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#10826 1 year ago

Just wait till next year!

#10828 1 year ago

Another interception ... Maybe make that 2 years

11 months later
#13665 8 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Lions doing lion things.

Time to say it even after the first game: Just wait til NEXT year!

1 week later
#13958 8 months ago

I had given up all hope for the Lions after game 1. Now they’ve given me a ray of hope after upsetting the Chargers. I’m sure this is just part of their regular pattern of giving hope only to dash it to the ground later!

#13962 8 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Don’t fall for t.

The problem is that it’s been so many decades (six, I think) since they’ve even been IN a championship game (and that was before there was a Super Bowl), that Lions fans are incredibly hungry for a winner and still latch onto anything positive and keep supporting this franchise, even though it’s become a standard for failure. That’s why it made sense for vicjw66 to say earlier here that the Chargers weren’t looking good because they lost to the Lions.

I remember that Dennis Green was fired by the Vikings right after they lost to the Lions one year!

#13965 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer67:

Yeah, sure there is some ownership malaise but this coaching regime for the Lions is different. There is a plan, there is competence at coaching, there is a vision -- including decent personnel management/putting the right players into position to succeed.

I’ve just seen it so often before. Respected coaches like Bobby Ross, Steve Mariucci, somehow something happens when they come to the Lions. Hopefully this current management can break the mold.

1 week later
#14256 8 months ago

Just left 4 points on the field with that field goal, but hey, the Lions actually look decent so far today. The refs are even helping by letting us get away with a blatant facemask!

#14258 8 months ago

The helmet even came flying off!

#14260 8 months ago

Just saw Packers game highlights. Perfect reason to eliminate the retro uniform games (the Lions’ retro uniforms are even worse).

#14267 8 months ago

Stafford just got hit by a Philly Mack truck! I’m sure that got the crowd going.

#14271 8 months ago

Lions give Carson Wentz too much time, miss 2 tackles, Philly starts its comeback with TD. Starting to look like the same old Lions.

#14274 8 months ago

Agnew was close to losing his spot on the Lions, and today he’s got a TD on a kickoff return and just had a nice punt return!

#14275 8 months ago

Can’t believe Goedert didn’t make that TD catch for the Eagles!

#14278 8 months ago

Bad Eagles decision to go for it on 4th down, IMO. You can punt, you have 3 timeouts and 2-min warning. Maybe, as Colson said, defense has been a problem, so they didn’t trust it. I agree with vicjw66.

#14279 8 months ago

Ah, now I see the Philly strategy: simply rely on the same old Lions!

#14280 8 months ago

Unbelievably, the Lions hold on!

#14538 8 months ago

Big play, turnover for the Eagles, possible injury to Rogers.

#14541 8 months ago

How was that not pass interference?

#14544 8 months ago

I guess after that last non-call I have no idea what pass interference is anymore. I guess you can push the receiver’s arms around just before the ball gets there as long as you don’t rip his helmet off.

#14552 8 months ago

Wow, what a hit, but from a teammate!

#14553 8 months ago

Hope Maddox is okay. I don’t think anyone wants to see that kind of thing happen.

#14560 8 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Hope Maddox is alright. Scary stuff.
That last play deserved another look to me. Got there pretty early, but I dont have much confidence they would have overturned anyway.
If you would have told me we'd be 3-1 with 2 division wins, I'd be pretty happy. Really would have liked to steal this one though.

I don’t understand why GB didn’t challenge, nothing to lose at that point and could possibly have been overturned.

#14565 8 months ago

Thanks for straightening me out. Too bad for GB on that rule tonight.

#14569 8 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well you're probably a lions fan... They haven't had great role models for throwing challenge flags (with Schwartz on the field no less).

Unfortunately, yes. If they can beat KC I’ll be thrilled, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

#14572 8 months ago

And yes, Jim Schwartz, another in the long list whose head coaching career ended with the Lions.

#14575 8 months ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

All turnovers are automatically reviewed, I'd assume PI would be included now.

I would hope they would automatically review PI that late and at such a crucial point in the game.

#14618 8 months ago

Lions actually able to run the ball, OL playing well, some nice play calling, Lions surprisingly tied with Chief at halftime.

#14621 8 months ago

Wild, bizarre third quarter in Detroit so far! Lions touchdown call by refs overturned, 3 fumbles, including Lions coughing up the ball trying to run it in at KC goal line and Chiefs running it back 100 yds for TD while other players thought the play was dead. Stranger than fiction!

#14623 8 months ago

Yet another fumble!

#14624 8 months ago

I think Hockenson just learned the hard way not to attempt to hurdle two defenders. Hope he’s okay.

#14627 8 months ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

I thought the KC would blow the lions off the field today.....

So did I, but the Lions are actually ahead late in the third quarter!

#14630 8 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Did someone bring a case of RedBulls to the Lions locker room?

Whatever it is, they need to do it every week.

#14632 8 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

What a joke.

The Lions seem to be playing against the Chiefs and the officiating (in Detroit and at NFL HQ) today.

#14638 8 months ago

Nice comeback TD drive by Lions. Ahead of Chiefs late in the fourth, and NFL in NY allows it this time!

#14639 8 months ago

Now for the Lions D to step up, again.

#14647 8 months ago

The Chiefs win with help from NFL HQ and a bizarre fluke 100 yd fumble return TD, but what an entertaining game! Going in I was going to be satisfied if the Lions kept within a TD, and they did better than that. It’s an L, but I was expecting much worse. Maybe the Lions are actually heading in the right direction for a change.

1 week later
#14825 7 months ago

Lions have bye, so go Raidahs, G-men, and Cowboys! (Unfortunately, I guess I've jumped back on the Lions bandwagon for the eventual letdown.)

#14826 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Colt mcCoy is getting thr start in Washington. He has started only 3 games in the last 5 years.........

But, as they say, the fourth time’s the charm. No, wait...

#14831 7 months ago

Just saw the Bears-Raiders score. What’s up with that? And the Raiders had to endure an even larger time-change.

#14833 7 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I'm not positive but I think he's 6" tall.

I just looked it up. Kyler Murray is 5’ 10”.

#14841 7 months ago

Some nice play calling and execution puts the Raiders back on top in London over the Bears. Entertaining game. Under 2 minutes left.

#14843 7 months ago

Raiders come up with huge interception, just need a first down to ice the game.

#14850 7 months ago

Prescott not looking too sharp today. 2 picks already.

#14856 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Down 17-0
This has been a horrible game for the Cowboys so far.

And it isn’t getting any better. Cowboys can’t get offense going and can’t stop Aaron Rodgers.

#14860 7 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

They are starting every season 6-0.

Have we gone from inflategate to schedulegate?

#14863 7 months ago

Cowboys needed a spark, maybe they just got one. Nice pass by Prescott under pressure for TD.

#14868 7 months ago

Dallas comeback continues with another TD, saved twice from turning it over during the drive by penalties.

#14871 7 months ago

Wow, another Prescott pick. May be too far gone now for the Cowboys.

#14872 7 months ago

Hey, Packers fans, does Rodgers have a big problem with his new head coach? It looks like Aaron’s not very happy with him.

#14875 7 months ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

Omg!!! At least it has become somewhat of a game. I just can’t stop thinking that I’m sure it’s to lil to late.

Definitely possible for the Cowboys if they get a stop now.

#14877 7 months ago

I’m not a fan of the prevent defense. It may “prevent” the Packers from stopping the Cowboys from scoring another TD.

#14880 7 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

Cowboys missed 33 yd. field goal game over.

But the Cowboys did play better in the second half and made it entertaining. I was hoping they’d beat the Pack, though.

#14885 7 months ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

After well over 20 years since last Super Bowl win, morale victories me NOTHING to this Cowboys fan.
Dak and Zeke are over-rated and Dak still misses a l too many plays/passes but shows great incredible skills which gives us Cowboys fans hope. I realize no one completes every pass but Dak still need to grow and be more consistent for Dallas to have a chance to be champions. Zeke concerns me he will do something stupid and get suspended again. Dallas isn't nearly as good as the Patriots who baring major injuries will be in the Super Bowl again. Except for the great run of last year's second half of the season, under Jason G. as the coach, Dallas has a history of blowing a ton of games. Especially in the 4th quarter or looking really horrible for 2-3 quarters and then making some final scores look close.
Sigh I wish I could believe this loss would motivate the Cowboys to go on a great winning streak but right now I'm not sure they are the best team in the division and certainly no where close in the NFC much less the league.

If it makes you feel any better, as a Lions fan, we’ve never been to the Super Bowl, I think we’ve won a grand total of 2 playoff games since the Super Bowl started, and the last time the Lions won the NFL championship was 1957, 5 years before I was born.

#14924 7 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

If a fan base supports a team no matter how crappy they are (like the cubs all those years) there is no incentive for the owner to make the team competitive.

You have just summarized a main line of discussion on Detroit sports talk radio for decades (but only concerning the Lions).

1 week later
#15083 7 months ago

Of course the Lions would get falsely called for hands to the face when the Packers would otherwise be held to a field goal with time left for a final Lions drive.

#15120 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Everyone loves to blame the officials...yes they make bad calls, but those typically even out throughout the game...the Lions lost because they sucked in the red zone and gave up too many big plays

I used to hold to that idea too, but now I’m thinking if you played well enough to have more points than your opponent, even with field goals instead of TDs, you should get a W. Saying that “we should have played better so the game wouldn’t be in the refs’ hands” (which I heard someone on Detroit radio say today), you’re essentially saying that you need to play for a “super victory” to overcome bad officiating as well as the other team. You shouldn’t have to do that.

#15143 7 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I also hate the idea of teams splitting a stadium. It messes with the schedule if nothing else

Don’t the Giants and Jets play in the Meadowlands? Do you think that’s a problem, Levi? I’ve never heard much complaining about it, but I don’t live near the Big Apple either.

#15159 7 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'd settle for a wild card hat for either of my teams

I would be excited for a wild card hat and THRILLED with a “We Won a Playoff Game” hat for the Lions. That’s how low the bar has gone/been. They would probably raise a banner if the Lions won a playoff game.

#15272 7 months ago

Maybe they should make the broadcast slot for each game longer. There was just a lengthy delay in the Lions-Vikings game for an unsolicited review of a pass interference call that resulted in the ruling on the field standing.

1 week later
#15414 7 months ago

Nice break for the Lions, D picks up Giants backward pass and runs it in for TD.

#15415 7 months ago

I’m not used to seeing Golden Tate in a Giants uniform, especially back at Ford Field.

#15416 7 months ago

Nice catch by Slayton to put Giants on the board. He was well-covered.

#15417 7 months ago

Any other pinsiders watching an early NFL game today? Halfway through second quarter in Detroit already, with G-men down by 7 and moving down the field. Am I flying solo?

#15419 7 months ago

Slayton with another really nice TD catch, but Giants miss the extra point and fail to tie it up. Lions came out strong but haven’t done much since.

#15420 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

I play fantasy football, so I watch all the games.

Great, glad someone else is aboard. But what happened to Levi, Colson, etc?

#15423 7 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

Watching Cincy and Rams right now. Lions on top by 1.

Lions punt again, I’m not sure Lions will be on top much longer in this battle of 2-win teams.

#15424 7 months ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

Lions punt again, I’m not sure Lions will be on top much longer in this battle of 2-win teams.

Check that, Giants penalty on Lions punt gives Lions first down.

#15426 7 months ago

Lions up on Giants by 4 at halftime. Time to work on removing a stripped coil bracket screw on Cleopatra EM!

#15428 7 months ago

After successful stripped screw removal, Lions actually come strong in second half with a TD. Win and win!

#15429 7 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I’m lingering. When I said I was stepping out a week ago, I meant from all football. Eagles aren't playing good which is frustrating, and I’m really just sick of all the flags and ridiculousness going on in the games.
I’m driving my Spiderman PF to Maryland to get it touched up and clearcoated. More productive than sitting around.

Thanks for letting us know you’re alive and well. Please post pics of the Spidey playfield when it’s done!

#15431 7 months ago

G-men get TD and miss 2-pt attempt. Wonder if not taking single extra point will come back to bite em.

#15432 7 months ago

Lions flea-flicker 41-yard Stafford to Golladay TD strike. Where was this nice play-calling in the last 3 games?

#15434 7 months ago

Lions D stops Giants on 4th down again with 3:22 to go up by 12, G-men running low on time.

#15435 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

They didn't play the Giants the last 3 weeks.

True, but they didn’t even try a play anything close to that creative. It certainly helps to be playing the Giants instead of a team like GB!

#15438 7 months ago

Lions hold on for first win in 4 games.

1 week later
#15536 6 months ago

What a bad ending for Indy. The laces were placed the wrong way by the holder, but the kicker shanked the FG kick so badly that I doubt the laces caused the miss. Steelers get to .500.

#15543 6 months ago

Nice Stafford to Golladay pass for 60-yd TD, Lions go ahead of Raiders.

#15552 6 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

There you go. Gordon got you a TD. Made it look easy too.

Go Chargers!

#15555 6 months ago

The Lions have now pretty much lost any chance of making the playoffs after losing to the Raiders, a team they should have beaten. And the Lions legacy lives on.

1 week later
#15618 6 months ago

Da Bears figured out the Lions without Stafford by halftime and are starting to run away with the game, as I suspected that even the Bears would do.

#15620 6 months ago

Unbelievably, backup QB Jeff Driskel hits Golladay on a broken play for a 41-yd TD strike, Lions down by 7 and back in it in Chicago with 5:45 to go!

#15621 6 months ago

Same old Lions

#15634 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

The real saying should be SOLF, Same old lions fans. You really thought they were going to pull it out didn't you?

Yep. I always seem to get sucked in by this franchise, just HOPING that maybe ONCE we’ll have an elite team, even a Cinderella team. I thought today’s game without Matthew Stafford would be a disaster from the first kickoff, and when it wasn’t, I foolishly let my hopes go up, AGAIN!

We’ve always got that great memory to turn back to of the ‘57 championship team with Bobby Lane (that won it all about 5 years before I was born).

#15635 6 months ago

I got a chuckle when one of the national announcers thought it was incredible that the Bears and the Lions have never met in post-season play. OF COURSE they haven’t! The Lions almost never even MAKE IT to post-season play!

#15636 6 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

[quoted image]

Colson, I didn’t see the Madden Cat image till today. Well done!

#15697 6 months ago

Detroit sports radio today said Lions are odds-on favorite team to sign Kap at 5 to 1. Stafford just sat out his first game in 8 seasons injured, and the Lions haven’t exactly got a lot at backup QB. Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn might be feeling heat to finish the season with some wins to keep their jobs.

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