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#3985 6 years ago

Great game, but Green Bay should have scored more points early in the game, not getting the on-sides kick and giving up that 2 point conversion, all added up to a very painful loss. Congrats to Seattle for never giving up. I'm not sure either team could have beat the AFC champion today but I expect Seattle to play well in the Super Bowl. I will go ahead and cheer for Seattle unless the Colts shock the world and stun the Pats. I really didn't care who won the Hawks-Packers game, but was glad it finally got close and exciting. I hope the AFC championship game isn't a blow out whoever wins.

6 months later
#4210 5 years ago

I usually find most of the summer months boring for sports. I'm not much of a baseball fan and the NBA play-offs go on and on forever it seems. I'm so ready for football both NFL and college. Even though there's things about both I don't like including scandals, ultra high tix prices, and other stuff, still my overall favorite sport.

2 weeks later
#4233 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Major blow for the Boys, Claiborne and the rookie Byron Jones are gonna make huge strides. Scandrick was by far the best cover guy and the glue for that D and now they are in big trouble with the receivers in that division.

I can't understand why Dallas didn't do more before Scandrick was hurt to get more experienced CB's on the team. Clairborne hasn't impressed me so far so I hope you're right and he has improved. Maybe Dallas will pick up another coverage guy off of waivers. I think Dallas will be good again this year. But don't think they have a great defense and I'm also concerned about their running game. Don't see a Super Bowl trip happening.

1 week later
#4261 5 years ago

The Patriots are continuing to be successful in winning by having even more PR problems. I know great success can bring jealousy but the ongoing and systemic and very detailed allegations including against the NFL commissioner in allegedly destroying evidence is concerning. If true he and others involved need to be fired, not just fined which means nothing to these folks it seems.

Now can't wait for the season to start tomorow!

#4338 5 years ago

Dallas outplays Giants for most of first half and fumble it away and go in behind. They stilled play like goof-balls much of the second half but somehow pulled out a win at the end. Weird and crazy clock management by the Giants near the end of the game. That was a weird game and both teams really made a lot of mistakes.

#4340 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Both teams tried to give the game away. In the end, the Giants did a better job of giving it away in terms of letting Romo do what he does better than any QB in the league since 2006: win the game in the 4th quarter.
Dez Bryant needs surgery. Out for 6 weeks.

The loss of Dez Bryant really hurts. I'm still concerned about their running game as I've been ever since the let DeMarco Murray go. Shocked Couglin allowed a run and that Eli Manning didn't take a sack or run as far as he coud in-bounds on the 3rd and goal play near the end of the game. Romo played well overall. Was concernig re: the way too many turnovers and easy points Dallas gave up. If they play like that in Philadelphia next Sunday, they'll get creamed.

1 week later
#4468 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I don't get it. I'm not a fanboy, this just isn't funny. You know why? Because it's not true. For things to be funny, they have to have a modicum of truth behind it.
Romo is one of the toughest QB's in the NFL.

True Romo is a resilient and tough QB. I wanted Dallas to start Romo years ago when the starter Bledsoe was struggling. Unfortunately, over the years I've been upset by his thorwing lots INTS or fumbling at key times in games. However, he has played with some very painful and serious injuries. Also last year I saw a lot of growth of him no longer throwing high risk passes and protecting the football much better. I thought he along with Dez and others were primed to have a great 2015 season. I'm saddened that the injury bug has already been so serious for the Cowboys with only 2 weeks played.

1 month later
#4895 5 years ago

Went to the Broncos versus Green Bay game and the fans were in a crazy wild mood! Great to see Peyton have a very solid game and D. Thomas had more yards receiving than G.B had in total offense! I thought it would be a close game and that G.B would win, but Denver came out playing great and never let up. Ruuning game was strong, so was passing game and the defense was awesome. Fun game!

3 years later
#14019 1 year ago

Looks to me like the Patriots dynasty will continue this year. Personally I'd find it more interesting if two teams who had never made it to the Super Bowl were to be there. Tired of dynasties in both pro and college football. Would like more varietybut seems like the Pat's are currently the best again. I don't believe KC or anyone else is better. Just hope this season's Super Bowl is better than the last snooze fest whoever's is there.

#14024 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

How did not playing hard until the end work out for the Pats last year in that stadium? Got our hearts scooped out at the last minute. No way they were going to take their foot off the gas this time. If Miami didn’t like it, they can kneel on the ball for 3 downs and punt it back to us.

Last year was a close game. Yesterday it was over by half time. Dolphins got shut out. No comparison except to show the Dolphins are terrible right now.

1 week later
#14633 1 year ago

Not suren't Bills going for td on 4th down with second string qb in. Get they want the lead but getting fg seemed like a respectable choice. Well always easier to second guess than be down on the field making live choices.

#14637 1 year ago

Intentional grounding not called against Brady. Bet if anyone so much as breathes in his direction they call roughing the passer. Protecting the qbs is great but they still can just chunk the ball into the ground.

#14685 1 year ago

Same old Cowboys. Give up 12 points to the Saints who were without Brees and lose. This is no Super Bowl contending team. Will likely fall to 3-2 next week when Aaron Rodgers picks apart the defense. A good and at times a great team but not a championship winning level organization. Meanwhile Tom Brady has a statistically a poor game yet the Pat's once again find a way to win. Reason they are so good make adjustments, excellent coaching and very much of the time find ways to win challenging games. And their defense looks amazing right now. Sigh!

#14861 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Down 17-0
This has been a horrible game for the Cowboys so far.Dallas isn't a super bowl level team and never will be as long as Garrett is the coach and Jones the owner. Sad but don't see it otherwise as a very long time fan.

#14881 1 year ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

But the Cowboys did play better in the second half and made it entertaining. I was hoping they’d beat the Pack, though.

After well over 20 years since last Super Bowl win, morale victories me NOTHING to this Cowboys fan.
Dak and Zeke are over-rated and Dak still misses a l too many plays/passes but shows great incredible skills which gives us Cowboys fans hope. I realize no one completes every pass but Dak still need to grow and be more consistent for Dallas to have a chance to be champions. Zeke concerns me he will do something stupid and get suspended again. Dallas isn't nearly as good as the Patriots who baring major injuries will be in the Super Bowl again. Except for the great run of last year's second half of the season, under Jason G. as the coach, Dallas has a history of blowing a ton of games. Especially in the 4th quarter or looking really horrible for 2-3 quarters and then making some final scores look close.

Sigh I wish I could believe this loss would motivate the Cowboys to go on a great winning streak but right now I'm not sure they are the best team in the division and certainly no where close in the NFC much less the league.

1 week later
#15041 1 year ago

Jason Garrett once again deserves es to be considered a mediocre coach for Dallas. If they lose today will have lost 3 in a row today against a previously winless coach. Jerry Jones as owner and the Garrett combo a stuck in giving fans hope for awhile but ultimately disappoint. I still think Jerry Jones was so wrong to fire Jimmy Johnson as coach and since that era and the team of that time no trips to the Super Bowl. And none coming soon I'm afraid.

2 weeks later
#15480 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

If you like Cheaters then the Astros are your team.

I don't follow baseball very much honestly. So just curious how the Astros are cheaters? I have some friends who love the Astros so I'm curious but admit very uninformed. To get some NFL stuff who would have guessed the 49ers would be the only unbeaten NFC team? Amazing to me how the Pats find ways to win over and over year after year. This year their defense is amazing.

#15528 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Technically, they aren't actually. The stadium is in Arlington and the practice field is in Frisco. Even prior to the new stadium, they were located in Irving.

Yes like a ton of teams in most sports they're now in a suburb of their city of origin. Technically haven't been in Dallas city limits since the 70's.

1 week later
#15637 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

I need the Cowboys to step up. They also need to stop starting so S-L-O-W. It's getting ridiculous.I'm tired of Jerry Jones as a controlling and egotist owner coupled with Garrett's underwhelming coaching. With the talent this team should be on the upper echelon. As it is they might miss the playoffs or limp in and lose in the 1st round. Garrett is no Super Bowl winning level coach. Heck he has never got them even to the NFC championship game. Sad for us Cowboys fan but the team is stuck with an egotistical and mismanaging owner and decent but not awesome head coach.

#15710 1 year ago

My guess is Kaepernick will get a chance somewhere and I'm curious to see how he does. But he has been out of the league a long time. Hard to imagine it not taking quite awhile for timing and skills to be at reasonable levels.

1 week later
#16029 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

You don't have to get up too early for a 3:25pm game, lol.
The Cowboys are definitely talented. Whether or not their coaching staff or defensive tackling are up to par, however, are certainly question marks.

I'm a Cowboy fan but based on coaching, playing in New England and how Dallas has played against better teams, I don't believe they will win today. Jason Garrett is likely be out-coached once again. Bill Belichick so often finds ways win his team has injuries and can't bring an A game in all areas to still win. Despite the talk of Pats recent offensive struggles they soon will likely get on their annual end of year run and be ready to take a shot at winning another Super Bowl. I'm no Pats lover, but I highly respite they are the greatest NFL team of their generation and perhaps all time.
When our Dallas fan, myself included, going to realize Dallas is very talented but ultimately hasn't gotten to a single NFC championship game since Garrett has been coach. Much less have they won a Super Bowl since Jimmy Johnson and company built a great team in the 90's. Unlike the Pats, Dallas in the past many years has found heart breaking, stupid and sometimes questionable coaching to lose, not win, key games.
Dallas might still win the poor East Division but no way do I see them having the toughness and game play consistency to win it all. Lots of talent and with a "A" level head coaching and coaching staff maybe they could. Garrett is "B" at his best for part of game but can fall to "C" level in close game against good to great but even sometimes awful times like the Jets earlier this season.

#16052 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Roger Staubach was a football hero when we played school lot games.I agree 100% with your conclusions of Garrett,I still remember him freezing his own kicker which resulted in a last minute lost.He can snatch a loss out of the jaws of victory!Do you think a new start is the way to go?

I'm not proud of having lost belief in Garrett and criticizing him publicly. I think he's devoted, works hard and has a long history of ties to the Cowboys in various roles as a player and coach. But after eight seasons and having grown up watching Staubach and Landry and then the 3 Super wins in the 90's I see Garrett as an only adequate and mediocre coach. To be fair, I think he works hard and badly wants to win. However in order to compete for Super Bowls yes I believe Dallas needs a fresh start.

1 week later
#16787 1 year ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

Dallas gonna lose if Trubisky keeps making throws like that.

Dallas going to lose as Garrett continues to show he's just a mediocre coach. I sick of it, wish Dallas would make a change for the much better in coaching. Crazy thing is that Washington still is mathematically alive to win the division at 7-9.

1 week later
#17617 1 year ago

Stop high fiving Dallas and focus. You have a 3 game losing streak and Rams could still score before the half. Sick of how talented Dallas is and no way should be 6-7. No way this game is over. Dallas needs to keep intensity high. With Garrett as head coach I've seen them blow too many big leads.

#17618 1 year ago

Finally Sean Lee does something. First int since 2017 but could be huge.

#17935 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Dallas Cowboys:
Playoffs 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2018.
1st place n the NFC East in 2019
The Cowboys haven't won a Superbowl in a while, but it isn't really fair to say they have done nothing. They make the playoffs approx every other year, and they had a legitimate shot to win it about 3 of those years.This is the Dallas Cowboys and it's supposed to be about winning Super Bowls not having 2 separate 3 game losing streaks this season. Garrett's era at Dallas has been so mediocre and even at his best has never gotten them to a NFC championship. Jason Garret should be fired as head coach and Jerry Jones as the gm! However since Jones owns the team he can keep doing whatever he wants including micromanaging and screwing up the team! What an ass!

#18072 1 year ago

Cowboys going to play like a Jason Garrett coached team today. Last week gave Cowboys' fans false hopes. Here comes the when is Jason Garrett going to get fired discussions again.

#18095 1 year ago

If Jason Garrett doesn't get fired Dallas fans might as well skip next season and however long his inept coaching continues at Dallas. I so wish fans had the say to also fire owner and GM Jerry Jones. What a terrible owner!

1 week later
#18447 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

You can’t blame all of this on Garrett this Cowboy team has no heart or pride!

Uhh... coaches are supposed to be held accountable for those. Garrett needs to be replaced and Dallas have a coach who is more than a sidelined hand clapper.

#18450 1 year ago

If Jerry Jones decides to keep Garrett which I could see him doing, after 4 decades as a fan, I refuse to watch Dallas next year. I'll still wish Dallas well, but the Jerry Jones-Jason Garrett era continuing is more than I can stand to watch.

#18452 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I had to listen on the radio, so havent seen it... but I heard he started the slide and the defender hit him. Cant do that. Touching the helmet doesnt have anything to do with it.Seeing it live on tv and replayed it didn't look like a
penalty, IMHO. But Detroit was completely outplayed the second half overall and had chances they blew.

#18495 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

Not in history.

Just Tom Landry as coach from team's start to almost 3 decades, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer (who was a mediocre coach but inherited an awesome team from Johnson) and 5 Super Bowl wins in team's history. * trips to the Super Bowl in team's history. Much better than just hand clapping.

But no Super Bowl trips in over 2 decades since Jerry Jones let his ego take over and the team has been stuck in not being able to win championships only at best division titles and some playoff games but not trips to the NFC championship in the 8 years since hand clapper Garrett has been HC. Amazingly Jones has fired Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, drove out Parcells and basically gotten rid of 4 Super Bowl winning coaches. (Parcells not with the Cowboys when he won his)

Pont--I don't know if he can even find a quality head coach willing to be at Dallas if/when Garrett gets fired. Jerry Jones buying the team is one of the worst things in Cowboys' history.

#18600 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

whoever it is .... good luck....Jerry Jones is the problem...

So true!

2 weeks later
#20356 1 year ago

Game is shaping up to be dull so far for those wanting a close one. Oh well.

2 months later
#21918 1 year ago

No way does Dak deserve to be highest paid QB, much less player, in the NFL.

5 months later
#24850 9 months ago

Wow a grounding penalty against Brady. Surprised it was called but correct call.

#24914 9 months ago

Typical choke by officials instead of ketting players play and Ra.s llayer interfered as well.

#24916 9 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Everyone wanted the PI review to be removed. It was. Even though the overturn rate was low last year, now you have NO chance of getting something overturned. It's not better.

And there will be games possibly in the playoffs where PI will be missed and fans screaming for a review system. Hate the NBA review system in how long it takes sometimes including some playoffs game take 10-15 minutes to finish the last 90+ seconds. But at least they try to get calls corrected that are happen so fast no human team of officials could ever get them as right as replay reviews. Officials didn't cost the Cowboys the game. Some questionable coaching decisions and overall the Rams offense was better. Dak tries very hard and gives it his all, but Dallas in past several seasons often loses close games even when the defense and other areas play reasonably well. In my mind Dak hasn't shown he deserves this ultra huge salary that's been predicted he will likely get. He has great stats and makes some great plays many times. Yet he is not in the top tier of great NFL qbs as stats alone are enough.

#24938 9 months ago

Wow Denver's clock management at end of a tight game was horrible! 3 tos and don't use them to give themselves a chance.

#25108 8 months ago

Cowboys better settle down and srart playing or they could start off 0-2 and then be playing at Seattle next week. 0-3 start would really stink if they lose today and next week. But right now need to focus and get it together against Falcons.

#25114 8 months ago

Dallas down 20 to 0. This is disappointing after a tough road loss to come out and play this terrible! So tired of in recent years Cowboys not showing up ready and prepared to play hard and well especially in first half. Jerry Jones has brought mediocrity to this once proud franchise.

#25126 8 months ago

Why is Dalton in? Dak hurt?

#25149 8 months ago

Cardinal receiver just made a highlight reel catch but so obviously and blatantly pushed off. Arm was out straight a long time and how he got open NFL forever it seems will screw up PI again and again despite last year's feeble pi review system. Geesh!

#25185 8 months ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Wilson is on fire

He is playing amazing and will shred the Cowboys defense next week. And I'm saying this as a Cowboys' fan.

1 week later
#25369 8 months ago

Dallas defense can't seem to create many tos or make most stops on 3rd downs and even 4th downs in crunch time. Same true many games in past couple of seasons or so.

#25371 8 months ago

The NFC East looks like the worse division again.

#25373 8 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Pete Carroll taking the penalty...uff.

Strange but probably not huge.

#25376 8 months ago

Another huge pasisng yard day by Dak wasted again. Dallas so mediocre past few seasons and once again this year. Please no excuses by Cowboys fans as I'm sick of it year after year.

#25379 8 months ago

7-9 might be good enough this year to win the NFC East unless Philly starts winning, which they might.

#25399 8 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I just find it amazingly ridiculous that there are so many bad calls still happening with all the redundancy in place to prevent it from occurring.

Completely agree especially when almost immediately after the play and during replay before another play is run a rules official can come on and explain what the call should be and why. But that has no effect on getting the call correct.

#25401 8 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

He better be suspended for the rest of the season, that’s one of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen. The “gator roll” is only done to injure a guys knee. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate the Cowboys anymore.

Just watched it several times and if done on purpose it's really bad I agree. Problem is rb was still struggling for yardage and unclear if defensive player was trying to complete a tackle. Although I don't like the twisting of the rb's leg one bit I have way more issue with how the same player hit the Russell Wilson on a 2 point conversion try. Why does anyone think they can or should get away with ahelmet to helmet hi??. I realize the game is very fast and sometimes the defender does it 100% by accident. in trying to make a legal play. To the point, I suspect the dt for Cowboys will be fined but not suspended unless there are other angles of the play making it obvious the gator roll was blatant. I probably haven't seen all the available angles so might be one that will justify a suspension.

#25421 8 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

So your location is Fontana, Ca. Should be a Rams fan, no? Are you a transplant from New York?

You must have not seen all the angles. It was the “gator roll” that Dallas player Trysten Hill did well after the runner was down. It’s much worse then Helmet to Helmet. It’s obviously intentional and was done to try to purposefully tear up the runners knees. The only punishment considered should be suspension for the season.
It’s the most egregious play I have seen in years.

That's horrible and anytime a player, regardless of what uniform tbey are in, try to hurt another player should be suspended. I'm a Cowboys fan but very appalled by this and don't want this guy ever doing this to any. Dallas should cut him and the league suspend him.

#25422 8 months ago

Are gator rolls common and if so, the league needs to look at outlawing them.

#25536 8 months ago

Shocking Dallas actually converts a 4th down and scores on same drive in the first half. Usually don't convert or only when a game is virtually over. Too bad their defense is so awful and will allow Browns a chance to win. Man their defense stinks! Can't stop anyone the past few years on 3rd down or must stop situations.

#25537 8 months ago

Typical Dallas has Cleveland at 2 and 15 and gives them a free first down with a face mask. Has Dallas not yet figured out that Garrett is no longer their head coach!? About to be 14-14 and Dallas finally actually showed up in first quarter on offense or Dallss could be losing .Why would it not surprise me if Dallas gives up 35 or even 42 points today.

#25540 8 months ago

Dak great stat guy but still too many tos and not consistent. Just like much of the team will show sparks of potential but then mess up. What does it take to get Jerry Jones to step down as GM and hold this team responsible. At this rate Dallas will give up 28 points before half time. This franchise has gone to shit!!

#25543 8 months ago

Idiot Zeke! Mr fumble can't take a hit. Has played like crap the past 2-3 games. Ovepaid crap of a team.

#25550 8 months ago

Dallas looks worse than last year's way underperforming 8-8 team. This might be a 6 win or less season. And no relief for those of us who also like The University of Texas football team. Bad year overall for both Teaxas NFL teams and no one great state of Texas college team. Oh well time to focus on other hobbies and interests.

#25587 8 months ago

Catching a TD right before half time.

#25626 8 months ago

Dallas has so many things wrong including a horrible defense that can't stop offenses, create turnovers or stop teams on 3rd and forever. Also injuries and poor coaching decisions at times have hurt. Over 30 years of
egoistical and inept ownership have created a culture of long term mediocrity and not seems even worrse. And a notoriously and unqualified G .M. who also is the previously mentioned owner in Jerry Jones. Then Dallas will overpay Dak by millions and not be able to afford even the huge salaries of some current quality players on the team or potential free agents. The present and long term future for the Cowboys appears to me to be very bleak. I hope I'm incorrect about this. Been a fan since 1976 and this franchise has fallen into long term mediocrity with a few good seasons but no championships since 1996.

#25627 8 months ago

There have been 24 games where QB's threw for over 500 yards. Yet like Dak yesterday in over half the games when the QB that did that, their team lost the game.

#25657 8 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

Hoyer is going to get yanked and Stidham will come in at this rate.

Who is Stidham I assume the 3rd string QB ?

#25771 8 months ago

Wow Eagles blow a chance to tie game right before the half. Can't leave any points on field versus the amazing Steelers defense.

#25773 8 months ago

Chiefs Bills moved to a week from Monday instead of Thursday.

#25778 8 months ago

Refs in Steelers game seem to think if an Eagle breathes on a wr it's PI.

#25786 8 months ago

So will Dak throw for most yardage ever by a qb in a game and Cowboys still lose? Or are Giants even worse than Jerry Jones' boys?

#25796 8 months ago

Dallas worse turnover ratio in league and Dak just threw a pick six to make it worse. Terrible team perhaps the worse Cowboys team in many years. Heading to 1-4 unless they start showing today. Giants could find themselves in the race for the lame division title.

#25801 8 months ago

"The Cowboys were caught sleeping. " Been true for many years off and on so many years! On a nice 4th down call by Giants but screwed up by a penalty. Giants faked punt and got wide open but had a dumb penalty.

#25819 8 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yup, looks like a Dalton fumble to lead loss

That and another Dallas collaspe in a close game. Defense not done favors by turnovers but can't stop any team 3 straights down regardless.

#25826 8 months ago

Defense sucks cowboys will lose which is sad to have no faith.

#25828 8 months ago

Congrats to Browns at 4-1. Not huge Browns fan but nice to see them off to a strong start.

#25835 8 months ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Cowboys without Dalton - not first place.
Cowboys with Dalton - first place.

Dalton had a huge fumble but to his credit hung in there and huge catches by Gallup and Dallas got a win. Lots still wrong especially the defense but interested to see how they do with Dalton as just can believe Dak will be back anytime soon if at all this year. Wishing Dak well including tonight as being treated and evaluated.

1 week later
#26043 8 months ago

Another blown pi call in a key moment. This time in Philly Ravens game. NFL has got to rethink pi as blown after blown calls are changing game possible outcomes.

#26084 8 months ago

Does all Zeke do is make an rare decent run, get stopped on 3rd and short and fumble a ton this year so far. To be fair O line has been pretty bad at times.

#26093 8 months ago

Any team that finally wins 2 in a row or 3 out 5 has a chance in the NFC East. Chance to get to the playoffs and then get crushed that is. Could be first 6-10 to ever win a division, very bad.

#26105 7 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Did the players say that or are they reading McCarthy's job application?

Another bonehead coa hing hire by terrible owner and GM Jerry Jones. None of his oodles of coaching hires have reached full potential and Super Bowl rings since the 90's with Jimmy Johnson. Wish the Cowboys could and would get rid of the whole Jones clan! Am sorry to say as a fan since the 70's the Cowboys stink! Sick of Jerry and his narcissistic and conceited mannerisms.

#26176 7 months ago

Historically bad the NFC East? Every team has won at least 1 Super Bowl. No other NFC or AFC division has done that! The Eagles won the 2018 Super Bowl, Dallas has won 5, Giants 4 and Washington 3. Giants took out the 18-0 Patriots several years ago. Meaning only Dolphins have ever gone undefeated and won a Super Bowl in same year. East has been ultra been bad this year and Eagles were mediocre until end of last season and got healthier and better to win the division at 9-7. But the teams that won their divisions in the past with losing records were not from the NFC East.
This year however the East is really terrible and might field the first division with only 6 wins to win a division title ever.

#26177 7 months ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

You are right. A life long fan as well and man it does hurt.

Thanks to GM and owner Jerry Jones who has turned the Cowboys from champs long ago to underachievers Even with Romo, Dak, and other talented players in recent and more past seasons his management and idiocicy has now brought them to a currently terrible team. I'm fostering 5 kittens and they tackle me better during meal times then the Cowboys cover or play defense.

#26356 7 months ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

Breaking news. Cowboys just signed new seasoned QB.
[quoted image]

Ha and LOL!

#26377 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

[quoted image]

Worse than a rock! And I'm lifelong Cowboys fan but disgusted by how dysfunctional things currently are.

#26418 7 months ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

He should get a couple game suspension and lots of fines, that was dumb.

Who knows the NFL is silly and inconsistent in suspensions, although that should get a suspension.

#26449 7 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Breaking news:[quoted image]

Ha that's funny! Could Dallas also get a tough and rarely fumbles running back, i.e. replace overpaid Zeke, better much better defense, coaching, and owner while they're in the market to rebuild. At least last night's poor qb play was the third string, in his first ever NFL start. Unlike too many of the starters that give execution of the practice squad.

2 weeks later
#26715 6 months ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

The NFC is wide open, 4 or 5 teams could take it.

True but the two or three teams with best chance to win the Super Bowl likely in the AFC. I don't see a NFC team having a great defense and a balanced offense.

#26812 6 months ago

After a nice comeback Colts have one of the ugliest and holdiest drives I've ever seen.

#26813 6 months ago

Terrible Cowboys are only half a game out of first in the ridiculously bad East. They won't win it but more evidence this division is truly worse in history this year.

2 weeks later
#27088 6 months ago

Wow it really doesn't matter what game you watch the refereeing in the NFL is at an all time low. Have a feeling this year's NFL playoffs will have many terrible calls. Game is so fast and NFL refuses to make needed legit rule changes and use more modern tech to help the refs.

#27183 6 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Or offense, unfortunately.
As a lifelong Cowboys fan...they have been tough to watch this year.

Tonight is like a summary of their season. Should be in this game but 3 missed fgs, poor coaching and less than stellar effort and poor execution will equal another loss. Jerry Jones is a terrible owner who hired this laughingstock of a head coach and created misery for Cowboys fans.

#27194 6 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

He signed that 90 million dollar deal and has gone downhill.
In all fairness, the Cowboys have been ravaged by injuries to the o-line. Still...production is all that matters at the end of the day.
When he is featured in local tweets daily for partying and not for football...that isn't a good thing.

He has become really bad at not making the needed 1 2 yards on 3rd and even 4th down to help keep critical drives going. Even last year when o-line was better and lots this year. He's become very disappointing to many Cowboys fan including his immaturity.

#27213 6 months ago

Jerry Jones has become one, if not the most dysfunctional, micromanaging and ineffective GMs and owners in the league. And sad part for fans, some cling to a hope that with draft picks, trades, etc it will get turned around soon. There is no realistic hope this franchise will be playing in a Super Bowl for a very, very long time. Jerry Jones' ego and poor skills have made this franchise mostly for over 20 years mediocre, awful this year and sprinkle in an occasional good year in the regular season but choke in the play-offs.
Packers, Chiefs, Steelers, and other teams can win. But days of Dallas being a consistent winner under Landry and for too brief a period, when they had Jimmy Johnson are over. Thanks Jones for screwing all Cowboys fans. You suck asshole!

#27291 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well he was doing well when you guys had a QB.

He was so so even then and often stuffed on 3rd and short last year and this year a ton. I think he's overpaid and fumbles too much.

#27361 6 months ago
Quoted from timtim:

Effing browns

42 second td drive by Browns.
Hard to complain with that great drive but afraid still enough time for Ravens to get at least a fg.

#27362 6 months ago

Wow what another great kick by Tucker.

#27429 5 months ago

Dallas not missing Zeke at all today. Overpaid, fumbles and not tough enough on 3rams and short. Glad to see Miami beating Pats.

#27443 5 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

In case anyone is wondering, Jags have tiebreaker due to easier SOS. They get Trevor Lawrence. If I was a Jets fan, I would be crying right now.

I can really understand wanting 1st pick in draft but horrible to go 0-16. But then again getting 1st pick is hard to potentially miss out on so wonder if Jets are following the old cliche about can't even win at the right time.

#27505 5 months ago

Steelers just came out and hit Bengals in nose to start 2nd half. Now will Bengals respond or land down and whimper? Hope they keep it interesting rather than second half being a total Steeler domination fest.

1 week later
#28046 5 months ago

Horrific last 3 offensive plays by Dallas. HC for Dallas and entire organization starting with ownership is a mess.

#28054 5 months ago
Quoted from centerflank:

This season is about ready to get in full swing...Post all your hopes&dreams and savvy predictions.
Packers win the Super Bowl *IF* Nick Perry and Datone Jones complement Claymaker enough that he draws single blocking assignments from opposing OC's. Obviously EhRodge must stay healthy as well.
[quoted image]

I'm sorry but NFL championship before the Super Bowl era not that impressive to me. There 14 teams in the entire NFL back them. Now the Packers many Super Bowl rings are impressive. Possibly will get another one this season.

#28282 5 months ago

I think the NFL'S review system is the worse in college or pro sports and has been for awhile. Have to call a t.o. to get clock stopped although did get it given back. But if Bills had no tos a Super close play that could have determined outcome wouldn't have been reviewed at all. And I'm not a Bill's fan or Colts just wanted a fair outcome which ultimately happened.

1 week later
#28926 5 months ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

I miss Favre, best qb ever, maybe second to Brady. At least Favre was the most entertaining.

Favre could have been even better but threw way too many ints. There were several QBs better including Montana, Aikman, and Favre might not have even been best in his generation. Not seeing he wasn't great he was but could also be a heartbreaker too for his teams.

1 week later
#29546 4 months ago

Right now Green Bay doesn't look like a tough and A+ level team. However they might come out and play a much better second half so we'll see. Defense has to play much better. Giving up way too many big plays. Going way back this reminds me of the Cowboys 49ers in 90's where Dallas won 3 if 4 Super Bowls but were outcoached, didn't execute on defense or offense well enough and outplayed. But Packers at home today and 11 point difference far from insurmountable.

#29741 4 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Meh, old days they rarely missed a play

Yes but brain injuries caused by repeated concussions and hits over a career is now more known than in past. Guys would get hit ridiculously hard multiple times including qbs who had no special rules to protect them. And return to a game they should have been sitting out. And some who played back then later admitted not remembering whole quarters or more of games they played in! And later had dementia like functioning brains at quite young ages.

2 weeks later
#30259 4 months ago

KC better wake up as they are their own worse enemy so far in this game.

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