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Other Hobbies?

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By manowar43

4 years ago


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#1 4 years ago


We covered (are covering) professions in another topic.
What are any other hobbies/collectibles/sports you Pinaholics are (or have been in the past) in to?

I go in and out of several different from year to year.

1. Avid Disc Golfer (commonly known as frisbee golf) (casual/ league / tournament play)
2. HOOKED on UFC fighting
3. Used to or still collect :
*Wacky Package stickers
* Garbage Pail Kids stickers
* Original "Redline" Hot Wheels
* Comic books mostly independent tiles...
....Favorites were: "Deadworld" "Judge Dredd" "Vietnam Journal" "Roachmill"
4. Dart league Champion (back in the day)
5. Collected skill stop (Pachislo) slot machines for a while.
* Still have (2) "Death Valley" and "Metal Slug" machines.
6. Pins for 2 months and have 2 machines and hopefully soon a third (JP)

#2 4 years ago

Architecture,kind of job related being a builder.

Trees,planted lots of trees on a piece of property I own,a few being Blight resistant American chestnuts.

Grand kids,have 4 with another on the way!

Like UFC also and amature wrestling.

#3 4 years ago

Besides pins & arcades

Restore and mod old cars ( way too many to list)

Avid golfer, I also collect old sets of clubs and my putter collection (mainly Karsten) is around 112 - 115.

I'm also a Barefooter and wakeboarder...

2 ducati's - 996,monster plus a Triumph speedtriple

Used to be into RC nitro cars ( still have 3 buggies if someone's looking for a couple)

Snow skiing and snow boarding

I own 7 houses, lived in every one of them while I remodeled them, once done I look for another, rent the newly remodeled one and start all over again..

Damn!!!!!!!!!!!! This post got me thinking.... I think I need to get married so I can save some money!!!!

#4 4 years ago

That's funny you should mention the Wacky Packages stickers, I used to collect those as a kid. I also have a collection (from my childhood) of original Kenner Star Wars toys, and the smaller GI Joes from the 80's.

I have old Red Line and Blackwall Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Kenner SSP Smash Up Derby sets too.

I used to skateboard in the 80's, and play disc golf in the 90's. I pretty much just mountain bike for excersize and fun now.

I probably should sell all those old toys and buy more pins!

Jeff R.

#5 4 years ago

Get married to save money,Wow I guess it is possible.LOL

#6 4 years ago

I collect G scale trains. Specifically the D&RGW.
Snowboard and SCUBA
These are my primary hobbies but have done too many others to list.

#7 4 years ago

I'm a major comic book fan (Excelsior! Marvel fans) amazingly i don't own a spiderman though. i have a full run of spiderman comics from #1-400 as well as some great silver age fantastic four. Lord of the Rings is another bigtime thing for me, i DID splurge on that pinball. Golfing is the sport i play now although it used to be hockey. i fire up my ps3 a good amount as well. it's cool to learn a little about each other as most of the time its all pinball talk!

#8 4 years ago

Used to golf a lot too but with 4 kids now, can't afford to do it much. Disc Golf is Free aside from purchasing discs from time to time.

Ya... Wacky Packages... If I could go back in time... When I started collecting those (aside from childhood) I had a full box of original 16th series. I opened them put the set together and sold the extras.That Full unopened box of 16th series now is worth thousands.

Wish I still had my Redline collection too. Sold it about 12 years ago for 10,000.00. Worth probably 4 times that now.

#9 4 years ago

amongst other hobbies like slot cars, super 8 filmmaking, photography, cars, computers, 8 tracks, CB Radios, Shortwave, etc, etc...

RedlineXXLFlight2010small.jpgRedlineXXLFlight2010small.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#10 4 years ago

Aside from a love for pinball, I'm very much into retro video games and building computers for people.

I own a few arcade cabinets, but for the most part, I collect old video game systems.

Other than that, I enjoy physical sports (football, basketball, and jogging) when I am away from the ball plunger & flipper buttons.

PS: That is one sweet lookin' bike super8man, sittin on your beautiful pins!!!

#11 4 years ago

My other passion is bass fishing . I also have several RC planes, but I enjoy building them more than flying. I have also done the sports cards ....50,000 plus, comics 200-300, but nothing recently. I love to watch Ice Hockey and collect some sticks and pucks. And I guess my pet red tail boa is a hobby. I have about 75 frozen rats in freezer and not much else.

#12 4 years ago

Super8man are those tapestry's in the back ground behind your pins?

#13 4 years ago

I play drums, piano, and a little guitar in an instrumental rock/metal band. Also do all the recording and mixing for our tunes.

But funny enough I'm not very coordinated when it comes to sports so I just stick to running - almost every day. Also funny is I had a major injury running when I slipped on some ice four years ago - dislocated my right shoulder & needed surgery. I really should just stay in my house and play pinball

#14 4 years ago

Off and On I have a MAME video cabinet that work on and play with. It's not nearly as satisfying as my Pins though.

I also like to play Volleyball. Once a week we play 3 pickup sand court games.

I like to run, but until recently, I had really gotten out of shape. Lost 30 pounds since August and still going I may just disapear in another six months.

Home automation. I had a home automation system that was speach enabled with voice recognition (even before the HAL2000 system came out). But, about 10 years ago, we moved and I have only partially revamped the system. Recently, I have been pulling things together to revamp. I don't want to go to deep into detail (for another thread) but I'd be happy to share with anyone who's interested.

That, and my family and my faith life. I'm very heavily active in my church.


#15 4 years ago

The wall material behind the pins is "tapa cloth" from Tonga in the South Pacific. I am part Tongan. I have a bunch of tapa and that was a remnant that I felt was OK to tack to the wall.

The bike is a 2010 Redline I built (for enough to buy two pins) and weighs just a touch over 19 pounds fully race-ready. I fell off one of my Kona BMX bikes at the track last year and am a bit gun-shy getting back on in any kind of air-time situation. I doubt my kids would bathe/feed me should something happen! Ha.

Oh, I forgot, I collect ukuleles and play them as well.

#16 4 years ago

Curing meat! I have a constant rotation of things in and around the house. Panchetta, duck prosciutto, copa, and pastrami are all going right now, plus I sliced up and marinated 25lbs (wet) of jerky today. Tomorrow I go pick up a 1/4 of a pig so I can start making sausage for the smokebox. I'm excited about that cause the weather has been too cold for too long to use the smoker at all.

I'm also an avid mushroom hunter and forager when the season is right. Last year I picked about 25lbs dried, which is a lot of time in the woods. I'm hoping for a banner year this spring with all the crazy snow we've had. But berry season is right around the corner and there are some amazing wild garlic fields a couple of hours from my house that are ready for a visit... food good!

#17 4 years ago

Racing cars and playing guitars! (me in the car, my old man the doing all the work

fb1.jpgfb1.jpg (Click image to enlarge) fb2.jpgfb2.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#18 4 years ago

Snowboarding **living in British Columbia, Canada is awesome for that**
Guitar **I suck, but still love to play, acoustic only usually**
Fishing **Tons of trout fishing around here, and gorgeous scenery**
Photography **Since I got into pins, photography has gone by the wayside**

#19 4 years ago

Homebrewing. I designed and built this.

However, I have to admit that after the pinball bug bit last year, I haven't brewed. When it warms up, I'm going to crank out a couple of batches.

DSC_4109_(Large).JPGDSC_4109_(Large).JPG (Click image to enlarge)

#20 4 years ago

stangbat that is awesome..

#21 4 years ago

Collecting guitars & amps and the associated tinkering that comes with that.

Keeping my classic Corvette running in the summertime. You think pinballs are maintenance nightmares?

#22 4 years ago

Other then pinball I'd have to say Bicycles - restoring selling,
and now that has narrowed down to vintage French road bikes like Velosolex , Paris Sport, etc

only other thing on the radar right now are Retro/80s - 90s new wave events
thanks to facebook you can find them every month or so from NYC-Philly PA
you never know who you will end up dancing with around closing time?
Madonna or Morticia Addams.

#23 4 years ago

My wife and I like to race sailboats. We race a Flying Scot together and I race an MC Scow by myself.

#24 4 years ago

Are you looking for any old video games?
I have been buying/reselling them off and on for years. I recently started selling off my personal collection (Ebay). Not a lot left now but a bunch of Genesis games, A Saturn system, and about 25 games, Dreamcast system, A few NES games, and some common N64 titles.

#25 4 years ago

Restoring old vw bugs and RC short coarse trucks.

#26 4 years ago

greetings! nice bike super8man, about 30 years back i used to do bmx- about 2 years ago i found a nice pk ripper on ebay and knew i had to have it, gonna recapture my youth.
about 1 year 363 days 23 hours and 53 minets ago i ate it in the street in front of the house.

im not so sure once you ride abike saying is correct- at least not ride it well.

current hobbies, photography, travel, restoring a victorian home, gardening/ like to eat at least.


#27 3 years ago

Reading - huge book worm. Maugham, Salinger, Murakami, Doestoevsky, Larsson, Nietzsche, and Dreiser are some of my fave writers. Can't live without my Kindle nowadays. Fuck the ipad.

Cinema - i love movies, probably the best artform in this age of technology we live in. Terrence Malick, Bresson, Tarkovsky, Tran Anh Hung, Wong Kar-Wai, and Woody Allen are directors I admire. Owning a large HDTV, a surround sound system, and an all region blu-ray player is a must.

Video Games - I've played these suckers since as long as I've remembered. This hobby comes and goes more than any other hobby I have but its always relevant to my life. I latched on to Pinballs because of Video Gaming. Video Gaming doesn't give me the long term satisfaction pinball gives me but it is still cool and the most nostalgic of the things I like.

#28 3 years ago

Cars, Legos, sports, and SW and Simpsons collectables.

#29 3 years ago

R/C airplanes - have been into it for almost 20 years, still enjoy it.

Electronic music production - my home studio is mostly collecting dust, but I may get back into it.

Amateur radio (Morse code) - spent a lot of time on it a few years ago.

I'm thinking about getting into creating electronic circuits with microcontrollers, but I can't figure out where to start.

#30 3 years ago

I am a game developer. So my first hobby is making games as seen here -->

» YouTube video

» YouTube video

But my relax at home hobby is PINBALL!!!


#31 3 years ago

Other hobbies besides pinball? Whaaaaaat!

#32 3 years ago

Hey Mummite - I loved the first Sly Cooper, I have plans to play the rest.

My hobbies? Golf and Sim-Racing mostly. I race on iRacing, although pinball has eaten up a lot of the time I used to spend doing that.

IMG_0973.JPGIMG_0973.JPG (Click image to enlarge) IMG_0997.JPGIMG_0997.JPG

#33 3 years ago

Fine wine with a huge cellar and many bottles. Fine cigars. Hunting. Weightlifting. I guess I'm eclectic

#34 3 years ago

I would say art and music for me.

#35 3 years ago

Sword fighting
Gun collecting - shooting

#36 3 years ago

I like turtles!

#37 3 years ago
bigdaddy07 said:

Sword fighting
Gun collecting - shooting

That looks like the whole script for a Quentin Tarantino movie.

#39 3 years ago
The_Dude_Abides said:

I would say art and music for me.

Does music really count anymore as a hobby? Some enjoy it more than others, but it seems to just be part of most peoples lifestyle. Like eating. Some people really like eating a variety of food, but don't we all? It seems these things are more of a hobby if you're a musician or cook.

#40 3 years ago

It seems these things are more of a hobby if you're a musician or cook.

Hahaa thanks for the critique stranger. I do play some guitar but don't agree with your assessment of music (even just listening/collecting) or cooking for that matter not being a hobby. Seems like your being a tad rigid here. There are no rules to hobbies man.

#41 3 years ago
scooter said:

Get married to save money,Wow I guess it is possible.LOL

I went in the opposite direction and got divorced to save money.

Deaconblooze said:

My hobbies? Golf and Sim-Racing mostly. I race on iRacing, although pinball has eaten up a lot of the time I used to spend doing that.

That racing setup is glorious!

#42 3 years ago

I love movies, so I collect dvd's/blu-ray. I don't buy everything out there, it's gotta be something that I really like and want to have as a keeper in order to buy and have in the collection. So far in the collection these are some of my favorite sets -

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - entire series
The Invaders - entire series
The X-files - entire series
The Lone Gunmen - box set
Millennium - box set
Alien Anthology - bluray with Alien egg
Alien Quadrilogy box set
Alien-Predator total destruction collection
Stargate SG1 boxset
Band of Brothers boxset
Generation Kill boxset

Star Trek fan - have every series on dvd. Next Gen is being released on blu-ray so that's mo'
money being spent in the future. ***eventually I will have the ST 25th anniversary pin and ST-TNG pin in the collection. I also play the mmo pc game Star Trek online, bought a lifetime subscription a year and half ago, the game just started with it's 2nd year anniversary celebration.

PC Gaming - started in the mid 90's,have a collection of over 150+ games, with a huge portion
of this collection with the original box intact and in excellent condition. I bought joysticks, gaming mice, and other peripherals which I still have.

Music - I like hard rock and heavy metal, so back in the 80's I went to alot of concerts, but I've cut back alot now that I'm hitting middle age / 47. So now I collect and watch alot of concerts on dvd & bluray, in addition to still buying cd's and I download from Itunes. I have every RUSH concert that they've released on dvd / bluray. Have alot of Dream Theater on dvd, not all available but alot.

Reading - I've been reading alot of hard rock biographies that have come out recently. I have RED-My uncensored life in rock by Sammy Hagar, Dave Mustaine, Slash, Duff McCagan, Iron Man-Tony Iommi my journey through Heaven & Hell with Black Sabbath. I have a collection of books on Navy Seals, the rogue warrior Dick Marcinko, Jason Bourne books, books on computer hacking and computer security by Kevin Mitnick. Books by Neal Peart-drummer from RUSH. Books on conspiracy theories, UFO's, a few books on the Occult.

That's it...throw in pinball and there ya' go.

#43 3 years ago

Muscle/Fast Cars, Chess, and Model Trains (restarting this hobby with my 6 year old son). Past hobbies included DVD collecting, Comics and Stamps.

#44 3 years ago

I'm a musician and play in several bands (drums are my main instrument but also guitar, bass & keys).

#45 3 years ago
stangbat said:

Homebrewing. I designed and built this.
However, I have to admit that after the pinball bug bit last year, I haven't brewed. When it warms up, I'm going to crank out a couple of batches.

Attachments DSC_4109_(Large).JPG (73.6 KB, 1 downloads) 11 months old

Yes, this is really sweet. 2 Hobbies I had before moving to NYC were disc golf (several nice courses around DC; still have lots of my old discs) and motorcycles (riding, modding, maintenance). Other current hobbies include drumming (anyone in NYC wanna jam?), origami, collecting some random stuff (tons of DVDs, mostly from the old days when they were practically giving them away!), classic game consoles (TG-16/Duo/Express, Atari Lynx and Jaguar, Virtual Boy, 3DO, GBC/GBA, lots of games and peripherals and GB multicarts), reading books (voraciously--mostly spy/adventure/mystery/scifi), cooking (no grill these days, alas), mixology (my ChemE heritage), and general handyman stuff.

#46 3 years ago

1. Film Buff - I love watching movies and own waaaaaaaaay too many DVDs/Blu-rays.
2. Reading - I had fallen off the horse for awhile, but have now gotten back into reading. Kindle 4 life!
3. SWTOR - For the last month this game has been eating into my pin playing time, but it rocks... So what the hell.
4. Music - Hard rock and heavy metal mostly, but as I've gotten older my tastes have broadened. Sometimes I surprise myself with songs/bands I now enjoy that I would have looked down upon in my youth.
5. Video Games - This is mainly SWTOR at the moment, but I've known to frequent PSN and Xbox Live from time to time as well.
6. Disc Golf - I'm not very good, but it is fun nonetheless.

#47 3 years ago

Road racing and modding my Corvette and cts-v. i have neglected to do much with them and pins have taken over since last august or so!

local race track to me was flooded all last year so glad i found pinball to keep me occupied, will prob slow down on buying pins once the track season starts of course no money is won but it is the biggest thrill you can have with your clothes on

Favorite track i have been to and raced on so far is road america! GT_Track_Days_2011_at_Road_America_193.jpgGT_Track_Days_2011_at_Road_America_193.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#48 3 years ago

I collect Robots

40846_1461581393013_1637791651_1110557.jpg40846_1461581393013_1637791651_1110557.jpg (Click image to enlarge) DSC03917.JPGDSC03917.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

#49 3 years ago

I make steampunk and victorian art for a hobby. So far they are lamps, ouija boards, hellraiser cubes, soon to be R2D2 kegerator (victorian style), and a victorian MAME machine. To make all this stuff I designed and built a 6 axis cnc machine. For work, I make movies for film and video games. So, yes, life is all fun and games;)

#50 3 years ago

Music! My album sales fuel my pinball addiction lol!

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