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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#13303 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I'm a Donkeys fan

I am a Broncos fan because I thought football was boring until I seen a game with Elway and the three amigos. I hated that Denver lost so many super bowls and 55/10 that time...ouch. I am glad Elway did finally get 2 rings, and I am glad Peyton got his 2nd ring. I also liked watching Jim Kelly and Dan Marino play, sucks they never could get a ring.

I can not stand the Falcons, I just never care for quarterbacks they choose anymore. I will be so glad when Matt Ryan retires or gets traded. Hell, the falcons drafted Brett Farve and let him go, how stupid.

I have always hated the raiders because it seems every punk wants to wear their gear.

Last season I really enjoyed watching Mahomes.

I like several teams and hate several teams for one reason or another.

I just wish the nfl would leave the rules alone. It will be flag football soon the way it is going. I get helmet to helmet is bad, but some of the other stuff? c'mon man!

#13305 1 year ago

Those were the good old days!
No tenants to deal with...luckily I do have great ones now.
My Dad was still in good health.
I worked 80 hours a week then, but it was easy, I loved it, and saved every penny I could.
A lot of things in life were better in 1992 than now. Hell nfl rules were better then.

1 week later
#13637 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Someone tell Miami you dont need to lose this badly... just lose.

Tell that to Atlanta also.

#13663 1 year ago

The way several teams played today makes me wonder if they are trying to lose for a better draft pick next spring.

1 week later
#13971 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

If the Birds pull this one off

The birds(falcons) never pull anything off. I can not stand Matt Ryan and all the hype about him and I hope the Eagles can knock him out.

#13978 1 year ago
Quoted from Erik:

At least half the fans in the league chuckle at your disdain for Ryan. You can't even begin to imagine what life is like on the other side.

Maybe no one else notices how bad Ryan overthrows the ball, or throws it behind, or whatever. Only reason Ryan does much at all is because the receivers dive or whatever else and work their ass off to try to get some of his piss poor throws.

I am not a Falcon fan, never have been. I like to watch a good game, and right now I wish I could see all the KC games, and Rams games. Lifelong Denver fan, they are not doing anything this year. The first SB for the falcons was against Denver and I was so happy Denver won.

#13985 1 year ago

Damn, I was hoping the falcons would go 0/16 this year.

1 week later
#14277 1 year ago

Yes! The Colts Won!

#14578 1 year ago

For the Titans staff, Matt Ryan 75% of the time overthrows Julio Jones by 5 yards or so. So just treat any passing down as a punt and put someone deep to intercept (if that is legal?).

Julio is awesome and works his ass off to try to catch those wtf passes Ryan throws.

While ago Rogers was throwing some wtf, and I kept calling him Matt, and my gf was just rolling her eyes.

Anyway, I wish all of you the best, and I hope your home team/favorite team wins this weekend.

#14601 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Week 4 & already writing their home team off!

Denver has always been my favorite team. I know they are going nowhere this year and it is fine.

I have just always hated Matt Ryan, and most other quarterbacks the Falcons have had. The one good quarterback the Falcons ever drafted that I liked(Brett Farve), they didn't even keep him.

#14608 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I like going to games,

On my last beer of the night maybe but that quote brought up memories. When I was in high school I never missed a game. A big reason was to see girls I had been wanting to run into from other schools that I had not seen in a while.

The other reason it was just so damn entertaining. We only had one player that was really good, and he played about every position. His name was Gif Smith. And the announcements were so entertaining I swear it was like "Gif Smith throws the ball, Gif Smith catches the ball, Gif Smith runs in for the touchdown, Gif Smith kicks the extra point, Gif Smith kicks the ball off, Gif Smith sacks the quarterback. Gif Smith intercepts and runs in for the score.

In my high school days I just knew Gif would be in the NFL. He did play in a small college, but was deemed in the end too small for the NFL.

As far as NFL, hell no, f the crowds, traffic, costs, etc. I watch on tv here and my beer is less than a dollar and I am not driving, or sitting in traffic, or waiting in a line for beer, food, or the restroom.

And yes I do know how it is so different to actually be there, and experience it, I am just too laid back to be around 50k people or whatever. (and too tight wallet).

Anyway, I hope all of your favorite teams win this weekend! I wish all of you the best!

9/29 I am personally pulling for the Titans, and the Broncos.

1 week later
#14813 1 year ago

I enjoy watching football period, but I will enjoy more if the Broncos and Texans win today, 10/6.

I wish all of you the best with your favorite teams!

#14822 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

How long hav u been in GA?

Born here over 50 years ago. I have never been a Falcon fan. Best super bowl ever was when Denver beat Atlanta.

#14846 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't no who or how they set it up, but used to be the top teams from the year before were given a little tougher schedule.

I think the schedule is a computer program they use, but not positive.

#14974 1 year ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Did the Browns hurt you? Do you need to talk to someone?

If you are not a personal injury lawyer, a therapist, psychiatrist, or a ad agency for one of those, I think you have found your calling with quotes like that.

#15025 1 year ago

I enjoy watching about any football team, but tomorrow, 10/13, I am really hoping Denver and Arizona can both get their 2nd wins of the season.

#15231 1 year ago

I hope the Broncos can get their 3rd win tonight, and I hope the Rams can get their 4th win Sunday.

#15292 1 year ago

The Rams played awesome today! I just wish the Broncos could start doing better.

1 week later
#15491 1 year ago

I have hope the Falcons never win another game this year. Maybe Blank will figure out he does not have a coaching problem but instead a QB problem and maybe draft a good one.

I am a Denver fan first. But because a lot of the time only game on tv local is this mess, I wish it was a tad more entertaining. Watching Matt Ryan constantly overthrow has gotten so old.

Anytime me and my girlfriend watch a college game anymore and a QB overthrows bad we laugh and say at the same time this guy is trying to act like Matt Ryan.

#15556 12 months ago

Yes! Denver won!

1 week later
#15666 11 months ago

The 72 Dolphins get to celebrate earlier this time around. Probably a good thing, they have to be getting up there in age now.

#15703 11 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm kinda hoping they will give Ryan Leaf another chance.

He should be easy to find, probably playing for the state somewhere. (state pen)

#15706 11 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Leaf was actually announcing college ball the last I recall.

Maybe I was thinking about another QB. Who was it that ended up a bust and then was arrested for breaking into vacation homes looking for drugs?

#15708 11 months ago

The story I seen was about Ryan Leaf. Here is what I found:

In 2014, Leaf was sentenced to five years in prison for breaking into a home in Montana to steal prescription drugs, which violated his Texas probation. He was released from prison on December 3, 2014.[1]

#15712 11 months ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

My guess is Kaepernick will get a chance somewhere

Am I wrong or do I remember him wanting more money than SF was willing to give him so he chose to be released to sign with another team and no one wanted him at the time for the money he wanted?

If I remember correctly, he would have always had a job anyway at SF, had he not wanted more money than they wanted to pay.

#15865 11 months ago

I have a question. Where is Colson?

Someone in the area may need to do a welfare check. Hell, it has even been a while since he posted in the what game did you bring home today thread.

#15869 11 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

He has disappeared.

Yeah but he was also in a lot of other threads also.

Anyway, damn my Broncos blew a big lead today.

1 week later
#16294 11 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Lol do you know what it's like to be a Bengals fan for the last 45-50 years?

Yeah, I have been a Broncos fan for 35+ years. (I was a teen before I paid much attention and became a fan of any team).

Those damn niners used to kill my Broncos in the Superbowl. I will never forget that 55-10 whooping.

I am glad Elway finally ended up with 2 rings as a player, and another for having a awesome team with Peyton.

I really hope the Broncos can get it all together and contend again. Hell, they just lost the worst ever, like trying to compete with the Falcons for dumb shit of the year award or something.

And I am not a Falcon fan, I never have been. Half the time it is the only game on local TV, and 1/3 of the time I may actually watch it.

I do like watching a lot of teams, and I will say I will be so glad when Tom Brady and Matt Ryan retire, I am tired of watching those 2 players.

And even though in the same division as my Broncos, and always a threat for them, I do like to watch Mahomes throw.

Long ago I was so happy when Montana and then Young retired. I was never a niner fan.

But at the moment, the 49'ers are ok, I can watch them now. Not a fan, but not a hater right now.

This concludes my one too many beers rant for the night. Carry on.

1 week later
#17073 10 months ago

I'm just glad the Broncos had a great day.

#17636 10 months ago

I was about to ask about that. I was busy today and never had time to watch games. How did the falcons beat the 49ers?

Was the 49ers just playing their 4th string players or something?

I did look up the Bronco score and see they got creamed. Mahomes is very entertaining to watch, I just wish he would not do so well against my Broncos.

#17955 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Tom, I’ll send you my PayPal address by 7:30 Sunday.

Hell, I would send it now, he already owes you 25 bucks.

#17957 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

Wish I was closer.

He is very likeable but I would never want to live up north.

I like the short drive to the Gulf of Mexico way too much.

#18027 10 months ago

All I know is long ago I cut my cable channels and other entertainment expenses way back to have more in the pinball budget, and it pisses me off how for some football games I will just miss them like I did today, or have to pay more, which I will not pay a dime.

I think the AAF or whatever that was may have done ok if it had of stayed on regular TV.

I mean..."C'mon man! Football has to bring in more advertising money than any money they will make making our cable bill go up a few bucks a month"!

Anyway my Broncos have been out of the picture for a long time now, so I am just wanting to see some good games, and I hope all your favorite teams win the rest of the season. I wish all of you the best, and I really enjoy reading all the bickering back and forth on here.

#18030 10 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Did you miss what channel monday night football has been on for the last few years? Or where thursday night has been moving around?

I have ESPN, and used to the Thursday night games did move around but this year all the Thursday night games were on local channels here. I did not miss any Monday or Thursday this year. (I would have, if I had to get the package that had the NFL network).

I do not pay for NFL network package or above for what few games I will miss.

I have the basic cable package, and it is 90% ok, and not worth the extra money I used to spend for 100%. The 2 grand I save a year goes to pinball.

The same with phone and eating out. I cut back enough to basically be able to get a NIB pin whenever and not lose out on much other stuff that was only for a moment thing anyway.

A hundred bucks here, and two hundred bucks there each month that I can save adds up a lot in a year. I was doing ok anyway, but now it is like free money for pins just missing a game or a movie every now and then.

1 week later
#18917 9 months ago

I am looking very forward to watching all the games, and pulling for teams that I hate the least the next few weekends, and then the SB.

I just hope the Broncos can get their shit together and have a awesome draft so they can contend next season.

#19064 9 months ago

I am so glad the Pats are out. I hate coach Billicheat, and I do not like Tom Brady. But I do like Robert Kraft, so when they have done well in the past I was like ok, at least the owner is having a good night.

As far as the Falcons, I liked them long ago when Rankin Smith owned the franchise, but after he sold I hate Arthur Blank, I hate Matt Ryan, but I do like their coach Dan Quinn.

My team has always been the Broncos though, and the only thing I hate about them is sometimes it seems they just try to be average on purpose.

Personally this year I hope for a GB vs KC superbowl, with a KC win, but I would be fine with a GB win also.

I was pulling for the Bills, but I do not hate the Texans, so it was ok and very entertaining.

A few years ago when it was Pats vs Falcons, I was pulling for the Pats, and funny as hell when they had the biggest come from behind win ever in a Superbowl. Matt Ryan can put up a lot of #'s when it does not matter, but when it matters he chokes.

Quoted from Colsond3:

Brady goes to Denver

And HELL NO I hope that does not happen.

#19068 9 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

OK, I'll bite. What makes you like Robert Kraft?

He donates to causes I agree with.

#19070 9 months ago

More of how he goes against the grain with others that live in that area. PM me if you want to know.

Anyway, I am pulling for the Vikings and the Eagles next. I do not like them, but I like the other teams less.

I despise the entire NFC South, so not just picking on Saints.

#19524 9 months ago

All I know is I still hope for a KC vs GB superbowl.

And the more I think about it maybe these State Farm ads are brainwashing me or something?

#19736 9 months ago

Is it just me, or damn wouldn't Trevor Lawrence look awesome in a Bronco uniform?

I hope John Elway is on this and will plan to tank the 2020 season for this to happen.

Then maybe the Broncos could have a long run and be hated like the Pats have been for a while.

#19738 9 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Planning to tank is tough to pull off as the dolphins showed.

I kind of seen that as the Dolphins tanking for Tua, then he got hurt, so they decided to just see how good they could be with the players they have.

The Dolphins have history with not taking a hurt player, like the Brees thing long ago.

On my last beer of the night, and just my thoughts at the moment.

And I hope the teams you like win this weekend.

(and I am sure the Pats will have cameras all over the place during all the games)

#19740 9 months ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

hating the Broncos in the 80s

The Broncos got their ass kicked back then. That one time they lost 55-10. (I still hate Joe Montana).

#19972 9 months ago

A while back I said I hoped for a GB vs KC Super Bowl.

Now I think it may be a niner vs Titan Super Bowl.

But at the moment I think the Titans may go all the way and win it.

Either way, I am pulling for the AFC in the Super Bowl.

2 weeks later
#20871 9 months ago

What is the O/U for the Puppy Bowl?

2 weeks later
#21381 8 months ago

Football is the only sport I watch. I wish a good game was on every night 52 weeks a year.

1 month later
#22158 6 months ago

Football is the only sport I watch. My girlfriend loves football. The first time there was a CFL game on here she acted like she was not into it. I googled the players for each team, and when she seen some names of players she loved watching college ball...she got into it. Just like the XFL was recently, some pretty decent players that could not make the NFL getting another chance.

Hands down NFL is the best.

BUT, for me football is the only sport I care for, so anything real...CFL, XFL, whatever, is great for my tastes.

That indoor arena crap...NO, that was not football.

#22162 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Maybe try hockey if you like hard hitting rough sports.

It is not even about hard hitting and rough for my tastes.

I just like to see a QB throw a ball a very long way, and it be spot on and caught by a WR, or TE, that then makes a few moves and takes it in for a touchdown.

I just like seeing those football plays, when the QB throws the ball to the spot he knows his receiver is supposed to be at the right moment, and not even close at time of release, and it works out for a awesome play.

I like to see a K make a 57 yarder.

Not into the hard hitting, but awesome when a defensive player can get a tip for a interception, especially one that is not used to getting that golden opportunity, and see the look in his eyes and what he can do. (most just lay down, but some are fun to watch).

No sport compares anywhere close to a really good football game.

I just hope everything will be settled down soon, and football at any level live will be back on tv soon.

#22174 6 months ago
Quoted from beergut666:

Having your home crowd being so loud that it causes the opposing team to burn a time out.

Maybe they could just pipe in the crowd noise. I think the Falcons got caught doing that a while back.

3 weeks later
#22705 5 months ago

I recently skipped 5 pages, so some of this may have already been covered:

I thought it is cool that Goodell is not taking his 40m salary this year, he was working for free during the draft. AND, he did not announce it, it was leaked.

On local news on TV while ago it was announced that the NFL plans to have their season this fall, with schedules being released soon. They did say they would take recommendations from health experts when the time comes.

I remember long ago the talk was the Dolphins were going to tank for Tua. They did not 100% tank, and was able to get him anyway.

My girlfriend loves Tua, and she said "oh, he will not be happy on that team". I said "he is from Hawaii, so I think he will be a lot more comfortable there than Green Bay or somewhere cold.

1 month later
#23562 4 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I'll take it! I'll take 1/4 of that and live happily ever after.

1/10th of that I would be set.

1 week later
#23658 3 months ago

I love football, and no way would I ever stop watching.

However, I do tend to tune in a few minutes late to every game, because I do not care to see what they do, or don't do before the game starts.

#23755 3 months ago

The last several years I just turn the game on about 14:20 in the first quarter of any game, enjoy football from there, and do not even care to know what happened before that.

When I shop for work boots, easy to find USA. Been wearing Georgia Boot for a while.

When I shop for sneakers, a little harder, mostly China, no USA, I normally settle for Vietnam. (the last 2 boxes of Reebok I have purchased was labeled Vietnam).

I always try to vote with my wallet.

1 week later
#23861 3 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

like 5 or 6 years ago in the playoffs!

I started to say damn, holding on to something this long?

But, I will never forget when my team lost 55-10 in the super bowl. (Denver vs SF).

#23864 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

They are hyping up tomorrow as "new Redskins name day" but I don't buy it...

I am part American Native(Cherokee) and I have no problem with the Redskins name or any team named after a Native American tribe, etc.

BUT, I am so tired of watching the news and this being such a big deal, I am like fine, so people can just stop being offended, just change the name to the Hope, Hopefull, or something like that.

Nothing wrong with the name they have, but because of what the fans have had fun with in the past, I would vote Hogs.

In my opinion the whole Redskin name and logo is a honor though, and should be left alone.

(but I am only 1/8 though, so my opinion is worthless).

#23994 3 months ago

abc World News just mentioned 72 NFL players have tested positive.

#23999 3 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

I'm surprised it isn't higher.

It could be, they mentioned that not all players have been tested yet.

I think they said the players union was doing the tests.

They did say no names will be released, they are keeping everything private.

#24012 3 months ago
Quoted from RWH:

god knows I did a lot of dumb shit when I was young.

I still do dumb shit now, and I am not young.

AND, it is still fun as long as no one gets hurt.

#24028 3 months ago

I 100% hope that somehow the NFL season gets played, but I have my doubts.

Just surfing through cable channels I see all the time a old NFL game is on.

IF, when they have one with the Patriots, if they could just star it or something marking a loss, I may would watch that.

And as a lifelong Denver fan it does suck how well KC may do for a long time now, but unless playing Denver, I will pull for KC because it is fun to watch.

Mahomes is awesome, I hope Denver can find a QB as good or better than him.

One of the best days of my life was when Denver beat Atlanta in the superbowl.

I knew the Pats was going to beat the Falcons in the superbowl, my girlfriend was hopeful, while at the time I was just thinking why some other team could have just went in the first place.

I will always hate SF. Beat my Broncos 55-10 that time.

(I kind of think now one reason I hate the Falcons so much is because of all the local media hype, it was old a long time ago, and I never seen what they were hyping, and I said no way, and I was right).

For me Denver has always been MILE HIGH, we are king of this mountain, come up here to play us and bring your oxygen tanks, you will need them. (the 3 amigos were awesome back in the day, shame they never won the big one).

And yeah, I hate KC, I want to see Denver do awesome, but at least it is ok in a way.

2 weeks later
#24257 86 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I started to hang out with girls and drink beer.

My girlfriend loves to drink beer while playing golden tee.

4 weeks later
#24411 58 days ago

I just hope all the players will behave and try to be careful so that we can have a full season.

#24464 52 days ago

9/7/20 right now.

I just looked at, it says first game 9/10/20.

With Sunday 9/13/20 looking like it always did, and 2 Monday night games after that, like has been normal for a long time.

Damn I hope all this happens and we can have plenty of football in a few days!

#24670 47 days ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Why were ratings down significantly?

Fans were out protesting instead of watching the game?

All I know is I have never liked my local team, the Falcons.

I will not even turn that game on Sunday, and I hope I can watch another game in that time slot.

On local news the media has been all stupid about what the Falcon stadium is supposed to be about with no fans in the stand.

For a while now I used to watch Falcon games, because I like Julio Jones, and I am always interested to see if he can jump high enough to catch that 10 feet over his head pass Matt Ryan just threw.

For whatever reason so many people like Matt Ryan, please, look at film more carefully.

The TV announcers will even say that Matt put that ball in a place that only the receiver could catch it.

No shit. Matt always overthrows, so the Falcons have to draft receivers that can jump high enough to catch his passes to make his stats look good.

I do enjoy watching a lot of teams.

I do like Denver the best.

Until Denver gets their act together again I will be enjoying watching Mahomes.

I love a entertaining football game, and so far Patrick has never disappointed me.

And yes I look forward to watching Burrows and everyone else.

I do not hate any team. or anyone. (I have always disliked Matt Ryan though).

#24947 43 days ago

I watched the entire game hoping Denver could hold on for the win.

#25139 38 days ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

Wow! What were the Falcons doing?

What they always do, they only play the first half of any game.

#25145 38 days ago

In other news my team is 0-2 now. My Broncos lost again today.

1 week later
#25330 31 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Just so you know I only cut the line that one time,I was 13 and the ugly fucker freaked me out with those crazy lips lol

We caught a 3 foot alligator gar night fishing once. It got away right as I netted it and that was a good thing.

If I had of got it in the boat I would have probably shot holes in the boat trying to kill it. My hands were not going anywhere that things mouth.

#25354 31 days ago
Quoted from remf:

Oh my god, at this point I’m just watching the falcons for the sheer comedy of it all.

Check out what I posted before, 24670, and 25139.

Matt Ryan is a joke.

#25387 31 days ago

We were pulling for Green Bay tonight, and we are pulling for Green Bay next week also.

#25444 29 days ago

I am just so glad Matt Ryan is playing Monday night, so everyone can just see how bad he is.

Just come back to this post, and give me a thumbs up every time he over throws a receiver, or just does something else stupid.

If Matt Ryan actually does anything decent at all, come back to this post and give me a thumbs down.

IF, Atlanta does beat Green Bay, I promise I will not post anything on Pinside for one hour.

I AM a fan of Denver, but I also like most any team on tv that is playing well and entertaining.

Damn I wish the Broncos had what KC has at the moment.

I always liked the Bills, I liked Jim Kelly, and my best friend lives there and goes to all the games, sucked that Jim Kelly could never get a ring.

I liked Marino, shame he never got a ring.

In my world Montana and Brady won too many rings and that ticked me of.

In my world I was fine with the Cowboys and Steelers also winning several rings.

MY favorite Super Bowl of all time was when the Broncos beat the Falcons!

My least favorite Super Bowl of all time was the only time I ever pulled for Brady, because even though I can not stand Brady, I can not stand Matt Ryan more. (that was the only time I ever was depressed watching a Super Bowl).

Anyway, at this point I hope Denver can get the #1 pick and get a certain QB.

AND, because I love to watch a great game, but if the Falcons are on that is my only choice to watch, I hope all of you that thinks Matt Ryan is so awesome will be smart enough not to bet any money on that game.

While I have never liked the Falcons, my girlfriend does.

Even she sees how stupid the media and everything is, and no one ever says a word about Matt Ryan always over throws.

I have never once pulled for the Falcons, and I never will.

#25450 28 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Did you miss Broncos/Seahawks? That one was pretty fucking depressing if you’re a Denver fan.

Thanks for the reminder. Now I will have to go back in therapy.

#25451 28 days ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Matty Ice fan club

Natty fan club.

#25650 23 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

How about Bill being too busy screaming at the officials to throw a sure-fire-win challenge flag?

That was funny!

#25668 23 days ago

I really enjoyed the games while ago.

I was pulling for the Chiefs, and that was too close the first half, but then it took off right before the 4th quarter.

And I was pulling for Green Bay, like I said I would be a week ago.

It was so funny, my girlfriend likes Aaron Rodgers and when I was cheering she also did, but she still likes the Falcons because of Julio Jones, so she kept asking where he was.

And it was so funny, she can not stand Matt Ryan even more than me, and I actually took up for him a little in that game and pointed out that he actually was not over throwing as bad as he normally does.

I can honestly admit that Matt Ryan did not look as bad as he normally does while ago.

I do hope Atlanta can win at least one game this season, and Denver never wins the first game and can get the #1 draft pick.

Mahomes and the Chiefs are pretty much featured right now and entertaining to watch.

I really hope within the next 2 years the Broncos will be the featured team with a awesome QB and just a 100% awesome team like the Chiefs are right now.

And no matter what happens, I will never lose any sleep over any of it, I love football, and some games I watch closer than others.

#25874 17 days ago

It will be so funny when the fired HC and GM from the Falcons go to another team and win a Super Bowl.

Matt Ryan is the problem, and he still has a job.

Living in this area I have to listen to all that if I want to watch local news, and it is so funny how some reporters are getting real now and saying things like "what was Matt Ryan thinking". Or "at this point the Falcons should just tank and draft Trevor Lawrence".


I am also pulling for Denver to tank all season and draft Trevor Lawrence!

I have never liked the Falcons my entire life, and icing on the cake to make me dis-like them more is the fact my girlfriend used to work for the owner, and she was done wrong.

Go Broncos! Please tank all season and get Trevor!

#25882 16 days ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Do we have a candidate to replace dirtbag in this thread?

No way would I even want to try to replace dirtbag.

#25938 14 days ago
Quoted from Erik:

what channel is the WNF game on?

It was on channel 44 here, the Atlanta Falcons played a high school team and the Falcons lost 44-3.

#26073 9 days ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Matt Ryan - 371 yards with 4 tds.

I hope they can win 2-3 more games so that they can not get Trevor.

I am hoping Denver can get Trevor.

#26114 8 days ago

All I know is that as crazy as 2020 has been I am just glad to be able to watch live NFL games on tv.

And I hope we can have a full season and a awesome Super Bowl!

(it will not hurt my feelings if there is no half time Super Bowl show ever again).

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