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Show us your M & EM Gun & Submarine Games!


6 years ago

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    #925 1 year ago

    Finally finished restoring my Chicago Coin Flying Ducks. The old 8 track player wasn't the best so fitted new exciting sounds. The sound card used is the WAV Trigger from Sparkfun. The nice feature about this card is it's polyphonic, meaning it's able to play multiple sound together. Also has great sound trigger abilities. Could easily plug 8 track back in when fixed.
    Front glass was broken so scanned it in, cleaned up using Gimp and got a new one printed. Added better backlight to top and improved UV illumination for the playfield. Works 99.9% Game timing dial slowly drifts around.
    Cabinet just needs a thorough clean.
    If you would like to see the game in action go to

    Hope you like it? This was my first attempt to restore a gun game.
    Oh! And it was fun dragging it upstairs. 200kg +

    P1050443 (resized).JPGP1050447 (resized).JPGP1050470 (resized).JPGP1050842 (resized).JPGP1050852 (resized).JPGP1050857 (resized).JPGP1050860 (resized).JPGP1050861 (resized).JPGP1050869 (resized).JPGP1060007 (resized).JPG
    #927 1 year ago

    Thank you. Yes, good point. I think I'll drop the music by a few dB. Nice thing about digital it can easily be changed.

    1 month later
    #953 1 year ago

    Carnival Gun. Just a couple of screws to tighten and gun & cabinet clean and she should be good as new.

    Now where did I put that screwdriver?

    P1050798 (resized).JPGP1060658 (resized).JPGP1060659 (resized).JPGP1060660 (resized).JPGP1060661 (resized).JPGP1060662 (resized).JPGP1060663 (resized).JPGP1060664 (resized).JPGP1060665 (resized).JPGP1060666 (resized).JPGP1060667 (resized).JPGP1060668 (resized).JPGP1060669 (resized).JPG
    1 week later
    #957 1 year ago

    Woohoo! Look what I picked up today. Oh the joy it will bring restoring them.

    Red Army (resized).jpgP1060690 (resized).JPGP1060691.JPGP1060688 (resized).JPGP1060689.JPGP1060684 (resized).JPGP1060686 (resized).JPGP1060687 (resized).JPG
    #960 1 year ago

    The red coat I use for moving padding. It's made out of a horse blanket. Super thick and super heavy. Great for protecting back glass. My wife calls me Ivan the Great (I would prefer St. Gabriel Possenti)

    3 months later
    #997 1 year ago

    Midway's Sportsman up and running with added sound board because 8 track tape missing.
    Chicago Coin's Flying Tiger finished with added background soundtrack mixed with original sound boards.
    Also added Head-Up-Display and machine gun vibration on the control stick for extra game play dimension.

    Next job is to restore the Williams Stockade.


    Flying Tiger:

    P1070391 (resized).JPGP1070392 (resized).JPGP1070396 (resized).JPGP1070330 (resized).JPGP1070393 (resized).JPG
    #999 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinballAir:

    I recognize the wav trigger board.
    What is the blue interface between the machine wires and the wav trigger?

    The Sportsman sound trigger circuit fires the op-amp inside the 8 track player. There is a large uF cap connected across each of the 4 sound effects (duck, crow, cougar and background). The reason for the large cap is to prolong the sound coming out from the 8 track. eg duck, crow or cougar hit relay only last a short time but we want the sound to play longer. The side effect of the caps when interfacing to the wav card is the wav input draws very little current resulting in the sound trigger being active for a long time and misses further triggers. The blue cards are power supply (top blue card) from 15vdc to 5volts needed for the opto isolated relay card (bottom blue card). The green PCB is just to connect the .150" pitch edge connector. This makes it compatible with the 8 track unit. I needed to connect a 1k resistor across the input signals to discharge the caps on the amplifier unit and also a resistor in series due to the input trigger voltages from the amplifier board are 16vdc and 20vdc. The input voltage to a WAV card and the relay card are 5volts. This was my 1st attempt and a more simplistic interface would be to connect a 15-20v dc relay with a protection diode across the coil to the 4 trigger inputs to the 8 track and wire the other side of the relay to the WAV card. Thus eliminating the need for the opto relay and 5v dc converter. I used stuff I had at hand at the time. There might be a need to add a resistor across the relay coils to encourage the discharge of the large caps. I'm contemplating to layout a PCB that would be totally compatible with Midway's 8 track player. Any thumbs up for this idea? It would make retro fitting sound to machines that have not 8 track tape installed and are hard to find a lot easier.

    #1000 1 year ago

    1000th Post. Yay. Well done everyone.

    2 months later
    #1018 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    Been reloading garage this week after redue of floor.
    Got a coat of carnauba on cabinets, they were dry and needed it.
    My delux gun i found a problem. Any help would be appreciated. It works great but cant figure out this gun clamp with 2 springs. Think bolt or something is completely gone. The kick back coil for gun works. But does the clamp with springs go to it. My other gun game is no help, different set up under gun.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Don't know if you still need help but these are some pics from my United Delux Carnival Gun. Hope they help?

    P1050812 (resized).JPGP1050813 (resized).JPGP1050815 (resized).JPGP1050816 (resized).JPGP1050817 (resized).JPGP1060096 (resized).JPGP1060097 (resized).JPG
    #1020 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    That is so Awesome of you to post pics!!! YES, helped very much! Its it is exactly what I thought.

    Between you and Pinballair you both were very helpful.
    I just need to find the right bolt and hardware now. Get those springs a little better and finally feel by gun coil. It works by the way, just only once a game when I set it right now.

    Thank you. I'm very pleased we could help.
    If you need any more info like bolt size or more pictures let me know. Cheers

    #1021 1 year ago

    New additions into the fold. All lined up ready to be cleaned, fixed and setup.

    P1070813 (resized).JPGP1070821 (resized).JPG
    #1022 1 year ago

    Yay! Twin Skeet and Super Circus came with original tapes and track players.

    P1070823 (resized).JPGP1070828 (resized).JPGP1070818 (resized).JPGP1070829 (resized).JPG
    3 weeks later
    #1025 1 year ago

    Stockade sitting pretty with new bright lights and more sounds.

    P1080047 (resized).JPGP1080051 (resized).JPGP1080052 (resized).JPG
    11 months later
    #1106 3 months ago
    Quoted from Grayman_EM:

    That game had me laughing it is a great one. I played a few gun and sub games but just what I could find on the guys route when I was young.

    Your Flying Tiger Deluxe music was great so much that at the beginning I thought Rick Flair was coming out to wrestle.
    Lastly does Pinside have a listing of all the sub and other games along with the manufacturer? Just wondering...

    Thank you.

    You could try looking at this site for a list of EM games by category. http://www.pinrepair.com/arcade/index.htm

    I've added a couple of other games restored so far to my YouTube Channel.

    Slowly building up the collection.
    Hope you like them as well?

    P1090212 (resized).JPG
    #1108 3 months ago
    Quoted from HHaase:

    Got my schematics today, and also located the missing bracket for the coin door switch. Finally found the problem with the running score motor, and it's pretty much working now. Only getting 9 shots and not 10, so I have to look into what's up with the shot counter. I also have to align the scan disc for the rifle, but I can at least play a full game for the most part.

    Recently I helped a friend get his Apollo Moon Shot sound board going. I decided to reverse engineer the small board to see what was going on. Thought I'd post my schematic just in case it helps others. The schematic is by no means 100% accurate and feel free to point out any mistakes.

    X10-Space_sound_board v1.1 (resized).JPG
    #1109 3 months ago
    Quoted from Grayman_EM:

    That 1972 Williams "Stockade" rifle game looked like it had a shotgun blast to the back of it. The Chicago Coin "Super Circus" rifle was good too I always have a spot in my heart for Chicago Coin.

    Yep! One day a gun fight broke out inside the machine. Sadly this machine sat in very damp conditions for many years but manage to repair it. Just need to finish the cabinet artwork 'one day'.

    P1070380 (resized).JPGP1070381 (resized).JPGP1070401 (resized).JPGP1070474 (resized).JPGP1070477 (resized).JPGP1070478 (resized).JPG
    1 month later
    #1121 77 days ago
    Quoted from ibuypinballs:

    Picked these up last month.
    [quoted image][quoted image]

    WOW! A Sea Rescue. You don't see many of these. Thanks for posting. If you ever get a chance could you post a video of this?

    3 weeks later
    #1134 52 days ago
    Quoted from TheCollector:

    Heres a shot of my up and coming game room, all electro mechanical. I am on the hunt for a Kasco Star V if anyone knows of one. Thanks!
    List of games in the picture:
    Midway Whirly Bird
    Williams Stockade
    Williams Ambush
    Midway Gangbusters
    Midway Stunt Pilot
    Midway Sea Raider
    Williams Mini Golf
    Midway Deluxe Shooting Gallery
    Genco Shuffle Pool
    Not in pic:
    Sega Jet Rocket
    Midway Panzer attack
    CC Speedway
    CC Motorcycle
    CC Ball Bowler
    [quoted image]

    Welcome and what an awesome collection.

    #1136 52 days ago

    Just got to add to the game room posts. I just love the EM only theme.

    P1090339 (resized).JPGP1090345 (resized).JPGP1090376 (resized).JPGP1090386 (resized).JPG
    #1138 52 days ago
    Quoted from TheCollector:

    Awesome collection! That CC Flying Tiger looks really cool!

    Cheers. I added a few extras to this game. Of course all reversible if one wants to restore to factory. Background sound track, vibrating control stick when firing, head-up-display and a few other things. Thinking about adapting a sky scrolling unit out of a Sonic Fighter to give the effect of flying through the clouds. Optics are a challenge. This game has a serious bit of hardware in it. The airplanes carriage unit is awesome. Their is a two way mirror that combines the planes images together and reflects this up to another two way mirror that permits the red flash produce by a huge spot lamp to flood the screen when you strike a hit. And I've replaced the band aid (not factory ) with a better more appropriate tape. Link to my youtube Flying Tiger.

    P1060850 (resized).JPGP1060851 (resized).JPGP1060852 (resized).JPGP1060853 (resized).JPGP1060855 (resized).JPGP1060857 (resized).JPGP1060858 (resized).JPGP1070303 (resized).JPG
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