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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#138 5 years ago

Time to shake up the lineup. I am looking to trade my nice condition T2 for another DMD era pin.
Willing to add cash for the right title. I can bring T2 to the show or I'd be happy to arrange pickup/delivery.
T2 works perfect, has a few tasteful mods and plays fantastic. It's the nicest one I have found in a while but it's time to let it find a new home. I can provide more pics if you are interested.
Looking for the following but open to any offers.
LOTR (my grail pin)
The Shadow
Dr Who.

Would also sell it for cash but I'd prefer trade. Thanks for reading and good luck with your pinball dreams.
Cheers and have a great day.

1 month later
#303 5 years ago

Looking for a LOTR. Please let me know if you know anyone who is selling one.
Cheers and thank you!

2 months later
#404 5 years ago

Pdxmonkey - if your friend has any interest I am looking to trade my nice DESW for a Shadow.
I'd be happy to do the driving as I live in northern Washington. Let me know. Thanks.

#410 5 years ago

Thanks for asking him. The TAF is my wife's and I have a feeling she will never part with it.

#411 5 years ago

Looking to trade my nice Data East Star Wars. Details are in the marketplace ad.
I can send pics of the pin and video of the light saber mod in action to those interested.

Looking mostly for: The Simpsons Pinball Party, Congo, The Shadow
Also would consider other games like Judge Dredd, Batman Forever, Ripleys, WCS 94 etc.

Not looking to sell it at this time. Send me a message if you have any questions or have a trade offer.


1 week later
#420 5 years ago

If I hadn't just bought traded for a TSPP + cash this Saturday I would have totally got in on that Idaho pin grab.
Let us see some pics of what you all got once you have a chance to unpack.

1 month later
#536 5 years ago

Any chance anyone has a lead on a Gottlieb Jumping Jack or Jack in the Box? If so please let me know. I've been wanting to add an EM game to the lineup and would love to find either of these.
Also would consider any other EM with boatloads of drops like Target Alpha.

3 weeks later
#580 5 years ago

Nice looking Transformers fuko! That should get grabbed quick.

I tried to click on the GL link but it no worky for me. Might want to check it.

#581 5 years ago

If anyone has a MET pro that they are considering trading or selling please let me know. I am starting to really warm up to this game and think that I might be pulling the trigger on one sometime in the next few months. Thanks and have a great day!

#585 5 years ago

Of course leisure had to want the game we just picked up.
Our TAF and LOTR are staying put but anything else in my collection is up for trade for a MET pro. Can add cash too. Cheers and happy flipping.

#602 5 years ago

Just a quick questions for you Pac NW pinheads who have bought games NIB - who do you recommend I should talk to for a good price on a NIB MET pro? This would be my first NIB and I'd like to get it as close to $4500 as possible but have zero contacts with distributors.
Can you please help a fellow pinhead out with some recommendations on who I should talk to?

In order to fund purchase that I'll probably will be listing my Demo Man and Stargate in the next week or two so please let me know if you are looking for either of those games and I'll send you pics and a description before posting it up on here. Price for each will be around 2k +/-.

Thanks for you time!

2 weeks later
#628 5 years ago

Allright, so my Demo Man is officially on the chopping block for trade.
It's been fun but it's time to get something new in the lineup and let someone else enjoy it.

Pics: http://s893.photobucket.com/user/josiahcox/library/Demo%20Man?sort=3&page=1
Market ad: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/ad/15803

Looking for any of the games on my wish list but open to other DMD game offers. I can deliver if needed.

I really would love to trade for a Baywatch or even outright buy one.
Please send me a message if you have a game that you'd like to trade and I'll get back to you right away.
Have a great day!

2 weeks later
#642 4 years ago

Man I'd love that Swords of Fury but I need to move my Demo Man out first.

#645 4 years ago

Figured that was the case by looking at his history so I didn't even ask. Got a few nibbles to buy it outright but I'd still rather trade it.
Man, an Atari pin and a Capcom. I have not had a chance to play any pins from either manufacturer but it's cool to see that they are around.

#647 4 years ago

Hmmmmm.........let me think about that and talk to the wife. That might work out.

#648 4 years ago

Pin-Pimp, is the SOF in the picture the one that is being sold? Any issues with it or things you would want to know if you were buying it?

#664 4 years ago
Quoted from smoke:

-------------------- One day deal, Sat the 27th---------------------

-I will see if I have pictures at home of it my pc crashed awhile back I may be short on good pictures,

-I don't sell junk , I describe my stuff correctly and accurately , if I tell you its mint its that.

Color me confused.
One day deal??? Does that mean Saturday the 27th is the only day it can be sold?

I'll leave my other comments unsaid except for trust is a two way street. Maybe offer up some references as a seller since you are asking the buyer to be vouched for and are not offering pictures of the game. Just a thought that might get you a buyer quicker.
Best of luck with the sale.

#680 4 years ago

PM sent Beanie. You have one of my wife's grail pins so my fingers are crossed.

1 week later
#754 4 years ago
Quoted from Fishbeadtwo:

Considering a sale or trade of my Batman Forever. Full LED kit, pics on request.

PM sent

1 week later
#765 4 years ago

Still hoping to shakeup my line up for the new year. Looking for any of the following games.
WCS 94
Barb Wire
Dr Who
World Poker Tour
NBA Fastbreak
Batman Forever

I have cash in hand or a Demo Man for trade and am willing to do some driving. Please help a pinhead get a new game for the new year. Cheers and thanks!

1 month later
#868 4 years ago

Howdy PNW pinheads, I need your help.

I am looking for a solid state game to re-theme and turn into a custom themed game for my wife's birthday as she has taken to pinball like a fish in water. This would be a artwork retheme only as I don't want to get into any programming. So new playfield, cabinet, plastics and backglass artwork would be the extent.
(Either gonna do a Shining theme or a Sam-squanch theme in case you were wondering)

An ideal game would be one that is:
Solid State
Mostly working
Is physically beat up (broken plastics are fine, PF wear is fine, cabinet wear is fine)
Near the I-5 corridor in Washington
Doesn't have super annoying sounds.

If anyone has a project pin, something around the $500 range that they could let go for this purpose please let me know. Think Phoenix, Buck Rogers or other early solid state releases.
Much thanks and I hope you have a great day!

#871 4 years ago

Zucot you must have not got the message. Idaho, Oregon and Washington have a ban in place on the export of Congo's to any other states. Enforced strictly by the PNW gaming commission.

#879 4 years ago
Quoted from iron00monkey:

Phoenix. Has Rottendog boards and rebuilt pop bumpers. The ball in play digit on the displays recently stopped working. The backglass is rough, but has been triple-thicked. The playfield has wear.
Asking $450.

Man, if you were closer I'd be all over this. Let me know if you are going to be in Washington any time soon and could bring it with you. I'm up in Bellingham but would be willing to do some driving.

#882 4 years ago

Well just let me know if do make it up. At the least you are welcome to come over and play some pinball if you want.

#884 4 years ago

Man that sucks. I don't understand people who stand other folks up, especially on a pinball deals.
Let's message and see if we can figure something out.

4 weeks later
#1016 4 years ago

Hi Mark!
Welcome from another Whatcom County pinhead! There are a few local collectors up here in Bellingham and Ferndale. You should come out the next time one of us has a game night.

Or even hit me up if you just want to flip around some evening.
Cheers and I look forward to meeting you sometime!

3 weeks later
#1082 4 years ago

Swap meets up here are pretty much unheard of. What kind of game are you looking for?

#1085 4 years ago

I have a StarTrip cocktail pin that I snagged for $100 off of CL last year.
It starts up fine and flips but keeps on blowing a fuse under the play field. There doesn't appear to be any board damage and I removed the battery from the main board to ensure that it wouldn't ruin anything.
I'd been sitting on it waiting for some free time to try and figure out the fuse issue but it's not a priority.
If you want it as a project I'd sell it for the $100 I have into it.
I'd love for it to go to someone local up here.
You are more than welcome to come check it out.
Let me know.

#1093 4 years ago

Sorry guys,
Mark was local to me and in need of a project game for his first pin so I did what I could to pass on some good pinball karma and get another person into the hobby. That being said, with Star Trip gone and Judge Dredd about to go back to it's actual home I have a space in my lineup that demands to be filled. Must....have.....7 games.....at all.....times........

Anyone have anything for sale right now or are thinking ahead about planning on bringing something to the show? I have cash in hand and am willing to travel or meet up at the show. Hit me up if you have a game you want to rotate out in the sub 3K range.

Cheers and have a great day!

#1099 4 years ago

Sending you a PM Uncle Nudge.

#1102 4 years ago

The search continues. Got a game shaped hole that needs filled.
Somebodies got to have a players condition pin they don't love as much as they used to.

#1111 4 years ago

Found a Hook at a killer price so my open spot is filled however I am wanting to get my first EM:
Jacks Open/ Lucky Hand
Jumping Jack/ Jack in the Box
Joker Poker (solid state version would be great too)

Please PM me if you are have any of those titles and are ready to let one go.

#1115 4 years ago

Apologies in advance if this isn't pinball centric enough but I know some of you guys dable in the arcade world so I figured I would offer this on here as well as FB.

If anyone has a pin they would like to trade for a 2 player sit down Sega Outrunners please let me know. It works 100% and takes about the space of two pins. I love it but the wife would like it gone.

Looking ideally for a EM with lots of drops or a players condition classic Bally or Stern. I can add a bit of cash for the right title. I'd be happy to deliver but would need help unloading as Outrunners is a heavy beast.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks and have a great day!

1 month later
#1260 4 years ago

Hope everyone had an awesome time at the show this weekend! Much thanks to the organizers and volunteers who made it happen.

I am looking for any of the following titles. I have cash in hand and am willing to do some driving. Please contact me if you are considering selling any of these games or know someone who is. It would be greatly appreciated.

The Shadow
Doctor Who
Johnny Mnemonic

Hoping that somebody out there has a lead. I need some new blood in the lineup for our local pinball league this summer.
Thanks for your time and may all your pinball dreams come true!

- Josiah

#1272 4 years ago
Quoted from Slugmeister:

Anybody tired of their TSPP out here.Looking for a HUO/or similar condition.Maybe a black trim MMR spot would be of interest to you

What kind of deal did you have in mind? I have a nice TSPP. I am far from tired of it but MMR is one of the few games that would make me consider trading it out.
PM me and let me know. Thanks!

- Josiah

1 week later
#1299 4 years ago

What's your asking price for ST if you don't mind sharing it.
I'm sure there are several of us who are interested.
Also any games in particular you are looking for in trade?

#1304 4 years ago

Already talked to the guy and am going to pick it up this weekend.

4 months later
#1652 4 years ago

I am toying around with the idea of kicking my super nice Star Trek pro out of the lineup so I can get some new blood in the house for the winter. Only really interested in trades for a Shadow + cash right now.

It's HUO, less than 900 plays, has the alternate art package from Aurich on Pinside, custom color changing back box kit from cointaker, mirror blades, shaker motor, warp ramp chaser LED's, superband post rubbers, your choice of super bands or Titan bands for the flippers, under apron led illumination, plastic protector kit.
It works perfect and plays very fast. It's one of the nicer looking pro's that I have seen and the alternate translite with the color changing back box kit looks amazing.

Quick YouTube vid:

If you are at all interested please hit me up. I can provide more pictures as needed. Thanks and I hope you have a great day!


#1657 4 years ago

Will do Renegade.

If anyone has any of the games on my list that they would sell for cash please let me know.

2 months later
#1821 3 years ago

Edit: Game Sold

This game was purchased from Cointaker and is home use only. It has spent all of its life in Washington state and has been maintained with love and care. It is in excellent condition, had less than 1000 games put on it and plays perfectly.

It comes with the following upgrades:
Aurich's alternate art package and translite
Cointaker custom LED backbox kit
Shaker motor
Mirror Blades
Mezel Mod's warp ramp chaser led
Cointaker illuminated flipper buttons
Blue Super Band post rings
Blue Super Band flipper bands
Under apron LED flipper illumination
Plastic protector kit (partially installed)

We are asking $5000. Please PM me if you are interested and I'll be happy to send pictures and video.

It's in great shape and is a perfect alternative for paying the extra for the LE. The upgraded backbox kit and translite really look amazing in person.

Thanks and happy flipping!
- Josiah


2 weeks later
#1861 3 years ago

So I need to raise a little more cash for an upcoming game and that means making hard choices.

I am considering trading out our Twilight Zone for a game of lesser value + cash. It's in pretty nice shape and plays perfect.
If you have been looking for a TZ and have one of these games that you might be able to part with please feel free to send me a message. Maybe we can help each other get a game we both want.

Looking for any of these titles:
White Water
The Shadow
Dr Who
Sea Witch

Let me know if you have any questions and happy flipping!

#1871 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

You never provided full photos of the last two games you were "selling". Just the intial photos. That was six weeks ago. Something to consider. Serious collectors do not waste other people's time.

Not sure if this is the case here in this specific instance but often times I won't provide my full cache of photos until I have a serious inquiry from a buyer.

Not trying to pick a fight or anything. Just saying there could be other thoughts processes at work here.

Any ways, GLWTS on Tron. I'd love to own one someday.

1 month later
#2041 3 years ago
Quoted from stevebighead:

I will be looking to trade a very nice Shadow in the near future. PM me with any interest and what u have.

I was going to offer up my super nice Iron Man but you already have one.

If anyone else has a Shadow and would like to trade it for a nice IM with a recently swapped playfield installed please let me know.

1 week later
#2086 3 years ago

Looking to trade my nice Iron Man.
It has a new playfield installed (very low plays on the new PF, it's basically new), upgraded backbox speakers, color changing backbox LED kit, LED kit from Pinbulbs. Also come with an extra Monger and a shaker motor.
Plays perfect and fast.

Looking for in this order:
Williams IJ
White Water
The Shadow

Can + or - $$ and I will be happy to send pictures to those who are interested.
Cheers and I hope you have a great day!

1 week later
#2119 3 years ago

Still looking to trade our very nice 2010 Iron Man.
New PF installed
Full led kit from pinball bulbs
Backbox color changing led kit from flipper fidelity
Upgraded backbox speakers
Shaker kit
Extra Monger
Low plays (421 at last check)
Looking for IJ, White Water or The Shadow.
Might consider other titles and would probably sell outright for the right price. I'll be happy to send more pictures as needed.

Added over 4 years ago: Traded, thanks.

2 weeks later
#2146 3 years ago

Looking for an Williams IJ and am hoping someone might have a lead on one or one for sale.
I do not care about cabinet fade but I would like it to be in good working condition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a great day!

#2156 3 years ago

My thoughts exactly.
If it was 1k less I could afford it.

3 weeks later
#2220 3 years ago
Quoted from Droptargets:

Have for sale, whirlwind 2200$ led display and avatar 3750$. Both work 100% and have leds.

I have a friend who might want the WW. Any chance you have some pictures?

3 months later
#2587 3 years ago

Hi Everyone!
I am looking to trade my Fathom + $$ for a Williams Indy.
Fathom's backglass is original and is in nice shape. Playfield has a few small touchups but is over all in okay shape. All plastics in decent shape and not broken.
All in all its a nice condition players Fathom as is. If you have a playfield to swap in this could be the one for you.
If you have an Indy and are looking for a Fathom let's chat. I'm happy to add some cash you way and can provide pics as needed.
Thanks and I hope you all have a great day.

Added over 3 years ago: Also would consider trades for other games on my wish list.

2 months later
#2668 2 years ago

Bud, we should talk. I'm up here in Ferndale and I'd love to take a look at them.

#2669 2 years ago

Message sent.

5 months later
#2803 2 years ago

I have a Creature that I could bring to the show for trade. If you are looking for one let me know what you have.

10 months later
#3022 1 year ago

It’s time to move our NGG along.
Asking $3900 but would also take trades.

Message me if you are interested and I’ll be happy to send pictures and provide more details.


3 weeks later
#3048 1 year ago

Dammit Brian,
I wish you were closer. It’s a 1110 mile round trip from my place to yours or I’d be coming to take a look at it.

1 week later
#3065 1 year ago

Selling our No Good Gofers
Asking $3800 or would trade for cash and the right early solid state game.
Can deliver to the show. Good players condition game. Works 100%. Playfield is in good shape. Has alternate Caddy Shack translite. Full LED conversion to frosted white SMD bulbs.

It’s a fun game but I need to thin the herd and NGG has got to go. Hit me up with an offer. I’m motivated and can deliver it to the show.

I’ll message pics to anyone who is interested. Happy Flipping!

- Josiah

3 months later
#3183 1 year ago

Looking for a nice condition Centaur and a nice condition Creature. *edit - Also Scarred Stiff.

Have cash or the following games for trade:
TSPP - HUO, I am the second owner, excellent condition.
Fish Tales - Good condition. Very slight cabinet fade on one side. Plays perfect and has topper.
Ripley’s- players condition but clean and plays nice.

Might consider including Congo or Indy as trade options for the right condition game.

Message me if you are interested.

3 months later
#3265 11 months ago

Happy New Year Friends!

I am looking for both a TOTAN and CV.

I have a nice Williams IJ and Fathom for trade as well as cash. Cheers!

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