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P3 Module: Join me in development - whitewood 1 in testing!

By bingopodcast

31 days ago

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    #101 5 days ago
    Quoted from solarvalue:

    So the gobble hole is down only?

    Correct, being smack in the center, it would be frustrating if it came back to you.

    Quoted from solarvalue:

    What is between the two scoops (can't see from this angle)?

    Just rubber and posts. Oh, and a flasher to indicate a ball is launching.

    Thanks everyone! Hopefully I'll continue to make progress and you'll be able to play it at some point!

    #102 5 days ago

    Interestingly, I removed the one way gates, adjusted my posts and rubbers and didn't have as many re-entries as I would have imagined. Probably going to keep it like that (for now).

    #103 4 days ago

    I pushed a significant code update that includes a random spotting method. This method will spot x number of targets for you (based on the parameter when calling).

    It determines which sequence at random to spot, then passes that off to the sequence handling mode. That in turn spots the actual target, keeping existing targets in mind (so you always get a reward from the spot method). I'm used to spotted numbers being generated from the position of a stepper, so it's a bit surreal to do this in code without the mechanical unit to fall back on. Haha

    My right drop target reset needs a longer pulse than standard because of my terrible hand routing (it's very lightly bound on the right side). I'm considering adding an operator setting to reduce the strength of any coil.

    I added hooks for animations and callouts to the gobble method and broke the part where it actually... Gobbles the ball. Fixed that. Definitely a fun little moment.

    My adversary mode, when started will cycle walls to block/unblock the gobble. Unfortunately, end of ball didn't drop them (smart move on my part). :-/ Fixed that.

    Next up is to take those random spots and abstract my lamp methods in the sequence modes so that they don't rely upon the target being hit to light the insert.

    I spent a little time today composing a throwaway loop, and thinking some more about music in the game.

    #104 4 days ago

    I fixed the spots blinking the appropriate lights and inserts on the game, and worked on my settings.

    Now coils and the spotting features for side targets and lane completions can be enabled/disabled. This is pretty player unfriendly, but pretty common in games where spots are available. More to test, of course.

    The only spotting feature you can't currently disable is related to the number of balls to play. If < 5, you get a certain number of spots when each ball is started.

    Coils can also have their strength independently dialed in. I'm working on a bug related to the values set by default, but hope to have that squashed soon.

    I don't know if I've mentioned how much I've been playing. Quite a lot - and I have a list of minor/medium changes to make for the next whitewood.

    I was initially going to add full color GI to the game, but I've changed my mind. Instead, GI will be single color and tied to a driver (like the pop lamp). There will be one extra, so that won't require another PD-16 (there won't be many lamps tied to GI - probably five).

    Currently I have score motor emulation (fancy word for a way to blink the pop bumper light when hit), that might also blink the GI. I can also blink the GI in neat ways during the start of a ball or the start of an adversary mode. If you look at my USPS shipping box plastics, you'll notice that there's no support in the extreme right or left. I am going to change that once bulbs are in place.

    As far as other physical changes:
    1) outside targets will be changed for narrow faces.
    2) geometry of the front targets will be tightened up allowing (hopefully) for an outside post under the sling.
    3) Posts will get T Nuts where possible - I've managed to knock out a couple that are holding down the cardboard as I'm using the wrong posts and short screws that don't extend through the playfield plywood. The P3's flippers are powerful. Ka-boom!
    4) Second set of posts for plastic standoffs. Right now I am using one style of post because I didn't order any of the taller type.
    5) Slight changes to the geometry of the outer semicircle of targets (adjusting angles).
    6) Bigger changes to the placement of the launcher holes (they're not -quite- aligned, which currently leads to a handful of missed launches before you get a ball).
    7) Changes to the inserts at the top of the playfield (in front of the two circular targets) - undecided how, exactly, these might change, but change they will. I want to stay away from backboard lamps.
    8) Wire guides and nails for prevention of (worse) damage due to broken rubber.
    9) Design of playfield plastics. Current design hanging over the edge of the target faces prevents some airballs, but I worry about chipping/breakage. Someone suggested shipping with plastic protectors. If it doesn't mess with the gameplay/appearance too badly, that might be the thing to do.
    10) Removal of second PD-LED (I was able to squeeze the whole game on one, minus the GI).

    So that leaves us with 3X SW-16, 1X PD-16, and 1X PD-LED.

    Once I have the rules pretty much complete (we're getting there), I'll need to really amp up my search for an artist.

    There's a LOT of stuff under the playfield. Removing that one PD-LED board will make more difference than it seems as far as repair-ability. There's a lot more that I should do in this regard as you can access everything, but moving the pop spoon back and forth is tricky, currently.

    Big thanks to Multimorphic for holding my shipment until I finished changing my mind (I kept sending them messages asking for different stuff - saving me money in the end), then getting it to me in time for the weekend, that was perfect!!

    #105 3 days ago

    If you haven’t already mentioned it, how is the ball serving reliability?

    #106 3 days ago
    Quoted from Cmartin1235:

    If you haven’t already mentioned it, how is the ball serving reliability?

    Not fantastic. Problem is that either my tubes or the holes are not properly centered, so the ball doesn't always make it up the tube. That will improve with CNC. I've also thought about widening the holes, but hard to go back once you make the cuts.

    The launch tubes and scoop tops properly direct the ball where I want, issue is the ball losing power as it rattles up the sides.

    Takes somewhere between 1-5 attempts before the ball launches. I thought it might be the one way gates, so removed those and was able to redo the geometry around that area to remove the possibility of a stuck ball.

    #107 3 days ago

    Operators can now disable the side targets and lanes to prevent spotting targets if desired (bugfixed and working correctly).

    Other settings have been added and modified. All have been tested except for the coil adjustments.

    Next, I need to work on the unique adversary modes and test the coil adjustments in the game.

    #108 2 days ago

    Ever have one of those days/weeks? I spent almost my entire lunch break yesterday writing out requirements for the artists that will be working on the game, then the service I was using ate the message and didn't send it when I clicked 'Send'.

    I rewrote the whole thing today and this time saved in a document that I can easily copy/paste from. I've managed to send specs to a few different artists for quote.

    #109 21 hours ago

    Working today on adversary modes. I have all fifteen adversaries storyboarded, and am working on progression and completion of the modes as well as basic light shows specific to those modes.

    Once I have music/sound implemented, I'll revisit and potentially add new choreography and expand the shows.

    When the adversary mode starts, two walls will go up and block off the gobble hole shot. They will cycle on a short timed basis to prevent trapped balls, otherwise, will remain up. When you complete the shots needed to finish the adversary mode, the walls will drop and remain down, then hitting the gobble will complete the mode (and end your ball). I have the first adversary coded and am working on some underpinning stuff (unified sound/animation triggers, and a call to the method to drop the walls.

    In speaking with some P3 owners, a suggestion was made to tone down the difficulty of the gobble hole. I have it currently acting as a standard gobble, which kills your ball save mode and advances to the next ball. I'm going to ship the game with gobble behavior set to that as default, but with the option (settable per profile) to make it so that a gobble shot before the adversary is complete will return the ball. That totally changes the intended feel of the game, so I may increase the difficulty by changing the carry-over rewards. Those are not fully defined, so I have a little wiggle room there.

    For example, I could multiply bonus points by 0.75 or similar penalties on points if you have a friendly gobble turned on.

    The geometry is such that balls don't randomly walk into it. It's pretty 'friendly' for a gobble already, but I like having multiple ways for people of different skill levels to enjoy a game.

    I've been testing the game more (I play it every day) and ordered a bundle of tnuts, machine screws, and alternate taller posts for holding the plastics up. I'm going to make that transition with this playfield version and ensure that there are no issues with screws backing out, determine if loctite is needed, jam nuts or nylocks are needed, etc. I also ordered the narrow targets to replace the outer orbits and provide a smoother exit (as it was prior to last weekend, when I added them. )

    I'm talking with several artists and art studios. I'm hopeful I'll find a good match. I have a few potential art styles and everything storyboarded for animations, intros, and basically all the screen work planned out. The upper playfield and plastics I have less of a firm picture, but I'll continue to think about it. Part of it is that the art styles I'm considering are very different so it's hard to keep a clear picture. I'll get there. Or the artist(s) will.

    #110 5 hours ago

    Quotes have started to come in for art on the game. It's about what I thought it was going to be. It'll take some time to put that money together, but hopefully development will be able to continue in multiple ways while I work on that.

    #111 59 minutes ago

    Thanks for the posts, there's not a lot to say in feedback as it's info, but i want you to know we are following and devouring said info.

    Much enlightenment offered and accepted.

    #112 30 minutes ago
    Quoted from punkin:

    Thanks for the posts, there's not a lot to say in feedback as it's info, but i want you to know we are following and devouring said info.

    Very much appreciated! Thanks for reading.

    By the end of the weekend, I hope to have my adversary modes fully programmed and have begun the t-nut and other physical changes to the module.

    I might have mentioned(?) playing with flipper strength to change difficulty? If not, that was something I really experimented with a lot. I find the unexpected full loop a bit too satisfying to give up, though, so flipper strength, for now, remains full blast.

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