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(Topic ID: 57695)

Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#5394 4 years ago

Hmmm. Wildcard weekend. Seahawks at Skins. Bad field. Skins upset? Who's with me?
Wish I could get the line on it now. Probably Seahawks - 8.5? +350 moneyline?
Good luck to everyone in championship games today. My back to back reign ended last week.

#5432 4 years ago

Ol slingblade just about threw his second pick 6. At least all day just won me my dff match up!

#5433 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Cardinals are playing really great, their D is a beast. I think they represent the NFC in the sb.

Just laid $250 at 5 to 1 on the Cards to win SB. What's even funnier is Steelers are 6 to 1 still and they won't even make playoffs. Too bad Tyron Matheau tore his knee up last week in garbage time.

#5452 4 years ago

That was a impressive first 2 drives for the bungles. Chest tattoo boy looks good against one of the leagues best D's

#5456 4 years ago

Broncos are back in it. That missed fg could bite the bengals in the ass. Need another 7 min drive

#5459 4 years ago

Finally a good mnf game! Espn spends a billion dollars on mnf and it took the final week to finally have a good matchup? Bet they wish they could flex like snf. It's been a tough sled this year through all this garbage they've been giving us.

#5460 4 years ago

Man that fg attempt to win it was as bad as Peyton's favorite drunk idiot kicker.

#5483 4 years ago

Surprised they fired him. Eagles probably could have gotten the Titans to give them a draft pick or something for him

#5492 4 years ago

Drafting and keeper leagues are fantasy football with training wheels and so 1997. Real skill is a auction league. If you really want a player, step and and pay for him. We switched about 2004 and haven't looked back since.

1 week later
#5628 4 years ago

Anyone here like to bet? What do you think of the games?

KC -3.5 @ HOU
PIT -2.5 @ CIN
SEA -5.5 @ MIN
GB +0.5 @ WSH

KC, PIT & WSH is my spread ticket.

Going to pass on SEA/MIN. Would pick cincy if Dalton wasn't hurt. WSH playing way better then GB right now. KC hottest team in league though Hou defense is tough.

#5635 4 years ago

Playoffs are all about Quarterback matchups.
Roethlisberger over McCarron.
Smith over Hoyer.
Wilson over Bridgewater.
Rodgers over Cousins. (Cousins had a way better year though and packers have no wide receivers)

#5642 4 years ago

I'm picking the redskins not the packers.
Check the records. Typically first time qbs in the playoffs lose. Yes matchups do help and there are exceptions but history says experience wins. It would be funny to see McCarron win a playoff game before Dalton.
I think that a wildcard team will win the afc this year. Pit or KC
Have cash on the cards in the nfc so I'd like to see them win but shithawks are hot and Wilson is actually throwing the ball well.

#5686 4 years ago

Man it's pouring in cinny. Good thing I bet the under. Bet second half under too if you have the chance.

#5688 4 years ago

One of the nicest tds I've seen in a while

Quoted from dmbjunky:Crazy TD catch from Bryant for the Steelers

#5691 4 years ago

As chris tucker in friday said "you got knock the fuk out mother fukr"
The hit earlier in the game wasn't helmet to helmet.

#5695 4 years ago

Way to stay classy Cincinnati. Who ever thru stuff at ben being carted off should get smashed in the face

#5739 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

I like Marvin Lewis. He is a great coach. This isn't on him at all

He should have takin control of that bumb burfect. It's totally on him. Let his players get out of hand and did nothing about it. Showed no leadership. Should be out on his ass tomorrow.

#5793 4 years ago

Ist half snoozer. 2nd half is good. Seattle not winning by 4 costs me $100 so screw them. Go Vikings

#5794 4 years ago

Unbelievable. Go figure

#5895 4 years ago

I got cardinals at 5 to 1 2 weeks ago. $250 =$1250.
also layed $300 paying $450 for Cam Newton MVP.

Nicky Satan just won 5. Only 1 behind bear bryant. What a ugly trophy. What happened to the crystal football?

#5936 4 years ago

KC @ NE -5.5
GB @ ARZ -6.5
SEA @ CAR -1.5
PIT @ DEN - 7.5

Really hard to bet against Brady in Foxboro but their O line is a mess. Gronk is banged up. Chiefs D can pressure Brady and Bradys weakness is pressure up the middle. Macklin injury is big for KC. PICK: KC + 5.5

Arizona should roll. GB finally got the run going last week but Arizona run D is 8th, WSH 30th. Addams out. Who's Rodgers going to throw it too. PICK: ARZ - 6.5

Hardest game to bet but best to watch. Sea playing with house money after lucky win in Min. Car defense banged up. Really hard to bet against Sea the past few years in playoffs. Will see if Newton is ready to step up into top tier of QBs. Hard on Sea traveling all over the country. Home field and bye makes difference. PICK: CAR - 1.5

Still unknown if Ben can play in Den. Says he won't start if he can't throw it 25 yards. Brown out. Williams out. Den defense still awesome. If Pit was healthy they'd win. Their not. PICK: DEN - 7.5

Enjoy the games today and tomorrow.

#5940 4 years ago

Any of you guys played a Gottlieb Pro Football? One just came up for sale for $400 Canadian. Hopefully he'll hold it so I don't miss this weekends games. 8 hour roadie for it

#5972 4 years ago

Thanks cheifs for late td. Teased the the line +8.5 KC over 40.5
$40 paid a hundo.
Wtf is up with gb/arz??? 13 points at half? Figured the game would fly over 50.5

#5976 4 years ago

Palmer has never won a playoff game. Pressure getting to him?

#5998 4 years ago

That catch cost me $100
Stupid fuckin defense. Make a play.
Un fucking believable

#5999 4 years ago

Ref can't even flip a coin. Now I've seen everything

#6021 4 years ago

Man what a game. Keeps my $1250 Cardinals win the super bowl ticket alive. Woo Hoo!!!
Palmer finally wins a playoff game

#6055 4 years ago

Awesome start.
panthers 14 shithawks 0
Who the hell was wilson looking for? Haha

#6063 4 years ago

Is anyone else smiling to see Sea getting their asses handed to them?

#6067 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nope. Got nothing but respect for them. Great team. Now if this was the steelers getting stomped?

That's going to be later

#6090 4 years ago

There goes a lot of spread tickets.

#6095 4 years ago

It will be fitting to watch Peyton end his career next week with another loss to Brady.
2 best qbs in the 2000s. 4th time they meet up in the afc championship.

#6144 4 years ago

Patriots and Panthers both -3.5 book it!
Anyone else bummed out that the season is almost over?
Now my wife will expect me to pay attention to her

#6149 4 years ago

Peyton gets a $2,000,000 bonus if Broncos win today

#6221 4 years ago

I've got the Panthers in the sb. Anyone wanna bet a hundo on the broncos? Straight up or spread, doesn't matter.

1 month later
#6504 4 years ago

Just what the league needs. Another soon to be fat Alabama rb. Too big. Holes will close fast and he'll be another 2 to 3yd a carry back. How's eddy lacy doing for you?

Quoted from bemmett:

Not much other than Derrick Henry is a freakish athlete, gotta think someone snatches him in the first round.

1 week later
#6522 4 years ago

Stat of the day:
Last Super Bowl winning team to start a new QB the next season? 06 Steelers after Big Bens emergency appendectomy.
Who the hell are the Broncos going to pick up? RG3, Fitzpatrick, Kaepernick?

2 weeks later
#6622 4 years ago

Olivia's a goddess. When she hosted attack from the show on g4 with another smoking hot blonde she was named stoner of the year by high times. Just one more reason to love her. And she's done interviews where she says she's into s&m and likes to be choked. ARods my idol

2 weeks later
#6641 4 years ago

Holy shit. Rams just traded everything to get the #1 pick. Feels like a Ditka move when he wanted Ricky Williams.

2 months later
#6772 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Bears will get 10 wins and make the playoffs.

Did I miss something? Cutler is still the QB? Playoffs are not going to happen. Vikings and Packers are both better and probably playoff teams.

Also just like the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun rises in the east. The Pats will be in the AFC Championship game

#6803 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

GB wins division easy, SEA/ARZ split 1 wildcard...chances are slim right off the bat. Although I'm not thinking of any other teams off hand.

I think Vikings win division. Great D and emerging QB. Rodger's constant whining and complaining is starting to sour alot of Packers fans. Used to really like him. Now not so much. Also think McCarthy is overrated and Packers should already have at least 2 super bowls with him

#6809 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

These are all personal matters you have with the team

Dude, I don't even like the Packers and dislike the Vikings more. Packers seem likes wasted talent. Had a young opportunistic D when they won with a veteran Woodson leading them. He's gone, Raji retired, and goldilocks Mathew is all they have. Maybe they'll figure out how to cover a onside kick too. Ouch... too soon?

I think the Vikings will win the division this year that's all. Young D seems to be jelling and Bridgewater seems to be legit. Peterson has 1 or 2 good years left and seems to be the next team to emerge from a historical bad division.

2 weeks later
#6861 4 years ago

Gold jacket ceremony on nfl network. Nice hof class this year. Great to see Eddie D and Kevin Greene finally get in.
Colts/Packers Sunday. Season is almost here

1 week later
#6870 4 years ago

There's a reason they're called the bungles and haven't won in the playoffs since 1990. There's a whole generation of kids who only know them as losers with ugly uniforms

#6872 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Wow this is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard about the NFL.

What, truth hurts? Cheapest organization in the nfl. Only team not to have a practice facility. Have a hard time luring free agents because no one wants to play for a cheapass owner like Brown. Besides the recent run with Dalton and the one year with Palmer when he had his knee blown out they're not even relevant the past 2 decades. Go Steelers! Poke, poke...

2 weeks later
#6956 4 years ago

Breaking news. Tony Romo suffers broken bone in back. That was a rough looking hit he took the other night. Looks like Dak Prescott might get his shot earlier then expected.

#6975 4 years ago

Bridgewater just went down. Looks like the Packers should run away with division this year

#7008 4 years ago

Vikings just traded for the ever fragile Bradford. Gave up a 1st and a 4th. 1st round pick for a backup seems awfully steep.

1 month later
#7533 4 years ago

Bonus of having a wife who's favorite team has lots of merchandise is I can buy lots of useless crap for her. (Even though it's really for me ) $3 at a local shop.



#7535 4 years ago

Haha. I hear ya. I didn't choose her team. I'm just glad she likes football! And the Raiders symbol and colors are best in nfl. There was a Dallas piggybank too but no Cowboys gear allowed in this house.

Quoted from fosaisu:

If you head to Oakland, there's probably plenty of Raiders swag free for the taking out on the curb for trash pickup!

#7538 4 years ago

Broncos fans better be worried about getting swept by the Chargers this weekend. Chiefs are solid team too. Most competitive division besides NFC East thru 7 weeks.

2 weeks later
#7589 4 years ago

Record 6 - 3.
Qbs passing yards yesterday - 99 yards.
Qbs salary - 70 million, 4 years.
Team? Houston Texans.
Yikes! Brock Oswieler sucks. Or does he

1 week later
#7662 4 years ago

Stopped by 711 for a coffee and a ticket on way to work. 125 Gobble, gobble, jive turkeys.


#7663 4 years ago

Although it was really long Aretha Franklin destroyed it today

#7668 4 years ago

Shithawks costed me a perfect week. Only 1 fg on offense? Wtf??

2 weeks later
#7855 3 years ago

Now that's commitment


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