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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#1607 6 years ago

The protect the rich QB at the sacrafice of other players rules have ruined the NFL IMHO.

How much longer till it becomes flag football?

#1615 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Uhh flank.. Check the news on your teams QB which may hurt him in the coming weeks.

Hopefully Rodgers does the right thing. It could do good things for WI acceptance for others.

#1617 6 years ago

A large portion of WI (ouside of bigger cities) I have found to not be very accepting of homosexuality. IME at least.

I think Rodgers is hard not to like (even as a Bears fan) as he tends to be a pretty stand up guy. The media might eat it up, but more importantly it may challenge the beliefs of some very iggnorant people on what a 'Gay guy' looks liek to them and what is acceptable if their hero comes out.

#1631 6 years ago

My experience, as in I have quite a few friends that are further on the homo side of the spectrum and have been with them both inside of Madison/MKE and in more rural areas. In general, my experiences have been not as favorable towards the gays the further you get fromt the bigger cities.

Either way, Rodgers is a good QB (not as good as Cutler was yesterday) and if he does like the penis then at the top of his career would be the best time to just be public with it.

#1638 6 years ago

I like this one better

#1642 6 years ago

I am not sure but I am guessing Cutlers QB rating was much better than Rodgers yesterday?

I like the kitten one the best!

#1645 6 years ago

It would increase my admiration for the guy if he is actually gay and comes out. It could do great things for others if he used his position of NFL posterboy to help bring some fairness/acceptance to others that have been hurt due their sexual orientation.

I don't think anyone should be outed against their will, but that seems to be the nature of our society and famous people.

#1671 6 years ago

That is OK, they dont want to watch them gets crushed so it works out perfectly. Don't sell enough tickets for the game = blackout and you don't have to see it on TV

#1697 6 years ago

At least no troubles selling out tickets...

#1914 6 years ago

When you are making a play on the ball it is. Refs seem to let that crap go. Packers should just run every down.

#1916 6 years ago

There you go. Lacey then starks then lacey

#1968 6 years ago

Sorry for your loss flanker

1 week later
#2188 6 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

Here's something I found that made me think of the SEACOCKS .......

image-717.jpg 18 KB

and pats fans wonder why so many people hate them...

#2326 6 years ago

looking forward to this superbowl

#2386 6 years ago

I remember that NBA fight. It was CRAZY!

#2433 6 years ago

I like the idea of changing up the PAT somehow to make it more dramatic. That said, I don't want to take away the option for a 2pt conversion and catching another team off gaurd.

Risk/reward is important for NFL to be fun and lately it seems like lots of rules to remove risk.

2 weeks later
#2592 6 years ago

NFL requires most performances to be pre-recorded and then mimed. They do not want a technical difficulty with sound to ruin or delay the show. Flea actually posted a nice message about what/why the RHCP were thinking and why they agreed to do it that way. The choice was basically pre-record a live performance and mime or dont play the superbowl... What would you do?

7 months later
#2869 6 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

Gonna love this stomping.

image.jpg 77 KB

how did that work out for you ?

1 week later
#2943 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Anyone want to bet against the packers? I got a LIONMAN shirt that says they win . What do you got ? no money ,of course .

I got a 6 pack of beer (or some other tasty treat of my choosing; good not bad) to put up against this bet for this Sunday.

What do you say?

BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2947 6 years ago

sweet. It will make the game more fun.

i think a few guys are going to pooleys around 11am on Sunday for pinball, beer, and the game if anyone feels like stopping by.

#2961 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Packers had a good game today . No LIONMAN shirts lost this week . Vikings next ,any takers ?

I will bring your 6er to the PBL open house. cool?

#2963 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Perfect ! Thank you . If you want in on the next Bears vs Packers game let me know .

We will see how things stand before that game, but I definitely want some action to try and get that sweet shirt!

#2967 6 years ago

Packers offense was playing against a PeeWee defense. I don't think they even put pressure on Rodgers once? I am not very impressed with either team at this point and think Lions are the only team in the division with even a chance of putting together a decent run at playoffs.

Sad to see Cutler being a head case again when he looked vastly improved the first few games. When he gets in his head it all goes downhill quick for the Bears. I had hope that Trestman had finally spanked it out of him.

#2970 6 years ago

From the first few games it sure looked like Arodge was following the Cutty playbook of "gets blitzed and freak out to try and force stupid crap" Either way, I think both teams are 1-2 games away form declaring this a rebuilding year.

#2981 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Nope, Arodge never forces anything, he takes the sack and doesnt risk it, you should try watching football.

take the sac or throwing the pick... the point I was making is he does not seem to be the elite QB that he was the past few years.

Teams that make him scramble have dominate him. Teams that have not, have failed.
I have watched all 4 pack games so far and he does not seem to be the guy he used to be.

I like him and hope things start to click more for him. I don't pay enough attention to know what the real issue is (o line, not enough weapons?) but his body mechanics seem stilted and he jsut does not seem to have the swagger he used to.

#2983 6 years ago

unfortunately for arodg another sac could mean a big injury? What was it last year, sholder or collerbone? year before was a concusion?

He is not as young as he used to be and should be learning to avoid the hits.

Maybe Raji missing is his issue?

#2993 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

FYI-Raji plays defense

Isn't he the one that was supposedly the packers mojo. Did the whole play on "teach me how to bucky" into "teach me how to raji" thing?

i thought everyone claimed him to be the lucky charm? and now he is hurt/out?

#3001 6 years ago

so much for thursday football being fun to watch...

blow out already. Good game pack.

#3003 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Tons of fun for everyone that lives around you!

lopsided matchups are boring no matter the team that wins.

#3005 6 years ago


1 week later
#3042 6 years ago

another blow out thursday

#3044 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Not so fast
24-14 just like that.

That was quick!

#3046 6 years ago

I know how to touch her buttons... what can I say.

1 month later
#3197 6 years ago

I overheard that the Bears won a game this past weekend?

I will never understand for something that is supposed to be a business why a team with no hope of making playoffs would do anything besides lose every game for the remainder of the season. I guess butts in seats and consession sales for this year are more important than better draft picks for future year?

#3202 6 years ago

LOL, that is the best one yet!

1 month later
#3395 5 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

That would be the highest rated regular season game of all time if he came back. I'd sign him.

Would love to see him in Chicago

#3448 5 years ago

Lockette was the real stud on that play! WOW is he quick!

#3469 5 years ago

I think you are giving him too much credit. Unlikey that big dummy even knew where he was. He is dirty, but did not look to me like he was aware of the fact that he was stepping on Rodgers. If he knew he likely would have been a bit heavier with his step.

#3474 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Did you ever play football? You sure as hell know when you are stepping on someones leg.

Yeah, he knew he was stepping on SOMEONE, but it was in his normal motion of backpedal. It was not like he was actually aware enough to say to himself "hey I am gonna step on Rodgers calf and try to hurt him more"

He is just a dirty player in general but unlikely he knew who he was stepping on. He just isn't going to try to not step on someone. Of course it will likely result in his suspension for next game because the NFL feeds on drama and always sways to the allstar QBs.

#3487 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I put up with the idiocy you spew on pin side and don't give you crap but keep your nonsense out of this thread.

Your packer fandom is blinding you. If Suh has gotten that good at being dirty then I am impressed. He just isn't going to get off of someone quickly when he steps on them and I don't think he purposefully tried to step on Rodgers.

side note: Weren't you in favor of his WWF move on cutler last year and said that was normal play?

He is a dirty player but not getting off of someone quickly when backpedaling is far from even the top of his scale of dirty.

#3492 5 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

You can't be serious.

100% serious. That was normal football. People get stepped on. It is not like he stompped on Rodgers, like he has done to others.

He is a rough player and often dirty, but that was not a dirty move and if Rodgers had not hammed it up so much then this would not be getting such a big reaction.

The NFL is all about protecting the players they can make storylines for. This is no different than that whimpy "hit to the head of the passer" on Stafford earlier in the game. Basically part of normal play yet they threw a flag.

#3493 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Go watch the vid again, he steps on him once and that foot slips off, he then steps back with his left foot and puts all his weight on it as his right foot leaves the ground.
Now go plan who the bears get to draft after their 5-11 season and wait by the door for your Predator.

Lang was to blame for holding his jersey and then letting go and sending him off balance. Looks to me like he slipped and started to fall off balance and then stepped back. Pretty clear to me.

Could he have tried to not step as hard, sure, but nothing flagrant about it.

Big top heavy guy and his momentum was going backwards.

#3496 5 years ago

Glad to see.

Hopefully cutler gets picked up by someone where he can go shine. His time is done in Chicago and I don't think he will get an offense to protect him if he stays.

#3501 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Lets play the wild card prediction game…..Winner gets to nut punch Whysnow.
Cowboys 52 lions 0
Cardinals 13 Panthers 6
Colts 34 Bengals 28
Steelers 21 Ravens 20

Can we use the glory hole box?

Cowgirls, Cardinals, Bengals, Steelers FTW.

I think the Cowgirls/Lions game will be the most fun to watch.

#3508 5 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Yup normal.....Suh suspended

Yeat another example of what a pantsy sport it has become. Bunch of whiners and highly paid actors that have become false idols.

I could have told you he would be suspended. Nobody is allowed to even fart near the QB, let alone Arodg.

Cowgirls are likely stoked with the suspension.

#3514 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Cool man, Ill stop out your next pin tourney/madison on ball league night with my metal rugby spikes and dig into your ankle when your game is on the line and see how you feel about it…. or you gonna try to pull a mulligan and try to pretend you didn't play that evening?

LOL Flanker. You are cracking me up.

Pinball, full contact sport, could be another olympic event.

#3546 5 years ago

All part of the fun storyline they weave. Speaking of, why is Stern not making a new NFL themed game?

#3597 5 years ago

If that picked up flag for PI is not a crock, I don't know what is.

NFL IS the new WWE.

#3601 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I have NEVER seen a flag picked up that late. Replay shows CLEAR pass interference. It changed the outcome of this game.

Guessing the picked up flag was so late because it took a while for the guys upstairs to try and decide if they needed to act then or if they would still be able to get the fix in if the boys went down by 10 that late in the game. They decided that if the Lions scored again, then they would have a tough time fixing the game and be even remotely believable, so they opted for the oops we made 1 bad call.

I loved how the commentators already started setting up the excuses "first time reffing together" yada yada.

#3604 5 years ago

Packers will easily blow past the boys.

Storyline already written and NFL wants to see Seattle vs GreenBay game.

#3609 5 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

I'll put up a LIONMAN shirt that says Carolina beats Seattle .

I will take that bet. Another 6er vs lionman shirt?

#3615 5 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Alright ,it's on then . Let's go Carolina !

Deal. Go hawks!

#3616 5 years ago

You guys sure do think about my balls alot.

#3642 5 years ago

Seahawks 38 - Panthers 21
Packers 31 - Cowboys 20
Patriots 27 - Ravens 21
Broncos 35 - Colts 21

#3718 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Seahawks 38 - Panthers 21
Packers 31 - Cowboys 20
Patriots 27 - Ravens 21
Broncos 35 - Colts 21

This is looking pretty decent so far. Let's hope today works out similar for my predictions.

Doug >> I wear a Medium for lion man unless they shrink lots, then a L will work.

Go pack and Go ponies!

#3721 5 years ago

Thanks doug. I think Hawks provide the better story as the NFL wants a SB repeat team in the mix since it has been almost a decade??

I think GB is a lock today but they hav a tough story to compete with since the Boys are 8-0 on the road. Good storyline match up today

#3723 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

But the pack is 8-0 at home

Win/Win for the NFL as both teams make a good story in this one. I think the pack will pull out the win. As much as I despise them I think they are the better team. This one will likely play out with little ref interference since either team matches up well for story and money influx.

#3777 5 years ago

so much for the refs not getting involved today. Really is a shame what a sham the 'sport' has become. I thought for sure this game would have played out on the merits of the teams, but yet again the entire outcome of the game drawn into question with some silly reffing.

#3780 5 years ago

Flanker, if the shoe was on the other foot I am sure you would be telling a different tale.

That game was a blast to watch for the first 55 min and then the last 5 min was just so very sad. Real fans of the sport should feel robbed when stuff like that happens. Insanely bad call and ruins the integrity of the sport.

By playoffs, the refs are supposed to be firing on all cylinders just like the guys playing the game, yet it seems like more and more shady calls each year.

#3784 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

When the refs upheld the rulebook? Im tired of your shit to be honest.

Refs on the field and everyone else live action saw it as a catch and then making an action of advancing the football.

I thought replays supposedly needed irrefutable evidence to overturn?

Seems to me the refs made a new interpretation of what happened on the field to suit their desired outcome. I honestly think they need to make some changes if they want to salvage the sport and bring it back to what it once was. Were there all these confrontational calls 10 years ago? I never remember so many close and botched calls.

#3788 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Seahawks 38 - Panthers 21
Packers 31 - Cowboys 20
Patriots 27 - Ravens 21
Broncos 35 - Colts 21

3 for 3 so far...

Are broncos gonna make me 4 for 4? It is the one I feel the least confident about. I may have over shot score also.

#3793 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Disqualified for Doucheyness.

LOL. Come on Flanker, I was even rooting for the fudgepackers, just wish they could have done it without the assist.

#3807 5 years ago

nothing wrong with packing fudge. Just having a little fun with a common play on packer backers.

Looking like I will not be going 4 for 4 this week.

Cool with me as I really like Luck and the colts. Happy to see manning go down.

#3808 5 years ago

So what do you guys think for next weeks match ups?

Will Packers be able to muster a win in Seattle?

I am thinking we see the pats and hawks in the SB, but I would prefer colts and hawks.

#3840 5 years ago

Seattle 28 Packers 17
Colts 21 Pats 20

I really think the Pats will win but that loud douche is so annoying I am picking the Lucky Colts.

#3864 5 years ago

Manning looked really old but he is still better than the majority in the league. I would want him for 1 more and keep him on to groom someone new for a few years. I don't think he wants to go elsewhere and honestly find it sad when these guys hop around all hobbled up to the last few teams the last year/s of their career.

#3902 5 years ago

Aren't the pats the ones that got caught cheating a few years ago?

#3909 5 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

What's a packer???

I am not sure, but I do know they are smart enough to no try and sell pinball machines for 30% over market value.

#3912 5 years ago

Gave you a thumbs up just because anything is better than a cheating patriot and their loud mouth fans.

#3941 5 years ago

Good luck to the Packers and their fans. I am just hoping for some good football.

Cheers. Off to the bar to play some pinball and share in the fun with some packer fans. I hope for them, that the packers win.

#3984 5 years ago

Sorry Packers.

Fun game to watch from the emotional sideline and glad it was clean and the teams played it out.

I'll be rooting for the hawks in the SB and hope they are playing the colts.

#4012 5 years ago

I already have my lionman shirt and wore it with pride today so I don't have anything to bet. Life is complete now!

#4055 5 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

Yes they cheated one season , and I don't say it was right but do you base their dynasty for that season?

More accurately they finally got caught one season cheating multiple times (and the NFL swept it all under the rug quickly because it was likely much worse than the surface even scratched).

They are not a Dynasty by any means and I would consider everything they have done up to the point of being caught is a giant asterik and a blemish on the NFL forever. What have they done since then?

#4058 5 years ago

WOW, that is your rebuttal? You must agree that getting caught cheating once means they were likely cheating for a while and draw into question all previous years. We finally agree on something! mark this one in the books!

#4065 5 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Patriots aren't a dynasty? Right...

toss out the likely cheater years and they are a mid tier team at best.

#4086 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

11 of the 12 balls supplied by Patriots found 2lbs under inflated, really?

Put a big ASTERISK on anything that team has ever done. #dynasty*

Caught cheating ~ a decade ago and now caught again tells me they shoudl be ejected from the league and we should be seeing a colts/hawks SB (no way the colts were going to win that game which makes it even sadder that the pats cheated; it is just part of their culture). More than likely the NFL will come up with some sorry story about how the 11 balls were inadvertently deflated and sweep it all under the rug.

Pretty sad to see they are still up to their same old tactics.

From now on when anyone plays a pats fan in pinball I think any non pats fan should get 1 free EB

7 months later
#4244 5 years ago

Where is Trilogy? I want a beer/shirt bet on the upcoming bears/pack opener?

Looking for the spread on game day, whatever that ends up being.

6pack if Trilogy wins. Some cool shirt when I win (I am due for a win).

#4246 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

We bet a GOT premium on the season so Id guess he is all betted out.

WoWza! Too rich for my blood.

#4314 5 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:


If anything the bears played about as expected. The packers did not perform like the team favored to win The Superbowl.

They have some work to do. Bears are a lost cause for another year it appears. I liked some of what we saw but so much left to be desired. They should just hike the ball to forte.

#4325 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I declare Bears season over, they fucking suck.

Atleast we have the cubs.

#4351 5 years ago

is this real? WTF

1 month later
#4793 5 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

weren't people saying he was better than a-a-ron rod-gers just a few years ago?

pretty sure there is nobody even close to his calibur lately.

1 week later
#4873 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Cmon Bears! You can do it!!!!!!

I am still not sure how the hit on the bears punter did not bring a flag? I thought ANY hit on a punter with extended leg was automatic flag?

Bears suck but that was a really bad miss also.

1 week later
#4959 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Dammit! Lost on a tie breaker. Oh and my kicker missed an extra point. FML.

that is what happens when you start making fun of Jay... He gets extra pouty and then actually does something with his frustration for once. LOL

#4970 5 years ago

they sure are lucky that the Lions cant seem to kick an EP

makes for an exciting game to watch.

#4972 5 years ago

Ill tune in to a game every once in a while.

#4975 5 years ago

This was the #1 song the last time the Lions beat the packers at GB. Music always helps place time into perspective.

#4979 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Yes, anyone that posts child molester crap needs to post elsewhere.

sorry, I did not know he was a child molester. Just posting the popular music in 91. That was a LONG time ago!

2 weeks later
#5212 4 years ago

That is one of the more rigged endings in a long time, LOL.

That facemask call was a crock and then the no holding while D line is getting mugged on the last play.

I guess the packers need all the help they can get...

I love that Rodgers says that was the most exciting game of his career. Pretty good entertainment all around.

#5221 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Awe, did your panties get all bundled up on that game? Sad.

Funny thing Corey is that I told you when the scheduled was announced for this year, "Well looks like all the production/writing will be going into making sure the Vikings and Packers are fighting for playoff spots up to the last game"

Sure is tracking that way.

They really need to twist up the plot line a bit in the NFC north. It is getting way too predictable.

#5235 4 years ago

Rodgers knew it was not a fasemask but he sure earned the oscar on that one.

1 month later
#5554 4 years ago

Skins over Packers
Seahawks over Vikings
Bengals over Pitt
Chiefs over Texans

Although I would really like to see both Packers and Queens win, I think they are both looking pretty poor right now. Packers have a better chance and it seems like we keep waiting for them to be like they were in previous years. Looks like #12 is in his own head right now.

#5577 4 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Why do you want the packers to win? Is it because you disapprove of the Washington team's racist mascot name? That's the only reason i can see.
Skins over Packers by 30
Hawks over Vikings by 40
Steelers over Bungholes
Chefs over JJ Twats team

I root for in division once my Bears are done. Packers I would like to see win just for a good friend that is a hard core fan and recently got in a bad car accident (deer came through windshield while driving out in Pitt for work). He is gonna make it but had severe brain damage and rehab will be months before he possibly makes it back to 'normal'. He really looks forward to packer games and it helps him stay in good spirits when they win. More post season for the Packers means good things for Paul.

That said, I still like the hawks due to Wilson and I find them entertaining.

#5854 4 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

vikings over panthers
bengals over patriots
twattans over denver
that team from dc over cards


#5893 4 years ago

a few homers could be feeling good. If the packers can bring that last 3 quarters into some playoff momentum then they could still be a contender for the SB. They do have all the pieces and a the biggest wild card in my mind. Lots of experience and they do well under pressure.

1 week later
#6118 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I guess I'd like to see Manning win it all. I'm mostly apathetic at this point, I'm just hoping for some good games.

I agree.

Would be nice to see the old dog win it before he is put out to pasture.

Gonna take some major D to rush Brady and get an early sac or 2 to really give Denver a chance at winning I think...

As much as I would prefer a pony and cardinal SB, I think it wil be the opposite.

#6135 4 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Hey, I won a nut punch to Hilton and bequeathed it to Flanker to deliver it..did he ever follow through?

I am not sure... does gentle stroking of the sac count? If so, then yes it was delivered by expert hands that were amazingly softer than expected...

#6190 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:


All that really matters.
Guess the balls were too inflated for the pats...

#6194 4 years ago
Quoted from jesster64:

brady completes 2 clutch throws on 4th downs. He's just incredible. Plus getting rid of it before a few sacks. He did everything he could. I'm going to say he's the best QB I've ever seen. You can say bradshaw with his super bowl wins is just as good, but bradys team is dismantled every season and he still finds a way to win. Manning didn't show me anything 4th quarter.
Please get rid of sideline reporters, they add absolutely nothing the broadcast guys can't.

How many sacs? How many ints?

Guy is not as good as you think. Right now without a doubt, Peyton is better.

#6202 4 years ago

If anything, Gronk deserves all accolades for keeping them in that game DESPITE Brady and his 2 totally inexcusable INTs.

Better team on all fronts won that game!

#6205 4 years ago
Quoted from jesster64:

kudos to gronk, but not "all" accolades, brady put the ball on the money despite gronk being double covered.

sorry but the dude went 2/15 for 3rd down conversions and 2/4 for 4th down conversions.

He had a few decent passes but more crappy passes and INTs when the game really counted.

#6224 4 years ago

Yeah, I see no way that Cam does not just run away with the SB. Would love to see Peyton go out on top and win 1 more to end it all, but aside from the Denver D putting a big hurt on Cam early in the game I dont see it happening.

Hoping for a good match up and not the blow out we got last night.

#6227 4 years ago

bad coaching definately had an impact but to me if you are looking to place blame, the main culprit is the guy that tossed 2 crappy INTs.

I think we are going to see some adjusted play calling in future years in those 4th down situations since PAT is no longer a gimme. Take the 3 points would have changed MANY games this year. Hell, the Bears would have been in the playoffs if they had just taken the 3 point FG in a couple of games (granted that woudl mean that they actually needed to make the FG ) rather than trying to bank it all on a TD and 2pt conversion.

#6229 4 years ago

wasn't this the first year that they changed the distance for the PAT?

2 weeks later
#6395 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I can darn well say Brady would've dove after that Fumble, Cam gave up.

yeah, but he was busy watching the game on TV instead.

#6398 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

You sure about that?
10 AFC championship games, never has had a losing record in the regular season.
3 time SB* MVP just saying.

and just got beat by a 40yo QB and dominating D in what was one of his better seasons...

Just sayin

#6436 4 years ago

Any blame on Arodgers for the poor performance this year?

From the sidelines looking in, he sure seemed to be a big part of the failure. Seemed like he had gotten inside his head and looked very Cutleresque in decision making/frustration for some games. Despite my dislike for all things Packers, I always through Arodgers was solid up till this year.

Was that all coaching and he deserves no blame?

#6439 4 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

poor? no, just not ridiculously awesome.
completion % 60.7
yards 3,821
td 31
int 8
passer rating 92.7

It seemed like he had lots of indecision this year and lack of focus which does not really have a metric. He was poor for him/ historically and all I remember is them being 6-0 and then falling hard and he was unable to keep the focus himself. This then seemed to be manifested with fights on the sidelines and I assume issues behind the scenes. First time he seemed to not have the respect and confidence of the team. He did not look like the Arodgers of previous years.

#6441 4 years ago

good insight Dave. Thanks

2 months later
#6646 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Haha. That would be hilarious. Cuntler is a douche and should have to spend the rest of his days in Tenn. haha. Sorry Tennessee and chi town fans.

17th in the league last year (23rd the year before) and hopefully even better this year. As a Chicago fan, I am happy with his trajectory over the past few years. Hopefully his head game continues to improve.

#6648 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I think Adam Gase leaving was a pretty big hit to the Bears. They made some moves in FA, but I would expect that their offense takes a serious hit this year.


2 months later
#6765 4 years ago

Bears will get 10 wins and make the playoffs.

#6774 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Playoffs are not going to happen. Vikings and Packers are both better and probably playoff teams.

only time will tell. Cutler has been a steady improvement on his head game and he has the physical ability. Just a matter of things all linking up.

#6780 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ha...yup this could be the year finally! C'mon guys I know we've been saying this for 10 season with him but he's finally going to do it!!!
Cutler's a fucking joke.

only choice I have is to be optimistic. He has steadily improved in the head case department. Last years QB coach is now the O coach so that is good. Bears made some decent moves in off season and hopefully Kevin White comes back strong.

I am looking forward to fall football season!

#6783 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Their offensive success should be attributed to Adam Gase. His loss is probably going to hurt.

Cutler made refernce to being happy to have the continueed relationship with both Fox and his QB coach. It seems they are the ones responsible for getting his head screwed on better. To may that is the real lynchpin to the whole bears. If Cutler can more consistently make good decisions then they have plenty of talent on board. That si a big IF, but I liek the trajectory and how his play style is progressing as he gets older.

#6785 4 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

If these statements don't thaw out CenterFlank nothing will

my thoughts exactly.

#6786 4 years ago

if he does not return by the start of the preseason then I think by default The law take over as thread OP

#6790 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

The Bears will miss Forte. He may be old but still has some legs.

agreed! Still wish they would have paidf the man!

#6807 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

These are all personal matters you have with the team that DO NOT factor into what they do; trust me I know. Aaron rodgers is a punk, and a douche (flank perks up) we all know that, and McCarthy is a fucking nobody making shit ass calls to lose games more than Rex Ryan (Flank is seething!) but they got a good team in a shithole division and showing up they can win or get a wildcard

I agree with 80% of what u said

1 month later
#6996 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

How was a non-contact injury that gnarly?

likely some underlying previously undiagnosed issues.

#7032 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Hey guys - 2 days to real football.

Some of us will be spending our time still focused on baseball

1 week later
#7221 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Flank is the commissioner so that's all you really need to know.
Brees and Luck scored over 100 points each last week.

every week the packers lose the commish cuts all others points in half

#7225 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Wow, the Bears really are terrible.

they have some good points... unfortunately the bad points seem to outweigh the good

#7232 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Hey now, it's still mathematically possible. Haha

right now I am more focused on the 5 games still needed for the cubs to wrap up the season with home field. It is pretty rare I get to think about October baseball

it also helps ease the pains of 0-2 Bears start (Packers losing to viking of all teams also helps)

#7235 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

WTF this is the fucking football man's thread guys...take that lazy shit sport to it's own thread!

last 10 pages have been more about "fantasy" lol

#7291 4 years ago

Gotta admire the packers for being well versed in stupid NFL rules. Sad that is what it takes, but admire that they did the time to know the rules. Guessing that one will be changed next year.

1 week later
#7345 4 years ago

gotta love the rare sunday where the Bears win a game and the Pats lose a game. I wish every Sunday could be like this, but this will probably be the only time this season that the stars align...

#7349 4 years ago

what is that blurry picture showing?

1 month later
#7638 4 years ago
Quoted from RWH:

The shit-calls have been going on since the start of the season. I know there have been, and will always be miss-calls as most are made in a bang, bang situation but damn this season has been the worst! I'm serious when I say there have been games I've been watching where I wondered what game the ref's were watching with all the missed or plain wrong calls being made. NFL has to get the replay crap cleared up as well.......many replay calls are as bad as the original!

if it is not obvious, the NFL is just man soap opera with scripted seasons now-a-days. The bad calls are not bad calls, but just business decisions on what teams need to win in order to boost market and sell swag.

Sure these are atheletes, but the influence of the fluid script is obvious. Sometimes the calls need to be worse because they have a tight game and need to ensure an outcome. Ocassionally teams even win despite the refs trying to force it the other way.

The ratings are down because the reality tv script writing has gotten aweful. They need some new writers.

#7640 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Also, chemtrails.


1 week later
#7712 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

What I want to know is have I been reinstated yet in that league?

what happened to get you booted?

#7717 3 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

He missed putting someone in one week, so Flank suspended him for a week. Astro tried to argue his case and then Flank booted him.

his league, his rules. that is how the cookie crumbles.

#7719 3 years ago

So more to the story i guess.

So do you think he made the call because you were tied, or was that the official stance that you had to play all spots on each week and he was consistent?

2 weeks later
#7905 3 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

That fake punt (if it was planned) was busch league. Punter gets knocked out cold, and Carroll is on the sidelines grinning like an a-hole. The Seahawks are like a who's who of d-bags.

anyone have a link for a kighlight of this? I cant find it.

#7908 3 years ago


4 weeks later
#8391 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Horrible call will determine the outcome of the game. Typical.

typical and disappointing.

#8400 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Horrible call will determine the outcome of the game. Typical.

fun game to watch (finally), but what a bummer that yet again they screw the whole thing up with the BS pass interference.

#8420 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

They ain't America's team anymore, the Packers are.

I laughed.

Sad but true. Overwieght, egotistical, one guy at the top continually acting like he is the savior, obsessed with beer drinking and brats, make the 99% pay for the 1% stadium/ owners business, rigged non-profits.

Sounds like America.

The script has already been written. I will be amazed if next weekend turns out to be anything besides Packers and Pats in the SB.

Only takes a few more holding calls or messed up PI calls for the zebras to finish off the seasons script

go pack go!

#8435 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I'll take that bet.....Green Bay's run ends in Atlanta. Actually I think that is a much more exciting matchup than Atlanta at Dallas. Should be a great game and a lot of fun to watch.
NE & Pitt.....meh.

what are the official odds on that bet?

i.e. a combo bet that both GB and Pats win this weekend?

#8463 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

How to cope with Rodgers and Favre owning you for decades and the bitterness it causes.

Only took one pass as a Viking and a poor judgement dink pic to make it all fade away. No matter what they did, Favre will forever be remembered as a pill addicted dope that sent photos of his little flacid member out for the world to see, lol.

#8467 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

people that love the game instead of caring about their contracts or shoe deals or feeding themselves gestues or throwing sideline fits and proposing to kicking nets for attention or their awesome boat trips the week of the playoffs or choreographing their endzone dances......).

... or stupid WWE belt getures when an awesome reciever makes a catch that you take credit for...
... or getting into petty fights with your coach over play calling...

#8486 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Whysnow was relentless in begging for them, so Favre finally caved in.

lol. That guy would show his dick pics to anyone that happened to glance in his direction. Dirty old man.

He used to call it the mississippi mud dobber. Wasn't much of a stinger if you ask me.

#8491 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Me thinks you know a little too much about Favre's dick.

let's be honest. Everyone in the NFC north knows too much about the Mississippi Mud Dobber. Like I said, the guy was sending pics to everyone in the tri-state region. He stopped sending them to me once I finally sent one back.

#8539 3 years ago

What was the over on this game? 62?

Maybe the falcons can make it there on their own...
Would be nice if the packers showed up tomake this interesting some how.

#8545 3 years ago

glad the cubbies are still world champs

#8603 3 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

The Packers/Cowboys matchup did still get more viewers than game 7 of the world series this year - even with all those bandwagon cub fans!

well, at least one of those 3 teams you mention are winners this year.

wait... let me check...

Yup, Cubbies are still the World champs. Cool, still has not changed.

1 week later
#8704 3 years ago

gotta love all the massholes show up for the first time this year in the thread, lol.

#8732 3 years ago
Quoted from JY64:

I see Whysnow is a poor loser that explains a lot of his Pinside personality

it was a joke dummy.

I dont care who won the superbowl, my cubbies are still world champs. Gives me a whole year worth of IDGAF, GDIAF.

#8791 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm not saying five rings isn't amazing

dont forget the * on that statement

#8832 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Let me put it this way. There is no denying that the Patriots have become a dynasty in a time when dynasties aren't supposed to exist anymore and a legacy team of their own. I give them all the respect in the world for that. They have gone beyond the call of duty.
But, in the bowls they have met other legacy or prior dynasty franchises, they just couldn't pull it off. Came up short. And they had their chances. Those are the facts. That's all, and good night.

dont waste your time Odin. These guys cant see further than Brady's coin purse and are busy with other things. They are incapable of even grasping the reality of what you say.

#8858 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I imagine the options are to start a new thread, or reach out to flank and convince him it's time to come home. Unless you can convince a moderator to do it.

best bet is for someone to start a new tread. Highly unlikely Flank is coming back I was told.

3 weeks later
#8872 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Looks like Romo may be heading to the Broncos. That was my prediction last year.

glad it is not Chicago!

1 month later
#8972 3 years ago

does someone want to start a new tread for the current season?

Maybe it will bring some much needed luck for my Bears

#8974 3 years ago


#8980 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Why was this one started in 2007?

i think in 86'

#8994 3 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Bears fans can't be thrilled with that deal

Makes no sense to me, but the bears always find a way to screw up the draft it seems...

Im ignorant, but was it worthwhat they gave up, and wouldnt they have likely snaggedhim anyway?

#8996 3 years ago

Im happy we grabbed him but feel like alot was given up

7 months later
#9773 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Random thought : The bears are 4-9.
They have beat Carolina & 3 AFC North teams with Cleveland still to come.

It is pretty odd who they have beaten this year...

2 weeks later
#9841 2 years ago

Anyone but the pats...

#9893 2 years ago

Curious, why none of you are thinking Urlacher gets in this time?

2 weeks later
#10093 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Jags will need to do more than just beat the pats, they will need to beat the zebras too.

sad what the game has become but it is all too obvious that it is no longer about the sport and more about the production value of the entertainment.

The only way the Pats dont win is if the Jags are so dominant that they can overcome the laid out storyline and create their own story for the producers to hype instead.

#10204 2 years ago

I am hoping Brady leaves the game from a fair but solid hit early in the first quarter and the eagles win by 28 points.

I predict the refs will give this one to the Pats on a silver platter and they win by 10.

This one should at least be entertaining to watch.

1 week later
#10431 2 years ago

Yes! Awesome game! Very entertaining.

#10437 2 years ago

Just for the record... TB12 got beat by a second stringah... and on the very trick play that TB12 bonked. Not only was he beat, but they punked him along the way.

#10483 2 years ago

the only non-calls I saw the whole game were around PI and they seemed to just let them play on both sides.

The most flagrant were the obvious PI on the 2pt conversion attempts, which were not called.

#10489 2 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

Which nfl franchise has been to half the Superbowls in the last 16 years

and they still lost to a backup QB being coached by a backup...

you would think with all their talent and experience that they could have won this one. LOL. nice capstone for TB12, definitely seems that ego got ahead of them.

#10496 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

so you can't hang the loss on him.

really? That sack fumble was his poor decision (ego got in his way that time). Combined with his inability to catch that pass...

I would say those were the 2 biggest plays that would have changed the game.

#10501 2 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

Whatever man. You had to scratch up two reasons why he did bad when there are multiple reasons he did good. Your usually not worth arguing with cuz I know it will never end. Congrats to the eagles they played a great game and congrats to Nick foles who played his heart out and deserves the win.

I was not scratching up reasons. Honestly as a spectator, those were the 2 biggest faults of the game. Both teams played very well, but the better one won.
Other bog one was the missed FG (holders issue)

It was a very entertaining game, but if there is anyone that the loss rests on, it is squarely on TB12 and coaching decisions.

Foles played a solid game and great decision making when it mattered.

#10526 2 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Do you even watch football? Seriously, you have an irrational hatred for Brady, we get that, but does that make you this stupid about the game too?

LOL. I dont have an irrational hatred for Brady. I dont care for his cocky attitude, but I can understand how he used to be a top notch QB (one of the best of all time). I can also see that age has caught up to him and his ego put him into some bad positions and attempts to be the hero. It did not work out for him.

Many pats fans like to talk big about all his accomplishments but bring out the salt when he falters.

The better team with the better QB won yesterday.

#10587 2 years ago
Quoted from RWH:

While Rogers is certainly in the top 10, I don't think he is better than Brady.

Rodgers has proven he is just not as good as he was hyped to be. Injury prone at this point also. He had a few good years but likely won't go down as top ten outside of WI.

#10613 2 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Wait...he only went to FOUR Super Bowls? Why didn't he go to more?

they did not cheat back then...

#10639 2 years ago

Great write up xerico!

I agree and it is not even close.

#10651 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Come on folks. It’s settled. The 5th ring settled it. The longevity settled it. The 8...EIGHT Super Bowls with changing
Casts of characters settled it. At this point it’s almost getting embarrassing to try to compare the two, BrAdy is so dominant in a side by side.

If Xerico did not provide you enough stats about performance and specifically big game performance to show you it is settled that Brady cant even compare to the GOAT, then nothing is going to convince you ever.

Brady just got beat by a second stringer in his 8th*** super bowl in a year of dominant reffing in his favor to even put him there... Your wins mean as much as your failures when it comes to the big game. It is still funny to hear you TB12 guys with you knee pads scrapping on the ground trying to come to his defense.

LOL! They got beat by a second strong QB with a second string coach by the EAGLES! Let that sink in and come back to us next year with some new stats.

IF TB12 can make it back and win another in year 41, then he has a chance of his secondary stats in individual SB games being compensated for by the false longevity and protection of the league which is now built around protecting the QB talent. Win another and do it over a dominant team and then we can put him in the real conversation. Until then, you all look silly after this latest performance.

#10659 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I guess the question is it better to get to the SB and lose to a back up or lose to a back up in the Champ game and not even make the SB like Montana did?

if we are talking GOAT then I think your performances at the big game take precedent

#10661 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Really? How bout when Joe Cool got blown out 49-3 By Wade Wilson in 87?

not sure what game you are referring to?

#10702 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

it wasn't because of Jim McMahan?


6 months later
#10775 2 years ago

I know this is a stretch, but anyone have any Bears Packers (at Solider on dec 16; not the opener) tickets to sell?

I would like to surprise a buddy and take him.

Also, any suggestions on where to sit? I am OK with splurging for a good experience (only done a bears game once before and sat up high, would prefer to spend more to get a better experience this time)

2 months later
#11096 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

So what I am learning is the Patriots and Chargers match up pretty well, but either team would find a way to lose. The Chiefs are still in the mix, but licking their wounds. Texans and Steelers are playing as good a football as any.
Rams high from the other night is short lived, as The Saints show they are still the way better all around team with the MVP of the league playing QB.

you forgot about the bears... even with a backup QB they managed a win in D city on Turkey day.

They are legit contenders to go deep into the playoffs if this trend continues. D is so much fun to watch and O gets better at adjusting each game.
Play calling is exciting even if it does not always work (Im just excited to have a coack with some balls again!)

#11104 2 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

A bears fan! Don't startle him, they're rare this time of year.

Lol, the pack fans have apparently put away the gear already this year. Sad, cause I think they still have a shot to come back. If they win this week then it is all still in play.

#11113 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Lol, the pack fans have apparently put away the gear already this year. Sad, cause I think they still have a shot to come back. If they win this week then it is all still in play.

well, they did not win this week. It seems that makes a playoff berth a statistical improbability.

I honestly hope for all the packer backers that you get a new coach. Trust me, I know the pain!

1 week later
#11184 1 year ago
Quoted from Phat_Jay:

And that’s a mistake. Guy is 125-77, with a super bowl ring. Meanwhile the kicker has blown four, count em four games this year. Actually, If anybody needs to go it’s mark murphy. How do you release ha ha Clinton Dix? Hello? How is that not the front offices fault? And what of getting rid of jordy Nelson? Was he an “a” receiver, no. But a solid all around player. How many trades did mike have to deal with? A season decimated by injury, boneheaded trades and ya can the coach. Sorry mike is just the cana