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Pacific Northwest Buyers/Sellers Thread

By wcbrandes

5 years ago

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#4 5 years ago

I'm looking for a nice MB... any one in OR, WA or North CA have one for sale?

#6 5 years ago

WC... If I buy a pin in Canada can I just drive up and pick it up? Is there special paperwork that needs filled out ect to bring it back to the US?

1 week later
#38 5 years ago

When is the show? Tacoma right?

#46 5 years ago

Did Tacoma seem more crowded than normal to you guys last year? It was my first time and there were some long lines/wait times to play... I waited over 25 min to play CV and finally gave up

#53 5 years ago

Any Tron LE in the NW region?

#95 5 years ago

Hey pin pimp any interest in selling or trading your MB?

#101 5 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

cant sell the MB, that was a quest in itself. A rescue mission from from Homer Alaska. I saved my other MM(not the one pictured here) from a strip club in Alaska, shes a good one too but still smells like Hookers, cigs, Beer and shame when i pull the glass off ha ha. Took me 3 years to land that deal. It needs a PF swap, I got one here on standby. good times chasing down some of this. I enjoy the quest for pins and deals more than anything.

LOL an MM that smells like cigarette smoke, beer and ass? Awesome

I picked up an IM last night and I am loving it!

1 week later
#136 5 years ago

Anyone in Oregon want to split this deal with me? JJP has a sale going on - Standard Invisa Glass $295 per sheet but if you buy 1 you get 1 half off so if anyone wants 1 sheet I will buy the other it would be $221.50 + shipping which we could split.

#143 5 years ago
Quoted from Iamdarras:

I might be down for this. Also I am going to be down in Eugene om the campus selling my apparel wed-Sat

Let me know... I think this is the best deal we will find on Invisalign glass!

#147 5 years ago
Quoted from Iamdarras:

A local buddy hit me up to do this... Sorry buddy

anyone else in Oregon need a sheet of invisiglass?

#153 5 years ago

Ok I hate to do it but I am working on a 2 pin purchase so I may have to cut one loose any one in the NW looking for STLE mine is mint with a few mods and low plays.. game # 718 if my purchase falls thru I will be taking this off the market.
$7300 Firm

#185 5 years ago

zucot is as solid as they come, Deal with confidence!

Ps. Thanks Zipp and back attcha.

#195 5 years ago
Quoted from pinstersix:

Are you kidding me? HUO is routed junk, for example? I've made offers on games, sight unseen. That's all I was asking people to do. I posted all of my games - I am not going to go snap pictures and describe each one.

I'm interested in your Tron LE but it is difficult to make an offer on a game like Tron which may or may not have $2k +-worth of mods on it. If you could pm me a list of mods done to the game or if no mods just pm me and say no mods I will shoot you an offer and assume mint HUO condition as I can drive to pay for and pick the game up.

#215 5 years ago
Quoted from pinstersix:

As for the TRON LE, I don't know how you could figure there were 2k worth of mods for the LE. I have all the protectors installed, ramps, plastics and scoop hole. I have the sticker over the drop bank but not installed. I have a shaker motor not installed. I have the hallmark light cycles but not installed. I have all the parts to make an arcade using the toy from the Legacy movie, but I haven't yet, so obviously its not installed. I have the light up recognizer, but again, not installed. I like stock for the most part, but I collect the mods just in case, and add them as I have time. I don't see how this adds up to $2000 bucks though, even with them being not put in. There are only a couple of mods that I don't have that I know about, the Flynn sign and a topper. BFD, you could have still made me an offer assuming the game was mod-free.

Here is how it adds up to $2000 worth of mods on a Tron LE the OP of that thread sold his game because he took the time to give a thorough description.

#220 5 years ago
Quoted from pinstersix:

Looks cool, I'll have to pick up those pop bumper caps if they're still around. I like the apron too. Thanks for the link.

I also love the laser cut side rails with the EL paper but they are spendy as Heck

#221 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

My TRON LE has:
1) chrome coin door to match chrome package: $400
2) arcade mod: $225
3) led kit: $150
4) invisiglass: $300
5) light cycles wired in $80
6) multi light up recognizer $60
7) mirror blades $80
blue led dmd: $350
9) speaker replacement $100
10) shaker: $200
11) chrome shooter housing and ball $100
12) topper $150
13) pinbits plastic dress up kit $75
14) couple extra vehicles. $25
Assuming I didn't miss anything that's about $2300 in mods. There you go.

Think of how much fun you could have if you sold me your Tron LE and took some of the money and build up a killer Tron Pro

2 weeks later
#236 5 years ago

Heading to Portland today to look at an MB.. anyone got a Tron LE they want to let me come look at while I'm there

#242 5 years ago

Any one have a spare sheet of invisiglass or pdi glass they want to sell?

2 months later
#354 5 years ago

Still looking for a Tron LE I have a nice MB to trade twards it.

#364 5 years ago

How do you unfade a cabinet?

1 month later
#460 5 years ago
Quoted from ellray:

Anyone know who this is selling a spiderman in Tualatin? I'm looking for one, but that's a LONG drive from Spokane without being sure it's worthwhile:
portland.craigslist.org link

Yea but I can't remember his name. He is the guy who has been selling on Craigslist for years and his games are usually pictured with Cdx board in the background. Most all of his games are well routed!


2 months later
#690 5 years ago

Merry Christmas NW pinheads!

#718 5 years ago
Quoted from EdisonArcade:

Merry Christmas Pinside! May all your wishes come true.

christmas-story.jpg 25 KB

Your gunna shoot your eye out with that thing
Merry Flippin Christmas!

#732 5 years ago
Quoted from Humph:

Yep, that's the one, although I met up with someone else (Jerry?). Wasn't clear when I talked with a person on the phone that it was an operator selling the machine until I got there. Then saw the $4500 POTC (actually POS) & its JB weld repair. Who knows what else has been 'field fixed'. Never again for Amusement Unlimited -- wasn't amused.

Doesn't sound like that was a machine Jerry was selling, did you go to a residence to look at it? Sounds like Jamie was selling his own machine.

#735 5 years ago

Ok River road is Jerrys shop, the pic in the add looked like it was in a private home. I have bought a few pins from Jerry and all of them are routed as he is an operator but he as always treated me well.

#747 5 years ago

Anyone in the NWest have an AC/DC Luci for sale?

#753 5 years ago

There is a pretty clean looking NASCAR on Portland CL for 1975.00 guys says HUO
portland.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#767 5 years ago

Putting my HUO METLE #192 up for sale, I am the 2nd owner. The cabinet and playfield are in excellent condition.
The game has the following mods:

Pinnovaters external volume control/headphone jack
Flipper Fidelity back box speakers
Cliffy shooter lane protector (both sides and right side rail protector)
Sparky air ball deflector
Snake fangs

And a few other things I am probably not thinking of right now
The only games I am looking for are AC/DC Luci or BIB, MB or BSM
Game is located in Eugene, OR
$7000 Firm
Local pickup or Shipping via NAVL is no problem

Pm me For more pics


1 month later
#836 5 years ago
Quoted from twazu:

Portland gal here looking to start my collection with my first machine (interested in either Scared Stiff or Theatre of Magic). I'm located in Portland, OR. Willing to travel in the PNW to pick up.
Any leads are greatly appreciated!

Um hi and welcome to Pinside! If I hear of anything down here in Eugene I will let you know.

PS. I'm a huge fan of your avatar pic

3 weeks later
#956 4 years ago
Quoted from twazu:

Get in line! I've been posting for one on here for a while now.

We've got to find this lady a TOM!

4 weeks later
#1079 4 years ago


1 week later
#1095 4 years ago

Im sure missing my METLE anyone have one they are thinking of selling or trading?

#1103 4 years ago
Quoted from 85Txaggie:

And I am loving it Sorry Sean, couldn't resist. It is a super pin.

I am glad you are enjoying it! If you ever decide to sell call me first, I have sold too many games in the last 3 months I hope to be buyer again soon.

1 month later
#1241 4 years ago

I only remember seeing a few pins for sale at Tacoma show in 2013 I wonder if it will be about the same this year

1 month later
#1373 4 years ago

I'm saving to buy back a Met Prem/LE figured I would put out a feeler to see if anyone had one they are thinking of selling?

JPOP Google hit link

3 weeks later
#1417 4 years ago

on the hunt for a Metallica LE if you have one shoot me a PM

1 month later
#1475 4 years ago

Floating my insanely nice Original MM for sale (full Keller restoration in 2012)

#1477 4 years ago
Quoted from Kkuoppamaki:

Once you've sold your MM, if you are interested in an insanely nice MB let me know

Don't tempt me, I love me some MB! I also want my Tron LE back so many great pins and so little $$$

1 week later
#1511 4 years ago

Anyone have a STLE they want to sell?
PM me

1 week later
#1546 4 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

I still don't believe you guys sent that MG back. Is that one of the games monkey is storing for you? There was a ton of shady shit going down around the "reveal" at the tacoma show and I'm betting that machine never went back to Illinois. Who has a copy of the bill of lading for the shipment home? Did you pay for that or who did? You guys still have plenty to answer for.
Upvote me if you agree.

Sadsack you are way off base dude! Bill, PDX, Mark & the crew who all volunteered time and money to get that game up and working for the Tacoma show are some of the most solid guys in this hobby! JPOP ripped me off and Bill tried to step in and help. Things didn't work out but I am very grateful to Bill and the team for what they tried to do.

1 month later
#1665 4 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

im only a couple of hours from the Oregon boarder. Figured it wouldn't hurt to post. If it truly offeneds you that much I can take my for sale thread else where....

Your ok by me Dr-Willy, I have driven to northern CA to buy pins several times.

1 week later
#1695 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Want To borrow mine for a few weeks and keep your GoT? You can come pick it up today. I also have one in the shop that is in my way but plays great even though it looks crappy. You can borrow that for a longer time

Some of the best pinheads in the world live right here in the pacific NWest.

1 month later
#1741 4 years ago

I am looking for a Walking Dead LE if anyone has please PM me thanks

1 week later
#1757 4 years ago

I'm still looking for an STLE or TWDLE... PM me if you have one for sale/trade

1 week later
#1799 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I'll go measure it but it's currently in my game room in my house in Hillsboro. Will need to separate the bed from the back to move but it's meant to do that.

Hey Mark you don't happen to have a Stern Q27 Transistor part # 110-0067-00... on hand do you?

2 weeks later
#1850 4 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Thanks to Concrethardt for a great transaction.

Thanks for everything Stretch!!

Quoted from ChrisRAD:

What did you get? Or sell?

I got a TWD LE from Stretch who by the way is a great seller and an all
around good guy!


#1852 4 years ago
Quoted from KenPin:

Concretehardt, you need to sell me your Metallica or your MMR so you'll have plenty of room to play that TWD.

#1855 4 years ago
Quoted from 85Txaggie:

He already made that mistake once.....
But I didn't get those killer side rails with mine.

85T is right I sold METLE once and regretted it very much! This one is bolted to the floor!

1 week later
#1879 4 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

Well, I guess I am not a "serious collector". Actually, I am just a nice, honest person who is a long time pinball enthusiast. I am also a working professional with a family who enjoys meeting other enthusiasts and often ends up trading, buying and selling games with the friends I encounter.
I am sorry if demands within my personal life have negatively impacted anyone here, and I am sorry if I wasted anyone's time by not replying to inquiries in a timely fashion. I've just been very busy with ordinary life...work, kids, school.....like many other folks, and I wish all the best to everyone.
As a side note, my inquiry was really aimed at local folks who might be interested, which I figured was ok.
So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

I cringed when I saw your post because you are local to me and I love Tron! I had to sell my last one to raise cash and now having just bought TWD I'm in no position to buy your game, but hopefully the stars will align one of these days and you and I can work a deal on a pin

1 month later
#1958 3 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

Anyone have an HUO Walking Dead LE that they would be interested in a trade. Please PM me.

ok you got me over a barrel! I will trade this highly modded freshly unboxed TWD LE for your BBB
(I will even deliver it)


#1962 3 years ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

I found an HUO TWD LE and made a deal on it.

Your gunna love it!

2 weeks later
#2006 3 years ago
Quoted from iron00monkey:

I've heard from more than half a dozen people that Pdxmonkey is one of the best people in pinball.

PDX is a very solid pinhead!

2 months later
#2235 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

Anyone in the Pacific Northwest or Northern California looking to sell or trade The Hobbit?
And BTW, any hobbits of any variety on location between Eugene and Portland?

I wish Level Up would get a Hobbit, I would love to have a local machine I could play.

#2249 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

I would conduct consideration of purchase, but I don't do trades much anymore.
I would need to see the "Itchy and Scratchy" hole closely, as this gives me the assessment of the number of plays on the game, along with the playfield surface.
I keep passing up documented HUO games that are highly overmodded, but that is not a necessity for acquisition of the title again.

Dang TBK

#2265 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

I'll have to take another look at Google maps. I didn't realize San Jose, CA was in the Pacific Northwest. I'll have to take the 20-hour round trip detour to hit up the Golden Gate Bridge the next time I'm in Portland.

I have driven to San Jose to pick up a pin.

#2267 3 years ago

Anyone have a Tron LE or STLE for sale? PM me

#2280 3 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Would you do it again? Was it worth it? I sneak a peek at the Cali for sale thread wondering about going down sometimes...

I have made 2 trips to Cali for pins once for METLE & once for MM. The trip I made for METLE was awesome! I took the family and went and saw the redwoods and then looped down and grabbed METLE and bombed home.. It was an epic trip!

#2284 3 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Yep there's one for sale down here in the PNW in SF.

Saw that one, very nice but a little out of my budget

Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Even more off track would be to debate the PNW for an entire page and not have anything for buy sale or trade...

San Jose is looking a lot better now!!! Again glws

Excellent point! Face it guys there are not many pins for sale in our corner of the world.

#2286 3 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Screw Italy! Let's do a group import from southern Cali... who's got access to a big rig?


#2292 3 years ago
Quoted from Comox-Rocks:

You mainlanders are all PAC NW wannabes! Everyone knows that Vancouver island is where it's at......

There are pinball machines on Vancouver island?

#2310 3 years ago
Quoted from UvulaBob:

I know you're playing the part of the guy who steps into the middle of an argument and goes GUYS BE COOL HAVE A BEER AND BE COOL OK I HATE IT WHEN YOU GUYS FIGHT. But I'm going to assume your question isn't rhetorical.
If we're going to have a Pacific Northwest thread, then it makes sense that people posting in it would be, y'know, in or around the Pacific Northwest. San Jose isn't the Pacific Northwest. Hell, it's not even in the North Bay. So someone's willing to drive 14 hours each way to pick up a pin. Does that mean it's OK for someone from Florida to post in this thread? I mean, as long as someone is willing to drive a week straight in each direction, what's it matter right?

If we were to run the thread in Dude Mode where everyone is just cool and chill and "what are borders but lines on a map, man", then why have a PNW thread at all? Why not just have a single thread called "This Is The Thread Where We Buy And Sell Pinball Machines, Unencumbered By The Artificial Lines Of Demarcation Decided By A Group Of Guys At Rand McNally, Man"?


6 months later
2 weeks later
#2707 3 years ago
Quoted from Wiggy76:

Looking if anyone in our region is open to doing a trade deal for a Monster Bash. I'm open to trading my Cirqus Voltaire and The Addams Family for a good / excellent condition Monster Bash in the area if possible.
I'm up in the Vancouver Area of Canada. PM me if interested or any leads. I of course can send pictures once we establish contact!
Thanks in advance!

Wow 2 for 1? CV and Addams for MB?

7 months later
#2885 2 years ago

I have a just unboxed Black AFMr LE and was thinking of trading it towards an MMr LE or a nice original MM if you have an MM for trade shoot me a PM.


4 weeks later
#2910 2 years ago
Quoted from johnnyfive:

Two games for sale:
Metallica Pro - 4700 - HUO first owner - was bought pre-LED being standard, but I installed the cointaker LED kit on this.
The Walking Dead Premium - 5300 - HUO first owner - stock.
Both are in great shape.

Dang Number.Johnny.five I would love to have that TWD Prem!

1 month later
#2932 2 years ago

Any TWD Prem or LE for sale in Oregon?

#2934 2 years ago
Quoted from hisokajp:

There was one in Seattle:

I talked to him it was a typo the game is $6300

I am also looking for a BM66 LE I have a DILE I would trade for it.

#2938 2 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Good luck with your trade concretehardt!
I also still have MET Premium for sale 6K!

I am very surprised that has not sold yet!

6 months later
4 months later
2 months later
#3280 1 year ago

I’m on the road to rebuilding my pinball collection, thinking about an IMDN pro (and dreaming of getting a big Lebowski). anyone in Oregon have an IMDN pro they are thinking of selling?

#3282 1 year ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Thought you had a TBL?

I did but I sold it and most everything else a while back.. after I got diagnosed with a brain tumor last year I sold all but 1 game, I missed a lot of work and had to raise cash as bills were piling up. I am doing a lot better now and ready to slowly rebuild my small collection of games, it will take a while but I will get there.

PS. This is my old TBL
I think I sold it for $11,000 oh well at least I’m alive, someday I will get another TBL

4 weeks later
#3319 1 year ago

Im looking to replace the IMDN LE I had to sell last year if you have one for sale let me know, I have MBr LE for possible trade or cash.

#3322 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Glad to see you back in the swing of things (;
I know Russell is trying to sell his LE-may reach out?
If I were to buy an Iron Maiden I would get Steve with Pinball Refinery to perform his magic on a Premium model. I think the art on the premium pops the most and I really like what Steve did with the Premium with blue powder-coating for trim, rails and ramps-again it is a work of art(masterpiece) and really pops. Iron Maiden Premium Pinball Refinery for the win......scroll down to second half of page:

I really am doing a lot better! I am full time back at work and even got a promotion.

That IMDN Refinery Prem looks amazing! I would take that over an LE, I am afraid to ask what it would cost though.

8 months later
#3557 3 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Letting my super nice HUO Pinball Refinery Iron Man VE go:
No trades.
I'm open to shipping if necessary and can blanket/cardboard/plastic wrap the game and strap it to a pallet for safe transport.

Dang I wish I had the cash to grab this from you!

1 month later
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