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Owning the same machine twice , would you ?

By Pinballgeek

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Just out of curiosity I was wandering whether people would own the same machine more than once. As for me I have a rule that once it's gone it's not comming back. I did that with Judge Dredd and after owning it for the second time it didn't feel right and wanted to get shut of it quickly as it wasn't as fun as it was the first time round. There are few machines that i regret letting go of ( Medusa, Gorgar and Creature from the black lagoon ) to fund other machines but I wouldn't own them again.

#2 7 years ago

I we a lot of people on here do but I think they are mostly buying to resell. I'm with you once it's out the door it's never coming back. The only exception is finding an excellent deal on a project game that I can use to fund another project.

#3 7 years ago

I have done it twice and in neither case did I regret getting them a second time.

#4 7 years ago

Did it with STTNG. I will own a 3rd one day...

#5 7 years ago

Guilty of 3 POTC and would consider it again. I know crazy right.

#6 7 years ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Guilty of 3 POTC and would consider it again. I know crazy right.

No surprise...wife wants POTC back, too!

#7 7 years ago

Had five TZ lined up in a row at one stage including a prototype. Admittedly this was after a container import and only the prototype ended up staying long term in residence. Still my favourite game.

Have two MM currently - one an original and one a converted NBAFB built from repro parts. Probably qualifies more as a Ship of Theseus paradox?

#8 7 years ago

TRON and Stargate were two that I HAD to have back.

In general, I feel that there are way too many great games with not enough time, space, or money to own them all. Most games that I trade or sell won't be coming back.

#9 7 years ago

I have owned data east simpsons twice, bally speakeasy, and i would buy silverball mania and travel time again if i had the chance

#10 7 years ago

I did it with Iron Man. Actually bought a second just two weeks after selling my first one.

#11 7 years ago

Oh, i would also buy wizard and bone busters again.

#12 7 years ago

I have bought back T2 and Swords of Fury. I am sure I will buy back others from my past when a good deal comes around. But worse than buying back games I own 3 sets of duplicate games right now.

#13 7 years ago

Sometimes I have to sell to get others.....then when I can get the same title back, I do it (Dirty Harry, Congo, WPT, FGuy). Sometimes I sell a game in so-so condition so I can get a nicer one later on (TAF)

#14 7 years ago

I've bought back BSD, MSF and LOTR, just because we missed them. I'd get a Shadow and a GNR again if I could find them locally!

#15 7 years ago

Had JM twice. I enjoyed it more the second time because I had a better example and it's a fast game. Don't think I would buy it a third time but like to play this title when I see it!

Some other titles I had I don't always want to play in other people's collections.


#16 7 years ago

Yes, and I have a few times. But all but 1 has left again. However I plan on getting 1 back for a 3rd time.

#17 7 years ago

Just sold my 2nd TZ, I'll be looking for a 3rd next year.

#18 7 years ago

3 BF

2 SF2
2 JP

10/10 Would own again.

#19 7 years ago

Yes. Plus I often have both pro and premium/LE Sterns next to each other.

#20 7 years ago

I've done it with a few games. A couple were just to resell since the deal was too good to pass up. A couple were because I missed the game. TSPP was one that came back and won't leave. LAH was one that came back and left quickly. Man those call outs are bad!

#21 7 years ago

I wont buy a pin ive allready owned since there are so many i haven't and want first . However lots people buy and sell the same titles over and over as long as they get a good deal and are making money on them.

#22 7 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

However lots people buy and sell the same titles over and over as long as they get a good deal and are making money on them.

Except me. I seem to lose money every time.

#23 7 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Except me. I seem to lose money every time.

Same here. Not here for the money.

#24 7 years ago

Just got rid of my Demolition Man in a trade yesterday and I already want it back!

#25 7 years ago

Owning one twice would require me to actually get rid of one, which will never happen.

#26 7 years ago

owned a FT and loved it. Let it go to make room for others. When an exceptional example became available locally, I jumped on it. I don't think I'll be letting it go any time soon.

#27 7 years ago

Do you mean the exact same machine that you previously sold and bought back again, or a different machine of the same game?

I have done both, I bought back my old BK2K from Archyta5 a while back which I still have, plus I have bought a second TZ, LOTR and Fish Tales after regretting selling my original one.

Most games that I've previously owned I feel that I've "scratched the itch" and don't want them back again, but a few like TZ, Fish Tales, Harlem Globetrotters and MM are always welcome back in my collection.

#28 7 years ago

I sent IM, TFLE, ST Premium out - they are ALL back now...

#29 7 years ago

I sent IM, TFLE, ST Premium out - they are ALL back
Good move....the part about getting them back. Someone slipped you a mickie?

#30 7 years ago

I have owned mutiples of various titles over the past 30 years.

Some up to four times.

Some that come to mind are. TAF, CFTBL, NF, HSII, WH20, FT, EBD, BSD, T2 and many other SS and EM games.

Some have never left.
There are fundamental reasons such as condition, price, quality, space or changes in lifestyle.

Most that stick around do if they collect and restore.
If people just play, they don't.

#31 7 years ago

Only game I've owned twice was IJ...didn't have the magic I remembered the second time. In fact, I consider the game a dud now.

#32 7 years ago

On my second POTC. Hated trading the first one away got a second almost a year later and don't regret buying it again.

#33 7 years ago

I can't wait to get Batman Forever back. Only sold it to help fund Iron Man. Don't regret that at all, but still miss it

#34 7 years ago

Sure. Heck, I've owned the same game twice at the same time. Once even the same game three times!

#35 7 years ago

Yep.... Done it a couple times, and I suspect I will do it a couple more.

#36 7 years ago

Just put a deposit on my second SST. I miss it. Sold it over 1.5 years ago.

#37 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballgeek:

As for me I have a rule that once it's gone it's not comming back.

The only rule in pinball should be "Don't have any rules". That way when you change your mind you are not breaking the rules.

I've only done it 3 times, and I don't regret any of them. In each case, the replacement was a better copy, and I liked the game. And giving it some thought, if I had space, there are 3 others I'd bring back given the right circumstance.

#38 7 years ago

2 Comet
3 Cyclone
2 Phoenix

#39 7 years ago

Guilty....Have owned a Black Hole in the past am in the process of acquiring another. Regretted ever getting rid of the first one.

#40 7 years ago
Quoted from RWH:

Have owned a Black Hole in the past

That's also a game that I've owned more than once. I take the question as meaning a game you've owned to have in your collection rather than one you've bought multiple times only to fix and sell. Fish Tales and Black Hole are the two that I can think of that I've owned more than once in my collection.


#41 7 years ago

On my second T2 and looking for a third Getaway.

#42 7 years ago

I've done it before and will do it again. There's games I like that'll start to get stale for me so I'll switch 'em out, but just because they started to get stale doesn't mean I dislike them and will never want to start playing them again.

#43 7 years ago

Dual owned games so far:

Tron Pro

Have owned before and want back:

AC/DC Premium
Space Shuttle
Diamondplate Rollergames
Future Spa

#44 7 years ago

I've only sold 2 games so far (Bally strikes and spared and MB) and I'd buy both back. I'd probably end up selling and then buying MB again, SS would likely stay this time.

#46 7 years ago

I have bought these games back in for a second time around and they aren't going anywhere this time.

WH20, STTNG, JM, JD and Shadow

Other games I have owned more then once but gone now are
DM (3x), TSPP (2x)

#47 7 years ago

BSD & FT owned twice. Taxi only once; keeper from day one.

#48 7 years ago

I own a Meteor now and owned one in the past.
Sometimes, you don't know what you got, til its gone.

#49 7 years ago

T2 twice never again.
No Fear twice have still.
Judge Dredd twice have still.
The Shadow twice will again.

#50 7 years ago

Yes, but it really depends on the game. Some I'd own again, others I wouldn't.

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