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#5730 5 years ago

Believe Jones was called for contacting an official.

#5759 5 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

That burfict hit on brown was terrible.

he's a pus and I can't believe he wasn't disqualified. (not that it matters at that time), but if refs start disqualifying guys who are going into the other teams benches and starting shit then these thugs wouldn't be around to hit a good guy like Brown in the head. Totally think he should be suspended multiple games next year.

I think his hit on Ben was OK, but he was playing with fire and I think there might have been cause to eject him before the hit on Brown.

I think the hit by Shazier on the Benard was legal, but I don't like people being hit in the head and I think that rule should be reexamined for all players not just people in the act of catching the ball.

#5760 5 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

UR blind or ignorant if you think that helmet to helmet receiver hit was legal. lol. The Bengals were even called on a much less significant helmet to helmet receiver hit earlier in the game. Consistency is key to officiating and to fairness, but there was no consistency in this game so it wasn't very fairly contested. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not surprised the fans showed their displeasure. I have no pony the game either, and am not a fan of Cinci over Pittsburgh. Just calling what I saw.

Careful who you say is ignorant, because you are in this case because the hit on Bernard was legal. He caught the ball 2 steps, turned around and took another 2 steps he was a runner. Period end of discussion.

I don't like the hit on Benard I said that above, but it was legal. He was not defenseless or in the act of catching the ball.

The hit you said earlier that was called on Cincy forget who the Pitt receiver was but he was in the act of catching the ball so you can't hit him in the head even by accident. It don't matter how vicious the hit is, it ONLY matters if the guy is in the act of catching the ball or like Brown who didn't have the ball ever.

You can't hit a guy in the head or neck period if he is catching the ball, Bernard had caught the ball already and was a runner so therefore it's legal to hit him in the head.

I don't like that, but it's perfectly legal. You can hit a RB or WR or even a QB in the head if they are running with the ball.

#5764 5 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

I called it right. It was the Steelers linebackers coach Porter on the field beaking in the face of Cinci players. Coaches are not allowed on the play field, and a linebacker coach on the field with a wide receiver injury. Wow. This action, with Adam pacman Jones taking offense, results in the penalty against Jones and can be found here. Starting at 3:22.
» YouTube video
I saw some terrible officiating with Pittsburgh getting away with some significant poor conduct leading up to and including these plays. Sad. Even called it out in my live time posts on the last page.
The video also shows what just preceded it around 1:00+. Burfict puts a conciliatory hand on Brown's shoulder, a steelers attendant pushes him away, and on the right side Porter is beaking with bengals players.

Saw that, couldn't see what was happening maybe they'll have more footage, I'm sure Porter should not have been on the field but I see coaches all the time go on the field when a player is injured. I don't know what Jones did but it looked like hew as trying to go after Porter and sometimes it's the second act that gets noticed. Anyway was not smart football by Cincy and I'm glad they lost again. Hope Marvin Lewis doesn't get fired because he's a good guy.

#5765 5 years ago

What's Burfects story? I seem to recall he has some history but can't recall. Jones doesn't seem like a thug but Burfect should be suspended for a while IMO.

#5769 5 years ago

Yes, I know hard hitters like Shazier are not liked by other team's fans. Plus Shazier was celebrating his KO of another player I don't like that. It was a legal hit but come on it was not very nice, he could have tackled Bernard by hitting him lower. I think that rule should be addressed. I don't like to see runners get hit in the head.

#5775 5 years ago

It was alleged Burfect was celebrating when Bell tore up his knee earlier in the year and he's been fined numerous times for helmet to helmet hits


Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict will surely receive league discipline for his hit to the head that gave Steelers receiver Antonio Brown a concussion. But Burfict’s discipline may not simply be the routine fine that players regularly get for helmet-to-helmet hits.

NFL discipline is designed to come down harder on repeat offenders, and Burfict’s status as a repeat offender could lead to a suspension.

Burfict was fined for three different penalties he committed the last time he played the Steelers, one low hit on Ben Roethlisberger and two unnecessary roughness calls.

In 2014, Burfict was fined $25,000 for twisting the ankles of Panthers players. In that incident, many thought Burfict got off easy, and Panthers players openly called for Burfict to be suspended.

In 2013, Burfict was fined $31,000 after one game and $21,000 after another for multiple violations, including two separate hits to the head and neck area of opposing players.

#5779 5 years ago

I have been reading that you are correct that leading with the helmet is a foul, but it's not called (rarely) I've never seen it called. It's not like the 'defenseless receiver' rule.

So I do change my mind that the Shazier hit was not legal, but it's like traveling in Basketball or like holding in football you can call it on every play. I hope this becomes a point of emphasis now, but overall this is never called. I have never seen it called except when a player is in the act of making a catch.

And Burfict hit on Brown was just head hunting, the Shazier hit was more of an incidental or football tackle.

#5781 5 years ago

Would you agree that the Shazier hit while *illegal* is rarely called. And in Basketball traveling is *illegal* but rarely called.

Not saying it's the same thing, but sometimes an illegal play is not called. But hitting a player in the head in the act of making a catch is always called.

#5787 5 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Rai, I'm not sure that Burfict hit on Brown is as black and white as head hunting. Just throwing out an alternate view point. It was a bang bang super fast play so these guys can't adjust themselves quickly enough to the last half second body position changes I see happening in the replays. I saw Burfict coming in low as they are supposed to now to avoid a head hit, but Brown ended up lowering himself too after he missed the ball, which caused the head hit. They way it came out, such a play is going to get flagged all the time, but I can't confidently say it was head hunting. Here are some former great nfl players discussing as much too.
Same vid but another link

I'd say that leading with the crown of the helmet calls are usually called in NFL games, and most notably for the last 2-3 years when such head hits became much more contentious. That is why I found this one particularly hard to understand. The hit was wide open, easily viewed and put Bernard out with a concussion or concussion protocol.

Dion is dead wrong, he makes no sense at all in that video, it's like he wants to argue that the hit was an accident but he has no proof so he just talks louder like that will win the argument lol. Just because one person says it was not head hunting does not mean it was not head hunting.

Also, as I posted Burfict has been fined many times in the past for dirty play and specifically twice in 2013 for helmet to helmet hits.

He has lost the 'it was an accident' excuse from now till the end of time.

#5855 5 years ago

Pats are in a bad spot with injuries but I'd not bet against them.

Every single home team is favored to win, and unlike this week they're coming off by week.

I'm a Pats fan so I'd rather have seen the Bungles than the red hot Chiefs, but as Vince Vaughn would say to Tom Brady: "You're money baby"

Brady has lost 16 home games in his career (97 home wins) and he's won more play off games 21 than anyone ever.

Brady is 10-3 after a bye week and Pats are one of 3 teams favored to win the SB

I will concede that KC is playing well, this should be a good game.

#5863 5 years ago

I'll agree KC is a nice team, especially on D, but let's not get blind by them beating the Texans.

#5869 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

The pats have looked absolutely terrible the last 6 weeks. 2-4 with 2 losses out the door and a bye week which kills momentum on some occasions. I fully expect the chiefs to win this game.

Bye week does not kill momentum, Belichick and the Pats are 11-4 after bye week, plus they've been resting some key players to get healthy. NE last home loss after a bye was 2002

Pats have lost ONE home game all year and 16 total home games that Brady has started 97-16 record. Brady is 14-3 at home in the play-offs.

If you want to talk about a team looking bad in the regular season, the Packers were 4-6 since their bye week, with one of those wins being the completely improbably hail Mary (after the phantom facemask) pass against Detroit or they could have realistically been 3-7. I mean that Detroit win was very improbable.

Edelman broke his foot Nov 15 and the Pats have been 3-4 since then. Edelman will be back this week, the wheels fell off when he was out Edelman and Gronk are what that team runs thru.

Let's examine those 4 Losses:

Pats lost to Denver in OT in Denver in a snowy game (not exactly a horrible loss)

The Pats *lost* to the Eagles by allowing 3 TDs via turn-overs, punt-return or blocked punt. That's an anomaly and play that game over and the Eagles would lose 9 out of 10 times. If you didn't see it there was a block punt return for TD, a 99 yard int returned for a TD and a 87 punt return for a TD. - Unlucky loss

Pats *lost* to the Jets in OT (after the Pats won the coin toss in OT and elected to kick off and didn't pick the direction to defend) - Dumb loss

Pats lost to Dolphins, didn't play as all out as they could. they rested several key players in order for them to be more in shape for the play-offs. Brady just attempted 21 passes and they ran 27 times at 2.6 yards per rush (the game was called as if it was a scrimmage or just to play it safe)
< http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/01/01/injury-report-patriots-resting-several-injured-players-against-dolphins/ > Edelman might have been able to play but they wanted to give him 2 weeks extra rest/recovery. It was a so-so effort.

I don't think this game will be a so-so effort, I doubt they'll be as unlucky as the Philly game and doubt they'll be as dumb as they were in the Jets game. And they will be more rested and more at full strength than against the Dolphins, and they will be the home team unlike when they played Denver to OT. Plus this will be the Chiefs third consecutive road game.

KC comes in with more injuries from their last game and NE comes in with several key players returning.

I'm not saying it's a cake walk for the Pats, but they are more than likely to win IMO, just like I thought GB was more than likely to beat the high flying Skins.

#5871 5 years ago

It is all the players fault, Hill should not have been fighting for extra yards, Hill and Burfict lost the game not the HC. HC didn't tell Hill to fumble or Burfict to decapitate Antonio Brown.

Pac-man, sorry you can't get physical with the refs. I don't care if Osama Bin Laden was on the field from the other team, you can't go thru a ref to get at him. That's the one truth I know about football and I've been watching for 30+ years.


if you look at the video on this page (middle of the page) Jones clearly is getting physical with the officials. Ref throws the flag immediately as Jones contacts them

#5874 5 years ago

I said to my friend he's a Redskins season ticket holder, it's better to lose going away like the Skins than to lose like the Bengals or the Vikes.

He agrees, he was in his car with 8 minutes to go.

#5883 5 years ago

I'll just pick all the home teams

#5892 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Even Vegas agrees with me that the pats are going to lose.
Sorry Flank...
Odds To Win Super Bowl 50
Cardinals 3-1
Patriots 4-1
Panthers 4-1
Broncos 5-1
Seahawks 6-1
Chiefs 10-1
Steelers 12-1
Packers 18-1

Pats are favored More than KC

#5896 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Vegas loves them some patriots. They aren't going to beat KC.

KC is very good they've beat a lot of excellent teams. This is the game I'm looking forward to the most.

#5902 5 years ago

Hey all,

I just wanted to circle back to the NE v KC game.

As was pointed out Brady and the Pats looked bad during the last 7 or so weeks, as I said was since Edelman was injured.

Just heard on the radio, games that Elelman played Brady was top rated QB and games he missed he was middle of the pack according to QBR

Eye popping number, with Edelman the Pats averaged 6.9 yards per play (not pass play but overall per offensive play) games he missed they were at 4.7 yards per play.

Those numbers equal to best YPP and worst YPP in the league.

#5904 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Edelman is supposed to play. It's going to be interesting.

I don't want to downplay KC, I was hoping the Bengals had won, would have sent KC to Denver, KC playing very well.

I just think realistically it's hard for any team to beat Brady at home in the playoffs.

And I'm hoping for one more meeting of Brady and Peyton.

#5911 5 years ago
Quoted from jesster64:

I would put $200 on KC to win it all. $200 at 10 to 1 = nice pinball machine.

GOod luck with that.

#5915 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't know about winning it all but KC has a good chance with the Patriots after what I saw Miami do to them in the last week of the season.

that Miami game was funky, if you saw the game something was not with the play calling.

In the first half, Brady handed off 21 times and threw the ball five times.

Hopefully the week off will improve their play significantly.

#5923 5 years ago

KC has a lot of banged up players this week.

#5927 5 years ago

Maybe he'll take Byron Maxwell and Demarco Murry with him?

#5945 5 years ago

As I said, NE looks like a different team than lost to Miami when Brady had 5 passes in the first half no?

NE was not trying to win that Miami game, just trying to get out of town with the minimal injuries in that game. It's all about the playoffs not the regular season.

#5947 5 years ago

It's over.

Brady scores two rushing TDs on consecutive plays.


#5950 5 years ago


#5952 5 years ago

Didn't like how Pats manages their last two positions, that near interception and the possession before they had two incomplete passes on a 3 and out.

#5956 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Textbook game of score being closer than the game. Pats had it in hand from the start. Sorry but it's the truth.

I think that KC is terrific and did good job in this game, probably much better than Bengals (if they had won would have played NE).

But bear in mind, I never said KC was bad, in fact I said how strong of a team they were and how well they had been playing.

I just said, don't judge the Pats by their last 6 games 2-4 record. The Pats were the best team in the league in the first half of the year until so many injuries piled up. And that the Pats are the best home team, the best play-off team and one of the best teams off a bye week in the last 15 years.

There was a good reason why the Pats were favored to win and this game was closer than I expected to be honest..

#5960 5 years ago

I think some people on this thread looked at NE last 6 games (all without Edelman) and said they were weak, but two OT losses and weird loss to Philly and one loss they didn't even try as they'd already locked up most everything they were resting up for the play offs. It's all about the post season.

Regular season is only important to make it to the post season.

Not too sure if they are worried about Den who has the worst QB left in the Playoffs, or if Pitt wins they'll come to NE.

#5967 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Well it paid off for them today, but are you saying they didn't want homefield advantage and want to possibly go to Denver next week and face a team that already beat them with a backup QB?

What do you think? Brady threw the ball 5 times in the first half of the Miami game. Does that sound like a game plan for NE who has the fewest rushing in the entire league? Did you watch the Miami game? NE was not playing even half speed.

Today Brady handed off the ball 6 times total, against Miami he handed off 16 out of their first 18 plays. Not because the rush was working at all but because coach didn't want Brady to get injured in an almost meaningless game. Against Miami NE rushed 27 times for 70 yards so they were not rushing because it was working well.

Denver almost lost to SD off of 5 turn overs by Brock, so NE had a strong chance of winning home field anyway. They had already locked up first round bye.

Peyton is not really a great QB anymore and NE might be favored at Denver.

#6000 5 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Ref can't even flip a coin. Now I've seen everything

I'd challenge that.

#6007 5 years ago


I've never heard that, didn't GB win the first flip? Plus that non-pass interference call.

#6010 5 years ago

I think the Eagles defense snuck onto the field for that Fitz play.

#6011 5 years ago

Ok, that's a good finish.

#6028 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Palmer is likely a hall of fame candidate as well if he keeps up his crazy numbers.

Palmer HOF?

his W-L record is barely over 500 83-78

Tim Hasselback has more wins and a better win percentage so maybe Tim's a HOF candidate now?

#6031 5 years ago

yes, well according to my logic these are the QB well ahead of Palmer

Drew Brees

not locks

Palmer has a worse win percentage than Mark Sanchez, Palmer was born the same year as Brees but has 46 less wins and 20,000 less yards.

#6036 5 years ago

I'll guess Troy, he's got around the same numbers as Randall Cunningham but those 3 SB wins put him in not his stats. How many Playoff wins do Palmer have (one)?

Brady has 22 wins. 16 active QB have more playoff wins than Palmer.

#6076 5 years ago

Similar to NE, Carolina kind of let up after they got a comfortable lead.

Weakened up defensively and let off the accelator on offense.

#6103 5 years ago


#6114 5 years ago

NE + Panthers

Peyton is a shell of his former self.

#6126 5 years ago

Looks like Pats and Panthers are co-favorites to win this SB (slight favorite to Pats) and Pats are the early favorites for next year.

#6147 4 years ago

It took Palmer 13 years to win one Playoff game (in OT with luck due to coin toss and GB not covering the best WR on the field). I mean GB flat out did not cover Fitz.

So it's almost lucky that Palmer won a single Playoff game. I don't see Cards being able to defeat the best team in the NFC.

As for Broncos, good defense, but they have either Peyton or Oswiler as their QB. So they are at a HUGE disadvantage in the most important position in football.

Both of the favorites should win today just as last week all the home team (favorites) won.

I'm not saying it's impossible for the underdogs to win, there could be some unexpected plays or injuries that can tip the balance but at this point, I believe the favorites (Pats and Panthers) are both the better team and should win.

I don't mind if Peyton wins today, but if he loses this should be his last game ever. So much respect, I only think he stayed 2 years too long. I was just watching an older game when Favre was in Minnesota and he was so much better than Peyton has been these past 2 years.

#6150 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agreed, but they showed earlier in the season that they can beat the patriots even with that disadvantage.
I think both these games are gonna rock. Pats win in OT, Cards win by 7

NE did lose to Broncos earlier in the season (OT) but they didn't have Edelman. Brady with Edelman was the best passer in the league without Edelman was average. In fact without Edelman Brady was dead last in yards per play.

#6153 4 years ago

Peyton looks good on first drive !!

#6154 4 years ago

Unbelievable missed Extra point??

Best kicker in the league

#6176 4 years ago

NE O-line is terrible

#6178 4 years ago

Pats should have went for FG on prior position, 3 FG wins it. While a TD and 2point conversion is still tie.

#6183 4 years ago

Passing on 2 FG attempts is crazy. Can't count on both a TD and and 2-point conversion.

#6188 4 years ago

Stupid missed extra point on first TD was the first missed PAT in like 9 years for Gostoski. Plus passing on two FG was dumb.

#6208 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

No matter how many times you watch the replays and try to see it otherwise the Patriots got beat in every phase of the game, plain and simple. Cardinals need a miracle to get back in this one.

You're correct even got out coached. Going on 4th down twice passed up 6 points and they lost by 2.

Not a great year for NE.

Cudos to Den but the Panthers are going to roll.

#6225 4 years ago

Like the Panthers. How about a team that actually runs the ball. Also Cam has one of those seasons is hard to believe 10 rushing TDs in the regular season and several more in the Playoffs.

#6226 4 years ago

I know the Broncos won fair and square. I just want to vent on what I think doomed them, first missing a PAT early in the game put them off the point meaning they were relying on a 2-pt conversion to tie the game.

A 2-pt conversion is not easy overall it's maybe 50-50 and against the Broncos the way they were playing, probably more like 25%

So they were behind the 8-ball waiting for a 25% chance just to tie the game. I don't usually worry about one missed point but in this game it was HUGE, the whole game after that I was thinking how much that point would come back to haunt them.

Saw how hard it was for Brand to convert on 3rd and 4th down all day, so I figured the 2-point conversion would be just as hard. It's not like they were walking up and down the field.

So with that being said, you don't lightly pass up 3-points. Which they did not once but twice.

Like I said 3 FG wins the game. A TD and a 2-point conversion just ties the game. Heck one FG and one TD is a whole hell of a lot better than a TD and a 2-pt conversion.

But all NE was trying for (it seemed was that TD and 2-pt conversion)

Here is what someone else wrote on a blog, that I think is pertinent.

Pats are down by 8 points, 6 minutes to go, ball on the 17 yard line, and it’s 4th down….. what does Belichick do? Well, if he would have taken the points instead of being greedy, the Patriots are in their 2nd straight Super Bowl!

BTW, the Patriots got the ball back 4 more times!

I know the game would not have played out exactly the same if NE had kicked 1-2 FG when they were in range (and their kicker who despite missing one PAT is one of if not the best kicker in the league).

NE would have kicked off and Den would have Kick return and might have had better field position and the plays might have been different if they were up by 5 or 2 points (instead of 8 ) but the point is, NE passed up 6 points at least in a game they lost by 2 points.

#6228 4 years ago

here is a column on NE kicker Stephen Gostkowski. You can tell he feels responsible for the loss.


He had made 523 consecutive PAT before that and all his PAT in the play-offs (60). Only other PAT he ever missed was blocked.

Overall he missed 2 PAT in his career something like 564 made and 2 misses. While the longer PAT in todays NFL is harder to make they are still like 95% made while 2-point conversion still less than 50%

Over the last 3 years he was like 92% on his FGs

#6230 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

wasn't this the first year that they changed the distance for the PAT?

yes this is the first time the PAT was pushed back and more PATs have been missed this year, but Gostkoski had made 55 this year without a miss.

1 week later
#6250 4 years ago

I haven't watched a minute of it in 25 years. And I watch every single regular season game. I don't watch too much of the pre-season either. Easily NFL could go down to 1-2 pre-season games.

I'd rather watch the players wives play in the pro bowl than the players.

#6265 4 years ago

I have a feeling this will be a lopsided Panthers win, they're playing well especially their offense.

Seems like Denver scraped by in the playoffs.

#6268 4 years ago

Simms is the worst. For the life of me I can't see how this is the number one crew, I prefer some of the lesser names as well. Just can't stand Simms he's too goodie goodie and Nance is a bore.

The three others you listed are all good but I prefer Gruden and Aikman to Collinsworth but they're all good. Collinsworth is funny.

This is classic Collinsworth:

#6278 4 years ago

I like Gruden he's like Madden-lite.

What's with some of the less attractive women sideline reporters? I can't understand that at all, I mean at least Goose and Feely played football but what's the point of having women on the sideline? When did Oprah become a sideline reporter?

What happened to Erin Andrews?
Now we have

#6289 4 years ago

I posted this above not sure if you guys looked at the link, Devon Hester gets his pants taken off almost.

But Collinsworth says "just barely off the ground" not sure if he made that up as a play on bare bottom. If he did he's quick on his feet. Can't recall how much they commented on that. It was one of those wardrobe malfunctions no tape delay.

#6370 4 years ago

Least now I don't feel so bad about how NE looked against Denver. Heck Brady did better than Cam with no running game to speak of.

#6394 4 years ago

I can darn well say Brady would've dove after that Fumble, Cam gave up.

#6396 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

yeah, but he was busy watching the game on TV instead.

You sure about that?

10 AFC championship games, never has had a losing record in the regular season.

3 time SB MVP just saying.


#6416 4 years ago

Funny thing *probably* 25+ teams would take Cam over who they currently have at QB.

#6449 4 years ago

You guys think Shady McCoy does any jail time? He can ask Mike Vick for some pointers. Or do you think this is a civil case?

#6453 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

We'll see. I need all the facts in before I think one way or the other. This just in, "off duty police officers" are just people, and they can be assholes too.

That's true. He's lucky he didn't get shot.

2 weeks later
#6501 4 years ago

Riding dirty

1 week later
#6517 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I think Houston significantly overpaid for Osweiler. That said, Broncos are in an uncomfortable situation for the moment with no clear answer at QB. Will be very interesting to see what Elway is able to put together.

Fitzpatrick is a good player, not sure he's still unsigned.

#6524 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

He didn't play that well, he was just better than what Peyton was doing at the time.
What was Fitzpatrick's problem last year? O-line? He has good years in the past.

What are you talking about last year was Fitzpatrick's best year ever 31 TD 15 int and almost 4000 yards plus another 270 rush yards and another 2 rush TD.

Last year Manning had 9 TD and 17 int and -6 rushing yards.

I'd rather have Fitz than Bradford or Kap or RG3.

#6553 4 years ago

Sanchez is not good, surpassing the didn't go for Kap or Fitz.

I was going to say it's a wonder the Eagles got anything for him, but it's a conditional 2017 7th round pick so literally the lowest possible pick.

#6556 4 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

It would be shocking if they are planning on him being their #1

Agreed he's a much better back up.

#6569 4 years ago

Chase Daniels got $7m a year (insentive can bring it up to $12m a year) in Philly.

#6575 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Wtf? He had a solid reason last year......oh well

I think football is hard, and after you make $20-40M you could/should be set for life. Not all of these guys are, but some are.

I can see both sides. On the one hand it's easy money (compared to a 9-5 job) but on the other hand it's not like some guys need the money.

#6584 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Pacman is a damn fine player and growns up since his troubles.

Isn't this the same Pacman Jones who contacted a ref to set up the game losing FG?

Seems to me he's not all grown up.


2 years later
#12288 1 year ago

Anyone who said the PI call was closer than it looks should look at these pictures. B2353127-740C-43A9-BC35-955476F19093 (resized).png73F16CA5-3525-4DEE-88BA-D0560644B487 (resized).jpeg

#12292 1 year ago

As for Gronk pushing off (offensive PI) That’s just NFL play, I can see that as a non call but Gronk gets called a lot more offensive PI just because he’s so big. It’s like traveling in the NBA not called every time. Its like offensive line holding can be called every single play.

However the missed PI in NO game was overly obvious.

#12304 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Right it's not a missed PI that's the issue, it's the fact it was so obvious. He just leveled the guy and the ball was still 10 feet away from him. It's not a ticky tack play that you can argue they were both hand fighting or something like that.

That’s right. What I was saying about Gronk, sure he may have pushed off but defender was all over him and Gronk didn’t level the guy just got some freedom of movement. It looks worse kind of like if Shaq was to bump into a defender it looked much worse than if two guys the same size bump into each other.

#12307 1 year ago

Like speeding, everyone does it. As for deflated balls I can’t see how that even effects Brady. He’s been clean for 4 years and how bad are the Pats with so-called normal balls? Also deflate gate game Pats won 45-7 I mean Brady could have been throwing basketballs and still won that game. Come on.

#12347 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

So Romo and Nance will be doing the SB. Is there a better color guy than Romo? I've never watched anyone that has the ability to explain a play at the line as well as Romo. He even gives you a key player to watch on a lot of plays. He called that run to the outside on 4th and short where Brady killed the QB sneak. The thing I kept wondering, if Romo knows that, why don't the LBs?

Romo showed up for a big game this is a first.

I love'd it a few weeks ago they were talking about holding for an extra point (I forget how it came up) but I was half expecting someone to roll out this footage.

#12359 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Get real guys, the Saints should be in the superbowl, it's completely obvious.
The only thing dumber thab the whole "all blown calls are the same" is "football is wacky anything could have happened."
No. They call that Brees downs the ball the game is over. It's just that simple.
It's nothing like Ashlon Jeffrey's drop which there are a million things could have happened after; this game was over.
Now, I'm the only reason I'm bringing it up is because it was brought up I won't be shaming the rams whilst watching the SB or anything, but come on its a total hose job.

Not downplaying that missed call but that ball was not going to be completed imo but forget that, the Saints let the Rams tie the game and then didn’t score in OT and let the Rams score in OT. So they had a lot of chances to win the game after that call non call.

Say whatever you may about Tom Brady he has won every OT game in the playoffs 3-0 but better yet has never relinquished a possession in OT. Meaning he knows how valuable the possession is in OT and doesn’t throw interceptions or give the ball up on downs or punts. One thing that drives me mad is when my team is in OT and they play like they’ve got a few chances so they don’t need to score.

#12366 1 year ago

Here is an interesting take. Goff has a face mask penalty that was not called the drive prior to the non call PI. So likely they would have had first and goal instead of kicking a FG.


Maybe the PI was more obvious so should have been called. But if you go to replay one play why not go look at face mask penalty also?

Plus Saints didn’t finish the game, maybe they were too upset or whatever but they allowed LA to score twice after that while being shut out themselves.

As Steve Ritchie would say “play better”

#12371 1 year ago

The best was this one.

This was even reviewed, no cowboys near the ball and Eagles came out with the ball but no clear recovery?!?!?

You can actually see the Eagles player with the ball here.

Then Makcom Jenkins gets fined for saying the review officials should stay off the bottle.

0DE5598C-287B-4DA8-86C7-EB1BF4FBE622 (resized).jpeg
AE17C37C-9790-4C6A-9C8E-94174F13B13E (resized).jpeg

#12373 1 year ago
Quoted from Erik:

it was a simple personal health recommendation.

At least it didn’t cost the Eagles a playoff spot in the end, Chicago cuts Vikings out of the playoffs so Bears have to play the Eagles. It worked out for the Eagles but could have cost a playoff spot and a home playoff game.

#12378 1 year ago

what the heck is going on with Todd Gurley? It's like some Bizzaro world version of him lately.

#12379 1 year ago

with the refs, I don't even know what to think anymore. Sometimes I used to think well my guy was down before the fumble so I'm not worried about the actual call on the field. But then you have that Eagles fumble recovery which was reviewed and not reversed because no clear proof of recovery. (you mean like the Eagles actually coming out of the pile with the ball and further no Cowboy player within 3 yards of the ball at any time). So then I don't know maybe they just stick with the call on the field now. But then you have the Edelman muff punt which (IDK) that was really close could have gone either way to my eyes and they reversed the call.

#12397 1 year ago

Let's agree the Pats did bend the rules. But the fact is that Tom and Bill have won a lot even in these later years when the balls are inflated correctly etc..

Every team bends the rules.

here is a cool site where teams have documented cheating.


1 week later
#12537 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

And so it begins. All the Saints fans will be pouting that they would have beat the Pats and that the Rams didn't deserve to be there. Saints could barely beat a banged up eagles team at home. Lost at home to a Rams team that only scored 3 points against the Patriots. No chance the Saints would have beat the Patriots.
I should act like a Saints fan and complain that the Rams would have won if the Refs had called a pass interference on the play before Goffs interception. The pats player clearly grabbed and held down the Rams receivers arm.
But nope. I refuse to be a pathetic whiner. It was a good no call.

I love what Alvin Kamera said about last years Saints team :

"We'd beat the (explet out of (the Eagles) cause we was rolling," Kamara told Bleacher Report. "If we won (against Minnesota), I knew nobody was gonna stop us cause we came all the way back."

This is an Eagles Team that scored 79 points in the championship game plus SB last year, but sure the lame ass Saints were going to beat the bleep out of them.

Well maybe your team should play the whole game and not whine about one play every year why you lost, that's a lot of woulda and coulda talk for a team that hasn't won jack lately.

I also love how the Falcons were *so close* almost (should have) beat the Pats in the SB then almost beat the Eagles last year.

#12540 1 year ago

WTF is up with Todd Gurley?

Gurley said after the game that he was healthy.

here is his coach : Sean McVay: "Todd is healthy. We just didn’t get a chance to get anyone going offensively, and that starts with me."

here's a quote from an article :

Not giving Gurley the ball changed the Rams’ offensive identity, and keep in mind they were playing a Patriots team that struggled to stop the run for the entire season, giving up 4.9 yards-per-carry and over 1,800 yards on the ground. His work rate was available, as Gurley played 40 of the Rams’ 60 offensive snaps, and he led the team in total touches — but at a time where the team needed a spark they failed to lean on their best offensive weapon.

“No, it’s cool, man,” Gurley said about his number of touches. “Like I said, it’s a team sport. There’s 11 people on the field. Everyone can’t touch the ball. Still a great season by us. I’m blessed either way it goes. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to be able to play in the Super Bowl.”

#12542 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Weird that one of our own came up with the idea.

who dat?

#12544 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Kaneda. His marketing idea.

The K man, nice. It is actually a great commercial.

#12549 1 year ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

Only watched a few minutes of the game.
Apparently did not miss much.
1st half I did happen to catch the missed field goal. probably the best play of the game.

not hardly, that was probably the 180th best play of the game.

#12551 1 year ago

that Gronk catch was pretty great.

#12598 1 year ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Warning. Haters tears coming...
[quoted image]

I think that shows just how hard it is to get to a SB for typical QB. One more appearance and TB will have been to the SB 2x more than any other QB. Rodgers, Ryan and Breese have been one time and Rivers not once.

I’m sure it helps to be in a division with Jets, Bills and dolphins, that explains how they win every division title but they still have to win the AFC playoffs.

Plus Brady has done it with a wide variety of different support players and arguable never once with the best RB or WR (except one time with Randy Moss).

A3FE7954-2496-4CAA-AD05-A1683609BF62 (resized).jpeg

#12599 1 year ago

I was a little sorry the Rams didn’t anything special like fake punt or going on 4th down or wildcat pass to QB or anything that was outside of a typical run/pass play.

#12602 1 year ago
Quoted from mcclad:

Maybe if Brady manages to win a couple more rings, the stubborn people might finally have to admit that he was the best quarterback to play the game.

I’m sure it’s a team game and the QB doesn’t necessarily win the games by himself. For example Trent Dilfer who is a so-so QB, Blake Bortles (below average QB) was on the cusp of getting to a SB. But the QB does get a lot of the acolytes and a lot of money such as Aaron Rodgers and Drew Breese who are considered locks for HOF but have been to one SB. (?)

But to me Tom although he didn’t win all the SB by himself, he is an ironman who’s played in (I think) three seasons worth of playoff games and still going to 3 straight SB at the age when guys like Elway were retired.

Over 200 regular season wins, never had a losing record, 16 division championships

List of playoff games played
7892F676-5E41-4299-8547-FCF1B1168F07 (resized).jpeg

#12606 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

How do they stay so bad year after year? They have been watching the Patriots do it for close to 20 years. Year after year I hear this will finally be the year they compete. And at the end of the year, the Pats win again. It's their entire organization that is broken. Right from the owner on down. Heck, look at Bill Belichick and his ending as "HC of the NYJ".
Who can forget this gem:
[quoted image]
Settle??? Settle for the greatest coach of all time. And then they got who they wanted and demoted him. Then 3 years later they tried to force him into the position... and he resigned after a day. Bill Belichick was the Head Coach of the New York Jets TWICE!!! That is more times than he has been the Head Coach of the Patriots. The other teams in the AFC East are just broken. Can they win a game by pretending it is the Super Bowl like the Dolphins did this year against us? Sure. Is it actually the Super Bowl? Nope, that's for the Pats.
Maybe some day the other teams will "get it"... I hear Rex Ryan is still available... and he didn't come here to kiss Bill's rings

HC of Browns 1994 was the last playoff game the Browns won.

We all think of the Browns as a sad sack team but they made the playoffs 27 times out of 48 years up to 1994. Since then one Playoff appearance (although some of that time they didn’t exist).

6 months later
#13073 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

Yeah what a fu#*! joke. The NFL looks to be coming apart at the seams, time to change the top leaders.

Funny the core audience could care less or strongly meh and Colin Kapernik’s GF is losing her mind.

Way to turn off two opposing groups of people.

#13079 1 year ago

Eagles have two WR who used to be QB in college.

It’s not as tho these games mean a lot. Anyway people get hurt in practice too so what are you gonna do?

#13146 1 year ago

Tom Cruise is worth $30M or whatever because the box office will be greater than if was no name actor.

Mike Tyson was able to get $30M for one fight because people bought the fight on PPV. If it was Joe Schmoe wouldn’t get any PPV sales.

The nfl owners will make Billions and the players get a determined percentage of the profits. The owners divided the players share between 53 players. It’s quite simple. If a top QB wasn’t necessary to win they would not get the larger pay checks.

#13192 1 year ago

I think Luck was a very good/great QB but he has made $100M in salary not counting endorsements so he doesn't really need to play. I think same with Gronk (although I think Gronk might come back to play).

I don't think hundred millionaires all need to play and deal with all the pain and rehab it comes with.

#13278 1 year ago

Experts poll saying Wentz or Mahomes favorite to win MVP.

I know it’s all pretend until something happens but Wentz when healthy has as good a chance as anyone of being MVP caliber. His offense line, receivers, TE and RB group is stacked. Won’t think there is a better offensive unit in football than the Eagles (including Wentz). Foles is a very good QB who caught lightning in a bottle and won the SB but his numbers last year were average and they still won a playoff game. Last year we were running with undrafted RB Josh Adams he won’t even make the team this year with Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders both much better than any running back on the team last year, addition of deep threat of DeSean Jackson and impressive rookie WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside who looks phenomenal but will probably play as 4th best WR on the team.

Wentz is better than any QB in the NFC east full stop.

#13284 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

That opinion seems to differ from all the “experts” in this thread.

To be fair no one predicted Mahomes to throw 50TD and 5000 yards last year, no one. But it’s a combination of skill and luck and not getting injured that all add up to a magical season.

I’m not saying Wentz will win MVP but he can, he has the team around him to do it.

No one can predict who will get injured, like to say Wentz is injury prone but that does not prove anything in the year 2019 and beyond. It’s possible for him to not get injured. You can’t guarantee he’ll get injured. Heck Andrew Luck is/was just as injury prone as Carson Wentz. So what did he do last year? 4600 yards and 49TD passes. This is Andrew Luck who can’t stay healthy. I’m not saying Carson Wentz will or won’t start all 16+ games this year but it’s certainly possible.

2017 Wentz started 13 games 3300 yards 33 TD and 300 rushing yards.

#13286 1 year ago
Quoted from YZRider926:

I was at the Monday night massacre at fedex. Man he torched the skins that night. Went with some skins and eagles fans from work. Other than the bitch slap the skins got it was actually an enjoyable time with friends.

Ron Mexico

#13319 1 year ago

I know some people aren’t fans of Wentz or think he’s not that great whatsoever. Here’s an article that looks at his numbers so far in his career 70 TD and 10k yards in his first 40 games played. Only players to do both Rodgers, Stafford, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Romo and Marino.


Also points out that he has missed time in two straight seasons. But... seriously Mathew Stafford missed time in both his first seasons and now has started every game since. Only Sam Bradford has truly been a train wreck of injuries.

#13324 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

the fact that Foles was also really successful would lead me to believe that the system should get most of the praise, at least for now. I'd say that's a positive for Eagles fans.

It’s totally a team effort. Shows when a player like Mario has zero SB rings and others like Hostleter and Trent Dillfer and Foles have one.

But most Eagles fans were crushed when Wentz was lost to injury that year had no hope that Foles would continue to win. Truly shows that it was a team effort.

#13327 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I know I’m biased, but what some people overlook too was that play should’ve been a complete penalty on the Rams. Wentz was in the end zone, and got sandwiched between two players almost with a clear intent to hurt him. No reason to hit a quarterback like that when he had already breached the plane.
And without Wentz’s 13-3 run, Eagles most likely wouldn’t have been in contention for SB in the first place.
As all Eagles fans, I’m definitely concerned and waiting to see how the season plays out.
Mahomes is crazy talented, and should have a stellar year. That is if Andy Reid can manage the clock properly.

Once QB turns into a runner there is no protection from being tackled. That’s the problem with option QB they can’t take the abuse like a running back does. Also of note the TD was nullified by holding so Wentz was able to stay in and throw a TD with a torn ACL.

#13355 1 year ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

I like the addition of Clowney and I also like what we paid for him

I wanted Eagles to get him seems like low risk for a potential difference maker.

#13409 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

I like/agree w most of those picks...but the cards over the lions &amp; Texans over the saints?! CMON MAN..
I just had to say that...


Everyone who plays the Cards (especially a bad team) had better be giving 110% because if they can’t win that game their season is done. Think the Cards are missing their two top CB so Lions are looking to feast.

#13438 1 year ago
Quoted from nascarrey:

Antonio Brown to be suspended after confrontation with his GM??

Can’t believe I drafted this ass clown in my fantasy team. I think Raiders should have tried to reverse the trade when he started acting all mental during the preseason.

I hope he never plays football again.

8E2328B3-D5B0-48F3-9F90-56118904B182 (resized).jpeg

#13439 1 year ago

Raiders can void Browns contract which I think it should do because he’s being an ass clown now when he just got a huge contract what do you think will be in a year or two when guys like JuJu are making more than him so he’ll surely want more money etc.


#13443 1 year ago
Quoted from nascarrey:

Ya- how many chances has he gotten so far??

But Gordon is just a weed head, Brown is a major jerk.

Least ways if I was taking him on I’d structure the contract that would be 100% voidable if he any starts trouble.

#13447 1 year ago

A.B. has a contract that’s worth over a million dollars per game and he’s complaining about a $54K fine which he deserved. It’s not like the Raiders told him not to practice or show up for meetings. Also if I read correctly the fines were part of collective bargain agreement and I’m not sure they were optional or if they were mandatory for the Raiders to fine him.

So A.B. is worried about $54K when he only plays in around 30 minutes a game, so he’s mad about forfeiting 3 minutes of a game check. Now he’s going to lose (hopefully) a full game check and his entire contract can be void and miss games even if he signs with another team it won’t be as much as he was scheduled to make.


Only thing is that I don’t see why Raiders have not just suspended him already.

#13453 1 year ago

To me this is about setting a president and the reason Raiders are not suspending him this minute is that they want to go through all the proper channels to void his contract. I know Raiders gave up 2 draft picks for this guy, but that’s sunk costs. No use throwing good money after bad, this is an Albert Hainsworth code red situation. No use keeping a cancer in the locker room. The Raiders are not going to win the SB in this year anyway. Might as well get a higher draft pick and move on. You can not have an employee threaten to punch his boss in the face and just let it slide. Also NFL is going to investigate for personal conduct violation and I could see this being a 4 game NFL suspension, dismissal from Raiders, voiding of total contract, and maybe he plays half a year on Tampa Bay or somewhere else. I don’t think Bill Bellicheck would touch this guy to be quite honest any playoff team is better without him.

#13455 1 year ago

I totally understand Zeke holding out but imo it never got personal like Gordon. Also Gordon is half the player Elliot is.

My problem is (to me) poor guys like JuJu and Kamara both making peanuts but it’s unable to renegotiate a contract until 3 years (iirc).

I mean heck Tyler Higby just got a $31M contract extension and if you know who he is you’re ahead of me. But Alvin Kamera and JuJu both have 4 year around $4M contract. Both are grossly underpaid and yet they are not holding out. Only can renegotiate after 3 years iirc.

#13504 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

It'll take me a few weeks to size up each team. Long gone are the days before free agency where the team was basically the same as where they left off the year before. And it takes a while to see how well all the new players fit in and make an impact.

So true. It’s not over for the Bears either after one game.

Don’t forget Pats started 1-2 last year including bad losses to the Jags and Lions.

D568BF17-EDF6-4C2D-BC03-0E5F24C17085 (resized).jpeg

#13505 1 year ago

Anyone see The Bears Mount Rushmore?

Dick Butkus and not Mike Ditka?

I’m sure Butkus was a better player but Mike Ditka should be on there imo?

#13508 1 year ago

Antonio Brown is back.

D433C8C2-2866-4EA4-A6B4-722F239D12E0 (resized).jpeg

#13511 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

They were saying last night Ditka didn't make their top 10. How? Coach and player, and the only coach to ever win them a SB. Slam dunk.

I guess when the top 4 includes the owner/coach 40 years coach 500 games coached and 8 championships, and Walter Peyton second all time rusher in the NFL the list really comes down to everyone else fighting for two spots.

I don’t know enough about Sid Luckman tho. Ditka played / coached other places so that may count against him somewhat.

#13512 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

He would never play on my team if i owned a team. Big time cancer and racist as well.

Get your popcorn ready.

#13514 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Antonio Brown is making quite a name for himself. He would be a perfect fit in Cleveland with the other two douche bags Mayfield and Beckham.

I think a big fight these guys have (Kapernick too) is the whole *owner* thing. Where the players think they are bigger than the team.

But if not for the owners and the teams and the infrastructure built up by the nfl the players would not be half as rich as they are.

Plus look AB was upset about $50K fine when he has a $50M contract, he had more than a screw loose in his head. He’s knitting with only one needle.

#13519 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

I think a big fight these guys have (Kapernick too) is the whole *owner* thing. Where the players think they are bigger than the team.
But if not for the owners and the teams and the infrastructure built up by the nfl the players would not be half as rich as they are.
Plus look AB was upset about $50K fine when he has a $50M contract, he had more than a screw loose in his head. He’s knitting with only one needle.

I’m not defending this ass clown. But I like to watch him play and it’s interesting to watch a train wreck.

Here’s how much of a douch he is and how much he was able to get away with because he can run fast. Wtf.


He wants to fight a 61 year old guy. Come on Mike Mayock is twice his age. Way to be a tough guy wanting to fight you boss who’s twice your age.

#13522 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Yes, it's almost as if most of us are familiar with US culture through lived experience and aren't just crawling out from under a rock with no context on this history and power of various ethnic slurs, and the centuries-long dominance of ethnic groups with one particular skin tone in this country.

It’s almost like someone who makes $50M happens to be black but he thinks he can relate being told what to do with what happened during slavery. It’s not even close to slavery.

#13555 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

So foles sucks now?
Dude seems like a winner to me, from what I’ve seen the past couple of years.

Foles is mid-pack good probably as good as Kirk Cousins (don’t know why Cousins got all that money tho). But it’s possible other teams can game-plan and take away what he does best.

#13556 1 year ago

So this is new. Oakland took away all of ABs guaranteed money which they can do because he already broke the agreement and it allows them to take away everything that is guaranteed. So he’s now on a week by week deal. And apparently Brown doesn’t love that and wants to be released.

IMO him being a free agent would likely get a deal ~$6M one year deal nothing guaranteed or something in that range.


I love it more each day. He’s gotten fined another $215K and they can release him completely anytime without paying a termination settlement.

Also I read somewhere that he has not received a penny from the Raiders yet because the first $500K roster bonus he never earned because it was conditional of him being at 85% of all team activities.

A.B. might actually end up paying money to Raiders not the other way around.

#13558 1 year ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

I watched the video that AB put up last night. If anyone here hasn't seen it, it's a recorded phone call between AB and Gruden with dramatic music in the background. Anyways, Gruden sounds like a defeated father dealing with a 5 y/o child. It's both funny and pathetic at the same time.

Brown doesn’t love football as he says. It’s his job but he has a lot of outside interests. Now he’ll have some more free time to do Instagram posts and whatever else he likes to do.

#13568 1 year ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Imagine being so stupid that you fuck yourself out of 30 million dollars.


He was guaranteed for injury or even poor performance but not against poor conduct. All he had to do was show up and not be a jerk and he’d collect $30M. Guess that’s too hard for jerk boy.

No way would Bellecheck touch this scum. He’s toxic would probably skip the SB or some other playoff game if he was not being respected like in Pittsburgh was not voted team MVP so he skipped a game.

Maybe him and Kapernick can start a new league.

Best chance A.B. has is a veteran minimum salary with bonuses for good play. Maybe Bengals can use him because AJ Green is injured.

#13578 1 year ago

this is what I'm thinking..

a) Raiders were going to fine and suspend/cut AB 1000% for the altercation with his boss (Mayok). It's not cool to threaten a threaten to fight with your boss who is also twice your age. What kind of street tough is that anyway? Also way I heard it was Mayok was not in any way trying to provoke AB here is the account I read.

A Raiders source confirmed Brown was unhappy with the fine levied by the team and, seeing Mayock watching practice, walked over and initiated an exchange with the GM. The Raiders source confirmed information from another league source who said Brown called Mayock a "cracker" and unleashed a barrage of "cuss words" during the altercation.
Mayock tried to keep his cool and defuse the situation.

"[Mayock] was like, 'I'm cool, I understand your displeasure,'" the source said. "[Mayock] sort of just like ... just walked away because he saw it escalate."


b) things were working out with AB and the Raiders (that is what it sounded like last night) after the apology. But then AB goes and releases his youtube video and that was the straw that broke the camels back. I mean if AB was going to play football and not do all this other nonsense why is the first thing he does is release this video?

#13586 1 year ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

9 mil signing bonus? Belichick must really believe he can turn the guy around.


Can this be Randy Moss 2.0?

#13589 1 year ago

I think Tom and Bill can control AB somewhat. I think Raiders nation is a far cry from Super Bowl nation (NE).

#13592 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I would rather lise without bim than to win with him. Take your time and rebuild with players who have brains and a good attitude and stay away from clowns like this.

Sounds like a team that last won a playoff game when George H W Bush was president.

#13594 1 year ago

betting odds now improved for NE

90% chance of winning division and 21% chance of winning SB. (was 88% and 18% before)

#13802 1 year ago

We are coming to a point where everyone will need to sign a waiver to allow any contact between anyone of any sex. You know how guys used to pat another guy on the backside when he scores a touchdown that’s not going to fly anymore.

I will say AB is likely a POS but have to wonder how come accuser kept seeing him after the first time?

#13815 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

He's not facing criminal charges as this is a civil action which for me (I could easily be way off here) says she may be out for whatever $$$$$$ she can get rather than really wanting to right a wrong doing.
Even complete assholes deserve fair treatment so I hope this gets handled correctly.

It could be a nuance lawsuit. It’s hard to prove unless she had told some other people. I’m sure he’s no saint but deserves to be given a fair trial or dismissal if he did nothing wrong. I believe AB says they were in a consenting relationship and she’s just trying to get money out of a rich celebrity, if so that’s a shitty thing to do both to AB and to the woman’s movement.

Have to say it’d be hard to prove yes/no with everyone who is in a dating relationship if one side decides they want to press charges or get a civil judgment (unless there is clear proof imo there has to be a smoking gun or this is just one persons word against another’s).

#13818 1 year ago

I love how more than half of the nfl news has to do with police blotter, TMZ reporting and SJW activists.

Is this the Kardashian’s, Bachelor in paradise, or a sporting event? I think a little of both.

#14003 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

(and Agholor single-handedly throw it away)

honestly how can you ever trust this guy even in a clutch situation? I mean first half ok but can't trust him to catch a ball during the final drive.

speaking of inexcusable, how could Ertz not have run past the first down marker on the 4th down throw? Run another 5 inches buddy and we still have a chance.

#14063 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well even if agholr caught that td, the defense probably would of given up another 70 yard td drive.

this is 100% true.

As soon as Philly took the lead I said to my wife "I just know they're going to let the Falcons back in." Jim Schwartz needs to stop getting a pass because Eagles won't the SB two years ago. The Defense was acceptable in the SB not great but held up at the end. But heck the Redskins throw up nearly 400 yards week one. What the plan Jim? You going to let every QB have career days or are you gong to scheme up or put players that can tackle on the field?

#14065 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

The eagles’ secondary is trash and that’s not Schwartz’ fault.
There will be many huge passing days against the birds this season regardless of opponent.

I think during the SB year the Defensive front line was much better and getting more pressure not the QB or stopping the run better and this made the secondary look better.

#14067 1 year ago

Are you guys watching MNF on ESPN? They have like a 1-2 minutes of blank air just says ESPN with some music, why can't they just sell ads or at least run ESPN Ads? Is this just in my area or are you guys seeing this too?

#14069 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I've been in and out while putting the kids to bed, but havent noticed that yet. Are you on sling? I feel like I remember something like that when I had a sub.


#14173 1 year ago

It's a wonder AB was able to get a big money contract from the Patriots hopefully Pats are able to reverse any bonus payments.

Hopefully the league has seen the last of this knucklehead.

#14175 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

He got a large one year contract but it wasn't guaranteed.
hes certainly in "league min" territory now but he wasn't before now.

can I drop AB from my fantasy team now?

#14218 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Be careful, you’re not allowed to complain about how football has become boring compared to the way it used to be around here. These guys will gang up on you and call you a racist and all kinds of stuff that isnt true.

I blame the Saints. Although true that one was a bad missed call, now it seems like the refs want to call everything so they don’t get caught in another missed call debate.

#14219 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

I agree it does take time for players to adjust to new rules but, this new rule for replays on field calls is not the same, Why?, because for the first time they can now look back at a particular play and come away with an entirely different penalty for an act that transpired during that play that went unnoticed. Looking at the replay to see if pass interference call was right and then coming back with holding, or illegal pick in another area of the field is a bunch of BS. Facts are that a penalty occurs on EVERY snap of the ball, when will it end???????

So dumb tho one play was reviewed for PI and there was not PI but was defensive holding but apparently defensive holding was not one of the penalties that was allowed to be called so no penalty was called.

Also what if there is an obvious face mask penalty but it’s not allowed to be reviewed because they can only review PI plays?

It’s a Pandora’s box to review penalties because they can’t allow unlimited reviews but what if there was several missed calls. Are you only to get relief from 1-2 horrible calls?

#14222 1 year ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

So you want AB to get paid? I don't get that reasoning. $9m is a drop in the bucket to the Patriots but prob pretty big to AB right now, I say screw him. Besides, per Jeremy Fowler ESPN: "Antonio Brown likely forfeits $9M signing bonus from Patriots b/c of a contract clause calling for players to disclose situations preventing availability, per league source. This could lead to a grievance, but source says that money is 'gone.' Brown was due $5M Monday"

Hope Brown doesn't get a penny. Just the $66K roster pay or whatever it comes to. It burns me that the players association will go to bad for sum bags and sometimes a slime ball will get paid for being an ass clown and costing the team like the Raiders money and draft picks and aggravation for nothing on the field. Maybe this will get the owners attention and they will just stop drafting or trading for and paying bad characters.

Anyway (if the allegations are true), I mean hope it isn't a set up against AB (which is hard to believe). But good to see him losing all his NFL pay and endorsements maybe other guys will learn that it's better to be a good citizen and get paid than be a perv and get broke. I know these guys play hard and deserve money for talent but they should see that in addition to being a baller not he field in this world today they also are accountable for their actions off the field. I mean not jut football players but look at Matt Lauer and a hundred other examples. In the past example David Letterman this stuff was not toxic but now it is.

#14224 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

[quoted image]

It takes two people to make a baby.

#14235 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Exactly. Robert Kraft and the Patriots know what they are getting into when they sign players of questionable repute. And frankly, they shouldn’t be able to weasel their way out of taking a financial hit. They gambled on AB and lost.

Wouldn’t they have to prove that AB knew of these situations preventing availability? Didn’t the lawsuit and accusations come out after he signed? And what exactly is “preventing availability” other than the fact that the Patriots cut him? Frankly, I don’t think the NFL should be judge and jury in legal matters. Stick to football and let the legal system figure it out. As far as I’m concerned, the Patriots cut AB for threatening his accuser and that has been established.
A football team can cut a player at any time, but shouldn’t weasel their way out of their legal responsibilities unless the player is truly prevented from availability. Meaning, he’s convicted and can’t play because he’s going to jail. They have every right to cut a player because he doesn’t reflect well on the franchise, but you gotta pay that signing bonus. Otherwise force Robert Kraft and the Colts owner to sell their teams for the conduct they are accused of that reflect poorly on the NFL.

I believe language in the contract said AB should not do anything to damage the patriots etc.

------The contract states that if Brown “takes any action that materially undermines the public’s respect for, or is materially critical of, the Club, the Player’s teammates or the Club’s ownership, coaches,” etc., guarantees will “null and void.”

after signing the contract AB sent threatening text messages (allegedly) to his accuser.

#14254 1 year ago

Stay classy Antonio Brown

And to add a cherry on top of Brown’s unhinged Sunday morning tweetstorm, he essentially endorsed Patriots fans threatening the Sports Illustrated writer who exposed Brown’s second accuser and his efforts to intimidate her.

System working effectively https://t.co/ufnZFtn2Wv

#14293 1 year ago

I'm a lifelong Eagles fan but have to say that this Eagles team is probably not going anywhere this year. I know top 2 WR not playing in past 2 games yada yada but this defense and special teams are just bad plus turnovers. I'm so glad they won 2018 SB but this doesn't seem like a team that's going to be back anytime soon. I'll still watch and root for them but just realistically they don't seem to have any heart.

#14297 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Seattle on 4th and a foot from their own 30 throw the deep ball incomplete. They challenge for pass interference, but of course the foul came before the ball left Russel Wilson’s hand, so no dice. They deserve to lose.

yes this happened in another game although its not PI it should still be called illegal contact but that is not allowed to be called for some reason. So the new rule doesn't fix that one.

#14543 1 year ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

How was that not pass interference?

I'm an Eagles fan but that was surely a PI.

this is like in the past when no-one knew what a catch was, now we don't know what PI is.

#14583 1 year ago

Regarding no PI call at end of game where intercepted pass.

If the prior two calls were not reversed then there no way in hell that one would be reversed. It was a bang bang play and the DB actually tipped the ball so it can be argued he was going for the ball, made a play on the ball rather than tackle or interfere with the WR. Also seems like he got there at the same time as the ball.

I need to review that aspect more but at game speed it was bang bang.

Bigger question was why GB didn’t run the ball or throw away from coverage instead there were 3 Eagles in the area.

GB questionable play calling with the ball at the one yard line on the prior possession and throw 4 incomplete passes and an interception at the end.

I didn’t love Peterson going for 2 point conversion when he was up by 7 points. That seems like trying to over think things would rather be up 8 than 7 obviously.

#14585 1 year ago

Wanted to ask what you guys think about going for 2 points for example if GB had scored with 10 seconds left would it be better to win/lose on 2 point try or go to OT?

I think in that instance if I was GB I’d go for 2 rather than take a chance of giving Philly the ball in OT.

Jaguars lost the game going for 2 points at the end of the game September 15.


#14588 1 year ago

Hopefully the Eagles can keep the ground game going. A healthy Desean Jackson would help a lot. Agalor didn’t get a look yesterday not even one look.

I didn’t notice but Wentz only had 160 passing yards and Rodgers 423 plus 43 rushing yards a monster game in the loss.

#14591 1 year ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Yes. Even as an Eagles fan I thought he should have been ejected for that.

Agree not necessary this is not the 1970/80s. I like a good hard hit but not cheap shot like that. Barnett is a good player usually not dirty, might have just got lost in the moment. Good strip fumble on Rodgers later in game.

#14592 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

The reason Agolor didn’t get any looks is he drops them babies

Just watched a ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ episode where Bill Buckner has to make a great catch of a baby thrown out of burning building.

#14691 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

Wow 12 games suspended for Burfict....

Sounds about right.

#14725 1 year ago

What happened to JuJu? He used to be a beast.