jpg image-350.jpg image-741.jpg image-262.jpg
#88 5 years ago

Update photo, mm back together. Light kit all in plus some extra frosted color gi. All playing good after a few switch adjustments,

#98 5 years ago

cant sell the MB, that was a quest in itself. A rescue mission from from Homer Alaska. I saved my other MM(not the one pictured here) from a strip club in Alaska, shes a good one too but still smells like Hookers, cigs, Beer and shame when i pull the glass off ha ha. Took me 3 years to land that deal. It needs a PF swap, I got one here on standby. good times chasing down some of this. I enjoy the quest for pins and deals more than anything.

#99 5 years ago

Might bring this, missing Rudy mech. Face and back of head there. Missing sound board

image.jpg image-717.jpg image-837.jpg image-472.jpg image-306.jpg
#103 5 years ago

i know of a meteor here locally for sale, working but fixer upper. id have to ask him. I just decided to do a new clear coat PF install, side art, inside cab paint and full blown shop out on AFM its going to be nice and prob have a price tag to go with it. OR plan b i have a real nice take off pf i could swap out and keep the price down

#106 5 years ago

That's fine, just have him give you a big ol pile of cash and you can be his dealer

#107 5 years ago

Here is my pinball express, i can get about 24 pins in there without stacking them. Started loading the sold items. image-941.jpgimage-426.jpg

#111 5 years ago

Space shuttle is a cab and crappy pf and some parts only. Cab is decent. Sold already. Everything in there is pre sold. The fenders inside the trailer are slanted so a car will fit in, drive over fender wells. I made the boxes just to haul pins. The E Chanel is bad ass for strapping them in any place on the walls. 7 foot tall inside so arcades and my side by side will fit in. 2x 7000 pound axles. Lol.

#112 5 years ago

The fire! Just became available again, and funhouse

#124 5 years ago
Quoted from Brich:

I have a pile of stuff I am bringing to the Seattle Tacoma show for sale.
Gottlieb Coral wedgehead
Gottlieb Bronco 4 player, very nice
Mata Hari (SS) clean!
Also going to bring a few arcades, ton of PCBs, parts, marquees etc
Items are currently in Coeur d'Alene ID if anyone wants stuff before the show, nothing has been listed for sale yet

I saw the Mata Hari and the wedge heads a few months back, very clean indeed!

#133 5 years ago

Getting closer on this for the show, i put in a very nice take off PF i bought years ago. No wear at all. Rebuilt the jets, new flipper assembly's, some new plastics, back board city decal, plastic protectors, super led kit, x pin green dmd will go in it. A few other shop out parts. Pf totally clean inside and out, all parts cleaned before going back in.
Boards are good, had to replace 1 A6 diode and had 1 back box connector burnt. Replaced the connector and header. Got it in and fired up. Waiting for the new plastics to get here. Inside of the cab was masked off and painted black

image-935.jpg image-375.jpg
#135 5 years ago

Update photo, only waiting for a updated game rom and a new strobe bulb.

#145 5 years ago

This one is ready to go to the show, full shop out

#148 5 years ago

im bringing AFM, MM, NGG to the show all for sale

#150 5 years ago

a lot, $12500, $9000, $5000 will consider offers, they are all very nice examples with lots of goodies

#157 5 years ago

We are headed to salt lake to do some trading, I'm going to to try and grab a few extras to bring to the tacoma show

#166 5 years ago

Ok got a few more, just got back from a deal with another trailer load, it's 3:30 am. Long day and lots of driving, can post pics tomorrow or monday when we unload
Scuba EM
Monte Carlo EM
Spiderman wide body
Spiderman populated pf
Road kings
Contact wide body
Funhouse project

#170 5 years ago

Yep, several of the items we scored yesterday are decent, iin need of boards or minor things , good cabs, good pfs
List above

#171 5 years ago

Couple pics of scuba and spiderman


#176 5 years ago

Will also trade or straight buy, looking for,
Mousin around
Gillian's island
Dr dude

#196 5 years ago

Anyone into EMS i can bring this bally Monte Carlo to tacoma show. Decent looking game, works too.

image-380.jpg image-22.jpg image-282.jpg
#206 5 years ago

i have a pile of boards, several system 7& 6 sound boards, 6&7 speech, power boards and 6&7 mpu, some working and some need fixed.
wpc dmd driver working but needs repaired, 2 WPC power driver boards prob a few more i can dig up
make offer on the lot or part of it
any system 6 and 7 pins i keep get gutted and rottendog boards go in regardless if originals are working or not

#225 5 years ago

Still have for sale, and bringing to June show,
Working bally Monte Carlo EM $500
Funhouse project $1660 Missing Rudy mech, face and back of head is there. Missing sound board.
EDIT. I just bought a Rudy mech off ebay, not complete but most of it is there. Good start for a rebuild

AFM, NGG, MM will be inside the show for play and for sale

Interested in safe cracker, transporter the rescue, Mousin around, radical, dr dude, Gillian's island, diner, riverboat gambler, big guns for cash or trade.

#230 5 years ago

Sound boards are out there, semi hard to find but they do pop up here and on ebay

2 weeks later
#252 5 years ago

We still have the kiss with the German backglass that was at the show for sale, $1500. Only available tomorrow
Can drop off anywhere between tacoma/Portland/interstate back to boise Idaho
208 989 7443

4 weeks later
#314 5 years ago

2 silver ball mania pins for sale, pfs decent. One missing glass and boards $800 for the pair
Love bug williams 1 player EM $450 good pf, cab and glass- sold
Big Ben EM williams 1 player, missing glass, good cab and pf $300 found a nice glass. Edit $400
Flash, good cab, decent pf with no major wear, good glass, looks like all boards are there $500
Gottlieb wide body lock bar $50

Located in south Idaho

3 weeks later
#338 5 years ago

2 south parks, lethal weapon 3, starship troopers, rocky bull winkle will be available in about 2 weeks,
Boise Idaho area
Also have 2 silver all manias, flash, Big Ben EM, contact wide body

3 weeks later
#371 5 years ago

Here is my for sale list

williams Big Ben EM $400. Sold
williams doodle bug EM $400. Sold
williams contact wide body $400. Sold
williams Algar wide body $600. Sold
williams Hyperball plus a parts machine $1000
2x bally silver ball mania pins, one complete, one as a project or parts machine $800 for both. Sold
williams flash$500. Sold
2x sega south parks $2500 each
sega starship troopers $2200
data east Lethal weapon 3 $1500
data east rocky and bullwinkle $2000

A Flash Gordon and some other good titles in our ore warehouse. FG is sold

#374 5 years ago

come get it, its a nice one

image-679.jpg image.jpg
#381 5 years ago

Few pics

image.jpg image-726.jpg image-241.jpg
#382 5 years ago

The best flash I've seen in a long time, this ones in good condition. Displays missing but i have some that i can include. Really a nice playfield.


#383 5 years ago

Here is something you dont see everyday, a near new looking Volcano
Un opened op manual inside. Head is missing, no wear at all.
Specs and glare are the pics taken through dirty glass, not on pf, make offer


#384 5 years ago

Just a back box only for a EM Freedom, glass has tiny flakes missing but looks ok, make offer

#385 5 years ago

2 silver ball manias, ones pretty nice.

image-544.jpg image-612.jpg image-101.jpg image-976.jpg image-37.jpg image-899.jpg image-602.jpg image-358.jpg
#387 5 years ago

Using it for storage. Adding on to the house so the trailer and 2 containers i just bought are becoming onsite pin storage.

#389 5 years ago

You will if you keep buying like you are Ronnie. Lol.
Anyone interested in bulk buy EMs or early SS pins as projects or parts machines you need to take a road trip
To boise Idaho.
We have around 250 pins in storage here in boise. Stuff is packed, pics would be hard to get, i have a partial list
And working on 2 more lists for the rest. Best to road trip with some friends and see for yourself.

#393 5 years ago

Warehouse is in boise. Not Oregon

#394 5 years ago

If there any Atari collectors out there we have 2 airborne avengers and a atarians

#397 5 years ago

White water is a empty cab. Been getting lots of interest in the Flash Gordon. First $600 takes it.
FG is sold.

#402 5 years ago

Cash paid or trades for,
Mousing around
Bad cats,
Transporter the rescue
Big guns
Bk 2000
Riverboat gambler
Bugs bunny

1 week later
#416 5 years ago

Tons, we pulled 28 out of there today and didn't even look like anything was gone. Lol.
4 16x24 foot units packed. Em and early SS lovers dream picking.

#423 5 years ago

Prices are right for ems and a early SS pins, most $200 to $600 range.
Lots of stuff in there from parts machines to good ones

#426 5 years ago

some game plan pins there but not that one

#428 5 years ago

i dont remember and the titles were not on my list. i will have to have another peek. there are 2 or 3 of them seems like

#429 5 years ago

there is a grand products bulls eye conversion kit in there, looks new

#432 5 years ago

I will be in the pin storage the 27th and 28th. If anyone
Needs pics or disruption I can try to get the. Then .

1 week later
#446 5 years ago

I want that bk2k. Can't make the trip right now though

#448 5 years ago

I still have a starship trooper(sold). and a southpark for sale or trade, others are gone

#453 5 years ago

I would take the translight Id you want to sell it seperate

#461 5 years ago

he always has adds,

big flipper.jpg

#472 5 years ago

Good price, that won't last

#481 5 years ago

Bionic man and woman both will be at the boise Idaho comic con in October. Would be cool to get that back glass signed.

#487 5 years ago

still looking for,

Big Guns
Bk 2000
Riverboat Gambler
Bugs Bunny

have 2 southparks for sale/trade, one is real clean with a topper.

#490 5 years ago

The nice one $2500, the un shopped one I would take $1500

#493 5 years ago

No, not the same. I brought 7 pins back from Alaska in August. One I have set up and running good, cleaned up nice, great P/F, no wear and has both toppers and plays great.
The second has wear under the in lane drops and playfield looks good. It's dirty, needs rubber.
I have not set it up yet, have no clue what works and what don't or condition of the dmd.
$1500 as is, price goes up if I start shopping it

#495 5 years ago

Some water and Magic eraser made that white look white again. Took off all the ugly ball swirl

#509 5 years ago

I would sell or trade this high speed, nice one, factory Mylar. Has the typical small wear spots off the Mylar, in front of the ramp, off the mylar on right top lane. The wear is not really noticeable, great cab and head
Comes with new CPR backglass and plastics set.

1 week later
#538 5 years ago

we got EMS stacked like cord wood in storage, prob still 200 pins or more, mostly ems and there are
some early solid states. lots of parts machines, projects and some good stuff including a all german
version of a fireball. a few guys have made the trip and got some deals and bunch of pins.

boise idaho, bring a truck or trailer!

#540 5 years ago

Anytime is fine but like nov 10 to 20, deer hunting season for me. Just contact me with travel plans, week days work too.

#541 5 years ago

A banzai run on boise craigslist, not mine Says $4200

#543 5 years ago

Sure. Let me know when, can meet up.

#550 5 years ago

Revenge from Mars

3 weeks later
#616 5 years ago

I have a extra swords of fury for sale leds, $1600. Located near Boise Idaho.
Trades, riverboat gambler, Jokerz, diner, bad cats,

2 weeks later
#639 4 years ago

I still have that spare swords of fury. Kind of buried so pics would be hard to get. I Prob have a few on my iPad $1600. It has regular coler displays. The blue one i put in my other SOF
Located near boise Idaho

#644 4 years ago

nope. not into demo man, had 2 of them. would trade for jokerz, big guns, diner, bad cats

#649 4 years ago

That is the SOF that is for sale. The blue display i put in my second one so it has factory display.
Seems like it reset once on me in like 6 months or so. Long term I'd do a cap kit on power board for good preventative maintenance. Left lane that goes up has been touched up but main PF is real good.
Back box lights are led. Most pf inserts and gi are led. Side art is decent to good. Couple minor scratches in the translight but not really notacable. My other one isn't any better, waiting for a good mirrored backglass to be made for this one. I have one bite, i told the guy I'd give him until friday.
It's been in my storage container for 3 months because of my home addition construction. But it's near the front and will be easy to get out. I have a extra taxi for sale too.

#651 4 years ago

SOF and taxi available

#653 4 years ago

The taxi that i am asking 2k for is in my storrage. Can't get pics of it for a few weeks when I start moving pins back into my house. Just did a major addition. The $1400 taxi is in my shop, i posted one pic already. Can get more if needed. No I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Busy here with house and work. Ronnie from tri city may be coming down next month. Not sure
The swords of fury for sale is also in storage, both are near the doors though and would be easy to get to. Raining like mo fo here now.

#654 4 years ago

This is the $1400 taxi, bad coin door but I have a good one can throw in

#693 4 years ago

I've never got burned from anyone here and in turn never burned anyone.
Pinside guys are good, reaching out to a even smaller group of pinside guys(northwest group)
I think your even safer dealing with them.

#703 4 years ago

I will get you some pics today

#704 4 years ago

Some pics. Like I said. Players condition machine. For the price I think will shop out nice.
It is working.

image.jpg image-825.jpg image-277.jpg image-75.jpg image-748.jpg
#706 4 years ago

Marks stuff is always tight, good stuff. Good seller and buyer

#720 4 years ago

Taxi and swords still available. Gather your Xmas cash peeps.
I bought a safecracker last week, need to re coop some funds.

#723 4 years ago

$1400 for one, pics above

1 week later
#758 4 years ago

Players quality taxi for sale or trade, working but needs a shop out.
Little wear in the normal areas above mylar, Asking $1400

image.jpg image-285.jpg image-631.jpg image-747.jpg
#766 4 years ago

Anyone wanting a williams magna save system 7 collection?
Pharaoh, solar fire, black knight, jungle lord?
All with rotten dog boards, main, sound, high power, leds, spare plastics and parts.
I got way too much stuff. Need to thin out some
Might be a few others on the chopping block when I start moving pins from storage back into the house. Pm for interest

#769 4 years ago

Going to be moving into the addition soon and pulling my pins out of storage. Will decide what's going inside, what's going into shop out room and what's going to be for sale. There will be a few more added to my list. Rather see them in some ones collection being played than sitting in my container

1 week later
#785 4 years ago

ok im thinning out my pins, for sale are
grand lizard $1400 new display
jungle lord $1200 all new boards, leds plus extra plastics and parts
black knight $1700 extra new cpr plastics set, new boards, leds
solar fire, leds, new boards $1600
pharaoh $1400 new boards, extra new cpr plastics, leds
time zone EM
big valley Em 3 ball multiball
taxi project, new spin out included $1000

#790 4 years ago

Yes buy Ronnies LAH so he can buy a pin or 2 from me

#791 4 years ago

Seems like I saw a 8 ball delux on boise craigslist.
Yes solar fire will be here when you get here Sunday

#795 4 years ago

Time zone, pretty good condition

image.jpg image-641.jpg
#798 4 years ago

Bad ass, see you again soon. Next time long weekend party time with 30 pins running

#799 4 years ago

Here's my black knight for grabs, rotten dog boards, cointaker leds, some new coils, plastics, parts

#801 4 years ago

This one has a few minor wear spots but better than most I've seen. I've had a few rougher for sure

1 week later
#829 4 years ago

pins, parts machines and projects for sale,
grand lizard
jungle lord
flash, parts machine
silverball mania, parts machine
stikes and spares x3
mata hari x2
star race, water damage to pf, good parts and plastics, head ok
stellar war, with spare populated PF
meteor head with good glass and boards
geni head with displays and boards
vulcan EM, decent looking
solids and stripes EM
power play x2
scorpion body and populated PF only
time warp
stern dracula
bally lost world
and lots more, located in boise idaho. priced to sell

#831 4 years ago

Clearing out my container at home, for sale is down to,
Jungle lord, leds, all rottendog boards and kahout speech and sound board
Black knight, rebuilt high power board, kahout speech and sound board, cointaker led kit
Time zone EM, great condition, near perfect backglass
Pac man arcade with factory pac jr conversion

1 week later
#880 4 years ago

Bunch more for sale OBO, no legs, some ems have metal backs and some don't .

Zach circus decent shape head good $300
Williams scorpion decent cab and PF only $400
Bally paragon x2 little rough both for $600
Bally supersonic PF wear displays missing glass flight flake $150
Bally bongo good PF head ok with a little flake $250
Williams top hand PF ok head no glass $200
Bally circus x 2 all decent $300 each
Williams World Cup. PF ok no back glass $200 this is a solid state system 3 displays missing, no boards
Bally Mata Hari PF little wear head ok $400
Gottlieb cleopatra no PF glass decent $250
Stern Dracula no lock bar decent $250
Bally 8 ball little PF wear no back glass $250
Gottlieb big Indian decent $350
Williams solids and stripes decent $350
Bally strikes and spares x3 little wear, glass ok $450 each
Bally knock out, populated PF ok head ok $200
Gottlieb Vulcan good. SOLD
Gottlieb jumping jack good, SOLD
Gottlieb big shot. PF good glass some flake $250
Bally power play x2 PF wear, 1 missing glass, both lock bars gone, no glass $400 for both
Gottlieb big Indian decent head glass has some flake $300
Gottlieb Aquarius PF good head some flake $300
Gottlieb bronco decent $300
Williams stellar war, wear, head and glass ok. Cab and art good. Bottom interconnect board missing and with decent Extra populated PF $400
Williams lucky ace decent $250
Game plan bullseye 301 populated PF and board $300
Bally delta queen head and glass tiny flake $100
Twin win, bad PF but real nice head and glass $150
Freedom EM head and good glass $100
I have pics of each

#886 4 years ago

Market is tough here, much better in Oregon and Washington.
I don't mind driving part way if I could take enough in the trailer to make it worth it
Lots more EM colectors in the seattle area

#890 4 years ago

I have a empty haunted house cab but no head. Also 3 wide body Ataris cheap. Heads are kind of narrow of those. I had a complete empty T zone last year, sold it localy

#891 4 years ago

Thinking april trek from here, I84 to Pendleton OR to tri city and then over to spokane and CDA
So any buyers could meet me on that route

#895 4 years ago

Pm me for a list Lots of ems, some early solid states

#905 4 years ago

Lots for sale here, browse backwards in the thread Northwest guys are all good people

#910 4 years ago

Should be easy to find a few of those in your area. I see them pop up all the time

#934 4 years ago

anyone have a black knight 2000 they want to sell/trade?

#941 4 years ago

Letting my sorcerer and jungle lord go
Sorcerer comes with all 3 flip rebuild kits including coils, a new plastics set, original op manual, rottendog hij power board and leds. Cab and head stencil look good, great back glass, asking $1300
Plays good, small wear above right flipper, little planking. Not perfect but good player.
Jungle lord has all new rottendog boards, spare original sound and speech board, extra kahout speech board, a bunch of extra plastics and box of spare parts. All leds, good head and cab. Glass has little flake but looks ok. Asking $1000 plays good Decent PF.


#946 4 years ago

It's a decent jungle lord, seen a lot worse that's for sure. This pin don't get a lot of love but the gameplay is actualy really good. Harder than it looks.

#951 4 years ago

Looks like my old TOM that i sold for 4k a few years back. But I didn't have the stupid looking
Spray painted gold cicus voltair scrolls on it. I don't think there is such a thing as a "gold edition"
Correct me if I'm wrong and I will eat those words.
If someone can see it I could point out a few things about it to tell if was my old one

#953 4 years ago

Must be plated in real gold because it is a "gold edition"

#970 4 years ago

Yep. Will take it, got a 4 way buy/trade/sell deal in the works. Logistics

#974 4 years ago

Not sure. Might meet up with some Portland guys in Pendleton and might make it to Spokane next month.

#977 4 years ago

Ooooooo I have a buyer monkey!

#979 4 years ago

Not me, mike from Reno. I gave him your info, if he stalls, then I'd say sell it.

1 week later
#1033 4 years ago

Ellis amusements here in boise has 3 TOM but I thought they were a little rough and priced high, you could call and ask about them.

#1035 4 years ago

Ya that one didn't last long. Didn't mirco do them again? Or are doing them now or something?

#1037 4 years ago

I don't think they go to that show. You might have better luck ordering through planetary pinball

2 months later
#1190 4 years ago

Wanted, riverboat gambler and diner. Can pick up at seattle pin show

1 week later
#1222 4 years ago

how much you asking for your flintstones mark?

#1244 4 years ago

I can bring these 2, I've got some bites on ripley but nothing solid. I'm driving over thursday, make offer or they stay home I guess.
Looking for $3400 on ribion, $2600 for NF.
Ripley is sold pending pick up at show


#1254 4 years ago

was a black hole for sale in boise look craigs

4 months later
#1614 4 years ago

some system 11s and wpc for sale. need to make some room before winter.
located in idaho 83644
ive gone through them, fixed anything i saw, leds in all.
No Fear $2900 WPC minimal fade on one side is all real good pf
Big Guns $1600 system 11, super nice one
Bugs Bunny $2000 system 11 good to nice one, good pf
Jokerz $1600 system 11, has the new top ramp installed, pf is good
Riverboat gambler $2000 system 11, pretty nice one
world cup 1978 with a parts machine with better PF $500 system 3
can email pics

1 month later
#1717 4 years ago

riverboat gamber $1800 sold
jokerz $1400
bugs bunny $2000
big guns $1600 very nice
gilligans island $2500 very nice pf, only some cab fade
Safe cracker, collector quality, wings, 200 or so tokens, leds, manual, some parts. like a new machine $7500
pm for pics.
located southwest idaho, boise area

3 months later
#2026 3 years ago

im here, got a couple of system 11s pron bring to tacoma. my brother and I are trying to get a booth at the show. they have been slow getting back to us. JAWA sales, new and used pin parts and boards plus arcade boards and parts
I dig that Congo, sold mine last year and miss it a little

#2034 3 years ago

we did, waiting for a reply. im sure it will come soon

1 month later
#2127 3 years ago

for sale,
safe cracker $7500 HUO
bugs bunny $1800
Jokerz $1400
space station $1800
monster bash $9000
junk yard $4500 HUO
elvira and the party monsters, very nice restore, looks new $4000
white water, new pf top and bottom and shopped and looks very nice $5500

times have changed bros, buying some property.
pm for details and pics. i only have room for 2 or 3 to bring to Tacoma show.

9 months later
#2722 2 years ago

im bringing rob zombie and 1991 sample game bally harley davidson to the june show, both will be for sale or trade

1 month later
#2749 2 years ago

my rob zombie number 225 is new in box, can bring to the show in june, has all upgrades, $7500
its here at my place near boise idaho right now

#2752 2 years ago

ya but dont want to open the box, figured worth more to a buyer that wants to be the one to have his own un boxing party.
things have changed and i didnt want to have another expensive pin here but i had money down so followed through.

8 months later
#2953 1 year ago

i still have a new in box rob zombie for sale/trade

4 months later
#3036 1 year ago

new in box rob zombie with all mods, price drop to $6000, can deliver to northwest show. trade for TSPBP

1 month later
#3110 1 year ago

the corvette and original Attack from mars i had in the show are both still available, pm for details

2 months later
#3155 1 year ago

we have F/S corvette X2 and apollo 13, all were complete tear down, cleaned, leds, rubber, jets and pretty good shop job.
located boise idaho
vetts have good cab art and no PF wear, apollo same. looking for $3400 for vette and $3000 for apollo OBO
trades possible, im looking for a mousin around and party monsters

2 months later
#3232 1 year ago

we have F/S
2 corvettes shopped $3000 each
Independence day $2200
2x south parks $2000

we can get them to seattle/portland for $150 each or cheaper for multiple

1 month later
#3259 11 months ago

i have a pretty nice congo for sale, $4600 OBO pm for details

1 month later
#3287 10 months ago

I just picked up a project black belt I’d sell cheap, fix er upper or donor for another project, pf is actually pretty good. Back glass and cab not so good.
Also pretty nice junk yard and Indy 500 on the chopping block

#3293 10 months ago

Monk, Roms are available for download off the ipbdb. I have no clue about that board set, may have to send it to spain to someone who knows how to work on them. Matrix chips are weak, easy to fry but easy to change out. Who knows what other chips may have fried. Need a logic probe and test all for starters. Neat game, just looked it up.

2 weeks later
#3315 9 months ago

looking for mousin around, cash, trade indy 500. need the game for future replacement parts reproduction

2 months later
#3370 7 months ago

for sale
taxi, very nice example of this game $3000 all 3 ramps new, new topper, pin score displays, marilyn
space invaders $1400 boots and plays, has PF wear
shopped theater magic $6800 good clean machine, cab, pf very nice. shopped, many new parts
indy 500, no cab fade, super clean, cleaned and shopped $4000
bringing all to tacoma end month
pm for pics

Added 7 months ago:

taxi is sold

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