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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#2 7 years ago

This is one of the big reasons why I pull for the Packers to do well each year and to at least make it to the play-offs.

Green Bay = 3rd oldest franchise in NFL, organized & playing in 1919. The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States.

The Packers are the last vestige of "small town teams" that were once common in the NFL during the 1920s and 1930s. Founded in 1919 by Earl "Curly" Lambeau (hence the name Lambeau Field on which the team plays) and George Whitney Calhoun, the Green Bay Packers can trace their lineage to other semi-professional teams in Green Bay dating back to 1896.

#7 7 years ago

I don't hate the Cowboys. I even pull for them to win sometimes.
Like whenever they play the Eagles or the Falcons.

#55 7 years ago


Do you & trophy have and wear the big cheesehead hats on football gameday?

Paint your faces ever?

A few pics to post to liven up this thread?


#61 7 years ago

You Packers fans really do give 100% and support your team.

#66 7 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

Chargers vs Saints hopefully

Fixed it for you kwiKi.

#79 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Not sure you have the perkiness to make that claim, EEEH OH!

you must be a glutton for punishment.

I hope Trophy does a tasmanian devil on your bonehead.

#84 7 years ago

Signing off for tonight.
Tomorrow this thread best be back on point.
Look at the title, this is the "Official 2013-2014 NFL thread".

#108 7 years ago

I wonder which team will lift the Super Bowl trophy on Feb 2nd, 2014 for Super Bowl XLVIII {48}
at Met Life Stadium in E Rutherford, NJ. ?? Hmmm.

#113 7 years ago

0 - 4 in Super Bowl games

Minnesota Vikings (of the 70's)

Buffalo Bills (of the early/mid 90's)

Will either/both of these teams make it to the Super Bowl early Feb next year?

It would be awesome if they both made it to the upcoming Super Bowl.
The pre-game hype based on past history would be huge.
A dream full-filled for one team, and bitter disappointment -again- for the loser.
Hey! I can imagine/daydream about it for a minute or so if I want to.

#116 7 years ago

Teams that have been to 1 Super Bowl, ...but were not able to take home the trophy:

Chargers, Falcons, Titans, Panthers, Seahawks, & Cardinals

Which of these teams realistically has a decent chance to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII ?

You might say the Falcons, but they have to get by Drew Brees and the Saints.


#120 7 years ago

Sure is strange seeing the Saints' first two reg season games to be vs NFC South divisional rivals.
At home vs Atl, and away vs TB Bucs.
Usually you play divisional teams later in the reg season.
I guess the Saints better make good use of pre-season games {and not get injured early season}.

#122 7 years ago


My teams, The Chargers and The Dolphins

Keep your head up o-din. It's a new season. Stay focused, and laces out.

laces-out-shirt-ray_finkle.jpg AceVentura-football-tutu.jpg finkle5-tshirt.jpg

#124 7 years ago


One more time for Kwik and all fins fans

Posting Fail!
Same dopey pic twice in same thread, and even worse, on same page.

Very disappointing PCE.
And you had been doing so good recently. Where's the "Boom!" ?

Is it a bit early to be dragging Dolphins fans down?
Try giving the guys a little extra giddyup in their step.
You could replace your repeat pic, with a more inspirational pic.
Perhaps like this:


#136 7 years ago

These teams have each won one (1) Super Bowl {and only 1}:

* Jets, Chiefs, Bears, Rams, Buccaneers, and the Saints *

At least they can say they are past Super Bowl Champions.

Of course, at this point, now 2013, it would be sort of a stretch for the Jets, Chiefs & Bears to keep bringing up this point after so many years.


#170 7 years ago

I have a few questions about pre-season games.
If anyone would care to comment in an informative non-trolling manner, that would be nice.
Funny entertaining comments are also acceptable.
Lame comments that only you would find funny are not necessary to share with us at this time.

Is there a generally understood protocol that coaches operate under during early pre-season games? during the last pre-season game?
Like say, coaches understand that you just don't do certain things in pre-season games, such as run certain type plays that might make the other team look bad, etc. Or is it really pretty wide open, and coaches do whatever they want to get their team ready?

Do head coaches often times give the other head coach a "heads up" that I'll be playing a lot of my 2nd string players during this half of the game?

I understand that no team wants to see any of their players get hurt in a pre-season game, or any game for that matter.

#176 7 years ago

Is there any team this 2013 NFL season that have a lot of great players with talent and likeable personality oozing out, or are they all sort of equal in that regard?

Seems to me that some of the most exciting teams to watch over the years also won one or more Super Bowls. Teams like:

* '69 Kansas City Chiefs {w/ Len Dawson at QB, and a powerful D w/ LB Willie Lanier, won SB IV}
* '72 Miami Dolphins {perfect undefeated season, won SB VII, w/ Bob Griese at QB, and many other exciting players on both offense & defense}
* '78 Steelers {w/ the steel curtain defense, won their 3rd SB in Jan '79 (SB XIII)}
* '85 Chicago Bears {too many fun/exciting players to list like Walter Payton, William Refrigerator Perry, won SB XX over NE Pats in LA Superdome, and nearly a perfect season}
* '09 New Orleans Saints {w/ Drew brees at QB, and a team that gave it all and won SB 44}

It's still hard to believe the Saints won a Super Bowl after 40-something years of trying.

#178 7 years ago

Pre-Season game #1 for GB & AZ

Turnovers: Packers - 2, Cardinals - 0

Score: GB - 0, AZ - 17

No big deal. Just pre-season game #1. Carry on.
Gettin ready for reg season game #1, Packers at 49ers.

#189 7 years ago

I assume the cheerleaders for each team are at their pre-season games practicing to get ready for the regular season just as the coaches/players/refs do? Correct?
Or would only the home team cheerleaders be present at pre-season games?

1 week later
#195 7 years ago

Saints won both of their pre-season games thus far. Both were home games. First they played KC Chiefs, then Oakland Raiders this past Fri night.

However, the next two pre-season games for the Saints are: @ Hou Texans, and @ Mia Dolphins.
Will be interesting to see how well the Saints play for these next two pre-season games. Hope they don't have any turnovers.

1 week later
#221 7 years ago

NFL Regular Season -- Week No. 1 -- begins Thur Sep 5th -- Get Ready!
Broncos at home favored by 8 to 10 over the Ravens

A few of the Sunday games:
* Dolphins at Browns, even point spread, Let's see which team really wants to start out with a win.

* Vikings at Lions, Detroit favored by 4-1/2 to 5 points

* Falcons at Saints, N.O. only favored by 3. A big NFC South Div game in week #1. Wow!

* Hey Flank, GB at 49'ers, SF favored by 4-1/2 pts. That's not too bad. I'm pulling for GB to win!

** The Sun Night game on NBC will be Giants at Cowboys {Dallas only favored by 3}.

I just noticed that there will be two NFL Monday Night Football games for week #1
Eagles at Redskins, then
Texans at Chargers {I'm sorta surprised that Hou is only favored by 3 to 4 points}

#223 7 years ago

Come on o-din,
put a smile on your face.
I bet the cheerleaders for the Chargers and the Dolphins are excited about the NFL Football season and are getting ready for week 1 games.


#234 7 years ago

NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Saints
NFC East: Giants -- (I can't make myself say the Cowboys)
NFC West: 49'ers
NFC Wildcards: Seahawks & Falcons

AFC North: Bengals
AFC South: Texans
AFC East: Patriots
AFC West: Broncos
AFC Wildcards: Colts & Ravens

Saints make it to NFC Championship Game.

#236 7 years ago

Just to clarify my thoughts about the Redskins 2013 season:
The Redskins definitely can have an awesome season and even win play-off games.
However, the big issue is whether RG3 can stay healthy throughout the season.
With his style of play, he can easily get knocked out for the season.
Without RG3, the Redskins are not a Superbowl contending team imho.
That's the only reason I didn't pick the Redskins to win their division (RG3 may get injured again).
It sure is exciting to watch him play.

#281 7 years ago

Looks like we got a football game going on in SF.
Packers 7
49'ers 7

#286 7 years ago


Don't forget this is reg season week #1, so Week 1 rules apply.
* Everytime GB scores you can drink a beer.
* Everytime 49'ers score you gotta do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups, unless the 49'ers score at the time is more than 20, in which case the number of push-ups and sit-ups you must do = 49'ers score.
* Everytime GB makes an interception or recovers a 49'ers fumble = drink a beer


#332 7 years ago

AFC North (Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Steelers)
2013 Week #1
0 wins, 4 losses ==> big L
. Loser-JC.jpg

1 week later
#389 7 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

Week 2: who do you got?

Denver over NYG

New Orleans over Tampa

SD over Philly (upset alert)

Seattle over SF

Well kwiKi, you nailed those picks.
...or did you go back and edit them after the games finished? j/k

#390 7 years ago

Ok o-din,

Both the Dolphins and the Chargers won their week #2 games,
so you'll want to change your Pinside avatar again before next weeks games.
...and post a pic here of your favorite teams cheerleaders whenever they win.

Hey, just like on the Bud Light commercials, "It's only weird if it doesn't work".

#396 7 years ago

KC Chiefs are leading the AFC West at 3 - 0, and beat two NFC East teams to get there.
I hope the Chiefs do good this year.
However, I'll be shocked if Oakland Raiders can upset Broncos in Denver on Mon night.
Thus, Denver will also soon be 3 - 0.

The Chargers are gonna have to fight really hard to get one of the AFC Wildcard spots.

#402 7 years ago

I agree the Eagles aren't headed to the Super Bowl this coming Feb.

Next game for the Chiefs is at home on Sun Sep 29 against NYG (another NFC East team).
I realize they Giants are 0 - 2 so far this year, but they are at least scoring points on offense.
They are just having problems keeping their opponents from scoring a lot.
Anyhow, I think it will be a big deal to KC if they can beat the Giants (a recent Super Bowl Championship team), and go to 4 - 0.

And it always feels good to beat the Cowboys. Seems like a big win for KC to me.

#404 7 years ago

Gee RobT,

When you say it like that, it makes one realize just how bad the Cowboys have been disappointing their fans for years now.

I see that the Rams are at Dallas this coming Sunday, and the Cowboys are only favored to win by 3-1/2 to 4 points.

#448 7 years ago

Better check on Trophy also.

#451 7 years ago

Way to go centerflank. Two great machines (Spiderman and Centaur).
Football and pinball --> great combo!

#466 7 years ago

Ok o-din,

MNF game for Mon Sep 30th is Dolphins at New Orleans.
Saints have the home field advantage, and Mia is the underdog per the odds makers.
Both teams are currently 3 - 0, so one team will remain undefeated, and the other will go home w/ a big L.

#467 7 years ago

Cowboys at San Diego this coming Sunday afternoon.
Dallas is slightly favored.
Chargers need a victory worse than the Cowboys need it.

Concerning both teams cheerleaders, Dallas is slightly favored, but it's really too close to call it.
I predict a win-win-tie.

#489 7 years ago

Teams 4 - 0: Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots, Seahawks
Way to go KC Chiefs!

Note: Both the Saints and Dolphins are 3 - 0, and they play on MNF tomorrow night.
So, one of those two teams will join the 4 - 0 winners group.

Big 0 - 4 losers so far in NFL during this 2013 season: Buccaneers, Giants, Jaguars, Steelers

Wow! Giants just won a Superbowl in Feb 2012 (and a SB win in Feb 2008).
...and the Steels won a SB 4 yrs ago back in Feb, 2009, and made it to a SB in Feb, 2011.
Did these two teams have a lot of their great players retire in the last year or two?

Honorable mention to the Chargers for overcoming the odds and beating the Cowboys.

#497 7 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Get your popcorn ready for this weekend: Lions at Packers

Further to that big game, make your preparations for Sunday game day parties for these week 5 games:
* Saints at da Bears, - even points spread, Noon game time (central time zone) on Fox for me.
* Seattle at Indy, Seahawks favored by 1 - 3 pts. Both teams playing well & likely playoff bound.
* Baltimore at Mia, Dolphins favored by 3, 1pm ET. Ravens won the Superbowl in Feb 2013.
Let's see if Dolphins are actually a team determined to make the play-offs.
* Texans at 49'ers, both teams 2 - 2. Which team really wants to win and show they want to be a Superbowl contending team.
* Chargers at Raiders, SD fav by 4 - 5 pts. Let's see if Chargers really want to win and have a chance at making the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Edit: points spread on Saints-Bears game is now 0 to 1 point, some lines have Saints favored by 1

#504 7 years ago

Packers have the home field advantage, and are favored by 7 to 8 points.
My guess is the Packers will win.
If the Lions pull off the win it will be huge for the Lions and Lions fans.

#508 7 years ago

Let's give a hand to the Cleveland Browns.
After starting out 0 - 2, they could have just layed down for the rest of the season to get better draft picks for next year. But they didn't.
They have now won 3 in a row, and are now 3 - 2 and are temporarily leading the AFC North Div.

1 week later
#635 7 years ago

If you guys are done vagazling each other now, let's get back on the field.

#636 7 years ago

Already week 7 coming up.

Dolphins are favored by 8 over the Bills in Mia. Dolphins will improve to 4-2.

Chargers currently favored by 7 to 9 over the 0 - 6 Jags in Jax.
Will the Chargers win & improve to 4 - 3, and keep their hopes alive for securing the 2nd wildcard spot in the play-offs?

Browns at Green Bay. Packers favored by 10 to 11-1/2 points.
Both teams currently in 3rd place in their division.
Basically seems like a must win for Cleveland just to stay in the play-off chase.
Green Bay has a very easy schedule this year and should easily make the play-offs.
Disclaimer on the term easy: The Dec 29th game for Packers at Chicago will be a cold tough nasty fight.

Texans at KC, Chiefs favored by 6-1/2 to 7-1/2. Looks like Chiefs will be moving to 7 - 0.
Wow! Go KC!
Texans are a mess and the season looks to be pretty much over already.

An interesting Sun night game coming up is Broncos at Indy. Peyton playing against his old team on the road.

#706 7 years ago

That was a great football game (Broncos at Indy). Both teams played hard and really tried to win.
Colts 39, Broncos 33.
Both of these teams will be in the play-offs.

#724 7 years ago

^^^^^ No lack of self-confidence with those two ladies.

The Cowboys are now 4-3, have won 2 in a row, are leading their division, and are probably starting to get their confidence up a bit now.

Sunday the Cowboys will be at Detroit. The Lions are favored by 3.
Lions will be trying hard to win, so they can keep pace with the Packers in NFC North, as the Packers are favored by 8-1/2 to 10 over the Vikings in Minn for the NBC Sun night game.
Packers will win their game.
Which 4-3 team will win their game, Cowboys or Lions? Opinions?
Any Pinsiders out there that can pick the winner correctly before Sunday game time (Cowboys or Lions)?

1 week later
#780 6 years ago

I bet it was planned to have Cincy play on Halloween Thur night football since they have orange & black team colors. Wonder if the Bengals cheerleaders will have a special holiday outfit on tonight?

#782 6 years ago

^^^^ Come on o-din, we went though this Eeyore/Debbie-downer attitude earlier in the season w/ you. ^^^^

The point spread is only 3 points in favor of Cincy, and the home team usually gets 3 points just for being the home team. I have nothing against the Bengals, and they will probably win tonight, especially since they have orange and black team colors and it's Halloween, but the Dolphins need the win worse than the Bengals do, so I'm gonna pull for the Dolphins.

Be an Eeyore if you want o-din, ...or is that actually what you are dressing up as tonight?

#785 6 years ago

I would like to see both the Dolphins and the Chargers make the play-offs.

Unfortunately, upon looking at their schedules, both teams seem destined for another mediocre season, possibly both finishing around 8 - 8, and both just barely missing the play-offs.

The Chargers play at Miami on Sun Nov 17th. Whichever of those two teams wants to make the play-offs better win that game. Who does o-din pull for on that game?

#794 6 years ago

See o-din,

It's not that bad (yet) for the Dolphins. They may not win the AFC East, but they are definitely still in the running for the 2nd AFC Wildcard birth to get into the play-offs.

Miami now has two good wins, beating the Colts at Indy earlier in the season and now beating the Bengals.

Next up for the Dolphins is the TB Bucs, so they -should- win that game. Bucs suck this year and haven't won a game yet. Miami is scoring 17 to 27 points per game, but the Bucs have put up less (3 to 23 ppg).

Laces out!

#883 6 years ago

If the 4 - 4 Dolphins want a shot at getting the 2nd wildcard spot in the play-offs, they better win at least 5 of the final 8 games, and probably need to actually win 6 of 8, starting with beating the Bucs on Mon Night Football at Tampa Bay. The 2nd half of their schedule is not that hard this year imho.
Some recent internal turmoil within the Dolphins org could be a motivator for them, or could worsen team unity.
We shall see Monday night (on ESPN).
To me it seems like a must-win game for the Dolphins.

#885 6 years ago

^^^^ Sure looks like you have aged a lot in 2013 o-din.

Is that do to:
A.) Pinside drama
B.) Dolphins and Chargers season thus far
C.) JD
D.) Calif & Fed taxes
E.) All the above

Can we talk about how the 4 - 4 Chargers really need to win at home against the Broncos this Sun afternoon if they want a shot at getting that 2nd AFC wildcard play-off spot. Denver is only favored by 7 points.

#890 6 years ago

Come on all, sing along now!

One of these teams is not like the others.

Detroit Lions: 5 - 3, 3-1 at home, 2-2 on the road, 2-1 in div
Green Bay..: 5 - 3, 3-1 at home, 2-2 on the road, 2-1 in div
Chi Bears...: 5 - 3, 3-1 at home, 2-2 on the road, 2-1 in div
Minnesota.: 1 - 7, 1-3 at home, 0-4 on the road, 0-3 in div
Well, at least the Vikings cheerleaders are having a good season.

2 weeks later
#985 6 years ago

Lions are favored by 6 to 7 over the Packers in Detroit on Thur Thanksgiving Day.
Forecast high near 30 degrees.
Should be a dog-fight in the trenches with Mr Sitton operating his verbal flamethrower to liven things up.

He ripped on the head coach, D-coordinator, D-line coach, the D-line, and basically the entire defense.

He did not rip on the Lions offense, special teams, or coaches for offense & special teams, nor the kicker, the punter, or the cheerleaders.

#988 6 years ago

It's not a big deal, I just threw in some pre-game info.

On to NFC Wildcard teams, it looks like NFC South and NFC West will supply the wildcards for NFC.
Still can't tell who wants to win the NFC North (3 teams still in it) and NFC East (2-1/2 teams still in it).

#1002 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

So you end up with two teams with two of the best records in the league that haven't proved anything yet, because they haven't beaten any good teams.
And to the winner goes the spoils of the better team that is yet to beat any good teams.

Yeah, I think I get it now.
So like the year the Dolphins went undefeated and won the Super Bowl the deal is that there were no good teams that year except the Dolphins.

#1006 6 years ago

Some coaches may rest some players for a game or two (or a 4th quarter, etc.) late in the reg season if their team already has a good record leading into the playoffs. Not worth getting your key players hurt worse than they already are, especially if there is not much to gain in trying to get another win. Better to let them heal up and be ready for the play-offs.
Yes, I realize home field advantage is important, and getting a bye for the 1st round of the play-offs is a big help.
Just sayin that if you already have a great record near the end of reg season, and if you are resting some key players, it could lead to a loss near end of reg season.

Go Saints!

#1028 6 years ago

Any games coming up this Sun or Mon night that look interesting to any of you football fans?

SUN, DEC 1, 2013 TIME (ET) TV
Jacksonville at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS
Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00 PM CBS
Chicago at Minnesota 1:00 PM FOX <-- da Bears!, ...might not win.
Miami at NY Jets 1:00 PM CBS <-- Can one of these teams please step up & play like they want to be a wildcard
Arizona at Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX
Tampa Bay at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX
New England at Houston 1:00 PM CBS
Atlanta at Buffalo 4:05 PM FOX
St. Louis at San Francisco 4:05 PM FOX
Denver at Kansas City 4:25 PM CBS <--- That ought to be an exciting game.
Cincinnati at San Diego 4:25 PM CBS <--- important AFC game right there.
NY Giants at Washington 8:30 PM NBC
New Orleans at Seattle 8:30 PM ESPN <--- I plan to watch this one. Go Saints!

#1045 6 years ago

108 yrd kickoff return for a td.
Longest play in Chiefs history!

#1046 6 years ago

During post game highlights Marino said "laces out".

#1051 6 years ago
Quoted from Nilroc:

Monday Night Football
Saints vs Seahawks
Going to be a great game!
Go Saints!

There, fixed it for you.

Home field advantage in the play-offs is (can be) affected by this NFC match-up.

Can the Saints beat the Seahawks and their home field win streak?

Seahawks favored by 5 to 5-1/2 points.

#1066 6 years ago

lucy- charlie_brown-football.png

1 week later
#1163 6 years ago

Thur night game for week 15, Dec 12, is Chargers at Denver. Broncos are favored by 10 to 10-1/2 points.
And of course it's another must win for San Diego Chargers if they want a shot at the final AFC wildcard play-off spot. And the Chargers sure would like the Dolphins and the Ravens to both lose a few more games here in Dec.

Sun early afternoon on CBS, Patriots at Miami. Pats are favored by 1 to 3 points currently.
Another must-win for the 7-6 Dolphins if they want to grab the 2nd wildcard spot in the play-offs.

Ravens are also trying for that 2nd AFC wildcard spot, and also currently at 7-6.
They play on the road at Detroit on MNF.

Ravens schedule looks a bit tougher than the Dolphins for the final 3 games of the regular season.
Hard to say who will get the 2nd AFC wildcard spot.
It won't be the Jets though even if they are mathematically still alive.

#1164 6 years ago

The Packers play at Dallas late game this Sun afternoon (on Fox). Cowboys are favored by 7.
Owner Jerry J. will probably have a major meltdown if the Cowboys lose this game.
The pressure on the Cowboys players and coaches right about now to win this game must be enormous.
Packers need a win just as bad, but the pressure on the Packers seems to be less.

Who's gonna win the NFC East, Eagles or Cowboys? Am I still allowed to pull for the Giants?
Who's gonna win the NFC North: Bears, Lions, or Packers?

I doubt the Cardinals will make the play-offs, but they are mathematically still in it for a possible wildcard spot.

#1170 6 years ago

Great victory for SD Chargers beating the Broncos in Denver.

The Chargers final two games are home games against the Raiders and the Chiefs.
If they win out, the Chargers will be 9-7.
However, the Chargers conference record is not that great, so that doesn't help them much in tie-breakers concerning final wildcard spot.
That Dolphins-Chargers game back on Nov 17th was a fairly important game in the AFC wildcard chase.

Ravens last 3 games are: at Detroit, home vs NE Pats, and at Cincy (Pretty tough end to their reg season).
Ravens are currently 7-6. They could finish 10-6, 9-7, 8-8, or 7-9. My guess is 8-8, but who knows?

Dolphins last 3 games are: home vs NE Pats, at Buffalo, and home vs NY Jets. (moderately easy final 3).
Dolphins are currently 7-6. They could finish 10-6, 9-7, 8-8, or 7-9. My guess is 9-7, but who knows?

#1189 6 years ago

Exciting finish to the Dolphins-Patriots game. Glad that the Dolphins won.

Newly signed Thomas (#31) on defense probably thinks he's in football heaven.
He made some outstanding plays during the game and the last Patriots drive.

Miami Dolphins are still alive for an AFC Wildcard play-off spot.

#1199 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

This was the pat's chance to take advantage of the charger loss and they fumbled it. They have a terrible division record (sub 500).

What? Are you sure?

#1201 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

They are not only still alive for the wildcard, but possibly the division. I have't done the math on that though.

Simmer down now!
Don't set yourself up to trip and do a face plant in the mud.
We're trying to get the Dolphins in the play-offs.
Be happy if they get the 2nd wildcard spot.
Patriots are not going to lose both of their final two games.
Yes, it could possibly happen, but it ain't gonna happen.

#1262 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

The best thing for the Cowboys future would be for Jerry Jones to sell the team.




#1306 6 years ago

Games coming up this weekend with playoff spot implications:

Week 16: Dec 18 - 24
Miami at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS (Dolphins must win. Bills won't be in play-offs.)
Minnesota at Cincinnati 1:00 PM FOX (Bengals must win. Vikings won't be in play-offs.)
Indianapolis at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS (Both teams already in play-offs, but seeding could be affected).

Dallas at Washington 1:00 PM FOX
(If Dallas somehow loses this game, it could trigger the re-appearance of Gozer and Zuul, cause the Kracken and Godzilla to be awoken & released upon the earth, and the unleashing of plagues/locusts).
Well, maybe not locusts.

New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX <---- big NFC South game here.
Denver at Houston 1:00 PM CBS (Not really a big game. Broncos already in play-offs and should win, but could affect Broncos play-offs seeding.)
NY Giants at Detroit 4:05 PM FOX (Must win for Detroit. Giants won't be in playoffs.)
Arizona at Seattle 4:05 PM FOX (A must win for AZ. Seahawks play-off seeding could be affected.)
Pittsburgh at Green Bay 4:25 PM CBS Lambeau Field (Packers still alive for play-offs if they win.) Go Pack!
Oakland at San Diego 4:25 PM CBS (This game matters for Chargers if Dolphins lose earlier in the day.)
New England at Baltimore 4:25 PM CBS (Big game. Both really need to win, esp if Mia wins early game.)
Chicago at Philadelphia 8:30 PM NBC <---- Let's see who wants to win their Div & stay in NFC play-off chase.
Atlanta at SF 49'ers, MNF ESPN (Not quite a must-win for 49ers, but it sure would help them out. Atl is not play-off bound.)

#1348 6 years ago

Further to O-D's above post:

Ravens are in I believe also if:
*Ravens win, Dolphins lose, Chargers win, and Steelers win or lose.

Dolphins are in I believe also if:
* Dolphins, Ravens and Chargers all win, creates a three-way tie, Miami wins tie-breaker due to a better conference record.

What a tangled web for final play-off spots this year.

Saints play-off situation still not settled yet either.
Saints really need to win at home vs TB Bucs on Sun afternoon. Go Saints!

#1356 6 years ago
Quoted from Asylum:

Well... my Lions continue to suck...

On pg 26 he was pointing out how well the Lions were playing.

#1367 6 years ago

In the 80's & 90's the NFC dominated Super Bowl wins.
From year 2000 (Jan 2001 SB) til now, the AFC has the edge on Super Bowl wins (8 to 5).

5 different teams have won the last 5 Super Bowls.
9 different teams have been in these last 5 SB's.
Ravens won the last SB this past Feb, with Giants, Packers, Saints, Steelers winning the 4 previous to that.

So with that info, and the way this season is shaping up:
* Which teams do you football fans think will make it to the Super Bowl this coming Feb?
* Which team(s) are you pulling for to reach Super Bowl XLVIII?

My guess is that Seahawks will square off againt Broncos, but I'm pulling for Saints to battle the Chiefs.
It would be quite all right with me for Chargers or Dolphins to reach the SB from AFC, but I don't see it happening.

#1369 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It is shaping up to be a Seahawks/ Broncos Super Bowl, but that is still a long way off.

You sure did call that a few months ago. ^^^^

I don't see the Dolphins losing to the Jets. Thus, the Dolphins should get the final wildcard spot. Correct?
I figured out part way through the season that the Dolphins and Chargers would both be chasing the same wildcard spot. Either the Chargers or the Dolphins getting the final AFC wildcard spot is fine with o-din I assume.

#1398 6 years ago

Check out the poll and poll results on ESPN (in NFL section) for upcoming Cowboys-Eagles game. Wow!
The Cowboys used to be America's Team. Now it appears they are America's Least Loved Team.

Even the results for the state of Texas are barely 50% for Cowboys.

#1418 6 years ago

Week 17, Dec 29, 2013:
Some key AFC games:

Bengals favored by 6 to 7 over Ravens at Cincy Sun early afternoon.
Bengals are undefeated at home this year.
Bengals should win even though Ravens desperately need another W. Go Bengals!

Dolphins favored by 5-1/2 to 7 over Jets at Miami Sun early afternoon.
Dolphins aren't very good, but Jets suck big-time on the road (avg only 14.2 pts/ road game) this year.
Dolphins should be able to win & earn the 2nd AFC wildcard spot in front of their home crowd.
Go Dolphins!
If the Dolphins lose this game, it's gonna be a black eye for the Dolphins org for years to come imho.

Pats favored by 9 to 9-1/2 over the Bills in Foxborough, MA at 4:25pm ET.
Pats undefeated at home this year. Sorry Bills fans, Pats will win imho.
That said, ...Go Bills!

Chargers favored by 9-1/2 to 11 over the Chiefs at San Diego.
I'm sorta surprised the point spread is this large.
If Dolphins and/or Ravens win earlier in the afternoon, then the Chiefs pull out the road win.
If the Dolphins and Ravens lose their early games, then the Chargers will win and not squander the chance to make the play-offs as the 2nd AFC wildcard team.

Sunday is gonna be a great day of NFL football.

#1429 6 years ago

It's called pre-game hype.

Some may call it friendly trolling.

Oh the glory if somehow the Bills could win this Sun.

#1430 6 years ago

See espn. Rodgers to start vs Bears

#1440 6 years ago

At the end of the 1st quarter, score is:
t-mast 3
Erik 7

#1448 6 years ago

I bet sometimes when Rodgers is at the bottom of a pile when tackled that some defense guys says things like:
How's that discount double check working out for ya?

#1516 6 years ago

One of the best regular season weeks in the NFL eva!
Many awesome important games played today.
Too much to list here. Please see ESPN website.

#1523 6 years ago

Congrats to Saints, Packers, & Chargers for making the play-offs.
Congrats to all teams that are in the play-offs.
No. 5 Kansas City Chiefs at No. 4 Indianapolis Colts, 4:35 p.m. ET on NBC
No. 6 San Diego Chargers at No. 3 Cincinnati Bengals, 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS
No. 6 New Orleans Saints at No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles - 8:10 p.m. ET on NBC, or Dallas Cowboys (not)
No. 5 San Francisco 49ers at No. 4 Green Bay Packers, 4:40 p.m. ET on Fox
Let's see if the Cowboys can make the play-offs.
Edit: Cowboys lost again. Eagles win NFC East and advance to play-offs.
Edit: added wildcard game times & tv networks

#1588 6 years ago

How it will go down imho:

Colts over Chiefs
Bengals over Chargers
Saints over Eagles
49ers over Packers

This is who I'm rooting for in those 4 wildcard play-off games:

Chiefs, Chargers, Saints, Packers

#1589 6 years ago

When you hover over the little thumbs up and thumbs down fields on the right side, you see that Robin clarified what these mean (to him).
I agree! and I disagree!

If I disagree w/ your predictions it may mean that I just disagree with your pics like how Robin defined it.
It does not necessarily mean that I think any of you fine gentlemen are brain-dead wacked-out crappy pinball players riding the trollercoaster as far as you know.

#1591 6 years ago

For NFL yr 2013:
Dallas Cowboys, Lions, Bears, Dolphins, & Ravens

The play-offs were in their grasp, but they grabbed some big "L"'s.

#1593 6 years ago

I kinda feel bad for Az Cardinals. They finished 10 - 6 and just missed the play-offs, and were in a tough NFC division.

And I feel a bit bad for the Steelers. They won their last 3 games, actually 6 of their last 8, and just barely missed the play-offs when the Chargers just barely won in OT vs chiefs.

Don't feel all that bad for da Bears, but they did lose in front of their home crowd and would have made the play-offs if they would have won.

That said, congrats to Saints, Chargers, and Packers.

#1603 6 years ago

5 head coaches let go today on NFL Black Monday (day after reg season ends) for the following teams:
Browns, Buccaneers, Lions, Redskins, & Vikings.

Technically the coach for Cleveland was let go Sun night as the Cleveland owners and mgmt were so anxious to dump their coach that they just couldn't wait another 12 hrs or so.

It appears that the Cowboys will keep their head coach, but not certain yet.
Some other coaches/coordinators for Cowboys may get canned soon. We shall see what happens this week.

#1614 6 years ago

In years past in the NFL, defenses were allowed to be mean and intimidating and could protect their turf.
Much of the rules changes are related to NFL's desire to increasing scoring, not just to increase player safety.

If a QB didn't want to get hammered, then he needs to hand it off, or have guys stay back to pass block.

QB's knew they should not throw a pass high over the middle, or else their receivers would likely get killed.

For QB's that wanted to try and run for the 1st down, they had to decide on risk vs reward, as they might get destroyed if they tried to get too greedy and get more yardage than would be reasonably tolerated by a defense that is protecting turf on its side of the ball.

The thrill and excitement of special teams plays is also being slowly whittled down to flag football over the years.

If kickers, punters, and QB's want to be able to run the ball, or block, or make tackles, they should be required to wear thigh pads, knee pads, hip pads, kidney pads, real set of shoulder pads, etc. Not fair if they can make tackles and blocks, but other teams players can't hit them. Total bs.
I know why those players wear very minimal set of pads. It's so they have increased flexibility, and due to they usually don't try to get involved in tackles very often.

I'm in favor of moving NFL in direction of improved helmet technology, and making all players wear proper protective pads/gear, and not calling so many penalties for how tackles are made (within reason).
Intentionally trying to blow-out a player's knees, knock em unconscious, etc. should lead to fines & suspensions for repeated dirty play. Let's not call so many petty penalties. It's getting ridiculous imho.

Agreed? Comments?

Looking forward to the play-offs. Cheers!

#1632 6 years ago

I say start a new thread to discuss that topic. Let's not get this thread AFU'd and locked down.
Another thread just got locked down a couple minutes ago for similar stuff. Careful where you stick it.

#1663 6 years ago

For the 4 wildcard play-off games coming up this weekend, the home team is favored to win in 3 of those games.

In the 49ers at Packers game though, the 49ers are favored to win that game by 2-1/2 to 3 points.
Weather forecast - Sun Jan 5th: Partly Cloudy, high 4°F, low -15°F, Chance of snow: 20%, Wind: NW 9 mph
I say Packers should let Lacy and Starks run the ball a lot. Grind it out for the win.

Pulling for Saints to outscore Eagles in Philly on Sat night.

#1719 6 years ago

Da Bears are sticking w/ Cutler for QB -- signed a 7-yr contract.
News article on ESPN website.


#1739 6 years ago

And Gambit is back just in time for the play-offs.
That was way longer than a tv time-out.
Happy New Year!

#1741 6 years ago

Are u sure about those picks?
You've got the away team picked in all 4 games.
Don't get me wrong. I hope the Saints win, but they are more of an indoor team, and they sorta sucked on the road this year.
Go Saints!

#1753 6 years ago

Can we see a few good tailgating pics taken at Lambeau parking lot from past games (2013 or other years).
Question: For cold weather tailgate parties, do Packers fans sometimes set up their ice-fishin huts?
Please take/post pics of tailgating parties and of fans (both Packers and 49ers) in the stands if any Pinsiders make it to the play-off game this weekend. Ditto for the Saints-Eagles and Chargers-Bengals games please.

#1763 6 years ago

It would be great if this year's Super Bowl would be:
Saints -vs- Chiefs
Saints -vs- Chargers
Saints -vs- Bengals

#1889 6 years ago

That interception and runback by Packers D was awesome, and capped it off with a nice legal hard hit on Kap!

#1896 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Alright, Wild card Round, post your winner predictions!

Chiefs beat @Colts
@Eagles beat Saints
@Bengals beat Chargers
49ers beat @Packers

^^^ Based on the above ^^^, I figure the Packers should get the win.

#1901 6 years ago

It took like (8) 49ers to tackle Lacy on that last short pass to Lacy.
Rodgers seems to be getting his rhythm now in this 2nd Q.
Play-offs football is great!
Go Packers!

#1911 6 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:


I learned a new word today. ^^^^

I agree that Rodgers sure seems to be able to handle most everything that comes at him.

#1944 6 years ago

One of the Packers almost blocked/deflected that game winning fieldgoal kick.
Literally a game of inches.

Congrats to 49ers.
Both teams tried hard to win that game. Lacy gave 100% for the Packers.

#2011 6 years ago

Wth? Did I miss something here?

* Wisc pinballers yelling to confirm their rights to watch midget porn
* Chargers barely make the play-offs. Now people picking them to beat the Broncos straight up in Denver.
* moderators trolling forum users
* Hulkamania revival in 2014
* messed up your -vs- you're call-outs
* Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!

Nope. Think I'm caught up now. Nothing special to see here.
Movin along now with my Saints outdoor road victory in Philly.

#2016 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Oh boy got to love this crowd sometimes. Thanks bud.

Just goofin around TDA. You mods are allowed to have fun here also.
Thank you for all your (and other mods) efforts last year here on Pinside.

My Prediction for 2014 Pinside Regular Season:
Pinside Moderators 88
Trolls & bad boys on Pinside 12 {two field goals, and an int pick-6, but then a missed extra point}

#2057 6 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

and violent Eagles fans (a buddy got a battery to the back of the head at an Eagles game)

That is just one example of many over the years, and points out why so many people are quite content when the Eagles have a bad season or lose important games.
Sure doesn't help the image of Philadephia.

#2173 6 years ago

Broncos favored by 4 to 6 points over the Pats in Denver.
Seahawks favored by 3 to 3-1/2 over the 49ers in Seattle. .

Hope Broncos and Seahawks win these AFC & NFC Championship games on Sun Jan 19th.

#2361 6 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

looks to me like he was teaching class...

Even I can figure out that if Sherman doesn't put a hand on that ball in the endzone,
then no. 15 makes the catch, and 49ers make the extra point and win the game.
It was a pretty good throw, receiver was there to catch it, etc.
...AND... then certain 49ers would have been the ones talkin trash --- about how
they just beat Sherman on a game-winning play.
I'm confident Sherman was aware of this based on past experience, and that fed into his response.

It was a very big play in NFL history, in an NFC Championship game, to help decide who goes to the Super Bowl.
Sherman sure did his job. I give him credit for that.

#2476 6 years ago

Any of you guys in Colorado & Washington state areas cooking up some good food for Super Bowl Sunday?
And/or are any of you throwing a Super Bowl party and having friends over to play some pinball?

Hope you all have a memorable fun time on Super Bowl Sunday!

#2492 6 years ago

Only days before the Super Bowl and this thread is on life support and almost dead.

Where are the food & drink & preparations for the tailgating?
Where are the cheerleaders for the two teams?
Where is the trash talking (err, umm... pre-game hype)?

Well, I guess it's ok to wait until Sunday morning for all of that stuff.

#2498 6 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

Here is me sad eating some ice cream


What weird stuff was in that ice cream, or were you hanging out with Zuul and Gozar at the time?

#2501 6 years ago

Weather forecast for Super Bowl Sunday Feb 2, 2014 for East Rutherford, NJ is:

Daytime high 46 F, night time low 26 F, cloudy, 10% chance of rain, winds from W at 8 mph changing to 6 mph from N/NW.

Kick-off time is around 6:25 pm EST, 5:25 pm CST. On FOX for all of us watching on tv.

#2579 6 years ago

The reward for winning your division is to get at least 1 home play-off game.
I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Although it doesn't seem fair for a 12-4 wildcard team to have to play on the road against a 9-7 division winner, I could see other problems developing if they change it so that the wildcard games are played at the stadium of the team with the better record. That seems like a fair change to make, except that divisional games during the end of the regular season could have situations where a team with a really bad or really good record may slack off to let a divisional team win a game who needs it to gain the home field advantage compared to some other team in a different division and/or conference. Sort of like being nice to your divisional foe if it's not really hurting you, and it helps promote your division over another division.

2 months later
#2635 6 years ago

Ruh roh!
Someone has been a big meany to the Buffalo Jills, and not keeping them happy.

1 week later
#2653 6 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I'm with you, but I just had to point out that this sentence was very un-dude

I agree. ^^^^^

I was just about to post:


Man, like just go bowling. Don't even worry about it.

3 months later
#2740 6 years ago

Football schedules for NFL teams here (and college):
Check em out for your team(s).

Later this season the Saints get to host Vikings, Packers, 49ers, Bengals Ravens, just to mention some of their home games.

1 week later
#2772 6 years ago

This has been the best Saints-Falcons game I've ever watched. Back and forth, high scoring. Both teams deserve to win. Unbelievable effort by both teams. Time out called with 10 sec to see if Atl can tie the game.
Edit: 51 yard fieldgoal made to tie game and go to overtime.

2 weeks later
#2912 6 years ago

Saints should keep their home field winning streak going. They drove straight down the field against the Vikings and scored a td on their first possesion.

#2930 6 years ago

Only 3 undefeated teams left in the NFL, and we're only 3 games into the season.
Eagles in NFC East
Az Cardinals in NFC West
Bengals in AFC North
It will be interesting to see which teams can keep it going in the Win column.

There are 3 teams that are winless thus far this season.
TB Bucs in NFC South
Jax Jags in AFC South
Raiders in AFC West
Wonder which of these 3 teams will be first to get a win,
and which team will keep the losing streak going?

1 week later
#3016 6 years ago

Heroes and Zeros update:

Now only 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL this season.
Az Cardinals in NFC West
Bengals in AFC North

Which of these two teams can keep their winning streak going?

Both Bengals and Cardinals having a great season so far, but just to be fair, I'll mention that both of these two teams had a bye week last week.
Can't lose if your not even on the field (assuming no major NFL rules violation causing a forfeit of a recent win pops up during the week).

There are now only 2 teams that are winless thus far this season.
Jax Jags in AFC South
Raiders in AFC West

Wonder if the Jags will stay comfy down in the Losers bracket?
Steelers play at Jax this Sunday.
Oakland Raiders have a bye week, so they won't be winning this weekend.

Congrats to the TB Bucs for fighting hard to squeak out a victory on the road last weekend over the Steelers 27 to 24.

1 week later
#3048 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It's game on! I just hope my guys can keep up with yours. These teams don't meet very often.

I'm watching this game (Packers-Dolphins) on Fox down here in south Louisiana. Usually Saints games are on at Noon to 3pm game on Fox on Sundays, but Saints have a bye week, so this is working out great today. Good game already and only in 1st Q.

1 week later
#3092 6 years ago

Chargers -vs- Broncos game is on right now in Denver, on CBS. 2nd Q, Broncos up 7 to 0, but SD has the ball.

2 weeks later
#3171 5 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

A great weekend indeed! A Pats win and I welcomed RBION and XMLE to the pin lineup


I'm just clarifying my thumbs-up for your post is for the additions to your collection. Nice!
...and not for the Pats winning.

1 month later
#3653 5 years ago

My pics for the Jan 10th-11th playoff games:

NE Pats 30, Ravens 23
Seahawks 27, Panthers 16
Packers 30, Cowgirls 23
Broncos 27, Colts 23

Hoping for Packers vs Colts in the SuperBowl, ...or alt choice: Packers vs Broncos

#3668 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Im reposting my predictions, Ill copy and paste everyones predicts to eliminate editing cheaters….

I'm assuming that since cf gave my score predictions post a thumbs up already, but didn't repost my scores, that he knows/trusts that I'm not gonna edit my post to change my scores.

Poll results indicate that Mrs Mezel is awesome -AND- that Hilton should be gifted a nut punch.

Go Packers!

#3726 5 years ago

The middle of the field in Green Bay is already looking a bit rough.
Could get slick and muddy rather quick.

Glad that GB marched down the field and scored a TD already.

Go Packers!

#3774 5 years ago

Feel free to double check me on this and add your name as needed,
but after 3 of 4 divisional play-off games this weekend,
the following Pinsiders are 3 for 3 on their picks:

Erik, Eskaybee, Kkouppamaki, Pinball-is-great, and Whysnow.

#3792 5 years ago

I just noticed that we now have two votes for the 3rd choice.

Who are the goofballs that voted this way: "no but I'm a complete moron" : (2 votes)

#3813 5 years ago

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm.

#3918 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

This is what they pack in New England.

That was a silly and very immature post you have there O-D.

Still, made me laugh.

The weekend is here. Have a good weekend all you guys/gals, especially on Sun afternoon/evening on NFL Conference Championships weekend!

7 months later
#4223 5 years ago

Horrible call in Saints-Texans pre-season game in N.O. Superdome today.
Isn't pre-season supposed to give a chance for players/coaches/refs a chance to get in the swing of things, and to help get the fans pumped up for the start of the new season.
All would have been forgiven if the refs had just got together and picked up the flag and announced that no penalty was committed.
But no, they let the penalty stand. Announcers also sounded surprised and disappointed.
They called Texans defensive back for hitting a defenseless receiver and all he did was go for the ball and almost intercepted it.
He did not target the head of the receiver, and did not lead with his helmet.

Just makes you lose interest in "the new NFL".
Guess I'll just skip NFL this year till about 2 weeks before play-offs start.

End rant. Back to pinball.

10 months later
#6757 4 years ago

Upcoming huge game that will factor in to help decide how big of a bowl game each of these two teams will go to late Dec / early Jan:
Sat Sep 3, 2016, Green Bay, Wisc, LSU Tigers -vs- U of Wisc Badgers.
I know this is the NFL thread, but several players on these two teams will likely end up in the NFL next year anyhow (not just RB Leonard F.)
That is all. Carry on.

2 weeks later
#6826 4 years ago

How hard should I root for the N.O. Saints this year?
Root hard and help will them into the play-offs, -or- give up early on in the season to help keep my sanity?
This is a real question.
They could make it as a wildcard team this year, correct?

#6828 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If they finish with the 5th or 6th best record in the NFC, sure.

I was looking for a bit more insight and analysis.

Seems like one of the NFC Wildcard teams will come from the NFC West.
...and that Carolina Panthers will win the NFC South, Vikings will win NFC North, and no clue who will win the weak NFC East.

Guess I will pull for the Saints to get the 2nd NFC wildcard spot.
Would love to see the Saints win the Superbowl in Feb, 2017.

#6846 4 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Am I missing something? A lot of people picking the Viqueens!

Oh, I'll be pulling for the Packers as usual, but I just don't see it this year for them.
Not saying the Vikings are great, but the Vikings have been on an up-tick the past 3 years.

Da Bears have not been very good the past 5 years or so.

....and you can't count on the Detroit Lions to hoist the SB trophy. They haven't won a play-off game since the early 90's, and often they don't even make the play-offs. It's cool with me if they make the play-offs, but I'll be surprised if they make it to NFC Championship game.

The Packers have been very consistent over the past 20 to 25 years:
* made the play-offs 6 times in a row in the 90's, and won a SB
* made the play-offs 12 times during 2001-2015 seasons
* made the play-offs 7 times in a row 2009-2015 seasons, and won a SB

#6847 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Super Bowl 2017: Jags vs Bucs
Remember you saw it here first!

and with Miami losing in the AFC Championship Game.

3 weeks later
#6943 4 years ago

Go Saints! 50 Years!
Go grab an NFC wildcard spot in the 2016-2017 football season.

1 week later
#7006 4 years ago

The Saints just went 0 - 4 in their pre-season games, and had a -41 points scoring differential.
Only two teams went 0 - 4 during the pre-season, the Saints and the Browns.
That's bad, correct?

Here's the only excuses I can come up with:
* 3 of the 4 teams they played won their division so-to-speak during the 4-game pre-season (N.E. Pats, Balt Ravens, & Hou Texans)
* 2 of those 3 teams went undefeated in pre-season games (Pats & Texans)
* Pre-season doesn't matter, remember?
* The Saints gave playing time to other QB's to help coaches/mgmt. evaluate the QB's, and didn't play Drew Brees the whole time.
* The Saints are struggling on both offense and defense, ...but we're getting better (like on Monty Python - The Holy Grail)

#7036 4 years ago

Based on poll results and Whysnow's latest post, and with the regular season just about here, would this be the proper time to deliver the nut punch?

1 month later
#7520 4 years ago

After 7 weeks, in all four divisions of the AFC, the standings look pretty much as expected, except that Oakland is doing better than usual in the AFC West.
After 7 weeks, in all four divisions of the NFC, the standings look pretty much as expected, except that Carolina is doing worse than anticipated in the NFC South.

2 weeks later
#7566 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Cowboys vs Raiders would practically be a dream matchup for me in the SB.
Hope springs eternal!

For me it would be awesome for Saints and Raiders to be the two teams in the upcoming Super Bowl in Feb 2017.

...but I would also be happy for any of these other AFC teams to reach the Super Bowl to play the Saints:
K.C. Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, or San Diego Chargers.

2 weeks later
#7649 3 years ago

Not looking good for the Saints this year. They basically need to win all of their remaining regular season games to maybe make the playoffs. For sure they need to win their 3 final divisional games. Oh well.

#7653 3 years ago

Detroit Lions win 16 to 13 on a field goal in final seconds. Pretty boring game till last 4 minutes or so, except for a cool reverse running play. Wish there was more of those type of plays in the NFL. Lions kicker earned his pay for sure.

1 week later
#7708 3 years ago

Lions at Saints, Sun Dec 4 at Noon ct on Fox.
Every game is a big game for the Saints due to the big hole they dug earlier this year.
Saints need to win to stay in.

#7714 3 years ago

Wonder if IU will also try to get Les Miles. ??

#7756 3 years ago

Dallas Cowboys are the 1st team to clinch a playoff berth this season. Congrats to the Cowboys.
And of course things are looking great thus far for the Patriots at 10 - 2.
Raiders 10-2 record thus far is great, but they have sort of a tough remaining schedule, with 3 of 4 games being divisional games on the road.

A lot of teams are still alive to make the playoffs, but a few more will likely start dropping out soon, such as the Jets, Bears, & Rams.
Saints basically need to win remaining 4 games to stay in.

#7769 3 years ago

The fake punt and run it play by K.C. was awesome.
The pick-2 play by K.C. at the end of the game was incredible.
Games like that Atl. - K.C. game is what keeps me watching NFL football.

#7783 3 years ago

From skimming back & forth using next game and prev game on your link, I see that the Rams lost in 1st round of playoffs that year.
That's a good website.

I'm not giving up on Miami yet this year to make the playoffs. They can still win some or all of their remaining games. Just gotta put some warm clothes on underneath their uniforms, so they don't freeze (Jets, & @ Bills in Dec).

#7854 3 years ago

Big game in NFC South Sun afternoon Dec 11th, Saints at Tampa Bay. Bucs are favored by 2 points.
A_Saints-cheerleader-2016 (resized).jpg
NewOrleans-Saints-cheerleaders-2016 (resized).jpg

#7900 3 years ago

Seattle Seahawks have now won the NFC West division, so are locked into the play-offs.

Wow! The NFC West ended up being pretty weak this year.
The 49ers and the Rams are already eliminated from the play-offs.
The Arizona Cardinals are still alive for a play-off spot, but are pretty much on life-support, currently at 5-7-1.

#7965 3 years ago

Several teams in AFC & NFC are still alive to make the play-offs.
Should be a lot of great games these final two weeks of the regular season, as teams try to win to stay alive for remaining play-off spots.

Green Bay Packers now control their own destiny concerning getting into the play-offs.
If packers win their final two games, they are in.
Not sure if they can lose 1 of 2 final games and still get in. Possibly, with some help from other teams.

Updated play-off picture:

Even if the Saints win their final two games, they likely will not make the play-offs.
Saints would also need the following teams to lose their final two games: Packers, Buccaneers, Redskins, and probably need Vikings to lose to the Bears on Jan 1st. Oh well.

#7976 3 years ago

This just in: walkie talkie = spankie hinie
Giants get fined for using walkie talkies for 5 plays during a game, and a draft pick affected.

#7996 3 years ago

With Giants loss, the Cowboys won NFC East and clinched home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs.

NFL games with play-off implications on Saturday, December 24, time (CT)
Miami at Buffalo, 12:00 PM CBS (Bills favored by 4-1/2 pts)
New York at New England, 12:00 PM CBS
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 12:00 PM CBS
Minnesota at Green Bay, 12:00 PM FOX (Packers favored by 7)
Washington at Chicago, 12:00 PM FOX
Atlanta at Carolina, 12:00 PM FOX
Indianapolis at Oakland, 3:05 PM CBS (Raiders favored by 3-1/2 pts)
Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 3:25 PM FOX (Saints favored by 3-1/2 pts)
Arizona at Seattle, 3:25 PM FOX
Cincinnati at Houston, 7:25 PM NFL (on Christmas Eve, wtf?)

Two big games on Sunday Christmas Day, Dec 25
Baltimore at Pittsburgh 4:30 pm ct, NFLN
Denver at Kansas City 8:30 pm ct, NBC (Chiefs favored by 3-1/2 pts)

And a big game for Detroit Lions on MNF, Dec 26
Detroit at Dallas 8:30 pm ct, ESPN

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I think Dallas should give playing time to as many players on the team as reasonably possible, including having Romo play part of the game if he is feeling healthy and injuries better now, in order to get the entire team ready for the play-offs.

Detroit should treat this game as a play-off game, and try to win it, and show that they belong in the play-offs this year.

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NFL 2016, The Year of the Missed Point-After-Attempt Kicks.
Definitely has made the game more interesting when the PAA kicks were moved further back, so it isn't such an easy chip shot.
Regardless, quite a few kickers seem to have sucked pretty bad this year.

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It was a bummer that Cbs had the Jets-Pats game on at first down here in south Louisiana. Why?? But it was so boring, that eventually they switched over to the Bills-Dolphins game. So I did get to watch much of 4th Q and OT, and it was a great game. I like both teams, so I was fine with either team winning.

Got to watch Packers-Vikings game. Packers looked good to me. Congrats to the Packers. Good chance they will make the playoffs.

Saints beat the Bucs, and it was a fairly high scoring game, but since the Packers won their game, that knocked the Saints and Panthers out.

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Man, the Chiefs just did an awesome jump pass trick play for a TD to rub it in on the Broncos.
There will probably be a pay-back for that next year when these teams meet.
Congrats to the Chiefs on a great win.

Chiefs - Dolphins, Christmas Day 1971
I still remember that I watched that game on tv down in Clearwater Florida when I was about 10 yrs old. Wow what a game.
That is one of the games that got me hooked on NFL Football.
I bring that up because during the game the broadcasters brought it up and showed a play or two from that game.

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Well guys,
Based on what teams we now know will be in the play-offs or are likely to make the play-offs, which teams are you pulling for to win some play-off games?

On the AFC side, I'll be pulling for the Chiefs, Raiders, and Dolphins.
On the NFC side, since the Saints are now eliminated, I guess I'll pull for the Packers. Next choice would be to pull for the Lions.
Cheerleaders-Chiefs (resized).jpg
KC_Chiefs-cheerleaders (resized).jpg

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Sounds pretty safe to say that the Bucs won't be squeaking into the play-offs this year.

Washington still has a chance to get into the play-offs.
Washington would get in with a win over Giants, and any result but a tie between the Lions and Packers in their final reg season game.
Lions-Packers game on Sun night Jan 1st 7:30 pm ct on NBC is practically a play-off game. Should be a great game.
Will be a real heart-breaker for Lions fans if they lose this game at home.

Bucs and Saints split their two divisional games, thus helped ensure that neither made it into the play-offs.

When the Lions beat the Saints in New Orleans back on Dec 4th, that was definitely an extra win that helped give the Lions a real chance to get into the play-offs, and likewise hurt the Saints chances.

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Early points spread for Packers @ Lions game Sun night Jan 1st is: Packers favored by 3 to 3-1/2 points.
That should get Lions fans fired up.

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Pretty sure there are at least 7 or 8 games, maybe more, that affect play-offs, either who gets in, or home field advantage, etc.

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Please refresh my memory as to why the Saints SB trophy should be taken back from them.
I thought the Saints defense did ok in that SB.
The refs didn't give the game to the Saints, did they?

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Sat games
Raiders at Hou
Lions at Sea

Sun games
Dolphins at Pitt
Giants at GB

Teams that I am rooting for to win: Raiders, Lions, Dolphins, Packers

How I think it will go down: wins for the Raiders, Seahawks, Steelers, & Packers