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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#60 5 years ago

Video pin willing to trade or sell, WWF wrestle fest arcade, Star Wars episode 1 playfield, w/combo shooter, decals and translite. Also a fish tales without topper, and maybe an Avengers LE blue with many mods.

PNW show whole weekend,

Looking for Xmen pro, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Champ Pub, or Star Wars arcade (old school one)

#81 5 years ago
Quoted from AbacusMan:

Sounds like a lot of junk to me.

Haters gonna hate...

3 weeks later
#177 5 years ago

Video pin
Fish tales
Avengers blue with nice mods
WWF arcade
Arcade projects..
Open to trade or cash

2 weeks later
#231 5 years ago

Looking for a Williams Indiana jones... Champ pub, Xmen pro, starship troopers

1 month later
#316 5 years ago

Any others up for trade/sale in this region?

#320 5 years ago

NIB WOZ up for sale and/or TRADE?

#322 5 years ago

Stuff I have for sale/trade to score some off my wish lists, (sorry for none pins)
Nicer than new Avengers LE Blue
Fish Tales (no topper) players game LED
video Pin, with 3 screens, nudge effect, full size

4 player Madden 2nd season
Silver strike 2009 bowling
Golden tee fore
4 player gauntlet legends (w/dark legacy board also)
Big buck hunter world (2 guns, North America and Africa)

Looking for: Spider-Man, Xmen pro, TOTAN, SST, whirlwind, champ pub, Transformers, Congo,

#323 5 years ago

Also looking for WOZ.... image-804.jpgimage-248.jpgimage-846.jpgimage.jpg

1 week later
#337 5 years ago

Who is selling this? Trade? + cash?

2 months later
#504 5 years ago

Games for trade or sale....
Avengers LE Blue (nice mods) $4650
Fish Tales (no topper...sorry) $2200
Video pin ( nice Widebody, 3 screen game) $2800
Also have some arcades: 4 player Madden 2nd season $1100
Gauntlet Legends 4 player(also has dark legacy board) $1100
Big buck hunter pro (with buck hunter world upgraded) $1900
Silver strike 2009 (bowling arcade) $675
All open to trades,

#517 5 years ago
Quoted from AbacusMan:

Sounds like it's time for a yard sale!

Hold a weird grudge much?..... God Bless you and yours.

#520 5 years ago

Or you called with a million excuses, and kept putting me off, then you got a flat? (Fix it and make the trip)... You were the one in the wrong and that was years ago.... Years bro.

And I was nothing but up front about the IM and damage and had nothing to do with you. Now seems every post I make you are like a nasty mean troll. I just hope you are happier in life than that. Sorry you missed out on a striker extreme.... Let's drop it. I don't sell pins and games to make money, it is a fun hobby, and I do put them out in "the wild" and spread pinball love.

2 weeks later
#549 5 years ago
Quoted from WApb:

Poor little thing...
seattle.craigslist.org link

What was it? Says deleted...

#552 5 years ago

Dang, would have been perfect for me to fix up and turn into a SW1 for my playfield....

1 week later
#561 5 years ago

Like that dread and Phoenix .... But am trying to make space.... Good prices...

1 week later
#583 5 years ago

Still have some games for sale or trade,
avengers LE Blue $4600 (over $500 in mods)
Black rose(players quality) $2150
Big nice Widebody video/virtual pinball $2900

#612 5 years ago
Quoted from Dford:

I have a very nice Bally Six Million Dollar Man with very little wear on the playfield and a nice condition Data East Star Trek 25th Anniversary for sale if anyone is interested.

And the price is?

#615 5 years ago

Black Rose for trade +-cash , players condition,(few wear spots, cab a little rough) looking for; whirlwind, Or slugfest, or any on my want list,

1 week later
#623 5 years ago

Looking for a whirlwind... Reasonable or trade for a black rose, doesn't have to be perfect. Also anyone else interested in a black rose?

2 weeks later
#643 4 years ago

Will give you what he's asking for swords of fury for your demo man, easy peasy.

#646 4 years ago

I will give josiahcox the cash to buy the swords of fury for his demo man. you can bring demo man over on your way to Idaho?

#697 4 years ago

Dang was excited to see 40 new posts in my favorite thread then this crap.... Back to sales and trades boys and girls..... I still have a superpin video pinball pin for trade/sale.... Fun nice game, also some arcades I would trade, looking for pins of course also skee ball, strength testers, newer driving arcades.

3 weeks later
#773 4 years ago

Any great games or great deals out there?

1 week later
#807 4 years ago

I want that whirlwind! Free delivery to central WA included?

#820 4 years ago

Gotta know what you got! That was a sweet game!

#825 4 years ago

Got a revenge with sw1 play field .... But that was my Grail pin, and I am trying to hold out till haunted cruise conversion is out... If I did sell would have to get buyback first dibs....
That was one sweet Star Trek.

2 months later
#1091 4 years ago

Did I hear about a cocktail game for sale? Can I have second dibs if he don't want it

3 months later
#1414 4 years ago

Looking for trade/sell a few games,
Better than new Iron man VE, shaker motor, added figures, clone with light, whiplash el wire whips,
Stern Playboy very good shape, some LEDs, added light strips
Roadshow very nice game, very strong shaker, LED, great condition
Also have arcade, Hogan Alley Vs., P.O.W., Guerilla War, Guantlet Legends(dark legacy board also)
Simpsons Pinball Party, routed game. Wear on cabinet, plays great but has some wear.
Hoping for some trades+ cash..

#1416 4 years ago

How much you looking to spend/ trade

3 months later
#1701 4 years ago

open to trades on a IM VE with shaker and a few mods, HUO, low plays....open to trade up with cash or more trade or down with a 2 for one or some cash. bartop2015 017.JPG

2 months later
#1858 3 years ago

I have a decent, 7/10 RFM with Nucore and very nice SWE1 play field with side art stickers unused. What is it worth? Thinking of trading it. So one pin 2 games, open to ideas, also have a starship troopers reimport, players condition, would love to trade up, I do also have cash, WOZ, MET, TWD, RBION, Kiss, Sopranos, GOT,

1 week later
#1906 3 years ago

I love no fear, perfect for a retheme.... GLWS

1 week later
#1924 3 years ago

So what's for sale/trade? Corvette, No Fear still available? WCS,(roadshow up for sale or trade) anything else around here?

3 weeks later
#1951 3 years ago

taking $6800 in trade toward that Smaug and we might be able to work it out? maybe a Mint IMVE w/shaker and a few mods and a players SST to go with $2000 cash....(I had to try) GLWS

#1965 3 years ago

BUYERS wanted! Group trying to combine for Italian imports, landing in Seattle area, we need to find another 10 machines to be picked, message me and I will pass you onto our coordinator.

#1983 3 years ago
Quoted from bobbyconover:

Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of the following games if anyone's considering selling: SM, Metallica, TWD, MM, AFM, MB, LOTR, AC/DC. Lemme know what you have! I may be interested in other newer Sterns also.
Edit: Also interested in Champ Pub, Williams IJ.

Champ pub on the list for our container purchase.... And I have a LOTR but would want more than it's worth, sorry

1 month later
#2100 3 years ago

Starship troopers re-import fun to play but still a players condition game, power converted for US, a lot of cleaning and LEDs added, still needs some work. $1650 or trade toward a stern. Sorry for bad pics. In central WA, can deliver close if prepaid.






3 weeks later
#2138 3 years ago

Still have a RS and RFM/SWe1 Nucore game with both playfields, trading.

3 weeks later
#2217 3 years ago

Need some buyers ! Heard word they are rounding up another order and need buyers for a shipment from Italy, bring more games to our region!

#2227 3 years ago

Dang missed again...


1 week later
#2254 3 years ago

Container buy! Need to find a home for at least 5 more games,
I am looking for a few people to team up with to buy a container of pinball machines. The machines can be shipped to Seattle area for pickup unless someone else has a place better suited. Are you looking for some games to restore and add to your collection? Frustrated with the lack of games available in the Pacific NW? Are you comfortable working on games that are in rough condition? Leave a reply on the thread or send me a PM. I have a current list of games available that I can send to anyone in the northwest who are interested.
I am looking to add a handful of games to my collection so I need to find a few others who are looking to do the same so we can fill up at least a 20' container to maximize the number of games to cost of shipping ratio. I would like to finalize the purchase by around mid-July
***** These games are typically in pretty rough condition and will need a lot of work. Please do not respond if you are looking for games that are ready to play*****

#2291 3 years ago

Looking to sell/trade my Revenge from Mars, Nucore, with Star Wars Ep.1 playfield and extra parts, and side art for Star Wars $3800 or trade +/- cash, and if it sells all the cash will go to Italy to get this shipment going!

#2302 3 years ago

Current list is out as of last Saturday, F14 is gone, sorry.

#2313 3 years ago

I would rather have a few out of area people with games for sale than read about how one guy can't wrap his head around why they are here for 45 posts... Can we move this argument out of the "northwest FOR SALE " thread. They key is for sale.


#2351 3 years ago

Are you a wiz at tuning up pinball games, do you like a like adventure, are you somewhat patient, don't mind routed games, do you speak Italian? do you want a good deal on a game? Join our little group of hobbyist to bringing some great games to the PNW or anyone that can do pick up in Seattle, deals like Jackbot $1915 out of pocket, Banzai run $3580, flinstones $2248, Dr. Dude $1138

#2360 3 years ago

Didn't say great deals said good, and there are lots to choose from with fairly detailed pictures, was just putting a few examples, they have games from $1000-5000, and a lot of games you don't see for sale at least around here, Adams family, scared stiff, Star Wars, nba, TOM, CFTBL, FT, Getaway, CSI, LOTR, WPT, Baywatch, Star Trek, Turtles, Super Mario, Elvis just to name a few. We need just a few more to make this happen, that's is all I will say about this, thanks guys!

1 week later
#2381 3 years ago

Looking for it says with no "?" So he wants a game.... Saw a flinstones in the Italian list.

I'm looking for a Congo also....

1 week later
#2437 3 years ago

Still have a nice roadshow to trade/sell, thinking towards a stern game anyone? And container group up to 24, it's starting to
Look possible as long as we don't get beat on deposits by someone and lose the games.. (Has happened a few times)

Added over 3 years ago: Up to 25 machines!!

6 months later
#2712 2 years ago

Games I might trade (see wish list) or sell,
Dale Earnhardt Jr. LE
Theatre of Magic (import)
White water (import)
Playboy (Stern)
Arcades :gauntlet legends 4-player
Hogans Alley
Guerrilla War

Added over 3 years ago: Traded Roadshow! Hello Wheel Of Fortune!

9 months later
#2924 2 years ago

anyone selling or trading away; Slugfest, Whirlwind, Spiderman, Royal Rumble, South Park, or newer WOZ(RR or Standard made recently) also looking for a skeeBall game.

I have Cash and Pinball/Arcade games to trade.

3 weeks later
#2947 2 years ago

Getting a little crowded, selling/trading a few games, disclaimer: I am in Wenatchee, WA(central WA)
Players cond. 6/10 Bally Frontier
Player 7/10 Williams Flash
Also a Super Chexx bubble Hockey
Also have for trades a reimport project Congo with nice playfield, stern Playboy and T3 I would trade toward the right pin.

2 weeks later
#2956 1 year ago

Players Bally Frontier $2100 obo
Players Williams Flash $850
Have others to trade toward wishlist game!
Located in Wenatchee, WA

Archived after 54 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Frontier Archived
Used - shows wear, needs some work “Selling a super fun Frontier Game, This game has great artwork, playfield does show wear as well as cabinet. not a showroom piece but a great game. selling/trading some games(T3...”
East Wenatchee, WA
1,850 (OBO)
Archived after 42 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Flash Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Great starter game, or if your looking for early 80's late 70's style game this one is for you at a great price. Trying to move a few games and get one of my wislist games, this o...”
East Wenatchee, WA
799 (OBO)

1 month later
#2975 1 year ago

Anyone selling/trading WOZ, SM, Royal Rumble, whirlwind, hobbit, nip-it, slugfest, skee Ball, shooting arcade games old to new, please message me.
For sale still

1 month later
#2994 1 year ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

If you are interested in buying a brand new pin at the show in June, feel free to PM me for more info on distributors or deals.

just stern? or we talking JJP and CGC?

someone buy these so I can get something else...or lets trade?
Laser War, stern Playboy, Stern Terminator 3, Williams Flash, williams smart set(no backglass), Sopranos,

1 month later
#3028 1 year ago

Anyone know who in Kent is selling there whirlwind on eBay? Would like to discuss trade or cash offer.

2 months later
#3123 1 year ago

anyone selling a working pitch and Bat game around the great PNW?

2 months later
#3170 1 year ago

Trade up or down +\- cash Re-import project The Shadow, DMD has all dots, power converted, cab rufffff, insert decals not good... seeing if anyone has a good trade offer? I do Have other stuff and cash if someone has something nice they trying to sell.... or maybe a whirlwind.

1 week later
#3175 1 year ago

Not highly motivated but open to trading or selling some games,
The Shadow (project)
Ac/Dc pro
Stern Playboy(very nice condition)
Terminator 3
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Iron Man VE (low low plays, shaker, topper, HUO)

Added 15 months ago:

The Shadow has found a new home!

2 months later
#3235 1 year ago

Anyone trading GOTG or WOZ?

1 week later
#3240 1 year ago

AC/DC pro
Congo w/color DMD(reimport)
Terminator 3
stern Playboy
Simpsons Pinball Party
Iron Man VE (HUO)
Royal Rumble (reimport)
Lords of the Ring
Data East Slap shot (pitch and bat style)

looking to sell a few maybe, message me for more info

2 months later
#3279 10 months ago

Got my Tickets for the show! now just need to get that hotel discount updated so I can book a room, Great show! can't wait!

3 weeks later
#3308 9 months ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

I will have a Torch for sale at the show this year

anything else you bringing this year for sale? anyone else?

2 weeks later
#3332 9 months ago

anyone looking for an AC/DC pro? or Playboy?

1 month later
#3348 8 months ago

have some games i would sell if anyone is looking for:
Judge Dredd
AC/DC pro
Stern Playboy
also 4 player NBA Jam tournament Edition arcade game.

2 months later
#3397 5 months ago

Anyone selling a monopoly pin? Asking for a friend,

#3399 5 months ago

Nice stern playboy for sale $2,800 or trade,
Judge dredd $3000

Added 169 days ago:

playboy $2750
Judge Dredd $2900
Ac/DC Pro $4200
no fear $2200

2 weeks later
#3421 5 months ago

Stern playboy real nice game $2600
Lethal Weapon 3 (cab not so nice, playfield ok, brand new DMD, no errors) $2000
Judge Dredd great shape game(no topper,have mount though) $2900
Ac/dc $4200
Open to $$$ also trades!

Added 113 days ago:

Playboy sold!!!!!
No Fear $2400
Ac/dc pro $4200
Lethal weapon 3 $1900

2 months later
#3465 3 months ago

No Fear $2400
Ac/dc pro $4200
Lethal weapon 3 players/import $1800
judge Dredd $3000

1 month later
#3496 61 days ago

Anyone selling or trading a Dialed In or Hobbit? Prefer standard but open to any,

2 weeks later
#3520 44 days ago

Dang all this action and no games for sale?c’mon what ya selling?
AC/DC pro for sale also have a No Fear and Lethal Weapon 3 for trade.

1 month later
#3579 14 hours ago

anyone trading or selling Hobbit(any edition) or Guardians or the Galaxy, or maybe Earthshaker or Nip-it? just putting out the feelers...also if you know anyone looking for AC/DC pro, Lethal Weapon 3, No Fear, or for the right trade Spiderman,

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