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P3 Game: So You Want to Be a Hero? Quest For Glory Pinball

By bingopodcast

69 days ago

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    #101 27 days ago

    Success! Now I have some other bugs, but at least this major one is down. I've got two people you can talk to on the first screen - the sheriff, and yourself. I'm currently wrangling the modes in such a way that you can't be muttering to yourself at the same time as the sheriff is talking.

    #102 26 days ago

    Cooking with gas now, I have the talk modes (multiple people with branching dialog) and the take mode enabled and fully working for the first screen. Next up will be look (there are four items to look at), and then walk. For both of these modes, I will need to handle the side targets.

    The side targets on the P3 are actually not targets at all. They are just areas where the ball is sensed and hits a virtual 'switch', doing whatever thing you've told it to do. There are examples in the SDK that show how to utilize these on the GUI and the mode layer. I already have the GUI layer displaying stuff, but handling it is another matter. Looking forward to learning more about that tomorrow!

    There is also the matter of items that can be used. This will be a challenging bit of logic, but I should be able to do something very similar to the other modes, just using more stored data.

    I may leave that last one for later, as the only item interactions there are on the first screen are jokes.

    #103 26 days ago

    Quest for Glory_Final2 (resized).jpg

    A little backglass artwork for those that are interested. Another thing I have to learn is how to control the backglass via Unity. I assume it's a prefab, but haven't had time to do much searching yet.

    #104 26 days ago

    OK, I just finished making my 'look' mode for this first scene. If you're sleeping on developing a P3 game, you need to hop in. I just read through, understood, implemented and bugtested side target event handling in about 20 minutes, haha!

    This framework is really very good. Not to understate it -- REALLY good. And the sample application gives you exactly the amount of information you would need. I would say that a familiarity with Lexy Lightspeed and its rules help when reading that sample code, but it's not necessary.

    #106 26 days ago

    This is rad- thank you for documenting the journey! I was a former owner and wanted to dev a game but had to make a difficult Time management decision to let the dream die for a while, so I could finish my current home brew and other projects. Seeing how fast you’re progressing is encouraging for others interested in developing a game.. unity felt huge when I tried it out and ran thru a tutorial- bit intimidating

    #107 26 days ago
    Quoted from Mbecker:

    unity felt huge when I tried it out and ran thru a tutorial- bit intimidating

    I walked into this with zero knowledge of Unity or C#. I'd written a couple of glue scripts in ages past, but nothing serious. I've done a fair amount of programming in other languages, so that certainly helps on the C# side.

    For Unity, I started with the tutorial I posted at the beginning of the thread, and I worked through a few others (focusing on 2D). If you stick with that, you'll be able to create something really quickly. I've been very impressed. I read through the docs for the dev kit a few times so that I could get a feel for certain concepts. Working with pyprocgame, I feel, gave me a bit of a leg up on certain aspects of game creation (switch and coil handling).

    Unity is still the part I struggle with the most (when I'm not making silly typos). But like anything, use is making me much more familiar with the tool.

    #108 26 days ago

    Quest for Glory_Final1 (resized).jpg

    I think I like this version better, but I'm undecided.

    #109 25 days ago
    Quoted from bingopodcast:

    I am a pretty cheap person. So, to me, it is costing a lot of bucks. However, I started with the budget for any of my previous homebrew games, and aside from sprite art, which I did not budget for at all, I should be coming in right around what my previous games have cost.
    I am doing a lot of the work that would cost quite a bit of money if you paid someone to do it, leaving small bits for actors, musicians, and artists to do. The artist has the heaviest workload, and therefore is costing the most money.
    Tying all of this together via programming is the real work, and thankfully, I work for free!

    I was hoping you'd get the actual QFG reference.

    #110 25 days ago
    Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

    I was hoping you'd get the actual QFG reference.

    Haha, sadly, I don't remember this one! Is it from the first?

    Tonight I added a bunch of new code to handle the backglass - but the backglass in QFG is a dynamic translite. It will show the backglass image most of the time, but if the flipper button is held briefly, it will show your character sheet. You can do this at any time.

    Next up is writing the handlers for walking (and fixing one new bug I introduced in speech somehow), then it's time to write the death handlers (everyone's favorite)!

    #111 25 days ago

    this is intriguing. It would be awesome if P3 works with you to have it made into a production kit. I've always been on the fence to get P3 and a project like this might just push me over the edge to finally get one.

    #112 25 days ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    this is intriguing. It would be awesome if P3 works with you to have it made into a production kit. I've always been on the fence to get P3 and a project like this might just push me over the edge to finally get one.

    That’s kinda the nice thing about deving software for an existing Playfield.. takes so much out of the equation that multimorphic CAN work with you to release the game. They’ve already done that with hoops (Free, less finished feeling) and with grand slam rally ($$, but pretty cheap all things considered)

    #113 25 days ago

    Lunchtime! I wrote some new methods to handle end of ball. Now it will check and see if you have a health potion (extra ball), or it will display a death screen.
    I should mention that health potions are given as a quest reward -only- at the moment. I may end up tweaking it so that you can buy them for a price. Seems fair if you spend hours mucking out the stables you should be able to buy a reward...

    I am working on making the death screen now.

    I wrote some methods to kill the existing music and stop the birds from chirping, disable the shot paths, and finally to play the death music. All that is working, but I have some more plumbing to make in making a death screen prefab.

    Also, the game is going to give you a choice: restore or restart. Restart will kick you back to attract (which happens automatically after 30s), while restore will restore your profile's latest save (again, acquired through R-E-S-T spelling).

    I have just a few more things I'd like to write and test before I try it on a real cab. Really shaping up in the simulator, though!

    #114 25 days ago

    Awesome progress. Super impressive.

    Also, thanks for the kind words about the dev kit. We've spent a ton of time working on it, and we'll continue doing so. Our developers all use it for developing our own games. So we'll keep updating it when we get feature requests from developers like you and also as we develop new features for our own needs.

    - Gerry

    #115 24 days ago

    Last night I stayed up way too late working on the game. Got the death scene totally working, and wrote a small series of randomized messages when you drain. I can change this on any scene, which I will use for situations like monster fights.

    Then I started writing the walk mode handlers, and added a new scene to move to another screen.

    When I did so, I remembered that I needed to make a bunch of prefabs to make my life easier when adding a new scene. Did so, and -then- realized that I needed to save the current state in the day/night cycle when you move between screens. Played around with multiple ways to handle this, settled on saving the current phase in the player data, then loading it on a new scene.

    Now I'm getting an error on a restart in the GUI layer - my item icons are properly counting and the items are properly stored, but somehow I've introduced a bug in the rendering of the item icons. I'm not sure what is causing that problem yet, but I found some other potential bugs with saved player data and have corrected those.

    Now I am about to write a new scene handler script that will obliterate that first screen. I might tie in just the walking event handlers, so you can switch back and forth between screens, then I'll do the work to get the game ready to build and put on the physical machine to test!

    The build process is really simple - you just have to make icons and sounds for the launcher, basically. Should be able to do that pretty quickly. The time it will take is really reliant on the bugs that I create in the above stuff with the new scene handler. Using the prefabs in Unity, I should be able to pull over just about everything from the Home scene into the new scene. I'm hopeful that this will go very quickly!

    #116 24 days ago

    Fairly significant thing I have left to do - I have to ensure that all of the various handlers that are scene-specific are added to this new scene. Might take me more time than I thought, but it's still underway.

    Oh, and I can walk to the new scene now. Have I mentioned in the past 10 minutes how great this environment is?

    #117 23 days ago

    I was able to build a copy of the game and play it on my P3 today! There's quite a lot of bugs, as, for example, I am not doing anything to launch a ball back into play if it hits the mode scoop... But it does mostly function!

    I've got some tweaking to do, then I will try fleshing out the second scene a bit more.
    IMG_20200126_133335 (resized).jpg

    #118 22 days ago
    Quoted from bingopodcast:

    Haha, sadly, I don't remember this one! Is it from the first?

    It's from the ending when the dryad appears after you try to attack the stag.

    #119 22 days ago
    Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

    It's from the ending when the dryad appears after you try to attack the stag.

    Haha! I think I learned my lesson there pretty quickly, but obviously I've forgotten that portion. The dryad's voice actor did record a line related to that, so I should have remembered... ah, well.

    In other news, I am a listmaker - I like to make a list of outstanding bugs and get great satisfaction from crossing them off. Even if I am always adding to the list... I added quite a few this weekend, but removed just as many.

    I need to set a time limit on myself each day - something like 2 hours - at least until I get some more rest. I went too hard this weekend and am paying for it.

    #120 21 days ago

    I've been shuffling around bits of code to make execution simpler for many of the persistent bits of the game.

    Day/night, current items, current attributes, etc.

    Initially, I set up the game to allow you to press start immediately to bypass class selection (and jump into the boots of a Fighter named "Hero"), but I've changed my mind (for simplicity's sake) and am now requiring that you either load a game, or make a new character.

    I may regret this decision again later, but for now, I'm placing various bits in different modes to accommodate this new change in the design.

    It should also help with a problem or two I was having with launching the game with the village entrance scene. Much of the underlying glue is set up in that scene, but switching back to that scene from another causes a host of problems. I was working around them, but believe this to be a much better solution.

    #121 20 days ago

    Polishing, polishing. I've fixed several very annoying and large bugs tonight. I've also gotten to the root of several problems I've had with understanding portions of the framework.

    I'm excited to dig just a little deeper and get these last few problems resolved, then begin on work to handle time-based entropy of your character's stamina+health.

    #122 20 days ago

    Lunchtime bug squashing: I am working on making the new game startup as smooth as possible. I have persistent data down (pretty much), and am working again on restoring the state of the day/night cycle on scene transition. I am doing this in a rather complicated way - but I believe the correct numbers are being passed back and forth now. The only seeming difficulty is that the methods to set the day/night shading are not being fired upon screen change, but I'm sure I'll have that sorted in a couple of minutes.

    Once I have the -appearance- of the day/night cycle working properly, I can start working on the persistent elements. All of these elements have to be saved to the local storage as you play, but I need to be cognizant of the potential effect of too many reads/writes. As usual, I don't want to prematurely optimize, but I am thinking about how this will actually work...

    My sprite artist is behind schedule, unfortunately, but hopefully this week he'll get my main character back to me.

    At any rate, I'm overdue to post a photo or something to show the current progress. I'll see if I can do that this evening. I spent more than 2 hours on the game yesterday... I need to truly limit my time tonight. It's just so exciting when the puzzle pieces start to fit together and things start working the way you intend!

    #123 19 days ago

    Quite a lot done tonight, and I am also terrible at sticking to 2 hours. Haha!

    1) I have new profile creation working properly and integrated in the game, themed to my game, etc.
    2) I have remastered a few of the original songs that I am using unchanged at the moment in the game (things like the sierra jingle and pieces with more than 8 instruments... at the moment).
    3) I've implemented music in each of the main screens of the game (that I have implemented thus far).
    4) I've spoken with the sprite artist about the challenges he had with this initial sprite sheet. In future, I am going to export the existing animations so that he has a head start/reference. For this initial one, I sent him just a single frame, but having the entire animation will help him understand the movements I am looking for a bit better. I'm learning as I go on this one, since I'm very art-challenged. The initial sprite is going to be returned next week due to this, but future ones should go much faster.
    5) I resolved the day/night cycle persistence, so set the overall cycle length to 300s. I may need to play around with this as the game evolves, but it should be fine.
    6) I added time-based stamina/health draw-down. Every time 1/4 of a cycle passes, you lose a bit of stamina, and if you are at or below 0 stamina, you start losing health points. Once you lose all of those, your flippers die and so do you! I need to rewrite the death handler to make it a bit more generic (right now it expects death from a drain, so all the messages are geared towards that - shouldn't be a huge deal to change).

    The last things on my list pertain to action-based skill improvements (I need a scene built that contains an action that I can perform before I will be able to test this), a weird set of errors on bumper/sling timing that are showing in my console, and setting up the various high score tables. I haven't messed with the high score tables at all, so I'll need to play around with how that works and dive into the event handlers. Ideally, it will save the high scores automatically, since every game will have a named profile.

    Then it's just a matter of waiting for more assets!

    #124 18 days ago

    More stuff:

    1) I found that some of the scores (for additional players that don't exist) were being rendered over top of my scores! I have actually removed those now. Wondered why that score font was so unreadable! I had set the other scores to black, on a black background, but had forgotten to actually remove them. Haha
    2) The Sierra logo during the attract mode was down too far, and I had to move it up to make it more readable.
    3) Added the ability to choose an existing profile (restore) and delete profiles. That will help after a show . Still some more testing and changes I want to make to make that as smooth as possible, but that vision is mostly there.
    4)I've added safe spots to sleep overnight (most places in town and one or two other spots in the world). If you spell 'R-E-S-T' in a screen that is not deemed safe and it is currently nighttime - you're dead!

    Next up, adding the first scene that will feature skill checks and skill improvements! I am adding the outside of the Healer's Hut at lunch today. I have some more dialog and shots to add to the screen left of the village entrance, but this last scene should be the last of the underpinning pieces. There is also an item or two that you'll be able to pick up, so I can test that I haven't broken that completely again.

    Also... two of the character classes will use items/magic to solve this initial puzzle, so I'll get to test those shot paths and what is needed. Really looking forward to implementing a puzzle within the game! I feel things are really starting to shape up.

    Still owe you some photos or a video or both. Haven't forgotten!

    #125 17 days ago
    Quoted from bingopodcast:

    Still owe you some photos or a video or both. Haven't forgotten!

    Yes!!! Let’s see some video!

    #126 17 days ago

    Please forgive the bugs I've introduced and make an appearance in this 9 minute overview. I added the third screen at lunch today and it caused some funky stuff with death that I haven't fixed yet. I've taken the night off tonight to get some much-needed rest!

    Hopefully it gives you an idea of the gameplay and what is involved. I'm a big fan of games that award sharpshooting, so the basic premise of each screen is hitting specific targets. There are variations, depending on the screen, and a few multiballs planned.

    #127 17 days ago

    Lots of really interesting ideas there. I'll look forward to future gameplay videos where we can see the how your vision plays out with the actual ball being flipped.

    You've done a great job developing the style and feel I remember from playing Sierra games, and the use of the profile system for inventory and progress management is great.

    Quick tip on the simulation gui. If you don't see the mouse in the game window, try alt-tabbing away and then back again. It's a unity simulator bug.

    Question: will the player be able to cancel the introductory dialogue?

    - Gerry

    #128 17 days ago
    Quoted from gstellenberg:

    Quick tip on the simulation gui. If you don't see the mouse in the game window, try alt-tabbing away and then back again. It's a unity simulator bug.

    Question: will the player be able to cancel the introductory dialogue?

    Ooh, good tip.

    Yes, the intro can be cancelled by a flipper press. It only plays once per game and is stored as part of your profile. Similarly, the attract Sierra music can be cancelled by pressing start.

    #129 16 days ago

    Awesome progress— thanks for posting the video!

    #130 15 days ago

    Took (most of) Saturday off - I made the lane letters a bit more transparent when they are not hit to contrast a bit better with the backgrounds.

    Sunday I tweaked the saving routine to include the current Scene, so that when you load it will reload where you last slept (at the proper time/health/etc).

    This highlighted a pretty nasty bug I introduced in the mode handling, so I am taking the time to retool that. That's what I'm working on currently.

    I also added in support for displaying an image on the death screen - for each death, I will pop up a picture that will provide some kind of very minor hint. For example, if you die due to exhaustion, a stamina potion will show. In the video, you can see a white square appear - that's where the image placeholder lived.

    Spent a bit of time troubleshooting time-based stamina draw-down. Initially, you would get two phases of time before all of your stamina and health were leeched from your body. A bit of a problem, but it turned out that in C# you can't cast a string to an int directly, you have to call int.Parse on the string. Computer languages are filled with weird syntactical funkiness, and I just stumbled into this one, haha. So casting the string to an int was always representing the value as 0. You got one cycle to set the stamina to 0, then a second one to set health to 0, then you're dead. Not very cool... so I fixed that problem and noticed that the stamina draw-down is hitting twice. I shuffled some things around, and moved the stamina draw down directly into the change in the day/night cycle. It's still hitting twice per change... even though I've added in a boolean that should prevent a second running per cycle. I set that down for a bit, because it was driving me nuts.

    Upon dying, you have the option to restore or restart. If you've never saved, then you now only get the option to restart. I might smooth out a couple of minor graphical things with this (there are arrows indicating you have a choice when you really don't).

    Struck a deal with the environmental artist for the next three backgrounds, and heard from my new tuba player on a song I want recorded. Hopefully I'll have a new background and my main character sprite this week. Of the upcoming three backgrounds, two are interiors - the artist and I discussed what should be done as it will be quite different from the exteriors. We hope we have a plan now.

    #131 14 days ago

    I've completely rewritten my mode handling within the game. It's mostly back up and running, but now is far more efficient when switching between screens, especially for long-playing games.

    Now it's a matter of adding in all the shots in the various modes, slicing/dicing the dialog, and adding in special extra rules.

    Got a preview of the next area today, looks great! Hopefully I'll have a bit more down-time between content drops.

    Still haven't heard from my potential tuba player - if anyone plays a low brass instrument (baritone, tuba, heck, even trombone would probably be ok - but tuba or baritone preferred) and would like a session gig for the game, please PM me so we can start a dialog. I am very easy to work with (supposedly).

    #132 12 days ago

    Hired a sprite artist to redraw the item and action icons in higher res, and received two interior backgrounds - the magic shop and the adventurer's guild hall.

    I have spent the past couple of days implementing new action modes for each screen.

    Outside of the Healer's hut, I mentioned that I have my first skill checks! I set up a naive implementation of skill checks for climbing. If it works, I'll make it more generic (and push it down to a more general layer) like I did for stamina/health drawdown.

    I also found a site that gives the formulas involved in health and magic point calculation, which are not quite what I expected. That will make programming increases to max health easier.

    Another interesting thing that I have to account for in my player data: puzzle checks. I had to write my first puzzle solution at lunch today. I may also refactor puzzle solution checks once I verify that this thing works!

    The puzzle completion also factors into things like which shots are active, so I had to ensure that this is passed all up and down the mode and GUI layers. In the end, it will make for a very polished experience.

    #133 11 days ago

    Skill checks will have to happen on the shot mode in question (there's not a huge improvement to making that more general from a readability standpoint), but I did split out skill improvements to their own ModeToMode method. The idea being that I can post a string that will be the skill key, which will be updated by one point.

    I also implemented general functions to check the dynamically calculated point values (Health, Magic Points, Stamina) as the base game does (they are percentages of two other attributes), with the ability to max them out upon sleep or to just improve them by x points upon increase to underlying skill points. This happens automatically when a skill is improved.

    The first section in the game requires you to climb a tree - climbing that tree takes a bit of your stamina, and if you don't pass the skill check, you fall and get hurt! So you can climb yourself to death if you do not rest. Resting passes time, and if the time gets to nightfall and you are still outside... you die. So it behooves you to pay close attention to what you're doing, or perhaps find a different solution to the puzzle?

    As you might imagine, I had this all working late last night, but after ripping everything up to make it more generic, things are no longer working. Should be a quick fix (I hope)! Then I should be able to write the other solutions to the puzzle using skill gating as well.

    I hope to have Use-ing worked out this weekend. I currently have all the GUI stuff working properly - you can add or remove items from the list, and it will resize appropriately and prevent you from paging beyond the listed items. I know the total number of items and the offset, or index, of each item, but I don't know precisely what that item is! I will need to add another few methods to determine that from positional data, I think. Then use that to determine which shots should appear.

    If I breeze past that, I'll work on adding new scenes to the game. I have three new ones waiting to go!

    #134 9 days ago

    Added quite a bit today:

    1) Ability to use items, generically
    2) Bugfixes for generic skill improvements/reductions.
    3) Implementation of money - in the game, certain items require the use of a particular amount of money. Using the coin purse will either award you an item when shooting the lit shot, or a callout - "Hey, you don't have enough money!".
    4) Added ability to use lockpick on self.
    5) Added three scenes (just basically, not full shot handling) - Inside the Guild Hall, inside the Magic Shop, and outside the Bar.
    6) Skill checks can chain to adding modes to enable shots for acquiring items/completing puzzles.
    7) Skill improvements for base skills (vitality, agility, etc) happen on a low level and require X number of tries before the base skill actually improves. Previously I had added a low level check for increasing health, magic points and stamina. Lots of bugfixes there.
    8 ) Item usage can also improve skills.
    9) Skill checks enable callouts on fail. Added placeholders for success events (need sprites to animate).

    Annnnd found some cool bugs:
    1) Game becomes very unstable - sometimes - when restarting. I haven't pinpointed why, but I'm guessing there's a mode that isn't getting cleaned when the game exits.
    2) Adding more than one item destroys my item canvas positioning. I think I may need to throw in the towel on shifting the canvas as a previous poster suggested. Adding one item works great! Removing one item also works great, but I am not sure if removing two causes the same problem. Perhaps it's related to the speed with which the items are added... not sure.

    Really like the way things are heading. Once I get these other modes built a bit more, I'll pop it on the machine again. In the interim, I have lots of background stuff to animate in the Magic Shop and one particle emitter to add in the Guild Hall. Hoping that that is as easy as I remember... but I haven't messed with animations since the last time I did a Unity tutorial. Time to dive back in and re-learn.

    There are I believe three more scenes within the town. Also ready to branch out and work on stuff outside of the town. For those familiar with the game, I am going to be modifying the map - some characters will be removed, and many of the forest scenes will be removed to make the game easier to navigate and control. As I get artwork from outside the town, I'll need to draw a map to ensure everything works properly.

    Next week is going to be very busy with my day job. I'm going to work on this as much as possible, but it might be a lot less than it has been.

    #135 7 days ago

    Fleshing out the Guild Hall scene shot modes. I have to split up dialog, but I'm not entirely satisfied by the Guild Master's voice actor's performance (-very- flat), so I'll likely put that dialog in there as a placeholder while I look for a good replacement actor.

    #136 2 days ago

    Guild Hall and Magic Shop are now added, along with background animations. I've got a really fun set of animations in the Magic Shop. Hope to film a new test on the actual machine soon!

    Wrote a bunch of stuff on an airplane last week for the Healer's Hut - now USE-ing items works properly... though I might want to re-balance using rocks to make it a bit easier.

    I have also added Alley and Bar scenes, and I've begun adding modes and so forth. Bought a new game and have some shuffling of my collection to do to make it fit... so I'll be a bit slower over the coming week (mostly working on QFG at lunch).

    I received a full set of item icons - bit hit-or-miss on the quality side, waiting for a revision or two.

    I am also about to receive another piece of background art - this one for the thieve's guild! Some of the alley modes will be fun to write, along with the bar, which includes the first piece of dialog that you'll need to respond to. The next few pieces of art will be outside of town. I'm ready...

    My wife has suggested a few times that I need to make several difficulty modes, but I find the idea unnecessary for now - since you can save and resume on any screen (with skill), making it easier would mean fully healing you or something upon load. Once I have combat implemented, I guess we'll see how she feels. While it's not fun to have to start over, it makes the game a bit more exciting and difficult... we'll see!

    #137 1 day ago

    Added the ability for a mode to fire based on if you entered a scene at day or nighttime.

    In the computer game, if you enter a scene in the day, characters might be out and about to talk with you.

    At night, those characters will not be available to chat - but only if you entered the scene at that time (they go off to sleep or eat or whatever).

    If you remain in the screen through the day cycle and into night, the characters that are out remain out. They don't just vanish.

    I wanted the pinball to operate in the same way.

    To understand how this functions, I might have to explain how the modes are added to my game:
    There are five main modes on each screen - Walk, Look, Take, Talk, and Use.
    Those are added to the stack based on the selection made in the IconSelectionMode, which is running at a slightly higher priority than the scene mode (probably not necessary, but I wanted to make sure they could always be moved and took precedence over any other uses of the buttons and handlers mapped in that mode).

    As you move through, the game will add/remove the modes surrounding if it detects they are active/inactive. Pushing the button to change to Look will deactivate the Walk mode (and all children) if that makes sense...

    So within each of the main modes, there are child modes - these are what I call the 'shot' modes. My modes are named by scene, so AlleyWalkShotMode would be one... within these shot modes are event handlers that catch specific switch hits, and then push them to methods that will cause some kind of graphical interaction and/or disable the shotmode, etc. As the shot modes are enabled, the corresponding shot indicators appear in the GUI.

    Typically, the shot modes will either move you through the game (walking), or enable a callout to play, add something to your inventory, or use an item.

    In the instance of these day/night cycle changes - my mode structure still works, but I need to pass a different variable - when you enter the scene, a private var is set on ModeStart that sets if it was day or night. Obviously this has to happen -after- the day/night cycle loader has finished its work, but before the 'icon' modes become active.

    I had to add two event handlers (one on the mode side, and one on the GUI side) to handle setting or checking that variable, and then I added an event handler to enable/disable day/night versions of each type of icon shot in the GUI (the physical, or mode, side is already taken care of by the branching tree structure I mentioned earlier).

    So basically, when you enter the scene, your current state is loaded including the current part of the cycle in day/night. Then it does a quick check - is this nighttime? If so, when each of the modes are called for the icons, the fact that it's night comes through and it won't activate the daytime shots. If not, it does the opposite.

    If it sounds complicated, well, it is I guess. I'm trying to structure things in a way that won't make me tear my hair out.

    With the village scenes that I already have written I have a really good handle on the structure of pretty much everything in the game, with the following exceptions:

    1) Combat - I'm going to make this a mini-game. Should be fun!
    2) Scene-specific pinball modes. These are different than the normal shot handlers - they will be minigames like combat that interact with the ball in different ways. A multiball or two in here.
    3) Call and response shots. I have one coming up in the bar that I have yet to write. That should be interesting, but the principle is the same as any other dialog mode - you hit a shot to qualify, then another to ask your question. In this case, when the callout is finished it will start a throwaway mode that asks for a call/response at a higher priority, then kill it off automatically when you hit a shot.

    Otherwise, I have not been posting as much because I am wiring up all of these separate icon modes and shots for every screen. Quite a lot of work, but nothing really exciting to show and, as always, I'm sure my structure could be improved, but that's how it works!

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