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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#1969 6 years ago

Chargers and Broncos split the games during the regular season, but the Chargers run is coming to an end next weekend. I can't stand Rivers, he's a cocky dude and Manning is going to shut his pie hole.

#1971 6 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

And then Brady does it to Manning .......classic

I don't think so. It's Mannings year, broke many records and will cap it off with a Super Bowl win...knock knock knock

4 weeks later
#2533 6 years ago

Congrats Broncos, a record setting season followed up by a pitiful performance in SB48. Hats off to the Seahawks as they just had our number.

11 months later
#4020 5 years ago

I can't stand either team but I'm rooting for the Patriots to win it all. Would rather have seen the Packers and the Colts, oh well.

1 week later
#4163 5 years ago

Can't stand either team, I'll be watching to enjoy the commercials. If I had to pick a team, I'll go with the Seahawks.

7 months later
#4431 5 years ago

Ha ha Seahawks start 0-2

5 months later
#6518 4 years ago

Man I thought Osweiler was gonna be our future QB when Manning retires. Guess not. I think we should go after Kapernick.

#6557 4 years ago

Did I miss the news that Manning is retiring? Sanchez? WTF!

6 months later
#7211 4 years ago

Adrian Peterson sucks!

3 months later
#8029 3 years ago

Yep the reining Super Bowl champs were eliminated from the playoffs but I guarantee neither the Chiefs nor the Raiders will be present in SB 51. Unfortunately New England will probably win it all and I can't stand them cheating fucks either.

#8059 3 years ago

I wouldn't consider anybody playing in the NFL making peanuts. They get paid way too much and these multi-million contracts are frickin ridiculous.

#8131 3 years ago

I hope the Raiders or the Chiefs can do something in the playoffs. I'm so sick of the Patriots. Anybody but those cheating slack jaws please.

#8198 3 years ago

The Raiders will not get past The Chiefs or The Patriots. Sorry. They have a great defense but their offense is stuck in rookie season.

#8200 3 years ago

How do you figure that? I think they are #1 against the run and in pretty close to the top in a lot of defensive categories. Mack is a monster!

#8202 3 years ago

Whatever stat tracker. I watch games and The Raiders are gonna absolutly put a stop to Houston.

#8205 3 years ago

Whatever blah blah blah. Go play pinball.

#8270 3 years ago

In the AFC, screw the Patriots, screw the Steelers, go KC!! In the NFC, go Cowboys.

#8283 3 years ago

Can't make the mistakes the Giants did and expect a win. Good job Aaron Rogers and the rest of the Packers.

#8368 3 years ago

Ha ha, Seattle is out. The Falcons have a legitimate offense and will be a contender for the SB for sure. Now I would just like to see The Patriots lose tonight.

#8389 3 years ago

Great game! Go Cowboys!

#8524 3 years ago

I'm hoping to see Atlanta win it all just cause everybody else is old news.

#8582 3 years ago

I hope The Falcons kick some ass in SB LI and take The Pats down. Sick of Bellechek and sick of Brady. Go Atlanta!!!

2 weeks later
#8675 3 years ago

Not quite over yet....

#8696 3 years ago

No doubt Tom Brady will go down as the best QB ever, 5 Super Bowls! No go retire.

#8708 3 years ago

Didn't get the whole Riger Goodell thing, what's the scoop on that?

#8722 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Who the fuck calls a passing play in that situation?
You have the game fucking won with a FG, and you are at the 23 yard line. This is no brainer shit. You run the GD ball 3 times in a row, take time off the clock, and kick the f'in FG to ice the game.
That sack is exactly what the idiot Falcons deserved for calling a pass play. Then finish it off with a holding call. Was obvious the Pats were going to win at that point.
Belichick looks like a genius because most coaches are idiots.

Yep, this was more of a total collapse by the Falcons giving em the game. If they had went up by 2 scores, game over. Gotta hand it to Brady though, drives down for 2 TD's and gets the 2 points both times. Un frickin believable! I can't stand the Patriots, enjoy your dynasty cause it's coming to an end.

11 months later
#10051 2 years ago

That was an amazing win by the Vikings! Should be a good NFC championship. I’m hoping for the Jags and Philly in SB 52!

1 week later
#10154 2 years ago

Screw the Patriots!! I hope they lose to who ever in the SB.

#10189 2 years ago

No, it’s more like I sense.....

Under inflated balls and Philly practice spies who suck on Belechit. CHEATERS!!!

#10230 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Yeah Man, let the hate flow. And it’s Belicheat, not Belechit. If you are going to be butt-hurt, do it with respect for the greatest coach of all time, William Stephen Belichick. Or you could just call him Bill.

Belishit or Belicheat, you named it. Sounds like your his personal bitch and have butt-hurt issues your self.

1 week later
#10447 2 years ago

Congrats Eagles!! Great game. Who’s their starting QB next year? Wentz or Foles?

7 months later
#10830 2 years ago

Le’Veon Bell is a piece of shit! I hope he looses his starting job to Connor. Holding out for money, WTF? Over paid enough as it is. He fucked a lot of fantasy owners including me and I hope he ends up flipping burgers at McDonalds.

3 weeks later
#10918 2 years ago

It really doesn’t matter as the Rams ended up going for it and getting the first down. Love the call, don’t give em a chance to go down and win. Ha ha Seattle.

1 month later
#11064 2 years ago

LeVeon Bell, what a frickin tool!!

1 month later
#11933 1 year ago

Chiefs Rams rematch in super bowl would be awesome!

1 week later
#12383 1 year ago

It’s a physical game and if you leave the outcome to referees/OT then you didn’t do enough in the first place.

#12401 1 year ago

Does anybody else think having the pro bowl before the SB is frickin dumb?

1 week later
#12503 1 year ago

Yeah this game is boring as fuck.

#12622 1 year ago

Fuck the Patriots!!!!!

7 months later
#14869 1 year ago

Yes!!! The Broncos got their first win. Should really be 3-2 if not for some shitty penalties.

1 week later
#15087 1 year ago

Lions got screwed tonight. 2 bogus hands to the face penalties and 1 no call for pass interference.

3 months later
#20318 10 months ago

I’ll be rooting for KC and the 49ers for the super bowl. Best offense vs. the best defense.

#20411 10 months ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I’ll be rooting for KC and the 49ers for the super bowl. Best offense vs. the best defense.

What did I say dirtbagus

1 week later
#20812 10 months ago

Looking forward to a good game hopefully. I’ll take Mahomes and the Chiefs, with Mahomes getting the MVP

#21008 10 months ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Looking forward to a good game hopefully. I’ll take Mahomes and the Chiefs, with Mahomes getting the MVP

Yep, I called it. Great game either way.

#21013 10 months ago

Pretty frickin good half time show as well. Shakira and J Lo, pretty yum yum!

#21161 10 months ago

Brady should retire as a Patriot period

#21170 10 months ago

The Raiders are going to the money and betting capital of the world in Las Vegas. They will buy themselves a super bowl before long you’ll see. Just like the Las Vegas Knights in the NHL, I think they won the Stanley Cup in either their first or second year in Vegas.

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